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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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lunch and warming into the 60's and a few clouds by 4:00 and 7:00 we are partly cloudy. >> now the traffic. >> smooth sailing so far, so good with no major stalls or accidents and clear sailing from 80 or 880 everyone is moving nicely through the maze and the bay bridge. overnight road work to be concerned, eastbound four, contra loma picked up at 5:30 and westbound is moving nicely under 15 minutes moving into concord. from the central valley and over the pass you are looking good there, as well. kristen and eric? >> the bar pilot who crashed the tanker into a bay bridgetower is in the spot light as the probe begins into what could be a disasterous accident. we are live on treasure island. >> they will talk to the bar
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pilot today, after having toxicology tests. they will check out the ship and they will revisit the environmental conditions on the bay yesterday at noon when the 751' oil tanker, you can see it right there, anchored between treasure island and alcatraz and sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. look where it sideswiped the tower, closest to the island on the san francisco side. it damaged the hull. this is a double-hulled ship. but this is being described as "close call" by the environmental groups. >> the currents are moving fast and a lot of damage can happen when oil is on the water. >> abc7 has come up with information on the bar pilot. he is 61-year-old guy kleess with 30 years of maritime
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experience mostly on oil tappers for exxon and became a bar pilot in 2005 and in 2010 his license was put on "hold" because federal regulators denied a request for a medical wave. we do not have details on the medical condition. that will come out in the next few days and weeks as the investigation into his performance yesterday continues. another factor could have been the fog. we are told it wasn't there and it came on strong and suddenly yesterday here on san francisco bay. >> thank you. the damage to the bridge is superficial. the fender designed to protect the towers did its job clearly. we were there minutes after the 750' long tanker sideswiped the sixth tower of the western span. the ship and the fender system were damaged and cal tran did a
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safety evaluation and say the damage only amounts to a scrape and no repairs are needed to the bridge. abc7 was the first to report the ship collision and we tweeted the news after it happened. follow us there at abc7 news bay area. right now we have a slide show with pictures of the damaged ship and the bridge support the man accused of pouring gasoline on his girlfriend and setting her on fire is jailed in san francisco this morning on attempted murder charges. our reporter is like at st. francis hospital where the victim is fighting for her life. amy has more on his capture. amy? >> she has a long recovery ahead of her. her family says now they can all feel safe. her sisters said they felt very nervous when dexter oliver was out on the run. they say they were looking behind their backs.
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he now is in jail. police arrested him last night around 9:00. they found him in a hotel in oakland and police say he surrendered peacefully. he is accused of setting the 25-year-old starr lamare on fire. the mother of low was dating oliver. it was a horrific scene on sunday afternoon. starr lamare ripped off her burning sweater while she was running and screaming. her sisters say starr lamare argued over the laundry with oliver he got gasoline and poured it on her and lit her on fire. her family says she has burns to her family and she could be in the hospital for four to five months. dexter oliver is now in jail and police plan to charge him with arson and attempted murder. >> thank you, amy. >> man who sped away from san francisco police on new year's
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day is due in court to face two counts of murder, the driver smashed into another car at 21st and ran into the front of a store. a woman in the car and a man on the street were both killed. district attorney says that the 19-year-old is charged with murder because there is in violence caused by violence of the reckless actions of a hand who is known gang member. >> oakland are trying to track down two bank robbery suspects. here are felt photos at telegraph avenue at 49th in december, they were wearing baseball caps and dress shirts. one detained the security guard and another took money from the teller at gunpoint. this is a reward of up to $2,500 for their arrest. >> google executive schmidt is touring north korean computer centers during three day humanitarian trip. this is new video of schmidt on
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the left with the red scarf with former new mexico governor richardson on the right on a guided tour of a university computer laboratory in pyongyang. schmidt is an advocate for internet freedom and says this is in no official capacity for google and the united states state department has objected to the not korean trip. >> "spare the air" day now and the fog we expected this morning did not materialize. >> your drive could be easier. we will check in with leigh. >> we have fog but it is moving around. live doppler 7 hd showing no moisture out there to speak of. but you can see it is another chilly morning with 37 in napa and santa rosa and san francisco is at 47. san jose is 42. we have 37 in livermore the visibility map showing this is moving around and the national
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weather service canceled the advisory for the north bay and east bay possibly too soon with quarter-mile visibility and half a mile and the north bay with independence pa and santa rosa less than half a mile and livermore reporting quarter mile. as we progress during lunch time hour temperatures will warm and we will have hazy sunshine and warming into the low 60's. by 4:00, a few more clouds move in overnight we will look for the clouds to thicken up and temperatures drop by the 7:00 hour. there is very dense fog and highway 4, between antioch and pittsburg has a handle on it. >> we have abc7 traffic app with very thick fog between antioch and pittsburg and westbound highway four could be sluggish but that is typical leaving antioch headed toward concord.
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this app is free to navigate your commute downloaded from apple app or google play. and eastbound dumbarton bridge, the road work will be picked up at 6:00 a.m. today with in significant slowing. yesterday we had dense fog advisory but it is reported clear. road work northbound 101 near san francisco airport to south san francisco down to two lanes road work until 7:00 this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is very light conditions and fog-free here with no metering lights and it is a smooth ride into san francisco on the upper deck. >> thank you. an abc news exclusive what former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is demanding on the 2nd anniversary of the tucson shooting rampage. >> driver tries to pull away from an east bay restaurant. what happened next sent four people to the hospital. >> but the america's money
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report. >> good morning. topping america's money, clearing up more of the housing meltdown mess. ten major u.s. banks are agreeing to pay $8.5 billion to settle charges they unfairly foreclosed on millions including bank of america paying more to fannie mae to settle other claims. the huge insurance company bailed out by the government can now sue the government, "new york times" reportsage -- reports that a.i.g. said their shareholders were cheated. and mcdonald's is going to serve chicken but it is clear when1
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, 5:13 on tuesday morning, this is live at a picture of high definition from the rooftop camera toward the ferry building and the bay bridge and office buildings in san francisco with in fog here but we did not get the quality of fog we expected anywhere. leigh glaser is here, yes, leigh glaser, with the forecast soon. >> the second anniversary of a mass shooting in tucson, arizona, the targeted was congresswoman gabrielle giffords and she now is taking a stand against the violence as the
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healing continues in connecticut and colorado. now we go live to washington, dc. >> good morning, kristen. gabrielle giffords is on a mission on the 2nd anniversary of the tucson shooting she and her husband are launching a campaign to curb gun violence. >> survivors from tucson have not abandoned the push for change joining hundreds at a service praying for new laws. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was among those badly injured at the shooting two years ago, traveled to connecticut on friday, where she and her husband, mark kelly, met with families of the victims of the elementary school shooting. >> the first couple we spoke to that took out a cell phone showed us a picture of his daughter and i about lost it. >> gabrielle giffords is launching a national dialogue to end gun violence told abc in an interview airing tonight that
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the country must take action. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom it's time to say "enough." >> both sides of the gun debate acknowledge that something must be done but little has changed in the two years since tucson with 30,000 people killed by guns each year. >> people are running out of the theater. >> there has been tragedy after tragedy from the movie theater massacre in colorado, to connecticut. the f.b.i. reports a record 2.8 million background checks of would be gun buyers in 2012, a 49 percent increase in one year with new regulations on the horizon some stores can not keep up with demand. >> i told 300 guns in 2 1/2 weeks. we figured out every 15- to 20-minutes someone came in to buy a gun. >> at 10:10 tucson residents will ring bells to remember the
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shooting. reporting live from washington, dc, for abc news. >> this could be a symbol of resilt conference but not everyone was happy with the visit to connecticut. who was upset? >> that is right. a connecticut state representative posted on facebook page, gabrielle giffords should stay out. she later clarified saying she didn't mean to be sentencive to gabrielle giffords but she didn't want anyone to exploit the elementary school shooting for political purposes. her words. >> thank you from washington, dc >> a lawsuit filed by a former suspect in the giants fan beating case has been thrown out after a beating outside dodgers stadium in 2011. he was cleared of the attack saying his rights were violated when the home was searched during the investigation. the judge said he was never charged so he had no case. two other men were eventually
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arrested and charged in the beating. >> now are expected to recover after being injured by an s.u.v. that plowed through a restaurant yesterday at the italian cafe. you can see the damage. the driver of a cadillac was trying to back from a parking space but had the s.u.v. to drive when he pressed on the accelerator he crashed through the dining room and out the other side of the building. the most severe injury was a broken leg. the driver was not hurt. >> 5:17. now at look at the weather forecast. >> chilly. in the 30's. but a big cold snap will hit the bay area thursday and friday. we will talk about that in a moment. a beautiful shot this morning. better visibility. this is from the high definition looking on the bay bridge. you can see san francisco. if you are headed out right now santa rosa is 37 and napa is 37
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and 47 in san francisco. we have 45 in oakland and 37 in livermore and 42 in shows and 41 in los gatos. dense fog is not so widespread as yesterday morning but reporting stations in the north bay showing reduced visibility less than a quarter of a mile in santa rosa and novato is better at 1.5 visibility but livermore quarter-mile visibility there. this is moving around, and dense fog advisory have been canceled in anticipation of it lifting early. this afternoon we have warming but cooler temperatures headed into wednesday and thursday. here are the highs, warmer, 63 in campbell and 62 in san jose and half moon bay in the upper 50's and low 60's for palo alto.
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north bay, 61 in met plume and 62 for novato and oakland, hazy sunshine as the fog lifts in the 60's and 62 in east bay and redwood is 60 and 60 if concord and delightful. enjoy this because big changes and high pressure protecting us today but look what will move in the next 24 hours, a blast of cold air and possibly a few drops will move our forecast time at 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, you can see a cold front slowing pushing south so maybe a slight chance of a shower mainly in the north bay tomorrow and on thursday the cold air comes in and temperatures will be hard pressed to get out of the 40's. here is the seven-day outlook, lows tonight in the 40's can accweather seven-day outlook shows a slight chance on thursday but you will notice much colder temperatures on thursday and friday.
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traffic now with sue. >> smooth driving eastbound or westbound 80 beyond university the overcrossing and emeryville getting busy but the speeds are at the limit into mcarthur maze and the bay bridge is looking good. the san rafael, northbound, beyond lucas valley road, and beyond the sick -- civic center, clear here and the golden gate bridge is looking good but where we have a problem with fog and between antioch and pittsburg. you can see speeds westbound are slowing. eastbound, that is road work, until 6:00 a.m. this morning. and the westbound commute is still under 20 minutes moving from antioch to concord at 242. we have a car in a ditch southbound 101 the ramp to the expressway, so the car is off
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the roadway and they could get a tow truck to get the car out of there. if you are traveling this morning, commuting is a great way to go with all mass transit on time, no delays at this time. kristen and eric? >> good advise because it is "spare the air" day. >> and jimmy kimmel's big move as he prepares to take on a knew time slot. >> scientists get the first look at a monster from the deep what they thought was a legend is
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>> good tuesday morning at 5:24. a live look at the san mateo bridge, tail lights headed west to foster city and traffic moving fine. you do not see the dense fog from yesterday morning. remember, it was a blur? >> i do remember. >> less foggy and the temperatures and the cold blast coming our way in the not so distant future, leigh glaser will have that and we have traffic. speaking of traffic, eric. >> yesterday it was not qualified as a blur, but the problems are being exposed by berkeley researchers along with researchers from massachusetts university of technology. a relatively few number of drivers cause the majority of traffic jams commuting from outlying communities jam streets near the freeways creating a ripple effects that stalls track. 350,000 drivers tracked through
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cell phone and g.p.s., some of the most congested traffic is on the 101 corridor in south san jose and other problems are 880 around hayward and 580 and 680 split and 101 also near san rafael. >> big change for the academy awards, for the first time in 4 years the host of the oscars will announce the nomination. the host will join emma stone to reveal the nominees for the 85th academy awards and has not been done since heston in 1972. you can watch it live right here on abc7 morning news on thursday and we will air the oscars on february 24. >> time to look at the weather forecast. leigh glaser is here to tell us about the chill in the air. >> the chill is in the air.
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>> hole -- the chill is in the air. napa is then and then in santa rosa and san rafael is at 43 degrees and 40 in redwood city and 42 in san jose and 38 right now in antioch. you will find upper 30's to oakwood and livermore valley area. here is a look at what we have been watching all day long, the visibility this morning is starting to improve around novato and toward petaluma and visibility this morning, less than half a mile now starting to improve and we have 8 mile visibility in oakland and seven mile visibility in san jose. so this is floating around and causing traffic problems on the east bay highways. >> visibility-wise it is, between antioch and pittsburg on highway 4 so we have a big dense fog advisory.
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south 101 the off-ramp to the expressway is blocked with a car on the road in a ditch and the tow truck is on the way. you can see the red sensors right in the area so we will find slow traffic on 101. elsewhere in marin county, road work northbound and southbound it will be picked up in 30 minutes between mill valley with rolling lane closures as they do the repaving. >> thank you. the discovery what -- and japan national museum caught a squid in the national habitat with eyes the size of dinner plates and it took 285 hours and 55 submarine dives to depths of 3,000,000 feet or doper to get footage of the giant squid, the favorite food of great permanent
5:27 am
whales and their battles have been subject of books for years. they are also cast as see -- sea villains. the first footage of the amazing creatures from the deep. >> banged up and broken, part of the bay bridge is rammed by an i'm tanker ship. next, why it could have been a lot worse. >> cutting california's prison population
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:30 so up and at it. >> well start again. >> can we just push a button and
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restart? 5:30 is the time. >> someone needs another cup of coffee. >> i am eric thomas. we are up and at em, leigh glaser has the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd, up and at emthis tuesday morning, no returns to talk about but we will talk about how cold it is, especially on the north and east bay areas mid-to-upper 30's. san francisco is 47. and 42 in san jose. here are the highs today, a "spare the air" day but nice hazy sunshine and temperatures warming a few more degrees and antioch and live more in the low 60's. >> fog free at the bay bridge and traffic is very lightheaded into san francisco. no metering lights and no incidents to speak of as you move to the upper deck and we seeing slowing in the northbound 101 direction toward the expressway southbound, the off ramp is partly blocked with an
5:31 am
accident and car that went into the ditch with the driver out of the central valley. eric? >> 5:32. developing news, a san francisco bar pilot faces a grilling over what he was doing with the tanker he was guided sideswiped the bay bridge. our reporter is like on treasure island with pore on this accident. >> the bar pilot will be questioned and the ship further inspected and now is anchored. it is damaged but not electricking. look at the scene yesterday at noon when the tanker which was not carrying oil as cargo only as fuel, sideswiped the tower on the west side of the island closest to the island and the ship was damaged. it was described as a "deep dent." 30' to 40' has been damaged and will be replaced. >> it is a double-hull ship so there was not any penetration of
5:32 am
the hull we have found to date. we believe there is nothing leaking into the water. >> the base of the tower functioned as designed and they say the bridge was not damaged. the bar pilot, 61-year-old gus cheese, and his crew have been detained and that is standard roar in such a case. fog is being checked out to see if it played a role in the accident yesterday. >> thank you. more now on guy kleess the 61-year-old bar pilot guiding the tanker. an i-team investigation shows he is undergoing routine tests for drugs and alcohol. he has 30 years maritime experience mostly on oil tankers for exxon before becoming a san francisco bar pilot in 2005. in 2010 his license was put on
5:33 am
hold when his equal for a medical waiver was denied. we do not know what the medical condition was but sources say the situation must have been resolved for him to be work as a bar pilot yesterday. we were the first to report the ship collision and we tweeted the news after it happened so you can follow us there at abc7 news bay area. on right now we have a slide show with pictures of damned ship and the damage done to the bridge support. >> the san francisco man acaused of setting his girlfriend on fire is in police custody this morning. san francisco police and u.s. marshals arrested the 22-year-old dexter oliver last night after getting a tip he was staying at an oakland hotel. he is facing attempted murder and arson. victim is in critical condition with severe buns. police say oliver and tar star got in an argument on sunday and
5:34 am
starr lamare sister say oliver came home poured gasoline in the bottle and came back to the land drew mat and doused her and set her on fire. >> the governor will talk about improvements in mental health care in prison and the steps to solve overcrowding. officials asked the judges to modify an order capping the number of inmates to be held in state prisons. they want permission to house 6,000 additional inmates. officials warn if this is rejected potentially dangerous felons would be released early. the cap was imposed after a panel blamed overcrowding for violations of inmates' rights. >> today the f.b.i. is expected to resume excavating a central valley well in a renewed search for victims of the speed freak killers. agents are taking over the search at the request the sheriff and heavy machines are brought in to clear soil covering the well but most of the digging will be done by.
5:35 am
the remains five people have been found in the area all believed victims of do men on a killing spree in the 80's and 1990's. family of a nine-year-old from hayward is waiting to see if d.n.a. from bone fragments could solve her disappearance after vanishing in 1998. the santa cruz sheriff says they will broaden a search if a missing 23-year-old man, the parents of alexandria -- parents of alexander fossgreen say their son walked out of house and never came out. the sheriff deputy say they have no solid information to suggest that alexander fossgreen was on a hike. the parents believe he is wearing the same plaid shirt you see in this picture. his fiance broke off the engagement in april and he has been derespondent. >> oakland international airport officials are looking to make a temporary fix on a section of
5:36 am
runway more permanent. a pilot reported an issue on the 10,000' long runway yesterday. it led to a shutdown of the runway if two hours. an operations crew found a small section of the pavement cracked and fell apart creating a hole 2' in diameter and 4" deep. there are no flight cancellations and only slight delays with planes taking more time to taxi to a more distant runway. as the san jose airport is set to begin nonstop surface between bay area and tokyo, the boeing 787 dream liner used by the airline is facing safety concerns. a electric fire on a three week old 787 at boston's logan is the latest in a string of problems. the fire happened at the jet was serviced after passengers and true deplaned. electrical and power problems forced emergency landings in texas and new orleans on other
5:37 am
787's. starting friday, the dream liner willfully nonstop five times a week between san jose and tokyo. >> weather and the forecast with leigh glaser. >> no flights delays out of san francisco. >> we have 10 mile visibility at sfo so no reported delays but this is moving around so it could change. live doppler 7 hd showing no returns so we will call it a dry day for the bay area. it is a cold morning, in the 30's in the in the bay and napa is at 37, and quarter-mile visibility and very dense fog, and 47 in san francisco, livermore is 47, and dense fog and 42 right new in san jose and mountain view is reporting 43 degrees. getting you out the door, this morning in the morning fog it should lift sooner and it will warm things up by lunch time and warming near the bay into the
5:38 am
low 60's to cool things down and bringing a few more clouds at 4:00 and 7:00 this evening and the next couple of days enjoy the 60's today, because we have big weather changes expected on wednesday. colder air mass moves in and temperatures only in the 50's and colder, still, maybe a few cold rain drops expected on thursday and by thursday temperatures pushing to get out of the 40's. now traffic. >> we we have a serious accident to report at 80 westbound looking at our abc app you can see a report two left lanes, two right lanes with major debris, one overturned vehicle, possibly more, so we will follow this with traffic backing to hilltop drive. this is 80 westbound with an accident we will follow this for you and we will get it cleared
5:39 am
before the commute begins and we look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights and traffic is flowing smooth. and san mateo bridge is still 15 minute drive moving from hayward to foster city and the drive times 580 over the pass, and antioch is reporting thick fog and east shore freeway to the maze is 20-minute drive. >> coming up we will go like to las vegas for the opening of the consumer electronics show with your fir
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>> welcome back at 5:43. mountain view police made an arrest in a 28-year-old cold case murder after evidence was collected from the victim to identify her killer. the victim was found strangled in a super market dumpster in mountain view in 1985 the she tried to defend herself as she was attacked 30 years ago and by having done so, investigators say they were able to track down the man who killed her. >> you scratch someone whether you try to defend yourself or any sort of a struggle, there is a good chance that person's skin cells will wind up on your nails and that is as good as a
5:43 am
fingerprint in identifying someone. >> the d.a. in mountain view say the d.n.a. hit led them to a 53-year-old daniel garcia of fresno and he was arrested on friday after questioning him the day before. >> san francisco 49ers coach says this could be two place kickers on the roster when they host green bay on saturday night. the niners signed veteran kicker cundiff to compete with david akers we has been off the mark. he scheduled a kicking session yesterday, but according to the san francisco chronicle, akers was a no show and cundiff the practice was necessary because he has not kicked at candlestick. the tickets sold out yesterday in 15 minutes.
5:44 am
>> mcdonald's is spreading the golding archs to another city. >> good morning, if you look if a job try one with the government. after cutting hundreds of thousands of workers, state and local governments are in the best financial shape insurance is the recession. as a result, they will likely create more than 200,000 additional jobs this year. a.i.g. got a $18 billion bail yacht from the federal government and new the insurance is considering sue the government for the damage that did. "new york times" reports the board will meet tomorrow to consider joining $25 billion shareholder lawsuit that accuses the government of hurting profits through the bailout tack icks. food and beverage headlines, the associated press says mcdonald's is testing mighty wings in chicago after offering the wingness atlanta. mcdonald's could take the wings national or if chicken prices are too high sell limited
5:45 am
editions. and budweiser has a new beer ready for the super bowl and the first tv ad will run during this year's big game. that is from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg report. >> our big game saturday nights tailgating, party, wet, big pressure. >> it looks good. it looks dry for the niner game will be cold with a cold spell moving this thursday and friday. outside we go, folks, a look from the high definition rooftop camera, it is clear over san francisco. not so clear in parts of the northeast bay because we have dense fog. it will lift sooner this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows we are not picking up any return so it will be a dry day across the bay area. readings headed out napa is 37. reduced visibility.
5:46 am
pockets of dense fog near san rafael, and 47 in fran, -- in san francisco and reduced visibility in oakland down to 8 miles there and hayward but the north bay locations including napa and fairfield, where you will find the pockets of dense fog so slow down. you will need to allow extra drive times. areas fog this morning, warming this afternoon and enjoy it because a cold are day returns if wednesday with highs in the low 60's for san jose and 51 to mineral park and san francisco tomorrow warming to 59 -- rather, today warming to 59. 61 in sonoma and 60 if concord and down toward monterey bay, at
5:47 am
60 and mid-60's for gilroy. >> we have a serious accident going back to our abc7 app with the best view of what is going on here. just before this area, multi-vehicles, one overturn and debris scattered across the lanes and you can see our traffic spotters showing a major accident. traffic is now backing beyond richmond parkway in the westbound direction of highway 80 so, a serious accident here and if you want to navigate your commute you can download this app which is handy from apple app or google play. we have slow traffic from antioch westbound highway four and thick fog here with fog advisory issued between antioch and pittsburg with slow traffic from antioch. that is typical but give yourself extra time. you are looking at 20 minutes
5:48 am
into concord from antioch and elsewhere, slowing into livermore and it picks up and you reach the dublin/pleasanton interchange and looking at 25 to 30-minute drive to dublin/pleasanton from the pass. >> thank you, [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> welcome back at 5:52. the wait is offer for tekkies at the consume electronics show in las vegas. the latest high-tech hardware goes on display today. >> we have a preview of the hot gadgets at the show. our electronics editor joins us live from the show. paul, what do you have? >> the first thing is this horizon table pc which is a regular all if one pc that can be used with a keyboard but when you lay it flats it turns into a giant interactive screen where you can play games with it, it is battery operated and you can take it around the home so it turns into a giant touch screen device, a giant tablet. >> something else, it is like the biggest ipad you will ever
5:52 am
see. >> exactly. right. exactly. something else, last year at the show we saw the first 5" smartphone and this year we seeing a lot more of the bigger phones that push the envelope and we are seeing the first 6" smartphone which is this item which has a 6" screen so it is pushing the envelope as to how big a smartphone can get and still be accommodated by your hand or in your pocket. >> something else that is interesting is this fish are -- fisher price $40 kit a frame for the ipad so you are not so worried about the kids using it, together with apps that interact between a card which you put down and it triggers an interactive video play element to help kids lend their letters
5:53 am
and it makes it more engaging. there are a number of different things here to learn letters and writing. >> thank you so much, paul. >> we will check in later if more on that. >> reran out of time. now, getting you out of the door with the weather forecast. leigh glaser is here this morning. we are happy to have you. >> we are right, folks, we are looking at a live shot from live doppler 7 hd and nothing in the way of returns are with us. if you are planning your day, we will keep it dry at the coast and temperatures are warming by lunch time and close to 60 degrees. plenty of sunshine with the fog lifting. if you are inland, by lunch, temperatures are mid-to-upper 50's and we will bring you a few more clouds by around 7:00 hour
5:54 am
and around the bay area, this is where we are seeing pockets of dense fog that will lift by lunch and you will have hazy sunshine. >> and our abc7 app, we have an overturned with debris, as well, politicking two lanes well in the far left and far right and debris scattered across the highway, 80 westbound, you can see on the app it is backed beyond hilltop to the richmond parkway which you can take to get around the accident which is a good alternate but it, also, is getting included. so, overturned westbound 80 you have very slow traffic in the area and you can see abc7 traffic spotters. you can download this on apple's appear yell app or google play. and the toll plaza is light with no delays moving toward san francisco and it is a "spare the
5:55 am
air" day and all mass transit is running on time. >> after a decade of laughs, a new era in late night television begins tonight with jimmy kimmel moving to a new time slot at 11:23 the longest running late night show on abc going strong for 10 years and he goes directly against jay leno and david letterman in the new time slot. >> i do not feel nervous. i feel pretty calm but there are a few nervous nellies. >> the guests tonight are old friend jennifer aniston and no doubt the opening musical act after abc7 news at 11:00 and he takes stage at 11:23 and "nightline" moves back to 12:30 a.m. after jimmy. >> a choice for a unique wedding
5:56 am
setting but a kink in the day. the hot air balloon ride had a problem. a wind gust in san diego pushed the balloon away from the landing zone and slammed it into a tree in someone's backyard, with 14 petroleum open board shaken but all were fine. they just exchanged the vows and continued to the reception after the rough landing. we will have more on the story on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> the bumpy ride in that marriage, hopefully, is over. >> and more on the investigation of the tanker that hit the bay bridge. >> traffic in the bay area has a new blame on the area freeways. >> a high hopping chase down under.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00 a.m., a break in the case, a man accused doubting his girlfriend in gasoline and setting her on fire is in police today. >> an investigation is underway this morning into why an oil tanker crashed into the bay bridge. >> today is two years since the tucson shooting rampage that congresswoman gabrielle giffords was injured and she and her husband are speaking to abc news in an exclusive interview. >> thanks for waking up early and joining us. >> speaking of waking up early, leigh glaser is here. >> hello, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows that all the sky is dry right now so a dry day on tap for tuesday and headed out the door, it is a cold one with 30's in the east bay and the north bay and 43


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