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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to colin kaepernick. photographer gore and -- we talked to frank gore and vernon davis. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. going to the super bowl. super bowl. and, i mean, and we're here. >> couldn't be more proud of the team. i told them all year long, when the going to gets tough, i wouldn't want to be with any other team, and our team has shown what type of team we are. even when it's not pretty. even when we should be dog better than we are, we just continue to fight. >> work hard on the field, off the field coaches put is in great positions, and it shows. it showed in the second half. >> colin kaepernick had the third fewest starts in any
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quarterback in nfl hoyt to make it the super bowl with eight. we'll have a lot more coming up later in sports. reporting leave from the georgia dome, mike shumann. abc7 news. >> ama: now to abc7 news reporter lillian kim. >> larry: lillian? reporter: we're on king street and fans poured on to the sidewalk moments of the niners win. they have been watching the game at popular bars. patron -- the cantina was packed. fans say it wasn't the easiest game to sit through but the never lost faith. they say they had a gut feeling the niners were going to win and they are no surprise, just as confident the niners are going to win the super bowl. which will be team's sixth appearance. >> 49ers have never lost in a super bowl! >> you might look at it as maybe they're due for a loss, but i
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think 5-0, it's like, means they aren't going to lose. maybe at 3-0, they'd be due, but 5-0, definitely settled they can't loo lose. >> how do you think they're going to do in the super bowl? >> they'll win. >> they have the defense, the offense, the coach, the special teams. no problem. we're in it. super bowl champs. number 6. >> a spoke to man who already booked a flight to owns weeks -- to new orleans weeks ago so fans feel like this is the year. >> ama: now we move over to north beach. >> larry: john alston has the face paint. how is it going? reporter: watching football is very tough work, and the work day is not over yet. fans are now watching the ravens-patriots game, secure in
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the knowledge their team is already in. [cheering] >> may have been a few thousand miles away here in san francisco but felt they were part of the team that made it to the super bowl. the jam-packed boardroom niners bar, north beach, erupted when the clock hit zero. maybe it's team pride or the alcohol talking but here come the bold predictions. >> niners are starting a new regime. starting in 2013. we're going to win five super bowls in the next six years. that's all i'm saying. >> renee zeller of suitesserland was impressed. >> great, awesome, never seen that before. good look at soccer in europe, but this kind of soccer football is much better. reporter: they were out the door at the final bar, and little did they know there was an enemy in their midst. >> i have to be honest, i want the falcons to win.
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they're ahead 17 right now. >> don't say that too loudly. >> yeah, yeah, you don't blast it out. >> didn't look good for the niners early on and some fans had more than team spirit on the line. >> 49ers by four or more points. i have $500 on the four-point spread. >> up at tahoe? >> it's an online bet. >> yeah. so it's really a tough. >> so if my math is correct, 28-24, somebody made money. last january at this point the season was over for the 49ers, but the old saying, wait until next year became a reality. >> ama: abc7 news sergio quintana is live in san francisco's mission district with more. reporter: well, am ma, as soon as the game wrapped up there were dozens upon dozens of people who came out here to the 24th and mission street bart station to make noise and celebrate the win. some people even brought drums
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and some people even brought some pots and pans. the 49ers' red is just about everywhere on this corner. the jubilation lasted for a couple hours following the game, and remained relatively well-behaved. >> look at this. the niners, baby, yeah! >> surreal. we're going to the super bowl! >> 24th and mission here early to set the tone we wanted people to celebrate but not get out of hand. celebrate on the sidewalks and not go in the streets. not to light bonfires like at the giants sell briggs. >> police report a couple of arrests for public intoxication, otherwise nothing too serious. you can see there was lots of activity in the excel shore
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district, and just to be on the safe side the police are going to keep 24th street protected -- blocked off. they want to be ready for a second surge of celebration after the next football game wraps up here. reporting live, abc7 news. >> ama: thank you, sergio. >> larry: san francisco is a sea of red. fans have their gear already. these are on sale at the sports authority. how do you look in red? >> ama: i think i look fabulous in red. >> larry: might be too big for you. i'll have to keep it. >> ama: oh, come on. maybe i can get the hat. how cool is this. this is awesome we are already seeing the apparel. >> larry: we'll have a live report on the search for championship gear later in this half hour. >> ama: when it comes to the super bowl, abc news has you covered,. >> larry: i'll be there with mike shumann in new orleans as we team up live crews from abc7
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news. live reports from the big game, from the big easy, will begin super bowl week. >> ama: we'll have much more from the gay later -- from the e later in sports. >> ama: the president takes the oath of office ahead of tomorrow's big inauguration sell briggs. >> leigh: hi there, i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it was a terrific weekend but rain is coming next week, the ac
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>> sky 7hd was over mavericks as more than two dozen of the world's top surfer gathered to catch some big waves. >> we have a live look at the competition and the results. >> it's all over and 43-year-old petitioner mel from santa cruz is the winner. we didn't see any monster waves but there were huge swells to challenge the professional surfers, and there were tens of thousands of people here to watch them compete. >> sky 7hd captured the kind of wave and ride that defines the maverick invitationa. the eighth competition which drew 24 surfers from around the world. tom from france came to see the giant waves in his surfing here
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roy -- heroes. >> could be more waves but impressive. >> sky 7hd shows a huge traffic backup on highway 1. police say more than 30,000 people packed half moon bay. the festival sold out of its 15,000 tickets in the afternoon. carol is disappointed. >> we stood in loin to get tickets but they sold out. >> spectators were able to watch on a big screen. people are not allowed on the beach or bluffs to watch. this is why. in 2010, a roe rogue wave knocked people off their feet. this year people filled bars and restaurants showing the competition. >> i got here at 6:30 this morning and there was people everywhere. cars up and down the highway. >> sky 7hd captured this beautiful ride at the end of the day. most swells did not rise to the size of this one but provide surfers with thrilling rides and a winner. >> now, there were more than
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30,000 people here, in san mateo county sheriffs say with that kind of crowd, they had very few problems two arrests, one for dui this morning one for public intoxication this afternoon. we're live in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> larry: just ahead, it's official, the president begin his second term. the plans for the big celebration tomorrow. >> ama: it was gorgeous day outside. what's ahead for the work week leigh glaser has the forecast. >> larry: in sports, the niners heading to super bowl xlvii. it was anything but smooth. we'll have more highlights and reaction fro
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did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us?
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oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> ama: president obama took the oath of office today for his second term. it was administered by chief justice john roberts. >> defend the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. >> the swearing in will be repeat tomorrow before hundreds of thousands of people.
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a parade and two balls. our coverage of the inauguration continues at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america" and we'll have live streaming coverage at at 6:30. >> we showed you the shirts and hats being sold all over the bay area. >> ama: nick smith is live with a look at fans already stocking up. nick, are you there? reporter: absolutely. people have stopped us and saying if you're not wearing red and geld, get out of here. so everybody is looking for red and gold. look at video shot a few moments ago. we were at the sports authority south of market. the 49ers victory over the atlanta falcons means there's now a rush for gear celebrating the niners. fans couldn't wait to get their handses on anything red and gold. this sports authority started unpacking t-shirts and caps, recognizing the san francisco 49ers victory of the atlanta
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falcons, minutes after the game, and fans were there to scoop it automatic -- scoop it all up. >> had to stop by and pick it up. i didn't think the would have the shirts here. >> whose got got it better than us? nobody! >> most of the sports authority stores in san francisco will have the t-shirts and caps with the nfc championship logo. i don't need to tell you pack here live that literally the town is really excited about the voc. everyone now searching online to find tickets to nye -- to fly cheaply to new orleans. they will continue to have merchandize for sale for the next two weeks. south of market, abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much. >> larry: couple times do you think we'll hear, whose got it bitter than us? no weatherwise is nice.
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>> leigh: it was so terrific today. 70s near the coast. santa cruz, 76. we had numerous 60s across the bay area. and no clouds out there live doppler 7hd showing you clear perspective at 6:19 this hour. here's a look at current readings already starting to bottom out a little bit with novato, 48. 58, san francisco. 61 in half moon bay. a beautiful sunset. 51 in antioch, 53, clear sky in livermore. here's a look at the forecast. go with clear and cold conditions once again tonight. continued mild tomorrow so enjoy. then the latter part of the work week, that's when we'll see increasing chances of seeing the showers return. lows tonight generally in the north bay, east bay locations. mid-to-low 30s, santa rosa, right at the freezing mark. 32. so frost in the north bay, 45
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san francisco, 47 with clear sky overnight in san jose. this weekend and tellly the past four days-it's been a really strong ring of high power that has been dominating the pacific northwest, also the coast of california, keeping the jet stream to the north. so all the rain has been to the north and also held back as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. this ridge of high pressure is going to start to break down and that will definitely allow this first system to move in here, possibly bring a chance of showers to the north bay, on wednesday, and then a stronger system brings us rain to the bay area next weekend. but tomorrow, full on sunshine. mild temperatures. 64, santa rosa. 63, san francisco. half moon bay, 65. in the east bay, concord, 63. 62, livermore, antioch. 56, san jose. bring on the 70s. santa cruz, 70. 68 for hollister. and monterey, mild, 70.
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look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling things down on tuesday. clouds will thicken up. a chance of showers in the north bay. but notice just how much cooler it's going to be thursday and friday. temperatures in the 50s, and then we'll bring the rain chance in next saturday and sunday. >> ama: thank you, leigh. larry can't get enough 49ers of give me more. >> larry: the quest for six continues. next storm new orleans. the niners coming back from the 17-0 deficit in the think think championship game. shut out the falcons in the sze second half and earn a berth in the super bowl. colin kaepernick did it with his arm today. early on matt ryan's arm was causing problems. 7-0 in a flash. falcons. and it continued. ryan to julio jones again, 17-0. looked like a falcon rout at this point. the niners finally wake up in the second quarter.
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james scoring his first career touchdown to get the niners on the board. they score again under 2:00 left in the half. kaepernick to davis for the touchdown. niners trail 17-14, matty ice, cool and calm. leading the falcons down the field to the forming cal star tony imlez, who said he would retire the end of the season. it was 24-14, and so frank gore took it in to make it 24 the missed field goal,ic harbaugh not happy. this didn't make him happy either, michael crabtree, drilled at the one, fumbled. atlanta recovered, killing the drive. but the 49ers relentless with gore, his second touchdown, makes it 28-24. the niners come back to take their first lead of the game. fourth down here, with just over a minute left and the falcons need this to convert, and and a half bowman gets the left hand to break it it. atlanta, with sex -- with six
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seconds left. game over, drive home safely. the 489ers are going to the super bowl. now, colin kaepernick was 16-21 for 233-yard and a touchdown. ryan, three tds in the first half two turnovers in the second half killed atlanta. davis, five receptions, 106 yards and a touchdown. >> one more game we got good. feel good we did what we had to do coming in here. they came and played a good game. started off fast and we finished faster. >> unreal, man. to see the -- the fact we won, shows the resolve of this team, the character of this team. one more to go. >> does validate our team, winning this game, and we said at the start of this, the goal is to win, and we have won two so far and now we have another one. >> this is just to get there. it would be -- tops to win it
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awesome ain't good enough to just get this one. have to win it all. we're excited. >> we are just a few minutes away from the har-bowl taking because they ravens are leading the patriots. this could lead up to a ravens-49ers super bowl, just minutes away. moving on, better late than never, sharks opened the season in calgary. it's been nine months since the last sharks game. finally getting the season underway. sharks down 1-0 in the second. thornton finding marlowe in front. back-hands, we're tied at one. 2-1 in the second. marlowe again from broyle. slides in for the second goal in the third, sharks with a two-man advantage. a rifle shot from broyle, and marlowe provided the screen in front. the sharks win 4-1.
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>> ama: a lot going on today. i love it. we'll be
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>> join us tonight only channel spvment we'll along at the breakdown discovery in mars which nasa calls win the jackpot, and the celebration continues as the 49ers head to the super bowl. we'll have the team arrival back in san francisco and a look at what's ahead before they get to the super bowl. that's coming up here. >> ama: and the 49ers are off the super bowl. and the 49ers fans are showing their team spirit. harper ready for the super bowl. >> another fan and her friend enjoying today's win. and who has it better than us?
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nobody! >> we want to see your fan photos, e-mail them to us at we'll share them on line and on tv. that is it for us at 6:00. >> larry: i'm larry beil. thanks for joining us.
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>> right now, on the red carpet, with arnold
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schwarzenegger. a tea party for this area's oscar nominees. i honestly didn't think i would get one. >> taking award season in stride. >> i know i am not going to win, so i think it is great that i can relax. >> and racing to meet hollywood's most famous stars on four wheels. >> we are rolling out the red carpet now. >> welcome to on the red carpet from the museum in los angeles. it am rachel smith. hundreds of the world's most classic, iconic cars are on display right here. the hollywood gallery features famous cars from film and tv. we'll take a close are look, plus tack you on an exclusive tour inside of the gledgeddary ball. but first, let's race to this week's otrc carpet. we are at the premier of the last stand. ♪


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