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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 7, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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heated argument and traded insults. a repeated insult set oliver off. >> she did it again and he tripped her. she said he had to get out. they was over and she left for the laundromat. 10 minutes later she was burned. >> she said oliver ran to the home they shared shared and she watched as he grabbed a gas container. >> i saw him pour gasoline in a bottle, and he left. i didn't know he was going burn her. >> precious says oliver doused her sister with the fuel. this is what is left of the charred sweater. the fabric still smoldering in the street where she ripped it from her body. >> i seen her on fire and she rase running and taking off her sweater. all of a sudden she was naked. >> these women who want to remain anonymous called police canvased the neighborhood looking for oliver and other witnesses. they collected three gas containers from the home. star who has three children was brought here to st. francis memorial hospital.
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it is the oldest burn unit west of the mississippi. >> the first 36 hours are -- or so we are giving massive volumes of fluid. it is not unusual to give one or two liters of fluid per hour. >> he could not address this specific case, but pain is managed with morphine and patients are kept as comfortable as possible during their treatment. he also says that burns to the face typically require about a seven-day hospital stay, but we don't know the severity of burns or if she sustained any other injuries. the last information we have is that they are still searching for derrick oliver -- dexter oliver, reporting reporting live, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. and stay with abc news on thelar latest for the search for the suspect. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. not too far scene that scene two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire.
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just before 5:00 this evening in the bay view district witness saws a woman set her boyfriend's car and van on fire. witnesses said the woman came home and found her boyfriend cheating on her. the boyfriend became combative when police arrived and was pepper sprayed. the man and woman were arrested. ?ai emergency crews in san jose launched a water rescue to try and save a woman who drove her car into a pond. it happened between highway 85 and the aladan expressway. lilian kim was there. >> witnesses told officers this car was going fast when it crashed into the water. it went as far as 20 feet into the pond. it was a holding tank for the santa clara water district. the woman was attempting to get on to highway 85 from the almadin plaza way. but she lost control trying to beat the light. that's when she drove to the fence that separated the on-ramp and the water. >> for those unfortunate situations, a vehicle into a cold pond like this this time of the year and that far in, it went about 20 yards out and
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eight feet down. >> a firefighter was among the first on the scene. he along with the bystanders actually entered the frigid water in hopes of rescuing the woman because gave u of the murky water. the visibility was zero. >> we were trying to get in as fast as we could, and just because of the visibility of the water, weren't able to see anything going on without the proper equipment. >> the sheriff's dive team arrived not long after. 40 minutes after the crash the divers pulled the body out of the water. showing no signs of life, paramedics performed cpr and continuesed all the way to the hospital. jay there is possibility to have some success. so we treat patients like that until they are warmed up. we are holding out some hope there. >> but medical personnel were unable to revive the woman. she was pronounced dead. they are fairly certain the woman was in the car alone, but they did a grid search of the pond just in case. >> as for the on-ramp, the chp reopened it a few hours later. the only sign of the accident
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now is this damaged fence. in san jose, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> an hispanic man, the first homicide, happened this morning on tripoli avenue. officers found a man in the driveway in front of the house. he had one gunshot wound. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the man lived at the home. people inside told officers they didn't hear anything. northbound 880 is freeing -- is flowing freely. the crash happened at 7:45 near the high street off-ramp. police say the victim spun out and hit the center divider. after the crash he got out of the car and tried to cross the freeway. he was then hit by at least two passing cars. all northbound traffic was diverted at 66th avenue. all lanes reopened just before 10:00. for a check on our weather forecast and how things are shaping up let's check in with leigh glaser. leigh? >> it is getting cold out
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there. the storm system pushed to the south of us so right now we are seeing clear skies. we check in with live doppler 7hd and you can see no returns being picked up. here is a look at some crnt temperatures. already 37 in napa and 38 santa rosa. san francisco is 47 degrees. we have 43 down the peninsula. mountain view in san jose 42. 37 right now in livermore. and i also want to show you the advise built.the -- the vi formings forming in novato and napa right nowment just a little over a mile visibility in santa rosa and even livermore seeing the fog with three-mile visibility expected there. i will update these maps and also take a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is going to get colder around here, and we might even see some showers this week. >> leigh, thank you. pucks will drop this winter after the national hockey league and its players will agree on a deal to end the lockout. that means the san jose shark fans will see their teams return to the ice soon. the team owners must rase fie
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the deal. they patronized the local businesses before and after every game. they will play a modified schedule that happened in the spring. the two sides were unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement. the games through january 14th have been canceled. they have models for a 50 and 48-game season, but schedules have to be worked out. more on the announcement in a few minutes in sports with colin rush. drivers in san francisco started fumbling for loose change today. it is the first sunday you have to pay to park at meter usa cross the city. they say it is not about bringing in more money. they claim the drivers will have a better chance of getting a space if the combination of meters and time limits eliminates all-day parking on sundays. at least one driver was being
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nickeled and dimed. >> it is a pain. i can understand where san francisco is coming from. they need to pay their bills. we need to pay ours. at the same time it is an inconvenience considering parking was free on sundays. >> meters l enforced noon to 6:00 p.m. and the limit is four hours. the city won't issue tickets until the last sunday in january. until then the drivers will get a warning. a park let is coming under fire because of how it looks. it fits in neighborhood where's there are no parks. most take up two-metered marking spaces. he has taken exception to the parklet in front of a cycle shop. >> this is the reaction from the supervisor, and it was purely based on aesthetics. it wasn't favorable of the design. they felt it didn't have a place in the neighborhood in the current state. that was his main concern. >> some merchant associations object because of the way it
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looks. however, shop owners tell us reaction from residents have been positive. still to come on abc news at 11:00, the bay area schools to ouch what. and the big week ahead for president obama and why replacing some of his cabinet members could be a huge undertaking. plus it was supposed to be a flash mob, instead turned into chaos. the mall brawl that has become a worldwide warning. and later a new flu epidemic. the earliest and
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that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. return to work at the white house in the morning. the president faces a long to do list as he gets ready to start his second term. that work includes replacing two key members of his cabinet. abc news reporter chuck sievertson has more.
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jay for president obama the vacation is over. mr. obama returns from hawaii to a climate that is chilly in more ways than one. he reportedly has chosen the republican senator chuck heigle to replace leon panetta as secretary of defense. hiegle would be a controversial pick. he advocates negotiating with iran and some question how strongly he supports israel. one pro israel group is already running an ad against heigle. >> for secretary of defense, chuck heigl se not a responsible option. >> even the top senate republican is holding back judgments. >> i will wait and see how the hearing goes, and see if chuck's view squares with the job he would be nominated to do. >> some democrats are speaking up for him. >> chuck hiegle is a tremendous patriot and statesman and served incredibly in vietnam and served this country as the united states senator. >> and president obama is about to lose his treasury secretary. tim gietner is the last
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original member of the finance team. he leaves as three major deadlines loom. by the end of february the treasury will lose the power to barrow more to pay america's bills. across-the-board spending cuts to every federal program kick in on march 1st. and the government will run outs of all congressional funding by the end of march. the current white house chief of staff is expected to inherit those headaches as gite neither's replacement. and president obama has promised quick action on vice president joe biden's proposals expected soon for new gun control laws following the school shootings in newtown, connecticut. abc news, new york. apparently some of the thrill is gone for barack obama. four years and one re-election after his historic oath taking as america's first black president, far fewer people are expected this time. between 600,000 and 800,000. inaugural festivities are being scaled back including two official balls this year. there were 10 the last time around.
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one of the president's most ardent supporters, nancy pelosi was in san francisco for a celebration. the speaker hosted her annual happy new year celebration at the presidio. the celebration is in honor of the rehab program that is dear to pelosi's heart. she gave the crowd a prediction. >> 2013 will be a great year. you know why? we will make it so. we will insist upon it. thank you all very much for the opportunity to serve you. thank you for leading the way. >> the foundation, a nationally recognized program, has received generous government grants thanks to pelosi. the executive chairman of google is going where few have traveled, north korea. right now schmidt is in beijing. he will leave tomorrow for north korea that has one of the world's most restrictive internet policies. schmidt is part of a delegation trying to bring home an american detainee, but is going as a private
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citizen. five bay area middle schools earned a spot on the california schools to watch because of excellence in academics and other areas. three schools made the list for the first time, union middle school in san jose, my middle school. congratulations to them. san lorenzo valley middle school in fell ton and scots valley middle school. two others got model school. one is in castro valley and edna hill in brentwood. today's storm brought a fresh cover of snow to the sierra. we had most of our rain yesterday. but look at video from highway 50. a common artery to lake tahoe. the road requires chains except for four-wheel drive vehicles. it brought three inches to the nearby resorts. the chp advises to take extreme caution when driving in winter conditions and warning everyone to slow down. for the latest on our weather and what is to come in the week ahead, let's get to leigh
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glaser. hi, leigh. >> and all of the wet weather has moved into southern california. we are seeing dry conditions right now. a few flurries lingering in the sierra. 7hdlive doppler 7hde sweeping live right now and not picking up any returns at all. i will tell you what you will notice is the sky is clearing, and that is definitely going to translate to colder temperatures out there. already 36 in napa. 37 in santa rosa. san francisco right now 47 degrees. interior east bay livermore at 37. we have 41 in san jose. we are also noticing the fog is getting thick. especially in the north bay. three quarters of a male visibility and napa down to a half a mile in novato. this is where you are going to find some tricky travel overnight and definitely tomorrow morning for that monday morning commute as that fog is going to be dense in patches to the valley areas there. so here is a look at our forecast. cold overnight. patchy, dense fog. we get a dry and warmer monday
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and tuesday, and then by midweek a colder air mass settles in. it could possibly usher in a chance of showers. here is a look at our lows tonight. we'll keep parts of the east bay in the midto upper 30s overnight. that's where that fog is going to sit. you might even watch out for a little black ice on the roadways as the ground fog touches the surface and starts to freeze there. 46 in san francisco tonight. 43 in oakland. 43 as well in san jose. our area of low pressure just moved out of dodge and headed into southern california earlier this morning. we actually started to see some clearing. for monday and tuesday, high pressure builds in. it is going to keep the storm track to the north of us. so we will look for warmer conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into wednesday and thursday though the high will kick out of here, and it will allow a colder air mass to settle in. that is what will drop temperatures and bring us a chance of showers. this is your monday commute.
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5:00 a.m. you will notice mainly clear conditions. although it is not picking up some of the pockets of fog. it will be out there. 8:00 a.m., you will see a little high clouds starting to drift into the north bay. and then by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tomorrow afternoon we will look for plenty of sunshine and i say bring it on. it is also going to translate to some warmer temperatures. how about some 60s? 60 for santa rosa tomorrow as well as napa. 56 for san francisco. oakland 59 degrees. interior east bay livermore, brentwood, you will be hovering near 60 degrees. antioch will go 56. santa cruz tomorrow 58 and 59 for gilroy. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. nice weather for monday and tuesday. tuesday will be the warmest day. temperatures warming into the mid to low 60s. and then the cooling begins on wednesday. we will throw in some cold showers. expected wednesday night and thursday. low snow levels thursday night and friday.
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maybe even a light dusting of snow in the higher peaks. partly cloudy conditions on saturday. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. the abc7 morning news with an update. >> thank you, leigh. and check this out. conservationists in kenya want to raise money s rhino will be able to see some day. meet nicky, workers at the wildlife conserve ven see noticed nicky bouncing into trees and rocks on the africa savannah. nicky has cataracts that prevents him from seeing. he is now receiving tlc from the preserve staff and they gave nicky's mother a place to stay. an adorable rhino. speaking of cute, colin rush is in for shu. things that will make you blush. >> you guys are so nice. less than a week away from a deal deadline, the nhl saves its season in the wee hours of the morning. back in business, how the league and union settled on a tentative agreement.
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okay, let's drop the puck. with the season in jeopardy of full cancellation, the nhl and the players association reached tentative terms on a new collective bargaining agreement early this morning. it happened on day 113 of the lockout after a 16-hour negotiating session. this was the sharks locker room today. it will be a much busier scene in the coming days. we last saw the entire team together in september at a charity golf outing. the agreement between the league and union is a 10-year deal. while not official, it is just a matter of formality. >> the details of which need to be put to paper. we've got to dot a lot of i's and cross a lot of t's. >> we are excited to be back underway. we have been preparing for a variety of outcomes. we want this to be the outcome that transpired last night. >> everyone is obviously
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relieved that it is over and done with. for all intents and purposes we are able to move on to what we all enjoy doing a lot more than this. >> which is not this thing around. they didn't say when they expect it, but said to expect game action in less than two weeks. a regular season is being talked about. still to come the focus surrounding the topics andrew luck and andrew griffin the third. but it wasrpesap
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colts coach chuck pagano battleyed -- bats telled leukemia treatment to get on the sidelines. ray lewis called this his last ride. both winners in life, but only one could be victorious on the field today. lewis 13 tackles in his final home game. pagano a pre game hug from the ravens coach john harbaugh.
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the baltimore defense getting after andrew luck in his playoff debut. it is fumble one of his two turnovers. ravens leading it flacco to pitta and 20 yards to make it 17-6. flacco and manned coverage here on bolden. that's a mismatch. 24-9 ravens. just over five minutes left and fourth and one. luck picked by williams off the deflection. he would save the touchdown, but that pretty much sealed the game 24-9 baltimore and the ravens advance to play denver next saturday. inspire me, ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got. showing people it don't matter the circumstances you may be going through, just push through it. if you can push through it, you will encourage somebody. >> rj3 and the redskins winners of seven straight, seattle five straight wins and something had to give. griffin hobbling on that right knee. he was effective early. washington lead it 14-0.
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and then seattle took over. fourth quarter and trailing by one and lynch, beast mode. in from 27 yards and finished with 131 on the ground. two-point conversion. botched snap and goes down and would have to leave the game. cousins entered for him, and this is what happened to cousins. johnson lights him up on tort and 14. the biggest playoff come back in seahawk history. 24-14 and battle of the birds, hawks and falcons in atlanta. rg3 asked if he could have made the decision, would he have finished the game? >> i would have been right back out there on the field. you respect authority, and i respect coach shanahan. but at the same time, you have to step up and be a man sometimes. there was no way i was coming out of that game. >> 9ers and packers, the late divisional playoff game next saturday at candlestick and san francisco beat green bay in week one with alex smith at the helm.
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kaepernick has the reins now. aaron rogers offered this assessment to the signal you will calling. >> really athletic guy. he is tall and fast. he has a big arm. we saw a couple plays on national tv and he made big time throws down the field. he can exstepped plays with his feet. >> he knows the offense pretty well jie. rogers is actually good friends with alex smith. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. in the second half hour mike shumann goes one on one with david lee. that's an interview. it is thought on the court. >> it is a good thing, i think. thank you, colin. still to come, social networking gone horribly wrong. the flash mob that turned into a brawl. and growing concerns about a flu epidemic, and what you can do right now to protect yourself. and the love letters thought to be lost forever returned decades
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good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a san francisco woman is in stable condition after being set on fire allegedly by her boyfriend. 25-year-old star lamar and dexter oliver got into an argument at a laundromat. oliver doused lamar with gasoline and set her on fire. police are still searching for oliver. a woman died in san jose after her car went into a pond near highway 85. she lost control and crashed through the fence that separated the on-ramp and the water. the water caping in eight feet of -- the car sank in eight feet of war and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. a man died on 880 died when he tried to cross the freeway and was hit by two cars. the accident shutdown the freeway at the off-ramp for two hours. the name of the victim has not been released. it is the earliest and fiercest outbreak of the flu in a decade. patients flooding emergency
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rooms across the country tonight. hospitals are in fight mode taking extra precautions. the flu has hit 41 states and is still on the move. more than 2 huynh00 people in the -- 2 huynh u.s.00 people in the hospital. the season is just getting started. abc7 news reporter reports. >> chicago to atlanta. >> i don't want a shot. >> to ohio. doctors in emergency rooms are overwhelmed with the flu that seems to be spreading like wildfire. in florida where the flu has hit hard and early seven-month-old estria is sick with a respiratory virus that they are seeing with influenza. she is one of dozens of children that dr. rosenberg has been treating. >> it has been an epidemic and there are more than ever. >> in illinois doctors say they haven't seen this many cases since the swine flu outbreak in 2009. and this year the flu is hitting even the strongest among us like 28-year-old matt
2:36 am
head. >> one minute i am a thousand degrees sweating to death, and the next minute i am 4 degrees freezing to death wishing i was dead. >> in ohio 863 people have been hospitalized for flu symptoms compared with 65 at this time last year. >> our normal volume here would be anywhere between 40 patients. we are seeing 75 to 80 patients. >> emergency rooms are expecting busy yes, sir waiting rooms -- busier waiting rooms. we still have five weeks left until the end of the flu season. >> to help prevent the flu or reduce severity, get a flu shot, keep your hand clean as well as anything they come in contact with like your phone or keyboard at work. and boost your immune system by getting enough sleep, exercise and vitamins. doctors are also recommending anti-virals like tami-flu if your symptoms last longer than a few days. police in louisiana want criminal charges filed against some of the teens who took part in a flash mob that turned violent in a shopping
2:37 am
mall. you can see chaos erupting this a cell phone video posted on social media. it lured 200 teens to the mall in baton rouge last night. fights broke out in the mall's food court. security guards evacuated the shopping center. frantic parents rushed to the mall looking for their children. >> out here walking the grounds for 30 minutes and i cannot find her. i have been asking people around and nobody has seen her. >> the local sheriff reports nobody was seriously hurt during the melee and it appear no's weapons were found. now to a story of love lost and found. love letters anyway. love letters written nearly every day between a young husband and his wife during world war ii. they survived the war, but the letters did not. or so they thought. abc7 news anchor david mier reports. >> there are hundreds of them, handwritten letters from the 1940s sent while lloyd michael was serving in europe during world war ii. love letters he would send home to his young wife and the heart felt notes she would send in return.
2:38 am
>> sweetheart, i love you with all my heart. >> your devoted hub be, mike. god bless you, marion. >> tender words safely kept locked in a trunk. but in the 1970s a thief broke into their home and the trunk was just part of what was stolen, gone were all of the words they shared during the war. >> our love letters. how anybody could steel our love letters. >> what they didn't know was decades later, the letters ended up in the hands of a stamp collector. when he died, the collector's son started searching for those two names signed at the bought m to of the letters, lloyd and marion finding lloyd through his military service member and lloyd remembers that call. >> he says i have something of yours. i've got of box of letters. >> marion sent lloyd a letter nearly every day during the war and every day marion would look in the mail for confirmation her husband was alive. >> it just brings back all of those memories and the tension and the not knowing.
2:39 am
>> it is a very emotional for us. >> the michaels were just 18 and 19 when they married. they now have four children, eight grandchildren and five great grand children. and tonight they sent us this new photograph marking their 70th anniversary on new year's eve. on their 70th a vow to read every one of the letters. >> if the lord gives us enough time, we might read them all. >> that is so sweet. and that was anchor david mier reporting. the couple says their love letters are now stored in a very safe place. the international consumer electronics show begins on tuesday in las vegas. some of the neat gadgets that will be unveiled this week includes ultra high definition tv's and a 27-inch tablet. intelligence transportation is expected to be a major focus. engineers are working on what they call smart connect vehicles, cars that can talk to each other using wireless networks. the future of tv is a focus as well. audible magic will be testing interactive advertising.
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a horror remake topped the box office. "texas chain saw 3d" debuted at number one with $23 million. the movie picks up where the 1974 original left off. the revenge saga "jango unchained" held on to the number two spot for the second weekend. after three weekends at number one "the hobbit" sliped to third. the first in the new trilogy earned $825 million worldwide. "les miserables" came in at number four and" parental guide against" wraps up the top five films. the secret to younger looking skin. it is more than high spf. what you need to do to stay looking younger longer. and what you don't know about obesity that could be hurting you. >> and it looks like tomorrow is going to be a good travel day. not only here across the state, but elsewhere. a look at those travel maps and get you up-to-date on what you can expect weather wise. my
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there are a dizziying amount of cosmetics designed to dissolve wrinkles. now tips can prevent them from forming in the first place. carolyn johnson has the story. >> as the founder of a fashion eye wear company, she wants to keep up her youthful image. >> everybody has small
2:44 am
wrinkles, i guess. i am trying to maintain my skin. >> now facing her 40s, she is doing everything she can to help her skin age gracefully. i exfoliate my skin. i use a moisturizer. i put sun protection. it helps. >> aside from protecting from the sun which is key, there are a few more tricks. >> and then topical retinoid like retin-a that help to thicken the skin. and then in addition you can use dna repair enzyme creams and growth factor serums to improve complexion. >> and avoid sleeping face down if you can. >> when they come in for a consultation they have deeper folds on one side of the face. they may have lines up here on the forehead. >> central heating and air conditioning can dry the skin. they recommend a humidifier. some other tips, avoid using straws too often which can deepen the lines on the upper lip. clean items like glass and cell phones to avoid reactions
2:45 am
from bacteria. exercise regularly since weight gain can trigger hormonal reactions that weaken collagen. >> maintaining a healthy body in general reflects on your skin. >> the skin is sort of a mirror that reflects what is going on on the inside. >> following the tips is helping her put her best face forward. carolyn johnson. >> one note on dieting, gaining weight and losing too often can age skin prematurely because of the sick lick cal stretching and sagging of the skin. a new poll suggests americans are not aware of all of the ways obesity can damage your health. 70% can list heart disease and diabetes as consequences. others name cancer, cancer, arts especially in the knees, sleep apnea, infertility, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke. well, if you want your cup of cocoa to taste better, it may not need more sugar or chocolate, but a change in mug. the color of the mug can
2:46 am
influence how good it tastes. orange and cream were consistently graded as having better flavor than other colors for cocoa. leigh glaser is checking on our weather and what is ahead to are tomorrow. hi, leigh. >> live doppler 7hd is signaling that everything is clear. the rain has moved out of the bay area and speaking of cocoa you will they'd some tomorrow. temperatures are slipping into the upper 30s to low 40s. now, tomorrow a terrific travel day across the country. denver 49 and looking for plenty of sunshine throughout the midsection of the country. dallas 57. 46 st. louis. it is going to be cold in chicago. 39 degrees. and rain tomorrow morning in new york will move off the coast by midday. 43 degrees there. seattle, dicey with rain expected there. and from sacramento all the way down toward palm springs in san diego looking good. watch out for a little bit of that dense valley fog developing from fresno up toward around the delta here
2:47 am
locally. 65 for l.a. tomorrow. 54 fresno. yosemite will see some sunshine. 43 degrees and tahoe warms up to 39 degrees. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. we get lots of sunshine here locally, monday and tuesday. tuesday is the warmest day, into the 60s. and then we start to get a cold air mass on wednesday. a chance of some showers on thursday, but it will be cold into the week on thursday and friday. and hopefully we will hold off on the rain chances for the big game on saturday. >> that's right. >> the niners. >> i know. >> thank you so much, leigh. >> and we are talking hockey with colin rush. big news out of there. >> we are. this has been a longtime coming. it is finally here. check this out. now that the nhl lockout is ending, the length some players will go to to get state side, well it may surprise you. a great story for you. we will recap day two of the wild card weekend and mike shumann goes one on one with a guy that is an allstar l
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welcome back. after 113 days, the league and the union have reached a tentative agreement on a collective bargaining agreement. the nhl is coming back.
2:51 am
players can't wait literally. washington capitals senator center playing during the lockout. he was on the team bus when he heard the lockout ended. the bus stopped at a gas station and he hoped up. he tweeted we let mo-jo go. back home phoenix could coyote player rep like everyone else thrilled there will be a season. >> you hope that it happened sooner, and it didn't. you got through it and we got through it. you sense that things were going in the right direction and you wanted to make sure they kept going in the right direction. >> can't wait. the redskins are winners of seven straight. robert griffin the third playing with injured knee. after two first quarter touchdowns gave them the 14-0 lead. lynch responded with 24 unanswered. trailing 21-14 and rg3 goes down in a heap. he twists his right knee and would not return.
2:52 am
the seahawks take the wild card game against washington. they will play atlanta next. they w 24-14. 24-14. a great sight and a sad sight. the last time we will see ray lewis pre game dance in front of the crowd. he had 13 tackles today. the ravens and the colts two touchdown passes and this one 18 yards for a 24-9 lead ssments the playoff debut, 288 yards passing, but he would like to have that one back. baltimore heads to denver next saturday. the bcs title games happens tomorrow night in miami. coaches brian kelly and nick saban posing with the championship trophy. the undefeated irish should be motivated. they are 10-point underdogs. >> it makes you that much more focused at what is at hand. it is something you dream of growing up as a kid. now it is a real goal and something we have been working for awhile. >> 5:00 kickoff. women's hoops and cal continuing their best start in history facing colorado.
2:53 am
britney boyd lead all scores with 15. clarendon spinning, scoring. cal 2-0 in conference play. 12-1 overall. 53-49 the final. stanford 20 points and a 70-56 win at utah. remove last night's embarassment in l.a. and the warriors have been one of if not the best story in the nba this season. they have the fourth best record in the west. leading the way david lee prior to last night's contest he was the only player in the league averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds. mike shumann caught up with the forward who was playing like an allstar. >> he said you have become the voice of the team and taking over the leadership role. i think it has shown too. you collectively as a team are better than anybody in the nba. did you feel like you wanted to take over this role? >> no question. we come into the year and got here a month earl. a month early.
2:54 am
we were trying to be positive with our voices and lead by example. it helps that we are close and get along great. so we always have a united tront when it comes to leading this team. i know guys realize we are not selfish players. it is not about us and what we are doing and if we make allstar games. at this poit it is getting victories and that's all we are focused on. we can keep it up and keep leading these guys and doing it the right way. >> you may be the only guy averaging 20 and 10 in the nba this year. do you take pride in that or is that part of the game the way it unfolds? a lot is the way it unfolds. the biggest thing is getting son is the reason is the 30th and rebounding in the league and a lot of times we got stops and they are playing volleyball, and that's why we lost a lot of close games. at one point we were top five and we were still up there in total rebounding. if we rebound we are 19 and 2. that's the only statistic i focus on.
2:55 am
the scoring will come by how it the dfers is playing. what i am doing is helping us win games. that's the most important thing. >> you are a great example of collectively a team will beat individual talent, and that's what you see with the warriors. >> it is nice to have that lebron james or kobe bryant, and we found out when we played the lakers here, but we take great pride in knowing that we have the best chemistry in the league, and we will come at you in ways with good depth. adding guys like carl and jack off the bench have been huge. andre is playing great ball for us. we need to continue to play the way we will play and see how far it will take us. >> can't believe guys from florida and florida state are getting along so well. >> we just do it for the camera. we are not getting along. >> always playing along. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> you can see how tall he is.
2:56 am
jay -- >> i have to ask you who will win tomorrow night? >> i like alabama. i'm sorry. i do. i don't know about 10. i don't think they will win by 10. >> the game is on espn. that's it for this edition of abc news. check in t i'm only in my 60's...
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this morning on "world news now," defense dilemma. president obama to announce the nominee to be the next leader of the pentagon. >> first, senator chuck hagel could face some opposition from both sides of the aisle. it's monday, january 7th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. happy monday. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. and chuck hagel, we hear, is likely to face tough confirmation questions on everything from israel to iran. we'll hear why in just a moment. >> nothing comes easy on capitol hill. another battle, add it to the list. also this half hour, the gun battle being waged across the country. after the newtown massacre, some gun shows are flooded by people


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