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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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mid 30s peninsula into the south bay, mid to upper 30s santa rosapíprñ and napa, everybody else in the 40s. in the afternoon hours high clouds and sunshine around the bay andlkkoz inland low to mid s maybe a few more clouds near the coast upper 40s and low we start off with your masslxbñ transit. good news there, first muni is on a saturday schedule. muni is going to be free from 8 tonight until 6 a.m.. bart also extended, caltrain free after=:i:t 11 p.m. until 25 in the morning. to 101 in marin, light traffic excuse me san rafael, light traffic there nothing to speak of, same south to san jose, highway 87 this morning again,
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very light as maybe people are taking today off. san jose not back home after heartbreaking deadly fire over the weekend. investigators are still searching for the cause. sue thompson is live at the scene. >> reporter: tough weekend out here san jose family will spend this new year's eve planning three funerals, two for grandparents and that third for their 4-year-old grand daughter that perished in a fire over the weekend. -- that blaze tore through an apartment complex at 3700 saturday. the flames so fierce and hot that it trapped and killed the 4-year-old and her grandparents. keira's mom seles barely
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escaped with her life and said the fire alarms never went off. in fact, many in the building say they woke to screams instead of fire alarm and ran for their lives. more than 52 people have been displaced at least for the next couple of days. fire investigators will resume their work today to determine a cause and what happened. that 4-year-old that perished her mom said she desperately >> with my brother's room was on fire -- i ran out and tried to get the extinguisher, i broke the glass i couldn't put it out. >> reporter:n÷lñ maldonado mentioned she noticed fire in one of the bedrooms. investigators will be back out here today and will look into that. also claims that the smoke alarm did not go off. a lot of things they will be taking a look a they are 9 investigation could take quite a white sue
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thompson, abc7 news. early morningg'k house fire in san francisco has sent two to the hospital. just before 1 firefighters responded, they found a two story home well involved. it took more than an hour to knock down. firefighters were alerted by a neighbor that a meth lab was on fire, no evidence of that was found. the fire is under investigation. in petaluma investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family toe -- a family to evacuate. the fire gutted the garage and damaged a bedroom above it. firefighters put the fire out in 45 minutes no one was hurt. concord/98hq police believa street racing teenager lost control of his car, slamming into the lobby of a concord funeral home yesterday.
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the 16 or 17-year-old driver was racing another car on clayton street his car smashed through the front of the funeral chapel. the driver and a pang suffered serious injuries. -- and a passenger suffered serious injuries a elderly man in the lobby suffered minor injuries. the director said it would í occurred seconds earlier. >> [ inaudible ] had it come through 10 seconds earlier, i would not have been standing here. >> funeral service schedule last night had to be moved. other pending services may have to be moved to a sister funeral home in martinez until the lobby gets repaired. time running out!íñu congress to keep the country from plunging over the fiscal cliff, deadline midnight eastern time when the new year begins. senate democratic leaders stuck in a stalemate.
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senate leaders have called in vice president biden to try and jumpstart an ice breaker before higher taxes and deep cuts. the senate recon convenience 8:00 our time, stay tuned. -- we'll have the latest in 30 minutes. leaders in the house and senate reached a deal on one thing, they'vekn%ñ agreed to extend the 2008 farm bill for one more year that expired in october. thistvp' means milk prices could have doubled to $7 a gallon next month. the deal prevents the government from returning to a prices. some call this the dairy cliff that now we are not going to have to fall off. the notorious party night of new year's eve is hours away. law enforcement has already been cracking down on drunk drivers. chp arrested 123 people for dui over the weekend in the bay area that. number is down from the same
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time last year, when officers busted 161 drivers. there were no fatal crashes over the past two days this time last year. two people have been killed on bay area roads. to help prevent you from getting a dui transportation companies are offering lots of perks for new year's eve if you you are coming into san francisco. bart will be running trains every 20 minutes until 3:00 in the morning new year's day. trains from pittsburg, bay point and richmond will stop first at the montgomery street station, not embarcadero. muni service will be free from 8 at night until 6 a.m.. caltrain and sam transes, free beginning at 11 p.m.. -- [ inaudible ]
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[ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] >> finally the rain has stopped. it seemed like forever. >> it did the. -- the winds out there, katie
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made a good point, soggy december, nice to have dry weather. we have a little breeze five miles per hour napa six hayward and half moon bay, five san jose, three livermore the temperatures about what it feels like outside. system moving north ripped apart by area of high pressure dominating. high clouds and sun today, hang out noon in the upper 40s, low 50s most of the afternoon heavier coat for the evening as we drop foot upper 30s to mid 40s. dry tuesday through thursday. watch out for frost every morning. it is very light. 580 traffic from the altamont pass tocu'l 680, 18 minutes. speeds are fine. golden gate bridge next very
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light it has been that way all morning just a few headlights coming into san francisco, good time to hit the deck, dry, no fog. bay bridge toll, cars streaming in to cross the toll and pay their money and get into san francisco, traffic very light, wondering if they are going to need the metering lights. >> easy to report this morning. next, video that contains new terror threat against u.s. ambassadors and soldiers in yemen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ amazing grace ♪ a band gets a special request and helps lift spirits of former president
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good monday morning, decemberú6?@x 30 -- december 31, twep 12. you can see across the bay it is dry everywhere the trade off as you know is that means it is cold. meteorologist mike nicco tracking temperatures close to tpraoegz. [ inaudible ]
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al-qaeda in yemen the faction considered most dangerous ishdm5offering money for death of u.s. officials. al-qaeda offers to pay $160,000 for the death of the u.s. ambassador to yemen and $23,000 for any american soldier. an expert contends the money does not make a dangerous country any more threatening. >> not going to change the reality. this ambassador is in danger all the time whether a bounty is on his head or not. >> yemen is considered a breeding ground for militants in september an angry mob stormed the u.s. embassy there. venezuela's president chavez suffered new complications after his cancer surgery he has a respiratory infection and is in delicate condition. chavez first announced he was battling cancer in june 2011.
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former president george h.w. bush in a regular room. the healing power of song is given some credit. ♪ ♪ amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> mrs. bush got family friends the observingridge -- the oakridge boys to sing to the president, his favorite group. mrs. bush is certain the singers are lifting his spirits. >> said we should cheer the president up if the oakridge boys could get together to sing him a song or two. >> when the call came from mrs. bush they dropped everything and go to their office in 45 minutes. the president made a request for them to sing elvira.
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congresswoman lynn woolsey is one day from retirement. a democrat, who has represented marin and sonoma counties for 20 years will step down wednesday, the 75-year-old is noted fora5m one of consistent liberal voting records in the house she was elected in 1992 in the year of the woman upsetting a powerful republican opponent the first member of congress to call for the withdrawal of troops from iraq. mike joining us with the forecast and so much more. >> are you that hungry? >> i wanted to show folks that mike brought in these-f-bíóutááz cookies. >> beautiful and delicious. >> what a way to end the year. >> the diet starts in 24 hours. >> give or take. >> we'll be fighting people to get on the months, ties day, wednesday. >> exactly >> enjoy, hope they are good.
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sorry i didn't bring any milk. nice to see when people -- look john is coming in, yes john there's plenty. you can take more than one if you would like. >> pepper minute. >> yeah and sugar cookie, interesting. -- >> taking one for the kids too. good morning take in all the sunshine and dry weather into the afternoon maybe that will spread a little cheer your way. quiet out there the storm comes from the north, or the south, covered right now quiet, just updated temperatures, santa rosa, concord livermore all at 31, mid to upper 30s redwood city, mountain view, san jose and los gatos, 40s, fremont, oakland, san francisco and
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half moon bay low to mid 40s there. 32 in gilroy. today as we move into the future, mostly sunny, close to average, within two to five degrees of normal highs, frost likely next couple of nights extended period of dry weather all seven days could be dry. low to mid 50s around the bay from 52 at half moon bay and san francisco, san rafael and richmond, 55 in san jose. montereyj=íy bay low to mid 50s around the bay and inland high clouds mixing with the sun from time to time. , east bay valleys, north bay valleys, mid 30s bay shoreline, 43 san francisco. three high pressures dominating a weather pattern, every time one tries to come
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through high pressure will take all the energy of the storms to get through, once they do, partly cloudy that's it reinforcing shot of cold air for the next couple of morning, frost, we could get near 60, saturday, sunday. have a great day. 5:19. keeping an eye on your commute this morning, sue is off. mass transit, no delays,m muni is on saturday schedule today. also bart and caltrain and muni all doing extended services to get you through your new year. live shot at 80 in berkeley, a lot of headlights this early on this semi holiday, moving along smoothly, no back-ups, scarcely anyone on the road in san jose this is a live look at highway 87, you won't find any trouble down there. 5:19. they are already ringing in
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2013 on the other side of the world. we'll take you to one of the first:÷p)t celebrations. >> we'll tell you how the director of the new star trek movie is making a dying fan's dream come true. [ inaudible ]
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>> 5:22 here but it is already 2013 in certain parts of the world this morning.
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hello new zealand, residents sounded horns and watched fireworks. pyrotechnics lit up the night. american samoa will be the last place to welcome the new year. >> i can pretend i've already rang it in and den have to stay up late tonight. the ball in times square is tested and ready. officials say everything appears to be working as planned. the,000 pound ball will rise 130 feet -- the 12,000 pound ball will rise 130 feet tonight, 2700 water ford crystals, lit by more 32 thousand e.d. lights this year's ball is -- [ unintelligible ]
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no problems weather wise other than cold, a little frost especially inland, scattered from the bay shoreline and the coast the next company of nights that does include this morning as we need the afternoon high clouds, sunshine and low to mid 50s around the state, no matter where you are traveling, look how dry it is. let's see if there is anything in the offing this afternoon maybe a stray shower eureka 49, chico 49, tahoe around 30 and 3, low to mid 50s -- sunshine over palm springs, san diego and l.a. around 60°. drive times 580 between 680 and altamont pass, 14 minutes. highway 4 no problems between hillcrest and 242, 18 minutes. you can zip through on 80 between carquinez bridge to the maze, 19 minutes, still
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light compared to usual traffic. oakland maze live picture cars trying to get to the bay bridge fine here. one last live picture golden gate bridge traffic starting to get heavier coming into san francisco headlights, not much to speak of. star trek director, jj abrams is making a dying fan's dream come [ inaudible ] a fan given only weeks to live wanted to see a nine minute promo clip of the movie before he died. he tried to see it during the preview of the hobbit but it is not being shown in his region. his wife pleaded for help to see the nine minute promo. the director contacted the dying man. abrams will give him a special screening not just the nine minute promo, a rough cut of
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the entire film. visitors to florida's everglades national park are dealing with a real life case of angry birds migrating vultures are attacking cars, stripping rubber and vinyl off. park officials aren't sure why they are picking on cars only these angry birds seem very determined. >> they get down on the vehicle quickly it only takes a few minutes to do that kind of damage. >> to combat the vultures and protect vehicles park officials are distributing tarps and bungie cords so visitors can cover their cars. warning signs have been put up to alert people. i'm sorry i laughed, when i said bungie cords, i thought i was diagnose to say so you can slingshot. pg&e crews rushed to the scene of an -- what a neighbor
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told firefighters that had them using extra precaution. congress continues to bicker hours to the fiscal cliff. we go live to
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. good morning 5:29 on this monday the last one of 2012. thanks for waking up and joining us this early morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. last night of 2012 if you are going to be out in the bay area probably a big coat, mike? >> definitely breast warmly, don't worry about any wet weather. good morning. as we look at live dopplerwq[ú, picking up dry air, also seeing high clouds put another halo around the moon earlier this morning, beautiful sight
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we've had several times over the last week. not fog forming but frost out there watch out for that during the morning hours. this afternoon under partly cloudy skies, upper 40s to low 50s mostly sunny bay and inland low to mid 50s how about traffic if there is any. mass transit is what we can talk the most about, no delays across the board. there is no ace train today or tomorrow. muni on a saturday schedule today. all mass transit offering extended hours to get you home for new year's eve. live look at san rafael at 101 in marin, more headlights than over the last hour, no traffic, heading out to 80 in berkeley, the most traffic so far this morning, traffic is moving
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easily there. developing news, firefighters at scene of an overnight blaze in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live on athens street in the excelsior district. disturbing story of what was inside. >> reporter: neighbors believed there was a meth lab inside. firefighters found no evidence of that. right now behind me pg&e crews still on the scene trying to figure out how to fill in the huge hole they had to create. they had to dig a hole in the sidewalk, bring in heavy equipment in the middle of the night to get to the gasline and shut off the gas that was causing this tire to continue to burn. they to let it -- this fire to continue to burn. they had to let it burn for a couple of hours before they could shut it off it started 1:00 this morning on athens street three people in the home, homeowner go out okay, two other residents were taken to the hospital. the homeowner thinks they suffered if from smoke inhalation. firefighters had several
5:31 am
suspicions and concerns, including the fact that the the homes here are all close to each other, practically touching each other. >> more concerned protecting the buildings on either side which ended up being no damage. >> reporter: did you have suspicions [ inaudible ] >> by the time we go here, it was a large fire, suspicious at that point. >> reporter: neighbors told firefighters they thought there was a meth lab inside. the arson investigators did a sweep of the home and told the chief that she saw no evidence of any kind of a drug lab in the home. i asked the homeowner about that claim and he said he iñw inside the home. he said those were his two tenants he's not sure what they were up to but said he didn't see anything like that this is still under investigation. the fire is out, fires just recently left.
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the house is destroyed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose fire investigators trying to determine how an apartment fire that killed two grandparents and their 4-year-old granddaughter got started. cecilia maldonado escaped but lost her parents and her young daughter. all she remembers is waking up and the room was on fire, familym[q(/mbers say a 23-year-old cousin is in the hospital. efforts are being made to restore power to the complex so most of the 56 displaced tenants can return home. sue thompson will have a live this morningp7y oakland police are going through surveillance video and talking with witnesses trying to find the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old girl. family and friends were walking three blocks east of the coliseum yesterday afternoon when a teenaged boy
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approached and opened fire with a handgun. the victim died at the scene, 14-year-old boy was wounded. police say his injuries are not life-threatening. witnesses tell police the shooter was 13 to 16 possibly wearing a redshirt he ran. san francisco woman charged with killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run is scheduled for arraign this morning. 23-year-old gina eunice made appearance in court last week she charged with felony dui and vehicular manslaughter bail was set at two million dollars. police tell us eunice hit four pedestrians, knocking one over an embankment and that person died. police charged eunice with leaving the scene. arrangement scheduled for 9:00 this morning. this time -- tomorrow minimum wage workers in san francisco will be enjoying a pay raise from $10.24 to
5:34 am
$10.55. in 2003 voters approved ordinance tying minimum wage to invasion in the bay area and compensation has gone up every year since except from 2009 to 2010. san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country. homeowners in california will get more protection for foreclosure, new law+)nñ taking effect at midnight. lenders will be banned from foreclosing while evaluating a request for an alternative to foreclosure. homeowners can sue lenders who violate the new law. january 1st, plastic bags no longer available at most grocery stores, and other retailers that sell packaged food in alameda county, at least 10 cents for paper and reusable bag. 51 other cities and counties in california, san jose, san francisco and san mateo
5:35 am
already impose bans. going over the fiscal cliff could be a few hours away. new year could bring economic gloom if congress doesn't get a bill to the president before midnight eastern time tonight without a bill taxes are set to go up for everybody. tahman bradley joins us live from washington. >> reporter: just a few hours, 11:00 our time, the tension is growing here in washington, after the weekend talks failed to lead to a deal if there is no breakthrough today, the country will go over the cliff. talks continue, this morning still no deal. >> we have further an financesments perhaps at 11:00 in the morning. >> reporter: -- republicans and democrats negotiated all weekend with the hope of passing ledge would protect most from a massive tax hike set to kick in tonight at midnight. >> our top priority has to be
5:36 am
to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy. >> reporter: there was optimism about a deal over the weekend when the republican leader in the senate)q mcconnell made an offer that all ended when harry reid said he could not present a counter proposal. mcconnell phoned for help. >> i placed a call to the vice president to see if he could help on his side. i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner itch >> reporter: white house officials say vice president biden is -- now playing a direct role in the talks the two parties remain at odds over the automatic across the board cuts to government programs. there's a divide on taxes white house wants to raise tax rates on people making more than $250,000 a year, republicans would like to keep estate tax from going up. >> if we are not able to reach
5:37 am
agreement, it would be dire. >> reporter: if there is no deal today, the average american family will ring in the new year with a $3400 tax hike. tahman bradley, abc7 news. 5:38 now. the 49ers are on solid groin getting ready for a buy week, then playoffs. 9ers won the nfc west division 27-13 over arizona at the stick. thanks to the vikings beating the packers, 49ers will host a playoff game january 12th. sunday, running back gore set a franchise record scoring 51st rushing touchdown, smith appeared in the game, most likely his last as a 49er. >> it was almost, you couldn't be sure if that was a tribute or something else, it felt bad but kaepernick had a great day. >> the weather is looking great heading into your new year's eve celebrations tonight.@ y÷
5:38 am
definitely going to be nice tonight, a lot of stars maybe high cloud or two, grab the heavy coat, going to be chilly. check out temperatures running everywhere except fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. east bay shoreline, san francisco and coast mid 40s rest of us starting to see scattered frost even away from the bay shoreline on the peninsula, temperatures that you saw is what it feels look most breezes are below six miles per hour except half moon bay, eight starting to put a wind chill in the air this morning. frosty areas, i had to scrape frost this morning, 32°, round about number for the inland areas, at 7:00 this morning, upper 30s to low 40s elsewhere. lunch time upper 40s, afternoon low 50s, back to the 30s by 7:00, five more hours of cooling before midnight.
5:39 am
tuesday through thursday, slightly warmer, little more cloud cover, watch out for frost tuesday morning and wednesday morning. let's look at your traffic, sue is off today. drive times okay most places, 580 just 14 minutes eastbound from 68 toe to the altamont pass, highway 4 -- [ unintelligible ] westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze 19 minutes, we have a problem on 80 onqzht the bay bridge just come in, accident the first of the morning as we look at the bay bridge toll getting there no problem, still light on the bridge on the cantilever section westbound there is a new accident and two lanes are blocked, this accident is blocking two right lanes try to stay to the left that may cause minor delays. golden gate bridge no problems, smooth and light. 5:40.
5:40 am
bus ride ta7 next, a tour bus crash in oregon so devastating the injured are being treated in three states. the deep freeze gripping a huge stretch of the country. look at the coldest winter
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welcome back.
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this morning livermore police are asking for the public's help finding the killer of a man whose body was phone lying near a golf course a jogger found the man saturday morning. family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil last night to celebrate the life of 28th-year-old kenneth ogden. he appears to have suffered several gunshot wounds an official cause of death not released. investigators trying to determine whether he died where he was found or if he was dumped there. secretary of state clinton will be in the hospital for at least two days while doctors treat a blood clot, the clot was discovered yesterday. the secretary received a concussion when she feigned and fell this month. she has been forced to cancel a trip to the me east and north africa plans for next week -- a spokesperson would not say where the clot is located. people in several parts of the u.s. facing dangerous driving conditions because of a snow storm producing strong
5:44 am
winds and freezing temperatures. crews plowed roads while homeowners cleared several inches of snow in new england thisz/7tñ past weekend. joggers braved the snow boston. other folks stocked up on supplies. >> are you ready for snow? >> i don't even know what's coming we'll just deal with it. >> take it within step at a time? >> yeah >> do you like snow -- it is okay, new england what are you going to do? >> that's right. that's the sound of powerful winds ripping through arlington county, virginia. the gusts shredded plastic sheeting that covered a highrise unconstruction. >> that's new england. we get to say, it's california, what are you gonna do, the sun is going to come out. >> not to rub it in. >> exactly. nice day to be out today. nice day tomorrow, the next day, the next day. >> we deserve it after last week. >> everybody has had double
5:45 am
the amount of rain this month, dry weather, absolutely nice time maybe if you have decorations up to take them down or wait until the 12 days of christmas are over your neighbors might look at you funny but you can wait there are still going to be thatbuh:nt looking from our roof cam towards the port of oakland, beautiful. live doppler reinforce how dry the air is not even clouds, high clouds caught in upper parts of the atmosphere makes for a beautiful night, moon halo is fascinating to see the moonlight shining through those ice crystals. you should dress for the 30s everywhere except fremont 42, oakland 43. 40 in antioch.
5:46 am
monterey bay frosty in gilroy, close salinas, watsonville and santa cruz, 39h4rbñ warm spot in monterey. this forecast cycle, mostly sunny, close to seasonal temperatures. frost the next couple of nights even away from the bay shoreline, we could have frost and extended dry period now upon us. temperatures close to seasonal within two degrees in concord and oakland, san francisco should be 57, san jose should be 60, five degrees shy of that. sunrise 7:25 will set 5:01, low to mid 50s today, mostly sunny, as you head to the monterey bay, low to mid 50s, mainly mid 50s inland, high clouds mixing with the sun from time to time. tonight 11:00, 34 to 44 in san francisco. mostly clear conditions from midnight through 1:00, starting to get frosty in many areas. you can see the 30s widespread
5:47 am
tonight even 20s inland. here's your 7 day, slight chance of shower north bay thursday, other than that, it looks to be drier and warmer as we head into the first weekend of the new year. we want to give you a new update on that accident on the bay bridge westbound. this is the area, right at treasure island westbound one vehicle involved, new information is two right lanes still blocked the bridge truck should be coming soon to push it off, chp on scene. no delays despite that, still be aware two right lanes may be blocked. >> right now i-80 berkeley to the bay bridge headlights traffic moving fine, getting heavier light for this time of day. one final shot, nope, that's it, looking good, bay bridge westbound the only problem this morning. dick tracy's wrist radio
5:48 am
may be closer to becoming reality. >> here's jane king. good morning. are you thinking about a new job fast? one in three employees plans to look for a new job in 2013, one in five plans to start looking in the next three months. fewer than half expect a pay raise. the ipad, ipod and iphone, next may be the i-watch. apple working with intel on a bluetooth watch expected to come out by sumner addition to communicate wirelessly with other devices it will and receive e-mail, texan facebook' hrerts even -- and text alerts. "wall street journal" says 24 frozen tuition, -- students
5:49 am
are choosing schools like shoe shopping. at new york stock exchange i'm jane king. death toll has reached nine in a tour bus crash on icy highway in oregon. it happened yesterday in frigid conditions on i-84 in northwest oregon. the driver of the bus lost control and slick pavement. the bus skidded through a guardrail tumbleed several hundred feet, 40 were traveling from las vegas to vancouver, in addition to the nine who died, more than 20, including the driver injured. they are being treated at hospitals in oregon, washington and idaho. he tried to give police the slip and then he disappear. the family of the man who vanished after jumping into a north bay creek is launching its own effort to find him. how you can get a tax write-off, help neighbors in
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
meaningful way to ring in the new year? goodwill of san francisco, sa6 a donate-a-thon event today to encourage people to make donations and thank donor. the party will be at goodwill's san francisco headquarters on mission starting 7:00 this morning. there's live music and prizes, including tickets to the san francisco zoo and sendry movie theaters. -- and sendry movie theaters.
5:53 am
good morning. put the umbrellas away. sunglasses the order for today, low to mid 50s, slightly below average. if you are traveling around, good news, entire state is free of rain and snow. it will be for the better part of today other than eureka maybe getting sideswiped by a shower 49 there, chico, 30 tahoe, 36 yosemite, low to mid 50s central valleyéss to big sg 60 palm springs, san diego and los angeles. safe travels. 5:54. the on the bay bridge -- the accident on bay bridge cleared. all lanes open. mass transit no delays on bart,
5:54 am
saturday schedule for muni everything normal for caltrain, ace train is closed today and tomorrow, all mass transit offering extended hours for new year's eve. >> live look outside, good >> live look outside, good news4 golden gateñ'sç bridge, scarcely any traffic no trouble heading into san francisco.mlçóx at 101 in san rafael, more headlights but everyone smooth sailing as they make their morning commute. comedian katt williams has bailed out of jail after his latest run-in with the law police arrested him on charges of child endangerment and being in possession of a stolen again. his arrest came after child welfare officials checked his home friday. police arrested williams earlier this month. warn was related to a police chai. williams face face that -- faces accusations of hitting a man with a bottle during a fight in november. family of suspected drunk driver who disappeared while
5:55 am
trying to out-run police is offering a reward to find him. he has been missing since he jumped into cortamadera creek to he have a a sobriety test on christmas eve. his family is offering a $5,000 reward to find him. there was no sign of donaldson. his family hopes someone with a bet can help search the creek. -- officials in marin lobbying back guns and violent video games at five locations next month. $10,000 from the marin county foundation, additional $5,000 came from private donors the program was first proposed by the marin district attorney after the connecticut school tragedy as 2012 comes to an end richmond police reporting one of the lowest murder rates in the city in more than a decade, 18 murders this year, down from 24 last year.
5:56 am
the city has seen a decrease in the number of other violent crimes, like attempted murder and assault. a detective says the drop is largely due to richmond's increased police force. the department has again from 40 officers to 190 in recent years. 5:57. next, can lawmakers broker an 11th hour deal to keep the country from falling off the fiscal cliff? important meetings set to begin in hours. vodka bottle credited with thwarting this stick-up tempt. we'll show you the dramatic video. and michael finney gives your new year's resolution to drop weight a jumpstart. we'll put
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
last day of 2012, good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. clear, beautiful weather. check it out right here, boom, that is clear, no radar returns no rain, the only thing you are going to find is a little frost on the ground this morning because of the chilly temperatures. a few high clouds from time to time, definitely a bright day. off to a chilly start around the bay 34 to 44, 44 in san francisco, the warm spot. by noon, [ inaudible ]


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