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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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doppler. set the table and show you what is going on. not much wind or much moisture in the air except right near the ground and definitely don't have any radar returns. anywhere from 2-12 degrees cooler in most areas this morning. if you are league the house right now, dress for 20s to near 30s. mid on the peninsula down to san jose. microto mid 40s around oakland and san francisco. by the afternoon hours, you will want the sunglasses, low to mid 50s at the coast. also inland, mid to upper 50s with mostly sunny conditions around the bay. >> pretty light this morning. it's wednesday, kind of the off week with the holiday yesterday. 80 westbound as i make your way passed golden gate fields headlights there everything is moving at the limit. to the san mateo bridge, eastbound and westbound looking
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good as you make your way from hayward over to foster city and then in the eastbound direction, no problems. we do have, however, on the ramp toward jackson street a sig alert due to a water main break. one lane flooded at that off-ramp at jackson street right around santa clara. they hope to have that capped but for now it's very slow in the area. >> kristen: parts of the bay area have temperatures below freezing this morning as mike was saying. you might find it frigid outside your door. terry mcsweeney is live in san rafael where it's been in the 20s. i imagine it's still dipping. >> it gets colder as dawn approaches. as you can see one minute after 5:00 on the second day of 2013, 26 degrees, of course, freezing is 32 degrees and there it is two below on the celsius.
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take a look. frost on the wind shields, front back, grass, everywhere we looked and every car parked overnight, they have the frost. keep it in mind. and i have frost on my rear window, it's a good idea to defrost before backing out of a driveway. cool temperatures this morning and we are under the impression it will be colder heading up south the santa rosa area in that direction, north of here. in napa, some of the more protected valleys. so we're going to take a look at those in about an hour from now. right now i can tell you, it is below freezing in san rafael. this is redwood highway, highway 101 at lucas valley road. bundle up, i did and it's not that bad if you are prepared.
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house of representatives passed a senate bill. 85 republicans joined democrats to pass the legislation. it raises taxes on individuals earning more than $400,000 a year and extends unemployment benefits but the measure delays addressing spending cuts for two months. >> senate, president and vice president failed to meet their obligation, their own stated obligation which was to bring us a balanced bill one that had tax adjustments but also had spending cuts. this one fails badly. >> katie: despite the bill, most american workers will see their paychecks shrink in 2013 because we will be paying 2% more in payroll taxes. >> asian stocks hit a five month high. many investors were worried if the deal had failed it may have pushed the u.s. into a recession.
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real test comes this morning when the stock exchange opens in new york at 6:30. >> kristen: new york lawmakers are furious the house loorp has abandoned the vote on victims of super storm sandy. they had proved a $60 billion to help recovering from the october storm that devastated parts of new york, new jersey and other states nearby. a house committee had drafted a smaller $27 billion measure but the house adjourned last night without taking up either proposal. if they don't take action before congress's term ends tomorrow, any vote will have to wait until the end of january. we're learning new information about a naked man with a sword who held san jose police at bay for several hours. his name is cocoa bennet. someone reported someone with anment is rifle.
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sky7hd was there when officers fired a flash bang device for him to drop the sword diploma they were able to finally subdue i him, get the sword and take him into custody. >> katie: bennett was treated for injuries he suffered in the confrontation. police say they averted a possible mass killing because the assault rifle in his car was fully loaded. >> contra costa water board holds a hearing in concord to consider raising water rates. the board is expected to vote immediately afterwards and increase up to 3.35% may be approved. typical bill would go up $2.27. 3.5% figure is based on the consumer price index. the board reviews water rates to maintain service. >> katie: stated water officials will take the first sierra snow
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survey for this winter. snow measurements shows the water content is 146% of normal to date. that is important since the sierra snow pack accounts for a third of the state water supply. early season storms have also replenished reservoirs. the main reservoir at bult te county is 111% of normal. snow getting off to a good start compared to the last week but this week it is looking dry. >> starting to wish for the rain. >> that would make it warmer. let's talk about the cold weather and what would you like to do maybe to temper that and burning wood is prohibited today. it's another spare the air and tomorrow will be the third. south bay, north bay, that is where the poorest air quality will develop but all of us under
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spare the air umbrella. frost advisories so keep things protected until 9:00. same thing in the north bay, mid 20s until 9:00. we'll have those temperatures under chilled sunshine at 7:00 that will start to jump up mid to 30s around the bay and the coast. upper 40s with high clouds from time to time and sunshine at noon. low to mid 50s during the afternoon hours. temperatures will be one to two degrees warmer than they were yesterday. without the clouds and any rain tonight it will be a chilly one. 38 inland and low to mid 40s for the bay and coast. tomorrow, it's going to be partly cloudy during the afternoon hours. maybe a degree or two warmer and frosty cold inland tonight. slightly warmer for friday as the storm passes to our west. it looks like dry with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. >> away have breaking news out of hayward. this is water main break, i got the waze map, 92 past 880 west
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jackson at santa clara street. i can't really see but i want to show where this was. just to the east of the 92 interchange with the jackson street off-ramp issued a sig alert. chp has that sig alert issued until the water main break is taken care of. amy hollyfield is on the way there to hayward. once again, eastbound 92 at jackson street. so you wanted to avoid that for the time being. taking a look at drive times, heading out of 580 out of altamont pass, from the warren freeway towards the macarthur maze, 7-10 minute drive. 92 westbound over towards your san mateo area. that is running a bit sluggish. normally about 15 minutes. now 18-19 minutes. 880 as you make your way towards the macarthur maze, moving at the limit.
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less than 20 minutes. >> secretary of state hillary clinton may be in the hospital for a few more days. why distribution say the blood khotd klot she suffered was more serious than they first thought. >> new rates for your gas and electricity the ups and downs of your pg&e bill.
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>> dan: wednesday morning, 5:12.
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let's take a look at the camera looking west at bay bridge. it's clear out there. you can't see how cold it is. mike nicco says it's in the upper 30s to low 40s around the bay but inland valleys, north bay valleys you are in a big chill. we'll talk about that in just a moment. >> good news this morning about an oil rig that ran a aground in alaska. two aircraft have flown over the ship and not seeing any sign that it is leaking fuel or the hull has been breached. these are pictures from earlier this week. it ran aground on a small island after it broke loose. it is carrying 155,000 gallons of diesel. >> the news on hillary clinton is as good as it is can be considering she has a blood clot right behind her right ear. the location of the blood clot.
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it's in a very large vein in a space between her skull and brain. on "good morning america," the doctor describes how dangerous this type of blood clot is. >> if the enclosed breaks out it can go to the heart or lung and it could kill her. and it can increase the pressure in the skull and that can also be deadly. >> she did not suffer any neurological damage. she is being given blood thinners to reduce the size of clot. coming up at 7:00, the doctor will describe how the prognosis is good. >> you may have heard radio can commercials telling homeowners they can with a review to find irregularities. now 14 banks including san francisco based wells fargo saying the mandatory reviews are taking way too long with little
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benefit for homeowners and banks. they are working for a settlement in reviewing the cases. the banks are trying to avoid having to unwind past doing. settlement could be aproved by the office of comptroller as early as this week. lawmakers debate who is taxed in the fiscal cliff talks, another tax cut plan has expired social security payroll tax was reduced by a third in 2010 to stimulate the economy. this year it goes back to 6.2% level. that means a person with a gross income of $50,000 will pay about $1,000 more in taxes this year than last year. >> to buy a house, we are trying to save and looking how much it will probably be going up, i don't know if i will be able to afford a house. >> we are scraping by. paycheck to paycheck. >> the payroll tax increase is
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expected to generate $125 billion for the federal budget. economists warn we should expect a similar reduction in consumer spending. >> customers will start seeing increase in electric rates. pg&e is raising rates. it will cover upgrades to the electric grid. at the same time gas prices are going down because of a glut of natural gas on the market. here is how it breaks down. pg&e electric bills for january will go up by an average of 2.6% gas bills will go down by an average 5.3%. >> kristen: bills are going up with the temperatures they are. >> watch out for the static electricity shock ago few people as you walk around. take a look what is going on. we'll open up the width window,
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from the east bay hills, emeryville back to san francisco where the bay looks calm this morning. it's what you would expect with high pressure and high pressure dominating our weather, live doppler 7-hd is showing that dry air in the form of no radar returns and no clouds this morning. let's talk about temperatures. just updated them. we have redwood city at 32 degrees, mountain view at 34 along with information is and everybody else inland is below freezing. antioch at 36. low to mid 40s around fremont and san francisco and half moon bay. monterey bay, temperatures in the mid-30s. 30 at gilroy. monterey is warm spot at about 41 degrees. lots of frosty starts this morning. make sure you keep everything protected at least until 9:00 and then the sunshine will take over and give us a mild afternoon. slightly warmer for thursday and
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friday afternoon. we have showers this weekend but i think the bulk of them will stay over the ocean. few high clouds and sunshine. temperatures are couple degree warmer. most of us in the mid 50s. vallejo, cool spots in the 50s. heading down to the monterey bay temperatures at about 58 everywhere. as you head inland. spread from 56 in morgan hill to 59 in salinas. more freezing temperatures tonight and possibly around palo alto and parts of santa clara valley, 43 in san francisco for the warm spot. check out the area of high pressure, it's blocking anything from reaching the west coast. this is going to drive the jetstream up north and storms moving to the north, expect that dry pattern to continue through at least friday. then one storm system will get close to the coast, saturday and sunday and bring us extra clouds but i think the showers will stay over the ocean. monday and tuesday the storm passes and increasing sunshine
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and near 60-degree highs. >> breaking news out of hayward. amy hollyfield is on the way to this water main break. it is just east of the 880-92 interest change. 92 ramp to jackson from eastbound 92 is partially flooded. one lane is getting by. chp has issued a sig alert at jackson due to the flooding there. you can see the sig alert so very slow traffic getting through these flooded areas. otherwise light traffic conditions for this wednesday after your holiday break, taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and traffic is flowing smoothly into san francisco. everything is moving nicely on all bridges and san mateo bridge and golden gate bridge and richmond-san rafael, as well. next, an airline fender
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bender, what caused one plane to clip the tail of another on the tarmac. >> a new commercial highlights a new problem for apple. how the country is facing the anger of users again. >> a different type of show on katie. she takes us inside her home. is that today at 3:00 right here
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good morning, thanks for joining us. you are looking live at san mateo bridge, it's cold one out there this morning. speaking of the bridge, eastern end of 92, where you will find a sig alert. there is a water main break
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there. amy is on the scene and hoping to get a live picture and keep you posted on what is happening out there. >> kristen: other news this morning, investigators with the federal aviation administration will be inspecting the damage from an airbus to another plane. they got clipped by a plane at the airport in fort lauderdale, florida. here is video from the aviation department. it left a gash in the tail section. it was taxiing with the accident happened. all 162 passengers got off the plane safely and no injury. >> in brazil a rescue helicopter was helping a swimmer in the when the chopper crashed. the fire department khap chopper was flying close to the beach when the helicopter blades started sputtering. it landed just a few feet from
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unsuspecting swimmers. the four crew members made it safely to shore. fire department later recovered the wreckage. >> we have been talking about the water main break in hayward. kind of wondering if the water will freeze ez in the areas on the roadways. >> hayward temperature is about 38 degrees right now. could be isolated areas where it's a little cooler. as far as temperatures this afternoon, sunshine and temperatures will hit the low to mid 50s. low 50s and mid-50s for the rest of us. traveling around, look at the radar, doppler radar across the state, dry right now with high pressure dominating pretty much the western third of the country. if you are heading down south, a little warmer, low to mid-60s around palm springs and san diego. 59 at big sur with sunshine. mid 50s through the central valley.
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cooler up in the mountains, 38 in tahoe. 42 in yosemite. >> breaking news out of hayward we'll get a report from amy hollyfield. i want to show you the traffic app, the waze app, east of the 880 intersection, jackson street santa clara that intersection is right where the water main as broken and flooding that intersection. it is also flooding the off-ramp jackson street off-ramp and that is down to one lane and they have issued a sig alert. avoid that area if you can due to the water main break. the other problem spot this morning is in fremont, north 680 at mission boulevard. we have a smaul stale that is partially blocking the right lane. not too bad there. katie, kristen?
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>> katie: it is 5:25. millions of californians were targeted by con artists if 2012. the tech support was one of the largest scams, con artists claiming to be tech support workers saying that a virus has taken over their computer. >> calling from microsoft to inform you that your computer is loaded with virus and will crash. >> if they are on your computer, it's game over. they can do anything they want. they can install malware to a remotely controlled network. >> other con types of fraud, smart phone snatching someone asks to borrow your fraud and gift card fraud.
5:26 am
online on purchases, a buyer sends a check for more than the purchase price the seller wires back the difference but then find out the check is fake. >> iphone 5, same feature that is part of a new ad with venus and serena williams. >> we have a cool dream. >> i'm having one right now. >> i don't want to be disturbed. i won't. because i went to sleep, i said this. now, my iphone -- >> the phones do not disturb feature allows to silent incoming calls during a predetermined amount of time but there have been complaints that the phone remains silent. there is no word from apple about these complaints. we're following breaking
5:27 am
news in hayward. take a look. we have live pictures from the scene. crews are rushing to fix a large water main break. it has closed roads there. the impact on people that live and drive in the area. we'll be right back.
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in hayward where a water main break off of highway 92 is causing trouble. >> kristen: amy hollyfield is live on the scene. that flooding looks serious. >> take a look behind me. you can get a sense. water is still bubbling out of street here where the water main has broken. we're at the intersection of jackson and santa clara in hayward. water department has gotten on the scene. they have been assessing in how
5:30 am
long it's going to take it to get fixed and get the water stopped and we don't know why it happened. you can see cars are still getting through here, but if you want to go northbound on santa clara, forget it. they have shut down that entire direction. if you travel on the 92, you need to know the off-ramp, eastbound off-ramp at jefferson has been shut down. we are right here at 92 west, people are getting on okay but coming off eastbound is not happening right now. we'll stay on the scene and give you more details when we have them to let you know when they might have cleared up. they are controlling traffic and trying to keep people safe and assessing what they need to do to keep the flowing as far as people going back to work. we'll continue to follow this story as it develops.
5:31 am
amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> katie: it's cold to boot. >> kristen: not freezing conditions over in hayward where there is so much water. >> 35 degrees. so that is good news. that is one of the big stories. temperatures have allowed to drop so much. keep the pets and plants protected. in north bay, low 30s around the bayshore line in the santa clara valley. also other big story, spare the air and likely tomorrow. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s with a few high clouds and sunshine at the coast and inland. around the bay, we'll be in the mid 50s. back to hayward as amy was telling us. at that intersection of santa clara and jackson, we have the waze app, just east of the 880-92 interchange as amy was
5:32 am
showing us. that intersection is blocked off. also the ramp to jackson street, one lane is there. you can see a live shot with that water main bubbling up in the intersection. there is the westbound 92 and you can see cars getting on there. no problem. it's the eastbound 92 ramp, the dwhp has that blocked off due to the flooding, as well. we'll keep following this as the big traffic story. traffic is fairly light this day after new year's day. >> kristen: thank you. thanks to congress, fiscal cliff has been avoided this morning, rumblings are being heard what it doesn't do. they passed at senate bill. it restores the tax cuts created in the bush administration and raises taxes on couples making more than $450,000 a year but it did not address spending cuts. the conversation has been pushed
5:33 am
back for two months. one of suspects in a murder of former winery owner will be in court. 21-year-old javier garcia will be arraigned. a 23-year-old man should be in court tomorrow. lucas anderson was already arraigned and there has been another booked as accessory in the death during a home invasion in november. court documents portray him as a ruthless businessman. we have dramatic new video of the arrest of the driver that killed two innocent people while running from police yesterday. this video shows police approaching the vehicle and pulling him to the ground. yesterday morning the suspect drove away from a traffic stop, blew through two intersections and then slammed into a car near a store at 21st and van ness.
5:34 am
a passenger was killed. the man was standing on the corner. store surveillance video shows the impact. >> one scary. one minute you are here and next minute you are gone. he was seconds away, my employee was going to be hit by the car. >> the suspect is well known to police. the driver of the other car is now in critical condition. >> the 12-inch water main rupture has been capped. the main broke near the intersection of salvio street in the heart of the business district. the gushing water did cause a few businesses close early but water officials say they did not have to close any streets. >> this morning, students that survived the connecticut shooting rampage will get a look at the new school they will be attending beginning tomorrow.
5:35 am
furniture including desks from sandy hook elementary have been moved to the school that students will attend. backpacks and belongings following the chaos have also been moved. school leaders say they intend to make the first day of class as normal as possible but counselors will be on hand. authorities say they may never know what the gunman shot and killed 26 people including 20 children. avoided or simply delayed, those words are being raised regarding last night's approval by the house of the fiscal cliff bill. good morning. as you know the country technically went over the cliff. what they passed is retroactive so 99% of americans will not see a change in their tax rate. >> they finally got it done. congress ended the long drama over the fiscal cliff with house
5:36 am
republicans reluctantly passing the bill. >> i will sign a bill that will raise taxes on wealthiest americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike. >> for a time it appeared the bill was headed for defeat. house republicans did not want to raise taxes without significant will cuts in governmental spending diploma there is no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt. we feel the senate bill failed. >> but house republicans decided not to drag out fight any longer and risk potentially take the blame for massive tax hikes on nearly every american worker. >> what is the alternative? market uncertainty. >> it shields people earning less than $450,000 a year from
5:37 am
tax increases and extends unemployment insurance. but it doesn't raise the debt ceiling. in two months the government will reach the limit on borrowing unless congress acts, not to mention it delays large cuts to the pentagon and other programs. >> so in march we may see another round of fighting. president obama says he hopes congress can strike a deal with a little less drama. some dramatic temperature readings this morning. are you feeling it? we are in the mid 20s. >> it's very dramatic to me. >> what is going on. >> good morning. as we get down to 28 in livermore and 29 in fairfield. and 27 in santa rosa. it's colder and that is what we're talking about. 30 in concord and napa and
5:38 am
freezing in redwood city and getting close in mountain view and san jose at 34. 36 at antioch. 34 at san rafael. low 40s east bayshore. mid 40s around san francisco. 44 at half moon bay. we do have a small slight wind so it does feel about one to three degrees cooler in some areas when you are outside this morning. let's talk about the chilled sunshine. it will joined with a few high clouds, upper 40s for lunchtime temperatures. low to mid 50s as we head through the afternoon and back in the upper 30s to mid 40s by 7:00. partly cloudy and frost tomorrow morning and then mid to upper 50s. mid-60s on friday and pull back of temperatures and few more clouds on saturday. >> back to hayward, we have a breaking story with a water main break, it is eastbound 92 at jackson.
5:39 am
that ramp is down to one lane. live shot. water main bubbling up in the middle of the intersection, jackson at santa clara streets. we have a sig alert, eastbound ramp to jackson street that is down to one lane. if you want to avoid this area entirely, north 880 to witten. dwhp has a sig alert. just east of the 92-88 on intersection -- 92-880 intersection. >> live look at the toll plaza and traffic is moving nicely in towards the san francisco area on the upper deck. no delays here. no metering lights. we check the san mateo bridge, if you in the hayward area and your traffic is looking good making your way over to foster city, just about 17 minute drive. bay area community comes together to take a stand against the brutal rape of a young woman. next, how people are pushing for
5:40 am
stronger laws to protect women internationally. >> a warning going out to beachgoers, after a walk on the beach ends in tragedy. >> we'll continue to follow breaking news in hayward where the water main break is still causing trouble. this is jackson street right off of highway 92. on the eastbound ramp and one lane closed. we'll check on driver options coming up.
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>> katie: we're following breaking news. live at a water main break at jackson and santa clara streets and light now the right lane of eastbound 92 as you transition on to jackson, that lane is closed. a lot of police out there. you can see crews to cap that water main. traffic is flowing slow out there this morning. amy hollyfield is live. >> kristen: authorities are warning beachgoers to object alert for large waves following the drowning of a man. they were walking their dog when they were hit by a massive wave. it knocked her into the water. the man pulled her free but the
5:44 am
dog were swept in when he tried to save the dog he was swept away. sky7hd were overhead and searched for several hours before finding his body. large waves can suddenly hit shore even when the water appears calm. >> katie: six men have been arrested in india and charged with rape. protestors are upset that it took so long for the case to move forward and they are calling for tougher laws and swifter enforcement in crimes against women. last night at behind due temple spoke out for change. >> it's a matter of safety and matter of dignity. we have to altogether, whether you are a man or woman week all have to fight. >> we need to send a petition to the indian government to make sure there are stringent laws.
5:45 am
>> katie: many say the incident represents a clash between old world culture and the modern society. a major construction project in san francisco will resume this morning after the holiday break. muni central subway project will take its toll on traffic on union square. it will be closed between geary and ellis street on stockton. walkways are narrower because of construction. it will extend the subway from south of market to chinatown. construction is scheduled for completed in six years. cardinals beat the badgers, 20-14 before a packed out hous in pasadena. stanford who came into the game ranked number six in the season ends at 12-2. cardinal fast, we came sheeshlg shaw and we conquered and that is honor of david shaw.
5:46 am
>> last win was 1972. >> it's been a while. >> they are celebrating this morning, al we it in the cold. >> nice weather for the game. cooler conditions in the mid-60s down there. let's talk about what is going on outside. we have 20s and 30s inland and few 40s around the bayshore. the frost advisory for the bay area and freeze warning coming to fruition right now. you can see how clear it is. we look over to oakland and alameda and san leandro this morning. and radar is spinning around st. helena and it's covered with dry air. no radar returns and no clouds, no blanketed effect so all the warmth is going out to space. 27 in santa rosa. 44 in san francisco.
5:47 am
46 in half moon bay. check out san jose and mountain view, 34 degrees. los gatos at 31. we have 36 at santa cruz to 41 at monterey. you can see 30 at gilroy and 39 at salinas. don't forget to keep the pets and plants protected. we have showers possible this weekend. flight they will stay over the ocean. mid 50s for all neighborhoods. few high clouds this afternoon. we could have low 50s along the coast. half moon bay, warm spot at 55. 58 around the monterey bay. 59 in salinas. tonight we'll have frost in the inland valleys but less likely around the bayshore. palo alto around 32 degrees. 43 tomorrow in san francisco. as we look what is going on here same players on the map that were here yesterday.
5:48 am
high pressure is dominating the western half of the united states. notice the clouds streaming well up to the north and as these lows get close to the highs, they fall apart or follow the jetstream up to the north. that is why we'll have a dry pattern. you can get close enough, showers will be offshore and that is where they will stay. 60 on friday and slightly cooler on saturday and sunday. once that storm system passes. 60 for the highs. we're looking at live shot behind me hayward. breaking news with the water main break. you can see it bubbling upright mere. this is intersection of jackson and santa clara. that intersection has been cordoned off. here is the freeway exit from eastbound 92. one lane is getting by the right lane is blocked off. chp is there. you can see the 92 is getting by with no delays westbound.
5:49 am
880 northbound to winten. let me show you tro. here is 92 and 880 junction and this is just east where 92 turns into west jackson street. that intersection right there, that will be the best bet to continue on to winton or the 92 junction. and live shot of the san mateo bridge. headed in the westbound direction, taillights are moving at the limit up to foster city in the eastbound direction moving at the limit. no delays. it's about 15-16 minute drive as you make your way to east bay or vice versa. you know how people are watching for clues, apple may be close to releasing a new iphone. >> here is jane king. >> good morning. fiscal cliff deal means slower economic growth because you will be paying more for n taxes for social security.
5:50 am
someone earning about $50,000 will pay almost a thousand dollars more a year. they say the higher taxes on singles making over $400,000 and couples making over $450,000 will limit growth and slow job creation. and the ads for the superbowl ons, there will be three longer than a minute. they are selling for record rates. lined up for the iphone 5. will they do the same for the iphone 6? apple is working on the hardware and app for iphone 6.1. >> they report it was searched more of holiday 2012 beating out the kindle fire and ipad and even barbie. i'm jane king, with the bloomberg business report. paparazzi for justin beiber takes a deadly turn.
5:51 am
what a photographer was trying to do. >> and amazing researchers involving pandas how the endangered animals may one day save your life. >> we are following following breaking news in hayward where a water main break is being repaired. repaired. we'll have traffic let's play:
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good morning. following breaking news out of hayward. we have a water main break. you can see it wublg up at the intersection of jackson and santa clara off the 92 ex. you can see the eastbound ramp jackson street one lane is blocked off. chp has issued a sig alert. westbound ramp is moving just fine as you go to the area. waze app, we have santa clara street at jackson. you may want to take winton. amy hollyfield is following it and we'll get back with her in just a bit. >> good news, black ice there won't be an issue especially with that much running water. it will be hard to get it to
5:55 am
freeze. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. as you are traveling today, all the doppler radars are clear. temperatures from the low to mid-60s. in the mid-50s in central valley and about 42 in yosemite. this morning, los angeles police are saying no charges will likely be filed against a driver who hit and killed a photographer taking pictures of justin beiber's car. his car was pulled over for a traffic stop. a photographer tried to get a close up. as he crossed the street a car hit him. he died at the hospital. beiber was not in the ferrari at the time. pandas may be more than cute. they could help keep you healthy. they have found a strong antibiotic in panda blood that fights drug resistant super
5:56 am
bugs. it's said to destroy bacteria and can kill it in under an hour. the discovery could have important implications for humans and pandas. new research may provide a push to save the panda. only about 1600 existed in the wild. >> kristen: we continue to follow breaking news in hayward where a water main break has happened creating this big headache foremorning commuters right off of 92. we'll have a live report from the scene. >> and water rates could be on the rise in contra costa county. we'll tell you how ñ@ñzñpríñvñyt
5:57 am
5:58 am
wednesday morning, 5:59. thanks a lot for starting the new year for us. bundle up, right?
5:59 am
>> we'll check in with mike nicco. listen closely. you might not believe what you hear. >> really. >> it's that cold. >> i can understand you are probably sleeping in. that was you, katie? okay. we'll take a look at live doppler 7-hd and see how clear and how calm it is also. temperatures are running anywhere from 2-17 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. 20s and 30s inland. frost on the peninsula all the way down to the south bay right now. east bay is in the low 40s, san francisco in the mid 40s along with the coast. sunshine today and few high clouds. coast and inland low to mid 50s. >> we have breaking news out of hayward. at the intersection of jackson street and santa clara, you can see the traffic coming off


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