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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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for in the north bay valley slowing the only commute down. and sfo has ten miles visibility and no reports. san jose, 42 degrees. enjoy today, with hazy sunshine and warmer temperatures, 60 for san rafael, and check out santa rosa, 63. interior east bay, antioch and livermore, 61 with hazy sun for san jose. >> an accident at san pablo with overitemmed debris and we have the app do show you what is going on and you can see near rollingwood drive, you can see it looks like toward richmond parkway which is the good alternate route, to san pablo,
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very slow traffic, westbound 80 involving an overturn. that is the most serious thing we have going on this morning. and further to the west, 80 westbound, it is lighter because everyone is budge -- bunched up, and as you make your way to the bay bridge, no delays and mass transit is showing no delays and it is a "spare the air" day. >> the san francisco man accused of doubting his girlfriend on gasoline and setting her on fire is behind bars. amy joins us live with how police took the man into custody. amy? >> kristen, the relatives of the victim can focus their attention on her and her recovery here at st. francis. before he was caught the victim's relatives told me they were feeling very anxious about dexter oliver being on the run trying to help police give them any tips and stay in touch with
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the investigators. they were worried about their safety. now they can feel relief. police found him last night in oakland at 9:00 in a hotel. officers say he surrendered peacefully. he is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. the 25-year-old starr lamare, she has three small children, was dating oliver. her smoldering sweater was lying in street after she ripped it off. this is an image that was so disturbing for the witnesses. they say it was horrible to watch her run and scream and trying to get sweater off. this happened sunday afternoon. witnesses say the couple was arguing and oliver got gasoline and he pored it on on starr lamare and lit her on fire. she has burns to her face and she will probably be in the hospital for four to five months. one of her sisters told me that she was hoping he would be
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caught alive. she said she thought debt was too easy and she wants him to sit in jail and think about her sister. he now is in jail and bliss will charge him with arson and attempted murder. live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thankthank you, this morninge bar pilot who was guiding an oil tanker that scraped the bay bridge yesterday is due to face investigators' questions. the tanker is anchored off alcatraz while crews inspect damage to the outer hull to see if any of the fuel oil on board leaked. holds for the oil that it was carrying were e and it dumped its load in the bay area or left the load in the bay area and it has double hulls so concerns of spilling into the by have been alleviated and we were over the 750' long overtanker minutes after the vessel sideswiped a tower of the bridge. investigators are combing every inch of the ship.
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>> damage right now appears to be well above the water line and a crushing of the metal structure but in penetration of the hull itself. >> the ship off loaded its supply of oil. the concern was fuel oil that it burns for the engines but it did not leak. investigators will review the radio traffic minutes before it sideswiped the tower. the damage to the bridge is super official and the fender designed to protect the towers from damage clearly did its job. look at this view. we were there minutes after the tanker smashed into the sixth tower of the span and both the ship and the fender system were damaged. in minutes, a maintenance team did a safety evaluation and the damage only amounts to a scrape and, in fact, no repairs are need to the bridge itself. >> a man who sped away from san
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francisco police on new year's day is due in court to face two counts of murder. the driver smashed into another car at 21st and ran into the front of a store. a woman in the other car and a man on the street were both killed. district attorney says that the 19-year-old is charged with murder because he has no tolerance if violence caused by reckless actions of a man who is a known gang member. this remain on, oakland police are turning to the public if help in tracking down two bank robbery suspects. here are surveillance videos releases. they are accused of a takeover robbery of the bank of the west at 49th on telegraph avenue. they wore direction shirts and baseball caps. one man detained the security guard and another took money from the teller. there is a reward of up to $2,500 for their arrest. >> a study on traffic in the bay area shows which freeways are the worst and who could be to blame. the ground breaking study was
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done by berkeley and it found a small number of we drivers are causing the majority of the headaches on our highways. people commuting from outlying areas jam up the streets alongside the freeways creating a ripple effect that stalls the traffic. the most cop -- congested traffic is 101 corridor in south san jose and the interchange in dublin and back to 101, again, in the north bay sat san -- at n rafael. >> here is a like look outside for you at the san mateo bridge with traffic looking fine and less fog to contend with this morning than yesterday, but leigh glaser will have the full forecast which includes a cold blast. we will check with the traffic center, as w. >> he has hops. literally. the airport breach that created a frenzy
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>> good morning, everyone, i am leigh glaser, live doppler 7 hd showing no returns. we will have a dry day. current temperature is napa at 36 and 47 in san francisco. livermore and antioch in the upper 30's. and 44 in san jose. visibility, boy, the fog is dense in the north, less than a quarter-mile visibility in many locations and toward livermore, and temperatures in the 60's. warmer day to be enjoyed because the cold blast returns on wednesday and thursday. >> the hot spot is in saab back -- in san pablo, you can see traffic is backing. all the way, almost, to highway four, you have a backup beyond
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seminole valley so expect major delays. the richmond parkway around san pablo is the best way to get around this scene but that looks like it is backing up. the bay bridge, metering lights are on and we have reports of a stall on the incline so expect delays for that commute be as well. eric and kristen? >> it is 6:11. new this morning, a kangaroo led police on a high hopping chase in australia. this happened at the melbourne airport. you can see the officers trying to track the kangaroo down to keep it safe. the three-year-old kangaroo dodged police and cars if two hours before it was cornered by officers. the wildlife worker tranquilized the worker and it appears the an ma'am -- animal damaged the toe nails from hopping on the credit. >> does this work with kangaroo
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kangaroos? >> ahead, getting your financial house in order for the new year. consumer reports is ahead with the mistakes to avoid. >> coming up first, an abc news exclusive and what former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is demanding on the second anniversary o
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> i am meteorologist, leigh glaser. out the door this tuesday morning, in the 30's in the in the bay. also, dense valley fog occurring there. 36 in santa rosa. napa is 36.
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47 in san francisco. 37 in livermore valley area. san jose right now is 44 degrees. here is how the day plays out: morning fog, lunch time hour with temperatures in the 60's with hazy sunshine, and a few more clouds overnight. eric? >> thank you, leigh glaser. today is the 2nd anniversary of the tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead and critically injured former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. we are joined live from washington, dc, with what gabrielle giffords is saying in a new exclusive interview with abc news. >> good morning, eric. gabrielle giffords is on a mission on the second anniversary of the tucson shooting, she and her husband are launching a campaign to curb gun violence. >> survivors of the mass shooting in tucson, arizona joined hundreds praying for new laws for change.
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords was among those badly injured at the safeway shooting and she traveled to connecticut where she and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, met with families of the victims. >> the first couple we spoke, took out a cell phone showing us a picture of his daughter and i just about lost it. >> gabrielle giffords is launching a national dialogue to end gun violence told abc in an interview airing tonight on "world news" the country must take action. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say "enough." >> both sides acknowledge something must be done but little has changed in the two years since tucson with 30,000 people killed by guns each year there has been tragedy after tragedy from the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, to
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newtown, connecticut, and record 2.8 million background check in 2012, a 49 percent increase in a year. some gun stores can not keep up with demand. >> i told 300 guns in 2 1/2 weeks. we figured out every 15 to 20 minutes someone came in and bought a gun. >> at 10:10 residents in tucson will ring the bells to remember the shooting. reporting live from washington, dc, for abc7 news. >> thank you. you can watch that exclusive interchange with gabrielle giffords and her husband, the former astronaut mark kelly, to today at 5:30. >> it is a "spare the air" day, right? >> it is. tomorrow, though, well see improving air quality but for the morning hours, at least, the "spare the air" day is in place because we have high pressure pushing the fog close to the
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surface so we have reduced visibility. like shot from the high definition rooftop camera we are clear of the embarcardero and san francisco but to the north and east bay still filled with fog, but dense fog advisory has been lifted. and now live doppler 7 hd shows all is clear across the bay area. and speaking of fog, reduced visibility, quarter-mile visibility at livermore and quarter of a mile in concord so the north bay is sliding to the east and quarter-mile visibility at santa rosa, and close to two miles visibility in novato and ten mile visibility at sfo. in the 30's in the north and east bay locations and antioch is at 37 and 47, though in san francisco. 48 in half moon bay. 41 in redwood city. areas of fog this morning, it
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lits by lunch so get ready for warming this afternoon. temperatures across the bay area climbing into the mid-to-low 60's. enjoy it. the colder temperatures arrive today. 53 for a high in santa rosa and 60 in concord. oakland will warm to 62. the peninsula in the low 60's. palo alto is 62 and gilroy will be 65 with hazy sunshine. now, what to expect today, high pressure will bring us hazy sun and warm us up but tomorrow, cold air will move in and temperatures will drop by five to eight degrees across the bay area. by wednesday, you can see a cold front slides to the bay area and a slight chance of a shower or two and north of the golden gate bridge and on thursday, boy, the sharp blast of cold air settles across the bear area and snow levels down to 1,500'.
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the accweather forecast shows chance of showers on wednesday and colder temperatures thursday and friday only in the 40's. bundle up. here is traffic. >> the hot spot is san pablo with overturned accident at 80 westbound. an abc7 traffic spotter is there with a complete standstill which has not changed. you can see we follow the backup now all the way beyond highway four and the best alternate is saab pablo avenue and take that to where it merges with 80. we have a bit of a delay, a major delay, as you move to 80 westbound. elsewhere, we go, now, to 80 westbound beyond the scene, beyond university and 580 and it is moving nicely because of the backup beyond this in the eastern stretch beyond the scene of the accident. when you funnel to the bay bridge we have metering lights on and the commuter lane are the
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way to go. it is a "spare the air" day so if you can, take mass transit. >> thank you very were. it is 6:21. the the spice now tied to a child's death in southern california. >> a woman is denied her husband's pension after his death. mistakes to
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>> good morning, everyone. our meteorologist, leigh glaser is here. live doppler 7 hd is showing all clear. we will get you out the door. temperatures at 7:00 a.m. with hazy sun. the morning fog will lift near 50. by noon, a warm up in the low 60's and we will bring in a few more clouds in the evening hours. if you are traveling to los angeles, 71 degrees. it will be mild. fresno is 57. tahoe is 50. guys in.
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>> thank you. it is 6:24. a new year and that mean as great time to take a look at your finances. 7 on your side and our partners at consumer reports introduce us to a woman would learned the hard way what can happen when you do not plan ahead. >> good morning, the start of the new year is a good time to get the finances in order and it is not too soon. a surprising number have overlooked financial precautions that can be devastating when disaster strikes. >> ten years after she and her husband were married, he went to take a run. he never came back. >> he suffered a sudden heart attack. it was horrible. they could not revive him. >> the second blow, neither she or the two young children were named as beneficiary on his pension. he neglected to switch it from the parent and when she asked them, they said, no, if our son
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left us as the beneficiary he wanted us to have the money. breaks my heart. >> financial oversites are all too common. >> our survey found in five years 8 percent of respondents had not checked or updated important estate documents including wills and beneficiary designation. >> financial planner says that another frequent mistake couples make is having only one person in charge of the finances. >> what if someone is disabled? what if one of them dies? >> consumer reports confirms that money stumble is common with married couples. with 70 percent only one spouse new key details of the accounts. >> if you are over 60 with adult children, let them know where the important information is. >> other money constitutional peoples, 50 percent of homeowners did not have enough into cover full replacement of
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personal property at today's rices and more than 70 percent did nut have at least three months of living expenses set aside in case of job loss or illness. >> you may not solve everything at once but taking the first steps could save you and your family heartache. >> it took a lawsuit to get her husband's death benefits and she hopes telling her story will encourage others to get their finances in order. >> in addition to updating estate planning documents, consumer reports recommends designating a safety deposit box for the will, insurance policies and a list of all important documents and investment information. >> still ahead at 6:30 the consumer electronics show kicks off if las vegas and the new gadgets that companies are betsing you will want did get your hands on. >> how chili powder results in the death of a young child in southern california.
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>> live from treasure island, the investigation continues today full speed ahead into the bar pilot and the ship that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge with the
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> january 8 at 6:29. good morning. thank you for joining us. we will start the morning with a live look out here both sides of the bay connected by the by bridge and all lights twinkling and a gorgeous start. you do not have the fog, right? >> difference between today and yesterday. >> the fog is not right there but there are spots out there. thanks for joining us this morning i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> leigh glaser can find that fog. >> you are right, not as
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wide-spread fog. it will be a dry day but we have reports of reduced visibility in santa rosa, and pent -- petaluma and livermore valley area, which has report add mile visibility so it is moving around. the dense fog advisory has been lifted. it will not stick around too long. it is a "spare the air" day today, folks, so when the fog lifts, hazy sunshine and mild at 53 in santa rosa, and 79 in san francisco, and a pair of 61 for antioch and livermore and warming to the low 60's for san jose. if you are traveling, rain gear is needed in the south with denver at 52 and sun and more rain in seattle and 49 degrees. >> we have a problem with an overturned accident clears to one lane blocked in san pablo
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and the abc7 traffic app shows one of our traffic spotters showing bumper to bumper brake lights. you can download this app at look at backup now beyond highway four, 80 westbound, according to the app and folks are getting off at san pablo avenue and taking that all the way down to where it remerges with 80 beyond the scene. that is the best bet. this is about 45 minute drive from the bridge to the mcarthur maze with the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up in incline stall. you can see the backup toward the maze. eric? >> thank you. we start with developing news that abc7 first break on twitter, the investigation continues after a tanker
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sideswiped the bay bridge. our reporter is live on treasure island with more. >> the bar pilot will be questioned today. the ship will be further inspected. the ship is right there off the treasure island between here and alcatraz, 751' ship, that is damaged but not leaking. yesterday, at noon, the oil tanker which was not carrying oil as cargo but only as fuel, it sideswiped the bay bridgetower. the damage described is "deep dent." >> 30' to 40' has been damaged and will need to be replaced and it has been damaged in the way it was supposed to. >> a double-hull ship so there was no penetration of the hull that we have found. it is believed there is in product leaking in the water.
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>> double hull ship, and the tower functioned as designed. the 61-year-old pilot guy kleess and the crew have been detained which is standard procedure in such a case. there is also concern that the person who owns the coffeeship on treasure island says that when he was out here shortly before noon yesterday there was not a chance to see san francisco and the fog came on suddenly year. live on treasure island for abc7 news. >> it is now 6:33. we have new video showing google executive chairman schmidt touring north korean were computer centers on the left here wearing a red scarf with former new mexico governor bill richardson on the right on a guided tour of university computer laboratory in pyongyang. schmidt is an advocate for internet freedom around the world emphasizes the visit is no in official capacity for google and the state department has
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objected to this trip. >> governor brown is going to hold a news conference in sacramento to discuss improvements to mental health care in state prisons and to discuss steps taking to help overcrowding. officials asked judges to change an order capping the number of inmates that can be held in state prison. the state wants permission to house 6,000 additional inmates. officials warn if this is rejected dangerous felons will be released early. >> the san francisco men accused of setting a girlfriend on fire is in custody. san francisco police and marshals arrested the 22-year-old dexter oliver last night after getting a tip he was staying at a hotel in oakland. the victim, 25-year-old starr lamare, remains in critical condition. the two got in an argument in the bayview district and oliver came home and poured gasoline in a bottle and went to the laundromat and doused her and
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set starr lamare on fire. aa two-year old girl died after eating chili powder in apple valley. the sheriff says she suffered a seizure and later died at the hospital. a 21-year-old woman is in custody but authorities are not saying how she is connected to the child. >> the santa cruz sheriff will broaden the search for a missing 23-year-old man, the parents of alexander fossgreen say their son walked out of their house from scotts valley and never came back. search crews comas park near his home and the sheriff say they have in solid information to suggest he went on a hike, and he is believed wearing the same plaid shirt seen here. his fiance broke east engagement in april and he has been despondent. federal agents are take over the seven of a well tied to the so-called speed freak killers with heave machines used to dealer soil covering the well
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and most of the digging is done by hand, the remains of toy people have been found in the area all believed victims of who men on a killing spree in the 1980's and in knew's. -- and who 1990's. the family is wait dog see if the finding of bone fragments will help solve the case. >> a medical marijuana has another round to stay open amid a federal crack down. a imagine straight in san francisco has refused to order the center to stop selling marijuana while the government tries to prove the establishment is illegal and must close. the landlord in oakland and san jose argue they remain at risk as long as pot continues to be sold because a u.s. attorney has threatened to seize the rented properties. >> it is "spare the air" day, the third of the winter season, the bear area air quality management district says the stagnant airplane of trap the
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pollution near the ground so that is trouble for those with breathing problems. you should motorcycle -- bike other walk rather than drive. there is a ban on outdoor fire pits, repeat violators face fines up to $500. >> first time you get a warning, and after that, a fine. >> traffic and weather together next on the abc7 morning news. >> this is the golden gate bridge with traffic moving along right here and we do not see much in the way of fog but that does not mean it isn't out there. and leigh glaser, our meteorologist, will tell you where, and sue is following traffic. >> also, gadget lovers, the consumer electronics show kicking off today in las vegas with innovations in tablets that manufacturers are showing off.
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>> i am meteorologist, leigh glaser, with live doppler 7 hd dry. it is clear. that means get ready for a dry day. we are looking at reduced visibility in the north by. we are talking about novato at close to two miles and less than a mile at napa and fairfield and livermore. very cold temperatures the next couple of days.
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that is ahead. now traffic. >> the big crush is 80 westbound because of an accident with very jam up conditions all the way back, according to our app, beyond hercules and highway four, the best alternate right now would be to take san pablo off of 80 and make your way around this bumper to bumper traffic and exit or merge back on to 80 beyond the scene of the accident. again, overturned cleared out to one lane, but the damage, unfortunately, is done. >> thank you. the future is now. the doors are swinging open at the annual international consumer electronics show if las vegas. tens of thousands of tekkies check out the latest and greatest in gadgets, whether it is ready for the market or about to be from super high definition screen to table sized tablets to
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accessories. the show runs through friday at the las vegas convention center. >> wedding days seem to have unexpected problems, make the cake did not turnout or the dress did not fit but few have had a crash landing. >> that is what happens when a couple decided to tie the knot in san diego yesterday. a wind gust pushed the balloon out of the intended landing area. it slammed into a tree. 13 people were on board. no one was seriously injured. after the couple continues with the reception as planned. for better or worse, right? it will only get better from here on. >> it better get better. >> jimmy kimmel is ready for the new time slot going head to head against leno and letterman. >> the dow is down 20 points.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san lows and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> meteorologist, leigh glaser here. out the door. bundle up. it is cold in the north bay, 30's widespread from santa rosa, napa for fairfield. san francisco is at 47. 37 with fog in livermore and 45 in mountain view. by lunch time, hazy sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50 on the coast and if you are spending the afternoon elsewhere across the bay area, inland locations warming close to 60 degrees by lunch. enjoy it. eric? >> thank you. death rates from cancer inch down but now the question is, how to keep mortality rates moving in that direction? overall deaths from cancer slowly dropped during the 1990's
6:44 am
and that trend is holding but this is a triple threat to the trend, bad diets, lack of physical activity and obesity adding up to deaths. over the neck decade that could surpass tobacco as the leading cause of cancer in the united states. >> a new time for abc late night television begins tonight when jimmy kimmel moves to 11:23 the long of the running late night show on abc going strong for 10 years now. it will now be a battle of network comedy stars as he goes directly against jay leno and david letterman. >> i feel pretty calm about it but there are a few nervous nellies around here. >> you will have guests that are old friends including jennifer aniston.
6:45 am
it moves to the new time slot tonight at 11:23 -- 11:35. >> jennifer aniston, first time on the show, up next.
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>> target is taking price matching strategy to a new level. >> for a look at trading and more on that we go to the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, did you take advantage of target price map -- matching, including matching amazon and toys 'r us but only for online price, so if you buy a qualifying item and you find
6:47 am
the same item in less than seven days target matches the price. this is effective immediately. samsung operating profit is add a record level of last three months of 2012 because of demand if galaxy phones and analysts say samsung benefited from slower than expected sales from iphone 5. and at&t says they sold ten million smart phones last quarter, a record. and the bill customers generate twice as much revenue as other customers. dow and s&p 500 are on the defensive today, we start getting earnings rolling in and that occurs later this morning with alcoa and silicon valley index which is higher. >> thank you very much.
6:48 am
>> microphone caught leigh glaser and i talking about the ultra sound party. >> sell tickets. make a profit. >> but the fog is really dense in the not bay and now it is starting to push south into san jose. this is a live look with the visibility on the freeway and live doppler 7 hd is not picking up moisture. it will be a dry day today. we will check out the visibility down to seven mile visibility right now in san jose. you can see lesser amounts less than a mile at livermore and concord. the north bay is starting to improve in novato but elsewhere, less than a mile visibility. this is not widespread problems but just pockets. so no delays at sfo with ten miles visibility and eight miles in oakland.
6:49 am
our current readings show 30's east bay locations and 40's near san francisco and oakland. areas of fog this morning and it will lift around lunch time so we will be in the 60's and it will be cooler headed into wednesday, thursday, and friday. 61 in antioch and north bay. 59 for san francisco and half moon bay and pleasant at the coast and gilroy will be like spring at 65 degrees, hollister in the mid-60's and 61 in santa cruz. today, high pressure will warm us up, hazy sunshine, and on back side of the cold front, the cold air mass will sweep in to possibly bring out a sure or -- a shower or two on wednesday and you can see it sags to the south so a slight chance of a shower
6:50 am
and a boater chance on thursday and the reinforcement of cold air settles in and snow level down to 1,500' across the bear area. get ready for the cold blast on wednesday, thursday, and friday^, low snow levels and freezing temperatures early friday morning and saturday for the big game it will be dry. now, traffic. >> thank you, our big backup remains 80 westbound because of the accident, you can see by our abc7 traffic app it is getting a work out all the way back beyond highway four and folks are taking san pablo avenue as an alternate and it is 45-minute drive from the bridge to the mcarthur maze an overturn accident that happened an hour ago and beyond hilltop, 80 westbound, that is the bad commute for the morning and we have a rough spot north 880, a stalled bus blocking lanes of
6:51 am
traffic and that is in the clearing phases to san jose, 81, the ramp to north 101 was a stall which has been cleared but you may find slow traffic if you are headed in the northbound direction of 87 toward 101 and the backup is to the mcarthur maze and me tearing lights are on. >> five things to know before you go. >> we return in 9011
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>> it is 6:54 on the morning news. a live look as we watch the sunrise in the east there. there are foggy spots but not as widespread as yesterday. leigh glaser will fill you in, in a couple of minutes. >> as we ready to hang things off to "good morning america", the bar pilot in charge of a tanker ship sideswiped the bridgetower. the 751' double hulled oil tanker is anchored off alcatraz. fog leaked and the tower just had a minor scrape. number two, the man accused of setting his girlfriend on trial is in jail after aning arrested last night at an oakland hotel. starr lamare is in critical condition. she was attacked after an argument as a laundromat on sunday. >> number three, the santa cruz
6:54 am
sheriff says they will bradden the search this morning for a 23-year-old alexander fossgreen whose parents say he walked out of the house in scotts valley on friday morning. his fiance drove east engagement last april and he has been derespondent. >> today is two years since the tucson shooting rampage and congresswoman gabrielle giffords was among those badly injured in the gun attack. she and her husband spoke exclusively to abc in an interview that airs tonight. they are launching a national campaign to curb gun violence. >> the doors are open at the international consumer electronics show in las vegas. the buzz this year is the innovation and super high definition screens and accessories to keep your electronics working better. >> now the forecast, with leigh glaser. >> we will go ahead and take a last look at visibility. widespread -- rather, pockets of
6:55 am
fog, but mostly in the north bay and east bay locations including concord and oakland and police livermore and eight mile visibility in san jose. temperatures in the northeast right now in the mid-to-upper 30's and 40's elsewhere and planning the afternoon, it is a "spare the air" day and expect the fog to lift in the next few hours and we will break out into hazy sunshine. enjoy the temperatures, warming into the mid-to-low 60's and santa rosa is 63 and antioch and livermore at 61 and 62 today in san jose. final look at traffic. >> to re-cap and go back do the bay bridge, metering lights or on but photographic backing into the macarthur maze and the hot spot is a crunch right here, and you can see the app has been getting a big work out and it and really showing the scene here with traffic backed all the
6:56 am
way from el portal and to this hour san pablo avenue is the best beck. we can see slow traffic on the richmond parkway moving toward san pablo avenue so remember, this is the hot spot for the commute this morning at 80 westbound, about 40 minutes from the macarthur maze, rather, into the maze and oakland, we just have a stalled bus, a big double bus blocking north 880, which is very, very slow this morning moving up from oakland and macarthur maze. it is a tough ride out there. >> abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america"
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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, a new front in the gun battle. the most famous face affected by gun violence fights back. gabby giffords announcing direct action against gun warfare in america. she talks to diane sawyer in an abc news exclusive. caught on tape. hot air balloon emergency. this couple just married, thousands of feet up, before the balloon operator loses control, crashing out of the sky, into a home below. it was the bride's dream to get married in midair. but it turned into the real-life wedding crashers for more than a dozen people. bobcat attack. the terrifying encounter sh face to face with a bobcat in the family garage outside boston. it pounced, fangs bared. it took down the man and his nephew. how they broke free from the wild attack. ♪ sweet home alabama and the tide rolls over noter


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