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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the game is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl! >> oh yes. after an 18-year absence, the niners are heading back to the super bowl. >> and tonight the team is heading back to the bay area. this is a live picture from mineta san jose international airport where the team is scheduled to arrive any minute. we will take you back there live after they land. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. jim harbaugh will face-off in two weeks against his brother john who is the coach of the baltimore ravens. it is being dubbed by some, the har-bough or the bro-bowl. earlier today it looked like the 40 inintoers would be spectators -- the 49ers would be spectators at the super bowl. 24-14 falcons at the half. the 49ers would overcome a
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17-point deficit and take the lead in the fourth quarter with frank gore scoring this touchdown to make it 28-24 and that lead held up as the niners held here on fourth down in the fourth quarter. bowman with the key deflection in the final moments. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterback. as you can imagine, everyone
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was ecstatic. >> it is amazing. it is amazing. it is something i have been dreaming of all my life as a kid, going to the super bowl, the super bowl. we're here. >> we have one more game left. we have to get it. it feels good. we did what we had to do. they came and played a good game. it started off fast, but we finished faster. >> unreal. just getting that win in the fashion we wanted to show reis solve on the team and the character of the team and we have one more to go. >> it does validate our team. we said at the start there are three super bowls to win. we have won two so far, and now we have another one. >> this is to get us -- it would top it all to win it all. that's our goal to win it all. it ain't good enough just to win that. we want it all. this is just another step to get us there. we are excited right now. >> and it will be a match up
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of the harbaugh brothers, john and jim, in super bowl 47. it should be exciting. reporting from atlanta, mike shumann, abc sports. >> i will have more on the super bowl, the ravens game, the 49ers, all of that coming up later in sports. there was one ugly scene involve rival fans, a stabbing in the georgia dome parking lot. they say a falcons fan punched a 49er fan and the 49er fan pulled out a knife and one of them was stabbed in the neck. it is unclear which one, but looks like he will be okay. the celebration after the 9er victory was loud and fun, but subdued. the only sign of trouble we even heard of was on geary street. a group of overzealous fans smashed in the door of a kfc restaurant. there were no arrests. >> and we join sergio who is live in the mission district. >> hi, ama. for most of the evening 24th street here at
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mission was shutdown by san francisco police just in case the celebrations got out of hand. well those celebrations here in the mission and throughout a few different parts throughout the city, they were loud, but they were pretty well controlled. >> 49er fans packed sports clubs across the city like here at pedro's canteen gnaw across the street from at&t park. >> this is bay area sports right here. the giants and the 49ers. >> watching on big screen tv's the place exploded with energy as the 49ers finished their final play. >> it is a similar scene and pandemonium for fans looking forward to seeing the 49ers in the super bowl for the first time in 18 years. >> the niners are starting a new regime. >> from sky 7hd you can see
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the fans taking to the streets. plenty of people in red gummed up traffic for an hour. people in their cars joined in on the celebration. fans joined a drum corp near the bart station. people celebrated with dancing and flags and just about everything except the kitchen sink. >> the niners baby! >> san francisco police made some preparations, but everything went smoothly. >> they set the tone we wanted people to celebrate and not get out of hand. we wanted people to celebrate on the sidewalks. it is not to light bonfires like the giants celebration. >> san francisco police did make a few arrests here in the mission district. mostly for minor charges like people who are drunk and disorderly in public. reporting live in san
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francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> thank you. 9er fans are not just here in the bay area, but they are all over the country. this video was shot at the pub in new york city. they wrapped up the game and the bar is a home away from home for bay area natives. >> that is awesome to see. well, let's go back out to mineta san jose international. that's where the 49ers are landing. maybe now lilian kim is out there live. there is the plane. >> hi, lilian. >> larry and ama, we believe this is the charter plane. it just arrived at mineta san jose and in just a matter of moments, as soon as the plane reaches to where about where we are, the players will emerge as nfc champions, the first time since 1995. there are no fans here at the airport to greet the 49ers. the area is restricted to the general public, but maybe that's a good thing. i'm sure the players are tired and they just want to get
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home. the niners opted to for go celebrating and the team chose to fly back. their flight left around 6:30 p.m. our time. it was only a few hours after the game ended. no doubt a long day for the team, but hard to imagine anyone is complaining. the players return home as nfc champions. the goal is to win two weeks from now and become super bowl champions. not quite sure how this goes. this is the first time i have covered this. not quite sure how long it will take for them to actually deplane, but we will be here and bring it back live as soon as the players get off the plane. >> cool. >> we have until midnight. >> however long it will take, we will see when they disembark and we will check back with you in a few minutes. >> thank you, lilian. seconds after the big game ended gear was for sale in the bay area and more was on the way. >> he just happened to drop into my lap.
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you can see the championship -- the nfc champions. >> it is a little too large for you. >> i will probably keep it. i think it is too big. >> maybe abc7 news reporter nick smith can bring me back a small. he is live in san francisco with this part of the story and all of the nfc championship gear. >> i wish i knew that, ama. i had all of those t-shirts at my fingertips. when you are a championship team, everyone wants a piece of you. >> this is my first grandson and he is a 49er. jay you couldn't have scripted this any better. a storybook season for colin kaepernick and his youngest fan. >> i came to look for decorations and i bought a helium balloon. i am looking around. >> and validation for those who made 49er success. >> i said the san francisco 49ers are going to go to the super bowl. this was a couple months ago. >> the dream game wasn't until
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february, but fans couldn't wait to get their hands on anything but red and gold. >> a few t-shirts and hats. you have to look good for super bowl sunday. >> the sports authority south of market district started unpacking t-shirts and caps recognizing the victory over the falcons only minutes after the game. >> tonight we are printing 16,000 shirts and we have until midnight. the pressure is on. >> this is where most of the taber posting the nfc championship pride is born. the graphic sports wear in the potrero hill neighborhood. one after another it is on the platen and cured under the dryer. they are working nonstop to make sure these shirts make it to the store shelves by morning. >> normally we are slow. anytime something like this happens it is a great boost of business. >> no now as popular as the t-shirts and caps are, fans i spoke with say they would
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happily trade those in for ones boosting of a super bowl victory. nick smith, abc news. >> certainly true. thank you, nick. let's go back to the interest national airport. the international airport. >> here is lilian kim who is live at the scene. have they gotten the wheels and steps up so people are starting to come out of this plane? >> we haven't seen anyone come out yet? >> well, it hasn't happened yet. we saw several that are lining up here next to the plane. these members will take the team to the 49er headquarters in santa clara. we see some people coming down. and larry you will have to help me out. i'm sure you recognized these players a lot more than i do. >> i was in decent shape. it is a tad dark. >> they are very far away. so it is hard to make out who these people are. fortunately our photographer
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is on a stepladder, so he has a better vantage point than i do. we do actually hear some fans here who were able to make their way into this restricted area. i don't know how you guys did that, but where are you from? >> san jose. >> how did you get in here? >> we had to walk. >> this area is restricted to the general public. only the media are here. you got lucky. >> we did. >> so why did you decide to come here? >> we love the niners. we are season ticket holders. we had to see them. >> your thoughts on the game today? >> it is a great game. it was crazy. >> that's it from here, larry and ama. back to you. >> i saw frank gore and there were several members of the coaching staff there. if we zoom in a little more i can try to make out a few more people. obviously some are not players. some are executives with the team. i'm pretty sure i saw frank
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gore. let me tell you what will happen for the next few weeks, or at least until the next week. everybody will take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. then the frenzy of tickets is what they will do as everybody is asking them can you help me out? we will talk about that a little later on. but the champions have returned home. >> that's right. and we always have you covered for the souper bowl. abc news will be all over it. >> i will be there with mike shumann and it will be a cast of thousands by the time we are down in new orleans. live coverage will begin the week leading up to the super bowl. one way or another you will get your niners gear, i promise you that. >> thank you. i appreciate that. still to come, we are hours away from the big inauguration party in washington, d.c. we will have a preview of the celebration. >> and barbara walters injured at an inauguration event. we'll tell you what happened and how she is doing. >> and the special s
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president obama took the oath of office. it was administered by chief justice john roberts. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. >> the swearing in will be repeated tomorrow at the capitol before hundreds of thousands of people. our coverage continues tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "gored morning america." we will have live streaming
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coverage at starting at 6:30. in the next half hour, the security preparations underway for tomorrow's inauguration. just what does it take to keep everyone safe and everything running smoothly. a local won the maverick's surf contest. it brought more than 30,000 people that actually came out in person to watch. we will have more on the competition coming up at 11:30. it wasn't spectacular wave wise, but the weather was terrific. >> it was a great day. >> it really was. upper 60s to low 70s. santa cruz and the high was 76 degrees. and it looks like tomorrow we will see some 70s there as well. live doppler 7hd right now is picking up really no returns. we have crystal clear sky out there. we may see a little valley fog especially in the north bay. boy, it is getting cold, and
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oakland is checking in at tort 3 and 38 in livermore and 41 right now in los gat toes. we will keep it cold. frost is likely in the north bay. continued mild for your monday afternoon. your holiday tomorrow, and we will start to see some changes as we head to midweek and bring in a chance of isolated showers. all right. here are your lows. much of the bay area, the interior north and east bay locations slipping a little below the freezing mark. so that is why we will see the frost there. a little more moderate toward oakland and down the peninsula with temperatures in the mid to low 40s. the high pressure brought us a delightful weekend. it kept the storm track to the north of us. it will do it again for monday and tuesday. as we get into wednesday, all of this will push toward the east and break down. we have this little stationary front here. this is what will move in our direction. we will look for increasing clouds by tuesday afternoon
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and tuesday night. leading to a chance of scattered showers from the system as it kind of moves uh -- across the bay area on wednesday. and the chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. another storm system moves in on the weekend to bring all a better chance of seeing some rain. so you will notice the changes. 64 is your high in santa rosa. mid60s for half moon bay. san jose will warm to 66 degrees and we will look for mid to low 60s toward concord as well as brentwood. santa cruz tomorrow at 70 degrees. 72 for salinas. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, looking for sunny, mild conditions as we head into monday. tuesday, a little change. and then as we head to the rest of the week a chance of showers. and then as we head into wednesday and definitely next weekend. >> looks good. thank you, leigh. >> if this is between har-
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bowl i like that better. >> it is the ultimate dream for jack and jackie harbaugh. both sons in the super bowl against each other? let's hope they handle it better than jim was earlier in the day in distress until the final seconds. all
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can the universe handle the hype over the next two weeks leading up to the hair-bowl? we will find out. the 49ers came through with a dramatic come from behind victory in the nfc title game. kaepernick was forced to leading a come back in a playoff game. the falcons looked like a jugger not in the first. 46 yards and 7-0 falcons in constantly. route in progress or so it seemed. ryan to jones and 17-0 atlanta. 9ers in desperation mode. james, the rookie goes 15 yard and his first career touchdown. vernon davis almost invisible. very visible today. 9ers are down 17-14.
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80 yards and seven plays to tony gonzalez who can still get up. may have played his final game. the niners are close to 24-21 on that gore touchdown and here is gore again. 21 carries for 90 yeah ready and two td's and the first lead of the game at 28-24. a minute left and fourth and 4 at the 10. game not quite over yet and they get the ball back with a few seconds left. ryan throws complete, but well short of the end zone. and that ends it. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. 28-24 is the final. kaepernick 6 steep of 21yfor 233 yards and a touchdown. last week against the packers, he did it with his legs. this game only ran a couple of times. three td's in the first half, but two turnovers in the second half. vernon davis, one reception a
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week ago today. five catches and 106 yards and a td. >> it showed the result of the team. we will move on and continuing our humility and ready to play another game. >> it took a longtime. we are not finished yet. it is not reality. it is a dream. >> big fun in the locker room. the niners took case of business and the ravens and patriots go at it. tom brady to deliver another trip to the super bowl, but the vai wrens
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do it on the road. the defense, just like the
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niners, did not allow a point in the second half. the ravens and patriots in the championship game. tom brady looking to make the super bowl for the 6th time in his career. picking it up in the second quarter and brady firing to welker, and it ended up being the only touchdown pass. gronk is happy. ravens quarterback joe flacco cook over in the -- took over in the second half. here from five yards out and 14-13, ravens. joe flacco, and who is an elite quarterback now? a nice touch and 21-13 baltimore. their d was huge and steven ridley is crushed and fumbles. arthur jones recovers and flacco makes him pay. a nice leaping catch. flacco 240 yards passing and three touchdowns. the ravens are going to the super bowl for the first time in 12 years. 28-13 the final score. john harbaugh reflecting on meeting his brother in two weeks in new orleans.
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>> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams. we had a few fights. we had a few arguments just like all brothers. we will try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> so it is jim versus john. las vegas listed the 49ers as 4 and a half point favorites in super bowl 47. moving to hockey and finally the sharks open the lockout shortened season in calgary. it has been nine months since their last game because of the labor dispute. finally time to get it on. sharks were down 1-0 in the second period against joe thorton to marlow on the doorstep. back hands it in to tie it at one. 2-1 in the second and ma are low from boyle here and slides it home. that was his second goal of the game. this time sharks with a two-man advantage. boyle with the shot. marlow with the screen in front. the sharks win their season opener 4-1. their first home game is thursday against phoenix.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> glad the sharks started off with a win. >> everything is working in the bay area. >> and the 49er fans of course are very excited that we are going to the super bowl. they are showing their teen spirit. they are ready for the super bowl and the kaepernick craze apparently isn't going anywhere. this woman, a fan, and here are some of the youngest fans. they are ready for super bowl 47. we want to see your fan photos. e-mail them to us, and we will share them on-line and on tv. >> will you be kaepernicking? that did not take a lot of talking to get that done? still to come, the big wave that drew some of the best surfers. we'll take you to the maverick competition. >> some day you will get over your shyness. >> the new cell phone. the facebook phone app that is up and running.
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>> and a bizarre robbery at a
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. in tonight's headlines, fans in san francisco celebrated. well, some are still probably celebrating the victory, 28-24 that puts the red and gold in the super bowl for the first time since 1995. >> fans were for the most part well behaved and an over zealous group broke the glass on the front door of a kfc in the city. by the time police arrived the crowd was gone. no one was arrested. eight people were displaced after a fire roared through an apartment building in the richmond district. firefighters had the flames out in 15 minutes. the area near 19th avenue and california is still closed to traffic. a 15-year-old new mexico boy has been booked on murder charges after police say he
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shot and killed his parents and three of his brothers and sisterss inside a home. the the shooing happened -- the shooting happened southwest of albuquerque. they found several guns including a military-style rifle. the victims are a fire department chaplain, his wife, two daughters and a son. tonight lawmaker news al-qaeda was looking for a target, but not necessarily in north africa where the group kidnapped hostages sparking a bloody rescue effort. bomb squads entering an algerian facility found dozens more bodies. the death toll of rebels and hostages now stands at 81. one lawmaker says u.s. officials didn't know when or where the terrorist kidnapping was supposed to take place. >> know for sure it would be this particular place and those circumstances. we knew they were trying to find a target against a western target which this clearly was. >> the hostages who survived
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said others had explosives strapped to their bodies. the al-qaeda leader has taken credit for the attack. in oakland, a shooting has left a man in critical condition. it happened shortly before 4:00 this afternoon on foothill boulevard. sky 7hd shows a lot of yellow evidence markers on the street there. police tell us the victim was standing outside a car when he was shot in the leg and head. the gunman escaped in a rental car. new details about the shooting death of a man in front of the bart station. police tell us the 50-year-old victim was most likely not involved in the incident and appears to have been caught in the cross fire. a woman was wounded in yesterday's shooting. a teenage boy is in custody. marin county plans to hold a gun buy back program tomorrow. they are actually out of cash to exchange for the weapons. last week the program handed out $43,000 in the first couple hours alone. then they started giving out vouchers. in all 827 guns were turned in last tuesday. the marin county district
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attorney's office held the buy back. it is raising money so it can make good on those vouchers, and it will be handing out more of the vouchers during tomorrow's buy back. after a three-year dry spell the conditions were right once more for the mavericks surf competition. thomas roman shows us the action. >> reporter: sky 7hd captures the kind of wave and ride that defines the maverick invitational. this is the eighth competition that drew 248-list -- 24, a-list surfers around the world. they came to see the giant waves and the surfing heros. >> there could be more waves, but it is impressive to see that. >> sky 7hd shows a huge traffic back up on highway 1. police say more than 30,000 people packed half moon bay. the maverick festival sold out of the 15,000 tickets in the early afternoon. >> we stood in the line to try to get tickets. >> at the festival spec it
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tayerses were able to watch them on a big screen. the venue sold out because people were not allowed on the beach. this is why. in 2010 a rogue wave washed spectators off their feet injuring a dozen people on their beach. they -- the landing bar was packed. >> i got here at 6:30 and there was people everywhere. cars up and down the highway. >> sky 7hd cap you are tood the ride at the end of the day. most did not rise to the -- rise to the size of this one, but there were thrilling rides and a winner. >> now with more than 30,000 people in this area, san mateo county sheriff say they had few problems, one for dui and another for public intoxication. in half moon bay, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> and 43-year-old peter mel of santa cruz took home this year's top trophy. work is set to begin at the bay bridge to fix the damage that was caused by a tanker a couple weeks ago. it bashed into one of the towers on the western span.
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it did damage to what they call a fender. the fender absorbed the impact. no damage was done to the tower or bridge. cal trans will use steel and recycled plastic to fix the fender. that's a job that should take four and a half months. the messenger app has the ability to call their friends for free. people with the app can now make free calls using the voice over ip services such as skype. and it actions as a stealth phone and it comes pre populated with a list of contacts. it was just revealed today. >> a bizarre robbery in alabama with the robber not quite getting what he expected. police say he approached an employee and demanded cash. the cashier refused to open the drawer and offered him a cup of coffee instead. he took the coffee and left the store. officers found him in the parking lot and arrested him for robbery. >> so strange. still to come on abc news
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at 11, the preparation around the inauguration festivities. how to keep them safe and running smoothly. >> and honoring martin luther king, junior as we celebrate his birthday. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a warm weekend for the bay area. how much longer will it last? plus if you are doing some
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we are just hours away from tomorrow's inauguration celebration in washington, d.c. >> that's right. and of course it is a massive job keeping nearly a million people and the president safe and all of the events running smoothly. >> abc news reporter cecilia vega got a look in the command center where it is all coming together. >> they will be everywhere, snipers doting roof p toes, the coast guard patrolling waterways and military fliers with a no fly zone. blanketing the washington mall on monday. >> protecting an event this large and this complex with as many different venues and this many people coming requires a lot of coordination and a lot of organization. >> all coordinating here. the multi agency communication center over seen by the secret service at an undisclosed location. they will monitor the surveillance images and potential threats. the fbi says there are currently no credible threats
11:44 pm
for monday. the 2009 inauguration was a law gist cal nightmare. hundreds of ticket holders getting stuck in the tunnel. authorities say this time will be better. >> there will be such a different feel when you come down this time for the inauguration. there was extensive signs and we have social media sites you can follow. >> this year there is even an app for that. it picks up where you are, and it tells you from where the viewing screens are to where the nearby events are and telling me i am right on the parade route. >> along the 1.2 mile stretch of pennsylvania avenue to the capital steps to the white house, undercover officers and s.w.a.t teams out in full force. >> and that was cecilia vega reporting. our coverage continues tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america and we will start at 6:30. veteran abc news woman barbara walters is recovering tonight after being injured during a fall at an ingnawing raying -- inauguration party.
11:45 pm
the 83-year-old fell in washington, d.c. and cut her forehead. a spokesman says out of an abundance of caution walters wept to hospital for -- went to hospital for treatment of the cut and evaluation. it is unclear when she will be released. there were two special services honoring dr. martin luther king, junior. hundreds celebrated the civil rights leader legacy. he lead the congregation and he says dr. king focused on people in need. >> he was concerned about and trying to make sure that he really touched the real people, those who had greatest need. and of course there were those who were in poverty and those who were poor and those who had no jobs. >> he has taken dr. king's message to heart. it provides more than one million free meals a year along with affordable housing and health care. >> tomorrow is a holiday so a lot of people will be off and
11:46 pm
wondering what the weather will be like. >> exactly. leigh glaser will be back. >> it will be terrific. if you look back east at the inauguration festivities. washington, d.c., the expected temperature is 42 degrees. a 30% chance of a few snow showers. it looks high and dry and 52 for dallas and phoenix 75. if you are traveling airbeds -- around the state it will be a mild to almost warm day statewide. southern california is getting up into the 80s. my map is going to come up here in a second. 80 degrees for los angeles. san diego warming to 75. fresno at 64. sacramento 60ly degrees -- 63 degrees. for us here locally tomorrow, it looks like it will be a terrific day, sunny and mild. the temperatures near the bay in the midto upper 60s. maybe some 70s down toward santa cruz. and then on tuesday we will increase the clouds. a cooler day for wednesday with a chance for showers
11:47 pm
mainly in the authority bay. check out the highs. near 70 tomorrow to only the midto upper 50s by wednesday, thursday and friday. next saturday and sunday a pretty good chance that we are all going to see some showers. of course mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 on the abc morning news with an update. >> thank you, leigh. into i it has been a good month for jessica chastain. >> she won a golden globe for "zero dark 30" and topped the thriller" mama." >> it is scary. "mama" pulled in $28 million in its opening weekend. chastain's other month of vee "zero dark 30" with $17.6 million. "silver lining's playbook" which i saw and is tremendous. and "gangster squad" and" broken city" round out the top 5. and arnold schwarzenegger's movie made its debut in 10th place with $6.3 million. i'm sure folks were not going
11:48 pm
to the movies today. >> no, they were watching football. frank gore was not really a big fan of the read option offense. guess who score owed two read option runs? we will hear from frank gore
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
mr. and mrs. harbaugh, jack and jackie, watched privately from their homes and
11:51 pm
enjoying their sons reaching the super bowl. let's start with the 49ers. colin kaepernick, this was a different game for kaepernick. for once he had to lead a big time come back here. matt ryan lead a flawless two-minute drill here. the falcons score here to tony gonzalez and making it a 24-14 falcon lead. the niners open the quarter with frank gore to make it 24-21. the fourth quarter and niners go up 28-24 at that po nie t. the falcons get to 9er territory. bowman breaks up the pass that was intended for white. the game was almost over. atlanta gets the ball back. ryan will throw deep, but it is complete, but in the field of play. the niners make the tackle and time runs out and game ends and niners go to the super bowl. 28-24 the final. kaepernick throws for 233 and a touchdown. ryan three td's, but two turnovers in the second half were costly. vernon davis, five receptions and 106 yards.
11:52 pm
and frank gore leading the way with two td's. mike shumann met with him after the game. >> it is great. we took a longtime and we worked very hard. we just stayed together and got it done. we are thought finished yet. we have one more. >> down 17 points and you knew the veteran players. randy moss really brought this team back. >> you know, we are built for this type of stuff. what i mean by that, we work very hard and we never give up. >> you say am i ever going to get to a super bowl, and here it is. >> we had the right guys in the locker room who was grateful. his coaching style was great. we ain't finished yet.
11:53 pm
niners fans back there, we love y'all and we want to say thank you, but we ain't finished yet. >> no, they are not. like the niners the ravens had to win and the defense did not allow a pot in the second half. ravens versus patriots and brady trying to make the super bowl for the 6th time in his career. to welker in the second quarter and that was his only touchdown pass of the day. they were up 13-7 and grad gradkowski was pumped, but joe flacco proved he belongs in the conversation with the elite quarterbacks. threw three touchdowns and this to pitta. 14-13, ravens and then to bolden. ravens up 21-13. and here is the big momentum changer as ridley was rocked with the patriots driving. he fumbles and the ravens recover. flacco back to the air again, back to bolden, leaping catch. three touchdowns for flacco in this game as the ravens go to the super bowl for the first
11:54 pm
time in 12 years. 28-their even was the final score. john harbaugh now talking about bheg -- meeting his brother in the super bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams, few fights, few arguments. just like all brothers. we will try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> after three months of waiting because of a lockout, the nhl season finally started today. the sharks opened with a win in calgary. it has been nine long months since the sharks' last game. time to finally drop the puck. the sharks were down in the second period. joe thorton to patrick marlow and we are tied at one. later it is marlow getting the feed from dan boyle here and slides it home for his second goal. third period and a two-man advantage for the man in teal. it was boyle with the shot. the sharks win their season opener 4-1 the final score. women's basketball, 6th ranked stanford hosting usc. they are sugared up.
11:55 pm
a pretty steal and a bounce pass . the game high 29 points and 16 rebounds as stanford improves to 16-2. they defeat usc75-66. cal is hosting ucla. clarendon is 22 points. jennifer brandon had 12 and cal is now at the top of the pack 12 standings 70-65. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> fantastic. and you will be sugared up at the super bowl. i just told you about benyays. >> powdered donuts. love them. >> that's it for this edition of abc news. join us tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. for a special inauguration day edition of good morning america. >> for awful us here, thanks for allowing me.
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