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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 8, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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alcatraz, a damaged hull but no oil leak. the national transportation safety board is getting involved because of the magnitude the incident. look at the scene yesterday at 1111 -- 11:30 it sideswiped a 40' section of the fenders on the tower. but there no transportation disruption. the bridge is okay. this morning a cal tran spokes talk about it. >> it gave in and kept the moment imof the ship from touching the structure of the bridge. that is why we did not have to close it. we have to replace between 30' and 40' of material this is wood and plastic composite that we use to absorb the brunt of these incidents. >> a question that the coast guard is going to be asked when they have the news conference,
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was the ship moving with less than half a mile visibility? that brings to mind an incident in 2007 when there was quarter-mile visibility yesterday. the oil tanker has unloaded the oil at the refinery and went to oakland to refuel to make the next trip. it is capable of hauling half a million gallons of oil but it was empty from what it had been carrying. the crew has been detained. no one has been injured. a lost questions if the coast guard when they have the news conference and how big a factor was the fog. what condition was the pilot in? we know in things. we will hear more in a moment. live from treasure island for abc7 news. >> the i-team has uncovered new information about bar pilot guy kleess who had two prior incidents in northern california. the first happened august 27,
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2009, when the ship grounded briefly while entering the port of sacramento. he was ordered to take four practice trips. to two days later he damaged a cat walk in stockton but it was pilot error and he was ordered to take four practice trips for that, as well. >> here is what is next in the tanker investigation, ship could remained anchored for days. investigators have to wait for the results from the bar pilot toxicology screening, interview the entire crew and make sure there are no leaks in the ship before they can let it go. we will continue to follow the investigation on abc7 news and on abc7 >> and four men stole beer, a case of bud lite at 2:30 in the morning when they tried to take
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another case, the clerk stopped them. then the men assaulted the clerk. tonightly, he was not seriously injured. the san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire is now in county jail. the 22-year-old dexter oliver was arrested last night in an oakland hotel. the victim is 25-year-old starr lamare. she remains in critical condition. she has severe burns. police say she got in an argument in bayview district on sunday. investigators say oliver doused starr lamare with gasoline and set her on fire. oliver faces charges of arson and attempted murder. >> the santa cruz sheriff is expanding the search for a missing 23-year-old man, who walked from the house in scotts valley on friday morning and never came back. a small search party combed the trails of the park where he hiked. his parents say he has been despondent since a breakup with
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hers fiance. he is believed wearing the plaid short in this picture. >> a small number of commuters are causing freeway traffic jams for the rest of us according to a study by researchers at berkeley. targeting those drivers could dramatically improve traffic flow. amy hollyfield has more. >> this study used this, people's cell phones and their g.p.s. signals to track their habits. experts say this research is going do help give them a picture of what is happening upstream before people enter the flow of traffic. >> when you ask bay area drivers for troubled traffic spots, the list answers is long. >> really bad. sometimes it takes me about 45 minutes to get down here which is ten minutes normally. >> it took 24 minutes from san francisco this morning. >> researchers have definitive
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answers. professors at uc berkeley gathered the most details traffic information yet. they found that the traffic is the worst in southeast san jose, hayward, san ramon and san rafael. they looked at very specific issues. they think they have the answer to this frustrating problem. >> you do not know where the traffic comes from, you do not see an accident or figure. it is just really bad. >> they believe this happens because people from outlying neighborhoods all come together like tributaries feeding a river and cause congestion at a random time for others on the freeway. this, researchers believe, will help them target and try to somehow fix problem areas. >> i am in favor of figuring this problem out. >> traffic officials say the time of building new freeways is behind us and this research will use what we have more efficiently which could mean more metering lights at the points where the neighbors come
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together and enter the freeway or, maybe, telling the commuters different times they should leave the house. >> thank you. happening now, governor brown is fighting to end a federal court order to deal with the state's overcrowded prison system. this morning, brown declared the state had successfully done its part to reduce evercrowding, and he said the state has improved inmate health care issues to meet a court order to put in place four years ago. at time the judge blamed poor conditions for self inmate deaths but he says the problems now are a distant memory and has filed paperwork to terminate the federal oversight. >> there is no question there were big problems this california prisons. overcrowding, lack of health care, lack of mental health care and lots of other problems but after decades of work, the job is now complete. >> he call many of the concerns raised by the monitor as "unwarranted" including inmates
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waiting a few minutes in the pill line. >> medical marijuana center has won a fight to stay open. a federal magistrate in san francisco refused to order the health center to stop selling pot while the government tries to prove the center is illegal and must close. the landlords in oakland and san jose say they are at risk as long as pot is sold if their building because the u.s. attorney threatened to seize the rental properties if it continued. >> in less than an hour san francisco's new supervisors will be sworn in at city hall bringing by change to the 11-member panel. this morning, newly elected supervisor took her oath of office add minute sistered by political ally, california attorney general. the first order of business is selecting a member to lead them as president. so far, there are no clear frontrunner. last time it took 11 rounds to select the position.
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pro nudists say if scott weiner is choicen they will disrobe in protest. he sponsored a public nudity ban last year. >> california nudists may not have to fill in as many bubbles on state standardized tests in the future, with the top education official unveiling a new system of student achieve ment testing supposed to emphasis critical thinking skills rather than have them choose the best answer. the standardized test measures constitute progress in english and math and qualifies high schoolers for graduation. >> still ahead, officials issued a winter "spare the air" alert today. if you look over the bay, a little bit hazy out there, right? our meteorologist, leigh glaser, is ahead with a look at the air quality and the accweather forecast. >> gabrielle giffords and her husband unveil a new gun control numberrive on the two-year anniversary of the
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>> the national debate over gun control has been reinvograte the in the wake of mass shootings. tonight on "world news," we speak with former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband. they are gun owners and advocates. >> two years ago today, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords survived the shooting at a tucson supermarket and is
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fighting back on behalf of all gun violence victims. she and her husband traveled to connecticut last week to meet with families of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school hasser. she spoke for the first time after the shooting in an exclusive interview with abc. >> how was newtown? >> tough. >> the first couple we spoke to that took out a cell phone and showed us a picture of his daughter. i about lost it. >> they say the december shooting which left 20 children and six adults dead brought back painful members. both are gun owners and supporters of 2nd amendment but they say what happened in sandy hook elementary school was a turning point. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom it's time to say "enough." >> today, she and kelly launch add new campaign aimed at reducing gun violence, taking on the gun lobby and pushing for background check for private gun sales and limiting high capacity
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magazine clips. >> two days after the sandy hook elementary school shooting, president obama issued a call to action. >> these tragedies must end. to end them we must change. >> dealers say the threat of stricter gun[éx c!, u.u.] contrd a surge in sales. >> should anything change, they have what they need. >> vice president biden is heading up the effort. at white house he will meet with victims groups and gun rights advocates. >> you can see more of the exclusive interview with congresswoman gabrielle giffords tonight on "world news" at 5:30 right here on abc7. >> most north koreans have never accessed the internet but today the government showed plenty the google c.e.o. schmidt and bill richardson showing students surfing the web and using goon.
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schmidt is a long time advocate of internet freedom but the access is rare and limited to nose only with gun permission. >> and leigh glaser is here with mike nicco. >> we have been in the fog today. i will show you the east bay right now from our high definition camera, looking on the valley there. the good news is a lost this is lifting. when it does the temperatures will warm up. we will look at the numbers coming up. >> plus wedding crashers of a different sort. we will show you -- yikes -- why
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> we have more on our top story involving the coast guard investigation into the oil tanker that crashed into the bay bridge at this time yesterday. >> abc7 fuzz reporter is like on treasure island. you go straight to the source for the latest information. >> the coast guard sent out people to speak to us and tell us new information about what went on here yesterday. this is lieutenant lambert. can you tell us where the coast
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guard investigation is rise now? >> yes, our investigation right now currently is we have investigators and inspectors on the vessel searching every inch of the vehicle. they got permission to go in and they are searching the area where the vessel hit impact with the bay bridge. they are now looking into seeing if there is damage to the hull and that area and they continue to investigate and interview the crew on boards as well as pilot. >> as that ship was headed toward that tower, you are telling me the coast guard was in communication. talk to me about that. >> what happens when a ship leaves or leaves the dock they are in constant, communication with the pilot and the coast guard. what happens is, they stay in communication letting them know their course, their direction, visibility and that kind of information. in this case they were in constant communication with the pilot prior for the incident
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happening. >> do you know what was said? how the ship got off course? >>guest: i don't have that information and the coast guard is investigating that. >> one last thing to clear up, there was a report that after the disaster in 2007 here in san francisco bay, there was a rule that the coast guard instituted you had to have a half mile visibility, you did not have half a mile yesterday but you are saying that rule did not apply in that specific area. >>guest: that is correct. after the incident in 2007 a group got talking with the coast guard and harbor safety committee implementing critical maneuvering areas areas and they bridge is not considered critical maneuvering and the incident you talk about, the estuary is considered critical maneuvering area which they are required to have the half mile. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. that is the latest. much more information to come and a lot of questions to be answered. >> well have more for you on
11:20 am but leigh glaser is with us today. >> i am! you are, too! it is hazy out there. >> that is probably or top story weather-wise, all the fog that has been re-developing rapidly during the morning commute. it since has started to lift and this is our high definition camera looking down over the height there in southern marin county. this is a dry day and we are sweeping live with no echoes or returns at all and the big problem has been the dense fog. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory and they canceled it and they reissued it but you can see the visibility is starting to improve. early this morning there was less than quarter-mile visibility in novato and up to eight miles now and still foggy at santa rosa and concord and
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fairfield but most locationses are starting to slowly burn out the thick haze. shear a close up satellite you can see right here toward the delta, still picking up the fog but much of it is cleared nicely and down toward san jose and points south, this is starting to clear and it will continue to do so into the afternoon hours. temperatures where the fog sits, where the temperatures are the coolest, antioch still has fog at 45 but it is 59 with hazy sunshine at half moon and san francisco is 53. here is a look at our forecast, hazy sun this afternoon, clouds thickening overnight. get ready for colder temperatures headed through friday. high pressure will continue to keep the jet stream tracked to the north of us for another day and look what happens by tonight, the clouds start to move in and behind this front, this is the cold section or the cold weather pattern that will sing in as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday,
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we have a weak cold front to the northwest of us and this is our timing, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you can see it draping along the north coast and as it starts to head south not a lot of moisture, we will keep a slight chance of a shower in our accweather forecast on wednesday afternoon and we could bring another slight chance for thursday morning but what you will really notice is very cold temperatures and by thursday night, snow levels down to about 1,200 feet. it is never too soon to talk about the playoffs, green bay and san francisco on saturday. temperatures will start at 52 and 47 degrees by 9:00. on tuesday, we will warm it up when that clears and santa rosa is 63, and santa cruz is 51 and enjoy today, folks, the cold air mass moves in on wednesday, thursday, and friday. saturday, right now, for the gale, it looks dry. we will continue to keep a close eye on that but cold, cold
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temperatures. >> thank you f1
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>> coming up today at 3:00, families who face unexpected challenges and a warning for new parents, the recall of hundreds of thousands of infant sleepers and the dangers they pose. target stores extend policy for customers put in place but will it hurt the final line? we have that later today on abc sunday news at 4:00 and 5:00. >> unique wedding put a kink in the wedding day. >> the sunset ceremony was going as planned until it was time to land.
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>> a wind gust in san diego pushed the hot air balloon away from the landing zone and slammed it into a tree in someone's backyard. >> it all went fine and the couple just exchanged their vows and continued on to their reception after the rough landing. they had a bumpy start but it will all get better. >> that does it for us, thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire "is next. >> the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app available and the kindle fire. we end with a look at the t good morning! wow.
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