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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the ray drs mar leaving the bay. the bar pilot reported hitting the sixth tower, closest to yerba buena island. in 2007, the cosco busson struck the fifth tower there. was fog and visibility down to a quarter mile. weather may have been a factor well. know the bar pilot and captain were in contact with the coast guard moments before. >> they spoke to the vessel. and that will come out further once getting back to tapes and can see what transpired. >> traffic was never interrupted. the vessel was detained and ordered to anchor. a large piece of wood composite was visible, broke off from fender that protects towers on the bridge. the bar skpilt crew will be test forward drugs and alcohol. now, both ships the cosco
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busson was a single hull ship this, tanker behind me, as mentioned has two hulls. the question is how long will the ship be out there? the coast guard says it's ready to go back out to sea. crews have to be interviewed that. will take time, they will remain on boards. and the coast guard, again, wants to be 100% sure that that oil, that ship is not leaking before kit leave the bay or be moved. i'm live on treasure island, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the fog on the bay this morn kog have been a factor in that accident. take a look at what conditions were like on the bay. our cameras found a finger of fog hanging over the collision site. spencer christian is here now what. was the visibility like at the time? >> well,ing back, we had wide spread dense fog and poor
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visibility. you can see visibility was good in most places, however, take a look at this. this is our high resolution imagery showing an area of fog over the bay. that finger of fog covering western span of the bay bridge at the time of the collision around 11:20. at the time, visibility was down to a quarter mile in that location. so despite the improvement in visibility for much of the remainder of the bay area, waits rather poor in that spot. >> thank you. abc 7 news dan noyes joins us now. you investigated the cosco busson years ago what. can you tell us about the man at the helm of the overseas raymar. >> we've confirmed his name, and one issue prevent himg from serving as a bar pilot as recently as 2010. >> sources inside of the shipping industry sell tel the i team he was guiding the tanker this morning.
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he had almost 30 years of maritime experience, most on oil tankers for exxon, before becoming a san francisco bar pilot in 2005 n 2010 his license put on hold by the board of commissioners because feds ral regulators denied a request for a medical waiver. we don't know the details of the medical condition, but the issue was resolved because he was guiding that tanker this morning. >> what is going on now? what is the process? has he been drug and alcohol tested? he has. >> what does he meet with your investigators? >> that is still to be determined. it's an ongoing investigation. >> in 2007 when thetui cosco busson hit the bridge, the medical condition of the bar pilot john cota appeared to have played a role. the national transportation safety board found cota did not disclose all medical condition asks one probable cause was the pilot degraded
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cognitive performance from the use of prescription medication. now, the bar pilot guy cleez will see investigators from the board of pilot commissioner autos we'll look if there is pilot error or not. >> any pilot error? >> right. >> whether fog played a factor? >> yes. we'll look at all aspects of the investigation. >> and we'll be watching. bar pilots are an elite group with four trainees. they make $450,000 on a year. i spoke with john cota's attorney. he says in this case, it appeared to him this morning waits clear that the fog seemed to sweep in suddenly. perhaps it caught everyone off guard. >> thank you. >> the damage to the bridge this time is superficial. the fender dine designed to protect tower dz its job. abc 7 news is live from treasure island with that part of the story.
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nick? >> good evening. the bridge is safe. the tanker that hit the tower of the bay bridge caused damage so minimal, a spokesperson called it a scrape. >> bay bridge is safe. and open at this time. it's not closed throughout the time. >> take a look at this view from sky 7iñswñ hd. we were there minutes after a tanker smashed into the tower of bay bridge western span. both ship and z.fender system were damaged. within minutes, caltrans had its structures team do a safety evaluation and they say it appeared impact performed as it's designed to do. >> about 30 to 40 feet has been damaged and officials say the bay bridge is safe, noting curing time crews were moving on and off the vessel, teams of engineers were doing the same around impact point of the bridge. >> there is no structural
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damage. we'll not have to be doing work on the bridge. >> the fender system made up of food and composite has been in place since 1936. upgraded in 2008 after a six lar accident on tower five. >> this is a scrape. for the bay bridge. it didn't touch the bridge structure. >> caltrans says they'll replace barriers as soon as materials become available. at treasure island, nick smith,t abc 7 in news. >> abc 7 news reported today's ship collision on twitter, you can follow us there on abc 7 news bay area and abc 7, right now we have a slide show featuring pictures of the ship plus an unedited version of the news conference. >> a judge ruled a smekt a mass snekt an oakland nursing school is not mentally hit fit to stand trial. he's accused of killing seven people at oikos university.
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this shows he's lost quite a bit of weight. the lawyer says the client is not eating and says goh is full of shame from the april 12th, 2012 massacre. seven people were kill that had day. today in court a psychiatrist said goh suffers from paranoid skrits fren yachl the lawyer says this is based on numerous factor autos the experiences he's been having in terms2&8% of thought patterns and based on the police report. based upon his confessions to the police. he took responsibility for the acts. >> goh admitted to firing shots he pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the judge and attorneys will decide what steps to take next in a hearing later this month. >> friends and relatives of a man shot to death by police still have questions tonight. police release details about the conversation they had with
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hair stylist anthony banta. >> officers don't shoot and kill anyoneful they don't shoot anyone unless they're forced to do that. >> police chief defended actions of officer who's shot and killed a 22-year-old hair stylist two days after christmas. he described the morning of december 27th after a frantic call from inside of the apartment. four officers arrived to find a highly agitated banta on top of a staircase waving a chef knife. >> officers ordered him to drop the knife several times, he suddenly charged down the stairs towards the officers with the knife in his hand. the officers fired guns in self-defense. >> it's just really hard to make sense of it. >> the attorney for banta families says they're still not convince that had events unfolded as police described them. he is spishlly given banta's history as a hard working
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employee of salon amor and lack of criminal history or troubled past. >> this may be in time things will add up and we'll able to make sense of this. the family is shocked. and in disbelief this could have happened. >> first thing they do is kill him. >> kathy colio lives in an apartment near(óykyk2&uñ banta'. >> they want to protect their officers and there was never even a consideration that he might be mentally ill. >> police won't say how many officers fired and how many shots were fired at banta. four officers on the scene at the time of the shooting were placed on leave. but a have since returned to duty. in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> there is more to do here tonight on abc 7 news, hockey fans celebrating end of the#>ex nhl lockout. how costly it's been for business owner autos and what it takes to pull a two-ton
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plane in fr the bay. how it wound ufkfí there in the first place. >> i'm spencer christian. there is cold air coming our whai. you can expect temperatures to drop in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and new app about to make a big splash at consumer electronics show but doing what it does before you tell what it does before you tell it to. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios a sent tiff agreement ends the hockey lockout has been reached. players and yorns are going to try to salvage the season.
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are fans going to return to the stands? we are live from the shark tank where there is going to be lingering resentment. mostly people are just relieve there'd is gg to be a season. >> right. absolutely z after nearly four months you're right there will be a little lingering resentment out there. this is sharks territory. teal support runs deep wex talked to fans, players, coaches and business owners today a cross the board, there is excitement. for the first time this season, the sharks practice has meaning. players have butterfly autos just anxious. and nervous. and it's like christmas, all over again. >> after a lockout, 9-year-old he'll ease is ready for the fouk hit the ice. >> i'm extremely excited. >> not every fan is willing toing forrive and forget the bitter despite. it's shake taiken its toll in this hockey family. >> my sister-in-law is a
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season ticket holder in philadelphia. she will not be after this, is the second time she's endured a lockout. it's just ridiculous. >> league owners know this lockout hurt the sport more than half of the season is gone, and it's not just fans suffering but businesses. their bottom line. >> we have been1j struggling. to speak honestly. we want them back. good thing they're coming back. i wish they would have figured that out a couple months ago. >> the contract still needs to be ratified by player union and league's 30 feet board. >> there not much we can say, other than apoll joys for the time that the lockout went. and other than that, we've got to get back to work and better be about good. >> the sharks are hopeful a sellout streak won't miss a beat. >> i'm seeing fans around town that are excited.
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congratulating us to get back. we can't wait to have them back. >> truth is that misdemeanor m fans say a strong finish could make this lockout a memory. >> that is my dream. if they do it this year, oh, my god. i'm going cry. >> there is a lot of emotion. schedulers are scrambling to see how this would playout. players could report as early this week, regular season action if you can call it that, next week. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> impressive, thank you. an airport used by private pilots and jets had to shut down most of the day after a small plane made a bad landing i happened in san carlos airport. abc 7 news david louie has the
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story. >> sky 7 overhead just moments after the plane came to the stop. because it was close to low tide, pilot and passenger managed to climb out. +po inrcraft was landing san carlos airport. have to make you the lt turn that seemed low. >> are you surprised that he ran out of runway? >> no i'm sure prized he made the run gai. >> this aircraft needs 50 feet to land. the runway is 2600 feet. witnesses say the pilot appeared to have landed at missfield. the plane landed in the mud. >> it was coming in too fast. now, it's stuck in mud in a
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levy just south of the airport. >> as an investigator began dissecting what happened a tow truck began pulling the plane from the mud. the plane weighed well over two tons. >> there doesn't appear to be oil leakage. we won't want to cause that or gouge the levy or do engineer to it that could threaten it airport was closed for about six hours until the plane was removed. faa will continue with the investigation. an insurrance carrier is likely to get involved. an aircraft like that has a price tag of over $600,000. >> now, we survived the weekend. >> get ready to bundle up. >> it's true. decent week but things are are gooding to get colder.
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here is a look at the east bay hills. there you go. we're looking westward across the bay. under partly cloudy skies we had fog away this morning. much cleared away but coming back tonight. here is a lk at doppler 7 hd. you can see clouds and some breaks of clearing at the moment. into 50s dropping off to 47 now in concord. and areas of dense fog tonight. we'll get to that in just a moment. sunnier, milder tomorrow, but turning colder mid week with a chance of showers but only a slight chance. talking about the fog in a.m. for bay shore line z east bay valleys. visibility in spots could be as low as a quarter mile or
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less. soev%4 that is poor visibility. cool conditions in spots yof night. but not very cold z a spare the air alert beginning tomorrow. looking for lowest temperatures tonight into northern location. like santa rosa and napa. a range of high pressure still controlling factor for now. here comes a cold air mass dropping out of the gulf of california -- alaska. could give us chilly mornings, at 5:00 wednesday morning some showers will be approaching us, clouds, cold air. the front sweeps through wednesday and thursday, we expect pockets of moisture to move through. with arrival of cold air, snow levels drop, we don't expect to see snow but if there is moisture content there could be a flake or two at that
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low 60s in the south bay. upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 59 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay, highs in the low 60s. 63 santa rosa. 62, nappa. east bay highs, 62 in oakland and fremont. inland east bay highs around 60 degrees. some mid-60s from morgan hill down to salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. sharp drop wednesday, colder thursday morning. friday morning. i should say, thursday and friday morning and again, slight chance of showers wednesday, thursday, cold air arriving thursday, higher elevations there may be a snowflake or two if there is enough moisture content at the moment. >> thank you spencer. >> okay. >> coming up next a dramatic smash and grab robbery in san jose. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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t atint insoe en r bl a om ocdiouovfuurcr
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police say they solved a 28-year-old cold case arresting for the 1985 murder of a 21-year-old's strangled
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body nound a supermarket dumpster. the district attorney crime lab identified garcia based on dna found under finger nails. he was scheduled to be alined this afternoon now, being held without bail. >> a young woman faces several months in the hospital after police say her boyfriend set her on fire in san francisco's bay view district. neighbored called 911 after seeing star lamar burning aroundh8sú jennings street. investigators believe her boyfriend doused skmer lit her ablaze. police are now focused on finding dexter oliver, on probation for other crimes. >> death is too easy to get out of. you burned my sister aly. you stood there and poured gasoline on her, you set her on fire. death is too good for him. he needs to sit in jail and think about what he did. >> lamar suffered life
6:25 pm
threatening burn autos four people are expected to recover after being injured by an suv that plowed through a livermore restaurant. you're looking at the view from sky 7 hd overhead here. the driver of the cadillac was trying to back out but had that car in drive instead. it crashed, clear through the dining room z then, out the other side of the building. >> several young men responded from the scene of a smash and grab a cording to police the chiefs rammed a stolen van into a shop called up in smoke. it's a tobacco store. the place, you can see was all but demolished. the owner says they got away with a single water pipe. >> still head tonight the president's cabinet selections. >> the controversial arrival
6:26 pm
of the executive chairman of google. >> and a solo driver fights a car pool lane ticket saying he had a corporation in the car with hirj they are people too. aren't they? >> the news at 6:00
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the president announce td picks for the new heads of the ciaññ and pentagon, joining former senator huck haigel and counter terrorism advisor john brenan today, haigel being a strong willed defense secretary and brenan, an experienced person to lead the top intelligence agency. >> chuck haigel is an american patriot. enlisting in the army volunteering for vietnam. john brenan the cia will have the leadership of the one of the most skilled and respected intelligence professional autos the president charge thanked outgoing defense
6:30 pm
secretary talking about his retirement plan autos i'm has come for me to return to my wife, three sons, their families, six grandchildren and my walnut farm. dealing with the difference set of nuts. >> good line. >> secretary of state hillary clinton plans to retire this month, returning to work today after taking time off for complications from a concussion. her staff welcomed her back with a football helmet and a jersey featuring number of countries she's visited as secretary of state. 112. >> despite the misgivings of the u.s. government and state department, executive chairman of google is in north korea now. the state news agency released this video today showing eric schmidt and bill richardson arriving in pung yang, they'll be there four days. there has been speculation they want to negotiate the release of an american prisoner.
6:31 pm
richar yardson travels to north korea frequently. >> eric schmidt is a prind of mine. he's going as a private citizen this, is not a google trip but i'mzcfh sure he's interested in economic issues there. social immediate why aspect. >> they are at highest profile visitors to north korea since kim jonun took power. there is criticism of timing is bad. >> the u.s. supreme court scheduled hearings on the legality of same-sex marriage. the court set a date in march to overview proposition 8. the next date the justices will hear a related case.
6:32 pm
justices not expected to rule until late june. whatever they decide it's likely to establish awe new legal landmark. >> california's 2013mf legislative session began today, it's clear after the connecticut school tragedy safety a top priority. nancy skinner introduced assembly bill 48. requirements include licensing dealers requiring gun buyers to show id. republicans are working on a bill to have one person armed at every school. >> not a single hijacking since september 11th. why zront a a school marshals program? >> according to the group common cause, california does not have-07>j a particularly stg gun lobby. measures have a better chance of passing here. >> tonight's money matters wall street starts the week on a down note after a surge when
6:33 pm
lawmakers reached a deal on taxes. dow jones lost 50 points today. nasdaq down two. s and p fell four and a half points. 10 major bank as greed to pay $8.5 billion to settle the complaints they foreclosed on thousands of people family who's should not have been forced out their homes. some homeowners could get up to $125,000. apple said the app store sold 40 billion a. ps. nearly half sold last year two. billion in december alone. >> a marin county man went to court to fight a traffic violation. it resoflz corporate personhood. it was just after 7:30 in the morning last october. a silver station wagon was head heading south on 101 in the carpool lane. >> i'm always in the carpool
6:34 pm
lane. i know there is another person in the car with me. >> he had paper work for his nonprofit corporation. the state vehicle code definition of a person includes a corporation. so that is his argument he said you need two americans in the vehicle. i go, i show him papers saying yes. doi have two persons in the car. >> the 59-year-old san rafael man is opposed to what is calls corporate personhood. >> they're fictional. and to treat them as a human being is absurd. >> for jonathan freeman it's been a 10 year crusade of riding in carpool lane wait for a citation to mount a legal challenge. the traffic court judge calls
6:35 pm
his argument novel but says intent of the legislature was to reduce the volume of traffic and pollution. >> common sense is carrying a sheet of papers in the passenger seat of the vehicle in no way reveals traffic congestion he will continue the fight. >> freeman says he expected the ruling and will file an appeal within 30 days. >> creative. i could get caught faster than 10 year autos we have proof whaur eat. >> there is new evidence what in
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do you ever get thensexñ feeling you're not alone? a start sup hoping to introduce to you thousands of living organism with you all the time. it's a peek inside of your body that might reveal surprises. >> for jessica, microbes are a window into the human body. >> so you zront to worry about the your health, everything in
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the gut is eat whaug eat. >> she's talking about thousands of hitchhiker that's live in our stomaches. a community known as our micro boi. researchers helped unveil a detailed map that among other things helped identify all bacteria present in the human digestion system. they believe knowing which organisms there are, what lot about what is going on in our bod yes autos so there have been ways of connected to a wide range of disease autos to take advantage of the information she and her team are launching a start up called you bio. head quarters in a lab in ucsfa associate director believes it could pay multiple dividends. >> they're turning science into impact. >> richmond says clients will receive a kit, sending back
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samples taken from different areas of the body. she says the company thopz provide cal vubl clues about health and life style. >> it looks like you're eating more casho hydrates than you think you are. you're drinking a lot of caffeine. >> she says it could be compared as research into the human advances. benefiting individual skptz+ñ scientific community. the test concept is being funded by crowd sourcing. yugs a popular site, the company signed up 350 people in two weeks. prices start around $70 for a test. we have more information for you on aabc 7 >> yes. i can see you've been eating a lot of fast food, haven't you?. >> yes. yes. exactly. >> coming up next a table top < the family can use atle top the same time. >> and a new smart phone app does t8taúxtes0p0p
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>> are you tired of seeing everybody in your house staring into their smart phones and ignoring one another? we may have the answer for you. this video shows a think pad working like a gigantic tablet designed for up to four people to use at once. other innovations include flat screens from sony, samsung and sharp. cisco system applying cable networking to the internet.; y and a device transmitting air waives through your skull. >> and you may find biggest innovations this year in software. developers have been hard at work. crowds start networking someí.,
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will exchange cards, others trade details using a map. >> we created bump to bump thumbs together to share information. >> now there is a new app called flunk. >> we thought it would be great. >> it let's you share photo was people you were with. >> you take photo was the phone. thought about flocking. then it sends you a notification saying you have five photos you took. do you want to share snem. >> results can be photos you might never have seen but idea is big yefr. bump is about what you intend to do, flock is about what your phone infirms you might want to do. >> we think it's a big trend. >> we've seen a handful of apps trying to guess your intentions like pass book or google now telling when you the next bus is coming.
6:46 pm
google now understands who you are, where you are. what you're likely to want next. >> this tech author says when announced last summer it puts google at the forefront of w apps. others are emerging. which is a to do business lis. >> they'll be personal managers knowing more about you and your preferences than does your house, today. >> it may be cool but he says will be rf cooler with wearable device autos that is >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> remarkable. >> i don't know what i'm doing. i don't think thaifr going to know what i'm doing. >> right.
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computer tells me toss to spencer christian for the fookt okay. this is a beautiful sunset. a time lapse view capturing setting sun. what a sky that was. clouds around and various levels. that is very thick we have areas of partial clearing as well. tomorrow, state wide, will be mainly sunny skies. and nice, mild in the southern part of the state. highs up to 74 in palm springs. 71 in los angeles. 66 san diego, here in the bay area, mainly sunny skies after a foggy start. sunny into after the noon. high temperatures low 60s tomorrow heerk is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's going to start cooling down wednesday, cooler thursday. high temperatures around 50s for m.v.p. of the bay area. temperatures moderating over the weekend.
6:48 pm
very slight because that front is coming in to bring cold air. >> thank you. >> the man spawned a thousand viral joyeds about to make live a little tougher for jayn!ó leno and david letterman. jimmy kimmel told us he is excited to go up against his long time idols but the challenge is coming up with fresh material. >> when he hire new writers, years go on they'll pitch things and you know, i'll just cross them off because i'm like we did this eight years try to keep doing new things. and it becomes harder as years go on. it does. but it makes you work harder. i think you come up with better stuff. >> he takes over the new time slot tomorrow night. night line moves to 12:35 you spent twim him for the promo. is he funny in person?
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>> very, you know low key. down to earth. he's funny but hee7q:ç was just nice, normal. >> all right. >> next, the 49ers get said for a rematch with more at stake now. stake now. can theyssure and get a colde high be
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49ers beat the packers. they will meet again saturday night, in the nfc divisional playoffs. alex smith not starting anymore for niners. randy moss haid touchdown catch but has not been targeted that much. vernon davis is almost a forgoten man in offense. the 49ers in that game able to control former cal stair. >> great challenge. great task. i think when our players and
6:53 pm
coaches are looking forward to. it's as good as it gets. you know? in the national football league. they're quarterbacks. receivers. so big task. >> going along with the division. !éjrá that, now we're i know the locker room is amped up for the week. and... have a great week of preparations. >> the chiefs introduced their new head coach today, he takes over for romo cornell. reed spent 14 seasons in philly. league finished two and 14 getting number one pick in the draft. he says he likes what he has to work with on this roster. >> i have looked at rosters. and there is sh some good football players on the team. and i look to add to that. i think that is important you can continue to grochl i'm
6:54 pm
ready to go i. ready to go. this is what i do. so... i'm ready to go. >> there is still details to be worked out like schedule, number of games but we told you the nfl is coming back, and soon after a lockout lasting 113 days and ate up half of the regular season an gremt has been reached between players and owners. sharks are on the ice this morning. shortened season expected to begin next week. everybody is just relieved that this impass is over. >>ehz]÷ this is an exciting timo assemble a testimony to put together of a game time. we're excited about it. perhaps importantly is the fans and businesses here in san jose. >> they're going to earn their way back. there are fans excited you know, congratulating us to
6:55 pm
play in front of them. we can't wait to have them back in the tank. >> just really excited. a little bit nervous. everything is like christmas all over again, here. we're excited to get back. get in the dressing room today. >> as expected fl. fl draft, not happy. led with 69 catches, six touchdowns. up to a 12-2 record and rose bowl win over wisconsin. from monte vista says the decision was not easy because there is a lot of tallentent coming wachblgt he can't pass up the opportunity to fulfill the dream of playing in nl. bcs championship game going on in miami. noits close now. my 8th spotter just informed me crimson tide just stored
6:56 pm
again heading into half time. so blowout in the national championship game. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> join me tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, coming up then, panic and stampede in new jersey. an up escalator reverses course and goes down. at 9:00 why hurricane sandy could be to blame for this. >> then at 11:pé$/ late details on a!! ship colliding with the bay bridge z why san francisco bay act yi activities say there is more than that we should be worried about. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us
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this is "jeopardy!" plelcome today's contestants -- an international education specialist f rom washington d.c.... a project specialist from kansas ciease wssouri... and our returning champion, an underwriter from wheaton, illinois... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!
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thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another week here on "jeopardy!" we've brought in two specialists, as you just heard, to challenge our champion, ashok. let's see how well they fare against him. good luck, all three of you. here comes the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories that are now in play. how do you do something, of course. next... you have to give us the english title. we'll deal with the rule of thirds. and finally... alex: ashok, start us. original opera titles, $200, please. wendy. what is william tell? that's it. rule of thirds, $200. ashok. what is the belmont stakes? yes. rule of thirds, $400.


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