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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 16, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the gorilla suit that got crazy tony in trouble with the law and mama june. slippery wednesday in new york. good morning, america. hello to robin, at home. day three of her early alarm clock. she's getting ready to come back. welcome back to elizabeth vargas. lots to get to, this hour, with just hours until the president's announcement on gun violence. and the nra, taking a hard first strike overnight. very tough, very personal video. it even invokes the president's children. >> calling the president an elitist hypocrite in that ad. it was tough. and we're going to get to the northeast weather in just a moment because it is bad. but let's start with the horrifying helicopter crash in london. it occurred just across the river from the houses of parliament and big ben.
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abc's lama hasan is live at the site of the crash with more. good morning, lama. >> reporter: you can clearly see the debris. a few hundred yards from the crash scene. the top of the apartment building was covered in fog, it crashed into the crane before plum meting 60 stories and then exploding into flames. sending residents running for their lives. eyewitnesses saw a fireball dropping out of the sky, fearing the worst, another terror attack in london. a helicopter hit a crane in foggy weather, plunging to the ground, causing multiple casualties. with others feared trapped in subway tunnels and burning cars. crane parts are now dangling off one of the tallest buildings in europe. >> i heard the noise and you saw the helicopter blades --
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i've never seen anything like it. everyone was straightaway, what was going on. they just ran towards the area. trying to save anyone or help anyone. >> reporter: dozens of fire trucks, ambulances, trying to clear a very busy commuter area in south london, as the fire raged everywhere. the helicopter reportedly hit the crane on top of a luxury apartment building, right in the center of the city, near the houses of parliament and the intelligence building. >> i thought it was a bomb. i literally thought it was a bomb. it wasn't too foggy this morning. but it was half past 7:00. it was quite clear. then a half an hour to an hour, it was really foggy. >> your car is on fire! get out of the car. >> reporter: victims were pulled out of burning cars. and rescue boats searched the thames river. the helicopter was apparently being diverted through the fog. air traffic control issued a warning to all pilots of the 772-foot crane. it's unclear if the pilot was aware of the danger. witnesses reported continued widespread smell of gas in the area, creating fears the helicopter may have dumped fuel as it went down.
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well, the entire area has now been evacuated. police are focusing their efforts on securing the crane, because there's a real threat that it might collapse. george? >> thanks, lama. let's get more now from an eyewitness on the scene. paul ferguson, in london, today. paul, i understand that you're in a building across the way. what exactly did you see? >> well, a few minutes before 8:00 our local time, i was just happened to look out the window and saw what was going on, and frankly saw -- there's a flash in the sky. they're building a very tall block of flats, which is apartments, by the river there. and a helicopter had clipped the crane on the very top of the building and then plummeted immediately to the ground, exploding. >> we know that the pilots were warned about the crane in that area. could you detect any attempt by the helicopter to evade the crane? >> when i looked up, no. it was -- either its propeller wings or its footplate had just snatched on to the side of the crane. but it was a very typical london
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wintry morning. in that it was very, very foggy. the mist was covering the building. and i did not see any of the usual red safety lights glowing in the dark that would advise the helicopter of its proximity to the building. >> and what happened exactly after contact? >> after contact, very suddenly, it just plummeted to the ground and exploded. and huge plumes of smoke came up. fortunately, or rather unfortunately for the pilot, it was a straight drop down to a main arterial road in the city. but it did manage to avoid a lot of the surrounding buildings, a lot of commercial premises and residential premises in that area. >> okay, paul ferguson, thank you for your time this morning. >> you're very welcome. now, to that big wintry mess of ice and snow snarling the morning commute all over the northeast. right now, sam has been tracking the latest. and, sam, it's been a messy
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morning. >> yeah. it's getting messier as people are getting up. the roads are wet. we're at about the freezing mark, but once you get outside the city, we've started to drop into the 20s. and then, take a look at rockland county. these are live pictures this morning where there is snow on the ground. at one point, early-morning hours, one to two inches falling per hour. and around foxborough, mass, you can see just how long this line of the snow extends, all the way from the pennsylvania area, vermont, new hampshire, into massachusetts, as well. a long line of ice and snow. this all got started late last night and yesterday, with this ice storm situation, that was down in the deep south. it was anywhere from dallas, all the way toward, well, right in the southland, where those icy conditions and all over the tree tops there. now, here's who gets accumulation today. as the first low pulls away. we're going to see in those dark purple shaded areas, three to five inches of accumulating snow. just south of that, it's going
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to mix between the rain that we're feeling right now and even a little ice pellets. it's trouble on the roads this morning. elizabeth? george? >> sam, thank you so much. now, let's turn to josh with big stories. big news on the dreamliner again. >> yet again, elizabeth. good morning to all of you. and all of you. major new concerns now about boeing's newest jet, the 787 dreamliner. this morning, airlines overseas have grounded the plane after yet another frightening safety incident, forcing passengers to evacuate. and abc's jim avila has been closely following the safety concerns of this plane and joins us again, jim, with the latest round here. >> reporter: good morning, josh. in fact, the smell of smoke and a battery warning light on the panel at 30,000 feet above japan led pilots to say enough. they declared an emergency. and put it down. panic this morning onboard this japanese jetliner. another in boeing's troubled 787 dreamliner fleet, forced to make an emergency landing. this time, after someone smelled smoke in the cockpit and cabin.
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passengers filming the chaos in the plane's aisle. and while sliding down evacuation chutes. a.n.a., the japanese airline, saying overnight, no one actually saw any smoke or flames, but that warning alarms did sound. >> if there was fire or if there was an electrical smoke or something like that, then that's serious, particularly when it happens in flight. >> reporter: the warnings overnight appeared to have come from the same part of the plane that forced a japan air 787 to make an emergency landing last monday, after a battery apparently caught fire. that incident prompted the faa to announce a review of all domestically-flown dreamliners. a string of other problems on other 787s this month, including a cracked windshield and brake problems appear to be more minor. >> i think, clearly, in the short-term, this type of bad press has been tough for boeing.
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>> reporter: now, while japanese airlines have grounded all of their 787s, the united states, united's the only one to fly them, some six domestically. they will continue to fly as the faa reviews. the question, now, is was that the plane on fire? or just dreamliner's reputation? josh? >> a question to be answered. jim avila, thank you for that. 78 days now after hurricane sandy began pounding the east coast, house lawmakers have approved a $50 billion relief bill. it survived a challenge from fiscal conservatives who demanded spending cuts to pay for it. the money will be used for rebuilding and public transportation. and the new fight against al qaeda in western africa is taking a serious, new turn this morning, after insisting that only air strikes would be necessary, france is now launching a ground assault on rebels linked to al qaeda in mali. america has ruled out american boots on the ground. the former governor of south carolina, who disappeared for
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five days while he was in office, is launching a political comeback. mark sanford is running for congress, trying to reclaim the seat he held two decades ago. his fall from grace in 2009 came after he admitted his story about hiking in the appalachians was a lie to cover up his affair. and finally, the power of the internet and the most social of media on display here. five siblings, led by their two big sisters, wanted a dog really bad. the parents say, you put a picture up, you ask facebook for 1 million likes. and if you get 1 million likes, we'll get you a dog. they figured, no way. they didn't figure it would take about 13 hours. >> what? >> to get 1 million likes. >> are you serious? >> i am serious, elizabeth vargas. holland wants a dog. portland, oregon, wants a dog. i do believe in the lara spencer household, the auto voting was fast and true. >> can i tell the truth?
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i actually knew about this page. i liked. they're up to 1.7. two dogs. >> wow. let's turn to the major announcement from the president this morning on gun violence. he's expected to call for a mix of legislative and executive action, including bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. that's on the heels of new york governor andrew cuomo, signing the toughest gun control measures in the nation into law on tuesday. the first since the newtown shootings. abc's jon karl is covering this from the white house. and the president knows he's in for a fight. >> reporter: that's for sure, george. and in a sign of just how tough this fight will be, the nra is greeting the president's announcement this morning with a harsh, personal attack on the president. the nra video viciously attacks the president. >> he's just another elitist hypocrite. >> reporter: the attack comes just a week after the nra was invited to the white house to meet with vice president biden. even without a personal attack like that, taking on the nra isn't easy.
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and trying to convince congress to vote for gun control, the president is hoping for an assist from kids, like 11-year-old julia, who wrote the president in a letter obtained by abc news. i have four brothers and sisters. and i know i would not be able to bear the thought of losing any of them. her idea, it should be very hard for people to buy guns. 8-year-old grant wrote the president, there should be a limit on how many guns a person can own. the president's plan won't go that far. it will call on congress to require background checks on virtually all gun purchases. limit the number of bullets allowed in a magazine clip. and ban so-called assault weapons. the president will also take steps without congress, acting on his own to improve current background checks and to more vigorously enforce gun laws already on the books. >> i'm confident that there's some steps that we can take that don't require legislation. and that are within my authority as president. >> reporter: gun rights advocates are vowing to fight hard. former reagan attorney general, ed meese, even raised the
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possibility tuesday of impeaching the president if he goes too far. >> if he tried to override the second amendment, in any way, i believe it would be an impeachable offense. >> so both sides digging in already. the president has a lot of power behind him. remarkable cover of "time" magazine this morning. you see vice president biden and major bloomberg of new york city. and look at gabby giffords right there. she's going to join the lobbying effort, as well. >> reporter: that's right. we expect to see gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly, in the halls of congress, knocking on doors, talking to members, urging them to support the president's proposal. the president will need all the help he can get. democrats in the senate say he probably doesn't have 50 democrats in the senate to support what he has to say. >> the president already said he didn't know how much of this could pass. jon karl, thank you very much. >> that's quite a cover of "time" magazine. now, to the latest on lance armstrong and the fallout after his admission to oprah, that he doped to win the tour de france and other races during his cycling career.
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well, now, this morning, there are new allegations of rule-breaking from people close to armstrong. people that also claimed that armstrong wronged them. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: on the internet today, they're changing those famous yellow wristbands from livestrong to liestrong. one measure of fallout from lance armstrong's tell-all oprah moment. >> we agreed that there would be no conditions on this interview. >> reporter: where he will explain why he used performance-enhancing drugs. >> we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. he certainly had prepared himself for this moment. >> reporter: a moment armstrong's former personal assistant says he never saw coming. mike anderson is speaking out to abc news from new zealand, in his first televised interview. >> he made the mistakes. but there were guys behind the scenes who built him up, who sold that lie to the public. >> lance armstrong just confirmed his tour de france
7:14 am
win! >> reporter: it's not just the lying, but the years of lies. >> what am i on? i'm on my bike. >> reporter: the adamant, vicious denials, even under oath. >> how could it have taken place when i've never taken performance-enhancing drugs? how could that have happened? >> that was my point. not simply you don't recall. >> how many times do i have to say it? >> reporter: few saw that side up close like anderson, who says the man behind the oakleys, viciously guarded his secret, protecting it at all costs, no matter who was hurt. >> i was witness to cruelty on a number of occasions. it was a concerted effort to make a pot of money. and those of us who called him out were destroyed. >> reporter: the question is, will anything armstrong says, when the interview actually airs, repair the massive amount of damage and lost faith? elizabeth? >> that is a question to be answered. all right, neal. thank you so much. >> thanks. we get the latest on the flu. and just how far people are
7:15 am
going to outsmart the epidemic, especially in new york and boston, where states of emergency have been declared. abc news' newest correspondent, is bringing us the story, gio benitez. he comes to us from wfor in miami. >> don't you love our weather? >> i love it and all the fun you have here. i would shake her hand. but experts say that's the worst thing you can do right now. here in new york city, alone, there are estimates that as many as 20,000 people may have the flu across the state. and as more and more people call off sick, we found some of the creative lengths people will go to stay well. extreme measures for an extreme outbreak. as the flu virus spreads nationwide, this morning, schools, businesses and sports teams are now taking matters into their own hands, or elbows. >> give a little elbow bump like that. >> reporter: this new york soccer team is banning high-fives and fist-bumps after the governor declared a public emergency.
7:16 am
>> just -- how are you doing? >> reporter: the elbows. >> with the elbow. >> the hand shaking definitely feels more intimate. but i think that it's a good reason. it will benefit us. >> reporter: in massachusetts, nearly 9,000 confirmed flu cases. businesses are now trying to keep healthy workers on the job. marlo marketing is going all-natural. turning 5:00 happy hour, into a wheat grass toast. even serving up kale salads with fresh garlic, in hopes of boosting staff immune systems. >> i haven't been sick. i can't tell you the last time i took a sick day. >> reporter: and in utah, health workers are preparing for the sundance film festival. handing out thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer. >> we're starting at the airport. we're also going to try to hit some of the hotels and restaurants in town. >> reporter: still, experts say with the possibility of the flu season continuing for more than a month, your best bet is getting a flu shot immediately.
7:17 am
>> the vaccine takes about two weeks to be fully protective. but it will give you a little protection on the way to that two weeks. >> reporter: hope to get mine tomorrow. and many of us here at the office have wondered, what happened if a sick co-worker touches your computer or phone? well, experts say, there's good news. the flu virus only lasts about eight hours on the surface. >> i'm walking around in a hazmat suit myself. let's get to sam and the weather. >> welcome, gio. just a reminder, it's 83 in miami today. this is what's in your new hometown. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. we'll start with a secondary low that develops in the southeast and spreads a lot of rain. some of these places where you're seeing the rainfall totals of one to three inches of rain, have had five inches of rain in a short period of time. so, this is a supersoaker for the southeast. and then, take a look at the warming that's going on into the west. this is good news.
7:18 am
l.a. gets up to 64. but 68 is your normal temperature. you were just 34. we're on the way to better, more normal, temperatures in the west. there's a look at the big board. that's the weather around the nation.
7:19 am
>> and this mix of icy rain and snow will continue in the northeast for most of the day. let's go back inside to josh, elizabeth. george and lara all inside. >> thank you, sam. and coming up on "gma," dramatic, new details from the interrogation tapes of jodi arias. and the bizarre voicemail prosecutors say she left after killing her boyfriend. dan and nancy weigh in live. also, the famous tv mom banning a family friend from honey boo boo. the gorilla suit that got crazy tony in trouble. if you're sitting on hidden cash, we're going to show you how to find it in your own home. and charlie sheen, everybody. stay with us. d charlie sheen, everybody. stay with us. stay with us.
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everything's better with a great cup of coffee. exceptionally smooth and perfectly balanced for a harmonious blend of flavor, body and aroma. green mountain coffee for your keurig brewer. brew a better day. >> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. san jose police are searching for a man who tried to pull a toddler from her mother's arms in front of the family home. the man made the mother uncomfortable and she picked up her daughter and he grabbed the legs of the 2-year-old. the mother broke free and ran in the house and called police. he was 20 to 30, and hispanic
7:24 am
with a red baseball cap and blue jeans. >> the morning commute from sue. >> southbound 84 to 680, a long red line of traffic backed up into livermore and our traffic spotters got a photograph of the accident which is why it is so jammed southbound 84. we also have an accident southbound 680 and it is jammed up there, as well. >> thank you very much. when we come back, our
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>> welcome back, check out the morning sun as it spreads over downtown san francisco. now the big story weather-wise. "spare the air" for all of us because the poor air quality especially in the north bay although all us are under "spare the air" today. frosty inland and frost in san
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those are the interrogation tapes played in the jodi arias trial. explosive evidence coming out of that case. plus, we have the bizarre voicemail she left her ex-boyfriend just hours after he was murdered. we have dan and nancy here live to weigh in on that. >> that's been quite a case. very controversial. also ahead this morning, i know all three of you, four of you, thanks for joining us, sam. thanks for taking off that dayglow orange jacket. you and lara, are the best bookends. i know you're all wondering about honey boo boo and what happened to crazy tony. momma june is telling crazy tony to get off the show and stay away. we're going to weigh into it.
7:30 am
>> okay. we all have the clutter in the house. how much is that clutter worth? our house clutter expert, lara spencer, will show you how you can get all of the money you didn't know you had. >> i believe we have other experts weighing in today. thank you for that, josh. also coming up, everybody, we have a new revealing interview with jennifer lopez. why recording her new song made her cry. and her biggest challenge as a mom right now. she'll tell us. and then, oh, yeah, charlie sheen, with us for the entire second hour. >> excited for that. >> unpredictable. we're going to switch gears and go to the dramatic testimony in court on tuesday in the trial of jodi arias. the prosecution playing a voicemail it claims she left for her ex-boyfriend shortly after she killed him. interrogation tapes reveal her changing story about what really happened. we'll talk to dan and nancy about it in just a moment. first, here's abc's ryan owens with the very latest on this strange story.
7:31 am
>> detective, i'm not a murderer. >> reporter: you're watching a woman. >> whose lies are catching up to her. >> i'm all for the ten commandments. >> reporter: for a second day, jurors heard jodi arias on a police interrogation tape, lying yet again, about the night she killed her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. >> travis were here today, he would tell you that it wasn't me. >> reporter: at one point, the detective leaves the room. arias stretches in the chair. then, stretches the truth even more. >> i'm begging you to at least come clean and tell me why because i don't want to leave here today not knowing 'cause it's going to follow me forever. >> i wish that i had answers. i'm sorry. >> reporter: she denied she was anywhere near alexander's mesa,
7:32 am
arizona, home when he was repeatedly stabbed and shot in june 2008. even after the detective shows her racy photos taken in his bed on that day. >> that looks like me. >> reporter: the jury also saw arias on tape from the very next day. this time, wearing a new outfit, a jail jumpsuit, and telling a new story. >> i actually didn't see it. i heard it. first. >> reporter: this time, she says she was at alexander's house, as two masked intruders broke in and murdered him. she acts how how she crouched in a corner as the fictitious felons threatened her mafia-style. >> i've seen "the sopranos." years later, she would decide on a third story. that she did kill alexander, but it was self-defense. >> hey, what's going on? >> reporter: the jury heard this voicemail arias left on alexander's phone hours after she killed him.
7:33 am
morbidly enough, she invited a man she knew was dead to come visit her. she repeatedly used alexander's password to check the messages on his phone. stalking him, they say, even in death. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. let's check in with our legal team. "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, along with nancy grace, who is going to cover the trial on her hln show. prosecutors always have the first go. the case seems strong. but this is relentless. >> there is an enormous amount of evidence here now. not just that she lied. but she lied again. the question in this case, and i think probably all the lawyers recognize this, is not is she going to be convicted? it's what is she going to be convicted of? will it be second-degree murder? will it be first-degree murder? will she get the death penalty? those are the key questions. that's why the interrogation
7:34 am
tapes become really tricky for her. on the one hand, she has to take the stand if she wants to be serious about the self-defense claim. there's no other evidence of self-defense. and you see on the interrogation tapes, her convincingly lying about nuance after nuance, if she gets up there and lies to the jury, it calls into question. she's in a tough spot. >> she sure is. nancy, on top of it, you have the phone records and the voicemail. >> well, there's been so many lies by jodi arias. and i found out something yesterday. she's even lying nonverbally. george, i found out she's got her chair beside her lawyers rolled down. you know, you can adjust chairs up and down? if you look at her lady lawyer beside her, she's about two inches shorter, to make her look petite and diminutive. i was wondering what was happening. take a look. and you'll see what i'm talking about.
7:35 am
yeah. she was even stalking him in death. and i find that to be one of the most offensive lies. but this is why i think they can turn it around. i've spoken to many of travis alexander's friends. and they all say that she basically came on to them, as well. extremely flirtatious. they have 7 women, 11 men. i can see her flirting with some of the guys from her defense table. but i guarantee you this, they're not going to invite her to dinner. >> that's a safe one. self-defense is going to be the claim. >> if they do, they better hide the cutlery. >> that gets to my next question. and the prosecutors, though, are claiming -- are sticking with the claim that she stabbed him first, then shot him, which could in theory help for the self-defense claim. >> it can go either way. this is a theory that's been evolving for prosecutors. was -- did she shoot him first? or did she stab him first?
7:36 am
stabbing could suggest more cruel behavior, et cetera. i think you could also argue that shooting him first shows a premeditation. she brings a gun to the house, shoots him first and stabs him later. >> it's moot. it's moot. it's moot because from the bullet wound, which went above the right eyebrow and lodged in the cheek, there was no exit wound, it didn't bleed. that shows that he died of the stab above the heart because there was no blood pressure to make this wound bleed. but what's going to defeat the entire self-defense claim is the nine stab wounds to the back. and i want to correct something. these were not racy photos. these were xxx-rated photos. i looked at them. they are not sexy. they're basically body parts. and the cop showed them to arias in the interrogation and she goes, hmm. that kind of looks like me. jodi, it is you. >> wow.
7:37 am
>> you know, each piece of evidence that we see, doesn't just back up what we previously know. it obliterates the potential defenses here. and you know, she's getting her opportunities are narrowing and narrowing here. this is someone who wanted to represent herself in this case, who was representing herself in this case. i think she very well may take the stand. that's going to be incredibly compelling testimony. >> dan, her opportunities are narrowing, like you said. and her chair is getting lower and lower. >> we have to get out right now. dan, nancy, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> all of the pictures are coming up, places like pennsylvania, north umberland, which is just north of harrisburg. there's a lot more to come with this system as it cruises by the coastline. that means all the way into boston, maine, vermont, new hampshire. new york state will pick up snow. and a new storm coming out of the southeast. this one probably for the mid-atlantic to new england, give another freshening of the snow, another hit, even as early
7:38 am
as tomorrow night in places like washington, d.c. the middle of the country, nice and calm and dry and quiet. some cases we're beginning to warm up. memphis at 43 degrees. denver, 51 degrees. the west coast, by the way, just has that problem with a little fog into the north. we're also beginning to warm up >> all that weather brought to you by home depot. want to mention the icing from western kentucky to rhode island. it's something to be aware of. coming up, momma june. her latest move to protect honey boo boo and the whole family. are you sitting on hidden cash? we'll show you where to find the money you might not know you new year,
7:39 am
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"here comes honey boo boo." back at 7:43 with the latest move momma june is taking to protect honey boo boo and the whole family. she has banned crazy tony, a family friend, from coming here them. abc's cecilia vega with the story. >> reporter: he's reality tv's four-wheeling cousin, known as crazy tony.
7:43 am
>> oh. >> hey, tony. >> reporter: he may be too crazy, even for honey boo boo. according to tmz, june shannon, a.k.a. momma june, had him banned from the family's hit tlc show, "here comes honey boo boo." his real name is tony lindsey. and he's not really a cousin, just a family friend. police in georgia say lindsey and his friends put on a gorilla suit last november and jumped into traffic on a freeway. lindsey say they were charged with reckless duct, something lindsay tells abc news is ridiculous. but it appears for momma june, it was too much. she tells tmz, he's no longer welcome on the show. and that, we love him as a friend. but that was a crazy story. lindsey tells abc news, he's disappointed and that, if they want me back on the show, they're going to have to pay me. >> momma june has recently said she wants to bring the show "honey boo boo" back to only family. she doesn't want it to be a sordid reality show.
7:44 am
she wants it to be centraled on family values. >> reporter: momma june's family value tlc the $20,000 per episode, goes into a trust fund for her four daughters. and they can't touch it until they're 21, unless it's for school. tlc says it adds up to momma june making good decisions for her family. >> just a crazy place. >> there ain't no help in crazy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. so much going on today. jennifer lopez coming up in a new interview. stunning revelations. and josh? >> we have "play of the day" coming up. a "wheel of fortune" fail to end it all. what did she think something was? we'll find out. don't go away. >> itinto our c frozen. .
7:45 am
she would only get a splash of coffee in her cup and then fill the rest up with cream and it -- mommy, what's going on? what are you doing? so when we did the blonde roast, she finally went from a splash of coffee to only a splash of cream. and i thought that was so cool, i said "well she's enjoying this." ♪ ♪ but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. dare to create all kinds of drama. new revlon photoready™ primer and shadow add sparkle or use wet. so you can create whatever eye you're in the mood for. dare to be revlon.
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7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> today, just an excuse for the skinny mic. you know, we love a good game show here on "good morning america." take a look at this. it's "wheel of fortune." and look at this. i'm going to give you all a chance to solve that. >> i have the nine -- >> thank you, george. >> ruined your whole buildup. >> that was amazing. i have the -- let's take a look at what she said. >> i'll solve the puzzle. >> go ahead. >> i have the wine by johnny cash. >> we should have. >> with confidence. >> i have the wine? >> i'm sure johnny cash has had wine at some point. >> that's one of my favorite
7:50 am
songs. >> one of his lesser hits. that was great. george, thank you for that. you know that charlie sheen is with us this morning. i believe he's actually getting ready. there he is. oh. the ladies from -- >> that's us in the morning. >> the ladies from exhale spa. >> yes? >> oh, terrific. all right. in three. in two. in one. in two. in one. go nowhere, people. and stiffnesswhen join from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
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7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. governor brown will attend the uc board of regents meeting in san francisco pushing for more teaching and less research at uc campuses. he wants more online courses to save money and to increase class offerings. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, is here with the forecast. >> the big story, you can see the haze out there. that is because we have a "spare the air" day. for all of us, we are under the "spare the air" so no burning of woods. mid-50's to nearly 60 and even warmer next week. sue? >> we have a new bart delay because power problems in the daly city direction with no other mass transit.
7:56 am
southbound 680, an accident with a dump truck which has 580 jammed. >> the n
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ braving outside. a few more inside. we know that robin, robin, strapped in at home. i know you're watching because this morning, we have charlie sheen right here as our special guest for the 8:00 hour. welcome, charlie. >> good to see you. >> new season of "anger management" is out. we'll start out by rolling back the clock a little bit. >> okay. >> remember this one? >> you ought to spend a little more time dealing with yourself, a little less time worrying about what your brother does. that's just an opinion. >> what? are you a psychiatrist? >> no. >> why don't you keep your opinions to yourself? >> that hair. >> yeah.
8:00 am
>> was that the last episode of "two and a half men"? >> it doesn't beat the hair from "major league." >> it doesn't? >> that was -- i mean, that was a full head. >> that was what happens in bars. >> it's growing back. >> that was "ferris bueller's day off." >> '85? '84? >> you were what? 12? >> i was 19. >> were you really? >> yeah. i was four hours late that day. >> four hours late? >> and the great john hughes said, you're hanging out with the star. awesome. >> serious? >> yeah. i got that last ten-minute nap before i was going to leave. and it turned into a four-hour thing. but whatever. now, it's history. >> bright and early this morning. >> i got home at 7:00 last night, go figure. >> and a massage and pedicure. >> yes. >> well-rested. >> yes.
8:01 am
>> good to have you. >> i'm not taking anybody's job here. don't worry. i'm not taking anybody's job here. don't worry. >> at weather, you could be great. >> you think so? i can tell you, it's raining. >> already. >> we hope you'll weigh in because we have a lot going on this hour. feel free to chime in at any time. we're going to hear from jennifer lopez. she has a great, new interview, in which she reveals her biggest disappointments and why she's taking things slow with love these days. we'll talk about that. >> really? >> what's she disappointed about? she's awesome. >> we'll find out. >> i know. >> everything is going well. >> i love it. we're doing a little thing called jumpstarting your january, charlie. and today, it's about the secret to turning the clutter in your home into cash. do you have extra stuff in your home? >> too much. >> our expert, lara spencer, will turn it into cash.
8:02 am
>> we need the cash. >> you can make money off it. or you can just get in the money machine. the grab -- the cash-grab machine. >> one, lucky audience member. >> in fact, charlie was good enough to bring his own money booth here. >> 30 seconds, folks. coming up at 8:30, charlie, do the honors. you pick one. pick one out. >> how about right here? >> right there. and the number is? >> number 12. >> number 12. >> hey. >> you are going -- >> all right. >> okay. >> all right. go nowhere. he's about to be a very, very rich man. >> wow. we have a lot coming up. let's get some news first, josh. >> all right. we're going to begin. that breaking news this morning out of london. the helicopter crashing into a crane atop an apartment building and bursting into flames and plummeting 60 stories to the street below in the middle of morning rush hour. at least 2 people were killed in the accident, 13 injured. several cars also caught on fire. we'll have updates as news warrants. the other big story this morning, two airlines overseas
8:03 am
have now grounded boeing's newest jet, the 787 dreamliner, after yet another emergency landing. passengers in japan, as you see here, had to slide down chutes after a battery warning light went off and the smell of smoke filled the cabin. and president obama unveiled his gun control proposals today. he is calling on congress to ban assault weapons, limit the number of bullets in ammunition clips and require background checks on virtually every gun purchased. this morning, the nra is on the attack, releasing a video that calls the president a hypocrite, in part because his children attend a school protected by armed guards. in the meantime, some doctors are raising new concerns about a gun control law signed by new york's governor that will require mental health professionals to notify authorities about potentially dangerous patients. and lance armstrong's confession to oprah will not be enough for the world anti-doping agency. this morning, the group says that armstrong will need to confess under oath, if he wants authorities to consider lifting
8:04 am
his lifetime ban from sports. and researchers are now offering a glimmer of hope in the battle against autism. a small and controversial new study found that some children who are diagnosed early can actually grow out of the disorder by the time they're adults. researchers aren't sure why. skeptics say those children may have been misdiagnosed in the first place. finally, a walmart worker near sacramento is trying to find young, boy or girl, who left behind a very special notebook at the store. take a look at this. filled with a list of rules to live by, including, no pushing, no screaming. rule number 103, no toys at the table. and some creative, recycle. always recycle. others include, protect each other. don't color on people. charlie, how many times do i have to tell you? >> sorry. >> but our favorite rule of all. don't bite the dentist. seriously.
8:05 am
if it's yours, actually, we want to make copies of it, that thing is going to be a best-seller. rules to live by. lara, don't bite the dentist. >> really? all right. i'll try. "pop news" and charlie sheen. >> just chime in, all of you. sam, this is for you. >> okay. >> we talked about weather machines and how important the maps and that stuff are. so, when the weather computers go down, the show must go on. that's what one weather man at our abc affiliate in tulsa, oklahoma, that's what he did. when his computer crashed, he had to macgyver up the weather maps. he came up with impressive-looking graphics. >> very nice. >> at the end of the forecast, he got a little more creative. take a look. >> and by the way, this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could just draw everything. and when i realized we're finally getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair color. >> that's great.
8:06 am
better than when i tried it. he's a real artist. >> yeah. very macgyver, truly. our thanks to andrew kozak and our affiliate ktul. lady gaga is also in "pop news" today. her custom-made tour bus has made its debut. the born brave bus is ready to hit the road for the u.s. leg of her world tour. the bus is covered in artwork created by -- >> who is that cowboy dancing outside the bus? >> is that lady gaga? i was wondering why it was -- >> you want to -- >> there's the bus and the cowboy, gaga herself. if you go inside, it's an interactive experience, where kids can connect with other little monsters. and find resources for behavioral and mental health services, bullying and suicide prevention. and also volunteer opportunities.
8:07 am
this bus has it all. it's free for anybody to climb onboard. >> just for kids? >> kids of all ages. >> i'm going on. >> does look like a magical experience. >> wow. >> "partridge family-esque." and finally in "pop news" today, drew barrymore is in no rush to get back to her pre-baby bod. the actress and mom of 4-month-old olive told "usa today." i don't want to use the word she used. she said forget the expectations. she wants her daughter to grow up knowing she'll be most beautiful on the outside when she's happy on the inside. that's a great life lesson. >> why did you name her olive? >> she's named olive. >> i got it. okay. cool. >> it's a pretty name. >> drew barrymore. >> we'll ask her that question when she's on "gma" on monday. >> i love it. good. now, we have a quiz, everybody. a pop quiz.
8:08 am
>> oh, good. a quiz. >> and we ask, who besides charlie is the world's most eligible bachelor. >> josh. >> that's one option. >> it's rising fast. >> we'll find out, coming up. >> me and you, sheen. >> showdown. showdown. >> i'm afraid what the competition would look like. let's get right into weather. by the way, did you know there are two keepers of the world temperature records? one is noaa and one is nasa. both of them put out a report yesterday. we're going to start with the graphic from the noaa report. last year was the tenth warmest on record. nasa disagrees and calls it the ninth. but the most important fact on both of these reports is since 2000, each year has been in the top warmest since we've been keeping weather records for 133 years. just think about that. since 2000, each year has been in the top, top 10 to 14, since we've been keeping weather records for 133 years. look at what's going on with the snow right now. from scranton, to albany, to portland, even boston getting
8:09 am
a little hit of snow. worcester, we saw live shots out of there this morning. it was getting a good amount of snow. be careful the icing under the snow. why are you here, charlie, when l.a. is warming up? thursday, 75. friday, 78. even san diego is beautiful at 71 degrees. it's been unbearably cold on the west coast. >> i'm going home. >> you can go. you're always welcome. >> some mornings are just amazing here.
8:10 am
and this is one of them. >> thank you. thank you. it's fabulous. >> fabulous. so much more coming up. so much more on our "gma morning menu." take a look. jennifer lopez, opening up in a stunning interview. why she cried recording her new song. and her big challenge now as a mom. plus, are you sitting on hidden cash in your own home? we're going to show you how to find it. and the workoutwear that keeps you up and zaps out more calories. we're going to try that. and charlie sheen is with us, live on "gma," right here in times square. stay with us. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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8:15 am
with an advanced degree in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at oh, yeah. really, sam? 8:16, everybody. and the answer to our pop quiz. we asked, who is the world ice most eligible bachelor? who is it? you're so good, angie. and according to "town and country magazine," you're exactly right. they have the rankings. it is prince harry. he beat george clooney, who was just a runner-up. >> what about not wanting to get married? >> that was amy robach in the blue dress here. >> older.
8:16 am
>> there's the prince on the phone for line three. >> another george zinger this morning. >> can i go now? >> you have to stay. >> i'm blushing. all right. we're going to go to superstar, jennifer lopez. she's opening up in a new interview in "people" magazine. and abc's amy robach, the digger, as in the hole, very young. all right. >> we're seeing a more emotional side of j. lo. she describes her difficult breakup with mark anthony and her fears for her children. this is a relatable, honest and personalible look into her life. >> jennifer. >> reporter: jennifer lopez. she's a superstar of movies and music. ♪ i want to dance and love ♪ >> reporter: and now, she's opening up in a stunning, new interview with "people" magazine. >> nice.
8:17 am
>> reporter: in it, jennifer admits to weeping as she recorded a brand-new song about the end of her seven-year marriage to singer marc anthony in 2011, calling it brutal. >> it was a difficult time in jennifer's life. she told "people" magazine that she had problems getting up and going to the set because she was so sad. >> reporter: her pending divorce has challenged her as a mom to twins max and emmy. >> they're turning 5. they're starting to ask questions. like, didn't daddy used to live here? when is he going to sleep here again? she's trying to explain he has a new home. but that's tough on her. >> reporter: the biggest disappointment? that i wasn't going to be able to put together that perfect family unit for them. luckily, the 43-year-old is getting a lot of support from this man, casper smart, her 25-year-old choreographer and live-in boyfriend.
8:18 am
i asked him, why don't you find a young girlfriend and get out of here, lopez joked to "people." >> he counters that, that he's been beat up pretty bad. she's going to be the woman who is pushing him in a wheelchair. they have a playful relationship. >> reporter: and a seemingly caring one, as i found out last summer when i visited the pair on tour. what did he tell you right before you went on stage? >> yesterday? we just have our little moment together. very encouraging. very loving. >> reporter: butthe three-time bride says she's taking things slow. i'm momma bear. i want to be sure everything is right. i've been hasty in the past, superhasty. i say, who is the ten? she says, i am. >> reporter: and she does. ♪ get your body up and jump it on the floor ♪ >> j. lo told the magazine she
8:19 am
has never had botox, any plastic surgery at all. but she doesn't rule it out in the future. we can all agree, she doesn't need any of it. >> she truly looks stunning. >> beautiful woman. >> she s is. >> i have to go, guys. we're going to jumpstart january time right now. this week, it is all about your money. this morning, secrets to finding a fortune hid right inside your home. "gma" teamed up with les gold and ashley broad, the stars of "hardcore pawn." >> reporter: meet mike and christina. the newlyweds inherited this house from mike's parents, along with all of the stuff they left behind. >> we don't know what it's worth. we want to find out. >> reporter: we brought in two eagle-eyed experts to separate the treasure from the trash. les gold and ashley broad are the father and daughter stars
8:20 am
behind the reality show, "hardcore pawn." >> every corner has value. we're going to find stuff they never knew they had. >> three, two, one. let's go. >> let's see what we have in this room. >> reporter: les and ashley tackle every room. rummage through every box. peered into each nook and cranny. >> nothing. >> reporter: to find the hidden gems that can be turned into cold, hard cash. the garage yielded plentiful bo unty. baseball cards from the '60s. >> this is worth about 250 bucks. this is an antique train set. there's huge demand for things like this. >> reporter: in the bedroom, who doesn't have a stash of comic books hidden away? >> this whole box, what do you think? >> about 300 bucks. >> reporter: mike has hopes for these heirlooms. >> i was hoping they were worth $1,000 or more each.
8:21 am
>> they're worth about 1 hundred bu bucks. >> just because it's old, doesn't mean it's valuable. >> reporter: there were big hits. au autographed sports gear. the signature is crucial. and in the kitchen, more surprises. look at the bottom of it. that's where you find the most value. >> reporter: this set of js china can bold on like when it come to unloading your loot, les and ashley say finding the right buyer is crucial. look beyond the internet to specialty dealers and mom and pop stores. >> go to the places that give you money on the spot. >> reporter: speaking of cash, these gold canes are a windfall. two worth $170 each. the grand total of cash hiding in this house is? >> the grand total is $17,028. >> whoa. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:22 am
america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> we are so happy to have the stars of true tv's hit, "hardcore pawn" les gold and ashley broad here this morning. we're going to do two live appraisa appraisals. that was amazing. $17,000 they didn't know where to have. where to look? >> look in all of the corners of your house. the basement, the cupboards. everywhere you can think of. >> all of the old boxes you haven't opened in years, that's where you find treasure. >> pretty tremendous. i know -- do you have something for us? >> i have the -- >> scottie, our stage manager brought in something you found in the corner of your place. >> this was my father's, in his garage for many years. >> that's copper. >> i believe it to be copper. >> this is copper and brass. it's a vintage fire extingui extinguisher.
8:23 am
keep it the way it is. polish it up. in the condition it is right now, $150. polish it, it will increase in value. you have a treasure right here. >> charlie's going to buy it. >> i've seen these converted into lamps and sold for over $1,000. so, you have a real treasure here. >> charlie will buy it. >> yeah. >> 1930s. >> thank you very much. >> i love it. we're finding money everywhere. in charlie's pockets. >> we have live appraisals. >> we do. >> 1,000 bucks. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> this ring my mom got years ago. she gave it to me for my 21st birthday. >> $500? >> yeah. >> probably $30. >> that's okay. >> what are you looking at? >> i'm looking at the letters inside to see what the metal's made of. it says plat.
8:24 am
that's platinum. and you think your mom paid 500 bucks. what it is, is a rhodes cut diamond. two-carat diamond. and this ring your mom paid 500 bucks is over $6,500 right now. this is an absolutely fabulous -- check that out. it's a fabulous piece. maybe i shouldn't have said it. your mom might want it. >> your mom had no idea. >> no. she bought it years ago at an estate sale. i always wanted it. >> there's some real heaft to that, too. >> there is. >> how do you feel? >> i need to take better care of it. >> get it polished. come to the store. we'll polish it for you. >> congratulations. >> we see the surprises. is this something you see every day, when people bring stuff in? they have no idea. >> we see all kinds. people come in. like we went to the house and appraised all the things.
8:25 am
people are always surprised. what we offer at our website, for what it's worth, you can find out the value of stuff. you don't have to bring it in. you can send us pictures. we'll evaluate it for you. we surprise people on a regular basis. we're very excited when we can bring joy to people. >> yeah. >> ashley, les, so good to see you. two more appraisals coming up, 9:00 a.m. on coming up, we've got more show.
8:26 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, flights between japan and mineta international airport are impacted by the voluntary grounding of boeing 787 dreamliner. two japanese carriers have grounded the fleet of 787's among safety concerns. an emergency landing in japan led to this after a week of problems with the new jet. all flights in and out of san jose for nippon are canceled. >> the daly city direction has a delay because of early power problems but no other mass transit issues just a nasty commute southbound 680 with an earlier stalled big rig. and southbound 880 an early accident has been cleared but the damage is done to 238 southbound.
8:27 am
frances has a slightly
8:28 am
>> good morning, i am your meteorologist here for mike name. it is "spare the air" with no wood burning, and poor air quality in the not bay. upper 20's, still and we will warm up to near 60's. kristen? >> president obama is set to announce his plan to curb gun violence coming up in 25 minutes in a special
8:29 am
what a wednesday here in times square. we got the money machine going. we got charlie sheen here live. giving away a lot of cash. and, charlie, i understand, we have a big live surprise from you, coming up. >> yes, we do. >> do you know about it? >> we do. it's exciting. we should say, we have charlie today. and jennifer lopez will be here next tuesday. >> wow. >> a strong week. a strong week. >> a strong week. we have our money booth over here. >> we do. >> and our wonderful winner, who gets to go. do you have a strategy figured out? >> grab as much as fast as i can. >> richard from houston, are you ready? 30 seconds. >> starting when? >> let's start the clock,
8:30 am
everybody. >> let him in. let him in. >> ready. set. go. >> he's smart. going to the bottom. >> you're right. >> go, richard. >> he's got it going. >> keep going, richard. >> go, richard. two, one. >> wow. >> well done, my man. >> wow. >> there you go, sorry. >> are you stuffing singles? >> thank you. >> well done, my man. good job. >> we're going to count it up. we'll let you know. >> congratulations. that's really good. and we have something
8:31 am
exciting from jack, right? >> ingrid the kangaroo. that's one of the animals, that our friend and yours, jack hanna, has brought to us this morning. a australia theme, i believe. and as you can see, the plants have magically sprouted here. >> we grew a forest. >> the forest at times square. unbelievable. and we want to say a big thank you to you, by the way, everybody at home. we are -- 1 million likes on facebook at "gma." about to cross the line on 2 million followers on twitter. if you got an extra second, you could boost us to 3 million. no problem. thank you for letting us into your home, every day and every morning, and sending us your weather shots and all of the information from all over the world. we thank you. you can say hello to us, anytime you want at on yahoo! >> we could not do this without
8:32 am
your love, without your listening and hearing every morning. keep sending stuff in. we want to hear from you every, single day. thanks from our whole team. and we move on, now, to the newest weapon in the weight wars. it's a line of workout clothes that allegedly will make you sweat more and shed extra pounds. we asked, do they really work? juju is modeling for us. and has their story. >> reporter: i call it bikram workout clothes. the idea is it raises your core body temperature. it makes you hotter while you work out. and research suggests it makes you burn more calories, even as you're stopping working out. and it gives a new meaning to the phrase, hot pants. it's a trend winning over the fitness fashion forward. workoutwear that makes you look and feel hot. camouflage your cellulite and hide your tummy.
8:33 am
>> women live in their workout clothes. >> they do. >> you might as well look good in them. >> this is a tummy tamer that's hidden in the garment. but it's really comfortable. >> reporter: now, there's a line of clothing that promises to help burn more calories. you can burn more calories by wearing the clothes? >> the body burns more calories when the body gets hotter. >> reporter: according to the founder, these pants will help you sweat more and help you melt off those extra pounds. the skeptic in me would say, come on. how much more can you really burn? pants help you burn 11% more calories while you're caloriest importantly, in the h after afte exercising, will help you burn 13% more calories. >> reporter: it helps you after you stop working out? >> yes, because you're hotter. >> reporter: it's part of a new
8:34 am
trend that we've seen in 2012. even sew, so, zagora has true believers. and the workoutwear is selling like hot cakes. in part, thanks to real woman posting real reviews on the facebook page, which has over 300,000 fans. and mums are great. once mum's behind an idea, they tell all of their friends. >> reporter: we decided to get some real-time reviews from the laguardia high school trac o ♪ >> reporter: they're wearing turbo rockets. >> more thermal. >> reporter: it does? >> i'm sweating more, but in a good way. >> reporter: in a good way. wait. they're all so much faster. wait. slow down. okay. i volunteered sam to put one on, right? >> i'm sweating like a dog right now. >> it works. we can see your pecs. >> i am weather man.
8:35 am
>> weather man. >> i feel like i'm doing "sea rescue." i'm doing it in a wetsuit. >> and the only down side is it's a little pricey. it's about 150 bucks for this jacket. >> i'm never coming out of this, by the way. >> and it has benefits. >> a workout and a girdle, all in one. >> and i'm wearing it now, lara. >> you are. >> here you go. i got this. >> thank you, sam. we want you to model this one, josh. go ahead. >> thank you. >> thanks, juju. >> good fun. we want to do a little bit of weather this half hour. but i also want to thank you guys. we geng oe the twit facebook. if1 i' wearing it. i'm not taking it off the rest if1 i' wearing it. i'm not taking it off the rest breathe. i can'tbreathe.fok pictures, look at this. this is how we k wha's goingwit.
8:36 am
we'll look at the weather going on around the nation today. deliver snow again, from coastline. atlanta, to montgomery, tallahassee. knoxville, you're in the red zone there. g this? it's awesome. >> wow. >> all that weather has been brought to you by capella university. go nowhere, as josh would say, because charlie sheen is still here live.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are back, now, with our very special guest, charlie sheen. the second season of his new tv show "anger management" is about to start. and he's heading back to the big screen with a new movie about to come out. >> thank you very much. this is exciting. the rest of the day must feel
8:40 am
like a yawn. it's on now. >> it's an exciting morning. "anger management" the last time we were on the show. >> i had started it? >> you were about to debut. after the first 10 aired, 90 more were ordered. it was a huge hit. >> they like us. >> are you surprised by the success you had. you're the highest-comedy show on cable. >> was i surprised by that? to come out of what i came out of, and to have this opportunity is incredible. >> season two debuts this week. you play an anger management therapist. there's a hole on our set. i couldn't get a line. i was frustrated. and the only damage to our set is done by the therapist. >> really? huh. >> it's a good shot. >> so, still dealing with your
8:41 am
own anger management. >> it's good to get that stuff out. not towards people. >> no. >> not towards people. >> that's right. that's a good thing. we have a clip here of the second season. let's look at it. keep your eyes open for the broken door on the set. >> charlie, i'm really proud of you. >> i'm proud of you, too. >> for what? >> going with me. >> oh, no. >> i am taking a trip to anger trigger city. i'm going to need backup. >> i hate baby showers. i hate babies. they have no concepts of my importance. >> charles swan iii. that was selma blair, by the way. she's up right now. >> and having a great time with your colleagues. >> i am. most fun i've had in showbiz. >> and you're back on the big screen, playing another man named charles.
8:42 am
>> it's the final charlie role, i promise. >> he's having a tough time. >> it's about love lost and why that happens. and the mystery behind it. and there's a lot of things i could relate to. >> was it good to get back on the big screen? >> it was. it was an opportunity to play a character and not have to squeeze it into 22 minutes. >> right. >> it was good. i hope people are receptive of it. >> and you had that after what we'll call it a meltdown, to get back on the big screen. >> some people came to know me. get back to basics. >> let's look at a clip from it. >> we're outnumbered. >> really on a warpath. >> well, pardner, you can dig a hole and crawl into it. or you can face them like a man. are you a man? >> of course i am. >> show me. >> we should -- this is a dream sequence of the movie with bill
8:43 am
murray. >> bill's amazing. >> funny stuff. >> it was. >> you learned spanish for the movie. >> i don't know if i learned it. i learned that scene. in that scene, i had a -- that's spanglish, right? i use an ear piece. >> you're about to become a grandfather. >> i know. >> it's hard to believe. >> the gray hairs sprouting, right? >> are you excited about that? >> i'm very excited. it's one of the things that you think about. and it happens. it's going to happen. and it's got to be somebody else's life. it's too cool. >> i've been getting questions on my twitter that people would like to know what advice you would give your new grandchild about man managing the potholes of life. >> drive a nice car.
8:44 am
>> drive a nice car. >> yeah. sorry. >> when we spoke last time, you said that you had stopped doing drugs. >> yes, i have, yes. >> you were still enjoying a daily tumbler of vodka. >> i don't know about a daily one. >> no more vodka for breakfast. >> it's happy hour somewhere, usually, right? i'm getting it all back together. yeah. >> you look like you are. >> thank you. i feel good. >> that's great. >> excited. >> that's great. and congratulations on your success. >> thank you. that's awesome. >> and our twitter fan page, because who knew you have a secret talent, singing? >> i don't sing. i know some people who do. >> you're going to sing with them? >> i'm not. >> you're not? >> they said i was going to sing with them? >> the tenors are here, going to
8:45 am
be singing a song for robin roberts. >> how about that? yes. >> got it right here. >> they are the platinum canadian recording -- platinum-selling canadian recording artists. they just released an album on tuesday called "lead with your heart." you're not going to sing with them? >> no. i'm going to let them be great. gentlemen, charlie wanted you on the show. we're thrilled to have you here to sing for robin this morning. >> the tenors, everybody. ♪ lead lead with your heart ♪ ♪ the one thing you can trust ♪ ♪ to always come from love ♪ ♪ lead lead with your heart ♪ ♪ lead with your heart the one thing you can trust ♪ ♪ to always come from love and it will shine ♪ ♪ right through the dark
8:46 am
like a northern star ♪ ♪ will show you what is true ♪ ♪ you'll never lose you'll never lose ♪ ♪ if only you if only you ♪ ♪ will lead with your heart ♪ ♪ whoa oh ♪ >> wow. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
this is an abc news special
8:49 am
report. good afternoon to you. i'm diane sawyer with george stephanopoulos at abc news headquarters in new york. we're with you so that you can hear the president announce his plan to curb gun violence in america, 33 days after the children and teachers were gund down at the elementary school in newtown. the white house acting with record speed for washington. but so is the gun lobby. promising a hard-fought fight. >> the president expected to lay out the most wide-reaching laws. a mixed of legislative and executive actions. including background checks, and limiting clips. the nra signalling overnight how big of a fight this is going to be. with a personal ad that even invoked the president's children. >> there will be children with the president when he makes this announcement. children who wrote him with their ideas on curbing gun violence. let's go to abc's jonathan karl.
8:50 am
jon? >> reporter: white house press secretary jay carney has just responded to that ad calling it cowardly. 23 separate executive actions the president will outline, important, because it will be hard to pass anything in congress. >> here's the president and the vice president who headed the task force. please, please be seated. thank you. before i begin today, let me say to the families of the innocents who were murdered 33 days ago, our hearts go out to you. you showed incredible encourage being here. we'll do everything in our power to remember your children. it's been 33 days since the nation's hearts were broken by
8:51 am
the horrific sense of violence that took place alt sandy hook elementary school. 20 -- 20 beautiful first-graders gund down in a place that's supposed to be their second sanctuary. six -- six members of the staff killed. trying to save those children. it's literally been hard for the nation to comprehend. hard for the nation to fathom. and i know for the families that are here, time is not measured in days, but it's measured in minutes and seconds. since you received that news. another minute without your daughter. another minute without your son. another minute without your wife. another minute without your mom. i want to personally thank chris and lynn mcdonnell who lost their beautiful daughter grace and the other parents who i had
8:52 am
a chance to speak to for their suggestions and for, again, just for their the courage all of you to be here today. i admire -- i admire the grace and the resolve that you all are showing. and i must say i have been deeply affected by your faith as well. and the president and i are going to do everything we can to match the resolve you demonstrated. no one can know for certain if this senseless act could have been prevented. we have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to diminish the prospect that something like this could happen again. as the president knows, i have worked in this field a long time in the united states senate. having chaired a committee that had jurisdiction over these issues of guns and crimes and having drafted the first gun
8:53 am
violence legislation, the last gun violence legislation i should say, and i have no illusions about what we're up against or how hard the task is in front of us but i also have never seen the nation's conscience so a chicken by what happened in sandy hook. the world has changed. and it's demanding action. in this context that the president asked me to put together along with cabinet members a set of recommendations about how we should proceed to meet that moral obligation we have. toward that end, we sat down with 229 groups, not just individuals representing groups, 229 groups from law enforcement agencies to public health officials, to gun officials to gun advocacy groups, to sportsmen and hunters and religious leaders. and i have spoke within members of congress on both sides of the aisle. had extensive conversations with
8:54 am
mayors and county officials. the recommendations we provided to the president on monday called for executive actions that he could call for. based on the emerging consensus with the groups that we spoke. ways to keep guns out of the wrong hands as well as ways to take comprehensive action to prevent action in the first place. we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. some of what you will hear from the president will happen immediately, some will take some time. but we have begun and we starting here today, we resolve to continue this fight, during the meetings that we held, with met with a young man who's here today, i think colin is here -- colin was one of the survivors on of the virginia tech
8:55 am
massacre. he was in the class room, he calls himself one of the lucky seven. and he'll tell you, he was shot four times on that day and he has three bullets that are still inside him. and when i asked colin about what he thought we should be doing, he said i'm not here because of what happened to me i'm here because of what happened to me keeps happening to other people. and we have to do something about it. colin, we will. colin, i promise you we will. this is our intention. we must do what we can now and there's no person is who bhr committed to acting on this moral obligation we have than the president of the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, president barack obama. >> thank you. thank you.
8:56 am
thank you so much. thank you, everybody. please, please have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. let me begin by thanking our vice president joe biden. for your dedication, joe, to this issue, for bringing so many different voices to the table. because while reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge, protecting our children from harm shouldn't be a divisive one. over the month since the tragedy in newtown, we've heard from so many and obviously, none have affected us more than the families of those gorgeous children and their teachers and guardians who were lost and so we're grateful to all of you for taking the time to be here and recognizing that we honor their memories in part by doing
8:57 am
everything we can to prevent this from happening again. but we also heard from some unexpected people. in particular, i started getting a lot of letters from kids. four of them are here today. grant fritz, julia stokes and tajia goode. they're representative of some of the messages that i got. these are pretty smart letters from some pretty smart young people. a third-grader, go ahead and wave. that's you. she wrote, i feel terrible for the parents who lost their children, i love my country and i want everyone to be happy and safe. and then grant -- go ahead and wave, grant. grant said, i think there should be some changes.
8:58 am
we should learn from what happened at sandy hook, i feel really bad. and then julia said -- julia, where are you? there you go. i'm not scared for my safety, i'm scared for others. i have four brothers and sisters, and i know that i would not be able to bear the thought of losing any of them. and these are our kids. this is what they're thinking about. and so what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them. and shield them from harm. and give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything that they're capable of doing, not just to pursue their own dreams, but to help build this country. this is our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. this is how we will be judged.
8:59 am
and their voices should compel us to change. and that's why, last month, i asked joe to lead an effort along with members of my cabinet to come up with some concrete steps that we could take right now to keep our children safe. to help prevent maz shootings. to reduce the broader epidemic of gun violence in this country. and we can't put this off any longer. just last thursday, as tv networks were covering one of joe's meetings, on this topic, news broke of another school shooting, this one in california. in the month since 20 precious children and six adults were violently taken from us at sandy hook elementary school, more than 900 of our


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