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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 8, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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you and hopefully we will make many more memories in the years to come. on my behalf thank you for watching and i tend my apologies to matt damon. we did run out of time for him tonight and he will be rescheduled. thank you everyone and see you tomorrow.
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police have tracked down a man suspected of setting his girl on -- his girlfriend on fire on sunday and. police found dexter oliver at an oaklandfter after receiving a tip. he has been booked on attempted murder and arson charges in san francisco. lamar has severe burns to her face but is expected to survive. good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm in for dan ashley. an investigate is underway why a taverner ship crashed into
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the bay bridge. right now the ship is moored in the bay. and u cosco busan which hit the bridge no, oil spoiled today. we're on treasure island with more. reporter: tourists coming to treasure island tonight are snapping pictures of san francisco and also snapping pictures of this, the over overa's raymar, it's all lit up as investigators try to find out why it happen. environmentalist believe no royal was spilled. >> we are looking at this as a close call and to learn lessons from. >> deb, on a tour of the bay, took these pictures and knows an oil spill disaster was averted. >> this time of year the currents are moving really fast
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and a lot of damage can happen as soon as oil is on the water. >> sky 7hd was over the 751-foot oil tanker overseas raymar, minutes after the vessel side-swiped a tower of the bay bridge, damaging the hull. investigators were combing every inch of the ship. >> the damage appears to be well above the waterline and a crushing of the metal structure itself, no penetration of the hull itself. >> no oil has spilled into the bay, and as for the bridge, the plastic and wooden fenders surrounding the tower took quite a beating, as they're die signed -- designed to do. the bay bridge is open and safe at this time. >> the coast guard says the captain and the bar pilot, who gives orders from the ships in the bay, are both experienced, but clearly something went wrong. the coast guard assess fog may have been a factor, cutting
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visibility to a quarter mile. this man got to work on treasure island just minutes before the accident. >> at that time i did not see -- only seen she ship -- ship light was right in front. reporter: the ship was empty, but as a precaution, oil booms have been set up around the vessel. the overseas raymar ordered to stay in san francisco bay fall coast guard investigation is complete, including drug and alcohol tests for the bar pilot and the captain. that could take several days. we're live, abc7 news. >> abc7 news was the first to report today's ship collision on twitter. you can follow us there. right now we have a slide show featuring pictures of the damage to the bridge support in addition to an unedited portion of the news conference. >> the iteam has uncovered new
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information about the bar pilot. he had two prior incident inside northern california. the first occurred august 27, 2009, when his ship grounded briefly while entering the port of sacramento. regulators ordered cleese to take four practice trips, a second event happened two days later. that was determined to by pilot error. he was ordered to take four practice trips for that incident at well. reporter: sources inside the shipping industry tell the iteam that 61-year-old guy cleese was guiding the tanker when it hit the bay bridge this morning. cleese had almost 30 years of maritime experience, most of it on oil tankers for ex-son, before becoming a san francisco bar pilot in 2005 in 2010, his license was put on hold by the board of pilot commissioners
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because federal regulators denied his request for medical waiver. we don't know the details of his medical condition at the time but the issue was apparently resolved because he was guiding the tanker this morning. >> what's going on with him now? has he been drug and alcohol tested? >> he has. >> when does he meet with your investigators? >> that's to be determined. y. reporter: in 2005, when the cosco busan hit the bridge, spilling more than 53,000 gallons of fuel oil, me medical condition of the bar pie loot appeared to play a. he h role. he had a medical condition and one probable cause of the accident was his use of impairing prescription medication. now bar pilot guy cleese is facing questiones. he is scheduled to meet with the coast guard in the morning and then will see investigators from the board of pilot commissioners. >> what sorts of issues will you look at? >> if there's any pilot error or
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not. >> whether fog played factor, that sort of thing? >> yes, of course. we look at all aspects of the investigation. >> we'll be watching. bar pilots are elite, just 56 in the bay area. they make $450,000 a year. on the issue of fog, spoke with an attorney today and he says on this case it appeared it was a clear day. the fog seem to sweep in so may have taken everybody by surprise. abc7 news. >> so taking a look ator next for the overseas raymar. it could remain an cord for several days. they're going to interview the entire crew and make sure there are no leaks in the ship. >> there are questions tonight about the role that fog may have played in the crash and that fog could continue to be a problem tomorrow on the bay. take a look at the fenger of -- finger of fog our cameras saw
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hang over the collision so sigh. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. >> at the time of the incident. the high resolution satellite imagery showed a finger of fog right over the western end of the bay, and visibility at the time was down to a quarter mile. we received a couple of you report -- ureport said i wolf said i live on t.i. and was walking my dog at the time the overseas raymar was passing under the bay bridge. didn't know about the accident but was astounded by the amount of very dense and highly delippated fog surrounding the bay bridge, and he claims that was the freighter going through. here's another view. you can see the dense fog over the bay bridge, and of course, we welcome the photos if you did capture it, here's a look at live doppler 7hd. here's -- we do have fog below, higher clouds above and visible is dropping down 0 just over a
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mile in santa santa -- santa rosa. visibility quarter mile or less tomorrow morning.ookdetailed lor 7hd will be possibly tracking rain, maybe snow. >> there's a growing search tonight for a missing 23-year-old man in santa cruz county. the parents of alexander fosgr fosgreen said their son walked of the house and disappeared. >> the last time anyone saw alex it was 4:00 a.m. last friday morning. his father says he walked out of his bedroom at the family home because the tv was too loud. >> he calmly turned the volume down and went back inside. >> a small search party combed the trails of the state park where alex enjoys hiking near his home. but sheriff's deputies say they have no solid information to even suggest he went on a hike.
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>> he said nothing to us or to any of his or anything. he only -- he just disappeared. and that just isn't like him. >> alex's parents believe he is wearing the same heavy plaid shirt in this picture. he left behind his cell phone but likely took his chinese game similar to this in a backpack. his parents say you'll encounter a docile young vegetarian who raised ducklings and studies asia culture. but his fiancee broke off the engagement last april and his parents say he was despondent. >> he was doing kind of okay. he was still sad all the time but he was okay. >> his mother says she'll keep the christmas tree up until he comes home. >> he had me the night before, said, i love you mom. >> at least one person thinks they saw a man matching his description not far from here.
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the sheriffs department says it's much to launch a larger search party in the morning. >> a judge has ruled the suspect in a mass shooting at an oakland nursing school is not mentally fit to stand trial. this is a new picture of the suspect in court today. he is accused of killing seven people last april. he has lost quite a bit of weight. his lawyer says his client is not eating and is filled with shame and remorse for the april april 2012 massacre. today in court a psychiatrist says he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. >> always unexpected problems on wedding days, though few ever have a crash landing. >> that's what happened when a couple decided to tie the knot in san diego this afternoon. when it was time to land a wind gust pushed the balloon out of the intended landing area and
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they slammed into a tree. 13 people were on board. none seriously injured. you can see the size of the balloon there. late their couple continued with the reception as planned. >> wow. well, police believe they have solved a cold-case murder. up next, what the victims of a murder 28 years ago -- >> an escalator started going in reverse. >> y where you can see the san francisco giants' latest trophy.
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police have made an arrest in a 28-year-old cold case. daniel garcia, suspected of killing a woman in 1985, offend found strangled in a dumpster in mountain viewsm here's more on how investigators cracked the case. >> it appears the victim tried to defend herself as she was attacked and investigators say they were finally able to track don the man they were killed her. it was the dna left on her fingernails that ultimately led them to her killer. the body of the 21-year-old was found in a dumpster in mountain view in 1985. 28 years ladder police finally got a dna match. >> if you scratch someone, whether you're trying to defend yourself in any sort of struggle, there's a good chance that person's skin cells will wiped up under your fingernails and that's as good as a fingerprint in identifying somebody.
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>> the d.a.'s office say the dna led them to 53-year-old daniel garcia of fresno. he was arrested on friday after questioning him the day before. >> his statement certainly was consistent with what we believed happened in the case, and gave us more information that allowed us to make this arrest. >> investigators had revisited this cold case over the years but only recently advances in technology helped the crime lab develop a dna profile from the fingernails. the database of convicted felons helped find a match. for the victim's family, this long awaited arrest has brought a huge sense of relief. >> the family was thrilled when they were notified by our seth, -- by our sergeant, and they're happy. it's a good thing to do. >> garcia is being held on $2 million bail. he did not enter a plea during his areasonment today.
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his nexter andance is a february 5th. >> five people were injured in new jersey when a packed escalator kicked into reverse. it was going up and suddenly stopped and sped backyard. cell phone video shows people piling up at the bottom of the escalator. others tried to jump over the side. transit authorities say the station suffered extensive damage from super storm sandy and believe this may be from an electrical fault after the storm. >> the giants are showing off their championship trophies from 2010 and 2012 world series. 39t. and it's free to see the trophy and take your own photos. the tour will raise money for the junior giants program to see when the trophy will stop in your home town, go to and click on "see it on tv". >> brace yourself for cold weather. >> here the accuweather forecast. >> it is going to be changing
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big-time this week. middle of the week, much cooler weather. we're talking about low snow levels. we'll show you that in a moment. live doppler 7hd showing you some cloud cover. we have in fog. visibility is dropping right now. santa rosa reporting half a mile visibility with fog and visibility is low around concord, livermore, fairfield so we're headed towards dense fog advisory cry tier cramp most other areas in the 40s and 50s. here's the highlights. areas of dense fog tonight. we're looking at colder conditions mid-week with chance of showers: the dense fog advisory, midnight to 9:00 a.m. visibility in these areas will be down to quarter mile or less. they may extend -- the national weather service -- possibly including the north bay valleys as well. temperatures in the morning, upper 30s in the north bay valleys, most other areas in the 40s.
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it's a "spare the air" night tonight, runs through tuesday. we will have to -- you will have to give yourself extra time for the morning commute. here's the high pressure that provided the dry weather we repeat tomorrow and then big changes. a system out of the gulf of alaska will bring in cold air and this is setting up beginning on wednesday. so here's the computer animation. 5:00 a.m., high cloud wednesday this then the cold front approaches. we'll have a slight chance of seeing a hit or miss shower. very light. cold air, could even see some snow flurries thursday. we may see snow flurries as low as 1500 to 2,000 feet. highs for tuesday, 6 2, 64, los gatos. not too bad for january. 62 in palo alto, 57, coast side
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in pacifica. sunshine for the afternoon. 59, downtown san francisco, north bay, 63 degrees in santa rosa, occasion yay high cloud with sun. head out towards the east bay, mostly in the 60s. 62, oakland. richmond, 59 degrees. inland valleys, starting out with the fog and will slowly lift with hazy sunshine in the afternoon. 61, livermore, danville, walnut creek. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. mild tomorrow, don't get too used to it. slight chance of showers wednesday, thursday. highs will be falling in a way, low 50s thursday. and we may see a few upper 40s. friday morning, chilly, frosty, upper 20s,land -- inland valleys. slight chance of showers on sunday and monday. >> right now time for sports. >> we watched the game together. you heard of the look of the
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>> alabama and notre dame squared off in the national championship game tonight. it was over early, i mean really early, complete domination and humiliation of the fighting irish. >> the island of hawaii may love manti taio, but alabama not showing him any love. bama up 7-0 in a flash.
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first half, mccarran off to lacey. 360 spin move and in. 28 or alabama at the half. third quarter, the diving interception, and i started watching "the bachelor" at that point. the girl in the wedding dress got a rose. mckaren to a wide-open cooper. nick saban, continues to it good it done. the crimson tide rolls with their thirdback championship in four years, 42-14 the final. >> did a great job in the game. controlled the whole tempo of the game by the way we moved the ball. did an exceptional job. we didn't finish the game very well on defense but we played well early. i'm really, really happy with the team win we had. >> to the nfl. david akers and billy kundif held a kickoff, part of the competition to see who will kick for the 49ers saturday night. they may be kicking off against
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each other all week long. the niners and packers met at the season opener at lambeau field the niners won the field with alex smith throwing to moss and davis for touchdowns. the defense contained aaron rodgers, which will be difficult the second time around. >> rodgers does a great job of using the cadence and disguising and looking at safeties and corner backs off. so we have to have our discipline and stay on top of those guys and make it as hard as we can for him. >> that's the saturday night game. kickoff just after 5:00 p.m. at the stick. >> hockey fans or relieved. finally at least there will be some season here. nhl players and owners agreed on a collective bargaining agreement but it took them 113 days and the prolonged lockout. the shortened season is expected to start next week. the sharks were on the ice this morning and ready to get back to work. >> very exciting time to get the players back in the locker room, first of all, and then finally
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assemble a team and put together a game plan for a short season. the players are excited. perhaps most importantly the fans and the businesses here in town. >> talk about maybe a 48 or 50-game schedule. should get the schedule out the next couple of days. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> hopefully playing next week. >> i think. >> up next, jimmy kimmel's big
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>> here's a look at the wakeup weather. dense fog advisory, low visibility. give yourself extra time. "spare the air" has been
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declared from midnight through tomorrow. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. to track things. >> jimmy kimmel is moving up in the world by exactly 30 minutes. >> the longest running late-night talk show in abc's history is now going to take on david letterman and jay leno head today head. starting tomorrow it will start at 11:35 right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> kimmel says he is happy to be airing in a bay area city he loves. >> been to san francisco many times. one of my favorite restaurants is the house of nan king in chinatown. i enjoyed going there, being yelled at by the owner, ordering what he forceses me to order and it's been great. >> a good assessment. >> kimmel has a special goodbye to midnight show scheduled for tonight. he takes over the new time slot tomorrow night, and then
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nightline will move to 12:37 a.m. >> speaking of nightline, it's up next. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for the time. >> thanks for the time. have aman: at turbotax, we know
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in four seasons. irish had quite a run. you can't not be proud of the season they had, but alabama was clearly the better team. >> they needed to hold that game in a place that was a little cooler. >> oh, lord. now you're going to blame the weather. are you serious? >> miami is very hot. it's like 82 degrees. >> the unbearable weather conditions in miami. >> and the gold helmets attracts the heat. you can't think straight. i spent years in south bend. it's very cool. that's what you get accustomed to. >> willis, get my boots because it's getting thick out here.


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