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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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are talking about the clear skies throughout the day. warming up just slightly today towards yesterday's readings. it will keep us below average from the upper 40s to lower 50s and then once again tonight a frost advisory and a freeze warning is likely. but then that should be it. we will see the temperatures modify and by the end of the work week we are talking warmer than average. a look at your seven day outlook will be coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. as she just told us, we are in the middle of a cold spell. it's time to bundle up, cover those plants, bring in the pets. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is joining us live from san mateo with the latest. kira, i see you are fining a way to try to stay warm. >> yes, carolyn, i am. you know, we have anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes in between. at times we are rushing in and out of the car, getting new interviews, he had getting our stories, coming back to talk to
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you. and i sit here and i huddle next to the heater and that's what i'm doing right now because it got as low as 31 degrees in san mateo where we are overnight. as you said, i believe and lisa said, this is the coldest morning so far in this cold snap. unfortunately i have to leave the warmth of the heater to come do my job. and there is a freeze warning for santa clara valley and a frost advisory for communities along the san francisco bay. those both expire at 8:00 this morning. so hopefully there is some warmth ahead of us. but the cold, yes, it's current and it's behind us. we have video from petaluma last night where christmas lights and icicles look like they could have been real icicles. it got down to 25 this morning in petaluma. tour efforts, who thought california was always warm and sunny, were surprised by the frost and chill. an employee at a local ice cream shot was left in no customers.
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as you imagine, ice cream isn't a hot commodity in cold weather. she kept busy by cleaning. >> i have the heater cranked up really high and have extra blankets. >> it's been cold since we arrived. the wind and the rain, i thought i was back home. >> also in this cold, the california highway patrol is warning about icy conditions. as the temperatures drop, black eyes can form. it may be your first instinct to slam on the brakes but the chp said not to because that will put your car into a spin. let off the gas slowly if you encounter ice. it's still dark right now and it's st. louis cold. as always, you can see my breath here this morning. we drove from san francisco down to san mateo and didn't see any black eyes, but it doesn't mean it's not out there so please be cavalier as you head out on this sunday morning. reporting live in san mateo,
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kira klapper, abc7 morning. >> all right, kira. back in the van there. well, it was frigid last night at candlestick but the 49ers are red hot. they are save ors victory and later today they find out who they will play in the super bowl. last night was a record night for quarterback colin kaepernick. here he is making a 56-yard touchdown run. he will ran for 181 yards and threw for 263 and two touchdowns. the 49ers now advance to the nfc championship game for the second year in a row with their 45-31 win over the green bay packers. mike shumann is going to have a lot more later in sports. but right now here's abc7 news reporter john alston with fan reaction from candlestick. [horn] >> it was the moment that niners
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fans had waited for. >> yeah, baby! more, baby! >> fans streamed out of candlestick, finally relieved they broke free from the back and forth early in the game. >> colin kaepernick started out slow but he redeemed himself, came back. >> green bay fans were gracious in their loss but couldn't escape good-natured ribbing in the interviews. >> they had the better game plan, executed better. kind of disappointing. >> we have cheese and wine and you can join us. >> just disappointed we came out to support aaron rodgers. >> and it's not working out well for you? >> yeah. i'm really bummed. it was a really good first half and we had a lot of fun going to the game but in the end we couldn't hold it out. >> this is a full day for san francisco police who confiscated thousands of dollars of nfl bootlegged merchandise, which is big business especially during playoff games. and they also posed as fans of both teams hoping to catch those
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going too far with their rivalry. this was a pleasant and memorable night for this dad and his son. >> this was our first pro ball we ever attended together. 49ers had such a great season and for them to finally pull ahead and hopefully advance is fantastic to see. >> yeah, awesome. 49ers! >> san francisco police made an untold number of arrests for bad behavior and a number of spectators were ejected from the stadium for bothering other fans. from candlestick park, john alston, abc7 news. >> if you did not have the hundreds of dollars to buy the ticket to the game, you could go out and watch with crowds of 49ers fans and even a few cheeseheads. sergio has that part of the story. just minutes before kickoff we met 49ers fan dominique and packers fan andrew. they packed into this pub along with hundreds of other football fans. they came here because of a mutual friend. >> one of my friends told me he
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had a surprise for me because he likes to see me in green so he invited this guy. he didn't know what he was in for. >> what an interesting relationship. >> i will keep my mouth shut and then at the end of the day i will be smiling. >> after it started it was clear the 49ers were dominating the match-up. >> how is the night going? >> amazing. it's awesome. >> unfortunately for andrew and the handful of other packers fans who squeezed into the pub, the night didn't go according to their plans. >> how is the game going? >> not going very well. i wish it was a little different right now. >> in the end the 49ers won the night with a 45-31 final score. a triumph for dominique and her fellow 49ers faithful. though the pack lost, the guy in green and gold got good natured support from other fans. >> you have to have fun. it's just game. >> in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> we want to see your 49er pride. e male your niners fan photos to ureport at we are going to be posting them and we just might show yours on the air. pucks are expected to start dropping again now that the hockey players and the owners have signed a memorandum of understanding to start work outs. san jose sharks return to the ice to open training camp today at 1:30. downtown merchants will get a huge financial boost now that thousands of thirsty sharks fans will start showing up at hp pavilion. the schedule includes a 48-game season. the sharks play their first home game on thursday, january 24. new this morning from around the world, there's been another
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gang rape of a bus passenger in new delhi. police arrested six men, they are look for a seventh, following the attack on a female bus rider. meanwhile the mother of another victim, the one that died at the first assault, said all six suspects deserve to die for their crime. and egypt's ousted president mubarak has won a retrial. he was convicted last june for failing to stop the killing of the hundred protesters during an uprising that ended his 29-year rule. the ruling also grants a new trial to mubarak's security chief who is serving a life sentence for his conviction on the same charges new this morning human rights groups will have protests around the bay area today marking the 11th anniversary of the guantanamo bay detention camp. you might see people wearing
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orange jumpsuits today in sympathy with the guantanamo detainees, some prisoners have been held without charges for ten years now. protest groups said they can't wait. they will set out from both ends of the golden gate bridge. they will meet in the middle for a vigil. before that they plan to read the names of all 166 guantanamo prisoners and at 2:00 this afternoon a separate day of action is planned in palo alto by members of amnesty international. coming up at 8:00 this morning, abc's george stephanopoulos hosts two powerhouse round tables taking on the president's new national security team and his point man on the economy. don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. coming up next, a huge turnout, perhaps the biggest ever, for a bay area gun show. why so many people are stocking up. and later, more flu concerns as worries the flu continues to spread and vaccines run low all
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over the country.
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>> huge lines and long waits for ammunition and guns are expected again today at the crossroads of the west gun show. it's in daly city. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon was there yesterday and has a look at the crowds at the cow palace. >> i cannot believe the number of people and cars. >> he is as shocked at the
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turnout as the organizers of the gun show at the cow palace. thousands came to daly city, many for the same reason and same concern. jalen just bought an ar-15 assault rifle. >> we need to get them now before they take them away. >> did you just buy this? >> i have three at home. this is the fourth. >> there's like 500 people in line just to get ammunition. >> many say the reason for the huge turnout and the discussion going on in washington. vice president joe biden has had a number of meateddings to hopefully build a consent sis to try to prevent more tragedy like at sandy hook and possibly pass a ban on assault weapons. they said it's created fear among many gun owners. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away so they are here buying ammo and guns and getting ready for the next revolution. [laughter] >> gun show president bob templeton attended the meetings in washington. >> further restrictions on the second amendment are not on the
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table for discussion. >> templeton said that's his stand, as well as the nras. he said some consensus was reached as far as background checks for criminals and mental health records but he thinks the administration is having the meetings for show. >> it was constructive dialogue but i think they had their mind made up when they came into the meeting. >> the task force on guns is expected to present their recommendations by the end of the month. templeton said he expects about 8,000 people here at the cow palace on sunday and also expects to sell out of ammunition. in daly city, abc7 news. >> it's really been frosty around here lately. and you say things are about to change, lisa? >> yeah, another day or so. but right now 29 degrees for our friends in the south bay. good morning san jose, near highway 87. boy, is that cold for the santa clara valley. you are under a freeze warning. it's 23 in the north bay, almost 20 degrees warmer in san francisco at 42. i'll tell you what to expect for
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the rest of your weekend and the week ahead next. >> thank you, lisa. also next the 49ers advance to the nfc championship game for the second straight year with colin kaepernick setting an nfl rushing record for quarterback. mike shumann has the highlights and the postgame reaction all
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>> i was born and raised in wyoming so i know cold, but when you are talking about truckee? >> you are a city girl so your cold is 42, right? >> now, yeah. >> so for the other folks in the valleys, we are talking 20s. and 42 if san francisco is not hard to take comparatively speaking. anyway, i'll give it to you, wyoming, you are right, that's cold. good morning, everyone, we head outside in emeryville right now. chilly with numbers in the 20s and 30s around the bay. frost advisory for our friends in oakland. while elsewhere from the north is east bay to the santa clara valley it's a freeze warning until 8:00 this morning. live doppler 7hd not picking up anything in terms of cloud cover because we are clear, although a little bit of fog is forming in the valleys of the north bay. otherwise we are talking sub
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freezing right on through probably 9:00 in most locations. so here's a look at the colder temperatures this morning. mid-20s for our north and east bay vhlleys. 29 in san jose right now. we are looking at numbers in the 40s here. it's the san mateo coast.p% along the north bay numbers are much, much milder. in fact, as muchs 20 degrees warmer than some of the folks in our valleys. 23 santa rosa. 38 oakland. good morning, san francisco. by the time you get into the city or commuting or living in the city, it isn't too bad. redwood city just down the road, 29 degrees. 27 concord, livermore and 29 in napa. got that 29 in loss got tas, as well. down around the central coast, just as cold with 27 in gilroy and 31 in santa cruz. we have another 24 hours of this cold weather. of course, we will modify in the afternoon. but this morning colder than
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yesterday morning. we have to get beyond monday until we begin to see the air mass modify. but this morning everyone really feeling the chill out there. freezing temperatures, sunny days and cold nights through about tuesday morning. then the milder weather will reach us on wednesday. we are talking above normal for thursday and friday with numbers around the bay near 60 degrees. so it should feel pretty good. although mother nature not helping in the snow department. plenty of snow there but as carolyn noted it was very cold in truckee and the tahoe valley airport. yesterday we broke a record. that could be likely again in the mountains. the cold air mass originating from alaska. we won't see much modification today. all the elements are there for another night of radiation natural cooling. so this afternoon saying below average with 61 sacramento, 54 in palm springs. today how about 52 in san mateo,
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one of the warmer locks. 49 livermore and 50 san francisco, 53 santa rosa. down by the monterey bay we will see about 52 in watsonville and salinas. overnight tonight, once again it's likely the national weather service will have a frost advisory and a freeze warning for valleys and the bay shores with 20s and 30s. then you will notice mid-50s by tuesday and wednesday. still lots of sunshine, upper 50s to the lower 60s by the end of the work week. so we will that you out eventually, but certainly cold out there. >> so will that be this the normal range when we start that that you? >> absolutely. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, good morning america. we are joined live this morning from new york to tell us what you guys are working on. hello. good morning. >>
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the seven-year-old is adorable, the brother and sister is adorable, you will need a box of tissue. >> so a seven-year-old got them together? >> he did with the help of some
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technology. a little facebook. >> oh, these kids, they are so tech logically savvy these days. >> they are. >> we will watch for that. did you tell us congratulations for our 49ers? >> congratulations! [laughter] >> all right. >> you know,fs out there monday and tuesday. i love that city so much. you have an in credit i believe town. >> yeah, we do. thank you. we will see you at 7:00. >> see you later. >> we are now going to talk about our sports. early this afternoon the 49ers will find out if they are hosting the championship game against seattle or traveling to atlanta next weekend. the niners will face the winner of this morning's game between the seahawks and the falcons. last night the 49ers defeated the green bay packers at candlestick park. here's schu with the highlights and postgame reaction in sports. >> good morning. i am now a believer. i had my doubts about colin
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kaepernick leading them into the playoffs with only seven nfl starts. he started the game with a nightmare throw but battles back and sets an nfl record in the process. aaron rodgers and alex smith, 2005 number one draft choice, before the game. fans worried about the quarterback in the beginning. second pass forecast game by kaepernick picked off by sam shields. he goes 52 yards and just like that 7-0 packers but the kid made up for his mistake. third and agent from the packers 20. takes it himself. his first postseason touchdown. wouldn't be his last. game tied at 7. green bay, 22 minutes of possession only in this game but dajuan harris gives them the lead. great cut here. 14-7 packers. niners answer. two straight kaepernick to crabtree. crab had a huge game. two tds and niners led 21-14. rogers answers. under three minutes in the half. and james jones, and rogers 257 yards, two tds and a pick. niners up 3 at the half. third quarter kaepernick sets an nfl playoff record for most rushing yards by a quarterback,
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181, including this 56-yarder. he had four tds. fourth quarter, frank gore. they are heading to the nfc championship for the second straight year. 45-31 the final. they face the winner of today's seahawks and falcons game. what a playoff debut for kaepernick. 181 yards rushing and four touchdowns. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are make plays. our offensive line came out. they dominated up front and that makes it easy on the quarterback. >> kaepernick is going to be all right. those plays, he came to the sidelines and he was ready to go. i knew he would have a big day. a big day for us today. >> 200 yards rushing? >> almost. >> almost. there you go, it's hard to lose like that. >> peyton manning was having a career year with the broncos and hoping to add a second super bowl to his resume.
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denver hosting baltimore. playoffs, but the high-flying ravens said no more. peyton manning an unbelievable comeback after neck surgery last year. tied at 21 year. the 90-yard punt return for a touchdown in the first. takes the kickoff return, 104 yards. first player in the nfl history to score on a punt and a check off return in a playoff game. broncos up 7. 40 seconds to go in the game. denver up by a touchdown. last call for the ravens. bill flacco, to jones. are you kidding me? 70 yards for the touchdown. we are tied at 35 and we head to overtime. manning threw for three touchdowns but had three turnovers as well. picked off here by cory grant for the second time in the game. sets it up in denver territory. double overtime. tucker, 47-yard field goal for the win. it's good. ravens are headed to their second straight afc title game with 38-35 double overtime victory. seattle taking on atlanta, new england and texas and we will have those highlights at five.
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i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up, the flu is spreading. much of the country is overwhelmed as vaccines run low. and america's new sweetheart, the autistic teen that made it so far in the miss america pageant. we will also tell you who won.
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>> this morning france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack following military action in africa. french troops were on the move yesterday from the country of chad to mali as french aircraft pound islamist rebel bases. france sent planes and troops to mali after an appeal from that country's president.
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the mali rebels are linked to al-qaeda. the concern is the rebels could use mali as a base to attack the west. they will increase protection at their public buildings and transportation hubs. all across this country people are lining up at doctors offices, pharmacies and clinics and he trying to get vaccinate today to stay one step ahead of a flu epidemic. at the same time more and more hospitals are cracking down on their health workers who are refusing flu shots. abc news reports. >> the flu epidemic sweeping the country is forcing more government action. new york governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency on saturday. the order allows pharmacists to immunize children and it comes as the number of influenza cases is nearing 20,000 in the state, more than four times the cases reported during last year's flu season. hospitals are overwhelmed. >> we are setting records in the urgent care center in terms of
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the number of patients are seeing per day. >> and it's about spreading a mass spread of those most at risk. >> it is a risk at nursing homes. >> we are trying to keep them in their rooms. >> patients across the country are suffering. >> i've been in bed for about five, six days. >> since then she has gotten a flu shot, but others aren't so lucky. some hospitals and doctors are running out of flu vaccine. >> we should be getting in possibly 30 doses in this location. but that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> but how do you know if you need a shot, if you have the flu, or just the common cold? >> you think about a cold, it usually affects you from the neck up. so congestion, sinus, fullness, sore throat. but the flu, it's going to affect your whole body. in addition to those bodies you feel achy all over. >> there is some good news. more than two months into the epidemic, some hospitals and health departments across the south say it looks like their flu season has peaked. abc news.
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if your family needs to get flu shots we have a list of resources available at including the shu the flu program where children can get flu shots for free. google has found a way to estimate the rate of the flu epidemic around the world. millions of users search for health information and there's more flu-related searches during the flu season. based on that they determine where the flu is circulating and which countries are hardest hit. this morning the treasury department said the trillion dollars coin idea to solve the debt crisis is off the table. some of president barack obama's allies have been promoting that strategy. mint a trillion dollars coin, deposit it and draw the funds to pay bills should congress fail to raise the debt ceiling. treasury officials say it's illegal to mint a coin for a purpose like that. he's considered one of the greatest cyclists of all-time
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but hanging over his head are charges of doping to achieve that success. now lance armstrong may be coming clean about drug use during his tour de france races. abc news reporter mark greenblat has the latest. >> in his last interview with oprah nearly two years ago, lance armstrong got a hero's welcome. now disgraced and labeled as a cheater, he will face a much tougher audience when he sits with her again. but if, as expected, armstrong confesses to doping, it would likely come only after the statute of limitations on perjury charges ran out. following this strong denial under oath. >> i just want to make sure your testimony is clear. if it can't be any clearer that i've never taken drugs. >> still an about-face could land hem in serious hot water. he's still facing an ongoing federal whistle blower's suit that's tightly under seal and another suit from a british newspaper and from a promoter that wants $7.5 million off.
6:34 am
yet he texted a.p. "i told oprah to go wherever she wants and he -- i will answer the questions directly, honestly and candidly. " >> he's setting himself in for more trouble has been he's already in and he's in trouble now. >> he was stripped from his titles and banned from the sport for life last year after the u.s. anti-doping agency issued a report accusing him of leading a sophisticated and brazen drug program on his u.s. postal service team. the u.s. doesn't plan to build a death star anytime soon. more than 34,000 people signed a petition calling on the obama administration to build the star wars weapon. but on a posting the science and space advisor wrote the u.s. does not support blowing up planets. he also added why waste taxpayer money on a death star with the fundamental flaw that can be
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exploited by a one-man star ship? there are questions about -- the new miss america 2013. >> your new miss america is miss new york! [applause] >> mallory hagen won the pageant last night. she tap danced to win the price. again the prize. she will be supporting stopping child abuse. the first autistic miss american contestant also made history. online voters chose miss montana as a semifinalist, based on her contestant video. >> i thank you so much america for voting for me. i'm that much closer to becoming miss america. thank you so much. >> alexis may have won the popular vote, but the overall winner, mallory hagan, receives a $50,000 college scholarship. miss south carolina, by the way, was the first runner-up. tomorrow on abc7 good
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morning america, robin roberts has a big announcement sure to make you smile. good morning america against -- begins tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. here on abc7. new this morning, the tracy fire department will soon be giving away new child safety seats to families in need. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports a grant from the state office of traffic safety will cover the cost of 275 children's car seats. that's more than $26,000 worth. the fire chief reported recently to the tracy city council that his department is seeing a lot of improperly installed car seats, recalled seats or just plain broken car seats. a public checkup event is being held next saturday from one to three at the parker avenue entrance of el pescadero park. they will have installers to help you out. >> coming up, a new space mission is underway at stanford. a new kind of rover to explore a
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distant moon. and here is a live look from our east bay cam. it is cold there. it is going to be in the 50s today around the east bay. where do you live? well, lisa argen is going to have your forecast in just a few mi
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 6:40 on this sunday morning, january 13ing. thanks for waking up with us. this is a live look from our damage cam. frosty, frigid, freezing. when is the cold weather going to change? lisa argen is tracking the weather and will be here a bit later with the full accuweather forecast. >> scientists say it could unlock the secrets of the universe, but we have to get
6:40 am
there first. fobos is the moon that goes around mars. on a story you see only on abc7 news, jonathan bloom introduces us to engineers at stanford who are hard at work on a new kind of rover. >> you see a hopping and a tumbling motion. >> this is an early simulation in a rover that in about ten years could look like this, a titanium soccer ball covered in spikes. the stanford professor calls it a hedgehog and it could one day explore mars' biggest moon. >> a thousand times less than the gravity we have an earth. though. nasa mars roves have wheels, wheels might not work on fobos.
6:41 am
>> if you were to try to do a wheel system in low gravity, you could flip it over and completely lose control of it. so instead of rolling they are making them tumble and hop using spinning motors sealed inside. they started with this two dimensional model and how it will work in microgravity. >> if i let it go, it slowly drifts back down and that's as if this were the ground. >> but the next prototype will be in three dimensions. researchers will use what is essentially a small model of the giant shipping cranes at the port of oakland to simulate microgravity on a miniature model of the rover. >> applying very little force, i can move this whole system. >> they are working on a full-scale model at nasa. >> the tumbling and hopping on different types of surfaces. so we looked at doing that on concrete surfaces, on sandy surfaces and rocky surfaces. >> hedgehogs could carry cameras and microscopes, send findings back to an orbiting satellite to help find out where fobos came from when whether humans can land there. >> it's an important object. >> and it could be key to proving or disproving theories
6:42 am
on how the universe began. >> it enables us to understand where we are coming from and where we are heading to. >> at stanford, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> well, are the cold days behind us? the woman with the answer, meteorologist lisa argen. >> not quite. we are certainly chilly this morning, colder than yesterday morning. here's the roof camera taking a look at the island. it's pretty nice in the city with temperatures near 40. but north and east bay, plenty of 20s. the freeze warning, frost advisory throughout the next hour or two. and a look at our warmup. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a new technology offering help for an uncomfortable eye condition.
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>> welcome back. this is a live look from our emeryville cam showing a bit of the bay bridge there. 37 degrees right now in emeryville. yes, it is cold everywhere, but, well, this cold snap can't last that long. lisa argen will be along with a full accuweather forecast telling you when a warming trend is on the way. >> a new technology is offering hope for an uncomfortable condition affecting an estimated 23 million people in the country. it's a condition that can take a severe tol on everything from your vision to your quality of life. here is abc7 health and science reporter carolyn johnson with the details. >> on a bad day, even driving can be a challenge for helen cole. >> the hardest part about driving is seeing the signs clearly and it adds a
6:46 am
distinctive glare of bluriness. >> while her normal vision is fine, the blurriness comes from a condition called dry eye. she's forced to treat it throughout the day. >> from the time you get up in the morning your eyes already feel gritty, sometimes they are swollen. definitely red and they have a burning sensation. >> you have a relatively low oil here. >> the ophtamologist said the condition is often caused by a lack of oil which allows the eye's natural oil to evaporate. he is going to treat it with a new technology called lipiflow. it's from pure science. >> that's perfect. >> first they perform a laser scan of her eyes to measure the amount and quality of the oil, as well as her natural pattern of blinking. >> that represents the blinks. >> after analyzing the data, the doctor places two small cups directly on to helen's eyes. they are designed to reach the oil glands beneath her eyelids. >> it warms the eye to about jacuzzi temperature. not too hot, but comfortable. it melts the oils and using a computer program it applies
6:47 am
gentle pressure and expresses the abnormal oils from the glands. >> the procedure takes about twelve minutes and the mild heat does not typically cause any discomfort. once the glands are cleared the eyes again producing oil and moisture. diana had the procedure earlier this year. >> i would say within four days or so i could tell that my eyes did not seem as dry or as uncomfortable. >> the doctor said in severe cases it can take eight to ten weeks to experience relief, but the improvement often lasts several years. >> i think the whole technology from beginning to end is revolutionary. >> and for patients like helen it offers the hope of making it through the day without concentrating on taking care of her eyes. >> a home run would be to, actually, have about totally go away, but for now i would just be happy with having good days. >> and carolyn says that an average treatment costs $1,800 and it is not covered by
6:48 am
insurance right now. however, dr. mandell points out the improvement can improve expenses ranging from eye drop prescriptions to regular eye appointments. >> you know, while we bundle up here in california, it feels like spring on the east coast. temperatures are in the 60s over a broad range of the ohio valley and the southeast. today temperatures could reach 70 degrees from southern virginia to florida. in all, more than 40 cities could tie or break record-high temperatures this weekend. but that warm spell won't last. winter-like weather will return there this week. ive damage will in atlanta, and i think it was 76 there yesterday. >> yeah. but, you know, as you said, they are going to get cooler and we are going to warm up. as soon as tomorrow really our air mass modifies. but this morning, boy, we still have the freeze warning and frost advisory around the bay area. here's a look outside the east bay camera. it is minus 11 at the tahoe valley airport and anywhere from
6:49 am
minus 15 to minus 17 in truckee. while we are cold in the bay area, we will be look at the frosty temperatures lingering for another day into tomorrow morning before we see things change. so a look at live doppler 7 hd. things are clear around the bay. in fact, we are not going to be tracking any rain for the next several days. in fact, it looks like this dry spell is going to last into next weekend. so right now the north bay, the east bay, and the santa clara valley still look at the frosty temperatures until 8:00. and the frost advisory for the bay shores until 8:00, as well, with numbers in the 30s. it's how san francisco, 37 mountain view, 29 san jose with 27 in concord and fairfield. take a look at santa rosa. 23 degrees and 25 in napa. so it is just as cold along the central coast. 27 gilroy, 31 salinas and 33 monterey.
6:50 am
compared to yesterday, yeah, it is colder with seven degrees colder, santa rosa and napa. but even in the south bay where we are below freezing, we are talking about 6 degrees cooler in san jose and 35 degrees cooler in redwood city. freezing temperatures once again and tomorrow morning as well. sunny days and cold nights for the next 28 to 40 hours. we will have milder weather through midweek and temperatures above the average by thursday and friday. so high pressure in the eastern pacific keeping the skies clear. today not much difference from afternoon highs as we had yesterday. in fact all across the state we are looking at that hard freeze along the redwood coast. southern california. 58 in los angeles with 37 in the southern sierra. 27 in the northern sierra. back home we should be in the mid-upper 50s. just 50 today, once again san francisco 50 and 50 in half moon bay.
6:51 am
53 santa rosa. down by the monterey bay, numbers here once again just from 52 in watsonville and barely 50 in morgan hill. overnight tonight probably another frost advisory for the bay shores and a freeze warning. that will drop us once again from the low and mid-20s north bay to near freezing are below that from fremont and san jose. for the look ahead in the accuweather seven-day forecast, calls for temperatures today once again chilly. the cold start tomorrow and then looking at a little bit moldier weather come tuesday, wednesday. we will see the 60s return thursday, friday and saturday. so if you like it dry, you have to take the cold with the nice, sunny afternoon. >> all right. but we are getting back to where we should be? >> yes. >> and as us know, this is one of those rare times when the bay area's forecast coincides with what people in other parts of the country experience during winter. our microclimates make this one of the few places in the world with vastly different types of weather all at once.
6:52 am
microclimates are just one of the phenomenon the weather team is explaining this weekend. >> our microclimates are changing. the fact our weather is upside down at times. coldest months are kind of offset. >> the abc7 news special "inside bay area weather" airs tonight at 6:30 here on abc7. coming up next, a huge snowball fight. why thousands of people got together in seattle to fire snow balls at each other.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's lotto plus. no one got all six. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $13 million. >> this afternoon you can expect some bart riders to be a bit
6:55 am
undressed, wearing no pants. organizers of what is called improv everywhere declared today to be the day for the twelfth annual no pants subway ride. the no pants party starts boarding around noon. at around 1:45 there's a group photo planned in front of san francisco city hall. more details will be announced via twitter. this first began in new york city back in 2002 and now take place on transit systems worldwide. enough people took part in seattle's snow day yesterday to set a new world record for the largest snowball fight. take a look. about 6,000 people hurling snow balls at each other at the seattle center. organizers trucked in 162,000 pounds of snow from the cascade mountains in this effort to dethrene the previous record holder, the
6:56 am
republic of korea and it was 5,723 people throwing snow set back in 2010. >> feels cold enough to make a snowball. lisa argen is here with the final check of the accuweather forecast. >> that's right. very frosty out there. a freeze warning for our interior valleys until 8:00. the temperatures will take a while to warm up. here's a look from mt. tam. 23 santa rosa. 38 right any in oakland. 27 in livermore, concord and fairfield. and down by the monterey bay just as cold. so we will be looking at temperatures today once again below the average with highs just in the lower 50s. tonight another frosty night and a couple degrees of warming for your monday afternoon. the milder weather heads our way tuesday and wednesday. then by the time we reach the end of the work week we will see a little more fog and numbers not only near average, some areas above average. so with the clear skies, we get the frosty numbers. >> those no pants people better bring a also something there to help them out. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the
6:57 am
a. bc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with meet lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. you asked for it, now the abc7 exclusive alarm clock app is now available for the android phones and kindle fire. you can download it for
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good morning, america. good morning, america. new this morning, movie theater chaos. >> all of a sudden i heard two shots. >> police open fire on an armed suspect hiding in a theater playing "les mis" forcing moviegoers to duck for cover. so why were police after him? the reversal of fortune. record heat in the east, record cold in the west where farmers are taking desperate measures. meanwhile, in the middle of america, destructive severe weather. precautions in the pews. what they're doing in churches across america today to deal with the massive flu outbreak as the lines for flu shots get longer. and cat tale, the feline separated from her owners 200 miles away from home, the weeks of desperate waiting and the twist that surprised everybody. ♪


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