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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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shooting happen right in front hoff at the station. a cab driver may have helped police catch man suspected in the shooting. bart police closed off the bart station after the shooting. a local bart vendor says he panicked when he thought another mass killer was shooting at people. >> i just heard, cack, cack, cack, everybody was running. >> when the shooting stopped bart officers stationed nearby discovered two victims. >> the victim that is d.o.a., male, black, 40 years old. >> the other victim is a female who is hospitalized with a superficial gunshot wound. no age has been given. police have one man in custody. a nearby cab driver told us he followed three men on to nearby streets are hearing the shots.
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the was suspicious because they were the only ones walking away from the scene and others ran in panic. >> i jump in my car, go around the street, tried see where those guys go, because i know they shooted. >> he called a follow low cabbie who called the police. >> the sheriff and bart police station show up on the street. they walked and finally got him. >> one of those men is apparently in custody. the bay fair bart station was closed at 12:30. a.c. transit supplied a bus to get passengerrers to the disnations. >> our investigators are reviewing video from bus cams and bart cameras. they don't have any motive. they're telling us that the station may not open for another half hour. we're live in san leandro. abc7 news. >> san francisco 49ers wide
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receiver michael crabtree has met with police in their investigation into an alleged sexual assault. crabtree has not been detained or arrested. police say the alleged incident happened last sunday morning at a san francisco hoe tale few hours after the 49ers playoff victory of the green bay packers. his attorney says he player is fully cooperating with police. >> 49er fans are not letting the news about crabtree get them down. mike shumann is live in atlanta with a look at the excitement. and work getting on the field, shu. >> mike: thank you, ai ama. 72,000 people will be here tomorrow for the game. 49ers fans flying flying in in droves. seeing familiar jerseys on the streets. the x factor will be colin kaepernick. the biggest game of his life, and who better to find out if they agree with me than 49 fans
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walking the street of the atl. >> he is playing out of his mind. i feel bad for alex a little bit, but he is a gamebreaker. >> are you worried about having a letdown? >> colin kaepernick is going to run all over them. not even a question. he made the previous game look like college football team. >> mike: falcons fans like his game. >> i actually like kaepernick. >> mike: you do? >> i like kaepernick. >> mike: how does that work? >> i can admire a person for his talent. i mean, i still expect him to get the beatdown. >> are you worried about collin kaepernick? >> i am. he's coming on strong but if he can get him flustered. >> he rallied strong and led his
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team to a victory. >> mike: atlanta's x factor is mike know unanimous, -- nolan, now in charge of the defense. >> the only reason i wear us base mike nolan is the offensive coordinator. >> who has it better than us? >> nobody. >> right here, right here. left and right, all day. absolutely. >> mike: 49er personnel handing out towels on the streets. who got it better than us? nobody. and 49ers hoping that them tomorrow. i'm mike shumann, abc7 news. >> ama: we're all hoping that. stay with abc7 news for the latest on he big game. mike shumann will be back live with us tomorrow morning during the morning news at 5:00. happening right now, a high
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surf advisory in effect in the bay area. it's good news for surfers preparing for tomorrow's mavericks competition, but it wasn't good for self -- several surfers who got caught up in rough surf. sergio? reporter: coast guard spokesperson tells me two surfers got in trouble up near dylan beach in marin county. one had to be plucked from the water bay rescue boat. here at ocean beach in san francisco, rescue crews were called in to help six surfers. the strong rip tides near the cliff house created a challenge for the surfers. a coast guard helicopter helped lock case some of thems' and rescue boats patrolled niche. one surfer may have suffered a minor shoulder injury but up in had to be plucked out of the water. high surf advisories are in effect all weekend. >> definitely have -- heavier
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wave today. feels more like ocean beach. alling them the sneaker roads, an occasional rogue wave that comes through. >> in pacifica, surfers spent a sunny day on the water. no calls for service from rescue teams. those high surf warnings are supposed to stay in effect through tomorrow afternoon, which actually will coincide with when the mavericks surfing competition should be wrapping up. reporting live. abc7 news. >> ama: still to come, some big changes for the popular "two buck chuck" wine. plus, the fight over gun control. a waiter puts his job on the line for a very young customer. why he took a stand coming up. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it was terrific day tonight. warmer temperatures. in the 70s in some spots. we'll look at the
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>> ama: gun advocates rallied in pacifica as part of the guns across america campaign. a big crowd showed up. people protested against what they see as an overreaching federal government aimed at taking away individual rights such as gun ownership, today president obama unveiled a
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sweeping package of measures including a bab of assault rifle. >> the price of a "two buck chuck" is no longer two bucks. the day raised the price from 1.99 to 2.49. the famous week was introduced in 2002. the prices vary from state to state but stayed at two bucks in california for years. trader joe's had to raise the price because of increased cost. >> we have all heard of rude waiters. one waiter explains why he was rude for a good cause. >> how people are helping out in the bay area on this national day of service. >> on the eve of the nfc title game. we'll hear from mike shumann. and gm brian saban, brutally honest about brian wilson's chance office
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>> today is the national day of service, a time to give back to the community and part of president obama's inauguration weekend in daly city that spirit
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of giving back was seen at a 36 unit complex on mission street, being built by habitat for humanity. more than 100 people turned out to help paint and shovel. >> many people today chose to give service by giving blood. the blood centers of the pacific in san francisco was busy when he stopped by. center officials say the blood is desperately needed. many donors have cancelled because of the flu. that contributed to the center only having a one-day blood supply. >> a waiter went out of his way for a special young customer has people talking. support is flowing in from all over. >> for kim wednesday was a typical dinner with a family and five-year-old son my low who has down's syndrome. >> the waiters saw my low. >> just as they were sitting down to dinner, the familiar hill at the adjacent booth got up and moved. the waiter didn't think much of it until he heard the family talk. >> he said, needs to be put some
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where. immediately the later reacted, telling the guests he wouldn't serve them. >> he said they would leave. i. >> kim never thought garcia would stand up for her little boy. >> we know michael, but i didn't expect anyone to do that and risk their job or anything else. >> the lorenzo family, which owns the restaurantment supported garcia's decision as well, so have friends, family, and other patrons. >> the customers are not always right in a situation like that, we all need to watch out for our children. >> oh, he is adorable, good for him. since then, support has poured in from the internet and from other customers at the restaurant. >> let's get on over to leigh glaser, who is checking the forecast. >> we'll look at live doppler 7hd. with the exception of just a few
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high clouds out there, we're clear right now, gang, and we're going to even keep -- keep it clear overnight. highs today, impressive. check out oakland, 70 degrees. 60 in concord and antioch. livermore, 60. san francisco, 63. 73 today was the high in santa cruz. we have this weak offshore winds, and enough to warm up coastal communities. here's a look at current readings. antioch, 52. livermore, 50. 58, san francisco. 56, clear sky there, san jose. here is a look at the forecast. another cold night for the entire bay area. we'll bling a little patchy valley fog overnight, but high serve will be with us tomorrow. mavericks is tomorrow as well and then mild weather the first part of next week. the high high-surf advisory
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until 12:00 tomorrow. right now it's in the seven-foot range but expect it to build up to 20 feet. strong rip current, large breaking waves, also the possibility of sneaker waves, so we always say make sure you don't turn your back to the water there, because some of these could really overpower you, especially if you're on some of those slippery rocks. so be advised. looks like the breakers will be with us all day long tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, mid to low 30s in the north bay. possibility of frost in those locations tonight. 44, san francisco, 40, oakland, 38 with clear sky for san jose. here's the setup. high pressure for the past three days. not budging, actually keeping the storm track well to the north. it will stay in place threwthrough -- through wednesday. after that the high starts to break down, and that could lead to a chance of seeing moisture wednesday night, thursday,
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possibly into friday as well. until then, dry, mild, the next few days. enjoy. in fact temperatures tomorrow, much like today, napa, 65. 62, san francisco, low 60s, livermore. 63, concord, 70, santa cruz, and monterey, 67. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll start to feel a little cooling as we head into monday and tuesday. we're'll start to shave some numbers off by tuesday, even as the high breaks down. thicken up the clouds wednesday, cooler temperatures, 50s and low 60s, a chance of showers. mainly in the north bay. thursday we'll call it partly cloudy, and then we'll bring in another slight chance of showers for friday and saturday. >> ama: sounds good. thank you, leigh.
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we can't wait for the niners to play tomorrow. >> can't wait. shumann is off. the big easy awaits. will michael crabtree's sexual assault investigation be a team distraction? will collin kaepernick dominate the falcons defense? mike shumann joins us live, the guy always has the best seat in the house, and deservedly so. what are players going through as they get ready to crash out tonight, shu? >> mike: well, probably the most restless night of sleep you'll get, except maybe before you play in the super bowl. nobody gets sleep. i don't think i got an hour sleep that night. you're thinking about your assignments? am i going to make the game-winning catch, drop the gave -- game-winning catch, and when you gut hero your nerves are so high, homefield
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advantage. niners to dot want to leave the field tomorrow feeling like they did last year at candlestick against the giants. >> our focus is on getting our guys to the nfc championship. frank gore, randy moss, jim harbaugh. that's where our focus lies, watching those guise hoist the trophy. there's a lot of work that goes into that, and everybody is dialed in. >> mike: you can't hype it anymore. all they got to do now is play the game. 12:00 kickoff tomorrow on the west coast. niners and falcons, and we'll be here after the game, hopefully with a victory. i'm n atlanta, i'm mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> rest up for tomorrow. i see you're standing in the end zone. the story lines may be more compelling in the afc title game. a rematch of last year, patriots again hosting baltimore. you know what that means?
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san mat te'o's tom brady vying for a sixth trip to the super bowl. ray lewis in his possibly last game, and the possibility of the har-bowl. jim and john. >> i'll see the score of the game and everything and be pulling hard nor 49ers, but can't get emotionally wrapped up in that stuff. >> obviously be focused on our game. i'm proud of jim. a great competitor. the toughest competitor i've ever seen. i had to compete with him and deal with him since he was born. >> imagine those two as kids? the raiders hired greg ol'son to be their new offensive coordinator. olson spent this past season in jacksonville as the jag wars' assistant head coach, quarterbacks coach. >> college hoops, david shaw courtside for stanford and cal. powell led all towerrers. cardinal by eight at the half.
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crabbe, finished with 14. both teams shooting less than 36% in the game. jason with the layin. two of his 15. cardinal win, 69-59. >> us sf and lmu lions. diggers 18-7, helping the cause. these aren't good highlights for you. second half, the laney and the foul. usf up nine. the big three with less than three minutes to go. usf off he schneid. 62-53 the final. >> i'm going to be griewt -- brutally hospital is a. a i don't think brian wilson we return. that's what brian saban told the new york post. saban attending a reception for the new york giants historical society. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer
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an incentive laden one year deal. >> hockey. sharks start tomorrow against the blackhawks. the party didn't last long. one-timer, 1-0 hawks. chicago's three goals in the first. another to open the second. jonathan toast. >> have to end with bad news, stan musial passed away
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>> new details on the developing story out of san leandro. the bay fair bart station has just re-opened. it was closed for several hours today after a shooting that killed one person and injured another. join me tonight on cable 13. we'll look at what happened when a man with a gun interrupted a political speech. then at 11:00, the effect poor sleep could have on your love life. all that at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7. >> sam is taking over the bay area. fans are setting up their picks.
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enjoying the game, and this couple proves they're faith. you can e-mail your photos to thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz, for leigh glaser, and mike shumann and all of us here, mike shumann and all of us here, have
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