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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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what our job is. >> today it was packing and preparing if you believe in good omens here is a weird one. i learned center goodwin has a cough, a bad cough, or maybe a good cough. >> he zrnt a flu? >> no. i have had a cough three week asks i can't get rid of it. >> clearly. keep the cough. this is maybe good luck. >> it's coughing we want. >> you heard it here first. and a couple other questions for coach today, first, we asked if he had a big speech planned for the team before the game on sunday. he said no. he doesn't give speeches, just information. so i followed witness another
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question. has he spoken with his brother john harbaugh who coaches ravens. have they discussed possibly facing each other in the super bowl? a long answer from coach, he said, no. from an jose, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> tough to shut him up sometimes, as we said abc 7 news is already in atlanta. there are any niners fans interest, yet? >> we haven't seen a lot of them, i think fans are going to be showing up tomorrow. it's about 35 degrees here now. so it's a good thing these are indoors. a couple years ago we had tim tebow, tebowing. and now, collin kaepernicking.
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we not only have two different teams but two different touchdown celebrations. the dirty bird made in the late 90s here. >> this is falcons. >> they have to look bad. >> can you do the dirty bird? give me an example. >> do you remember the dirty bird? >> yes. >> could you do it? >> i don't know how it goes. >> you can flop around like a chicken. >> the 49ers latest trend is kaeperniking. >> is that a dance? >> when he doesn't z anything successfully, he likes to kiss his biceps. >> let me see. just pull this up. >> that would be your for arm. >> do you hi he's going to be doing a lot of it against the falcons?
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>> no. no. i don't think so. i think we'll have a game planned and we'll stop. >> you must be taking grief. >> i have been. and i almost got jumped in the lunch room. but that being the case i still wore my hat and standing tall. we're looking for kaepernik to bring it home. >> can you do kaeperniking? there it is. all right. let's he hope there will be a lot of it going on sunday. we're going to find those fans for you tomorrow, coming up later in sports we're going to talk to former cal bear with the falcons on maybe his last shot at a title. now, i'll be ae -- kaeperniking here. >> good job. that is fun stuff, thank you. mike will be in atlanta through sunday, he'll be back later in this newscast.
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tonight on abc 7 news, so stick around for the great reports. >> well, we have late information regarding san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. abc 7 news learned his neighbor, the woman reported the domestic violence incident between he and his wife to police is now suing the two of them for did he have defamation. the incident took place on new year's eve. mirkarimi's wife allowed her neighbor to videotape her bruised arm. mid nad mad yi son reported the incident ask turned over the tape. mirkarimi was suspended for months. the sheriff pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and got his job back but during this orderel, mirkarimi harshly criticized madison for contacting the police. >> the cdc today declared blue flu outbreak is an epidemic, noting it's spread to california. the latest map is showing
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california in yellow. abc 7 news is live in fremont tonight. it's inevitable it would come here. >> you know people have heard about how hard the virus is. and now, information telling us it's headed west. today, washington hospital had their efforts to stop it dead in it's track autos okay. okay. >> no. no. >> this 4 yormtd-year-old is not having a good time. watch her squirm, wiggle and scream. in the end she got the shot. >> no! >> elf perts believe epidemics begin and spread from younger children. >> i did. >> this clinic is unof many
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working to stop the spread of the flu. >> it's a worst they've seen in a long time. >> and rumors about the virus. >> just texting girlfriends to ask them did they get the shot. they're like i don't want to get it. every time i get it, you get sick. >> officials say it's shaping up to be severe. children are vulnerable. the cdc reported nine deaths in the second week of january. >> flu starts in fall going to early spring. january, february where the worst months. >> 12,000 are tested, 29% positive for the flu. this doctor says the deaths are above the threshold and cause for concern. >> last year we were not at this level. there is a higher level than usual. it's cause for concern. it's a great condition rn to go a vaccine. >> the report shows it's also
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hitting the elderly hard. nearly half of those hospitalize wrd over age 65. and yvonne says she has in plans to get sick. >> we wanted to make sure we didn't get the flu. >> now, we'll be providing flu shots throughout the flu season. there are other places around the bay area where you can get the shot for a list you can go to our web site. we have it there. in fremont, nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a new year's eve shooting is causing tensions to rise between two san jose families. ricardo hernandez faces charges of killing someone suspected of break ins in an parm complex. the victim was a 30-year-old christopher soriano. there is now a security patrol.
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>> now, the owner is providing security. we're told they couldn't afford it. but now, they can. >> the hernandez family claims they've received threats because of the murdering hernandez is a hero for stopping a crime spree. >> when someone takes the law into their own hands. he had an illegal gun and killed a man, a father of five children. took my son away from me. >> there is a report the family scuffled outside of the courtroom but by the time deputy arrived it was over. >> one week after confessing to killing his mother, former death row inmate ask double murderer dennis stanworth was back before a judge today to enter a plea. >> one week after he confessed to killing his mother in an emotional outburst, former death row instatemate stayed mostly quiet this, time, the
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70-year-old entered a not guilty plea plae to the murder of nellie stanworth in his home. last week he said he was guilty. >> right. >> it's a standard plea in any case so that is what he entered today. >> in the a surprise? >> no. no. >> this prosecutor says nellie stanworth was likely killed in early november. saying the autopsy revealed it was murder. saying it did not appear his wife knew about the death though the body had been on the property sometime. stanworth spent seven years on death row for killing two teenagers in 1966 for a series of kidnap rapes before and after. in the 70s, california overturned the death penalty.
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last week stanworth blurted quote i plead guilty to everything. i did everything. this is the third one. this time, he said little. except to ask for a device for the hard of hearing. his prior outbursts may come back to haunt the killer its something that can be used against him. it's something i can use if we need to. >> he will be in fairfield next month. >> still head here tonight the calm before the storm. you're going to see what organizers of the mavericks surf contest are doing. they await arrival of those big waves. >> there are big waves coming up. a spare the air alert. accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> a calm calls a plumbing company estimating for free
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estimates then gets a bill. 7 on your side gets her money back. >> from experts,
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>> california edd issued a surprising jobs report today. the rate is holding steady but 17,500 jobs removed from payrolls last month. there are now 255,000 fewer people employed in california than a year ago wlait was
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higher. good news is that the bay area added 91,000 jobs last year, 21,000 in east bay. >> the kogs is calm now but that is going to change, giving competitors monster waves to ride. this shows a calm sea. this is the area called mavericks. it won't last long according to jeff clark. he's looking at satellite model autos i can go six hours ahead and you can see it starting to move. >> a storm in japan four days ago is what makes clark excited about sunday's
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competition. >> the last competition was in 2010. 24 best surfers come here. unfortunately some wipeout. >> this is been a dream since i was a boy. and it's coming true. >> ben says he's been serving -- surfing since he was a toddler and now, he gets to surf with his heroes. this year, no one gets to go out to the beach because of the wave that wash add shore, wiping out and injuring a dozen people. >> so this year there are plans to limit access to the beach. and to make it safer. >> here in the parking lot spectators will be able to ach watch live. tens of thousands that are
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expected will bring a boost to half moon bay. >> smallest boats want most money. >> in princeton bit sea, abc 7 news. >> waves are coming. going to be good enough. >> yes. it's going to be gorgeous weather. >> yes. so problem is that we do have sneaker waves. here is a look and this is the east bay looking towardsestern sky. after glow of sunset but it's gone. this was a spare the air day. mainly cloud free sky skpirkts mild at this hour. we still have 46 degrees in
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oakland. here in san francisco, 58 redwood city. some spots getting a bit cool. so chilly spots overnight. forecast features looking for rough serve this weekend. by we do expect mild afternoons throughout the weekend and into next week. talking about sneaker waves through tomorrow morning. steve back from water's edge. that is where the coastline with west facing beaches. 4:00 sunday afternoon, northwest. large breaker waves as well. and highs going well, they haven't started to build up yet. lows dropping to 29 in fairfield. 29 in santa rosa. we'll have cold spots.
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temperatures around the bay and near the coast will be moderating. talking about this air quality, which has been in decline for the fourth straight spare the air day. poor air quality in the north bay. and central bay and coast. there is a super ridge dominating our weather picture. through tuesday, we'll get clouds. for tomorrow, sunny skies and mild again. haze around. high temperatures mainly into mid-60s. going to be mild from the coast to bay to inland location was some locations seeing highs moving into the upper 60s. highs 70 in santa cruz. 71 hollister. here is the accu-weather forecast. this pattern holds through monday, into tuesday. it's starting to get cooler on wednesday.
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more clouds and just a slight chance of showers wednesday and friday. >> terrific. >> coming up next a lesson plan in san francisco schools. >> it's a lesson in online safety for thousands of
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a northern california man vowing to fight federal charges of operating a marijuana farm. attending a hearing in sacramento, facing 10 years after being indicted on charges of cultivating marijuana. the feds hauled away nearly 2000 plants. he furnished pot to medical marijuana dispensaries. he said while paying taxes and comp playing with laws. >> u.s. attorney ben wagner to sit down with us to look over matt's case realize there is no jus nis sending this man to prison. >> he says the obama administration is sending mixed messages when it comes to medical marijuana.
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prosecutors called him a major league drug trafficker. >> a coordinated effort today all 55,000 school students received same lesson friday. the topic, online safety and cyber bullying. it's an important lesson considering 56% of the children report being bullied in this way. >> not don't do this or that. it's here are great opportunities. how do you think about what you're going to do when using media and technology. >> do your parents know what is going on on the internet? >> sometimes. not really. >> students learned about privacy, a key lesson, considering popularity of facebook intsagram. >> just ahead rescue of dozens of hostages in algeria.
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the trade terrorists want to make for americans still being held. >> a surprising new discovery on the dream liner. turns out fires on board may be result of oakland charging batteries. >> from sanford a leading expert weighs in on the intersection of the martin luther king holiday and inauguration day. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues.
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the obama administration confirms tonight one american is kaed, several others still being held hostage. the hostages being neld a natural gas complex in a remote section of the country. at least 12 hostages from various other countries have been killed despite a rescue effort. militants targeted the plant wednesday, it's unclear at this point how many remain. >> will not rest until we
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restore security to this vital region. and to bring those who would terrorize and kill innocent people to justice. >> militants are willing to exchange them for two prisoners in the u.s.. one is the sheek that masterminded the 2003 world trade center bombing. >> lance armstrong will reveal more of his secret life tonight after hiding years of cheating. he sat down with an interview with oprah winfrey. he confessed to using a variety of banned substances and taking blood transfusions and injecting performance-enhacing drugs. >> i view this situation as one big lie. that i repeated a lot of times. >> two local reporters uncovered
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steroid cheating in baseball. game of shadows co-author feels armstrong needs to say more. >> he admitted stuff and denied other stuff z won't talk about quote, unquote, army of enabler that's helped him hope. >> the second half of the interview will air this evening. >> the fires that erupted on dream liner jets nay have been a result of batteries. the plane had investigators looking at lithium ion batteries. the ap reports a fire in boston last week erupted as the battery was being charged.
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the dream liner has been grounded for a safety review. >> a martin luther king celebration created a lot of excitement in one school today, kids from star king elementary shouted king slogans and held up peace signs and drawings. >> this yeerk the martin luther king holiday is inauguration day. abc 7 news is here and today, you spoke with the world's renowned expert. >> as you know, the leading authority on martin luther king junior. the keeper of the papers head of the research and education institute. what i wanted to ask him was if they could have met, what would he have to say to the president about guns and
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violence? in our society. >> he was just 19 years old on a hot august afternoon, listening to martin luther king describe his dream for america he was back to ask barack obama to take his oath of office and wondered what now? >> what is i going to do to bring king's dream into reality? >> carson leaves dr. king would urge the president to take on harder issues, under lying gun violence. >> problem is not availability of guns. >> i think what he would point out is that people don't kill other people when they have hope. >> king would call for gun
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control but he also called on americans to see themselves part of one community. >> when do white americans care as much about the death of a black child as a white child? would the response of the nation have been the same if that happened in a black school? i would hope so. but as we know, the death of black children on a daily, weekly basis doesn't seem to garner the same kind after tension. >> look no further than oakland says carson. he points dr. kick's message that injustice any wri wr is a threat to justice everywhere. >> he's saying 50 years ago. but now we have to believe that. because injustice in one place could lead to terrorism in another place. >> these are the things we have to be concerned about. his latest book is martin's
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dream. the web site says they welcome visitors in cypress hall. >> it's a great assortment of things they have. >> and both former presidents bush have sent regrets for the inauguration. neither one will be there. the first president bush just got out of the hospital. and the second cited his father's health for not being able to attend. we'll have live streaming coverage at abc 7 starting at 6:30 monday morning. >> coming up next, an experience that left a bay area woman feeling drained a free plumbing service that
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a bay area plumbing company offering free estimates for repair work. >> one woman says they wound up costing her $165. >> she send ended up calling michael finney.
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>> free or $165? this is a good lesson this, one said she only wanted a free estimate. and she was charged. >> laura is showing us how much water was leaking from her bath top. more than a drip and it won't stop. >> i said oh, no. i better call a plumber. >> laura found this ad. preferred plumming and drain offering free estimates with no charges. sounded good. so she called. >> i said you do free estimates right? they said yes. >> this company sent out a plumber and laura showed her the leak he had already taken everything apart saying i can't fix it.
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i said what is the problem. >> the plumber said he tried to put in new seals. this would be a bigger job. >> he said we're going to have to cut your bathroom wall open. i said how much is that going to cost? he said from $650 to $700. i said oh, my god. >> he handed her a bill. and said it's the charge for putting in new seals though they didn't work. she gave him 100s skpdz a $65 check and the man left. >> after i closed the door i said wait a minute. i said he just gave me a bill. >> she called preferred plumbing. the company offered to apply the $165 towards the cost of doing a repair job. >> you'll owe us another $475. i said no. i want money back. >> the company did agree to
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refund the money, however, laura said she waited nine days and our tech anything anythings let her know the minimum charge and the pair tried to fix i ke we did notify her prior to the work. >> that is the co-owner tells 7 on your side his technician received a verbal okay to put in new seals did he not obtain her signed auj saigs. >> our policy is a verbal approval and a sick sig tour. >> however, preferred plumbing sent her a refund immediately before 7 on your side contacted the company. >> didn't need to have the wall taken out. >> laura hired a new plumber. this one put in a new washer. he says he doubts a washer
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will stop the leak for long, but he says he just wants haipy customer. >> i do apologize for her poor experience that. is not what we want. and we make mistakes sometimes. >> state law requires contract dwrorz provide a written contract that is signed by you. you don't have to pay until the work is finished and the problem resolved. the owner of preferred plumbing says there will be refunds within 24 hours of requests. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> sure. >> just ahead a program that helps you beat the high cost of child care and more. >> it's a program now needs assistance itself.
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breaking news in san francisco. a pedestrian has been hit and killed tonight. vic lee is live on the scene tonight. vic vic, what else can you tell us? >> we're downtown this, is howard street that. is 7th street behind me.
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officers are waiting for investigators to arrive at this scene. they're not telling us much of what happened but i can tell you that it's a grisly scene behind me. covered body of a victim is behind a car with a blinking light. aj officer tell meez the pedestrian was hit by two cars and says this is not, not a hit and rub. all drivers are here on the scene cop rating from -- with police. and in case you're planning to come downtown this, is a major artery getting you out of downtown. police closed traffic at 7th and fls yom and that is the latest from this scene. officers waiting for traffic investigators to find out what happened but appears that the pedestrian was crossing the street when that pedestrian
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was hit by two cars. covered body of the victim is behind that car with the blinking lights. >> thank you. >> we're about to introduce you to a program helping working families in the east bay find child care. but the council is having to do more with less. we learned about this flam a listens event in concord. it's about 9:30 in the morning and they're starting with a song at st. michael's episcopal preschool. five days of care per week costs 700s a month. >> you think about child care, i'd be working juftd to pay preschool. >> that is where child care council comes in. it doesn't provide child care, but it refers parents to place that's do.
6:46 pm
whether for the day or just hours, thousands got referals last year. the council districts parents to place that's provide everything from toilet training to housing and food assistance. >> we assist between 5,000 and 10,000 families per year find child care. and have a fund allowing to us provide financial assistance to families. >> 1200 low income families like dominic's get financial aid, but it's tough. the budget is about $23 million this year. a chunk comes from the government. belt tightening cost $8 million its been difficult. we've lost funding and laid off about 40% of the course. and unfortunately, the need
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hasn't changed. >> the needs covering more than just day care. he needed help with language and fine motor skills and the program helped with specialized instruction for that. >> he loves it here, he's got a good relationship and me, too, personal whether i teachers here. >> but the waiting list grows longer and longer. the council is hoping the new budget will restore some of the money. >> i don't think there is anyone more important than improving rifs of young children. >> to find out more go to our web site. look under see it on tv. if like to host go to our community page. >> excellent. let's talk about weather.
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>> another lovely day, a hazy one. there is a time lapse. you can see live doppler 7 hd. beach hazard advisory for the period carrying us through tomorrow morning. a swell is building. stay back from the water's edge. tomorrow's sky conditions, sthiz, mild, highs in mid 60s inching up to upper 60s in spots. 70s in santa cruz tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather lasting throughout the weekend, then mid week starting to feel more winter like. temperatures dropping, clouds coming into the sky. and there is gloom around the
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bay area. >> big game on sunday. all eyes on atlanta. >> yes. >> i'm predicting no gloom. >> niners left this afternoon. falcons standing in the way of
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best guess, 49ers in a plane somewhere over tennessee right nout. one man cut today brought in weeks ago to compete with david acres. acres won out. joining us live in atlanta, is mike shumann this, is the game where home field advantage is critical. right? >> i've never been a pro pone nent until you get into this game. they don't get to sleep until 2:00, getting little or no sleep tomorrow night.
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ask so advantage, falcons. a local guy is cal bare tight end tony gonzales. he told us maybe the old guys are the range russ. >> toughest fighter is the old guy, there for a long time. soy figured i'm like that. you see every coverage. i'm just out there. doing my thing. >> all right. i'd love to see tony getting a title but not this year, collin you don't think that he's going make it to super bowl, do you, shu? >> i think 49ers have the advantage. there are two factors, collin
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kaepernik. i'd like niners to go to the super bowl. back to you. >> most attention which is usually the case is mat ryan, he can beat with his wife, an arm suited for baseball. football is his priority. >> this is just a passion about football no other sports can give you. 11 people doing everything at the same time takes a lot of hard work its going to be good. hard to believe but giants workout is less than a month away. and four key players will
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arrive with big smiles. national league mvp getting $8 million this, is the yo gismt museum in new jersey. $8 million. the legend, i am jealous. the reverend cashed in as well. his pep talks were instraumtal in the world series run. posting a career best 2.4 earned runs career average. talking baseball. >> i know. that is amazing. >> thank you, moving on, join me tonight coming up then, a snowmobiling trip turns no a race for survival.
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outrunning an average. >> then at 11:00 bet place for a collin kaepernik sighting. >> and that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an actor from indianapolis, indiana... a high school math teacher from st. louis, missouri... and our returning champion, an actor from toronto, canada... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. and helen's win yesterday at $40,801 was the biggest one-day win so far this season. can she keep it going today, though?
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the sophomore jinx may be operating. we'll find out as she faces eric and patrick. here we go -- the "jeopardy!" round. we'll get right into it. and today, we're dealing with these categories... we'll get right into it. each correct response will begin with m-a-n. helen, start. "man" for $200, please. eric. what is manacle? correct. i'll take "man" for $400. eric. what is manatee? yes. "man" for $600. eric. what is the mandolin? right. "man" for $8 eric again. what is mandatory? yes. "man" for $1,000. 00. what is mandatory? yes.


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