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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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david? >> well, being king of the high tech mountain can be tough and dangerous, someone trying to knock you down a notch that. is the picture we're getting tonight here. apple had good quarters beating estimate was few exemptions. it's a company that didn't seem impacted by the rejection. kmet torz are catching up and coming up. michael copeland is senior editor and says consumers have choices now. >> they like smart phones out there from samsung, from lg. so, the marketplaces in many ways caught up to apple. >> apple says it sold an iphone or ipad every 10 seconds during the holidays.
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the profit is made during the same quarter a year earlier. >> i switched to this samsung a year and a half ago. i used iphone two years but it's lighter, thin yes, screen is bigger. and i've been happy with it apple fans convinced there is no better technology. >> i've been with apple since the beginning. so... yeah. it's stream lined to use. >> the stock lost about a fourth of its values, the cash keeps growing estimated at $137 billion. the question is whether that can help it develop the next big thing or allow to it buy a prom yigs start up with a hot new idea ceo tim cook says the
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mission to keep making products people love. >> you can't base long term of a company based on one or two quarters. >> at apple headquarters, david louie, abc 7 news thank you. >> we're getting a dose of wet weather in the bay area, in many spots barely nouf dance on the streets. other places did get enough precipitation that. rain may have contributed to this roll overaccident. the driver was not hurt but the road closed half an hour as wreckage was cleared. sandhya? >> yes. we're still tracking the moisture. it's slow moving but the train rain seems to be easing up. let's check out the north bay first.
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and son gnomea, napa we're seeing light rain. some light rain as we travel here. in the east bay we're seeing from drizzly conditions to light rain being reported. el-cerrito and concord area. down the peninsula we go down to edge water boulevard the rain had varied quite a bit. third of an inch in san francisco, 11/100ths. oakland, conk yorkd a tenth of an inch or less. don't fit the umbrellas yet. i'll let you know when the next system will arrive. >> oakland city officials trying to do everything they can to stop the skyrocketing crime rate. last night, several key components of a crime fighting plan were approved including
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hiring of a controversial consult yanlt. hundreds turned out to both support and condemn william bratton, former new york city police commissioner and lapd chief who has come under fire for aggressive policing tactic autos neither the devil which is to say nor savor, part of a team. >> this particular splan not about bill bratton but policy partnerships. bill bratton is a member of the team. >> the council approved other crime fighting measures including an additional police academy. the hiring of two sfgs technicians and the interim use of 11 sheriff deputies to help suppression efforts. >> council members got an earful about why they shouldn't hire him but tonight he says he's ready to take on the challenge of facing oakland's soaring crime rate.
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vick? >> i shock with bill brat onin detroit. he's trying to do the same turn around there. he told me he's eager to start in oakland. he says he's going focus on gangs and guns in oakland and he has no doubt he'll be successful. >> bill bratton is confident he'll reduce crime in the city of oakland. >> i've never had a yir in which crime did not go down in the city i was working in. all of the cities after i left, crime continued to go down. >> the basic philosophy is there. control behavior of criminals, flood hot spot was officers. as police commissioner in new york city, hot spots where shoot shootings occurred. he reassigned hundreds to the narcics unit. drug-related homicides dropped
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more than 90%. >> we ree dus it by controlling illegal behavior. if you change the behavior. you effectively reduce the amount of crime and number of people committing crimes. >> one of the crime fighting tools is a controversial stop and frisk. a tactic that is fueled anger among many residents, afraid it will result in racial profiling. in york during bratton's tenure there are 700,000 stop and frisk incidents a year. he blames it on police department that's have been using the practice inappropriately. >> the tools given to work with have you to use them legally. constitutionally. have you to use them compassionately. >> a center piece of the
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strategy will be the computer crime tracking system he helped develop. enabling brass to track in realtime frequency of crimes how effectively it's handling that louing to mobilize forces to a hot spot and stuff it out before it escalates. >> you can see accountability as to what is going on. >> there is a central part of the policing. >> i met bratton when he was chief of the lapd three years ago. i went down there to do a story. oakland adopted the system a while back. bratton wants the department department to do more witness like new york and l.a. has. he hopes to start as soon as the contract is finalized. >> vic, thank you f you'd like to listen to the conversation just go to abc 7
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>> a lot more to get to here tonight. 49ers prepare for the super bowl. the front office makes a big announcement about the new stadium soon to be one of the most environmentally friendly sports venues in the country. the story is next. >> a school district ready to lock out gun violence, what message are they sending to students? >> a new rule about aides drugs sparked a lawsuit. >> here is another look at breaking news. a three-story building on fire in oakland. seventh street is closed right now. eastbound is still open. coming out of the tunnel. ñ
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new state of the sf art center open was a concert and a web carpet reception under way now. it's new hall just blocks from city hall is frankly and felds in hays valley. abc 7 news is there live for us. it's an extraordinary building. >> this used to be an auto repair shop. now it's a glitzy showcase for all that jazz. dh is just a taste of what the crowd will hear. the first jazz artist to win a grammy as best new artist. the legendary mckoit on piano.
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and on drums eric harland. >> this is nice to have a place dedicated to jazz. you can just play music and have done. jazzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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49er headquarters is a place cord beyond off from prying eyes but not hopeful hearts like those of eldon brown and his family. >> how much longer are you going to sit here? >> another two hours until we meet har bowl. >> it might be a long shot for anyone without cleats. these opening photos of practice. minutes of tossing balls around for cameras and reporters before the team said about serious business of implementing a game plan. by then, any outsiders had strict orders about no peeking. niners are now poised. >> you don't want to get
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caught up in thinking about it. i think it's cool. >> not even six months ago, san francisco celebrated giants and world series victories. second in three years. in two more weeks, we're looking at a possible replay with the 49ers. one region dominated sports. impossible, yet, familiar. remember back to back wins in 1988 and 89? in the second year, oakland athletics won against san francisco giants. such championships are very rare. remember boston red sox and new england patriots in 2004? will we see niners and giants in 2013? in the locker room we wondered if we should ask.
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>> it's something we hope to give them. we've got to prepare well. it won't be easy. >> and you want a good sound byte ask a lineman. one other note, 49ers quarterback applied for a trade park for kaepernicking. >> i'm going to be shocked if he gets that. >> house minority leader today made it clear which super bowl team she's backing. she was born and raised in baltimore and long been a baltimore sports fan but she's represented san francisco in congress 25 years, today she said she will be rooting for 49ers in new orleans. and be sthour stay with abc 7 news for coverage leading up to the super bowl. we'll be bringing you their live reports beginning next week. >> so much fun. spencer christian is on assignment for us tonight. sandhya patel is here.
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>> it's weather out there? >> it s and don't put those umbrella as way just yet. we still have rain out there. east bay hills camera. feeling carefully, you can see rain drops on the lens. i know, it's dark. combining down towards santa cruz mountains you can see it's light. no one reporting heavy rain now. it's raining around fairfield heading towards vacaville and place that's haven't seen a lot of rain starting to see rain. dublin across 580 in the east bay. we're seeing light rainfall as well. and down peninsula we go. aloe -- palo alto is reporting rainl. just make sure that you have your umbrellas with you. in the south bay not all of this is reaching the ground. san jose.
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sprinkles towards campbell air, monterey bay, light rain and moderate now beginning to just move into the monterey area. current temperatures, running cooler than where you are with cloud cover and rain. temperatures into 40s and 50s. rain continues overnight tonight. showers linger tomorrow morning. so cooler pattern this weekend with another possibility of rain. another system moves in. here is the system. we're continuing to see the rain and it will wind down slowly. the system continues to push east and south. early morning showers, start to see clouds moving out of the picture. tomorrow morning give yourself extra time. temperatures running on the comfortable sichld low to upper 40s. you'll need umbrellas for the
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morning drive then we're expecting that things will dry out. upper 60s around clear lake. down pin anyone slarks 61 in san jose. 60 degrees around half moon bay. before the monterey bay, temperatures into low to mid-60s. accu-weather forecast morning showers, then drying out friday looking fine. cooler upper 50s to low 60s and a chance of showers saturday afternoon with clearing expected sunday. one model wants to hold on to possibility of rain. temperatures are cooler. i won't answerel weekend plans. doesn't look like a wash out with this system. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the strange story keeps getting stranger.
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>> in los angeles an elementary schoolteacher is accused of committing lewd acts on students and is being held on $12 million bail,
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prosecutors filed sex charges on him but they believe' bused seven more. >> police say the sexual assault case against michael crabtree appears to be falling apart. abc 7 news learned it allegedly took place in a room at the w hotel in san francisco january 12th. a woman reported the incident to police four days later, sources have told vic lee a second witness now has come forward to say the sex between crabtree and the woman was consensual. both witnesses say they were standing outside of the bathroom where this alleged encounter took place. >> for the first time, football star mani teo is talking about the scandal involving his fake girlfriend. admitting to katie couric he lied after learning his girlfriend did not exist. but he says he did not use the scam for sympathy.
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>> for me, only thing i've asked is that i had impact on people. people turned to me and fk fk r -- for inspin raigs he says he was killwilling to answer questions. you can watch the full exclusive interview with he and his parents tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 on katie. >> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 a ground breaking move for the military. pentagon on the verge of placing women in combat roles in the front line of the war. >> and hillary clinton talking about the security lapses in ben gazy. >> and what kind of message are they sending to students?
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we want to take you back now to the situation we're following for new oakland a
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three story victorian style home is on fire, burning more than an hour now. >> nick smith is live once again at the scene. >> i can tell you things are still pouring out of the building. i have the battalion chief joining me. what do we see right now? what is the approach you're use something uk see behind you, you've got flames coming through the roof. the easiest way to get access to that fire is to attack it with two pipes from above without having to put firefighters in the building. >> talk to me about impacts to traffic. >> we've got this surrounding block impacted. plus, a shut down. i know there is heavy smoke on the freeway earlier causing problems on 880.
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>> chief, we can confirm there are no injuries now. do you have about 60 personnel on the scene? >> that is correct. we had another fire in the city. in a nearby location at 40th and market. only able to get three engines on the second harm larnl so nine engines. trucks and crews here to help us out. >> i can tell you police confirmed with me there are three people that they now have in custody in connection with owe this fire, we'll have more information for you later. >> thank you. >> women joining men on the front lines of the war after leon panetta overturned a ban that kept them out of combat. all branches of the armed services have until may to come up with plans on how to integrate women into front
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line roll roles. one graduate knows thousands have been in harm's wi the differentation between combat units and noncombat units is somewhat of an artificial one. we've lost 130 women in afghanistan and iraqi wars. this will have one career path for women in the military. >> equal responsibility and pay, the decision could possibly open the door for women to join elite combat unit autos it's been a day of testimony on capitol hill. secretary of state clinton answered tough questions about the attack in benghazi, libya. mark matthews has been monitoring the hearings. this was a big deal during the campaign now being revisited. >> what a showing today, clinton tough, tearful.
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she walk as way from the spotlight, her approval rating is in an all time high. hillary clinton walked in this morning to talk about the terrorist attacks on the benghazi consulate that killed ambassador chris stevens of piedmont and three other americans, she described standing with the president. >> i put my arms around mothers and fathers, sons and daughters and wives left to raise their children. >> republicans accused administration of failing to protect the consulate and failing to provide accurate information following the attack. >> boy have relieved you of your post. the american people deserve to know answers and don't deserve false answer autos we were misled there are supposedly protesting and something sprang out that have. >> with all due respect the fact is that we have four dead of americans because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night deciding to go kill
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american what's difference at this point does it make? >> in the afternoon in the house were the same. >> i'll tell what you difference it makes. make thes a difference when americans think they were misled about something for political reasons. >> democratic senator burbin pointed out republican administrations have not always gotten facts right. >> we were told by every level of government here there were iraqi wupgs that justified a war. >> senator barbara boxer was defending clent onthis morning. >> well, hillary clinton is such a star. she's stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for what happened in benghazi. she knows her fact. >> telling me republicans tried to blame clinton but it didn't stick. >> i think hillary clinton just is head and shoulder as above them. >> a new poll shows that
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clinton has now a 67% approval rating. that is a new high in her long career in the public spotlight. >> and speculation about whether she might run. >> 2016. >> turns out there may be a connection between benghazi attack and hostage situation in algeria. three militants are now in custody. one said some of the same militants were also part of the benghazi consulate attack back in september. >> wire following a fire raging out of control in oakland. >> stay with us. we'll have that story.
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in oakland a three story victorian style home son fire. >> we understand that traffic is backed up on harrison all the way into the tunnel. that police have been -- firefighters have been using ladders to fight this fire. traffic in the area just a mess, they're fighting this full force, they've got 60
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personnel on scene and nine engines there. you can follow us for developments on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> just over a month after more than two dozen children and adults were killed in sandy hook school, one school district is making a wholesale change in the type of locks currently used to keep their classrooms secure. we have the report now from stanley middle school in lafayette. >> by the end of the month, classroom doors in lafayette school district will have new handle that's lock from the inside with a push of the but ro on. >> there is a new lock with a push button device so we can have instant lock up for classrooms and release when we need to get out. >> the move in the wake of the deadly camp yaij at sandy hook school where a young man went from classroom to classroom,
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killing 26 first graders teachers and administrator autos we want to do what we can to keep our kids safe. and to signal to the staff that we need to do our part. >> new handles will replace the current types. the cost of the change is about $60,000. parents seem to think it's a common sense approach to beefing up security on the campus. >> i guess this makes sense. >> i think that would be very sad for stud dwronts lose what they have today, a nice feel at school. they can go about and go to different rooms on their own. >> lafayette isn't the only school in, orinda they're looking at new locks that can be locked from the inside.
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in martinez they have that type but have adopted a new policy that they remain locked during the school day. >> still ahead a insurance requirement that changes how hiv patients get their
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we're tracking this breaking news in oakland now. a major apartment building fire is burning. it's a three-story victorian style home on fire giving firefighters there quite a lot of challenges. >> it's a three-story building. 7th street is closed right now. and eastbound harrison, we understand is still open. this thing has been burning more than an hour and seems to be just as intense. >> we believe that you're looking at a potential suspect perhaps someone might have set this fire m that building. we do understand police have taken people into custody. and there is the car near the
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scene of the fire. >> we'll keep you updated let's move on to consumer news. anthem blue cross informed some members their medications will be only available by mail order. it has some in the hiv aids community upset. >> many insurance companies give discounts to mers, members get medication through the mail. now, anthem blue cross telling some they must receive prescriptions through the mail if they want them paid for this, patient has been told that from now on, he may not buy his medications from a pharmacy. instead, must get his drugs by plail. -- mail. member was individual and pooled group policies with hiv, aids have been told the same. >> i feel bullied or picked
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out, excluded from the group. >> he does not want his identity known but is he working with consumer watch dog to sue blue cross saying the rules are discrime in a tori. the courage campaign believes it's a dangerous policy too,. >> their relationship with their pharmacist is critical to health care. and that is especially here in san francisco. >> consumer watch dog says the change brings up major concerns about who will see these deliveries being made. >> blue cross is being blase about pry vsy concerns from consumers. people are freaked out. consumers are freaked out over this issue. it's a huge problem. >> the patient we spoke to says he hopes new cross willing change it's policy. >> i hope they see the error
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of their way autos in a statement blue cross told 7 on your side beyond cost savings, care provide vided by the pharmacies is associated with patients being more lakely to take critical drugs as directed. policies do not discrime nail nate on the basis of disease states. many companies encourage the use of mail order pharmacies. difference here is that this policy demands it. patients can, of course, buy drugs at electrical pharmacy but the insurance company will not reimburse them, it's coming out of pocket. >> that is really expensive. >> yes. >> so this patient we spoke with, $2400 a month. >> wow. >> thank you. >> let's go back and update the weather. >> we're still watching rain right now. you can see it's light in most areas.
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it's wide spread. north bay, we're seeing steady rain now taking you down a little bit closer. mill valley, it is slick in the east bay as well. light returns from san ramone area towards 5806789 hang on to umbrellas. along the coastline, half moon bay, highway 1 we're getting light rain around montera at this hour. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, napa towards oakland, 6 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. morning showers meaning you'll need umbrellas early on, then will dry out. showers possibly sunday. >> thank you. >> let's go back.
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we're watching breaking news story happening now. a fire has been burning for over an hour in a three story home. >> we keep seeing flare ups as you can see here. they have not sent any firefighters into the building. we're told this is believed to be a vacant building well. know police do have people in custody they believe are responsible. >> you're looking at live pictures. again, lacks like it's now getting well in hand. >> you can follow us on twitter. >> now, let's talk sports. >> yes. collin rush is in tonight. >> 49ers. >> of course.
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>> 49ers back today, i wonder if collin
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strike while the iron is hot. the super bowl filed to have the phrase kaepernicking trademarked. registration was filed with u.s. patent and trademark office. he wants to use it on clothing. now, speaking of the signal caller, he and the rest of the team this week. the team has its sights set on the big usey. but business as usual down in santa clara. >> normal week, as usual. >> last year i went to the nfc game. now we're go together big game. means a lot. i'm just happy to be in this
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situation. >> we've been there once this year, nothing now see. just going down there, focusing. you know? trying to get this victory. >> and this would be why they call it no fun league. nfl fined frank gore for wearing his socks too low during the game. how is this for a hair style in a fan has gone all out playing homage to ray lewis. former raiders making news yesterday, today, it's jamarcus russ yechl he's back. hopes tok to be back. he says he wants to make a come back and has been working with jeff garcia and hall of fame running back. i see a problem, he's listed
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at 308 pounds. more raiders news. tony sporano hired as the offensive line coach. former torch was fired earlier this month. is roger fedderer in another semi final? a winner and match point set at the match gets the overhead winner. fedderer into his record 33 career major semi finals. tonight kevin durant and oklahoma city under town. the thunder and nba best 33 and 9 coming off an impressive road win last night.
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the thunder where warriors want to be so consider tonight's game a barometer contest. >> western is right there as well. any time there is a play skbrer a team, i mean, that is a good time, a good test to see where we're at. >> a couple students get to their seats and discover they're in the middle of the miami students section. i'm guessing they were taunted. please, be safe, nobody get hurt. >> wow. wow. >> yes. yes. >> that is good. >> thank you tollin. >> coming up, unbearably, cold, temperatures forcing rescue of a worker 180 feet up in the area. >> then at 11:00 secret court
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hearings in the chandra levy case. now, new information is casting doubt on testimony that led to a conviction in this case. >> and on jimmy kimmel live, guests are naomi watts and al yi son williams. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we ap [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable
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