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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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three others nearby. the one to the right holding9g÷a child, one left, pushing a stroller and using her cell phone. a third woman her older sister liens over jabril. video from an apartment shows police and emergency personnel minutes after she was gunned down. >> there are people walkinging down the street. i had a bullet in my house. >> in september, a gun battle sent a bullet through her apartment that went through her bedroom wall. three months later gun violence found jabril. >> having to watch 12 young people get murdered this year is very, very disheartening. and embarrass together city and myself. >> today, investigators are talking to witnesses and using surveillance video to piece together what happened to find those responsible. the chief went on to say he
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and his department are skmited could making it safe for young people. he also sent out a warning that tonight, it's new year's eve. that means a lot of people may want to participate in celebratory gunfire. he says it will not be tolerate skptd crime suppression teams are working the neighborhood. >> and the family and friends of victims came together with clergy and civic leaders calling for an end to the violence in the streets of oakland. some headed to the interfaith service. each cross represents a person murdered in oakland this year. it grew to 131 crosses this year up from 103 last year. >> this is crazy and there are kids playing with grown up toys and don't know how to;0!
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control them, how to handle them. and i think it's -- enough is enough. you've got to stop somewhere. >> some families called on city leaders to put more plfrs on the streets. >> violence in the bay, san jose police hoping to recover surveillance video from an underground parking garage to figure out what prok proe voked a shooting that killed a person there outside an apartment complex just blocks from the santa clara county fair grounds, police found a man on the ground dying from gunshot wounds, they detained two people this, is the 46th homicide of year in san jose. the most since 1991. >> people are now feeling relievedded after four recent arrests in the town's murder case. an entrepreneur was found dead in his home after what police called a home invasion robbery. four suspects have been0s6u arrested. with cooperation of law
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enforcement agencies from santa clara county, oakland and all involved. neighbors say news has been comfortinging. >> it speaks to more of the safety of the neighborhood that. is why i feel good about it. it wasn't a, just a random act of violence. >> they found the people, were relieved and happy bit z everyone is sleeping with both eyes closed now. >> investigators have not released a cause of death nl nlt-sh-in the nurd year a new year's eve warning from patrol. drivers need to be aware of black ice, being blamed for this accident on petaluma boulevard. a driver patrol he lost control of the pickup truck around 7:45 this morning. the truck overturned after veering into an enbankment. black ice being blamed for an accident on san pablo dam road. the car slid off the road,
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tumbling about 60 feet down a hillside. we're glad toll you norr"; one s injured. >> and cold everybody keeps talking about. is it going to get colder? >> let's find out. spencer chris chen is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> it's9ñ!4 going to get cold. not as cold as this morning but cold, again, overnight. right now, live doppler 7 we can see moisture that had been much farther off shorks it's possible a sprinkle or two but we're not expecting rainfall. the smur losed. much of it into the atmosphere. if you see a sprinkle that is a system producing it this, is the path that is traveling. temperatures now, we can see temperatures dropping into 40s in some inland locations in the north bay z east bay. and overnight tonight expecting low temperatures to drop into 20s and upper 20s.
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coldest spots inland valleys but fire works will not be affected by weather conditions tonight and your viewing between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies,h#s# clous high so, that should be viewing and fire works, temperatures low to mid-40s, lows dropping to freezing or below into coldest spots inland. so be aware of that. we'll have more on the accu-weather forecast taking news the new year in just a few minute oodz thank you so much. >> about 250,000 people are go be to be gathering to that area to ring in the new year, this year, they're go going to be changes in the way police handle things. now, the details leanne? >> you heard spencer say it will be a chilly night already. it's cold out here. but it will be a clear night and here in san francisco, we've learned to love the
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world clear because it means not foggy and not raining. show will last 15 minutes beginning at midnight. nearly 5,000 of the devices will light up the sky at midnight. the fire works will be a bit shorter than the 4th of july show. >> new year's is a little different. everybody is reveling and enjoying themselves. it's not as hard to entertain them. >> people will crowd by the ferry building with a list of wishes for thezqq2 new year. >> happiness, health, hopefully, family. >> some have taught of their new year resolutions. >> eat healthier. >> that is only a year of clarity. >> steve and jill are here from san luis obispo area. they have reason to celebrate. >> it's our first anniversary too,. we got married last year on new year's. so... >> nice. >> yes. starting off right. one year. so far, so good.
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>> then, there are those who will lay low. >> i am staying home, with my family. >> number one. 13 is my lucky number. >> hairy, owner of the star light room is hosting a new year's dinner party for about 200 paid guests. he has been doing this for 15 years. >> my goal is when people walk out of the door, or whatever they have a smile on their face. >> and some people will be smile asking others will be sleeping. i know, kind of boring but union square will be a hot spot tonight, and police are telling everybody be don'tóu'/ñ drive, use public transportation. see you guys next year, i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> san francisco will have extra officers on the lookout for drunk drivers tonight to help people get home safely without driving luxor cab has teamed up with injury lawyers that will offer free rights
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from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. all have you to do is mention berg injury lawyers when getting into a luxor cab. >> 100% of it up to $35 for rides within san francisco only. the idea is pick up a customer at a bar or restaurant and take them home. not to another bar. >> cal train is free after 11:00 p.m. bart isn't free, but has extended hours until 3:00 a.m. for ace ai list of the ways you can get around and time goes to abc 7 we have information there for you. death of a burlingame teacher inspired a law set to go into affect at midnight requiring charter bus drivers and chaperones to check the ids of unaged passengers if there is hol on board. a similar law exists for limousines. charter bus operators face fines up to 2000s skpdz have
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their license suspended potentially. california patrol has not determined whether it will be doing spot inspections on party buses but it's a possibility. >> we have breaking news now out of washington. a senate democratic aide just announced there is a deal on the board avoiding the fiscal cliff that will raise taxes for just about everybody. the white house and republicans reached some sort of compromise this, is a live shot from vice president. the vice president is on his way to the capitol to meet with democrats to get them to sign off. and we've learn that had biden and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell reached an agreement just minutes ago. abc 7 news mark matthews is monitoring developments in washington and will be bringing us latest developments. >> still to come at 6:00 it's in the bag. the bay area folks about to see big changes when they hit the checkout stand tomorrow,
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is that you?. >> did you receive a new cell phone for the holidays? i've got an idea on what to do with the old phone. put to it good use. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> they're cutting edge. i think they're doing things differently going shake up the world. >> the young businessman making a name for themselves in wine country. they're not afraid of labels.
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anybodying to the grocery store tomorrow is going to mts a big change. new year's day marks the end of the plastic bag in stores there. abc 7 news joins us from
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oakland. this is a growing trend around the bay and the nation it is. there is some debate about how % whit comes to the environmental benefits, that said, most think it's a good idea. if they can only remember to ÷ this sign says it all. starting new year's day, no more plastic bags for the check out stand. >> it's a good law. it's a good law. people don't care, they throw garbage on the streets. i'm glad it's the law. >> others argue the new ordinance, banning plastic and requiring a dime change on paper bags puts an unfair burden on the poor. >> we need those plastic bags. people don't bring bags. shopping from work. they need to get a few things. i forgot my bag at home. so what are they going to do they'll pay 10 cents for a
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bag. it will add up it will be a new habit. difficult in the begin bug i think it will be something everybody does. >> in village market, plastic bags have been pass yeah for four years in favor of heavy paper with handle autos we're just trying to stay ahead of the curve z get rid of plastic bags. it's terrible for the environment. >> they say there is an island of plastic bags around some wr. i don't want to contribute to that. >> a reasonable back could be a backpack, or purse you have. >> beth thinks this bag that folds into a tiny sachel could solve issues around bring your own. >> so never without a reusable bachlgt i don't forget them. >> you do, they will be these thark will be a dime each, the
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fee is waived for those paying for groceries with food stamps. >> laura, thank you very much. well, back on this side of the bay a new year brings new numbers on i paychecks of thousands of workers. a higher minimum wage kicking in tomorrow. making san francisco's wage the highest anywhere in the nation. more on the impact. >> momo's restaurant prides itself on salaries paid to workers in the back of the house, cooks and dish washers but a high minimum wage kicks in tomorrow, risen from $8.50 in 2004, to $10.24 in 2012. tomorrow, jumping to $10.55. >> will it keep from you hiring? >> yes. we have to trim our staff down. like i just said, we can't give as many raises because money is not there.
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>> supporters say higher minimum wage gives workers and economy a boost. it's been going up in sanábvm francisco since 2003. voters passed a measure automatically ties minimum wage to inflation, and the cost of living. each year. >> san francisco is not losing business. business ares are not running from us. we live in one of the most expensive counties probably in the country. we can afford this, businesses can afford this. workers deserve it. >> but a study by university of kentucky indicated the laws like san francisco's hurt young, less skilled people who are looking for jobs. bill herman is an economics professor at golden investigate university and says most agree. >> if this increases it's like everything else, price goes up, people buy less of it. when wage goes up, people higher fewer people of that
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particular category. >> supporters say a decent wage is a value. if so, it's a trend moving south, san jose voters just approved a hike from $8 to $10 an hour expected to take place in march. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> mail reduction for a san francisco woman charged with killing a pedestrian.xyky[c a judge lowered bail for this woman, she's
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when someone tried to tap ni agas line. all of this while crews worked outside of the home on athens street to cutoff the receivered line. two people were hospitalized and the house was destroyed. >> a group of backpackers is safe after a scary experience, five peoplemen from fresno got lost after a snowfall near big sur. the group set out on friday, a sheriff deputy searched ask and rescue feem teem found them yesterday, say young hikers all about 20 years old, were ill prepared for dealing with the cold and wet conditions. none of the backpackers was hurt, conditions are extreme out there. >> we hope people bundle up for celebration autos right. >> high clouds around, viewing condition was fire works should be g might be wise to bundle up. don't relie on your champagne
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to keep you warm. here is a live view looking at7 embarcadero area. a little bit of bay bridge there. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's possible a springel or two could just graze the peninsula. this area of moisture moves south. we don't expect rainfall here tonight. we expect good viewing conditions. you can see some moisture is over the bai. no reports of rainfall hitting the ground. just a chance of a sprinkle clearing and chilly. midnight. and we'll see new year beginning a sunny note tomorrow, conditions overnight in a bit of a cold snap. tomorrow night into wednesday morning i should point out a freeze watch is in effect for north bay valleys and mountains. curing that overnight period, low temperatures drop between 24-28 degrees in this area.
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plants and pets are at risk for exposure to the cold air. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. spare the air alerts in effect. lows dropping to 30 in napa. 29 in fairfield. around the bay area, lows dropping into 30s especially inland valleys. satellite she's an approaching but weakening cold front that. is where moisture is coming from skirting the coastline. we'll start at 7:00 this evening. notice how moisture will stay off shore. and we'll see more clearing taking place tonight. will be chilly overkmit. not so cold as this morning. high clouds around, sun year, cool new year's day. south bay, sunny skies, mid-50s, 54 san jose. highs in 52 in san ma day yes.
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55 in mountain view. along the coast, 50s in pacifica. downtown san francisco a high of 51 tomorrow. 50 sunset district. north bay highs, mid-50s around calistoga. 53 sonoma and napa. oakland, union city, 53 at newark and hayward, inland east bay into low 50s. and near monterey bay, 56. 55 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have seven dry days ahead. first chance of showers is actually sunday, that doesn't look like much of a storm at the moment. just a slight chance. so we've got sunny skies but will be cold overnight tomorrow night into thursday, wednesday morning. look fr lows in the north bay valleys dropping into mid-20s. >> that is chilly. >> yes.
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>> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 new year's eve party with a twist. >> people helping neighbors in need, and snagging freebies for them
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it's a had r new year's tradition. generous people around the bay area making donations to goodwill on the last day of the year. this donation center in san
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francisco, this year, the goodwill on mission street is giving back with snacks, and tickets to movies and the zoo, tokens of appreciation to donors. operators so thankful for the volume of quality donations that come in this time of the year. >> we get prada, stella mccartney what. you find at macy's you'll find at goodwill. >> and of course, there is another reason, the year for goodwill, it's the a lot of day people can get that donation tax write off for 2012. >> right. we're waiting for 2013 to arrive here, much of the world welcomed new year, here is how they kit in london. the well bells of big ben rang loudly. lit up the river thames over a wide area you can see just spectacular, cost australia $7 million to pull off this display.
6:26 pm
that is billed as the world's most expensive z take a look at this light show in dubai. seeing it, just watching it costs $4300. and an amazing scene now in new york time square. a million people expected to watch the ball drop. new year arrives there in about two and a half hours from now. very exciting. now, you can bring in the new year with abc. there will be a special celebration of dick clark's live, atd 10:00 there is a a program with ryan seacrest, then at 11:00 preparations and celebrations on abc 7 news, then at 11:30 going back to new york with so a big night here on abc 7. celebrating new year's. >> we have you covered. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00 a deal may be20t at had to avoid making the country go
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over the fiscal cliff. washington now. >> new details on secretary of state clinton's condition and where her blood clot is located. >> and later on in sports, four coaches given the axe four coaches given the axe today by the rase me, sir i'm ga have to ask you to
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all right this is video just in to the newsroom. you can see the president walking into the kmol in washington. >> word of an agreement on that breaking news started trickling out about a half hour ago. we want to show you where the vice president is now briefing democratic senators on the specifics and abc 7 news has been following this closely. we're hear with the latest developing negotiations. mark? >> i just heard nancy pelosi and hairy re day. agreed to sign off on this deal. the senate could vote on it tonight. as reported earlier, house republicans sent everyone home for the day. testimony, if congress accepts
6:31 pm
this deal, being put together tonight, congress could claw back up the cliff. >> just hours before midnight deadline, president obama gathered supporters to announce a deal was within site. >> our immediate priority is middle class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can accomplish. >> the vice president and senate republican leader leading negotiations, but phone shall deal is expected to increase estate tax from 35ses today 40%. extend unemployment benefits, and bring back higher clinton era tax rates on households making more than $450,000 a year, that $450,000 fresh hold is a major concession. tom harkin threatened to pull support. >> the deal must be one that
6:32 pm
favors the middle class and he cautioned rinz against taking a spending cuts only approach. >> if they think that is going to be the formula they've got another thing coming. >> some quickly condemned the comments. >> it's dismissive and insulting. >> that is not the way presidents should lead. >> for republicans in congress who said they'd never raise taxes on anyone, the deal to let the bush era cuts lapse for the wealthy is a bitter pill. >> the big battle is still to come. it's over the debt ceiling. >> but senate republican leader mcconnell did not join in bashing td president, pushing fellow republicans to accept the compromise. >> the president said, quote, for now our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going up for middle class families starting tomorrow, end quote and i agree. >> sor, white house and you
6:33 pm
just heard the senate minority leader they have a deal. and whether or not congress accepts it, we'll have to wait to see. neither left nor right likes this deal, house officials tell abc news nancy pelosi and hairy -- harry re dismt d both signed off on the plan. >> mark, thank you very much. well, one of the people who could with affect fwhitd action is roshel carguile, she makes her own business making and marketing her own brand of salsa. the lack of a deal has left her confused and uncertain about the future of her business. >> if the fiscal cliff seems abstraction, here is a small business perched on the edge. >> i mix it and make a fabulous concoction. >> the brains and brawn behind savannah's season salsa. she
6:34 pm
began with plenty to gain or lose depending on washington. >> when there are expenses going on that should not be going on, it's time to cut it up. it's time to cut it off. >> are you willing to pay more? >> no. i can't. >> for a small business owner part of the frustration of the fiscal sclif not knowing where it's going to leechld she can deal with that. >> this is not so big of a deal, it's another showmanship of let's have them look at the shiny object herein stead of what is going on. >> for roshel, higher taxes would be no possibility of hiring an employee this, is a single mother working 13 hours per day, weeks at a time. and washington went home for christmas? >> my daughter needs $5700 worth of braces or she's going to lose her three front teeth.
6:35 pm
>> but before you find fault with that, consider what she has been through. >> i was addicted to crack cocaine two years. >> what did it do to you? >> fell off the earth. >> she lost a cleaning business, went to jail, came out with nothing. how does that work into a fis clal cliff? >> i paid fines and paid fees. i paid debts and bills. and got back on my feet, nobody can tell me it can't be done. >> those are onion that's brought tears to her eyes. that is what she told us. in petaluma, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> what a remarkable success story. we'll keep you updated on the negotiations regarding fiscal cliff in washington. at abc 7 on abc 7 news at 9:00 and at 11:00.
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they've come to a deal. we'll update it. hillary clinton will remain in the hospital throughout the new year, doctors deal with a blood clot in her head, clinton admitted yesterday when the clot was discover that had developed in a vessel between the skull and brain. doctors treating her with blood thinners. they expect her to make a full recovery. her colleagues in washington are sending their well wishes. >> we hope she recovers rapidly. >> clinton was bedridden, and fainted this month, causing a concussion. she plans to step down as secretary of state in sqlan. >> remains of connecticut gunman adam lanza have been claimed. a spokesman says lanza's father retrieved the body. the 20-year-old went on a killing spree two weeks ago, killing 20 first graders and six adults at sandy hook elementary school and shot and killed his mother at their
6:37 pm
home. police have yet to offer a motive for the killings. >> new information tonight on the mental health issues of the woman accused of pushing a man to his death in front of a new york city subway train on thursday. police say members of erica's family called them five times because she had not properly been prescribed medications they didn't say what those medications were. the 31-year-old is being held without bail and funeral services held in queens for the victim, 47-year-old. >> a woman is recovering in a hospital after eating death cap mushrooms. authorities say she ate six mushrooms she picked near uc santa cruz. she went to the hospital a day later now receiving treatment under a clinical trial of a european antidote. this is the third local case involving the triala+pqn, whichn
6:38 pm
fda approval in 2010. if n.two years, five californians died and 18 suffered liver or fid any failure after eating death cap mushroom autos coming up, making the call to help u.s. troop autos coming up next efforts to make it cheaper for service mens to phone home.
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60%, this is a big number of americans have one cell phone sitting in a drawer not being used. 10% of us have four or more phones gathering dust. >> you think they're junk but they're not. there is a way, a reason you need to gather phones and send them in. you do this, is important. i've done several reports on company that's will give you a
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few bucks sometimes more for old phones. if that is not incentive enough, how about turning those phones into help for our troops? did you receive a phone for a gift? are you griping about the bill? now, imagine being one of these guys. we make our troops pay to call home. imagine worrying about enemy and a phone bill. well, it turns out your hold old phone can help with that. the co-founder of cell phones for soldier autos we collect used cell phones and recycle them, with money raised purchase calling cards sent to troops so we're always looking for people to send us their old cell phones when going to get a new one. >> you'd expect cell phones for soldiers to be a wash in old phones. there are many out there but the organization isn't. >> it begs a question what are people doing with the old phones? we did a sur skprai
6:42 pm
found out that they become a nation of digital hoarders that the average person, 60% has one or more phones laying around and surprisingly, one in 10 have four or more phones at home. >> michelle is with look out mobile security, security app protects cell phones privacy when you use a phone and there is another saying phones aren't available because of security concern autos main reason is people just don't know what to do with phones and two, concerned about the personal information, photos and text messages and apps that are still living on the devices so what happens is that they are sitting in drawers unused. >> take a moment, down load the lookout app just find instructions on how to wipe your cell clean, so it then go on to do good work autos it's crazy they have to pay for the
6:43 pm
bills and it huge help and there, you can get information about the entire program in a dropoff location close to your home or bismts it's just unbelievable they have to pay. >> it's a shame. >> it's a great thing to do with the phone autos yes. >> and stuvm at 6:00 two napa valley wine maker was a remarkable story to tell. >> proving what goes on outside of the bottle almost111g
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
for a lot of folks picking just the right wine didn't depend on what is inside of the bottle but what is on the outside. wayne freedman introduces us to two wine makers who are all about the labels. >> winter in the napa valley. they're the only segment of the wine undisstory aloud to be resting. these guys suren't. >> do you smell that? >> this is what happens after the harvest comes in. the debate begins about what to do with it. for wine makers there is a blendqio inside hundreds, if not thousands of bottle autos
6:47 pm
there is a general idea of what we want it to taste like and to be. >> cabin spired? fruitful? this is a process for a wine they intend to call love hammer. >> who are you appealing to? >> hopefully, old women. >> the boys from slow down wines have one hit on their resume. a popular tasty red aimed at demogrd sexual could chocolate. it's caught attention of some of the influential wine producers. >>. >> but despite the romantic notions it's not an easy business just because someone comes up with a good wine there is no guarantee people will look or try it, or buy it, or buy it again. chances are they're going need help. this is a meeting with dave
6:48 pm
finney. you might not know his name. his labels are world renowned. >> what does a label need? >> pick me up. >> any wine on any store darinism. tlk at the names. do you think actors have a hard time getting noticed?. >> the label? >> what about the label? >> the name of the wine. >> the unique label of sexual chocolate is one reason dave elected to work with brandon and bo. >> this bottle originated from a bootlegging operation in college. using grapes from all over california and recommended to be drank immediately and shared with girl autos m if you want more, just call it, ps, made in usa. >> labeling is so important before the guys finalized taste of the love hammer they're trying out marketing. what you see outside of a bottle may, or may not reflect contents. >> what are you selling with
6:49 pm
mannequin? >> chardonnay. >> none of this will be worth a dime if after the label sells a wine that taste doesn't bring customers back. >> you don't want to sell one bottle you want to sell case autos for brandon and bo means back to bins and trial and error. back to the labs, building a wine that will live up to the love hammer name. >> you missed. >> i know. sorry. >> it's all right. the wine hits the mark. >> nappa, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> they've got names picked out. don't they? >> spencer is back. >> okay. here is a look at live doppler 7. moisture off shore, we're not talking about rainfall tonight. clouds around for the midnight viewing of fire works but clear skies at midnight. i think you'll enjoy the fire works tonight. sunny skies tomorrow,
6:50 pm
overnight into wednesday, very cold into marning hours, lows into north bay valleys into 20s. we have a dry week coming up. just a slight chance of showers sunday. >> perfect. thank you. >> lot of football to talk about. >> yes, yes, happy new year and get out. seven head coaches fired today. raiders say goodbye
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
new year will begin with teams looking for new coaches. black monday, carnage for seven head coaches today. most of them were respect bud this one was surprising. chicago bears lovey smith, smith brought bears to super bowl in 2006 but chicago only made playoffs in three of the nine year was the team. he's out. after 14 years with the eagles andy reid fire today winningest coach in team history.
6:54 pm
and a super bowl in 2004, but after a horrific 4-12 campaign deciding wait was time for a change. other head coaches let go today, arizona, buffalo, cleveland, and kansas city fired romo cornell after a 2-14 season. raider as announced they've let go of four assistant coaches. he switched and running back with touchdowns also let go by raiders special teams and line ".q are a lot of decisions going into being a head football coach and a lot of things you're in charge of and you've got to make decisions you think are best for the football team. decisions. >> and brandon jacobs will not return for playoffs. he was suspended for three
6:55 pm
games. he was upset over a lack of playing game, tweeting about it. >> and i mean unres you have something good to tweet about, niners will figure out what they're going do with the kicker david acres, ranked 30th this year, missing two more field goals yesterday, niner goesing to bring in kickers this week. if it comes down to acres foot, this could mean trouble. cardinals making their third straight appearance facing wisconsin tomorrow afternoon. new year's day featuring two of the best running wks in the country. and normally they don't want opposition to know the game plan. >> we're going to run the ball. we have something to do but that is our bred and butter
6:56 pm
and that is what you're going to see from us. it's great. you're going to see it from wisconsin also. >> by the way abc 7 news is in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. tomorrow, right here on abc 7. the game at 2:00 on espn. this sports report bought to you by mercedes-benz. >> thank you so much. >> and join me tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 coming up then, entourage on a special occasion then at 11:00 here on abc 7 news, new laws on the books in the new year, include twhaung better protects your social immediate accounts. >> see you then. >> happy new year that, is it for us [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom!
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to our last show before we ring in the new year. and we have sarah and ana as our newcomers, ladies, good luck. here we go -- the "jeopardy!" round. these are your categories. i hope you are. fairly recently. and finally, we want you to... alex: we'll give you the olympian's name. paula, start us. inventors & inventions, $200, please. [ beep ]


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