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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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it's basically invisible the chp to assume it is there somewhere and adjust accordingly. >> number one, slow down, anticipate the black ice being out there. you know where you live and where it forms. slow down, number two if you do hit it, don't panic. don't slam on the brakes. decrease your speed. >> the extra mattresses are coming out the mary isaac center where they normally have 100 beds available. mike johnson says when the temperatures are life-threatening, police and fire in the community know to send people here who would normally prefer to stay outside. >> hopefully the combination of referring knowledgeable citizens out there get people in and help save their lives during the cold spells. >> she is worried about saving her nursery inventory. she has always lost some and cover her citrus and other cold
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sensitive plants tonight. she has advice for any one covering their own. >> no plastic, old sheets or old comforters or cloth cover. >> rose garden in petaluma, not to forget about your bouganvilla. don't turn it off in the spring and this will actually protect the root system. >> heather, thank you. >> dan: a san francisco man was charged with 11 felony counts for allegedly setting his girlfriend on fire. both family and victims attended the hearing for dexter oliver on the left. he is accused of setting star lamar on fire with gasoline. news reporter carolyn tyler is live at the hall of justice. just a sickening attack.
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>> despicable and mayhem and torture each carry a sentence of life in prison. >> when he entered the courtroom his hands cuffed behind his back it was a heartbreaking scene for his great-grandmother. >> i never, never thought he would do anything like this. i would not believe it myself. >> he raised dexter in san francisco home and calls him a good kid with a bit of a temper. san francisco investigators say it goes way beyond that. according to police, last sunday oliver argued with his girlfriend at a neighborhood laundromat. then left, came back with gasoline and set her on fire. 25-year-old star lamar, a mother of three was burned beyond recognition. she remains in intensive care.
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>> he did tell me grandmother, i didn't do that. he told me that. >> but authorities say he did and that it's not the 22-year-old man's first case of domestic violence. the prosecutor cited three other incidents on two women dating back to 2008. the judge called the allegation very serious and agreed to a ten million dollar bail. the victim's family attended the hearing but left without comment. yesterday, lamar's mother told me she had hoped to confront her daughter's former boyfriend. >> i want to say why he put me through this but put her through this but her kids through this. >> the family attended a vigil last night. george gascon says the cycle of abuse must end. >> i and many people in the
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office as well as many officers, we go around and talk about domestic violence. occasionally there will people will down play what we're doing, this is a political ploy or trying to get attention. this case clearly illustrates that this is a very real problem. >> reporter: prosecutors asked the bail to be set so high, $10 million saying that dexter oliver is a danger to public safety. he a flight risk. it took multiple agencies including the u.s. marshals to find him in oakland and bring him back here to san francisco. >> dan: an investigation is now underway into a fiery crash that killed a big rig driver and snarled the morning commute. chp says the big rig collided with a pickup truck on highway 37 at highway 29 in vallejo about 6:40 this morning.
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it landed on a grassy area below and burst into flames. they pulled the driver from the wreckage but sadly he died later at the hospital. he is identified as 43-year-old william ballard of roseville. the driver of the pickup was not hurt. >> was we show you the damage of a school bus suffered as it was rear-ended by a big rig. there was only one student aboard at the time. neither were hurt. it did shut down the highway for a time so tow trucks could move both of these oversized vehicles out of way. >> the pilot of the it on tank they're smashed into the bay bridge has passed his drug test. it hit the protective bumperer on the bridge at a time of low visibility. they may adopt a new safety plan for the bridge and could reduce number of vessels in the bay during bad visibility.
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>> you go to shop for bananas and realize the united states doesn't grow bananas, how do we get them there. we want to keep commerce flowing but we want to be very, very cautious. >> cheryl: the accident did not cause structural damage to that tower. the cayman that was guarding a marijuana stash in the east bay was quite ill and died shortly after being rescued. nick smith joins us where the suspect heard the charges he faces. >> good afternoon, deputies trained for every kind of situation and they have seen a lot, but they say nothing could have prepared for mr. teeth. >> this is mr. teeth. the photo provided by the alameda's sheriff's department is the alligator type reptile being kept by this man. he made his first court
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appearance today to face charges that he possessed marijuana with intent to sell. on tuesday mayer was arrested in the home he rents in castro valley. officials conducting a probation check found mayer and dry processed marijuana and five foot reptile. >> it was situated where the product was stored. they thought it was fake until it started moving and they got out very quickly. >> mr. teeth is a cayman and not an alligator as they once described. then today we learned that mr. teeth died. they say it was sick when it arrived and was stressed by the events of the last few days. mayer has been in santa rita jail since his arrest. today his attorney successfully argued for bail reduction and court day so his client could enter a plea. >> the conversation i had with his attorney at 6:00 and
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response he has about the charges against his client. coming up how growing hair could help restore hearing loss. >> and then "7 on your side", a new college tuition trend that benefits students. why some colleges are freezing tuition and increasing scholarship offers. >> and amazon has a new offer that could really hate sweet note with music lovers. "abc 7 news
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>> cheryl: the price of the bay bridge may go up dramatically. the entire bay bridge needs a $31 million camera system.
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more than $26 million is needed just for the eastern span alone. they had earmarked 8 million dollars for cameras. chp says the new span has places where terrorists could hide and entire bridge is a target because of its structure. >> a snowboarder that disappeared was found i love this morning. corey hamilton was found safe and sound after spending the night at horizon hotel in south lake tahoe. 57 people searched for hamilton last night and he was found in the hotel. local sheriff's office says the tales are conflicting due to the consumption of alcohol. >> the family of former linebacker junior seau is talking about his injuries linked to his death. he had a degenerative brain disease often linked to repeated blows to the head.
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an exclusive reported on world news. jim avila talked about his suicide and new medical information that may shed a light on what happened and what can be done to prevent another tragedy. two local expert football players also have messages. do not take them lightly. ben lynch joins mike shumann and me in "beyond the headlines" and also jared cooper. it caused dangerous depression and brain damage and now they are trying to save others from a terrible fate. >> junior seau, played golf, great mood, two weeks later he kills himself. were you ever at that part. suicidal thoughts. >> i'm on the good side. so i can sit here and tell you yes. >> at the youth level i think it's important that athletes know what a concussion is and
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parents and administrators know what it is and it's not up to a coach or teammate to come back and play but it has to be made by a qualified doctor. >> cheryl: join me "beyond the headlines" and you'll see how the football legends are making sports safer. >> scientists have found a way to avert hearing loss. researchers can regenerate small hairs inside the ear that recognize sounds. mice with previously damaged ears have regained partial hearing with this drug. 50 million people in the united states alone suffer from hearing loss. this discovery holds promise to reversing deafness in people. >> new service from amazon gives people a free mp 3 version. it's called auto rip. it adds the mp 3 version of the
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cd's track to the customer's cloud player. it can be downloaded and auto rip cover purchases all the way back to 1998. as of right now there are 50,000 albums covered. >> dan: that is pretty incredible. federal regulators announced new rules to avoid a repeat of the foreclosure crisis. >> cheryl: michael finney explains regulations are welcomed. >> they are but they are very strict. new rules eliminate the loans that got so many people in trouble. risky interest only and no documentation loans will be banned under the regulations from new consumer financial protection bureau. they would be rifd to verify and inspect the borrower's financial records and discouraged to
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lending anyone with debts greater than 43% of their annual income. hope is mortgage borrowers will be able to afford to repay the loans they take out. the center for responsible living said that it is balanced and reasonable approach. these rules take effect next year. >> new guidelines to protect privacy of californians using apps. they hope the glide lines will be used to ensure that californians to know what personal information is collected and with whom it's being shared. one suggestion is to use a pop-up to notify consumers how they are personally identifiable information. the attorney general reached agreement in consistent area. >> good news for students and families how to pay for college. a survey, colleges and
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universities are offering larger scholarships and financial packages to attract new students. why? half the schools surveyed by moody's and shaky job pros pektsd are being blamed for the dropped. two dozen colleges froze tuition this fall and that doubles the previous year. supply and demand even for higher education. >> cheryl: thank you. >> as you may have heard, oscar nominees were announced this morning. george has a run down of the big contenders up for an academy award. >> for the 85th oscars, lincoln wins bragging rights as most nominated. to win best picture it will have to beat eight other movies, amore nominated for best foreign language form, argo, beast of the southern wild, django, life
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of pi, silver lining playbook and zero dark 30. >> i think we're going to be sitting at the edge of our seats which movie is going to win. >> seth mcfarland made the announcement and now the meeys for best actor. >> daniel lewis in lincoln, denzel washington in flight. hugh jack man. bradley cooper in silver linings playbook and you what queen phoenix. >> plus, there is jennifer lawrence for silver lining playbook and 58-year-oldmoon you'll riva. beestd from the southern wild is the youngest and naomi watts for
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the impossible. >> i don't think we can predict what is going to happen after the day. supporting actor category features five former oscar winners. in the supporting actress category, amy adams, sally field anne hathaway and jackie weaver. sill her veings playbook is the first film since red since 1991 to get nominations in all four ago acting categories plus directing, writing and best picture. sounds like a silver lining to me. >> besides director of silver linings, other director is for amore and life of pi and steven spielberg for lincoln. oscars will be hand out february 24th on abc. and good news to tell you now, the wife of california
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lieutenant governor gavin newsom is among those for academy award. she was executive producer on the documentary called the invisible war. she tweeted about the nomination today. it examines sexual assaults in the u.s. military. >> he tweets, congratulations to my amazing wife. >> you can see who wins on sunday february 24th when the oscars are announced live. check out our app. there is a list of nominees and when you log in with facebook you can share your pictures with your friends. share your picks, as well. >> it's so funny that jennifer won that. all right. sandhya, you have a deep freeze coming on here. >> flakes and i'm not talking
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about you two, for free. no, we had snowflakes as you know around the santa cruz mountains. [ laughter ] >> highest amount of rain around santa cruz county. skies are cleared and air mass are dry and temperatures are going to fall tonight. i just want to pass this along to you. in southern monterey county, six inches of snow over the 4500 foot elevation. santa cruz mountains, highway 35 and highway 9 area we did see some snow about an inch, as well. it was cold enough for snow and now get ready for the freeze. live doppler 7-hd, there are no showers and know snow. we are in for a freezing cold night. temperatures are falling already in the 40s in many areas. 46 degrees in livermore. 49 in san francisco. it is 49 degrees in san jose. 48 in napa. the only thing that may hold
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your temperatures up a little bit is the breeze. it is breezy right now. 20-28 miles an hour. winds drop off. temperatures are going down. freezing cold the next two mornings. cool afternoons and go with dry and milder weather next week. tomorrow morning, heavy coat will probably good idea with boots, gloves. 28 in santa rosa. 32, san rafael. 30 in vallejo. fairfield is 29, below freezing. livermore is 28 degrees. 33 in san jose. 36 degrees in oakland. 30 in morgan hill. so tonight, turn up the heat, extra blanket on the bed might be a good idea. cold front went through and did bring us showers. now, the cold air is moving in. we have a string of cold nights ahead both tonight and as we head into your any night.
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bundle up. dry pattern is setting up through next week as high pressure takes control of our weather. the only thing there will be a weak system that moves over the top of the ridge going into saturday night, late saturday night and sunday morning. one thing to be concerned about, one thing along the coast. low-lying areas could see minor flooding. king tide, highest tide of the year combining with a northwesterly swells. tomorrow afternoon it will still be cold but mostly sunny and 47 in ukiah and gets you to 49 in clearlake. most other areas, in the 60s. 53 in oakland. sunshine half moon bay, san jose 51 degrees and around the monterey bay.
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today's high temperatures, upper 40s to mid 50s. so it was definitely colder. if you are heading to the niners game this saturday night at candlestick park, bundle up as they take on the green bay packers, 49 degrees dropping to the mid 40s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, freezing cold the next two meorngs but milder nighttime readings and milder day time temperatures with loh of sunshine monday through thursday of next week. i don't consider either one of you flakes. >> still to come, a piece of art is unveiled with a strong message. >> and governor brown's proposal to dramatically the way california schools are funded and even
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>> dan: check this out. a veil that came off brand-new
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painting in oakland. it's displayed at youth center it will stay there until april and then it will tour different parts of the city. the healing connection made the help with local teens. it's meant to promote peace and forgiveness in neighborhoods plagued by gun violence. >> sausalito police received a tip about a man and storage locker. after they say they found 167 pounds of pot in the container. there it is. investigators say most of that pot was behind a false wall in the locker. he was living in the locker. it has electricity and a bed and cable tv. he allegedly told police he had been growing it in mendocino county and bringing it to his home. >> u.c. berkeley's loss is oakland's gain. >> meet the animals who now have a new place to call home. ñzñprt
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coming up at 6:00, a man leads police to body of his mother and confesses on to his murder. outrage for his release from a prison from a family for a previous victim. a man nominated for an oscar. those stories coming up at 6:00. beautiful lights on the bay bridge. new art display will stay there for two years. >> before we go, the hye nags moved into their new settling in the new digs after a move from the berkeley hyena center. >> and that research dried up recently and the three animals needed a new home so the oakland zoo said they would adopted them. they will keep them separate from an elderly pair.
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this is "world news." tonight, double threat. on top of the flu, another virus now spreading across the nation. and why some people should stay away from the doctor's office, even if they're sick. proof. we have it tonight that nfl superstar junior seau had brain damage. and it's the kind linked to blow after blow to the head. tonight, the abc news/espn exclusive. did his life in football lead to his suicide? wild planet. tonight, the whales take their first step in escaping their prison of ice. and we'll tell you about the massive red wave tearing across the water. what did it do to the people on shore? and surprises and snubs. oscar nominations are in, but we'll tell you what has hollywood buzzing tonight.


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