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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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accord together coast guard, repaired. i'm live on treasure island, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 we'll take a look at why the bay bridge is not considered a critical man you'ring area even after the accident five years ago. then at 6:00 the abc 7 news i team exposes the bar pilot's history of accidents and looks into whether the shipping industry takes these incidents seriously enough. >> a man made flood shut down the oakland school district headquarters. apparently someone left a tap on in a closet. three gallons of water per minute poured out overnight. they found a big mess this morning. it damaged some equipment, caused damage. the clean up expected to take several days. many will have to earn a temporary meeting. >> an investigation is underway after an intruder was
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fatally stabbed by a home oiner he was trying to rob this morning. officers were called out just before 11:00. police tell abc 7 news the tenant heard a man. the resident retrieved a shotgun. intruder lunged at the ten yanlt. the tenant stabbed the expect, killing him. the 54-year-old had been previous lay rested for burglary. >> state safety investigators looking into the death of a warehouse worker crushed by a big rig in hayward. sky 7 shows the initial investigation at the scene. the truck pinned worker across the loading dock. this happened at keiko, a company that designs, markets and distributes textile products. >> in tucson a somber remembrance of the six people killed two years ago today. bells rang at 10:11 this
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morning. the moment when a gunman opened fire on congress woman gabrielle giffords and her staff. giffords was shot in the head, but survived the attack. >> and today, gifford as nounsd she's launching a political action committee targeting the gun lobby this, is in response to the recent outbreak of violence like the one that nearly killed her in 2010 and last month's school shooting in newtown, connecticut. in an interview, giffords and her husband, mark kelly said waits time to take action before more lives are lost. >> and that can happen to children in a classroom. >> it's time to say. >> enough. >> you can see more of the interview tonight on world news 5:30, right here on abc 7. >> a south san francisco body shop owner will spend 120 days in jail for faulty repairs on
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a vehicle. he was found guilty of insurance fraud and grand theft. take a look at the vehicle he fixed up after a major accident. official frtz bureau of automotive repair say it may look good but they found he did not repair the damaged frame. instead, patching it up making the vehicle a safety hazard. >> a memorial service is being planned for 19-year-old alisa byrne. she was found dead in a south lake ta show snow bank last week. the public memorial schedule forward owe 10:00 a.m. saturday at her alma matter, byrne last seen in a musical festival new year's eve, her boddo was found half a mile from that site. there are no signs of foul plaif. an autopsy is underway. >> today the santa cruz sheriff department expanded a search for this missing 23-year-old man to focus on fall creek state park near felton. his parents say he walked out of the house friday morning and never came back. parents say he's been
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despondent are since a break up with his fiancee. >> governor brown says it's time for courts to leave california prison system alone. >> this morning' announced state met a mandate to reduce sweeping reforms to a troubled system. but the government says continued enforcement could threaten safety because the state would not be able to incars rate inmates. >> this is a very intrusive effort by judges to fix and remedy problems in the system. >> a judge panel found they were so crowded they violated constitutional rights of inmates. >> a controversial recycling center in san francisco has been dismantled but not without arrests of some supporters. >> carolyn tyler with details now. >> bulldozers have been out here all day this, is now all
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that is left of what used to be the haigt ash bury recycling center. known as hank. the ends did not come without incident. a handful areflts made today and last night. supporters upset 40 years of the services and brief stint as an ecology center are over. >> so we locked ourselves in there and took us out. and arrested us. >> hank operating on a site on the side of a stadium in golden gate park. the rec and park department has been trying to kick out the center nearly a decade. saying the industrial use is incompatible with the park. after winning legal challenges, the city served the center with an eviction notice in november. friday, gates were closed z now, the center has been leveled, the department plans to install community gardens. >> we want to make a -- create a hub and demonstration site
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for urban agriculture. it's an exciting plan. >> in a last ditch effort to stay open, hank installed community gardens. but did not meet city criteria. tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from neighbors on both sides about the end of an era for hank. in golden gate park abc 7 news. >> time to check forecast now. >> yes. spencer christian is here with that for us. >> we had lots of fog around. but it cleared out nicely foremost of the day. now, looking atd live doppler 7 hd, you can see clouds off shore, there are clouds moving in our direction but mainly clear skies. at the moment temperatures into the mid-50s to lower 60s into the milder locations. over next 24 hours here is what we can expect. mainly clear skies but patches of fog develop late tonight and during overnight hours, so there will be areas of fog around in early morning hours. temperatures from upper 30s to upper 40s. by afternoon, we'll see clouds
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thickening and a chance of showers. we're not talking about heavy rainfall but wet in spots. showers in afternoon hours. temperatures from about 54 to about 56 degrees. then, colder air coming our way. i'll show how cold it's going to be in the accu-weather forecast. larry, and carolyn? >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 target declares war on amazon with a new deal to save customers money at the register. >> plus, could a fork be the future of diet something it's a gadget on display in las vegas. >> then a woman denied her husband pension after his death. michael finney with more on the financial mistakes that you need to avoid. >> taking a look at san francisco skyway now, you can see traffic moving easily for folks heading south on the righthand side. screen. a little bit slower for drivers making their way east across the bay bridge. stay with us.
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the consumer electronics show is underway. on display is next qen generation of televisions and cars and a high tech fork that work was your phone, believe it or not. joannea stern reports on hottest gadgets from ces. >> if you're wondering what big companies are talking about here it's this. ultrahdtvs that. is four times resolution of probably the tv you're watching now. four times 10 adp that.
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means beautiful picture. this is samsung's s 9 tv. it's 85 inches of beautiful 4 k resolution. looks like i'm looking at this animal. problem is they're not saying how much it's going to cost but it's coming out in march. other big thing everybody is talking about are thing that's work with your smart phone. talking about lots of things. refrigerator, vacuum and a fork this, is the happy fork. it work was the phone, the application will tell what you you're eating and the fork will vibrate if you're eating too fast. vibrating. see? it's vibrating. i'm a fast eater. and the last big thing at the show has to do with your phone but mostly has to po do with car tech. i'm going press this button. a car is going unpark itself, and come pick me up. guess what?
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no one is driving that car. this is coming from audi called piloted parking and prom yigs it before the end of the decade this, is joannea stern, abc news, las vegas. >> because we all need a vibrating fork. now what about the one that's we already have? coming up at 4:55 abc 7 news reporter has more on gadget fatigue, why people may not be upgrading. >> target popular holiday price patching -- matching promise is becoming a year round thick. they sofr offered a price matching guarantee that proved to be popular with consumers who turned to the web to compare prices between big box retailers. the move follows a disappointing holiday shopping season. the company blamed more competition from online retailers for a dip in sales. >> apple ceo looking to build on the company's presence oversee saes and good news if you're worried about losing your luggage when you travel.
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>> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry, carolyn. apple ceo tim cook is in china today meeting with the head of the country's ministry to talk about mobile growth and businesses in china this marks cook's second visit to the country in less than 10 months. the iphone maker nearly doubled the number of stores in china since the last trip in march. more problems for boeing's new high tech plane. the 767 dream liner. a dream liner had to be brought back to the gate at boston logan airport today. the jet started leaking fuel on the runway. the incident comes a day after an electrical fire broke out on another dream liner at the same airport. boeing says it's cop rating with the ntsb in the fire investigation. >> barry diller back to dreaming -- streaming service.
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ario planning to expand as legal battles drag on. right now it's only available in new york city. also announce it's raised $38 million in funding. broadcasters have appealed and new york judge's ruling that ario does not appear to violate copy write rite law. turning now to trading stocks retreating for a second day. investors await aid draw at corporate earnings season. shares pushing your bloomberg silicon valley index slightly lower. and here is a sign the economy may be improving from the global business travel association. usa today reports companies are expected to shell out more on business trips this year. apparently there is pent up demand to sit face-to-face with clients again. if you happen to be going on a trip and are anxious about luggage getting lost check out this gadget unveiled called track doth. -- dot.
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you leave itd in the luggage. kit tell what you city it's in, and update it in realtime. it costs about $50. there are activation fees service fees but before you say it's not worth it, get this, over 26 million pieces of luggage were lost in nork america just last year. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chachblgt back to you. >> thank you. >> that is very cool on the luggage there. a cat cashed in on one of its nine lives found itself wedged between two fence posts in santa cruz. animal control say the cat was just obese to squeak through the narrow opening. they were called in to pry the fence and remove the feline. the cat had one of those microchips allowing the officers to reunite the wanl its owners. the cat is said to be doing well. if it had one of those fancy forks it would not be so stuck. >> a new year's diet.
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>> yes. yes. >> as was the joke. >> i was charging for jokes but there is no fee line. taking a look from our mount tam camera. looking down ocean beach, lots of clear skies around. some broken clouds and a higher level and a little bit of a raise now. most serious clouds are off shore, lots of sunshine at this hour. nice looking view here from our live doppler h 7 hd. patchy fog developing. afternoon showers tomorrow. and will be turning colder that, is the big deal thursday and friday. last two days of the week, chilly. overnight, a few areas of patchy valley fog but clear skies into early evening. overnight a few more clouds developing. low temperatures dropping into upper 30s in santa rosa.
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satellite shows high pressure holding on one more day, then, the cold air arrives behind this advancing cold front bringing light showers, then, cold air dominates for the next couple days. we'll see clouds beginning to thicken, then, later in the day, we'll see first rain beginning to fall in the north bay. then during mid afternoon, front sweeps south ward by 5:00 in the afternoon. we'll see wet spots, areas of scattered showers, then, behind the front not much in the way of moisture but colder air arriving. there will be more that will remain off shore getting into thursday. should be a mainly dry day. by thursday afternoon, looking at rainfall totals not more than about 15/100ths. most loxz will see quite a bit
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less rainfall than that. and in the central sierra afternoon snow showers wednesday, then, partly cloudy skies but cold, friday. back to the bay area tomorrow, under partly to mainly sunny skies high temperatures into the mid-50s. monterey bay, mid to upper 50s. here std accu-weather forecast. after this, let's not forget about playoff football saturday. will be cold game time 5:00 p.m. temperatures dropping from upper 40s to mid-40s so will be chilly but packers are used to that. this is like balmy weather to-to-them, showers drying out thursday and friday. turning chilly and chilly for the big game saturday afternoon and evening. >> thank you, a mother starts her own business going from
4:19 pm
unemployment to catering celebrities. >> a star that wasn't on the field in the bcs championship game. there you can see the girlfriend of a quarterback steals the spotlight and gets attention around the nfl. >> another live look at traffic. this is from our camera on interstate 806789 it's heavy. it's also moving slowly coming back in the other direction. more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 in just a moment.
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a 46-year-old mom out of work two years got the big break she was looking for. one child in college and a neeng high school she knew she had to do something to get back on her feet. she launched a catering service providing food for crews it could be a tough chore to celebrities. watching their bigs. >> got to have grace. got to have care. have bananas, apples, then, slim jim, fruit roll ups and gummy bears. >> the work includes long hours and can be unpredictable providing food for small shoots. the big blockbuster production that's last a month.
4:23 pm
>> grapes to gummy bear autos other news, jimmy kimmel gets ready for tonight. >> rachel smith has details for us. >> the hollywood award season is alive and well this, weekend it's the golden globe awards, today werk learned nominees for director's guild of america awards. here they are. ben afleck for argo. kaj lynn bigelow, tom cooper, ng lee for z.steven spielberg. last year's winner for "the artist". he went on to win the oscar. the dga awards will be handed out february 2. new movies hitting the box office. >> just a big dick tracy fan when i was a kid. for me this, had similar spencibilities. >> there is only a select few
4:24 pm
los angeles gangster movies but it's kind of a throw back. to that time. >> tonight all iz will be on late night host jimmy kimmel premiering in his time slot. last night, his goodbye to midnight. >> home fully we'll make more memories in decades still to come. >> jimmy kimmel's move starts tonight here on abc. get more entertainment news on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and as rachel just said, jimmy kimmel begins a time slot this evening, right after abc 7 news at 11:00 that. is at 11:35, then, that show followed by night line at 12:37. >> up next, company now looking to sue the government after it was saved from collapse during financial crisis. >> i'm vic lee in oakland. a new city council member is proposing a controversial
4:25 pm
police tactic called stop and frisk. that story coming up. >> plus, elaborate booby trap authorities say the accused gunman set to lure them away from the crime scene. what the company did after what the company did after they got thessure and get a colde high be
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one of oakland's newest city council members wants to use a tactic called stop and fris tok get guns off the street. >> the councilman wants police to have all tool to stop what is a skyrocketing crime rate. >> counsel member says he wants his police to have all of the tools that are necessary to stop the escalating crime rate. he says he also favors youth curfew, which is controversial but, perhaps more hotly debated, the practice of stop and frisk. the city council member sworn no office, wasting into no time in announcing he supports strategize including stop and frisk in a city in which more than 500 people were shot last year. >> the reality is that i'm
4:29 pm
trying to save lives. i don't want to make excuses why a child or teenager was shot and killed over the weekend or overnight its become a controversial tactic. last year when ed lee suggested looking at it as a means of getting about guns off the street, angry demonstrators rallied outside city hall. police do have the authority to stop and frisk someone if they have suspicions the person is breaking the law or armed and dangerous. but michael raich yard argues officers take that practice a step further. >> they involve stopping people on the streets for no other than than the policeman maybe as a lunch or because of the person's age, or race. that is wrong it was an important component of former new york city police commissioner william brat on's strategy. drug-related murders plummeted by 90%.
4:30 pm
the professor authored a book on the program and says he included aggressive policing. >> number of recorded stop and frisk events in new york city in one year is 700,000. these are almost all male, almost all young men of color. >> now, just today, a new york judge ruled that the nypd practice of stopping people expected of trespassing outside private residential buildings is unconstitutional. that is a legality of the police department's use on stop and frisk. we'll have more on that ruling tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 6:00. the national rifle association says it will now take nart a series of meetings organized
4:31 pm
by joe bide yechblt a spokesman said it will send a representative to meetings in washington scheduled for next two days. the president is -- the task force will bring together victim groups and other stake holders. the group will put together a package of recommendations which will be presented to the president for consideration. >> in a colorado courtroom, testimony from the survivors of that deadly movie theater shooting in aurora. the first 911 calls were played and authorities described a booby trap system they say the accused shooter designed. he is charged with shooting and killing and wounding others. >> people running out of the theater that are shot in. >> new calls revealed horror and panic during the colorado movie theater massacre. a 13-year-old girl dispatched
4:32 pm
her two cousins had been shot. one is breathing she cried and the other, not. the one not breathing was a 6-year-old, one of the 12 people james holmes accused of killing. one call lasted only 27 seconds but 30 gunshots are heard in that time. this is one of the most difficult moments yet for the victim's family inincluding tom and kevin. >> i'm torn, it's something i need to do. >> the fbi detailed the set up of booby traps found inside holme's apartment. from trip wires and napalm set to start a fire. and a triggering device tied to a remote control left know. a toy car outside of the apartment. a radio set to blast music placed next to that remote so someone would pick it up.
4:33 pm
agent gumbener said it was supposed to get law enforcement to send resources to his apartment instead of the theater leaving questions about the possible insanity defense. >> nobody has a mental illness segt up apartment to blow up before they were going to go in to shoot a bunch of people. >> holmes attorney says if any law stops a mentally ill person from buying explosives or guns. the answer was no. >> more than four years after getting a government bailout, aig is now considering suing the u.s. government. reports indicate aig may join a lawsuit claiming the bailout is unconstitution skbral cheated share holders out of billions in profits. aig board meets wednesday to decide whether to join that lawsuit. aig received a $182 billion bailout from the government and just ol rolled out a campaign thanking american tax payers.
4:34 pm
>> a new york couple lost their home in super storm sand gee taking aim at their inyou sureance company. sheila and dominic say the storm left their home of 43 years in ruins and they received from all state was $10,000. that made them mad, then yourkts raged when they saw their house featured in an all state commercial where the company was touting its customer service. >> the wall state used our house as a commercial that they have caring agents. how caring could they be? >> all state would not comment on the case but did issue a statement saying it's commercials are produced in accordance with apoliticable standards. >> a late breaking development in the search for a scott's valley man reported missing by his parents. he's been found safe. the 23-year-old says he just went camping friday and had no idea he was considered missing. the sheriff department launched a formal search today at fall creek state park. we don't know yet if they found him during that search
4:35 pm
or if he returned home on his own. >> still to come, what will be taken out of your soap to make the environment cleaner. >> first, she became a side line star during the championship game. the girlfriend of alabama quarterback finds herself in the smot light after comments made about her looks. >> from our camera, we can see mainly bright skies over the bay area. and our weather will be turning colder, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another check of traffic this is 101 in san rafael moving nicely in both directi
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the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. bcs championship game turned into a one sided route. >> more competitive was the twitter web concerning catherine webb. >> twitter blew up in the stands. first comments centers around espn announcer's fawning over webb also miss alabama then got personal. >> yes. nfl star invited her out for wing asks a visit to the strip club because that is what every girl wants, of course, he tweeted his phone number to her not realizing how to send a direct tweet to the universe. learn how to use twitter
4:39 pm
darnel. >> mccaren responded telling him to worry about the team and keep dreaming like other teams. >> and espn apologized today for the comments. >> one of the interesting parts of the story is that she went to auburn and roots for alabama they're rivals so normally they'll not get along but apparently... >> found a way. >> this works out. >> for the better. >> yes. yeah. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> yes. here is spencer. >> oh, those twitter wars. >> today, we had a gorgus sunset around the bay area, lots of color in the sky because of the presence of clouds. great picture there. here is another great picture. current vuf live doppler 7 showing clouds off shore, mainly clear skies but clouds beginning to gather over land
4:40 pm
skpaerz more clouds tomorrow. tomorrow, stormy weather in south central states. texas going to get pounded into thunderstorms. and other states. mainly sunny skies across the north. snow moving through the great lakes into new evening lnld. mix of rain and snow. usual consider conditions this time of the year in that corner of the country. southern california tomorrow, sunny, mild northern part of the state will have a mix of snow and higher elevations and rain in lower elevations and includes the bay area. we may see showers tomorrow. we don't expect a major rain event. partly to mostly cloudy skies. expo showers arriving first north, then sweep south ward. high temperatures mid-50s tomorrow, narrow range of highs from most bay area locations. and after that, colder weather for the remainder of the week. mixed conditions tomorrow. carry umbrellas. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next a warning for new parents. thousands of infant sleepers
4:41 pm
being recalled. dangers they can pose to baby autos a woman denied her husband's pension after his death. michael finney hope heps you avoid certain mistakes
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
a quick acting mom being credited for saving the live of her 2-year-old daughter
4:44 pm
being attacked by a python. he she heard the family cat hissing and found the python wrapped around her daughter's arm and watched the snake started striking at the little girl's hanld. he grabbed the snake, and rushed the little girl to the shopt. the -- hospital. the snake mer than six feet long released back into the wild. her daughter is safe. >> that is a big snake. >> fisher price recalling a popular infant product because of mold, recalling 800,000 of the newborn rock and play sleepers. receiving 600 reports of mold on those sleepers with at least 16 newborns becoming sick. consumers should inspect the product especially between seat cushion and hard, plastic frame f you find mold, stop using it there. is a number you can call for more information. and click on see it on tv.
4:45 pm
>> it's a great time to take a look at your finance autos michael finney and our partners infro dus us to a woman learning the hard way what can happen if you do not plan ahead. >> start of the new year is a great time to get your finances in order. in a survey consumer reports found a surprising number of us have overlooked some of the basic financial precautions. now that, can be devastatedding, especially when disaster strike autos when they were married he went to take a run and never came back. >> he suffered a sudden heart attack. it was horrible z they couldn't revive him. >> the second blow, neither she, nor their two young children were named as a beneficiary on the pension. he'd neglected to switch it from parents and when karen asked them... >> they said no. our son left us as beneficiaries he wanted us to have the money.
4:46 pm
breaks my heart. >> consumer reports says financial oversights are all too common. >> our survey found in five years 86% of the respondents have not checked or updated important estate documents including wills and december nations. >> financial planner carol says another frequent mistake is having only one one person in charge of the finances. >> what if someone gets disabled? what if one one of them dies? >> consumer reports confirms money stumble is common with married couples. it's survey found 70%, only one spouse knew key details about accounts. >> over 60 and have adult children it's time to let them know where that important information is, as well. >> other stumbles, 50% did not have enough insurance owe cover full replacement of personal property at today's prices and 70% didn't have three months of living expenses in case of job loss
4:47 pm
or illness. >> you may not solve everything at once. but just taking those first steps may save you and your family a lot of heartache down the road. >> karen, took a lawsuit to get the death benefits. she says she hopes telling the story will encourage others to get their finances in others. in addition to updating documents consumer reports recommends december nating a file cabinet for your will, insurance policy asks a list of important documents and investment information. >> checking healthy living news there is concern about binge drinking among women and girls. cdc says one in eight women and one in five high school girls binge drink. for women, it's defined consume yoouming four or more drinks. experts say it puts women at higher risk for breast cancer, heart disease and unintended
4:48 pm
pregnancy. >> a new study finds vitamin d has no affect on pain. it is often recommended to improve bone health but research finds 2000 ius did not make any difference on knee osteoarthritis. this research published in the journal of the american medical association. >> those plastic micro beads are great at scrubbing you but also harming the environment. researchers find the beads are washing into the ocean, being swallowed by marine live, one company says it killwill stop make prog duct was them inside. the company says it will remove the beads from the products by 2015. unilever saying it's looking to an eco friendly alternative. >> commuters are causing traffic jams for the rest of us. that is according to a study. the study authors say
4:49 pm
targeting those drivers could dramatically improve traffic for everyone. abc 7 news amy hollyfield has the story. >> when you ask bay area drivers for trouble spots the list is a long one. >> really bad. sometimes takes me 45 minutes to get here. it's a 10 minute, normally. >> took me 25 minute autos now, there are answers. professors at uc berkeley gathered detailed traffic information yet. here is what they found. the traffic is the worst in southeast san jose, hayward, san ramone and san rafael. they looked at issues and they i the have the answer you don't know where traffic comes from. it's like you don't see an accident or anything. it's just bad. >> they believe this happens because people from out lying neighborhoods come together like a river, causing
4:50 pm
congestion in random times for others on the freeway. this, researchers believe will help them target ask try to somehow fix, the problem areas. >> there are smart people figuring it ut. >> this research will help them use what we have more efficiently. that could mean more metering lice for those feeder neighborhoods. and or advising commuters to leave at different times. >> anything with more lights, please? up next, companies always making the next big thing. >> is it too much for us? >> americans love their gadgets. manufacturers and retailers getting worried about consumer fatigue. i'm david louie. we'll have the story coming up. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 caught in the act. a burglary ring busted a bian
4:51 pm
alert homeowner. then taking you to san jose. the heart of innovation and technology is turning to old world trends to boost dining and business, downtown. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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consumers spend over one trillion dollars on electronics from mobile phones to big screen tvs. >> but this endless cycle every six to 12 months could northbound trouble. >> abc 7 news explains why. >> it's sometime said consumer electronics are what you need, but might not want. christine lopez isn't rushing out to buy the latest. >> it's too expensive. i think i'm pine with what i have, usually. >> this week, 68% of consumers said they're okay with what they have with new models
4:55 pm
coming out nearly. sometimes in, six months consumers may have developed fatigue. >> i think there is consumer fatigue. >> this silicon valley technology futurist. consumers may say they're not going buy the next model, he says reality is they do because technology is outdated by faster, smaller chips and other advances. >> they fumble about, and then there, is anticipation there, is a new thing that does something i can never do before. so you go grumbling to the web site to buy the new devices. >> and in the near future he points out the car asks technology will be integrated into vehicles which will make upgrades more pervasive in our lives still, consumer psychologist says lessons are hard on consumers.
4:56 pm
>> i think a lot of consumers are concerned about slow throwing out good computers and phones because new technology has come out and improved them. this doesn't sit well with people. >> if they do pull back on spending that could hurt retailers as well as manufacturers but the manufacturers will be able to exploit fast growing markets overseas. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> one of the benefits of being a late adoptor with this technology is i'm immune from all of this. >> more or less, right? >> still, very to do something. >> it's frustrating when software doesn't match up with computers you v then, you feel forced to upgrade. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right flu. >> thank you. new details emerge in the bay bridge tanker accident. was the bar pilot's fault? >> also here, caught in the
4:57 pm
act. an east bay burglary ring busted by an alert homeowner. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, we're basking in the sun and will be freezing in the winter chill. details coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. new details about the repair to the bay bridge after yesterday's tanker crash. >> that is right. abc 7 news i team uncovered three incidents involving the bar pilot guy clees. he grounded a boat carrier on a sandbag two. days later hit a cat walk in stockton. in may, 2010 grounded a tug boat. he was not formally punished. >> it remains unclear if he will be blamed for yesterday's crash when a tanker hit the bridge that, section of the
4:58 pm
bay was fogged in. >> now, the collision did not breech it's double hull there is no damage to the bay bridge, either thanks to a fenlder around support tower autos damage done to fender system of the bay bridge. it kept momentum of the ship. that is why we zrnt to close it. in the grand scheme this, is a small piece. >> investigators be spent the day on board of ship. there, you can see them doing their work. they detained the crew for questioning. >> we learned some of the regulations may in the go far enough this, is video shot yesterday morning showing how
4:59 pm
foggy conditions were during the time of the accident. yet that, area is not part of a restricted navigation zone. abc 7 news joins us with that part of the story. wayne? >> good news is that yesterday's incident was not nearly as bad as the cosco buson. in this case, no oil spill. but these two incidents, one five years ago ask one yesterday are related. >> from a physics perspective it was a bump, a scrape that double hull of a ship. nonetheless a important question remains what was the raymar doing in conditions of thick fog? >> it's pointing out the need of thick fog. >> over a standard map of san francisco bay, explaining how after cosco busson, coa


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