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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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across the bay area. you can see the rain soaked roads as we looked at the toll plaza. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. jay i'm dan ashley. here is a look at interstate 80. they are driving with wet and hazy conditions. the roads are slick, but there are no reports of any major problems. we saw showers for most of the day and into the night in several shots like this one in pleasanton. let's get the latest on the rain from meteorologist sandhya patel with live doppler 7hd. >> dan and carolyn, this system is very slow moving. it is not in a hurry to get out of here. i'll show you where we are still getting rain. this is the same system that started the rain this afternoon. from ukiah to clear lake we have seen light to moderate rain. i will take you in closer around the clear lake area
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where they are getting some of the moderate rain indicated in the yellow. calistoga, saint huh -- saint helena getting light rain and around first avenue as you can see and out toward fairfield light rain, alaska avenue. as we pan around the bay area from san francisco down the paw finishes law -- the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city, wet around belmont and 42nd avenue and foster city across the san mateo bridge. as we check out the east bay, lighter rainfall toward hayward, union city, fremont. in san jose we are seeing some rain at this hour. getting you down to street level. hills dale avenue and highway 101. san jose .01 and san francisco .13. getting toward mount saint helena and we received .59 of an inch of rain. as you head out the door, make sure you have your umbrella and raincoats and make sure you give yourself extra time. a detailed look at tomorrow and the weekend coming up. carolyn? >> we will see you shortly.
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>> secret meetings are being held about the chandra murder case. she was an inturn murdered -- she was an intern murdered a decade ago. it seems the conviction could be in jeopardy. ama dates sat down and she has their reaction to this mysterious meeting. >> federal prosecutors told robert and susan levey about the secret hearings, but they wouldn't say what they were about. the levey's understanding is that it has to do with a witness not telling the truth about their daughter, chandra. chandra worked as an intern in washington, d.c. and her body was found in a park in 2002. a man was convicted of the crime, and now there appears to be new information. >> they haven't said because it is all secret. they have to have another trial or if they have another suspect we don't know.
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they can't tell us because it is a secret. >> the attorneys can't even go along with the people who are reporters or news people. it is totally sealed. that's what we know. >> reporter: according to usa today, the problem is serious enough that the appeal has been put on hold until the new development is dealt with. the leveys are concerned that he could somehow go free. ultimately they want justice. >> she a convicted rapist and an illegal alien. he is not legal or working. he is a criminal. he shouldn't go free. but if he is innocent of murder he shouldn't be in jail for it. >> no matter what goes on our daughter is dead. it doesn't really matter except that they get the right person. >> reporter: for now that american remains him. the leveys say they always thew he would appeal -- knew he would appeal at some ., but didn't know when.
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in modesto, ama dates. abc news. a deadly accident on interstate 980 in oakland. a pedestrian was hit and killed near the 17th street on-ramp to westbound 980. according to the bay area news group, the man was elderly and hit by three cars. the first two left the scene and the third driver waited for police. there is no word on why the pedestrian was on the on-ramp. a san jose woman known for selling candy and soda out of her home was found killed. she was found shot and police are not sure what lead to the shooting. they believe that the woman was targeted. neighbors say she was a positive presence in the area. >> my niece used to go there and buy candy, soda. she was nice, kind. she cares about people. she was the candy lady. >> investigators spent some time this evening going through her car. they pulled out a bach packed with -- a box packed with cartonses of cigarettes.
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we found a business license registered to the victim that allows her to sell cigarettes. in san jose police are trying to find the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. tried and thankfully did not succeed. alan wang is live at police headquarters with the story. alan, you found some pretty good surveillance tape that can help police. >> yes, this is very interesting. this happened on friday morning as the girl was walking to school. it was dark outside, but the neighbor's night vision camera captured it. >> in couple seconds you will see her walk in here. >> reporter: when frank tavares found out a young girl was almost kidnapped on his street he decided to check out the home surveillance system. >> there she is and doesn't make it past the tree. if you look right here you might see him dart off right there. you can barely see it. but then she gets up. you can tell she was like grabbing something from her
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side and running off. either the car startled them. my neighbor saw it too. >> i heard a loud screaming and opened the door. i saw a girl across the street running to the right side and a guy, tall, skinny, dressed in black was running the opposite side. >> it confirms a girl's report that a man tried to abduct her as she walked to school on saint james street near north 33rd on friday morning at exactly 6:09. >> she had a friend down the street maybe about five houses at the most. they meet up there, and then they go to school. >> the girl helped put together this sketch of a suspect described to be a 25 to 35-year-old latino male. he is about 5 foot 10 with a thin to medium build and black hair and brown eyes and a mustache. he was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt with blue di ky -- dickys.
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>> they plan on contacts frank tavares tomorrow. if you have any information about this suspect contact the san jose police department. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, can thank you. the city of oakland is making a controversial move in the fight against crime after a contentious nine-hour meeting last night. the oakland city council gave the green light to hire former new york city and los angeles police chief bill bratten. we spoke with bratten by phone and he says he is confident he can make a difference. >> the crime was not down in the city i was working in. all of those cities i bt co-ed to go -- i couldn't go down. >> they were hiring 20 police service technicians, and the interim use of the alameda
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sheriff deputies to help the suppression areas. >> two people were detained and not arrested following a house fire in oakland. it started about 5:20 in an abandoned three-story building. firefighters did not enter the building to fight this one. instead they blasted it from water from above. the building is complete loss. there were three squaters when the fire streartd. the building's owner said it is a problem when it rains. women will join men on the front lines. leon panetta is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat. that will open hundreds of thousands of front line positions after more than a decade at war. it will be the first fully integrated military in america's history. >> by allowing women to do line officer roles and allowing them to be engaged in combat we have the same skin in the game as the men, and it means that we are now qualcomm pet fors for promotions and
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for opportunities andett set raw. >> the military has until january of 2016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any position should remain closed to beam. to women. >> they will deliver the state of the state address and we will carry it live from the state capital beginning at 9:00 in the morning. as we continue, an east bay school is adding another layer of security for its students. the small change that may make a big difference for students in lafayette. >> we need to get this win. this is huge for us. >> the niners are gearing up are to the super bowl and for fans in one bay area city the victory will be sweeter. >> and admitting the truth. manti te'o says he fell for an on-line girlfriend hoax. why he said he lied about it after learning the truth. >> and then late other "gym mooy kim --" jimmy kimmle live." >> we vo have naomi watts with
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us and if she wins she will thank knee in her speech. >> i never said that. >> can i have your gift basket? >> no. i >>- q. you are the best. >> that's right after us at 11:35.
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an east bay school district is changing the locks in an effort to protect students. by the end of february classroom doors in the lafayette school district will have newahandles that lock from the inside with a push of a button. the old doors locked only from the outside using a key. school officials say it will improve security in the wake of the sandy hook elementary tragedy ?ie. manti te'o -- manti te'o admits he lied about the hoax even after he found out about the truth. he told katie couric that he enjoyed the feeling he was inspiring other people. >> my story i felt was a guy who in times of hardship and in times of trial really held
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strong to his faith, held strong to his family. i felt that was my story. >> even if that hardship was perhaps exaggerated? >> no, what i went through was real. the feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real. >> you can see the full exclusive interview with manti te'o and his pearnts tomorrow at 3 -- and his parents tomorrow on "katie." as the super bowl approaches excitement among the 49ers faithful is building. that's particularly true for fans in one bay area city. leslie brinkly talked to the fans and the players players in santa clara. >> reporter: after an on the field workout, the 49er players spoke out in the locker room about their flight to the big easy and what lies ahead. and it wasn't all super bowl talk.
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>> it is not my first rodeo. i will be going out there and meet some of my old teammates and enjoying eating um -- and enjoy eating all of this up. >> i am a southern boy. it is right up my alley. >> it is not a vacation. the food can wait after the game. once we know what happens after the game i'm pretty sure we got a date to hang hot -- hang out there and that's when we will eat and break my health habit. >> you can go to bourbon street and have a ball. i will pay if you want me to. we need to get this win. this will be huge for us. >> while players are looking forward to new orleans, santa clara is looking forward to them returning hopefully victoria to their new home and their new stadium. >> that's awesome. i love the fact they come back to santa clara. >> it is santa clara, of
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course. that's the future. the future isn't san francisco anymore. >> this is great. it will mean great things for the area just because of the business and the tax revenue. >> they are moving over here. i guess it will put us on the map. >> abc7 news. >> abc7 news has an entire team heading to the super bowl. they will be joined by abc7 news reporters wayne freedman. we will be tweeting updates at abc7 news bay area. stay with us. we have a lot planned. >> it will be a lot of fun. let's find out about how our weather is shaping up. >> we talked about it at the top and the rain is here. sandhya patel is here. >> you will see wet pavement tomorrow morning. as you look at live doppler 7hd we still have some rain and some showers across the bay area. let's get first to the north bay. from ukiah to clear lake we are seeing rainfall. it is moderate in intensity. it is right around the clear lake area. you can see it here in the
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yellows. just keep that in mind. we do have a lighter return across the bay area. in the east bay, san leandro and hayward and castro valley and union city is getting some wet roadways right now and down the peninsula lighter showers from san mateo and across 92 and heading down toward belmont and san carlos. we have light to moderate rain in the san jose area. heading out toward alan rock, it is definitely on the wet side. the system will slowly wind down and we will see showers for the morning hours. in the sierra nevada they are starting to get some snow. it is coming up from the south, and you can see it is a mild storm. it is resulting in the possibility of a couple inches of snow. not expected to be a big snow maker. the snow levels are running high and it will be above 7,000 feet. the temperatures right now are 40s and 50s. it was certainly a cooler day today. the visibility as you will notice with some fog developing down to 3 miles in
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novato. when you head out the door you will not only face the showers, but the fog. so keep that in mind. the rain continues overnight and damp for the morning drive and a chance of rain for this weekend. do not can sell your plans. it is not going to be a wash up. here is the system producing the rain. it is a slow mover. once the system moves through we will see the rain winding down. here is the computer animation. you notice the front continues to move down to the south. in the morning in the bay area you are still going to see the rain showers, and the showers won't wind down this will early afternoon. it is still lippingerring around a the money raw ray bay. we will go with partial clearing and morning will start out in the 40s. you will need an umbrella and give yourself a little extra time as the scattered showers will continue. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures in the mid50s around clear lake and 57 ukiah and 59 san francisco out toward oakland, fremont, palo alto, san jose, low 60s. around the monterey bay, temperatures in the low 60s with the cloud cover around.
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some lingering showers in the money you tay -- monterey bay. dry for friday. chance of showers on saturday and mainly in the morning midday hours. and then there is a slight possibility of showers on monday. computers in disagreement. and then we will go with a dry and milder forecast. we have our own radar along with the national weather service. we will be tracking this rain for you and keeping you posted for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you, sandhya. let's check in on sports right now. >> about a week to go and then we have this big game. you are getting ready to go to new orleans. >> yes, it will be fun. we will check in with vernon davis and another statement win for the warriors as curry is stuffing the ballot box for allstar votes.
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the warriors are making
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believers out of the entire nba. they watched them knock off the best team, oklahoma city. the nba's leading scorer and steph curry proving he should be an allstar. sweet reverse in the first quarter. this curry is spicy. 31 for steph. that is an allstar finish. warriors down 5 at the half. stop the ball. stop the ball. with authority. ole-kc was up. under two minutes to go and the car yes, sirs were in the game. jarod jack has his own step back. to the final secondses and the thunder down too. inbound and curry with the steel. the anticipation there to take it away and the warriors knock off the thunder 104-99. the legend of kaepernick has been fantastic to watch unless
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you happen to be alex smith. the niners hit the practice field for the first time since winning the nfc title. alex took the niners to the championship game and pushed out of the picture now. vernon davis respects that alex has swallowed his pride. >> started the season and kaep is finishing the season. i think alex has been a class act as far as handling everything that is going on. he has been through a lot. he understands that it is the nature of the business. >> i feel compelled to warn you that it is not a joke. jamarcus russell is planning a come back. the former raider known as the worst pick in history, number one pick anyway was released in may of 2010. he has been working out with jeff garcia and running back marshall faulk. he started working out in the fall and he is now down to 308 pounds. he should come back as an offensive lineman.
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sharapova favored to win. the first set and nah dominating. nah wins the first set and now serving for the match the 6th seed advances to the final. 6-2, 6-2 and she will face the winner of the other semi. the serena slayer sloane stevens . finally hits long here. azarinka will face nah who wants to repeat in medical burn. melbourne. they felt a ball boy was stalling and so he kicked the kid. he got the ball and also got a red card and a possible suspension after that. chelsea was upset by swansea 2-0 on aggregate scoring. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. don't kick the ball boy. >> there's something i have never seen.
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>> that's a bizarre highlight. >> he was in a rush. give me the ball. just ahead, a sweet idea from some of the top chefs in the bay area. >> a look at a unique valentine's day treat.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. a few showers and mostly cloudy. you will have to watch out for the fog that is forming. light winds out there and temperatures in the morning. 40s by 8:00 a.m. low 40s to low 50s. as you look at our live doppler 7hd, you will see that the showers continue. mike niko will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the rain with live doppler 7hd. carolyn, dan? >> thank you. some of the best bay area chefs are pitching in for a special valentine's day gift. >> it is being sold to raise money to feed hungry children. here is a look at the constellation chocolate connection offered, if >> this box of 28 chocolate pieces can be yours. it features creations from the chefs of the french laundry and new gary danko.
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>> jimmy kimmle is a few minutes away and tonight his guest is naomi watt and the star of the hbo series "girls" allison williams. >> here is a sneak peek. >> a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of women getting wounded and killed on the battlefield. apparently what finally convinced the joint chiefs of staff to reverse that ideology was this. look out. >> that's this edition of abc7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> and we are always available at and on facebook and twitter at abc7 news bay area. we a you appreciate your time.
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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tonight, naomi watts. from "girls", allison williams. and music from gin wigmore. with cleto and the cletones. and now, no further questions, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. it's great to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] heads-up, if you have tickets for the erotic hot air balloon festiv festival, i'm told that will start immediately aft


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