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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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really encompasses the entire bay area. this is the darker purple. north bay, tonight it includes the bay shoreline, also the santa clara valley area. the only location where we are seeing that frost advisory is right here in san francisco. this is shaded in the light purple. that's where temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s. elsewhere the freeze warnings are posted. get ready for another hard freeze. temperatures in the mid-20s. remember your pets, your pipes, and cover your plants. how much long if with -- longer with the cold weather? we'll have the forecast ahead. >> the cold business means more business for those in the heating repair industry. here's more. reporter: we're here in san mateo, supposed to get about 31 degrees, and it's a good time for people to get bummed up -- bundled up and make sure their
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heretos working properly scroorks the igniter is not functioning all the time. >> he runs the repair and says the kole snap has him busy. >> we're seeping six -- seeing six to 12 a day. six we can help out but 12 is impossible. >> he answered a call from a woman who has been desperate to get heat in the house for a while. >> oh, gosh, several weeks. we just tried to ignore it. and put in a little portable heater, but it can't work in conditions like that. i don't know how eskimos live but i can't do it. >> price expected her -- melvin says she's going to enjoy the new heat. >> sit in front of the furnace and let my shoes melt on the raid yayer to. >> price says calls like this
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are likely to come in all month long. >> january has been one of the worst months out of the years. >> all over the bay area, temperatureses have dropped into the 20s overnight. news riz are covering their most frost vulnerable plants and by lake merit, a walk is accompanied by layers of clothing. not for everyone. hundreds of pantless and shirtless people rode into san francisco to get a picture taken in front of city hall. >> because it's fun. normally. with all this cold weather, though, still going to be fun. just a crazy thing to do. reporter: fire officials warn residents, when cold snaps like this hit to make sure they have a functioning carbon monoxide detector installed, especially when their gas heaters are turned on. we're live, abc7 news. >> ama: most central valley citrus growers appear to have made it through another cold night without significant damage to crops.
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a spokesman that represents growers said temperatures late saturday and early today were colder bay degree or two but depends stay cold enough long enough to cause significant damage to oranges or lemons. there may be some damage the mandarin crop. >> one city leader in oklahomaland wants to declare a state of emergency there after six murders in one week, including one four in one day. four of the crimes happened friday between 2:30 and 8:20 p.m. you can see the crime scenes on the map. the vice mayor wants a state of emergency declared, a move that would free up mutual aid funding from the state. the police department says the shootings are a result of ongoing feuds between groups. sky 7hd was over one of the investigation scenes. the department says it will commit all available additional resources to the ongoing investigations. >> san francisco police were busy during last night's 49ers playoff game against in the green bay packers. police say 92 people were
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ejected from the sold-out game at cab del -- candlestick. another 25 arrested for intoxication, and two people on suspicion of auto burglary. 62 people had to be looked at by medical staff at the stadium. the niners advanced with a victory over the packers and will play the atlanta falcons next week in atlanta. hazmat teams responded after a guest at the san jose hilton reported a strong odor. the symptoms ranged from scratchy throats to itchy eyes. no one was taken to the hospital. dozens of first responders rushed to the scene, initially block off the entire street in front of the house. >> question have 18 floors to control. and we're trying to keep people protected. we're working with the security in the building and our fire crews and law enforcement to keep things -- trying to walk down and make sure we're able to control the scene. >> ama: the odor affected guests on the 18th floor.
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officials believe it may have been pepper spray. >> fire investigators are working to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a mobile home in mountain view. when crews arrived see sahara mobile home community they found one home fullly engulfed in flames. >> one single resident of the unit is safe. the american red cross is assisting him with the necessities. >> five other local fire departments assisted crews on the scene. it took them a half hour to get it under control. they were able to stop the fire from spreading to nearby homes. hockey fans got their first peek at the san jose sharks when training camp got underway. fans packed the facility. the players are back on the ice an lockout by team openers we do laid the season. >> i didn't think it would happen this quickly, and we were so excited. we got here at 8:00 this
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morning, and it's great to see a practice again. >> ama: the first sharks home game is january 24th, and facing off against the phoenix coyotes. we'll hear from the players in sports. san mateo city council will hear from both sides tomorrow in a dispute over whether a new 7-eleven store should be allowed to remain open. the convenience store opened on christmas day on san mateo drive. but some residents fear the all-night store ill increase crime they protest before the store opened, claiming it violates zoning laws. ahead, an issue dividing neighbors of sandy hook elementary in connecticut. there are odds over the future of the school. the options being considered. >> plus... the latest controversy over the military movie, "zero dark thir
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> ama: resident0s newtown connecticut met to discuss the future of sandy hook elementary school. some want the building torn down but one man, who went to school there in the 50s, says that would be, quote, like saying to evil, you've won. he favors demolishing only the areas where people were killed, like columbine high school in colorado after that 1999 mass shooting. bay area human rights activists protested the 11th 11th anniversary of the opening of the u.s. prison camp on guantanamo bay today. a protester posed as a detainee at the golden gate bridge. the groups, code pink and world can't wait, then marched across
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the bridge. president obama vowed to close guantanamo when he campaigned in 2008 but the white house later decided to keep the camp open. a new controversy is brewing over one of the top oscar contenders for best film whiff some big name actors urging the academy not to support the movie. >> when is the last time you saw -- >> it's scenes depicting the role of enhanced interrogation techniques in the hunt for osama bin laden that have veteran actors martin sheen and ed asner joining the backlash against "zero dark thirty." it's up for five awards. actor david clemon who don't feel the film is deserving. >> can't separate artistry and morality and i hope my fellow members of the academy will consider the morality of each nominee. >> the studio, says "zero dark
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thirty" does not advocate torture, and to not include that part of history would be irresponsible and inaccurate. before it was released it was creating controversy over how it depicts torture, with senators speaking out. to find out if it wins any awards, watch he oscars on sunday, february 24th. some cookies are causing a commotion. experts go on a wild turkey chase, and one bird has picked up a bad habit. >> heading live outside, it looks gorgeous but it is cold. meteorologist leigh glaser has a look at the cities dipping blog freezing tonight. now here's a look at what's ahead on world news at 5:30. >> good evening, gate to see you. coming up right here on world news, the mobile clinics being put into place, bracing for the flu out west.
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be happy. be healthy. >> ama: an animal rescue group captured one of two wild turkeys running loose in san jose neighborhood. this video from wildlife emergency services shows the turkeys, named jake andeny, were first spotted near first street around the holidays em. the group captured break and on friday. they say he created a habit of chasing cars and caused two traffic accidents. he will likely be released far from people. jenny was able to elude
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rescuers. they will try to catch her this week. >> as the niners prepare to take on the falcons in atlanta, bay area fans are sharing their playoff pride. one viewer sent us this picture of the happy couple tailgating. another intimidating fan. his owner says he has his niners gear on for gameday barbecue. that's a cute dog. e-mail your fan photos to web site web -- web web web site. >> we need to bundle up. >> that dog looked serious. high definition mt. tamalpais camera. you can see a few high clouds, otherwise clear conditions, and as i told you last night, givingway to very cold temperatures as all of our heat
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today will just radiate away. live doppler 7hd not showing any returns at all. i do want to show you just how cold it was this morning. santa rosa, 24. check out oakland. 35. it was 25 degrees in livermore. redwood city, 28. and that 26 in san jose set a new record. let's talk about tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, because temperatures will start to moderate a little bit. tomorrow, santa rosa, 25. you'll notice temperatures will come up a few degrees from tonight. -- actually go down a few degrees. 36 for monday morning, 32, oakland, 30, redwood city. tonight and tomorrow morning, could be one of the coldest nights, and then tuesday the high starts to position itself towards the east, and that's going to mean temperatures moderating. oakland, 38, and look for 35, warmer overnight temperatures
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for redwood city. so hang on. tonight is cold and then we'll start to warm up as we get into monday night, tuesday morning. right now we're in the 40s. 46 for livermore. 50 in redwood city. and here's a look at the forecast. freezing temps overnight. cool morning through mid-week, and then after that, get ready for a dry week ahead, and also warmer temperatures. we'll climb into the 60s the latter part of the work week, freeze warning the entire bay area, purple shading on the map. the exception is this light purple shading for san francisco. that's where the frost advisory in effect. freeze warnings, frost advisory until 9:00 tomorrow morning, and here is a look at the lows for tonight. cold in the north. in the mid-20s. 25, napa, 36, san francisco, 24 livermore valley area. 28, san jose. santa cruz, near the water, dipping to 28 degrees. so, here's what you can expect this week. the week ahead, the last several
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days we had the jet stream bringing in the cold air, monday, tuesday, wednesday, the high is going to build in and push the cold air mass to the east. so while they have had temperatures near 70 degrees east coast locations, they'll finally start to get some of our chill. and we'll start to how thaw outa little bit. tomorrow's temperatures, 50s. 5 1, san francisco, 52, watsonville. the seven-day forecast. see for yourself. get ready for nice warming, especially as we get into thursday, friday, saturday. temperatures around the bay in the mid-60s, and we'll look for temperatures at the coast warming up as well. winter in the bay area is much different now than ten years ago. the abc7 weather team and i are exploring decades of data to
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show how climate change is affecting our weather here and also the effect of our microclimate. here's a preview. >> weather here in the bay area, i would say, is either feast or famine. you get a lot of rain or you get no rain. you have chaos, you have atmosphere, or it could be just a terrific, beautiful spring day. that is the abc7 news special inside bay area weather, airs tonight, at 6:30. we hope you tune in right here on abc7. >> ama: mike shumann is here. we're down to the final four. >> mike: that's right and i'm going to atlanta. the 49ers are hoping for a rematch with seattle. here's the sticker and the wild finish. seahawks the lead with 31 seconds left but matt ryan works his magic and hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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>> mike: the nfc championship game is set, 49ers travel to atlanta to take on the falcons who looked to be cruising early against the seahawks, only to have it come down to the wire. matt ryan never won a playoff game in his career. on a mission, finds tony gonzalez back of the end zone. second quarter, matty ice, out to roddy white. 20-0 at the half. 2:00 left in the third. ryan with a shovel pass to snelling. game over, right? wrong. seahawks scored 21 unanswered points in the fourth, led by russell wilson who threw for
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385 yards and two, and zach miller hocked down six. then marshawn lynch scores, seahawks take the first lead of the game, but there's plenty of time left for matty ice. two passes, including this 19 yarder, puts them in field goal range. the kicker comps in for the 49 yarder, he misses but pete carroll calls time-out to freeze the kicker. this time right up the middle. 30-28 the final. >> we know it's a difficult thing to doom difficult to win this time of the year because you're playing against the best teams in the nfl. with that in mind, if you have an opportunity, with time still on the clock you feel like you can get it done. >> a quarterback, is a special player. he did a great job there on that last drive. >> mike: afc had the patriots and texans in new england no
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surprise there. we'll have a rematch of the patriots and ravens. former cal running back, shane vereen, 7-3 pats. second quarter, tom brady, screen pass to vereen, walks in. 17-3, texans answer with ten point in the final two minutes of the half. aaron foster, only t.d. of the game, 17-13 at the half. brady through for a 344 yards, three t.d.'s, this one to lloyd. the player of the game is shane vereen. watch this catch. the cal product, 124 total yards of offense and three t.d.s, 41-28 the final. >> better late than never. the national hockey league lockout ended yesterday and teams wasted no time getting back to work, train can camps opening today. today players practiced in front
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of a packed house. then it was back to work. the boys have only seven days to prepare for the season opener in calgary on sunday. this is the first time the entire team has been together since the first round playoff exit and it's good to be back. >> it's a different feeling, feeling so scattered here over the lockout. definitely a good feeling. >> guys know what to expect. today was a good start. guys in shape, we'll be ready to go. >> mike: big game at basketball, tell you more at 6:00. >> ama: nobody thought an historic cannon in new1
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>> ama: on abc news at 6:00, an outage at a horrible time. the bay area senior center has been without hot water for days. join us for that at 6:00. a worker at new york central park made a scary discovery inside a cannon. the cannon was loaded and capable of firing. a worker trying do clean it found the cannon bowl and gun powder inside. new york police disarmed the cannon from 233 years after it was loaded. close one. that does it for us at 5:00, i'm ama daetz, thank you for joining
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this is "world news." tonight on the move, the mobile clinics being rushed into place this evening. which part of the country about to get hit next with the flu? and this evening here, your story. how long did the flu last? does getting the flu shot make a difference to you? failing the test, the newest setback for that boeing dreamliner, the jet that was supposed to be the wave of the future under new scrutiny tonight. what they found this time. on the hunt, the invasion of pythons. tonight our correspondent with the army of hunters looking to keep neighborhoods and family pets safe. and every step you take. the cutting-edge technology to track your every move, even the fork that told me to slow down. it's vibrating already. and how many steps do we really take at the office?


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