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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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finger of fog at the bring. let's turn now to sandhya patel for more on the conditions at this time. >> there was a patch of dense fog right over the west7rdwue of the bay. let's check out what makes it difficult is we have high clouds that were obscuring the fog down below. you'll notice here from the high resolution imagery from m this morning there are high clouds overhead, but below patches of dense fog and that is including the bay bridge.(÷ when you look at visibility around 11:00, you'll notice that most areas were starting to see improving visibility at the time. i'll be back with a look at a dense fog advisory, what parts of the bay will be affected and what the morning commute
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will look like. >> i want to show a great resource. it locates ships in san francisco bay and pacific ocean. sheer look at what's happening during the collision. the little red dot fl after it slammed the bridge, you can see it hit the bridge, keeps going a little bit later on, you can see other ships head together overseas. into here. responding quickly to investigate. we have a link for you at abc 7 we learned about that site in 2007 when the cosco busson slammed into the bay bridge, dumping 53,000 gallons of oil, and contaminated 26 miles of shore line. the pilot served a 10-month sentence after pleading guilt yes to two misdemeanor cota admitted to pilotting with out using radare6á or
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talking about his plans with the captain and crew. he also admitted to failing to disclose all prescription med beings he was taking when renewing his pilot licenses in 2006, and 2007. >> coming up at 6:00 abc 7 news i team confirm who's sat at helm of today's shipping accident. stay with us flirtest on this story, we're also sending out updates throughout the day on twitter and facebook. so you're connected 24-7. a judge declares main accused in the oikos university abc 7 news joins us live with the latest. vick? >> the judge sus send proceedings three weeks. now, he will return to court to hear which hospital he'll
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be set to. now, it's shocking to see him in court today. you know, at one point during his incarceration, he refused to eat anything. it and showed. the judge refused to allow television cameras in the courtroom. one goh's physical appearance changed dramaticly. his red jump suit hangs over his boney frame. the 43-year-old defendant appeared to lost 40 to 50 pounds. he seemed like a deeply troubled man. >> he's locked up in shame and remorse, sadness. he's not eating. he's not taking good care of him sex i think he's mentally ill. >> the second psychiatrist said goh was suffering from paranoid skrits frena. his lawyer says it was based on
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numerous factor autos in terms of what lose nations and thought pattern buzz based on the police report. upon his confession to police. >> in late november another psychiatrist concluded goh is incompetent to stand trial and congured goh has longstanding paranoid skrits frena. and unable to cooperate with the lawyers because he doesn't understand the criminal justice system. saying he is troubledded by battle between god and satan, and his role in a conflict. he's pleaded not guilty to murder, attempted murder and other charges related to the shooting rampl yaij. seven people were kill that had day. three others wounded at the christian college. prosecutors say goh was a former student who reportedly wanted a refund of tuition.
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according to police, goh admitted he was the one that fired shots. >> the constitution of course demands understand what is going skpon they are able to participateok! in their defense two. psychiatrists:vg$ concluded goh cannot do that right now so he'll end up in a mental institution and be treated for illness. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the families of the victims of a colorado movie theater testimony today from first responders. police officers cried when they told finding a body of child. this is was the first day of the preliminary hearing for james loems accused of killing 12 people and wounding 57 more in july. >> changed the fact that it happened you know? it is in the past as far as i'm concerned now. best thing to do is move
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forward ensuring with strong gun laws and mental health reform we don't have these issues in the future. >> no camera wars loued. at peer yens changed. he now has shaggy brown skmair a beard. >> a new effort in california to slow violence following last month's tragedy of an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> the 20131é!$ñ legislative session gn today, it's clear. after the shooting that school safety is a top priority. >> today we want to take a moment of silence. >> state lorkal leaders held a moment of silence to pay (%5s. >> it's easier in california. to buy bullets, bullets or sudafed cold medicine. >> buyers must present id.
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all sales to be reported with the department of justice. local law enforcement notified when involving large quantities. and conner version kits will be banned. asem whether iman says that won't work. >> none of the measure woz have done a single thing to prevent what happened. >> he is rallying to have one anonymous person, armed. >> we haven't had a single hijacking since september 11th. why don't we have a school marshals program? >> lawmakers hammer out how to improve safety in california been getting taunting messages. >> rather than dealing with the heart of an issue they'd resort to raiftist suggestions and this is just unfortunate.
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>> accord togethersu%ó campaignñ finance watch dog group, unlike washington, d.c. the gun lobby is notdd00x strong hee in california. so gun control me slurz a good chance of passage. >> where he have new details about a man killed by police#hú just two day s after kmasz. police now say anthony patha had a 10 inch knife after the roommate called 911. they found banta at the top of they$rñ apartment stairs holding the knife saying he refused commands. officers ordered mr. banta to drop the knife several times. mr. bant qlarjed down stairs towards officer wtz knife in his hand. officers fired guns in self-defenseíc!v"azywamf
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>> linked to the so called speed freak murders. federal investigators announced today they will take over the excavation, which from the san joaquin county sheriff's department. >> the sheriff's department asked the fbi to come in to take full commanding control. fbi does have full command and control. >> the family of the
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recovered bone fragsments could solve this kaichls she disappeared from a store in 1988. >> the u.s. supreme court has set a date now to take up two same-sex marriage issues. the high court hearing oral arguments march 26th and federal constitutional challenge of prop 8, ban on same-sex marriage. it was aflufd 2008. the next day, court will hear a challenge to the constitutionality of the federal defense of marriage act, banning federal benefits to married same-sex couples. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 a rare protest over a newspaper sensorship. >> also a close call on a peninsula today. >> a bike shop using wheels to send children with aids to summer camp. abc 7 news
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two people escaped after a small plane rolled off the runway at san carlos airport. we captured video over a levy. you can see from sky 7, the plane's nose gear ended up at the edge of the bay. the aircraft registered to a man in scottsdale, arizona. the plane was landing and that we have showed the airport. the faa is on the scene investigating exactly what went wrong. >> the big delays this morning on the capitol core door after a amtrak train hit a man and a dog in hayward. police say the southbound train struck and killed boblg of them. the train just left hayward when the accident took place.
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none of the passengers on board was hurt. commuter trains had to be diverted to alternate track autos bank of america will pay fannie mae more than $10 billion to resolve claims about mortgage investments losing value. most of the money will buy back mortgages. the bank of america sold to fannie mae. country wide financial granted many loans. b of a bought countrywide in twaet. many praised bank of america for taking over a troubled lender. the purchase led to a seriest lawsuits, fines and losses for bank of america. >> net flix announce aid deal with warner brothers television to carry shows from previous seasons. the company is looking to bolster its streaming content by striking deals with hollywood studios. the deal means subscribers can
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watch rev nugs, political animals and long myer. >> there is a rare street protest over sensorship. people laifd flowers at thens trance to the office of the newspaper southern weekly calling for freedom of the press. the paper forced to change a editorial calling for political reforms. a tribute praising the ruling part yes. issues have grown into a political challenge for new leadership. >> update for you now on a man helping children dmirn south africa. he's partnering with mike's bikes to bring bicycles to kids so they can raise money to hold camp this year. a dad is hoping experiences can happen again this year. thanks to a new partnership with mike's bikes. the charity provides]rwr outins aids but can't aferd to put on camp with again this year, so some will join the cape argus tour to raise money and
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awareness. >> ie mailed mike's bikes we have five bikes now. and we need five more, 10 rider autos why are you so interested in there this? >> we have drivers anyway. it's a lok yeah yal guy. mags knit about africa and bikes. >> the co-founder and his wife trying to buy a property at cape point to build a permanent campsite them. live in slum skprz poor. fertile ground plans to build a sister shop at the site. >> i want to start a mobile unit there. so they'd be able to do repairs and we'd be able to sustain our camp autos they'll ship bikes from any company
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locations. he's very optimistic about the partnership with our fertile ground. >> this is how we met. we're hoping to snend thousands to the community there. >> i just checked with robert shai. he said ken martin is donating 15 bicycles so far. you can log on to our web site for more about both programs. >> and nfl playoff fever griping the bay area, 49er tickets went on sale, selling .ckets went on sale, selling faster than0@aá/ a sandhya forecast. number of seats available was really limited. fans encouraged to visit ticket exchaimpgz. stub hub or another site if you want to the game. >> who know autos yes. >> jimmy kimmel makes a big move airing after aabc 7 news
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at 11:00. he says he's excited to go up against his idols but not looking to take away viewer autos two other shows on opposite hours, then, 200 other chanlz. everybody seems to forget. i'm more worried about 200 other channels than i am about nbc and cbs that. is where people are watching television at that time. >> jimmy has a special goodbye to midnight show today in the regular time slot airing starting tomorrow right after our news. he will be followed by night line. >> so politically correct. i want him to take viewer as way. >> right. right. >> we want. >> yes. yes. >> we have big change coming this week. we may see snow flurries here.
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we'll talk about it in jo. look at this spectacular shot. yes. we're looking at stunning sunset righthôt now. ice crystals giving us that colorful sunset there. let's check out live doppler 7. you'll see high clouds from satellite perspective. we do have a patch of fog dropping visibility to four miles. we have our own radar in combination with national ññ cold storm coming in from the north. but this system is different. i'll explain how it's going to be different. temperatures now into the 50s. 49 in fairfield this, afternoon up into low 60s around santa rosa,?kñ oakland. so milder today, sunnier,
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milder conditions tomorrow, colder weather mid week there. is a chance of showers. really light. possibility of snow. so overnight there is a dense fog advisory((c. from midnight until 9:00 a.m. watch out for visibility dropping to about quarter mile or less. you want to give extra time, morning commute will be dicey, much like this morning. we had against fog around. it's a spare the air night. it starts at midnight tonight running through tomorrow. and watch out for the fog. temperatures dropping into upper 30s. other areas around around bait and coast low to mid-40s. there are going to be changes. high pressure pro vigd with us another beautiful day. changes coming. cold system coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's a cold
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pattern setting up in terms of shower chances but coldest air arriving thursday going into friday. 5:00 a.m. wednesday, clouds around. cold front starts to slide south. by afternoon, slight showers. colder air will settle n there is a possibility snow levels will be running low. if moisture comes through, 2000 feet, national weather service wants to bring it down to 1500 feet. temperatures tomorrow after the foon, 62 in san jose. 63, campbell. beautiful day, los gatos. 61 wreed city. upper 50s coastside, 59 in half moon bay. 57 in the sunset district. doesn't get better than this, north bay, 63 in santa rosa. heading out towards east bay, 62 oakland. 60 concord.
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for the monterey bay, 60s in monterey. 65 degrees in gilroy. accu-weather forecast, slight thursday. you'll notice highs will be hovering around low 50s by thursday. those are highs. chilly friday morningç'yrx. weekend, another slight chance of showers sunday. but won't be as cold heading into the weekend. >> thank you. >> still to come, prince charles reveals how he feels about becoming a grandfather. what he worries his grandchild will inherit. >> proof you are what you eat. and how what is in your stomach can p
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in san jose, thieves stole
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a van belonging to a doggy spa, and then, rammed a van into a shop called up in smoke. this happened at the corner of ross avenue. the place was demolished. the damage being assessed and shop owner reports thieves took off with a water pipe from the store. >> a study found mental health of the father to be could have impact on a child's temp rament as a toddler. until this study only mother's mental health was considered a risk factor for the child. >> prince charles saying he's uñ become a grandfather and said a little bit worried saying it makes him feel very old. he said highs an advocate for the virn and now concerned about the world his grandchild
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will inherit. >> i don't want to be confronted by my future grandchild saying why didn't you do something? we'll have a grandchild, this makes it more obvious, you know? >> to try to make sure we have leave them something that. >> it was announced earlier that prince william2"i)u and his wife, kate are expecting their first child. >> online dating is so last year. >> coming up next, a soldier's girlfriend goes a step further to tie the knot with her fia
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you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios abc 7 news i team looking into the collision of the oil tanker into the bay bridge. we look into the 30 year career. plus airk new app about to make a bigger splash in las
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vegas by doing what it does before you tell it to. and if a corporation is considered a person does, it qualify for carpool lane? one defense to a traffic citation, coming up in half an hour. thank you. >> a new bribe brid was preoccupied with checking her ipad during her wedding. >> she was hitched this weekend to her beau stationed in afghanistan. they exchanged vows through skype. >> she was with her family in georgia. trey in central aig asia. no lost connection meaning i dos came out loud and clear. but what about the kiss? >> are you going give me a chris kis? >> aww the reception going to have to wait when they can -- he can come home from overseas and i imagine a honeymoon, too. >>
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this is "world news." tonight, outbreak. we have news on the worst flu spike in a decade. a warning tonight about where the flu virus is lurking. pentagon pick. the president invites a republican war hero onto his team. why this man matters and why he's facing a political fight. real money. we'll show you a big new way to turn unwanted christmas presents into a lot of cash for your family. and, game of the year. tickets up to $200,000, super fans doing things you will not believe. josh elliott shows us why 30 million people cannot wait for tonight. and a good evening to all of you. and we have ne


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