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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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stolen from cars parked in garages[v÷,v along fisherman's wharf. spotters waited until drivers put valuables in the trunk. they left and thieves would break into cars. in the most recent case during a theft in the garage on police got a big break. >> we're able to lock. >> the @ some video surveillance and during process of the investigation, we were able to determine that the property stolen from this location was taken to a location on neil street. >> this house, police areflted a two men. hung had been busted before in october. police say cardenas helped send items to mexico. santos tells us suspected fences moved hot items quickly. >> to gelt these electronic equipments, erase hem, clean them as they'd speak, then get them out. and ready for the market. it's just a matter of maybe an
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hour, or two. it's that quick. >> santos says most end up in weekend flea markets like one near laney college. police tell us they'll contact the owners at some point when they've been able to identify all of the stolen items. the problem is that many electronics were erased making it hard, if not impossible, to identify them. vic lee abc 7 news thank you. >> one minute you're sitting in your house, like now, but the next a giant tree comes crashing through it. it happened this afternoon to a home on baltimore avenue. the tree hit one house. and several were affected. >> there this big redwood tree crashed into that two-story house here on west baltimore avenue during moderate damage. the person inside is described as a elderly lady at home at the time. taken to a neighbor's house
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after. she was not hurt. this tree took out several lines. pg&e is telling neighbors they'll install new lines. the goal is to have power restored this evening. neighbors say they heard a big bang when the tree fell on the house. many surprised to see this happen. especially because we've had no rain. >> lack of root development and then, with the water he rinsing down towards the base of the tree, it's promoted hardwood decay. >> i heard this big bang. it was really loud. and lights went out. >> felt like earth movement.[hañ the ground, house moved. i had no idea. trees don't sound like that. >> right now, about 70 customers were out power. they told me they hope power will be restored because they
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know it will be a cold night. >> very cold and low temperatures this morning turned the driver along one street in berkeley hills into a bumper car ride. seven vehicles crashed into each other on claremont avenue in hills near claremont hotel. police say cars skidded out of dronl hitting a large patch of black is near a you curb. warn drivers of the dangers. >> this is like 30 feet height height. two miles per hour. >> officers had to remind drivers to slow down.fq. they later cleared some ice from the road with shovels. >> california farmers starting to feel affects of the cold weather, temperatures dropped in the san joaquin valley overnight, damaging a or yank crop. spencer christian is here now to tell us how much longer it will last. >> one more night is for sure.
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clear skies in the absence of clouds, temperatures tending to plummet this time of the lows down to 26 degrees in santa rosa, napa. 34 in livermore and brentwood. 32 san jose. 30s in fremont. very cold this morning and could be colder tonight. we have a freeze warning in affect from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. virtually all north bay, and the east bay interior valleys and santa clara valleys, low temperatures in most loks. in this area, and chilly up to 9:00 a.m. bundle up tight one more night. >> thank you. >> and the city manager named an interim acting police chief. and he'll fill the post while the city keeps searching for a
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permanent box. the current chief is hiring is passing on the first batch of finalists to replace moore. >> police are blaming much of the violence on two groups of criminals but not calling gangs. since friday, 15 people have been shot at nine locations. four people were killed. abc 7 news is live in the oakland police headquarters tonight with the late yeflt on this story. nick? >> good evening. new information obtained just minutes ago. abc 7 news can confirm that four people have been arrested in connections to shoogts. , my of them are related to the operation cease-fire. >> this group has become increasingly violent.tádwe they've grown in numbers. >> police chief says there is evidence tying two groups to shootings over the weekend saying he works hard to make
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sure there are not more. >> i took swift action by reassigning officers to areas where retaliation was we thought was to occur. >> he believes those groups are responsible for 90% of the violence in oakland. >> talking about murders. robberies and shooting autos sl have been 15 victims of gunfire in oakland. sky 7 over east 17th street. police located a 22-year-old gunshot victim. later learned the man died from his injuries. a 30-year-old was found shot to death on canyon avenue next to diamond park. police believe he was killed someplace elsemzfñ, his body dumped at the fight i did say he and his office are working with other action-9=ñs to curb e vishlgs only one arrest has been made. >> whatever tools he needs. >> city council member says current crime fighting methods
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don't go far enough and if the chief needs more resources he's willing to foush get them its why i support curfews. i need to do whatever it takes to get guns out of hands, out of cars. and to deal with those committing the crime. >> chief jordan says and he his team will continue they're gres yaif approach of going after illegal weapons and those who use them. nick smith abc 7 news. >> a woman is complaining an arbitrary position by the u.s. postal service kept her from getting mail for two weeks. laura anthony has a story only on abc 7 news. >> he had to bend down. >> dona says it was a matter of convenience and an effort to replace a mailbox. >> i thought post office carrier would enjoy not having to bend so low. we picked one good for both of us.
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>> but the letter carrier was none too pleased leaving this sticky note on the box saying the move was against policy without permission. if the box wasn't put backl+ within seven days delivery would halt, which it did. >> who wants to be in this position to lift thaup cover? >> submit's boyfriend moved r& represented by this shoe box installing the new one, 24 inches up, to the least do you think they overreacted?. >> i don't think it takes more time to drop it in the new box location. >> there is one more step maybe. >> maybe not i called the post office. the man was very angry with me and kept hollering and telling me it was against rules. they said it was an efficiency issue taking her9ñx longer to pt night this box than that box. >> submit and pelton submitted a letter asking for permission to keep the box in its new spot but never heard back from
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the post office. until today. after we called today, your mail showed up yes. it did. thank you. >> we're hoping tomorrow, too. >> the u.s. postal service did not respond to the situation but they did reiterate it's against policy to move a mailbox without permission. in piedmont abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight 49er road trips. we're going to catch up with fans who plan to follow the team to the championship in atlanta and fingers crossed, beyond. >> a demonstration against san francisco newmzigñ law on public nudity. tonight a final chilly chance for critics of the law to bare it all. >> an internet hero found dead just as he's about to go on trial. the legacy of online social justice he leaves behind. >> the department of motor vehicles charges a woman
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hundreds of dollars too much to register her car. i'm michael finney. coming up 7
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visitors to san francisco city hall saw quite a show this morning. protestors stripped down to birthday suits despite chilly temperatures demonstrating against the new nudity ban pushed through by supervisor scott weiner. it's one of the last times they can walk around nude in public. >> it becomes law. i'm vote running against scott weiner for supervisor.
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i will be the first to disrobe in front of city hall. >> this ban faces a big test on thursday, a judge will decide whether to grant an injunction against the ban. >> let's stay in the city for this item. 49ers are preparing to head to atlanta for nfc championship game. one, if they win there, it's open to super bowl. fans get rgd to make the trip we're live at san francisco sthi hall. >> yes. pretty isn't it? it's bathed in 49er colors one example of the excitement about the team. as you said there are faithful going to make that trip to the georgia dome. unless things happen at the last minute many people are not. saturday's game was a thing of beauty z fans were happy. as they take that next step on
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the road to the super bowl, the are the faithful heading there too,? >> the game not being9fd;y blame played here. >> it's being played in atlanta. stuart says he hasn't sold one. >> i haven't had a person that wants to travel to atlanta. to play here play $100,000 worth of tickets right now. there is nothing. >> stub hub shows 10,000 tickets for sale. there are direct flights. what is the problem? it's a lng way to go. >> i think we're kind of somehow confident we thought seattle is going beat atlanta. if you have to work you can't travel there. i'd love to go if i could. >> we met this couple. they're disgruntelled hockey fans who went to the 49ers
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game. >> we're not independently 0 going to have to get i second job that. is okay. >> josh flaunts team spirit and plans to get to the game anyway he can. >> this is ride share, ride share. it's like about facing the team. >> for those who can't make it, sports bars will be packed on sunday. >> when our teams are doing well, it's fun to be in a place that you like. >> and it's custom yairy for mayors to have a little friendly wager. san francisco ed lee have agreed to bet. they decided decided yet what is on the table. by the way, you know, green bay lost. we won. wisconsin cheese curds are on the way here.
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abc 7 news. >> must be good. >> oh, yu moo. here is a fan photo we've been asking you to send in. this one, of a dog. look how cute that is. >> we have at least another week to go. you can e mail them to this address. we've been posting them on abc 7 as well. >> feels like football weather. >> it's crisp out there. >> i almost called in cold this morning. i decided to come in cold instead. here is a live view from our mount tamalpais camera looking on to the bay. san francisco to the right. bay bridge to the left. and temperatures are beginning to drop into chilly range. here is live doppler 7 hd no. clouds in the sky. it's going to be cold once again, tonight. let's get down to it. taking a look at readings on the 36 at napa. 42 at fairfield.
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so looks like napa has a head start. readings are a few degrees above the temperatures at this y9 so cold light now as at 6:a18 yesterday. we have freeze washings for large portion of the bay area. look for dros to -- lows to drop town to 37. 29 in conk yorkd low 30s in many locations around the bay shore line there. 29 in san francisco. here is what's happening on the atmosphere two, senters of high pressure. this cold air mass is dominating our weather picture and will be sliding east making room for another ridge of high pressure but this one,
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it continues to keep us dry brings us milder weather. that goes into weekend. tomorrow another sunny day. warming or milder trend begins on wednesday. mid-50s in the south bay. on the peninsula, 50 more dregs. 56 in palo alto and mountain view. on the coast 52 in pacifica. downtown san francisco a high of 54 tomorrow. north bay a little bit milder.mj east bay highs 57 in oakland. 56 in most either locations. inland east bay may not make it up to mid-50s. we'll see 52 in antioch and brentwood. 54 in fairfield. and near monlt ray bay, 58 in
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salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see temperatures approaching or hitting 60 degrees around the bay wednesday, low 60s thursday, friday. saturday. sunday looking for low 60s inland and on the coast. mid-60s around the bay. so milder weather. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up next a woman says she was used as a sex slave. >> she told the story on katie today, now
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underway and administrators keeping a close eye on enrollment. students signed up for classes. the school needs more of that. city college has seen a drop in enrollment since last year. that means it could lose $6 million in funding. the drop could not come as a worse time, administrators must fix 14 problem areas by march 15th to keep the school accreditation and stay open. >> modified our budget expectations for the year, we've done that by reducing
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work force and reducing amount of compensation we offer to the work force. >> city ledge laid off 70 workers, teachers and counselors and is one of the largest community colleges in kwç nation. >> january is human trafficking awareness month. earlier today on the k katie show, a south bay woman share herd own horror story. 28-year-old min dang told katie duric her parents repeatedly sold her for sex saying they made her sign a contract and threatened her life. >> began selling me for sex at age 10 after years of preparation. my father raped me from age 3 until i left. >> sharing it helps me. i have a new perspective on it. sharing it reminds me it's not shame tofl share it. there is a lot in watching it again and again. >> i just. >> she says she cut ties with her parents after completing
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her freshman year at uc berkeley. she's an advocate@lbn to end hun trafficking. >> when we come back at 6:00 the president draws a new line in the sand on america's debt ceiling. what happens if the limit isn't lifted? who will feel it first? >> a gun buy back. it's not just weapons they're after. a poll revealing hows&á america feels about gun control. >> and the internet hero who took his life in the middle of a new campaign for social justice, online. stay with us. the ne
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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president obama insists he will not negotiate with white house rinz over the debt keeling and says the full faith and credit of the united states will not be a bargaining chip. abc 7 news mark matthews is here with the challenge that the president is facing on this. >> the president says concept
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understand.jjw that is not what we found and the challenge facing the president is one that he began to address this morning. president told reporters raising the debt keeling is not a question of more spending. >> it allows the country to pay for spending that congress is committed to. >> then, he repeated that. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more he said it a half dozen time autos this is about paying your bills. debt... >> social security checks and veteran benefits will be delayed. we might not able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owner autos house republicans say it's about spending. they want cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised. >> the president said he will
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negotiate spending cuts. >> the full faith and credit of the united states of america snot a bargaining chip. >> but the challenge is a lot of people we've talked to had no real grasp of what it meant to raise the debt keeling. >> what does that do? >> puts us nor debt. >> raising the debt keeling alouz him to borrow more money. >> half of the people had no idea what it was. >> i believe that they make things purposely conpusing. >> the president wants to turn up the heat he's got to make the issue clear z as abc 7 news explains, republicans need to decide if they want to stand their ground on thish yu at the risk of a down turn. >> i think a lot of us has to deal with well, yes but this vit way to do it? that i think is boehner's responsibility tochl plain that to his members. my understanding is that is what is what he's planning to
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do. >> today, the tea party express issued a statement saying it's irresponsibility for the president to democratta going this issue. big opportunities to talk about this issue in the next couple weeks. he's got a speech, and followed by state of the union. >> thank you. >> the president met with vice president joe biden turning in his report on gun violence early. he didn't reveal recommendations but a new poll shows overwhelming support for new gun control measures including background checks at gun shows and for ammunition purchases a gun data bay, a ban on magazines and assault weapons and putting armed guards in schools. >> marin county is willing to pay for more than just guns, too. you can get $100 for
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other types of firearms. >> priority will be guns. dropoff locations include police stations in san rafael, and point reyes station. you don't have to be from marin county. to nonviolence on the birthday of martin luther king tomorrow and king holiday on monday. >> congressional conservatives saying not so fast to a $50 billion aid packet to benefit victims of hurricane sandy. the chief plaint is 25% of the money is earmarked for any state that had a federally declared disaster in the past two years, that is almost every state. and $50 million in tree planting subsid yeez.
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billion proposal. >> many web sites posting about a one time bay area resident who astrong proponent of online freedom. abc 7 news david louie takes a look at the bay area ties. >> aaron schwartz was an outspoken advocate people should have knowledge through the internet. >> have we lost ability to communicate with each other over the internet? the freedom guaranteed in our constitution. >> schwartz maintain aid close friendship with lawrence lessing. he spoke about his tomorrow on democracy he was a incredible soul who inspired millions who now weep as we've seen arks krot internet in outrage and devastation that he would have been driven to
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the cliff that he stepped over. >> the cliff had to do with felony charges by the jus dis'tis department when down loading research papers at m.i.t.. cindy cohen met him six or seven years ago. >> i think aaron came here and found a bunch of kindred souls when first hooking up with larry lessic. you know snits kind of a testament to this movement that it's now all over the country. >> now he's gone, schwartz's web site filled with testimonials calling him a hero. >> there is a group saying say i thail do these activities in his name and honor. they want information to be free there. should be open access. they'll fight to continue the struggle. >> schwartz facing up to $2535 years in prison andk%-/ a $1
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million fine if convicted. >> sky 7 is live over breaking news. a shooting theer the intersection of lee avenue just a block from oak grove high school. police not giving out details but we understand it may be gang related and we believe the victim was still alive when taken to the hospital. we plan to bring you any information as soon as we get it we have confirmation lance armstrong confessed to years of doping. >> it's tearful ad
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lance armstrong reportedly now confessed to using performance-enhacing drugs to win the tour de france. a source confirms armstrong admitted to doping in a taped interview today with oprah winfrey that will air on thursday on her network. for years armstrong denied drug use but the u.s. antidoping agency stripped him of highs seven tight yilels last year, he broke down as apologizing to the staff at the live strong foundation. >> we have new details tonight
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on why the los angeles county coroner changed death certificate of actress natalie wood. the actress drowned inh$yy 1981 off catalina island. she'd been yachting with her husband, and actor christopher walkin. today the coroner released a 10 page report explain yg it changed the original death certificate more than a year ago, blaming the death on drowning but adding words and other undetermined factors. the report said officials had unanswered questions about bruce that's may have occurred before she drowned. a sheriff's department spokesman says woods' death remains an open investigation but wag sner not considered a suspect. >> the first president bush left a houston hospital and has been under treatment nearly two months. according to a spokesman the 88-year-old released this morning from houston methodist hospital admitted in november with a brompk kitis related cough. it developed into a fever landing him in intensive care
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for a week. doctors said they wanted to prevent it from sfriling into knew moana. a report suggests he might be sent to a rehab facility but the spokesman says dough tailz would be released quote at the appropriate time. >> crewsy demolished an apartment building where lee harvey os wold lived for a few months before killing president kennedy. os wald lived in the building from november 1962 until march, 1963. he opened fire on president kennedy's motorcade as we all know. the building had been mention ntd warren kprigs kmigs report. he it was considered a neighborhood nuisance. so it's gone. >> supreme court justice clarence thomas did something today he has not done in almost seven years. he spoke. thomas hasn't asked a question in open court since february, 2006. what he said today was not
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clear but the transcript reveals he was making a joke about ivy league lawyers. >> 7 on your side is next with a driver in a tight spot. >> oh, man. dmv had to decide pay more 111111ge owd or lose
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tonight new signs of trouble at apple. "wall street journal" reports apple cut back on orders for iphone 5kñ components by about half. apple is increasingly losing out to less expensive brands. apple stock fell more than $19 a share on the news today. dow jens jones went up and dell gained 13% on reports it may go private. >> rumors flying over a news conference called for tomorrow by facebook. the speculation is that they may be ready to announce a new data center and an ipad version of facebook messenger or perhaps video ads.
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>> inkreeging. anyone who owns a car knows that it's expense dwroif register a vehicle. >> so when the dmv asked a woman to pay more than twice than she owed she for help with this. >> we may pai a lot of fees here in california. among them, vehicle license fee. the higher the price, the higher the fee. now in, san francisco this woman noticed dmv recorded the wrong price for the car. kailt katie collins used to pay $25 a year to register her bmw in oregon n california she knew she'd have to pay more, but 26 times snore. >> i went to register the vehicle. and i noticed the fee was high. >> katie was stunned when the
6:45 pm
department of motor vehicles charged her 654ses today register her car. that seemed high.ebl even for california. >> immediately i went on the web site to double check the number. since i'm an accountant. >> katie used the dmv calculator. it showed the fee should be just $361 not $600 plus, so katie contacted dmv. >> they told me i'd have to fill out a special form two, page autos katie sent in forms and wrote a letter and paid higher fee to register the car while the agency investigated. however, months massed and she says the dmv never responded. >> so much time went by by. the second year came around. i received a vehicle-(k registration fee. >> katie had to reregister, she says the dmv charged too much. she figured she owed $225 for
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year two and the dmv billed her $370. >> i went back and forth, providing information. still, got no answer or no refund. >> she contacted 7 on your side and we looked into the case. it turns out her fee was based on a price of about $61,000. katie had bought the car for $29,999 sow contacted dmv, investigating upon our request and it agreed. she had paid too much. the agency sent they are check. promising another refund for year two. the dmv said the vehicle sin correctly categorized when her original april politic was processed. it resulted in higher vehicle lions fees. dmv apologizes and the problem it created. >> excited.
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very excited. the training to make sure it doesn't happen again to. find out how much your fees should be i posted the dmv calculator. it's high, it's probably correct. >> really. >> yes. >> it's good to have that tool for you yes. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the r it. it's cold. >> yes. several days in a row... >> it's too cold out there. here is a time lapse view. beautiful sunset by our camera. sunset occurred at 5:14. live doppler 7 shows a cloud free sky.
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skies it's going to be cool. highs in 50s in most places except los angeles. after a very cold overnight here in the bay area, including freeze warnings. we'll see sunny skies into the afternoon tomorrow, high temperatures into low to mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. good news for those of us who don't like cold. it will be warming up mid week. and a lot more into the weekend. high temperatures climbing into low to mid-60s by the end of the week. >> looks nice. >> yes. >> all right. everyone talking 49ers. >> yes. larry beil is here. this is unbelievable. it makes him dangerous to defend. >> jim harbaugh talks about
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good evening there is evolution going on at quarterback position in nfl. maybe resolution is more accurate. collin kaepernix leading the way right now in a victory over green bay saturday night. let's be honest, okay? if the first series how many of you in this studio were thinking we need alex smith right now snoo ways. i admit it. >> me, too. >> capper nick putting up number that's were astounding well. talked about rushing. and right into the nfc championship game. he is part ofxcñ a new breed of quarterback. they can beat with you their arm, they can beat you with legs. here is coach harbauh it could be effective. they can get out of the pocket,
6:53 pm
run, pick you up first downs. it's a threat defense has to account for. if there is some quarterback driven runs have been added. because our quarterbacks are good at those, collin especially. >> the falcons pulled out a win to beat seahawks. it was atlanta's first playoff victory in four tries under coach smith. no, they're not just satisfied with this win. >> goal is still in front of us. we have two more games to go. that is the mind set that i have. and our team has. it's nice to not have to answer anymore. we still have work to do. >> we have more on the 49ers and falcons. a's manager said with the a's was more enjoyable than when he won world series with arizona two more years tacked
6:54 pm
onto the deal. melvin guided them to american leak west crown named al manager of the year. sharks open the season sunday, january 20th first home game 24th against phoenix they're getting shark tank ready. crews representing getting logos down. tickets on sale wednesday atrñ7ñ 10:00 a.m. so will players be in snaip. >> most are in good reason. tlb athletes that didn't take care of them selfs and it will show. a lot of it is about timing. getting that feel back for the game. when you have that, you look
6:55 pm
like you're faster. we're trying to work on that as well throughout the week. >> no worries mate. taking on the defentding champ serving for the first set here. so return takes opening sets. match point, jokavich the fourhand winner. he's attempting to become the first to win three australian open titles. i should ad mike shumann will be joining 49ers through sunday's game. then, perhaps. >> do you think that i they're going to shape up against atlanta? >> i think atlanta is in trouble. and. >> we've seen he can run a
6:56 pm
little bit. >> yes. moving on join me tonight on table channel 13. coming up a step for a soft drink company. coke splits to get on the healthy side of the obesity debate. >> unwanted, possibly illegal. voting on whether the shult down a new 7-11 store tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> go, niners. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are... a fund administration manager from everett, massachusetts... ...a technical project manager ew york, new york... ...and our returning champion, a strategic analyst for nasa from hunstville, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard.
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kristin's total of close to $18,000 would be a lot higher if we hadn't had some killer final jeopardy!s last week. i hope this week turns out to be a little different for her and helengers, tim and scott. welcome aboard, gentlemen. good luck to all three of you. here comes the jeopardy! round. there's one daily double on the board in oner chalese categories. and finally, you're gonna love this one... [ laughter ] alex: kristin, start us. let's start with buddy, guy for $200. kristin. what is bro? bro is right. buddy, guy for $400. scott. what are bedfellows? yes. buddy, guy, $600.


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