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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> i saw somebody, the man have a machine gun, and i tried to run. >> everybody was running. >> when the shooting stopped the b.a.r.t. deputy chief says b.a.r.t. officers stationed nearby discovered two victims. >> the victim that is d.o.a. a mail black, approximately 40 years old. >> the other victim is a female. no age given. police say they have one man in custody. a cab driver says he followed three men into nearby streets after hearing the shots. he was suspicious because they were the only ones walking from the scene and the other ones were panicked. >> my car, going around the street, try to see where those guys go because i know they shooted. >> he called a fellow cabbie who told police and the sheriffs
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question ode one man. >> the sheriffs and b.a.r.t. police show up on the street. they walk and find and got him. >> one of those men is in custody. the bay fair bart station was closed. a bus was provided by transit to get people to nearby stations. the investigators recovered rounds but are not releasing the caliber. they're also reviewing video to see if anyone else is involved in the shootings. there may still be three men who police want to talk to about she shootings. and b.a.r.t. will probably resume service here in an hour. >> ama: new at 5:00, at least six surfers are recovering after a close call off ocean beach today. san francisco fire and the coast guard helped rescue the surfers
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stuck in strong rip tides. the waters made it difficult to locate the surfers. the coast guard helicopter found one of them. another man suffered a shoulder injury but the surf surfer managed to paddle back on his own. >> the bay area coastline is under a high surf advisory through 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. swells are expected to increase over the weekend. the waves are a welcome sight for 24 surfers competing in the mavericks invitational tomorrow morning off the coast of half moon bay. we'll have a live report tomorrow at 5:00. san francisco 49ers' wide receiver michael crabtree has volunteer tear live met with police in their investigation into an alleged sexual assault. crabtree has not been detained or arrested. police say the alleged incident happened last sunday morning in a san francisco hotel a few hours after he 49ers playoff
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game against green bay. right now crabtree is in atlanta with the team, gearing up for tomorrow's show down with the falcons. fans say the accusation is surprising but not a direction. >> that's allegations have not been substantiated by any proof. the truth will come out. hopefully it's not true. >> ama: crabtree's attorney says the star player is fulling cooperating with police and will continue to do throughout the investigation. abc7 news' mike shumann is live in the georgia dome where the weather is cold but playoff fever is heating up. hi, mike. how are you doing? >> mike: i'm doing just fine. we talked our way into the georgia dome. this is where it's all going to happen sunday. noon pacific standard time between the niners and falcons. 72,000 fans will fill the stadium, and 49 fans descended
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on atlanta today. so we hit the streets so see what they thought about the matchup between the niners and falcons. >> go niners! >> the 49ers empire has 6000 people at the stick but their fan base extends throughout the nation. >> washington, dc. >> columbia, series. >> there's millions of 49er fans over the nation. >> it's niner nation, i'm from d.c. >> you seem like you're ready to go right now. >> we're ready yesterday. we're here, partying, taking over atlanta. we're on the way to the super bowl, and ready to go. >> mike: you're that confident? >> i don't think atlanta is going to score. >> mike: atlanta fans beg to differ. >> all the 49er fans says there's no way atlanta can win. >> that's impossible. i don't see that happening. >> i'm excited.
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second you're in a row in the afc championship. last year was a heartbreaker so we got a second chance this time around with a different quarterback. >> the x factor will he colin kaepernick and his nerve. will his nerve hold up? >> i think he'll -- if he can get it out of his system early and focus, he'll do fine. >> will home field advantage prove to be the difference? >> the noise, rookie quarterback, doing hand signals, i'd rather -- i prefer -- i think if he is throwing the bull, our chances are great. >> mike: who has it better than us? >> nobody ! >> mike: maybe the 49ers are america's team. >> i have a cowboys fan over here who would disagree, but yes, 489ers definitely america' 's team. >> mike: 72,000 fans will be packed in here and the 49ers are looking for their sixth
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super bowl title. i wish i had my pads, i'd put them on right now. we'll talk about collin kaepernick and his first nfc title game. >> ama: again, abc7 sports average cone mike shumann will have a live report at 6:00. >> espn got the exclusive first interview with manti te'o, notre dame's star player now embroiled in an internet hoax involving a dead girlfriend. te'o captured the world's sympathy when he said he lost his grandmother and girlfriend in six hours. the girlfriendes never real. te'o is now admitting he never met the woman who he called the love of his life. he say this relationship was only on foe fine. he says why he lied.
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>> i kind of 'tear lored hi stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her before she passed away so they wouldn't think i was some crazy dude. >> he maintains he was never involved in creating the dead girlfriend hoax and says he is the victim of a cruel joke. breaking news out of san leandro right now. crews on the scene of a major water main break. this is a live look of police on scene. foothill boulevard is shut down between carolyn street and manchester road. the water main break was reported at 4:15. right now it's spilling on to interstate 580. a resident says there's a foot or more of water over a court are mile area. -- quarter mile area. >> it will be hale hail to the chief part two. crews are putting on the
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finishing touches for the pomp and circumstance, and this year the inauguration is going where it's never gone before tox your smartphone. the dramatic end to the ongoing hostage situation in the sahara desert. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a mild day today. some parts of the pay area in so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy?
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>> ama: the algerian government says 32 militants and 23 captives died during a special force operation to end the crisis. the militants consisted of 32
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men, including three algerians. the group of radical islamists with links to al qaeda stormed the national gas plant on wednesday, 685 algerian and 107 foreign workers were freed. president obama will take the oath of office for a second time tomorrow, but because of the date, which is a sunday, all the pomp and circumstance moves to monday. as finishing touches go on floats, the capitol is in security lockdown. the second go-round won't be as grabbed as the first. three years ago 1.8 million people filled the mall. four years ago nearly every one of the 29,000 hotel rooms in the area were booked. nearly 7,000 rooms are available today. anita mcbride, former assistant to george w. bush, says there's still a lot of excitement. >> the moment of the first african-american president, and it was new. for everyone.
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but there still is a level of excitement despite the numbers. >> ama: for the first time there's an official app for the inauguration, the committee released an app called inauguration 2013. our coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition "good morning america", and we'll have live streaming coverage at #k 30 monday morning. >> the first family takes part in a new inauguration tradition. that story is up next. and taking a live look outside. we're enjoying some milder weather. we could get some rain in the week ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser hayes the specifics. >> now here's a look at what is ahead on world news. >> coming up tonight, the terror siege is now over, the tedly hostage, and right here, fortunately star manti te'o
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breaking his silence after the dtv house. he explains it all in his own
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>> ama: the first family honored martin luther king, jr. by helping to sproos up a school in washington, dc. president barack obama, first lady michelle and their daughters, malia and sasha helped out for the national day of service. >> today was a great day to get out. the sun felt so warm.
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>> leigh: just might temperatures. here's a live look from the high definition mt. tamalpais area. you can see mainly clear sky. we still have a few high clouds drifting by, but won't obscure visibility. looking at live doppler 7hd, we're all clear across the bay area, i do want to share with you our highs today. boy, was it mild. look at oakland. today's high, 70 degrees. cloverdale, north bay, 6. 65 today in santa rosa. 63 in san francisco. 73, santa cruz this afternoon. interior east bay, temperatures held down a little bit thanks to an east win that brought a little of the central valley fog. 50 in livermore. antioch as well as concord. here's a look at our current readings, starting to drop down a bit. antioch, 58. 60 in san francisco. 57 in novato. 49 in san jose.
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here's a look out our forecast. we'll continue with cold conditions overnight, also patchy valley fog. the high surf advisory still in place for your sunday, and then it looks lick a distributing of more mild days -- a string of more mild days monday and tuesday. let's touch on the high surf advisory. it's in place until 4:00 tomorrow, strong rip currents, large breaking waves and you can see he current wave heights. they will begin to build overnight and definitely tomorrow morning. here is a look at the closeup satellite. clear sky today but those offshore winds helped to push the high clouds and any other cloudiness well off the coast. so clear sky overnight. going to be cold in the north bay. see some temperatures in the 20s. 29, fairfield, 31, santa rosa. up 0ers to mid-to-low 40s
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elsewhere. san francisco, 44. folks, high pressure still in place. not going to budge for the next several days. dry, mild weather through tuesday. after that all this starts to break down and by next wednesday we could possibly see a little rain in here. but enjoy tomorrow. lots of sunshine. still mild. 5 4 , santa rosa, napa, 55. 62, livermore. san jose, 56 degrees. and we'll look for 70s near santa cruz tomorrow. 70, 71. gill russian 67. the seven-day forecast, bring it on. lots of sunshine. watch out for the surf. monday and tuesday, clouds on wednesday. cooler, chance of showers, dry day on thursday, and chance of showers on friday. >> ama: tomorrow you're probably either watching mavericks or the
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49ers. well,. >> weather is going to be nice. peel will be torn. want to play golf but the niners are on at noon. who is trying for a breakout performance tomorrow? mike shumann is live from the georgia dome with his choice. cal hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> welcome back. t mind is in 19 hours to kickoff. 49ers and falcons. despite playing at home and two
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more regular season wins, the falcons are four-point underdogs. joining us live in atlanta, from the georgia dome, inside the dpaz dome, mike shumann. first, shu, does that spread surprise you? and, two, two is primed for a big game tomorrow? >> mike: first of all, the spread does not surprise me. the 49ers have been a back-to-back nfc title games and i think they have an overall better team. as far as the key player for the 49ers tomorrow, i'm going with vernon davis. first of all, with what michael crabtree is going through, i think he's going to have a lot on his mind and vernon has to step up. secondly, i think the falcons' defense approved a little sunday send sill when they had no answer for chicago tying end satch miller. he caught eight passes and a touchdown. we know vernon is a better athlete. and atlanta's linebackers will have a tough time containing
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him. >> i just have to take advantage of my opportunities. wear winning, and that's the great thing. that's outstanding, and hopefully we can continue to win. i believe we will. i'm just excited to be here. exciting to be part of this team, and just contribute in any way. >> mike: another reason, today the 49ers activated chad hall off the practice roster. that's unusual the night before the nfc title game for that to happen. so either jim harbaugh thinks michael crabtree might be distracted or today in practice one of the receivers, randy moss, or michael crabtree, might have sustained a hamstring and maybe a little injury. reporting live from the georgia dome, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> talk to you again at 6:00. the story lines are certainly compelling in the afc title game. a rematch of last year.
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patriots hosting baltimore, and that means san mat te'o others tom brady vying for a fifth trip to the super bowl. ray lewis in his last ride, and there's the possibility of the har-bowl, jim and john. >> be pulling hard for he 49ers, but can't get emotionally wrapped up in that stuff. >> obviously focused on our game but i'm proud of jim. he is a great competitor, and if i had to compete with him and teal with him since he was born. >> yeah. college hoops. stanford and cal both struggling out of the gates in pac-12 play. combined 3-5 today. stanford football coach david shaw supporting colleague jhonny dawkins. dwight powell, high off the glass here. cal's leading scorers,; both
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teams shoot less than 36%. cardinal prevail, 69-59. both teams 2-3 in pac-12 play. this just in the raiders hired an offensive coordinator. greg olson will replace greg knapp. olsen was the assistant quarterbacks head coach for jacksonville. >> ama: we have an update on breaking news. you're taking a live look at this wet mess
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>> ama: an update on breaking news in san leandro. a water main break is causing a huge mess. foothill boulevard is closed between carolyn street and manchester street, and water is forcing the shutdown of one onramp and offramp on interstate 580. you probably heard of rude waiters. one waiter is getting cheers for refusing to serve one family. >> and how much "two buck chuck" is going to cost you now. world news is coming up next. this is "world news." tonight, breaking news. a deadly crisis over. at least 23 hostages dead.
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and tonight, the american toll. the stories emerging of survival. the first pictures of the hostages who were able to escape. the horror they had to walk pass. point blank. the shocking moment. the close call caught on tape. a gunman taking aim on live television. everyone survived. but this evening, how did he get in and how did he come so close? breaking his silence. for the first time, football giant manti te'o talks about the phantom girlfriend. tonight, the espn interview. was he in on any of it? how did he react after being duped? >> i just got mad. and i just went on a rampage. >> and if there was no girlfriend, who was talking on the other end of the phone? and second time around. on the eve of the president's second inaugural address, can you guess which president delivered the shortest speech? who despite drenching rain insisted on riding in an open car?


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