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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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gashed in the first half, pitched a shutout in the second half. fourth and goal, a minute left. the pass is reflected intended for ronny white and that spelled the end. the ninthers hang on 28-24 and are going to the super bowl. >> ama: we heave live team coverage. >> alert go to where mike shumann has reaction to the niner victory. shu, down 17-0, it was looking pretty bleak there for a while. >> mike: no, we -- no question, larry. the 49ers the only time in nfl history to reach the superbowl with a second are year coach and quarterback. as you mentioned, who spots the team 17 points and comes back to win. total team effort. the 49ers going to their sixth superbowl. you now how love the old dudes so i grabbed justin smith off
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the field. >> unreal, man. just getting the win the fashion we wanted to, showed the resolve of this team, the character of this team, and one more to go. >> worked a long time for this. how does it feel, going to your first superbowl? >> oh, man, it's amazing. at it amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. superbowl, superbowl. and we're here. >> tremendous win for us. showed the heart and resolve of the team, and move on with -- continue in our humility and be ready to play another game in two weeks. >> very calm on the field, off the field. coach is very calm. and put is in great position, and showed in the second half. >> mike: the greatest feeling in the world, except for winning the super bowl. niners businesslike yet exciting in the locker room because they know they have one more game to
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win. a lot more coming up later. mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> larry: the niners wait to see who they'll face in the superbowl. the winner of the afc championship game between the baltimore ravens and the new york patriots. right now the patriots are leading 10-7 towards halftime. >> ama: fans in san francisco erupted when the niners finally put away the falcons. >> the newsroom erupted as well. last year fans went home disappointed. not today. john alston is live in north beach where the celebrations continue. reporter: a walk through north expweech you'll hear a combination of cheers orgrowns, depending on how the game was progressing. people are still milling about here on the sidewalk, self operating -- celebrating the victory. >> the exact moment of victory at the boardroom niners bar in north beach. it was white-knuckle time but
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worth the wait. >> go niners. it's about time. i remember the 80s growing up. didn't prert it. now it's time. go 49ers. woo. >> not every fan packed into a local bar. they also packed into houses and apartments, to cheer on the niners. >> they spilled from the living room to the dining room at this place. what they didn't do is spill the toast to their niners. >> the niners, and then a world series resell briggs party for the d recelebration party for the niners. >> i feel white atlanta had an average, the niners will come back after halftime. >> right below this party the line was out the door at the final final bar with fans trying to get a glimpse of the tv screen from the sidewalk. inside it was a madhouse. >> i'm just curious, which team are you rooting for? >> you might be surprised. i'm for the 49ers. we're going to see super bowl this year.
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>> i can actually tell he was from the -- for the niners from the face paint. they watching the game between the ravens and patriots right now. some are pulling for either team. at least they know the niners are in the big dance in a couple of weeks. live in noch -- north beach, abc7 year no face paint for john this afternoon. san francisco fans celebrating, about it's been calm since the big district. sky 7hd over the mission district. they shut down half of mission for a little while but no problems. >> ama: lillian kim is live now on the embarcadero with some very happy niner fans. reporter: many fans watched the game at the wars here on king street, and everyone we talked to say they knew the niners were going to pull it off. [shouting] >> fans poured out on the sidewalks moments after the win.
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>> this is bay area sports right here. first the giants, then the 49ers. >> hundreds watched the game at this cantina, a popular spot near the giants stadium. >> the magicom last year with the giants transferred to here, this is the spot to be. >> wasn't the yeast game to sit through. the niners were behind most of the game. >> it's very close but we got it. we got it. >> the niners now go to the sixth superbowl and fans have no doubt the team is going to win it. >> 49ers have never lost in a super bowl. >> i know you might look at it as maybe they're due for a loss but i think 5-0, means they aren't going to lose. 3-0, maybe they'd be due. but 5-0, definitely settled they can't lose. >> only met one fan who booked a
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trip to new orleans. >> i bought my plane tickets two weeks ago. that's how much i believe in the 49ers. look at this. i've been wearing these pants since '81, baby. 0, yeah. do the niner dance in the niner pants. >> while he has a plane ticket, he doesn't yet have a ticket to the super bowl. he has a couple of weeks to find some. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc7 news. >> ama: sky 7hd is taking a live look over san francisco, and look at the fans out there. they are cheering. they're so excited. fortunately we haven't heard of any problems so far but we're keeping an eye on all the celebrations going on across the city as the niners head to super bowl. >> what happy people wearing red. when it comes to the super bowl, abc7 news has you covered. mike shumann and i will be heading up a team of live crews, like acast of -- a cast of
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thousands going to new orleans. we're going to sneak ama along on the plane. we will have live reports super bowl week. 49ers' michael crabtree did play today during the investigation of the sexual assault charges continue. the claims, not charges at this point. our sister network espn quoted a niners source saying he is highly doubtful crabtree will be charged. the source says a second female witness backed up crabtree's version of the events to police. a woman claims that crabtree assaultedder in san francisco hotel last sunday. but as we pointed out here, crabtree has not been charged. >> ama: president obama has officially begun his second term, taking the oath of office to serve the country for another four years. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> i will faithfully execute. >> i will faithty cite. >> the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states.
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>> and will to the best of my ability... >> the president took the oath in a private ceremony in the white house, required to take place on this day under the constitution. tomorrow he'll do it again in a public ceremony on the national mall. final preparations are underway for the big public oath. the parade, and two inaugural balls. a member of the presidential inaugural committee says it can be daunting job. >> you want to make sure everything is as perfect as we can make it. >> ama: the inaugural festivities kicked off yesterday. the kid held an inaugural ball of their own with performances by usher, members of the cast of glee and katy perry. our coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america". we'll a also have streaming coverage at 6:30 on abc7 >> the mavericks international surf competition justed e end but the crowd are still packing half moon bay as we wait to fine
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out who won. the mass roman has been at the event all day long. just got word the local favorite -- did he actually win? >> you stole my thunder. peter is the winner of this event. there was a huge crowd celebrating his win. those monster waves never showed up today but they did have some huge swells and masterful rides. what showed up today were the crowds. more than 30,000 people came to watch these guys surf. >> the maverick surf invitational kicked off with thrilling ride on 25-foot waves. this is the eighth anniversary of the event which drew 20 list surfers from around the world. this man is their bask in a maverick experience. >> came to california to see where surfing comes from. all the famous names. >> sky 7hd shows the huge traffic backup on highway 1,
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which brought no a huge crowd drawn by warm weather. the mavericks festival sold out of ticks by the afternoon, disai pointing some. >> we toad in the line to get tickets. >> spectators were able to watch surfers on the big screen. the venue sold out because people are not allowed on the beach. this is why. the waves washed people off their feet, injuring a dozen people on the beach. this year people filled bars and restaurants showing the competition. this bar was packed. >> got here at 6:30 this morning and there was people everywhere. cars up and down the highway. >> reporter: sky 7hd captured this beautiful ride at the enofd the day. most swells did not rise to the size of this one but provided surfers with thrilling rides and a winner. again, peter is the winner this year, and san mateo county
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sheriffs tell us given the amount of people they that show up, they had very few problems. a couple people suffering from heat exhaustion and a couple of traffic tieups. so pretty great for the amount of people who actually were here. reporting live in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> larry: peter, 42 years old, the local favorite does well. >> ama: congratulations to him. a local gun buyback program that it is not using cash. >> the program still hopes to get guns off the street even though it ran out of money. >> leigh: hi there. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. another terrific day. temperatures near 70 degrees at the coast. guess what? rain returns this week. we'll take a look at the
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>> larry: we showed you highlights from the niner victory in the nfc championship game. want to go back to mike shumann who is live. shu, as you look ahead to the superbowl, the niners have to have a ton of confidence. they are in desperation mode early on. >> mike: no question, larry. you give up 17 points, and it was a total team effort and the veteran breathalyzer pulled this team back out of it. vernon davis in the first half, randy moss, had two great catches to start the second half. scored a touchdown, and frank gore with two touchdowns and 90 yards rushing. that calmed collin kaepernick down. he was a little overwhelmed, and the defense shut him down so just a total team effort. except for david ai acre's missed field goal. more business in the locker room because they have one more victory to go. >> larry: as you look ahead to
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the super bowl would you rather see tom brady or the har-bowl, jim versus john. i heard after the game jim was saying he is a big rave veps fan tonight. >> mike: i believe that. love tom brady, and he has enough superbowls. i'd like to see the brothers face each other. the harbaugh parents, probably be tough on them. but love to see the hard -- harbaughs in the super bowl. >> larry: he's seen enough of tom brady. >> ama: we had great weather for a niner celebration. looking live outside, meteorologist leigh glaser says some rain will be heading our way. >> larry: she has the latest after the
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>> ama: the gun buypack program is out of cash to exchange for the weaponsle the program handed out a total of $43,000 in the first couple hours and then gave out vouchers. 827 guns were turned in. the marin county will be handing out vouchers tomorrow. >> if you could tear yourself away from the television set it was a nice day. >> nice for the folks checking out mavericks.
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>> leigh: coastal communities in the 70s, beautiful sunshine from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. no moisture out there right now. all is dry, and you can see for yourself. there we go. you can see, sweeping live right now, no moisture, few high clouds here and there. check out the daytime highs today. you'll see half moon bay, 67. santa cruz, the warm spot. 76. 54, san francisco. 62, antioch. currently temperatures still holding, mainly in the 60s, napa, 62. 53, san francisco. los gatos, 55. but we have trimmed some temperatures off. livermore, 59. here's a look at the forecast. we'll continue with a clear, cold temperature overnight. continued mild for monday. and a chance of showers will sneak in here wednesday. lows tonight, generally in the 30s in the north and east bay
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locations, 40s for san francisco. here is the forecast map, gang. high pressure bringing us a delightful weekend. going to stay in place for two more days, so you can expect sunny and mild conditions again tomorrow, as we head into wednesday, though, this high is going to start to break down. the jet stream is going to push towards the east and that's going to allow the stationary front to move in here and bring us a chance of a few showers in the north bay. so enjoy tomorrow. it's a holiday. palo alto, 65. 56, san jose. antioch, oakley, brentwood, in the mid-to-low 60s, and once again in the 70s for santa cruz, watsonville, and salinas. the stenday travesty. chance of rain in the north buy and then the next chance of seeing a widespread showers
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could be saturday night and next sunday. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> larry: let's do more on the niners, okay? are you all right with that? more on the niner comeback march the super bowl. vernon davis has been almost the forgotten man but he was huge in
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>> the quest for six continues for the 49ers. next stop, new orleans. the 49ers came back from a 17-point deficit and shut out the falcons in the second half
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to earn a berth in the super bowl. colin cap kaepernick did it with his arm today. early on all falcons, matt ryan to jones, -0 in a flash. the falcons had 183 yards in the first quarter, the niners, minus two. jones niners finally wake up, la michael james, his first career touchdown. niners down 17-7. they score with less than two minutes remaining in the half. niners down 17-14. but matty ice drives the falcons 80-yard in seven plays, and tony gonzalez, who still has the ups. 24-14 falcons at the half. niners open the third with a frank gore touchdown. fourth quarter, gore again. finished with 21 carries, 0-yard, two t.d.'s, the niners take their first lead. a minute left. falcons anyplace niner
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territory. fourth and goal. bowman gets his arm in frond of white to knock the pass down. one last chance for the falcons and that's the way this game ends, way short of the end zone. the niners are going back to the super bowl for the first time since then 1994 season. 28-24 is the final. kaepernick, 16-21 in the air for 233 yards and a touchdown. only ran twice. matt ryan, three touchdowns in the first half but two turnovers in the second half. very nondavis, one catch last week, today, 106 yards and a touchdown. >> they wering too a -- they were doing a perfect job. matt ryan and his receivers were perfect. the pass game was hurting us, and what we needed to get stopped in the second half. >> down on the road with weapons all over the place, and offense kept scoring, kept moving the
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ball. and proud of those dudes, and just awesome feeling. >> started to fall and i just dished think bam up. i said i'll save it for the super bowl. >> larry: the niners will meet the winner of this game, patriots and ravens. right now new england is leading 1-7 in the third quarter. the sharks are in calgary, lead 3-g-1 in the third period. >> ama: all right. lots of sports going up. up hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, our nfc championship coverage continues tonight with a look at the frenzy of fans celebrating across the bay area. >> larry: yes, your championship gear is already on sale. i'm sure there's super bowl apparel out there as well. we'll have a look at 6:00. as we told you, it's nice to see that everybody is celebrating and happy, but everybody is calm. >> ama: yes, very nice. sky 7hd was over mission street when earlier today fans shut down half of mission for a little while. there were sporadic celebrations across the city, no major problems. captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is a special edition of
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"world news." tonight from washington, on the eve of the presidential inauguration, behind the scenes. the quiet, private swearing-in today at the white house. sasha obama telling her father, you didn't mess up. this evening, the scene inside the white house. outside, the unprecedented security. what they're doing for this inauguration, they've never done before. the other news tonight, after the siege, a clearer picture emerging this evening of the horror. the hostages holding their hands in the air. inside that deadly hostage trap. the american toll is climbing as investigators discover more bodies. the fall-out after the football star breaks his silence. what we've now learned after that elaborate hoax. why the notre dame star might not have been the only one duped. and back in washington, what a ball. ♪ at last >> tonight we go back. who did frank sinatra perform for? who decided we needed more than one of these inaugural balls?


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