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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 20, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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will be happening here and we invite you to join in with us. >> announcer: the second inauguration of president barack obama, this has been an abc news inauguration of president barack >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start things out with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> half moon bay, 60 and near 30 up in the north bay valleys. that gives you an idea of the wide range of temperatures as you head out this morning. beautiful sunny conditions, and once again, we are looking at numbers milder in the city. it looks like our little dry
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spell is going to linger through the rest of the weekend and the early part of the work week. so you can expect numbers in the low to mid-60s and even a few upper 60s to near 70 along the central coast. we do have an end in sight to our dry spell. it includes cooler temperatures and some rain. we will show you that in just a little bit. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. 49er fans are excited about today's championship game against the atlanta falcons. for those who cannot make it to the georgia dome, there are plenty of places to watch the game and cheer on the team right here in the bay area. abc7 news reporter kira klapper joins us live from outside one of san francisco's favorite sports bars where the 49er faithful are gathering. kira? >> that's right, carolyn. good morning to you. people are already here. i mean, that is dedication. pete's tavern behind me and pedro's cantina are here.
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they just opened at 9:00 a.m. i don't know, 60 seconds ago. there was a line of about 20 people right out here in front of pete's and about ten people in front of pedro's. now they are inside getting ready for the game. let's show you, about 15 minutes ago we shot this video as they were preparing for the crowds. they are expecting a packed house today. a sea of red and gold. they are having some specials. we grabbed two guys on their ways at pete's. they got up at six this morning to prepare for the game. they have been weight for this day all year since the 49ers lost in last year's nfc title game. >> heartbreaking, right? >> heartbreaking, yeah. hopefully this year will be our year. >> i think it will be a close game and we should win at the end for sure. >> let's hope so, right? a niners win with mean their sixth trip to the super bowl. again, we are here right outside of pete's and pedro's on king's
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street in san francisco. the regulars ones were here at 9:00 a.m. they are expecting the bigger crowds around ten and eleven. if you want to grab a seat, come early and stay put. >> i think that will be the situation around the bay area. thank you very much, kira. if you tuned in at the top of the hour, you saw president barack obama taking the oath for his second and final term in office. the public ceremony will all its pomp and circumstance is tomorrow. the private swearing in this morning is dictated by the u.s. constitution. abc joins us live from the washington mall with more details. good morning. >> carolyn, good morning. it is official. president obama's second term is underway. he took the oath of office in a short ceremony moments ago at the white house. the oath was administratorred by chief justice john roberts. this is the third time that the president and john roberts have
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gotten together to do the oath of office. you might recall that four years ago during president obama's inauguration. chief justice flubbed the words of the inauguration so out of an abundance of caution the two men got together to resay it. that was the private ceremony with just the president's family there. there will be a public swearing in tomorrow on the national mall where they are expecting a crowd that will be smaller that they had four years ago where nearly 2 million people showed up. they are expecting maybe 800,000 people to be out here. there will being the traditional parade and two inaugural balls. security is extremely tight with 13,000 military and law enforcement people who will be in the crowd. but it will be scaled back but it will still be majestic with all the pomp we are used to seeing in an inauguration. abc7 news. carolyn. >> thank you very much. our coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america. we will also have live streaming
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coverage at starting at 6:30. the mavericks big sur of competition near half moon bay is on. it's been underway for about an hour now. here's a look from sky 7hd. waves about 20 feet high are expected off piller point. some of the world's best big wave surfers are competing. we will be checking in periodically to show you more of the action during this newscast. or you can go to to watch it streaming live. coming up next, the latest on the hoax involving notre dame star linebacker. new details about the young man alleged to have orchestrated that elaborate host, spawning manti te'o's entire college career. and later as the country gets ready to celebrate dr. martin luther king's birthday, we check in with one of the top experts
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>> exseat meant for bay area 49er fans today. the march toward the super bowl. the nfc championship match-up against the atlanta falcons. sports anchor mike shumann joins us live from the georgia dome
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with the pregame madness. wow, you are surrounded there, schu. >> well, you would think i was in san francisco with all the 49er fans. [cheering and yelling] >> enough said, ah? there are lots of fans here. we talked with jc. here's what she had to say. >> i'm ecstatic. ecstatic. i am so happy. i am so blessed. this was a great day in the nfl and for everybody. niners, we are going to the super bowl! [cheers and applause] >> all right. well, that's what we are all hoping, we are going to the super^bowl, right? [cheers and applause] >> 49er fans are ready. the game starts in about three hours and they are here early getting tuned up.
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who has it better than us? >> nobody! >> a lot of these fans are from the bay area, came out here for the trip. as you can see -- one more time. who's got it better than us? nobody! >> i think enough said there, carolyn. check off in about three hours and 49ers, if they win, they move on to the super bowl. so let's go niners! >> let's go niners! [clapping] >> let's go niners! [clapping] >> i will throw it back to you, carolyn. with that said, it could be a great game. reporting live in atlanta, mike shumann, abc7 news. >> schu, i hope you can hang on to your voice for the rest of the day. >> let's go niners! >> thank you.
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>> schu will continue to follow the excitement in atlanta. he will have a live report tonight after the game on abc7 news at five and six. new details this morning in the police investigation of 49er's wide receiver michael crabtree. our sister network espn reporting that one well-placed 49er source said he, quote, highly, highly doubts crabtree will be charged. a second female interest has backed up crabtree's version of events to police. according to the source there's a feeling in the organization that these events will not develop into anything more than they already have. we are, of course, talking about a woman who claims crabtree assaulted her last sunday, just hours after the niners' divisional playoff win over the green bay packers. crabtree has not been arrested or detained. the 49ers say the issue will not be a distraction in this afternoon's nfc championship game. this morning we have the
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newest twist to the already tangled story about a college football player and a dead girlfriend who never existed. while manti te'o tries to salvage his dignity, his reputation and his hopes of an nfl career, more questions are being asked about the person or people behind this elaborate hoax that apparently expand several years. here's abc's matt gutman with the latest. >> this morning new details about the alleged catfish maestro orchestrating the elaborate hoax spanning manti te'o's entire college career. in his interview with espn, he said this man called him on wednesday to confess the woman te'o called the love of his life was a figure meant of this man's imagination. in december, three months after the man had killed off the character, he, and the woman who spent countless hours on the phone with te'o, acting as
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linnea, called te'o. the jig was up. >> she said it's linnea and we carried on that conversation and i just got mad. and i just went on a rampage. >> linnea was imaginary, but the alleged script for his fictional character who suffered a coma in a car crash and then died of leukemia mirrored his own reality. one eerie example, his father posted on facebook that his son and his band survived a horrific car accident last month. and about the same sometime the fake girlfriend was diagnosed with leukemia, his real life cousin, jasmine, also in her cousin, was diagnosed with the disease. >> he had a knack at tugging at heart strings. during an addition for a singing competition "the voice" he reportedly came one a similar sob story about a fear fatal
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crash that left another cousin nearly brain dead. last night we tried to catch up with the man's neighbors, still reeling from the scandal. >> i'm so surprised. out of all the people in the world they would not be the people i would assume caused it. >> abc news, miami. >> today maybe 49er fans have to move the tv outside. it will be nice. >> not a bad idea. and with this weather you don't want to miss it. we have a couple more days of fair skies, mild temperatures. right now san francisco gorgeous. we have 60 at the coast, 20 to the north. mid-40s here. i'll let you know when the rain is coming back next. >> thank you, lisa. also next the warriors try to get back to winning against the hornets with the return of steph curry. highlights plus the 49 ehrhoff's championship game preview coming up in sports.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 9:18 on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us. you are seeing right now a live look from sky 7hd over the mavericks big sur of competition near half moon bay. it was expected to get underway around 8:00 this morning. so far, though, the big wave surfers are just hanging out waiting for a monster wave to come their way. waves about 20 feet high are expected today for this competition. lisa, there was a high surf advisory in effect until around 4:00 this afternoon. is that still out there? >> that's right. they will sit and hang out there until they see a big one and then go after it. yeah, looks beautiful out there. and temperatures are nice and
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mild. mildest there at our coast, near 60. right now mt. tam, a beautiful shot. but it has been cold. once again, a little frost on the windshield with numbers below freezing north and east bay valleys we done with that yet? not quite. as soon as that is done we will increase theecloud cover and we will pay the price with some incoming weather systems. that will happen. it will take some time, though. live doppler 7hd now looking at the sweep on top of mount saint helena. very quiet. 33 santa rosa, all the way up to 42 right now in napa. 59 half moon bay. 37 livermore. just within the half-hour numbers have come up significantly. monterey 59 degrees. a couple 70s down there this afternoon. so 24 hours ago we were a little bit cooler. this morning we are warmer so the atmosphere getting into that mixing right now. bringing some of the warmer air are the upper levels down to the surface. of course, we have the warm air
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at the coast. that mixing is improving the air quality. not a spare-the-air day. we had chilly temperatures this morning. still cool. looking for the high surf advisory through the afternoon and the mild weather continues through tuscaloosa. right now current wave heights about 7 feet right off the coast here. but in the deeper waters we are looking near 20 feet. could get bigger than that. very dangerous out there. looking at the parking lot at half moon bay, it is a very busy place. with the beautiful day, lots of folks will be enjoying the weather the next couple days and this is why. high pressure continues to hold on. it will linger keeping the storm track to the north and west of us. that will allow for the light offshore flow to continue. we've had a little fog in the morning hours. overall it's the surface high that weakens. once that does we will be looking for a couple incoming weather systems to visit us. first it will bring higher clouds come tuesday and into wednesday. maybe a slight chance of showers. but everyone will really notice
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the cooler temperatures. that's going to overspread the area come wednesday into thursday. and right on into the rest of the week. thursday looks dry. partly cloudy. but by the end of the work week we could see more rain. it could be a wet setup for next weekend. high temperatures today, though, check it out. 80 degrees in los angeles. 75 in palm springs. low 60s sacramento. so, boy, what a gorgious day. 51 in the southern sierra, and back home the numbers continue to be quite mild. we should see mid-and upper 50s in parts of the north bay. about five, six degrees above that today. 65 in oakland with 64 in fremont. mid-60s for you in the south bay. here we have the 70s continuing for saw lean mass and santa cruz today. so if you like this kind of weather, we have a couple more days like. this then it is going to start to begin to feel more like the season. by wednesday the cooler air, maybe a shower. thursday partly cloudy and the next system, it could bring some
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pretty good rain with cooler temperatures by the end of the week. so we will be ready. >> yeah. and january is typically our rainiest month. >> it is. but we have the midwinter dry spell which is not unusual either. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon the san jose sharks finally open their season in calgary. the puck drops at 3:00 this afternoon. but as you know, all eyes are going to be on atlanta as the 49ers try to advance to super bowl xlvii in new orleans. they need a win today over the falcons. here's collin resch with a look at the team's preparations before today's game. >> good morning. >> no more talk, no more practice, it's game time. who wants it more? who can execute better? who can win the turnover battle. the 49ers and falcons are ready for the nfc championship game. winner, on to new orleans and super bowl. the niners enter today's game as four point favorites. coaches and players alike with one thought, don't leave the georgia dome feeling like they
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did after last year's title game. >> our focus is on getting our guys the nfc championship. frank gore, randy moss, harbaugh, that's where our focus lies, on watching those guys hoist up that trophy. there's a lot of work that goes into that. you know, everybody is dialed in. >> here's the good news. steph curry returned to the starting lineup last night in new orleans after a two-game absence with an ankle injury. the bad, david lee sat out. a tweaked ankle. the niners hope to be playing in the louisiana superdome two weeks from today. a career best night. that's for the rookie. 13 points, 8 rebounds. you are now welcome here. jefferson up top. anthony davis, the veteran. he responds with this in the second quarter. a reverse flush. 38-27, golden state. late third quarter. vazquez. the three puts new orleans on top 82-81. fourth quarter tied. klay thompson, 5 threes.
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a season-high 29 points. 33 seconds left. tied at 110. curry inbounds to jack. it goes. 25 for jack curry at 20. three-point game. vazquez for the tie? no. end a three-game slide. they get a 116-112 road win. sounds like brian wilson's days >> dwight powell led all scorers with 17. high off the glass. crab would finish with 14. a better second half for him. both teams shooting less than 46% in the game. cardinals prevail, 69-59. both teams 2-3 in pac-12 play. a running 40-footer gave saint mary's a win. no such needed last night in portland. he made the winning shot. the big man move with the jump hook. is 11 or the aussie. he dropped six dimes as well.
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he finds waldo, brad waldo that is. 60-38, the final. usf on the hilltop. dons came in 0-5. dickerson, 18 points, 7 boards. strong right there. second half mark tollefson. handles, and one. usf up nine. avery holmes. the three. one up holmes. usf off the schneid. brian same i don't know with the post. sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. sabean with this comment to the post on saturday. i'm going to be brutally honest as i always am. i don't think brian will return. and sabean was also attending a reception. the new york giants historical society. wilson wanted a long-term deal and the giants only willing to offer an in tentative-laden one-year deal. finally we have hockey.
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kings and blackhawks. l.a. hoisting their stanley cup to open the nhl season but the party didn't last long. patrick kane makes it 1-0, blackhawks. blackhawks three goals in the first. davis the rebound to start the second. blackhawks get a 5-2 road win. sharks, yeah, they begin the season today. 3:00 in calgary. be sure to tune in tonight at five and six. larry beil, he's in the studio and mike shumann live in atlanta with post-game coverage of the niners and falcons. i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> 49ers fever is sweeping the bay area. check out that guy, decked-out in his niners gear ready for the big game. even the people at the federal credit union were in the team speared. there's a picture of them. then dr. smith, he says he's been a fan of the team since they played at the old stadium. you can e-mail your photos. we will post them at and show some of them on the air. >> up next, a bloody end
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to the hostage standoff in algeria. what the military did to put an end to the crisis. and the bay area is home to the world's top expert on martin luther king. the advice he believes dr. king might have had for president obama in his second term.
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welcome back, everyone.
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we are giving you another live look as we wait for some of the top international surfers to take part in the maverick surf contest off half moon bay. the contest was expected to get underway at 8:00, but, of course, they have to wait for some of those killer waves. so that is what they are doing right now. waves are expected to be about 20 feet high later today. this is the first time we've had mavericks here in the bay area since 2010 because, as i said, they have to wait for huge waves. 2010 was also the last time the crowd was allowed to be down there on the beach or on the bluffs. they will not be allowed to do that this year because back then one of those huge monster waves crashed into the crowd, injuring several of the spectators. again, here they are, off pillar point, waiting to begin. >> this morning investigators continue the search for suspects after one person was fatally
9:30 am
shot, another injured near an east bay bart station. it happened shortly after noon yesterday. people scattering in panic when shots were fired at a bus stop in front of the bay fair station in san leandro. a 40-year-old man was killed. a teenage girl also shot, but she is expected to be okay. investigators shut down the station for about six hours, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. a teenage boy is under arrest, but police are still looking for at least three others. >> you know that bart has an extensive video camera system, as does a.c. transit. we will be looking at whether or not there will be any useful video. >> so far investigators don't have a motive in the shooting. san francisco police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year. a 26-year-old man was shot and killed last night as he was driving near japan town. police say the victim crashed his black mercedes into a parked
9:31 am
car at fillmore and post streets around 5:30 p.m.. he died at the hospital. witnesses say the shooter got into a white or silver car and took off. >> the lake county shear i was office released video of a man they believed killed the employee of a convenience store. it happened on main street in kelseyville. the man on the tape was later seen running through a nearby field. a $10,000 reward is being offered. new details are emerging from that her hostage crisis in algeria. it ended with the algerian government launching an assault. yesterday morning. dozens are left dead. brian ross has the details. the algerian army's third
9:32 am
the final assault came after four days. bp ran the facility. over the course of the siege, 23 hostages died. >> for our people in algeria, for their family and their friends, it has been and continues to be a distressing and horrific time. >> two americans remain unaccounted for and a third has been identified as killed. 58-year-old fred of katie, texas. survivors said the attackers focused only on americans and westerners. including a large british contingent. >> we believe that there are three british nationals dead and others are dead. >> the good news was most of the approximately 100 western workers were freed or escaped. algerian tv aired what had said was home video taken by one hostage as a group made their
9:33 am
escape across the desert, often past bodies. the algerians said they killed at least 32 of the terrorists. their bodies displayed on algerian tv. they were heavily armed with heavy weapons and explosive-pack suicide belts and were preparing to blow up the natural gas facility. >> that's abc's brian ross reporting. >> president obama will be sworn in tomorrow. mark matthews spoke with the world's foremost authority on dr. king. the question is if they could have met, what would the leader of the civil rights movement who was murphyed in memphis, what would he have to say to president obama about guns and violence in our society? >> claiborne carson was just 19 years old when he stood on the washington mall on a hot august afternoon and listened to martin luther king describe his dream for america.
9:34 am
>> four years ago he was back on cold to watch barack obama take the oath of office. like many who were involved in what carson calls the movement, he wondered what now? >> now that he has the power of the presidency, what is he going to do to bring king's dream into reality? >> carson believes dr. king would urge the president to take on the harder, more complex issues underlying gun violence. >> the problem with violence is not simply a problem of availability of guns. it's a climate. it's a culture. >> for king it was an issue of social justice. >> you know, i think what he would point out is that people don't kill other people when they have hope. >> king would certainly call for gun control, said carson, but he also called on all americans to see themselves as part of one community. >> when do white americans care as much about the death of a black child as a white child?
9:35 am
you know, would the response of the nation been the same if that had happened at a black school? i would hope so. but as we know, the death of black children on a daily, weekly basis, doesn't seem to garner the same kind of attention. >> look no further than oakland, said carson. and he points to dr. king's message that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> he was saying that 50 years ago, but now we have to believe that. because injustice in one place can lead to terrorism in another place. >> these are the things that have to concern us for our own future, said carson. his latest book is "martin's dream." he held an open house at the mlk institute on stanford's campus, but their website says they welcome visitors to see their collection of documents and photographs located in cyprus hall. in the newsroom, abc7 news.
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>> new this morning the group "save pete's harbor" holds a fundraiser today in their ongoing effort to find new homes for evicted boat tenants. the so-called live-a boards were displaced to make room for a new development and find themselves with no place to go. to help them, a fundraiser is being held today at the wood side historic pioneer saloon. it will feature a band named "eviction notice." and the 49ers game will be on the big screen tv since the fundraiser is scheduled from noon to three this afternoon. >> also new this morning as 49er fever builds and the team once again becomes one of the hottest franchise necessary the nfl, their stewed stadium in santa clara could open without a naming rights deal. today san francisco chronicle quotes team spokesman, mr. lang, the team doesn't have anything in the pipeline yet, but adds
9:37 am
other stadiums have opened without a naming rights deal so it is not considered a necessity. a naming rights deal would pay a big chunk of the $1.2 billion stadium project that is said to open in time for the 2014 season. coming up next, monitoring the flu. we will show you a new way to watch the spread of the nationwide outbreak. now you can find out when it arrives in your neighborhood. >> and here's a live look from our east bay cam showing you emeryville, looking back toward the city. mild temperatures continue across the bay today, but get ready for a return to rain. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we take you back now to half moon bay for mavericks, the super bowl for big wave surfers. it is today. nearly two dozen of the world's best are waiting for the signal to begin. we are waiting for a killer wave. waves about 20 feet high are expected today off pillar point. hopefully today's competition will soon begin. >> what has already again as flu season, it's sweeping the nation. now you can watch it happen in realtime on the internet. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at some free high-tech tools that can track flu cases right down to the streets they are on. even tell you who might have made you sick. >> i'm sitting at home and i'll feeling pretty miserable.
9:41 am
>> last week beat writer christina farr called in sick and she began wondering who got her sick? turns out there's an app for that. a facebook app called, help, my friend gave me the flu. >> it will scrape data from your social networks and look for the tell-tale signs, search terms like sneeze, cold, flu. >> in a few seconds she got a list of four likely suspects who posted about being sick. >> sorry guys, i'm going to be avoiding you the next couple weeks. >> calling facebook and twitter for posts about feeling ill, another app, germ tracker, plots likely flu victims on a map. >> and people do say things on facebook and especially twitter to say i'm feeling miserable and mentioning they might be working from home. these apps can pick up on that. >> another app called flu near you relies on 40,000 volunteers to report every week if they have the flu. just click on any city. >> it will show you whether the flu risk is high or not and
9:42 am
how many people around you are sick. >> the favorite comes from google. it shows who is searching for flu symptoms or remedies. >> people are asking how do i get a fever down or what kind of medications should i take for the flu and google is updated every day. >> each paint a slightly different picture, but together they form a big picture that public health officials say can be just as valuable as the cdc's official numbers. >> increasingly we are recognizing in public health that you need everything. we need to be able to triangulate what the numbers actually are and that takes a combination of traditional methods as well as the newer crowd sourcing methods. >> but they said there's one thing the numbers don't change as the flu epidemic across the country, the best way to fight it is a flu shot. >> for those of us living in california, there is still plenty of time to get a flu vaccine and i would urge everyone to do that. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> we've been fortunate so far. if i come down with anything
9:43 am
tomorrow, i'll blame it on you. >> with all the sunshine hopefully you are getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. we have a couple more pretty mild days ahead. right now as we head outside looking out over the east bay, you still see all the sunshine. some haze out there. numbers of climbing in the 50s in parts of the city. we are talking about still 60s in the forecast for the first half of the work week. the second half looking cooler and maybe rainy. i'll explain next. >> thank you,
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>> welcome back, earn. we are taking you back to live sky 7hd, showing you the mavericks surf contest. this is the granddaddy of them all for those international big-wave surfers who are expecting some 20-feet waves today. 20 feet high. lisa, what were you telling me a little bit ago? >> yeah, what happens if they wipe out? >> it happens. they wipe out. spectators this time around are kept from the beach and the bluffs. the last time the mavericks surf contest was held was back in 2010. you know, you can watch from just about anywhere. you can go to where we are streaming the contest online this morning. and check out the action.
9:47 am
49ers fans are already securing their spots at bars all over the city ahead of today's nfc championship game in atlanta. kickoff, as you know, is at noon. abc7 news reporter kira klapper joins us live from pete's tavern across from at&t park. kira, you have found a lot of the 49er faithful gathering there. >> i sure have, carolyn. wish you could be here. it's a lot of fun. kickoff isn't until noon but the party started here at pete's and adjoining pedro's at 9:00 a.m. take a look at these crowds. it is already packed. everyone is in wonderful spirits, all decked-out in their red and gold. and you know what? they are feeling good about this game. they think that the niners are going to win today's nfc championship title game and go to the super bowl. take a look at my new best friend. i didn't get your name actually. >> duncan. >> and i'm going to ask you a little question. what do you think is going to happen on the day today?
9:48 am
>> i so a 49er victory, maybe 31-17. easy money. give up the points. victory niners. >> love it. feeling optimistic. if you want to come out today, there is a $5.00 cover charge for pedro's and pete's. you can get inside both. kickoff is at noon. if the niners win they will go to the super bowl. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news >> i like your new best friend's, duncan's point spread there, 31-17. great prediction. >> great prediction. no pressure. >> not at all. thank you, kira. lisa is here with a look at the accuweather forecast. people will probably be indoors today but might want to take a break near halftime and run outside. >> and get some sun. we have a couple nice averages ahead before things start to change. so as you head outside now you see all the sunshine from mt. tam. it was coal with low 20s, i
9:49 am
should say low 30s, upper 20s here. the breeze 15, 20 miles an hour at mt. tam. the inversion working down to the coast this morning and that brought the mild temperatures there. live doppler 7hd, it is clear from mount saint helena all the way down to this mountain and we will be picking up higher clouds before we track the rain midweek. in fact the first system not doing much except breaking down that ridge and paving the way for subsequent systems. it will bring cooler weather. 49 right now in oakland, as well as san francisco. still numbers just in the 30s from redwood city, santa rosa, upper 30s by the delta. 37 livermore. and along the coast upper 50s, upper 4s for watsonville. some of these locks once again will be in the 70s. we saw 07 yesterday at the airport. in oakland the city temperature was much cooler. this morning, this is the
9:50 am
24-hour change. a little warmer in oakland and san francisco with cooler temperatures up in the north bay, as usual in napa and novato. highlights today, sunny and mild this afternoon with the high surf advisory continuing through 4:00 and more mild days through tuesday. the next system comes this on wednesday. i'll show it to you in just a moment. with the current wave height at about seven feet, we are looking at those long period swells in the deeper water maybe 20 feet and maybe beyond that. the strong rip currents and some of the breaking waves breaking a lot closer. all the way up in point reyes in the north bay we're looking at dangerous conditions, as well. high pressure has been in control the last week and a half. it's our fair weather maker. look at the jet stream. it is sending the storm track well into the gulf of alaska. we are looking at the surface high, the flow around us giving us the offshore flow. all the elements coming together for the big waves, the fair skies, the warmer-than-average
9:51 am
temperatures. that will change tuesday and into wednesday when the ridge will start to break down. it will do that and allow the weak system to bring in the cooler air. just a slight chance of showers, but latest forecast models trending much dryer with this step. it looks like we are going to have to wait until the weekend when we see some measurable rain. but certainly the cooler arrowheaded our way wednesday into thursday. temperatures will be in the 50s. so another mild afternoon to warm as you head south into southern california. 80 los angeles, 73 in san diego, 62 vegas. and back home numbers should be in the upper 50s to bo 60s south end of the bay. we are warmer than that today. 66 san jose. a little lazy and breezy from time to time. napa coming in at 65. the 70s return here for santa cruz and salinas. the accuweather seven-day
9:52 am
forecast, gorgeous tomorrow again with the cold start. a little change on tuesday. maybe a few more higher clouds and that chance of rain looking less and less likely on wednesday, but certainly cooler through the work week and then that rain hoping for it at the end of the week. >> that's changed just from the earlier newscast this morning. >> yeah, you are paying attention. that's right. >> sometimes i do. thank you, lisa. coming up next, they have become a tourist attraction at pier 39. we are talking about the sea lyons celebrating today their
9:53 am
9:54 am
welcome back, everyone. back to live sky 7hd showing you the mavericks surf contest. the surfers waiting, ready, set to go to get into this competition. they have to wait for the waves to get really high. we do expect them to be about 20 feet high later today near half moon bay at pillar point.
9:55 am
this is the big competition for these international surfers. a couple dozen of them are here from all over the world just waiting to ride those killer waves. you can watch anywhere, anytime by going to abc7 news for up-to-date information on the mavericks surf competition. we will be streaming the contest online this morning. go to to check it out. spectators this year should go to a festival where they are setting up a tent at a nearby hotel. they have got a big screen tv for folks coming into town. our sky 7 pilots tell us that traffic on highway 1 is very, very tight. a lot of people trying to come in to see this competition. new this morning the celebrated sea lions at san francisco's pier 39 are marking the 23rd anniversary of their arrival. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that today's event
9:56 am
will be marked by a mixture of science and ballyhoo with free 20 minute tours sponsored by the marine mammal center and the aquarium of the bay. the tour starts at the top of each hour at 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. meet at the sea lion statue at pier 39. if you plan to watch the niners today, you can take the sea lion tour tomorrow. i think this is one of those places locals tend to stay away from, they think it is a tourist trap, but i was there yesterday and there are a lot of cool places and the sea lion tour should really be nice. >> there's a reason all those people go there. >> yeah, yeah. >> we are looking at a couple more days of the fair weather and mild temperatures. the storm track staying well to the north through tuesday. by wednesday featuring cooler weather. not likely we will see much rain at all by midweek. 66 and milder here with big waves and high surf advisory
9:57 am
until 4:00. 71 salinas. changes come wednesday with cooler air and a slight chance in the north bay and better chance next weekend. >> thank you, lisa. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news.
9:58 am
9:59 am
weather to me is something that affects everybody daily routine. >> weather creates life. without weather we wouldn't have life. weather is a passion. >> it's always changing and there is always something to talk about. which is why i love the bay area weather. >> it's unpredictable. ♪ ♪ >> microclimates, severe weather and changing patterns and unseasonable storms. go behind the scenes


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