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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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where in the world is she? the search intensities for a young woman who vanished from a concert in tahoe. >> family and friends are searching for her. she disappear fed south lake tahoe on new year's eve. she is from petaluma and last seen at lake tahoe community clj in south lake tahoe. john alston is live where he spoke to her worried family. john? >> reporter: and carolyn, some of alyssa burns' friends are on their way to pass out fliers and her father has been there all day working with police who are tracing her movements over the past few days.
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>> i just want her home. her father and i just want her home. >> reporter: the new year has done nothing but stress and worry. she hasn't been seen or heard from since midnight on new year's eve. she was in south lake tahoe for snow globe, a three-day music festival that attracts thousands of partiers. a friend says she suddenly and quietly disappeared from the group at 11:30 on monday night. >> but that new year's eve she didn't say a word. she basically left and she called me and i called her back and she was on the bus back to the hotel. >> reporter: by phone she said she was going back to the horizon where the friends were staying. he says he returned about 12:30 a.m. >> once we got back to the room we noticed she wasn't there. we were@calling her back to back and back to back. >> reporter: back in petaluma her parents stopped get any texts from her. they wished their daughter a happy new year at two minutes after midnight.
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>> that would be in the morning asking where are you? then the next one we didn't get a response. you need to call us now. >> reporter: fliers are now appearing in downtown petaluma. a facebook page has been set up in an effort to find the missing woman. her mother says she has never run away and she is not aware of any trouble in her life. she says she was not happy about the trip to tahoe. >> yes i had a lot of reservations, but at 19 i didn't see that i could hold her back from it as well. >> reporter: her father says police are looking at casino surveillance video and they also traced her last cell phone to the area around the snow globe concert in south lake tahoe. they are also looking at her bank statements to find out where she was at last. and if anybody may have seen her. in petaluma, john alston, abc news. >> thank you very much. we are in for another cold night around the bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel is
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here with a look at live doppler hd. >> you will see why we are heading into another cold night. the clouds are off the coastline and a dry air mass. we have light winds and so the temperatures are falling. already down to 32 in fairfield. it is 2 degrees shy of freezing in napa. it is 42 in san jose. it is 39 in half moon bay. i will be back to show you exactly how cold it will get by morning. make sure you bundle up if you have early plans. and i will let you know when our live doppler 7hd radar will be tracking rain. tonight the case of the deadly shooting in a san jose parking garage. police are considering charges against the man they say admits to pulling the trigger, but was it a justified killing? alan wang is in the south bay with more on the homicide that happened earlier this week. alan? >> reporter: san jose police
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detectives met with the da to decide if an apartment custodian justifiably shot and killed an alleged burglar. this happened on monday morning around 9:30 at an apartment complex that has been a repeated target of crime. tenants at the summer breeze apartments in san jose recognized 26-year-old ricardo lieu wheeze as a custodian who did handiwork here. but now hernandez is facing possible murder charges after telling police he shot and killed 36-year-old christopher soriano in the underground garage after trying to detain him. >> we know it was precipitated by what the shooter believed to be either occurring or about to occur. >> reporter: the garage is supposed to be secure, but residents have reported a string of car burglaries here. >> we live here for quite a bit, and all we had was my truck broken into three times. >> reporter: the gate was working, but it has been broken and left open in the past leaving their cars
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vulnerable. >> in the past we used to have a very good security in this place. butt lately it has disappeared. >> reporter: burglaries are on the rise in san jose and the response times are lagging. but they do not recommend confronting a burglar even though the law allows you to intervene. >> unless it is absolutely necessary, we would prefer if the community would just be a good witness and provide us with as much information as possible. >> i can't say whether he is a hero or criminal. i would really just say that -- i personally wouldn't use a gun myself. >> why? >> really not the right thing to do. it is a lose-lose situation. >> the police say hernandez did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but unknown if he was allowed to carry a gun openly. now whether this case was a justified killing or murder. police do not believe the victim was armed. we are told the d.a. will base his decision on the intent of
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the custodian when he shot the victim. those details could come out if and when the d.a. files charges which could be as early as tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. san francisco police identified a 19-year-old gang member as the man they say killed two innocent people in a mission district crash yesterday. investigators say david morales was trying to get away after a drive by shooting when he smashed into another car at 21st and south van ness. the woman in the other car and a man on the sidewalk both died at the scene. witnesses who saw a man kill a dog vow to help find the attacker. police released this surveillance video showing the robber running from the scene after killing the dog named red soxy. red soxy's owner threw the dog into traffic after robbing her friday in the tenderloin. people who saw it say they will be posting his picture in the area. police are asking thin with
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information to give them a call. >> any person who owns an animal, you can tell there is a tight bond and for not only the animal to be laid to rest, but to actually see the death of your own animal is very traumatic. >> and there is now a reward being offered for an arrest in this case. two teenage girls in placer county are in trouble after they served drugged milk shakes to one of the girl's parents. it happened in the suburb of rock land. the girls put prescription sleeping pills in the shakes so they could use the internet late at night. after calling police and taking a drug test to confirm their suspicions, the parents brought their daughter to the rock land police station. >> the story came out and the drug test and we asked the parents if there was a witness as well and we asked them what happened. from that we deduced what occurred and we arrested them both. >> the 15-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old friend were booked on conspiracy
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charges of mingling pharmaceuticals with food. new at 11:00, a federal court ruling in san francisco upheld a new law banning the sale of shark fins in california. two groups of chinese americans challenged the law saying it discriminates against asian cul cul -- cultural cuisine. it is a delicacy around the world. the law goes into affect july 1st of this year. it is aimed at stoping fishermen from cutting off the fins and throwing sharks back into the ocean to die. a san mateo homeowner is spending the night in a tent in his front yard. that's news because he says a legal battle with the city is preventing him from living in his own home. the city red tagged his house. the city attorney told us they tried to work with the homeowner on his extensive remodel for more than 10 years. the city claims the house is dangerous and lacks working plumming and heating. while his wife and teenage son move in with a relative, mark claber moved into a tent. >> i had health issues and stuff like that.
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we did what they asked, and they are not happy. they for some reason feel like it should be done immediately. >> it is a public news sense that involves a fire hazard. it involves potential rodent infestation. >> the city wants to legally force them to clean up or just abandon the house. a court hearing is set for february 14th. federal investigators will try to determine why a small plane had to make a landing in las vegas. take a look. this is the aftermath. this happened today at north las vegas airport and investigators say the plane slammed on to the run way and then skidded off of it bursting into flames. crews used fire retardant to put it out. the plane was destroyed as you can seement two people on board safe -- safely escaped. >> an incredible picture of new life. a dad who may have taken a picture of new life for the new year. >> and saying goodbye to a piece of san francisco history. >> and still ahead there is
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more than one way to put out a fire. how a man in a speed boat doused the flames in james bond-style maneuvers. >> and a programming note. starting january 8th, "jimmy kimmle live" moves to 11:35, right after us. "nightline" is at 12:35. that
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because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. bill that keeps america from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. the president is vacationing in hawaii, so he signed the bill using an auto pen, a mechanical device that copies his signature. her doctors say secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to make a full recovery from a blood clot near her brain. she was uh p cked by former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea when she was released from a hospital today. the clot was discovered during a follow-up exam from the concussion she suffered from a fall earlier last month. al jazeera has acquired
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current. it is available in about 60 million of the 100 million u.s. homes with cable or satellite service. and gavin newsom's show on current, "the gavin newsom show" is going off the air. they say he was already planing on moving in another direction. a record crowd packed the auditorium. the explore for yum. it has been there for 43 years. people got in line early this morning to get one last look. admission was free and by the middle of the day the place was packed. >> we were just overwhelmed. this was a day in january. we didn't think that many people would come. we were blown away. >> it was one of the first hands on museums in the world. generations of bay area em fas
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have grown up here. visitors gave their exhibits one last spin. parents snapped pictures and staff said it was bittersweet. >> sad, but strangely elated. >> 10,000 people came to say goodbye today. at 5:00 p.m., they rang some bells and the crowd began to move slowly out the door. some said they were looking forward to the new building, but with reservation. >> it could be nice, but when you grow up with this kind of a building you are missing so many memories here. >> tomorrow morning the race to move to the museum's new home begins in ernest. tonight after the visitors moved on, the staff lingered for champagne and a song. >> bittersweet night. the explore for yum will re-open april 17th on the san francisco waterfront with
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three times as much space. it is an amazing building. many of the beloved buildings will be back along with new ones. >> should be spectacular. now an incredible photo marking a baby's entrance into the world. look at this picture of baby nevia atkins reaching out of her mother's womb and holding the finger of the doctor performing the c section. it was taken by the baby's dad. consider it the first viral photo of the year. >> amazing. citrus growers have their fingers crossed, and with good reason. they hope they will make it through another night without serious damage to the crops. growers are turning on their fans. that is to keep the air circulating to prevent frost as the overnight temperatures dip into the 30s. harvesting has begun, but most of the oranges are still on the trees. it is a pretty dangerous time for the citrus growers. >> cold in the valley. very cold in the bay area as well. >> that's right. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> if you have frost sensitive
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plants you may want to protect them. parts of the san juaquin valley is under a freeze warning. live doppler 7hd is showing clear skies, and we are headed toward a cold night. check out the current temperatures. these are now just updated. 31 in fairfield. it is already 33 degrees in santa rosa. 2 degrees away from freezing in concord. you know it is going to be a cold night. i thought i would show you the rainy season. today where we stand compared to a year ago, santa rosa 151 and it is 30% of where we should be. san francisco 139. 36% of average. we were way behind. oakland 136 and san jose 137% of normal. even the snowpack is doing great. of course just because it was a wet ending to 2012 it does not mean january may not be a dry year. in the last 20 years i have been doing the weather we have
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seen some very dry januaries. we are cautiously optimistic. milder the next few days and we are looking at a slight chance of showers. it is looking like a better possibility saturday night into early sunday now than it did earlier. tonight is a spare the air night until midnight. it is going to get cold. antioch down to 28 degrees. livermore 29 in concord and 27 napa and fairfield. santa rosa 28 degrees. just julie tweets she had to use her ice scraper to get the ice off the windshield of her car. 33 degrees in santa cruz. if you look at the radar, we have a front that is coming to the bay area. high pressure remains strong, so what is going to happen is this cold front as it works its way closer to the bay area will fall apart. all we will see out of it are some high clouds. plenty of sunshine out there and filtered sun as the ridge
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of high pressure keeps us dry. so highs for your thursday will look like this, highs in the 50s, 57 for santa rosa. san francisco 56 degrees. you will not be as cold thanks to the moderating affects of the water. same thing for oakland. 58. 54 in antioch. 58 palo alto, san jose, half moon bay. mix of sunshine and high clouds around the monterey bay. 60 degrees degrees in santa cruz. 61 for you in monterey. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. frosty cold tomorrow morning. but we will end up with a nice, mild afternoon. milder than today. we hillary pete it again on friday. not as cold in the mornings. saturday night into sunday midday. now it looks like a better possibility of rain as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. monday through wednesday, milder daytime highs, carolyn and dan. >> thank you. what a win for the warriors. >> a really good game at home. larry beil is here. >> the snowpack is 134%. the warriors are 134% of normal.
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they are 175% of normal. the clippers came to town in first place and they leave wondering what hit them. the warriors erupt as steph cu
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the warriors must be taken seriously, people. they made a bold statement tonight blasting the first place clippers. a whiteout at oracle. all of the fans got these white t-shirts. carlos santana in the house. the warriors came out on fire. steph curry was red-hot. he is again getting some solid minutes here for the warriors and disrupts the shot. he finds harrison barnes with authority. and when klay thompson gets the three it is a 20-1 run. the clippers answer to matt barnes and the lead shrinks down to four. curry 25 points at the half, none pretty yes, sir than that. off balance, off glass and it
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goes plus the foul. third quarter and david lee? no. warriors are back up by 19. another double-double and it is 24 points and 13 boards and seven assists. after is eve teen straight wins the clippers have now lost two in a row. the warriors roll 115-94. west coast conference opener and kevin foster and game high 21 points and had five three's. they would rally from 17 down. he cuts it down to two. remember ravaged by injuries and santa clara went 0-16 in conference play. the broncos with their conference opener would win it tonight 74-69. the stanford football team flew back from l.a. after casting their first rose bowl in more than four decades. stanford lead all the way. they couldn't put wisconsin away until late. holding on for a 20-14 win.
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mike shumann was with the team in pasadena and one of the few faces that coach shaw saw when he got off the bus. shu was everywhere. >> any point in the game where were you worried? >> the whole game. you know what though, i felt good about where we were. we just needed one more play. somebody had to make one more play. offensively or defensively. >> tonight tim tebow watching his alma-mater, the flu flaw gators, get -- the florida gators, get smoked. 15 seconds in and the pass was tipped. floyd returns it 38 yards. 7-0 cardinals in a flash. the second quarter and look at this touch. an incredible catch. louisville stuns florida 33-23. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. jay fun games tonight. -- >> fun games tonight. warriors making a statement. coming up next, boat on fire. >> and the
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when you wake up dress in layers. frosty cold, temperature 28. first thing in the morning to 42 and then 34 to 46. mike niko will be tracking the numbers. carolyn, dan? >> thank you so much. a look at what is buzzing around the world. starbucks believes its customers are going green. the company will offer ray usable coffee cups for $1. the customers will then get a 10 cent discount when they reuse the cups. it pays for itself after 10 cups of coffee. call it a post christmas miracle. you are looking at identical twins amy and ashley nelson. they are from akron, ohio. both gave birth to sons on new year's eve about two hours apart. both moms and their boys went
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home from the hospital in very good health. and take a look at this. a resourceful boater came to the rescue when another boat caught fire. he doused the flames with the spray from his speed boat. there you can see it. it happened on a remote lake in new zealand. it took the fire trucks 25 minutes to get there. the crews say this technique used to put out the fire was ingenuous. it did take about four tries to get the spray and the flames out. but it worked. >> that is a genius. very bond, james bond. >> absolutely, especially right there. >> very clever. nicely done. >> resourceful i would say. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. join us in the morning at 4:30 a.m. we are always available of course at and facebook and twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> good night, everyone.
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tonight on "nightline," killer romance? a tale of love turned deadly as a young woman is accused of shooting, slashing and stabbing her one-time boyfriend. tonight the shocking crime and explosive evidence that could land her on death row. and gator boys, our team sets out with the fearless professional gator wrestlers who are risking life and limb to help save these ferocious beasts. plus, violence, racially charged language and major awards buzz, "django unchained" is the most talked about movie of the season. we bring you a sneak peek of our exclusive interview with quentin


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