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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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should cook a male with rice-a-roni and chicken. >> city officials say they've learned lessons after giants world series. they've asked liquor stores to sell cans instead of bottles and plan to use buses that can maneuver large crowds rather than electric buses used after the world series. by the way, talking about mayoral bets since we beat the falcons mayor lee won his bet with that city's mayor, 25 pounds of peaches are on the way. >> thank you, carolyn. a lot of peaches. abc 7 news -- we'req sending our entire team, clearing out this building. i'll be there. mike shumann will be there. shu is a former 49 yes, i think his super bowl ring is surgically attached at this point. it doesn't come off.
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>> and we'll be tweeting updates on abc 7 news bay area, coming up after 4:37, the prank that caught jim and john's parents off guard it was really funny. ang around for that. let's check a check of the forecast. >> wet weather, just a look at live doppler 7. you can see a path of moisture reaching from east bay down to south bay. south bay has been the wettest region 12-24 hours. there are pockets of rainfall around to milpitas. in the east bay, we are picking up on live doppler 7 hd. this is not hitting the ground but there are pockets of rainfall in this region. live more, snaft recorded a tenth of an inch. now up to 19/100ths of rain in the last 12 hours, just
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updated these numbers. and just about a quarter inch in so you can see the south bay had been the wettest region. other locations have received just tiny amounts of rainfall. showers continue with breaks of sun. showers continuing to taper off and will be mild with tfrts in the low 60s, i'll give you a look at the weekend and the accu-weather forecast coming up a little later. >> police trying to determine what sparked a fight that sent a girlg from freedom high school to the hospital today. that student had to be air lifted from campus. the principal says he stems possibly from an argument yesterday. police have detained both of them. >> new details in the shooting of two high school students. police say two men asked the boys about their shoes, then shot them.
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sky 7 was there just after it happened yesterday on a popular path under the bart track between lincoln and stockton avenues. the students are recovering this afternoon. >> video of a woman being robbed by three people. police say they're targeting chinese american communities. sfpd say the thieves convince someone to see a fake doctor who takes the valuables to cleanse. the fake doctor swapz the bag with worthless junk. >> happening now, residents of a neighborhood say they recognized the man in this sketch. a man police say trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. this happened early last friday, caught on a neighbor's surveillance tape. the arrows shows this girl break waig. they say they don't know the name of the man in the sketch but have seen him around a neighborhood. >> a man in qex a fatal shooting has been sentenced to
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35 years and eight nose state prison, facing a potential life term for being accessory after the fact of the november, 2011 shooting and for sexual assaulting a woman a few days later. accused trigger man is awaiting trial. >> senator feinstein is trying to get another assault weapons ban passed through congress. >> the first ban expired after 10 years. abc 7 news joins us in oakland with details. >> after a mass shooting the senator was able to get an assault weapons ban passed through congress but the law expired after 0 years when congress refused to renew it. now, senator feinstein is back with new legislation she says will put some curves on military style assault weapon autos we prohibit 158 named military-style firearms. >> the bill would ban the sale, transfer, imfor taigs, and
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manufacturing ever the assault weapon ronz. also limiting the size of ammunition clips to no more than 10 bullets. senator durbin called on them to speak out. >> we need to have your validation. of what we're setting out to do. >> if you look at what they mean, what they do, they have no place in a city like oakland. >> national rifle association is responding by daying the first ban didn't work. why should we have another? tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from the chief here in oakland. his answer to the nra. reporting from oakland city hall, abc 7 news. >> and the nra went further releasing this statement in response to senator feinstein's bill. it's disappointing but not surprising she's once again focused on curtailing the constitution instead of prosecuting criminals or fifling our broken system.
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>> governor brown delivered a state of the state address praising the legislature for cutting billion frtz budget. and thanked voters for passing proposition 30. the governor says that money will not be squandered. >> we spromiss to keep. the important is the one made to the people. and we guard the money made available this, means living within our means and not spending what we don't have. >> republicans say the comment sounded good but they'll believe whit they see it talks about a rainy day fund and fiscal conservatives, fewer bills, talked about tuition freeze, about reform, those are ideas we've put out there. question is will reality match the rhetoric of today? >> the governor promised action on education reform and
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updating water delivery system. he's called for a special session on health care so california can get the affordable care act started. >> crews have started with a street. the iron pipe burst around 2:00 p.m. took workers an hour to shut down the system. some 14 homes were left without water service. >> no water, shower or coffee. i've got to go to school. >> i was working from home today. i had to get up, grab a shower and get out. >> crews had to tear the street open. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 efforts bring healthy foods to a san francisco neighborhood. that has hardly any markets. >> yes. there is the elliptigo. >> then, at 4:30 more legal troubles for lance armstrong.
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the group of people want to take the cyclist to court. >> and michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here a little later. >> take a look at traffic now. afternoon commute, usual jam up on the skyway left to right heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. it's better for folks heading towards the peninsula. stay with us, more still to come
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an effort to bring healthier foods to san francisco bay view district is underway. two corner stores are getting healthy store makeovers, making it easier to buy, and prepare healthier foods for families. bay view residents suffer from diet related diseases at higher rates than other city residents. >> important to have this lunch to make the community aware of the healthier changes and options being brought to the community. >> the effort is part of the heal zone initiative. guardians are playing a role, it's the group of young baby residents. >> if you want to burn calories you can go running or maybe biking outside. this afternoon, jonathan bloom
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has a look at an alternative invented here in the bay area smrks say it combines best of both. >> in shadow of the golden gate bridge you'll find another remarkable piece of engineering. it's going places. >> i thought it's so obvious, it hit me it would be easy to make this so you can ride it on the street. >> it took him five years to finish designing this contraption. now it has a cult following. >> it's hard on the body. if you do it in a moderate amount it's wonderful but what professional athlete does anything in a moderate amount? >> lauren flachman says she had her best season over when she started alternating her running worngout it eliminates
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impact which is the limiting factor for volume of miles you can flun a week. >> it's becoming a sport this, video of the world championship in san diego. of course have you to walk before you can run. >> you've got to push off, stand up. now, you talk. >> this is actually a intense workout. there is a study showing it burned 33% more calories man-than-riding a bike. saying most customers are just like him, fitness junkie who's need lower impact alternative to running. oprah winfrey rumored to have one. for the rest of us, you can rent one. >> people are surprised and think it's going to be easy. when coming up, they're pretty tired. >> that is cool.
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>> john, come back. >> i was wor froird john. >> a breakdown in microsoft's second quarter earnings report ask is facebook winning mobile app war? >> hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry and ama. we're getting a glimpse of how microsoft is faring after a year of big changes at the company. as people stopped buying personal computers. net income came in at $6.37 billion, down 4%. first earnings report since microsoft tossed the old school mouse owe for a touch-based system. microsoft says sales of windows are up but didn't release numbers for windows 8, the new version. mrs. mayor making a foray into
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computer hardware. reports of initial sales have been disappointing. and in what would be another major shift in strategy, microsoft is considering making a $2 billion invest nmt one of the biggest customers, dell. and come supreme court says face poos has overtaken google maps as the most popular app in the united states. facebook first overtook google maps in september when apple booted google off its new operating sis tismt and taking a look at markets, stocks closed mixed today as the worst slump overshadowing improving economic data. apple a big drag with long with intel and applied materials.
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and will smart shoes be the next big product at apple? apple applied for a patent involving shoe senseors. it's not the first time, it was granted for embedded sensors in close, interesting stuff. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> i don't need a shoe to tell me when it's worn out. i can look at the shu. i don't need it to talk to me. >> if there is a hole in it, larry? >> yes. it's done, done. >> well we've got the rain. it's not done yet. so some areas are drive. emeryville, sun breaking through clouds from this perspective. we have wet areas as well.
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let's take a look at the wettest weather. let's take a look at san jose, it has received quite a bit of rainfall for 12 hours or so. a pocket of rainfall moving in now up towards milpitas. owe and rainfall totals last 12 hours so it's raining heavily in spots over and around livermore but much of the remainder is getting no rain right now. temperatures into mid to upper 50s right now. rain continuing tonight mainly noolt south bay. cooler pattern settles in this weekend. moisture is not only reaching southern california but pushing into our area as well, pro dyesing scattered showers. the low pushes farther way, showers taper off. we have a system advancing and
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bringing us another chance of showers this weekend ask cooler air. this evening, showers continuing mainly south bay and east bay. tomorrow moshing -- morning looks like a wet commute this, system approaches overnight into saturday. bringing more showers, though the system does not contain a lot of moisture, behind that, cooler air. rainfall totals over this period up, ending at 7:00 p.m. saturday. 5/100ths to 15/100ths in the north bay. in the sierra, tahoe area, slight chance of showers tomorrow, greater chance of showers saturday. cold air overnight into sunday and snow showers in tahoe sunday, low temperatures here tonight mid up toer 40s under showery conditions, highs under partly to mostly cloudy skies. mainly right around 60 degrees upper 50s to low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. so again, cooler unsettled
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weather moving into n.on saturday. a chance of showers and a slight chance sunday. daytime highs sunday and monday, only 54 and 56 degrees, it will dry out and get milder by mid week next week. >> sounds good, thank you. >> okay. >> up next, it's a night he may nevering for yes. a teenager with down's syndrome makes such an impression on a basketball game he makes a major highlight real. >> group of volunteers giving a v
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>> he gets into the game and starts checking not one, but two. >> making the top plays on sports center last night. an 8th grader with down's syndrome. the team's last game. the coach ran a special play. want to guess what it's called?. >> you've got a play named after you?. >> cool. >> one of the movies everything just stopped. the ball went n i couldn't believe it. >> he made both attempts, high arcing rainbow jumpers. his teammates spread the word and that is an awesome, awesome story. >> good for him. >> yes.
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>> one of the world's most iconic bands is together again, plus, grammys adding more super stars. >> nine riders can only be movie 43. the stars all smiles last night in hollywood. movie made up up of a series of short films but stars say there is one theme to the madness. >> the movie is really funny. i think people are going to be pretty psyched. >> i tried to do is offend people. >> movie 43 opens tomorrow, rumors are true. fleetwood mac is back, releasing a version of its most successful album "rumors" and hitting the road for a tour this spring. >> you can't stop. we're in a wonderful crazy
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band. so it -- we get to stay young. because of this. >> the tour rolls into ta california in may. >> the stage is filling up with more talent. they have just been announced as performers. as scars are also just weeks away. i'm rachel smith on the red carpet in los angeles. >> role of women serving in the military. >> mark zuckerberg getting into politics. the friend he's offered to help out. >> look out. a plane stunt caught on video. government is investigating this situation. >> and wait until you hear the group of people that want to sue this great cyclist lance
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women who want to serve in combat will now have to meet same qaul fick as men. secretary of defense panetta made that change today. women will be allowed to take on a new role in the military. >> defense secretary said it's time for the military to
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acknowledge a new reality. >> men and women alike, everyone is committed to doing the job. they're fighting and dying together. >> the pentagon announced women will be allowed to serve in direct combat roles. new policy lists a 1994 ban. >> not everyone is going to be able to be a combat soldier. but everyone is entitled to a chance. >> women makeup 15% of the active duty personnel. more than 150 have died in afghanistan and iraq. this helicopter bilt lost both of her legs serving in iraq. >> america's daughters are just as capable of defending liberty and freedom as their sons oor women will be awill youed to be part of infan tri units and special forces. >> i think it will be hard. women aren't built the same way as men.
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and i tli there is going to be a lot of discrimination. >> military units will have an opportunity to seek waivers but they have to be approved by the defense secretary ai. vast majority support women serving in combat but there are critics. one soldier told abc news women are designed to love and newer tour, men to, hunt and kill. president obama says the new policy will help the u.s. military become even stronger. >> a 19 second viral video is grabbing atension of faa. a video shows a stunt by a pilot. coming within feet of a person on the runway and then, making a quick maneuver to avoid hitting a woman a few feet away. abc news learned this was posted and removed by a stunt pilot who advertises as a
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daredevil for hire. faa is not aare muzed saying sit investigating. experts say the pilot seems to know what he's doing the move was not smart. >> several points along the way this, guy could have made mistake that's could wo have killed himself and two people filming here. >> sources tell abc news the waiver to pefsh form expired in november. and that if it hadn't, pilots are required to ensure the safety of people on the ground. efforts by abc news to reach new birg have not been successful. >> confirmation hearings gn for senator john kerry. hillary clinton froin dused her likely successor to committee chairs. he testified the u.s. will do what we must to prevent tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. the senator is expected to win overwhelming support.
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>> facebook founder mark zuckerberg will be sending out friend requests on behalf of chris christies. "wall street journal" is reporting he will be hosting a fund-raiser next month. psychiatristy running for reelection next year. two seen here together in 2010 after zuckerberg donated $100 million to improve schools in new jersey. >> there is a twist involving manti teo's online relationship with a fake girlfriend. the add misting his client disguysed his voice to sound like a woman to tuck to teo on the phone n an interview airing this afternoon, abc's katie couric asked about the conversation autos she came out of her coma when she was on the phone with you. the phone was next to her. >> yes. >> when did you hear on the other end of the line? >> it was just breathing
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first. and it was one of those where she is just breathing then started to whisper my name. i jumped for joi. she's out! you know? she's talking. you know? and i kind of, i was a little confident, like see sni was right. i do help her. >> you can watch katie every day at 3:00. jennifer lopez will be the guest tomorrow. >> more fallout from lance armstrong doping scandal involving a lawsuit filed in sacramento by readers of his best selling books they are suing armstrong and the publisher of the two books, claiming fraud and false advertising for printing the denial of using performance-enhacing drugs. the disgraced cyclist admitted to years of drug use in an interview last week.
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>> still ahead the new stomach bug spreading across the nation. >> the family call gets har-bombed. the prank, what mom wants to happen at the end of the game. >> today, 7 on your side q and a jauft head. so you can contract me right now on twitter. i'll answer those questions and others here live in just a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian looking over the bay from our camera. lits loths of dark cludz around, i'll show were you it's raining next in the accu-weather forecast. >> checking golden gate bridge traffic. smooth sailing in both directions if you're in march directions if you're in march yichblt things going smoothssure and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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most of us already know who we're rooting for but what if you're the parents of the coaches? mom and dad and sister talked about the teams and family loyalties today. >> i'm going to be neutral in that game. and i know one is going win and lose. i would like to it nend a tie. can the nfl do that? >> sorry. they can't.
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she said she's going wear neutral colors then, an unexpected caller pulled a prank said nobody expected. >> question. is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> do not -- john? >> how are you? >> is that john? john harbaugh? >> that is me, john, i was ready to answer that question. >> mom was ready to come through this phone. i'm so happy joanie recognized your voice. >> that is all i needed to hear, just needed to know that. >> that is funny. mom and dad didn't recognize it was his voice. sister jumped in and said wait a minute that is john! there is a term trending for this prank called har-bombing. people are wondering what is the difference between john and jim? one 50, other 49.
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that is the difference. jim harbaugh is focused and not jumping on conference calls. >> that is fun. >> we've been getting lots of fan photos. >> here is a group on niners day. >> and this image caught on camera. you can see and send your fan photos today us. >> we're going to spencer bomb now. >> yes. yes. >> hi, spencer. >> there is a little bit of a rain bomb. steady rainfall in parts of the bay area now. wettest area has been san jose. getting light rainfall. down pours tapering off to
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pockets of heavy rain. rainfall totals 12 hours, livermore almost two-tenths of an inch. san jose, last 12 hours, look at how many locations we can see earlier, no measurable rainfall. so this is conditions mild in the mid section. snow over the great lakes, showers in the valley. northwest, showers up and down the pacific coast. that includes the state of california shifting towards places like l.a.. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll have scattered showers and some breaks of sunshine. high temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow, so relatively mild today compared to over the weekend we have a
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colder air mass coming in for the weekend that may bring showers on saturday of. it's going drop temperatures a bit. >> crazy thick things you can do when it's really cold that sparked a viral video trend. >> sheri here with run down of hottest videos. a look at what happens when you throw pots of boiling water into the air when it's 13 bee low. this is an open shot of those guys. up next, the reporter with prince harry interrupted by an air raid siren. people dubbing in all sorts of
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funny sounds. arnold schwartzeneggar yelling is my favorite that. will just about do it. see you nemt time, bay area. >> thank you. >> p up next, turning guns into jewelry. >> san francisco gets ready for chinese new year with the safety program. that isn't going to be good news for people who want to park in chinatown. >> i'm michael finney. new web sites that facilitate the sale of counterfeit goods
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cdc says 150 outbreaks has been caused by noro virus, scientists say it may not be unusually dangerous. the new strain has been blamed
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for recent outbreak on the queen mary 2. robin roberts back on the set this morning four months after undergoing bone marrow transplant surgery. she announced she wants to turn and is trying to return to her normal routine. >> a jewelry company is taking a step to raise awareness about gun violence. for years, this store, jewelry for a cause sold inexpensive jewelry for fund-raisers. these are bracelets made from shredded guns and shell casings from guns turned in in new jersey. >> people who have had destruction in their lives due to illegal guns and they're also really proud to wear this
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as a symbol of sup export comfort. >> the bracelets come packaged in what looks like bags. 20% go back to the police department. sales have skyrocketed so that, aloud them to donate 20,000ses today the newark police department. >> michael finney is here answering questions sent to him. >> let's get to the first question. i ate their and purchased a $100 gift card s there a way to redeem the gift card? >> i've got bad news. this is basically, no. i can give you twiz get to the court to get back $1 of the $100 card this, is why gift cards are risky f a company goes out
4:47 pm
of business you're holding the bag. if a retailer goes out of business but stays open, they have to keep taking your qard. >> okay. use them when you get them. >> yes. yes. >> carol d wants to know do web sites that facilitate the sale of guns have any responsibility. >> the federal government here is really cracking down and shaft on cyber monday, the federal government here was working with the uk and shut down 130 of the web sites they seized web sites this is illegal called intellectual property. they go after these guys. i'll post it online. >> okay. >> dan l asks what happens when a store won't honor a
4:48 pm
coupon? >> if it's they're hup on, like they've printed it up, now you have some recourse, but when you're talking about a coupon from a manufacturer, if you check out the coupon policy of safeway, lucky, any store, somewhere in the print it says we can decide not to take any coupon if we feel like it so, there. >> really? >> yes. >> even their own? >>elwell, yeah. they say it. that would have a hard time getting through a judge. >> here is what happened. they started doing coupons you print at home, massive fraud. everyone changed policies. so it's tough f they tell you no, they are probably not going to take it. best thing to do if you're one of the people showing up with 100 coupons trying to buy every box of tide or something
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like that, stop at the counter first and ask if they're going to take them oo. that is a good idea. >> yes. >> and i'm going to have is to-to-stop doing that. >> thank you. >> parking going to be near limb possible to find along main streets over next few weeks. starting saturday, san francisco will prohibit cash side parking so business is in that area can set up displays during weeks leading up to chinese new year. >> store fronts could have space to offer their goods when the chinese new year is happening. and when people wanting to buy things they wanted to do so-to-celebrate. >> merchants swril to get permits to set up their displays, parking will be off limits between 9:00 in the moshing and 7:00 at night. officials hope this will promote pedestrian safety. >> next at 4:00 helping hands for a veteran.
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>> makeover is complete. in pittsburgh we'll show what it was like coming up next. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 an app tracking down smart phone fees by offering picture proof of the thief. and pharmacy breaks in police want to stop before it's too late.
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just got the word about reserves just announced. warriors forward david lee becomes the first all star since letrell spreewell. point guard seth curry did not make the team. charles barkley says it's a flattout joke. >> that is strange. >> these correct. he should have been on the
4:54 pm
team. >> thank you. an east bay veteran is getting a makeover of his yard today. thanks to a team of volunteers from home depot. >> laura? >> that is right. they are finished here. they have just wrapped this up came at 7:00 this morning. the veteran who owns home spent two years in iraq, came back joined chp and left disabled after responding to a robbery call in oakland. today, his team indicate kaim out to his house to make life smoother going forward. >> after service given owe to his country and community he's grateful for what is being given back to him now. >> happeny and happy to see supporters. >> it's unreal. you know? amazing support. 70 people that just came out here.
4:55 pm
>> an army veteran, the patrol officer. it wasn't just a career, but something he considered a calling. but that was all shattered when the ball and several other officers responded to a robbery in progress in a walgreens. the robber came out shooting, nevall was hit eight times. >> i chose oakland on the basis i missed action. >> now, after a dozen surgeries the 31-year-old can walk, but only with a cane. standing is difficult. but he's moving on and this team from home deepy yoe is helping. >> we're just trying to make this yard a place tone joy himself. so we're doing a patio for him. >> everybody here volunteer.
4:56 pm
>> when this is finished nevall will be able to use his outdoor area, another step in a long process of recovering for the young veteran. >> it's awesome. you know? they have people there thanking me for services but yelt, look at service providing for their own communities. >> and home depot team made up of local volunteers to help veterans. and others in need. in pittsburgh abc 7 news. thank you, laura. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> pharmacy break ins caught on camera. police want to stop crimes before it's too late.
4:57 pm
>> i'm spencer christian. still waiting in parts of the bay area. i'll show you how wet sit where you are. >> police explain why they have yet to review a home surveillance video. it captured an attempted kidnapping of a girl last week. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jeng autos i'm carolyn johnson. an east san jose neighborhood son high alert tonight over a child kidnapping attempt. >> police do have a sketch of a man who tried to grab a child them p haven't looked at video of this attempt yetd. -- yet. david? >> the trauma isn't over for the girl who was able to scream and get a a.way. nor for president residents of this neighborhood saying they won't rest until the suspect is caught. it's a family oriented neighborhood known as little portugal. residents are angry after learning of the atemtd
4:58 pm
abduction of a 13-year-old girl captured on this video taken shortly after 6:00 a.m. last friday. koit have been any of the children. >> police will get them let's hope before we do. if he falls into my hands, i'll castrate him. >> you're not joke something. >> no. i'm not. >> the suspect sat large. police released this sketch of a man, 25-35 years old, five 10 with black hair and brown iz. the video shot by a home security system at devarra home right across the street. they believe they have seen the suspect before. >> back in september, around 4:30 in the morning he came out of nowhere. i acknowledged him, let him know i see him, i'm not afraid of him. as soon as i turned around to let my husband know there is a man outside, out of the blue, he was just gone. >> the 13-year-old victim was walking to a friend's house before going to school together. the suspect grabbed her, neighbors recall hearing her
4:59 pm
screams for help. melissa describes what her sister heard. >> really screaming like? no, that was a scream. cops are looking for smuchblt she's like i heard her scream two time autos residents ever now weary of strange car that's drive by or a stranger they don't know. it has put neighbors on high alert. >> things like this shouldn't happen. when there is a stranger let them know, what are you doing here? just turn your back. that could be you. >> well, abc 7 news was able to obtain the home security video. police detectives have not seen that video yet. that was confirmed by the family that took this video them. say they have been contacted by the police. police say they are now trying to make arrangements to obtain a copy. >> information on a story we


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