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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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back, i think it's from inda. they just parked a car. when they came out, very quick, okay. they just break the car. >> police say biggest concern is that they will do it again. >> next time, it's possible to escalate violence and try to hurt someone. >> police are still looking for suspects as well as victims. two cars were stolen. a couple victims told us that there used to be regular police patrols in the neighborhood but not anymore since the staff reductions in the san jose police force. tonight we'll tell but a neighbor who saw something which may help police in their investigation. >> thank you, vic we'll see you at 6:00. >> a big repair job is underway. >> crews started a long task of fixing the bay bridge tower fender damaged by an oil tanker two weeks ago.
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it was an accident, ran into it. sky 7 hd was over the bridge this morning. >> this work started first thing in morning and is being done on the tower behind me. it's the further one closest to treasure island there. the process of removing fenders will be the first order of business. let's show you what it looked like this morning. caltrans contracted with a private company specializing in doing this work. one official told me it's not like you can just back up a truck in this location. first order of business will be removing the damaged fender section when bar pilot apparently veered off course and side swiped the tower so this could reach as high as $3
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million. >> they call it mobilizing the equipment they need to get the work done. unless they do that. firgs order of business is going to be removing damaged fend yir system autos caltrans says the same company that did repairs after 2007 accident is also performing in this work that is supposed to take up to four and a half months, nearly three times longer than cosco busson repairs took. one big question is whether caltrans and the mtv, ministers the toll authority is going to try to recoop the money from the shipping company, or from the bar pilot association we'll have more for you on that tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you.
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see you again at 6:00. at 4:00 coast guard is searching for a surfer missing along the monterey county coast. an alert went out just after noon today. that surfer vanished at the south end of big sur. high surf makes this area dangerous. today's search comes after sky 7 hd captured the rescue of a surfer. the stranded man was able to jump and paddle out to a police boat. >> more on the surf now and the forecast for us. >> i'm happen yes to report wave heights are diminishing. therefore, the threat of dangerous waves diminishes. you can see there is extensive cloud cover. let's talk about the beach hazard. current lights down to about five to six feet. so that is not very high over
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the weekend we had heights much, much higher. now time between waves is decreasing which is good news as well. now it's about 14 seconds over the weekend. a 20 second gap increases possibility of dangerous rip currents so the threat is now diminishing, good news. clouds increase tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly clourdy. temperatures ranging from upper 30s to upper 40s. periods of rain or showers and high temperatures from 58 to 62 degrees. doesn't look like a wet day. rain not expected to be heavy but there will be wet spots continuing into evening hours. i'll give you a look in the accu-weather forecast in just a few minute autos thank you. >> firefighters worry a wildfire could dmubl size if they don't get control of it soon. this is now only 10%
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contained. this is video taken this afternoon. the fire is burning near clear lake. it started in a vineyard, so far, only open land burned but there is an advisory nearby. >> in oakland police ended their search near the coliseum in connection with last night's shooting that injured an under cover police officer. police detained three others but say the search is ongoing. nick smith joins us live now with the latest. nick? >> good afternoon, police spent more than 20 hours doing a search for evidence and describing the shooting as a vicious beating. we were there when police took their fourth and fifth suspects into custody this afternoon.
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three others caught earlier. police only saying all five men are directly connected to the shooting that wounded an under cover officer last night. police tell abc 7 news a plain clothes officer was shot after being jumped by three men. >> we have three men involved in the beegt as well as shooting of the officer. >> the wounded officer was shot in the arm, recovering at hoax. five suspects were found in the police search area that has been on lock down since the officer was shot. we did learn that the suspects have gang zpiz two of the men had been arrested and charged for parole violations. police tell me the wounded officer had been investigating a shooting that took place on sunday on foot hill boulevard but no one has been arrested in that case. police said the area will remain on lock down until
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every home and yard has been searched. >> they're doing their job. you can't blame them. they didn't shoot the police. >> police say their searches had been productive in not only finding suspects but recovering at least five weapons. new information we've learned one weapon is believed to be the weapon used to shoot that officer. now, we're at city hall because we know city council will take up a hearing later today and will approve the possible hiring of william bratten as a consultant. this is an effort to fight crime. >> speaking of that situation. >> just in hours the oakland city council will vote on hiring that consultant. william bratten could be paid to help bring down the city's soaring crime rates. prot yofrtz are expected to
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pack city hall for the meeting saying bratten's stop and frisk leads to racial profiling. tonight's meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30. >> san francisco police hope that these surveillance photos will help them catch two bank robbers. on the left showing a man police say held up a man on january 4th, the one on the right shows lookout. if you recognize either man, we have a number for the anonymous tip line. >> still ahead advertisers boost spending and that is helping google. >> phil mickelson is talking taxes instead of the fairways and why he's now apologizing for that. >> marine corps taking a different stance hours after saying beyonce lip synced yesterday. >> and new, at 4:30. >> in san ramone, how this piece of equipment is keeping this piece of low tech materials safe for you, and your family. we'll have a live report.
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>> trook taking a look at traffic here at 4 n:10. it's bumper to bumper, almost a dead stop going left to right. a lot better for folks on the right hand side of the screen heading towards 101 south. stay with us, more
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marin county is using a new emergency alert system to let people know quickly when
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there is a dangerous situation, using alerts for any type of emergency that could affect residents, workers or students in marin, requiring people to register online beginning this saturday. the system only alerts people who might be affected by given emergencies. >> we only ed send it out to a specific location. we can see it on the map and different data points. >> volunteers will get the word out at shopping centers and sites about this registration process, again, it begins this saturday. >> golfer phil mickelson saying he should have kept his thoughts on taxes to himself. he suggested dramatic changes were in store for him personally that he says tap into mer than 60% of his income, keep in mind he made more than $60 million last year but said the tax situation was the reason behind his decision not to be part of the new ownership group of the san diego padres.
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he issued an apology and says he will not let that happen again. republican state lawmakers reacted with, an i told you so after hearing the comments. >> groupon is ending its gun deals and google shows signs that it's ad business is surviving the shift to mobile. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn, google is going strong thanks to advertisers. good news is that amount advertisers are paying every time you use the ad appears to be stabilizing dropping just 6% compared to 15% last quarter. so the knot so good news is that the number of clicks is rising more slowly, up 24% compared to 33% rise in the third quart yes, google brought in $12.9 million, and $3.5 kbrinl in operating profits up nearly 7%. dell is one step closer to
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becoming a private company and microsoft planning to provide potentially about $2 billion worth of funding to make that happen. sources say a deal could be announced as early as this week. both companies are also working together on tablets. the market now dominate bid apple and google. speaking the microsoft it's set a indicate for the release of it's powerful surface tablet, surface windows 8 pro, going on sale on february 9th and will be the first version of the surface running an intel chip. it runs the full version of windows 8. >> as for the broader markets today, stocks closed higher on better than expected earnings from several companies.
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apple, hewlett-packard and symantec helping pull index up. and groupon is suspending daily deals involving guns. the company says the gun category, including shooting ranges and promotions is under review following consumer and merchant feed back. some are outraged and are calling for a boycott in light of the sandy hook shootings in connecticut. at bloomberg studios i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> many of you have been sharing your 49ers pride with us and let's check out some pictures here, we have three fans in front of a mural in santa clara. two guys painted it back in october. >> cool. >> some young fans sent us these pictures of david and derek. >> that is probably what john and jim were like.
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you snow when they're little kismdz a zpaerj newborn he says his daughter is kapernicking. it looks like she's chewing on her finger. >> best friends showed off their pose last week in the game. >> you can send your fan photos to us i will be there along with mike shuman with crews and reporters. live reports will be super bowl week. it's going to be fun. >> it's exciting. >> yes. >> for those of us at home we're looking forward to nice weather. >> yes. it's going to be innice inside here and inside of the super dome. >> yes. >> here is a live view from our camera. looking down towards ocean
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beach, skies have suddenly become cloudy in advance of what is expected to be light rain or showers. this will not be a major rainfall event. to some people this, is called gloomy. still, preparing to move throughout the bay area skies. now, temperatures into upper 50s to around 60, 61 degrees, redwood city, 59. 60s in santa rosa. these are the forecast features, mostly cloudy skies overnight, rain arriving tomorrow, will be slow to arrive into afternoon hours and unsettled pattern thursday and friday. satellite shows what is coming our way. big plume of subtropical moisture moving into our direction. head after approaching frontal system.
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high clouds and dry air under theej neej. so rain develops tomorrow and we may not see rain in areas until afternoon or evening hours. so 5:00 in the morning and then, later in the day, perhaps early afternoon, mid afternoon, we'll see showers and light rain developing. showers breaking up into thursday morning about 5:00 thursday morning beginning of the rush hour, rainfall from tenth of an toimpblg a quarter inch. so will be wet in spots. low temperatures dropping into low 40s, mid-40s for the remainder of the bay area mid to upper 50s and 62 in san jess yeah tomorrow.
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a tad milder in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. as mentioned early yes, unsettled weather. this is how it looks. light chance of showers carrying into thursday, slight chance of rain saturday, sunday, then, dry, cool monday ask tuesday. sort of a more typical winter like pattern. >> thank you. >> all right. was she? or wasn't she? lip syncing controversy and details we're getting. >> it's the facial expression buzzing online today. i have to admit i watched this over and over. the exchange that had the first lady rolling her eyes on inauguration day. >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is mcarthur maze in emoriville. it's a little sluggish for drivers haegd east, it's moving.
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of. america's cup organizers announced their first show, grammy award winning singer sting will headline the first show scheduled for june 2, performing in a temporary 9,000 seat venue built on piers 27, 29 later this spring. the additional shows will be announced in coming weeks.
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>> we have controversy. beyonce drew rave reviews for her performance yesterday but the question was she lip syncing? the accusation spread quickly when a spokesperson they were told at the last minute they'd not be playing live because beyonce was using a recording. the corps backed off saying beyonce decided to sing live to a recorded track uz because she didn't have time to rehearse with the band no. comment from beyonce's camp. kelly clarkson did sing live. it was great. it was. >> hollywood reacts to the inauguration. >> president barack obama's second term has begun, and the hollywood a list is showing their support.
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>> alicia clees, kelly clarkson and katy perry were in attendance for the inauguration yesterday and shared excitement with fans, kelly said what an honor to be part of history. the presence was powerful and words, unforgettable. it's a proud day for america. before her performance, keys tweeted cheers to our president. speaking of twitter justin beiber surpassed lady gaga as the most-followed person, has 33.3 million followers. rounding out top five, katy perry, rihanna and president barack obama. preparations for the big night are well underway. wolf gang puck gave us a preview of the menu for the
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stars attending the exclusive after party, the governor's ball. >> this year, it's a variety. just like movies there are many great movies this year, we have great dishes so it's up to you to pick what you like. >> make sure to catch oscars february 24th here on abc. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> still to come, pg&e testing a device measuring pipe corrosion. >> what is in food that you sfwhi a report about to be released on the types of foods with the most fake ingredients. >> the dramatic rescue on subway tracks after a woman faints. >> a common complaint about canned food. we'll tak
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pg&e is testing a piece of equipment that looks at pipe corrosion. >> it could be a giant leap forward for keeping an eye on gas lines and catching problems before they turn into disaster autos we're live at pg&e testing facility. heather? >> this is a lace yesh technology in medicine to map
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the human body. it can be used on virtually any object. pg&e using it on pipe autos this scanner is mapping the surface of a standard pg&e gas pipe. this laser is relative to the surface, being used in the field, and here at the testing facility. the data can be interpreted to see if it means the pipe is no longer safe to use. the old method is invfling using chicken wires and using a tool to measure depths. kit now be done in a matter of hours with a portable scanner. it will be used for pipe maintenance inspections. the explosion was because of fault year, old wells that had never been properly inspected.
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the new scanner may not have found internal problems but it's a powerful tool for improving the regular external maintenance inspections. >> this could save hours and hours. >> this is one of several technologies pg&e is testing now. >> the scanner with measure to 40 microns. how small that? the human hair is between 40 and 100 so the smallest human hair, they cost about $100,000 so cost could be a factor. a little more expensive than chicken wire. >> thank you. word came this afternoon marine corps general john allen has been cleared of any
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wrong doing related to e maim mail ez exchanged with a florida socialite. the e mails surfaced during a prob into a scandal involving david petraeus. petraeus resigned after having an extramarital affair. investigators considered allen's e mails to be flirtatious. >> pentagon officials say al qaeda's northern africa affiliate yit is at the list of the top of snekts a deadly attack in al geara. dozens were killed at the six-day seej. -- seige. the wife of one american who escaped is speaking out. she says her husband, steve, hid from terrorists in his office, then made a run for it. >> was there in hiding for about two snafl days, was
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within two, three feet of some terrorists at times, some of his friends didn't make it. there are a couple times when he said he truly did think he was going to die. >> frightening. officials say 38 hostages were either executed or killed in rescue attempts. >> abc news is getting a look at hay report showing many foods we i buy may not be what we're paying for. they're filled with cheap substitutes. >> it's what we expect as shoppers. >> i think anything put in there should be listed on ingredients label. >> but a new troll down the grocery aisle by a nonprofit usp, discovered rizing numbers of fake ingredients in products from olive oil to spices to fruit juice n a new data base to be released tomorrow and obtained by abc news this morning, usp warns
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consumers the fda and manufacturers that the amount of food fraud is up 60% over last year. among the most-popular target is pomegranate juice, which is often diluted with grape, or pear juice. >> pomegranate juice is a high value ingredient. and it appears to be wide spread. >> liquides and ground foods are the easiest to tamper with from olive oil, which is often diluted and lemon juice. often cheapened with water and sugar, to tea diluted with lawn grass and spices like paprika with dangerous food colorings. >> there are dyes available that mimic the color very nicely. >> also, high on the list, seafood. the number one fake white tuna frequently found on sushi
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menus when it's an oily fish that can cause stomach problem autos there is a public health risk and key is that people that are unauthorized to handle this product are probably not following good practices. >> both tell abc news they take this seriously and are monitoring fake foods. what can you do? the experts say buy whole food, rather than ground up teas and coffee z buy food from brands with an interest in repeat customers, companies you trust. abc news, washington. >> president obama began the first full workday of the second term with a prayer and song. >> the president and vice president attended the national prayer service at washington national cathedral. it dates back to george washington.
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>> after the prayer service the president and first lady returned to the white house where they surprised visitors as they toured the executive mansion. they shook hands and did an oceanal fist pump. first dog was on hand milling around. they didn't expect to see the president and first lady. >> the first lady's second inaugural gown will likely be donated to the future obama library. it's being given to national archives for now. the first gown was also designed by wu and donated to the smithsonian. >> up next a high school wrestler gets a huge surprise. amazing video, coming up next. >> plus michelle ob obama let her at toout tud out after a john boehner comment is in the
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eye roll that is buzzing online. >> a beautiful view of clouds over the bay area. i'll let you know when we can suspect rain. >> live look at traffic it's overcast at this point. looks better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. back
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a frightening incident in spain. a woman collapses and falls on to tracks. people scurried around and a train was approaching. suddenly a police officer who was farther down jumped ton tracks and dragged her as you can see, to the opposite platform just seconds before the train entered the station. police say the woman tumbled after suffering a dizzy spell. >> there was nothing high school wrestlers could do about that. the senior somehow managed to walk away after this light fell on top of him. my goodness, he had only a small cut on his head. the spotlight is a trademark for the event held every year in the town. and perhaps maybe next year? >> wow. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> spencer christian. >> here is a time lapse view
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in emeryville. watch the clouds moving over the bay area skies. we've got more clouds as you can see. live doppler 7 rainfalls tomorrow, looks like it's going to be slow to arrive. nationally, dry weather tomorrow, especially in the central part of the country. sunny skies there. snows there. just mix of precipitation that is normal for this time of the year, here in california tomorrow, state wide, dry and down south, it will be nice and mild. highs into 70s and low 80s, up north, it will be wet. cloudy day tomorrow, slowly moving south ward by mid day or late afternoon. high temperatures mainly into the 50s there.
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low 60s in parts of the south bay. not going to warm up much. will be a cool day, a cloudy one. showers moving to other parts of the bay area sweeping down from the north first. could be a wet afternoon and evening commute tomorrow. >> spencer, thank you. >> first lady michelle obama kept up with her husband in the inauguration. >> but she mate mai not have been entertain bid some of the events. during the lunchen the president leaned behind his wife to talk with house speaker john baneo, boehner replies it appears the first lady rolls her iz. there is no audio of the exchange but the internet is buzzing with speculation. >> i get the eye roll from you quite a bit, what does that mean right there? what do you think? >> i don't know. it's subtle. perhaps she's rolling her eyes at the president? >> no. [ laughter ] >> he's laughing. >> that is clearly intended for mr. boehner.
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moving on. first daughters are just a couple regular kids. look at the fun they're having. 11-year-old sasha trying to take an iphone photo of her parents kissing and 14-year-old malia photo bombs it. the girls were seen laughing and texting throughout the celebration. it reminds me of my kids. >> take a look at this one. it became a hit on twitter. former president bill clinton photo bombed kelly clarkson as she performed. stuck his head into the aisle to catch a glimpse of clarkson. >> okay. now, i don't know that that is photo bombing. he was observing i believe. >> he did bend, you know stretch out there to get his head in the shot. >> we don't know what his intentions were. maybe we do. still ahead a large boulder crashes into the bedroom of a
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home while someone is sleeping there. >> imagine that call. is there too much water in canned foods? we partner up to take a look at popular brands. >> don't forget to catch jimmy kimmel live at 9 new time, 11:35 right here after our 11:00 news. tonight's guests include julie bowen and leann rimes.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a utah woman is lucky to be alive after a boulder estimated to weigh 50 tons came crashing right into her house. this huge boulder came rolling down a hill saturday morning and slammed into the bedroom wall where the 63-year-old was sleeping. she narrowly missed being crushed but was able to roll over to her husband's empty side of the bed. he was visiting their son. >> the more i processed it saying had i been there, she would have died. the neighbor said he could hear her screaming. >> she suffered a cracked sternum, kbrong jaw and a large gash. they moved into their rental house in december.
4:47 pm
he told his wife he was concern btd boulder cover ridge in their backyard. some say they've heard running water up there but others blame cold weather. >> checking healthy living news, a new study shows more babies than toddlers are not getting their vaccinations on time. kaiser permanente researchers say almost half of the children studied between 2004 and 2008 were under vaccinated at some point before their second birthdays. doctors say the trend is cause for concern because if enough children skip vaccines communities face a higher risk for preventible infection. studies show many parents skip often citing safety concerns such as a link between vaccine ask autism. new research finds athlete who's suffer concussions show an abnormal protein in the
4:48 pm
brain. a tool is slated this protein. researchers caution the study is based on a small size including only five retired pro football players. >> fanned foods may be convenient but are you getting what you pay for? a common complaint about the product autos yes. we all try to get the most for our money. so once you get home it can be disappointing to find a lot of liquid. consumer reports received a rash of complaints about this issue. and people love the convenience but something bugs them. >> i think too many things today are being processed have too much liquid in them. why pay for extra water sni feel like more water than beans or fruit salad. >> consumer reports received a lot of complaints like that about too much liquid in can
4:49 pm
autos common misconception is the weight on the can is the weight of the of the food but it's not. it includes liquid in the can. >> to get an idea, consumer reports carefully drained and weighed conentents of 63 cans, cans of vegetables, chicken and fruits. >> how much food are you getting? fans averaged between 52% and 66% food. the rest went down the drain. >> consumer reports combed through regulations and found every can tested met guidelines. >> manufacturers defend using water in fans. general mills told us that it's there to keep the freshness. >> chicken of the sea came out with a can of tuna.
4:50 pm
and green giant sells vacuum packed corn with less water, sometime companies do file meet standards for amount of food in canned goods. all abreed to pay to settle complaints they put less tuna in cans. >> thank you. >> sure. >> up next there is still carpool stickers available near california. >> in sacramento, lawmakers wanted solo drivers access to the carpool lane with a green sticker but the spram off to a slow start. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a city council meet goings to the park tonight for members to make a sound decision on whether or not to ban leaf blowers. >> i don't feel like what i did was heroic. i did what had to be done. >> a young man shows how he
4:51 pm
jumped to the rescue of a mother and children trapped in a burning buildi
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if hov lanes seem less crowd there'd is a reason for that. it's because thousands of carpool stickers are sitting in a state office, not being used. >> why the demand is not meet being expectations. >> seven plug in vehicles qualify for a green sticker in california enabling solo drivers to use carpool lanes until 2015 but only 9,000 stickers have been issued over 40,000. a slow start considering the previous 85,000 yellow decals for hybrids went like hot cakes. >> the program has been around a year, 9,000 is good because these are specialized car autos the price may be making
4:55 pm
customers hesitant to buy the cars. plug ins are up to $10,000 more in a hybrid. clean air add he vo kits say it's too early to say results are disappointing. sales towards the end of last year picked up. the goal is still worthy. >> getting this on the road fewer asthma attacks and hospitalizations for public health problems. >> the original author wants to sweetsen the pot giving drivers extra years in the carpool lanes. state senator yee will introduce the bill hoping to extended life will makeup for the price its a little bit more expense yismt and the fact that you can use these particular vehicles on an hov lane has been helping settle the anxiety about the cost a little bit. >> california already has 40% of all plug ins registered in
4:56 pm
the united states. yet more than 30,000 green stickers are left. in sablgt, abc 7 news. >> it's not only cost but also when you consider how long you can go ton a charge batteries allow you to go longer distance it's going to be a big deal. >> yes. it's a little tough you can't use it. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the abc 7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone. the app is still available if you have an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. a city council meeting moved into a park tonight so neighbors can make a decision on whether or not to ban leaf blowers. >> the weather is changing. we have cooler conditions and rain is on the way.
4:57 pm
i'll show you when, coming up. >> i don't feel like what i did was heroic. >> and young man shows how he jumped to the res kuf a roanoke park family trapped in a burning apartment. >> good evening, people are life because of a brave, quick thinking man. >> that is right. the young here yes saved children and neighbors. >> the fire crews from this station were among those responding to an early morning fire. they got to that fire within just minutes. but they say the quick work of the young man next door neighbor helped save lives of two young children, and three adults. as a fire was raging trevor ran out of his back door and saw people on ts second floor
4:58 pm
troubled. >> there was a little laidy. they were screaming for help. >> from her apartment, the woman began tossing her two young children to him, on the ground. >> she drops, a boy first, then a girm, maybe two years apart. and then, as soon as i look up she's already climbing out of the window to jump. >> this is cell phone video shot by a neighbor showing how intense the fire was burning. as a mother and two children he helped got to safety other people were still stuck in another second floor apartment. >> they were screaming for help. and they said put up the ladder, behind me on the ground is a 20 foot ladder. >> ladder had been left there by mainlt nens workers. it's what do two adults used to climb to safety. the fire destroyed several cars. right now, investigators are trying to peace together how the fire started but one thing is clear, they sate quick
4:59 pm
actions saved lives. one neighbor is a fire captain responding to this blaze. >> given amount of damage, amount of fire he made a difference. >> for trevor, gravity of the quick action didn't hit him until hours later when he talked to one women he helped safe. >> yes. she's like, you know, the one who saved me. you're my hero. i said i don't feel like what i did was heroic. i did what had to be done at the time. >> the woman who tossed her two children out to trevor then jumped herself, he tells us she suffered an injury to her ankle. he says she jumped out he didn't catch her she landed on him and he broke her fall. >> what he did is remarkable. thank you very much. several people are under arrest accused of beating and shooting an


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