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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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kevin says he now understandsko@ the pain that families of those who are lost and missñi going through. today he and his family had a fundraiser in their daughter's proceeds to organizations that are dedicated to finding the children who are lost or missing. >> i was -- alyssa touched the >> the evidence can be seen here. this restaurant will donate 10%
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>> a would-be robber in georgiaf met his match after breaking into a home. a woman and her nine-year-old twins were home alone. a man#od tried to break in. the woman called heri] husband, who called police, while she hid who called police, while she hid in a >> the per?(ápáor tried to open staring at her and her two children and a 38 >> she did what she was supposed
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to do as a responsible, prepared, gun owner. >> the woman fired all six rounds, hitting the man five times in the neck and face. the robber actually drove away but was found in a neighborhood driveway. the man, who has[ñ a long polie record, is in critical condition. the chp is now accepting job applications forko the first te in three years. he only had until midnight tonight to apply. you can apply onlineok or by phone. new officers earn more than $67,000 a year after+m they graduate from the academy. you can find a link to theçó chs web web site on our web site. >> a $27,000 drink. plus, those digitalt(6z billbos could be harmful to your health. more wet weather in the bay area as we take a live look at thevom bay bridge.
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storm at live doppler 7hd,oç ad is up next with the forecast. >> a full dose of conditioning highc schools, stanford, santa clara and st. mary's, certain anchor to my left, disappointed in an outcome.i] and andy dalton will havei]-9
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>> top honors today for the critically acclaimed film "lincoln" it was7sñ airedded the best screen play award. for his rendition of president lincoln. 50 prominent movie critics from around the country made the picks today.xd supporting actressx÷. >> turns out thehm large digitl only extracting but potentially
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deadly.athose billboards hold te driver's eyes for longer than two second. previous&jñ studies found anythh that took alp driver's eyes off the road for more than two seconds increasesg
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>> the texans opened wild card weekend last year with a home win. houston started the season 11-1, and then struggled down the stretch, losing 3-4. the second quarter, hall makes the play on the ball. and got it. pick six. matt schaub, 21 yards, bengals with the lead. schaub, solid numbers, 26 -- 262 yards. foster had 140 yards on the ground. 15-7 texans. then bengals trailing 19-13, andy dalton had a.j. green, overthrew him. next play, going for it on fourth down. dat dalton throws to jones. not going to get there why he didn't throw to 6, i don't know. houston gets cinci for a second straight year. texans play at new england next sunday. >> in the nfc, packers and vikings playing right now, green bay leading the game late second
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quarter. north dakota state and sam houston state. a botched two-point akick. watch this two points better than one. the bison win their second straight title game. >> santa clara coach wanted a full house for tonight's home game verse gonzaga, one problem, students are out on winter brink so he offered $100 hotel reimbursement out of his open pocket for students to attend. 12 took him up on the offer. the place was rocking and then the opening tip. kevin foster, 17. tied at 29. right now, a tight one, 46-44. gonzaga in the second half. >> randy bennett and st. mary's opening west coast conference play against am ama's loyola.
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james walker iii, 12 points off the bench. catch and shoot three in transition, bottom, 50-41 gaels pulling away. 74-61 the final. st. marys now 12-3. >> knew it would be a tough game coming in, but we just really wanted to get a good spot in the condition for instance, and knew it would be physical, and we're ready to fight. >> it was a good win. they got good players, and helped us good in the post. >> let's move to the pack -- pac-12. stanford leaves southern california empty handed. stanford got pushed around inside pauley pavilion.
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that's ware with the dunk. then ran deal for two. he had 17ful dwight powell, been really good this year. 17-13, going lefty on the jump hookment but too much ucla. 68-60 the final. cardinal start conference play 0-2, lost 15 of their last 16 in l.a. >> it's day 112 of the nhl lockout. hockey fans are looking for positive news. league and union reps meeting face-to-face with a federal mediator today trying to iron out expense revenue issues. the commissioner issued a friday deadline. gate deal in place or the season will be cancelled. >> how about some actual hockey in russia, team u.s.a. and sweden. at the gold medal game of the junior championship. grimaldi takes it in, then a few minutes later again.
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team courthouse -- team usa victorious. the warriors are taking on the clippers tonight. >> ama: how much would you spend for a really good drink? the big bucks someone
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>> join us at 9:00 for this. >> never put catsup on anybody's sandwich. >> a fight over catsup on a sandwich. an angry employee and a confused customer tell their story. >> the taxi ride that led to an unusual undercover effort online. what one man did to get his stolen iphone back. well, it better be -- an oregon man paid $27,000 for a 50-year-old bottle of scotch. he is one of only six people in the country to buy one of the 50 bottles released each year. only 1% of the world's single malt scotch makes it to 21 years, so 50 years is rare. in japan it was tuna that brought a record price. this blue fin tuna was sold for
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$1.76 million. the head of the sushi chain bought at the thousand -- tuna. to break even the owner would have to charge $76 a slice for sushi. thank you for joining us at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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