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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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tomas roman is live at justin herman plaza with the story. reporter: organizers say this is the largest turnout near san francisco. it also caused a huge traffic jam that's matchers came from civic center to the plaza along market street. now, they also say that their message every year is, overturn roe v. wade. >> the ninth annual walk for life was a huge success according to organizers. more than 40 on the people filled the plaza. it was scheduled on the 40th 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. actress and mold jennifer o'neill talk about her regret of having an abortion. >> we cannot be lukewarm about the life issue. that at such a time as this more than ever, we need to stand up and be heard. reporter: o'neill says she is a member of silent no more.
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pope benedict xvi sent his ambassador to the event to if there his message regarding roe v. wade. >> mob -- nobody has right to kill another human being. in any moment of his life. reporter: the group marched from civic center down market street. the crowd was so large it took the better part of an hour to clear the plaza. earlier in the day a prochoice celebration commemorating roe v. wade was held in the plaza. >> it's our bodies. we should be able to make that decision. reporter: more than 300 people lisped to speakers and music. sandra, who was called a slut by rush limbaugh when she addressed congress about contraception, addressed the crowd. >> we have to keep defending roe and the women to make the decisions about their bodies legally. reporter: the prochoice supporters before the prolifes
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reached the ther destination. the san francisco police say they arrested two people who were protesting the march for life. otherwise the protest and march were very peaceful. >> as you might imagine, as he said, that rally created huge traffic problems. cars had to be die diverted away and around two of the city's main arteries for hours. traffic is now back to normal. >> new at 6:00, california highway patrol officer is recovering from injuries after a traffic accident in oakland this afternoon. investigators say the officer was responding to an emergency call when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into a pole on broadway. the officer suffered minor injuries in the crash. one man is in custody after a police chase in the east bay ended in a crash. officers spotted a stolen suv early this morning in el
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cerrito. the driver took off, leading them on a chains down i-80 and 580, into the oakland hills. the suv lost control, hit a curb, slammed into a tree, upside-down before it flipped back upright. two people took off running. police grabbed one of them, a 19-year-old. the other got away. six others inside that suv were injured, including man with life-threatening injuries. >> ing renow police have given the all-clear after a bomb scare on the streets. a met tallic brief case with weiss hanging out was found around 3:00 in the area of vallejo and stockton streets near chinatown. a sheller in place order was given for businesses and residents in the area, and the broadway and stock top tunnels were closed -- stockton tunnels were closed. a robot contained the brief case and now the streets are back open. >> an advertising banner created quite a mess in san francisco today, and after hours, power
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has been restored to nearly 2,000 customers. that banner fell off a plane and landed on some power lines, knocking out power. it happened on fifth and brandon streets. streets in the area were closed while crews removed the banner. no word yet on what caused the banner to fall from the plane but we do know there were strong wind gusts in the area. the banner was tigz cheap haircuts. >> go niners! >> that's the last of the 49er season ticketholders who lucked out in a special lottery. they picked up their super bowl tickets today. a limited number of tickets were made available to loyal customers over the past two days. season ticketholders lined up at candlestick park box office to pay $1,000 per ticket for next sunday's super bowl in new orleans. one fan who wasn't lucky enough to win the lottery had a
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different kind of luck today. terry white has been to every super bowl the 49ers were in, five of them. looked like his streak was at an end but this week the 49er owner announced terry was the winner of his giveaway. >> i opened up the e-mail and started reading it, and i got to the end, i had -- just wasn't sure if i was actually getting tickets or not when i read it, because it just -- i guess i was in shock. >> way to go, terry. he has ban 49er season ticketholder for 45 years. york picked him over a six-year-old girl from ohio, known for her youtube rap about the niners. >> abc7 news has an entire team head together super bowl. larry beil and former 49ers, mike shumann will be there with his own super bowl ring in tow.
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and wayne freedman and katie will join larry and shu to bring you the best coverage during super bowl week, and we'll be tweeting their behind the scene updates. >> still to come at 6:00, thousands march for gun control as a bay area community turns in hundreds of guns today. something cell phone users do to switch carriers. now it's become illegal. we'll explain. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a big cooldown today, and even some parts of the bay area, a few sprinkles. will we see some tonight? we'll look at the forecast
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another incredibly successful gun buyback program took place in san mateo today. the crowd so large the organizers started an hour earlier. people got $100 for a handgun or rifle. $200 for an assault weapon. a woman who turned in a rifle said it's time to do the right thing. >> have to stop the violence, it's crazy. it's got to stop. we just got to try to help each other, and just got to stop. >> it's hard to determine the impact. i think we can all say
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intuitively the community is safer as a result of the guns being taken off the streets. >> in all, 680 firearms were collected today. marin county and oakland have posted successful gun buybacks recently. >> in washington, dc, thousands of antigun activists recall idea open the national mall, calling for banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and instituting mandatory background checks. those measures are all backed by president obama. progun activists were on the mall and fear any restrictions on any weapon is another strike against personal freedom and an infringement on the second amendment. >> just ahead, the cell phone trick that has now become illegal. >> plus, the changes one group wants to see made to a popular prescription drug. >> plus, cooler weather is on the way. our meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast.
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>> mike: the 49ers snuck in their last practice today before heading to new orleans tomorrow. a lot of first, timers in the game. michael crabtree, will be a key
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the days of unlocking your cell phone illegally are over. cell phone carriers verizon only work on that carrier's network unless you unlock it. putting a new sim card usually does it. unlocking was illegal. however, starting today the u.s. copyright office will no longer honor that exemption. experts recommend you buy an unlocked cell phone such as those offered by apple and google. federal health advisedders want new restrictions on hydrocoe dope the high he addictive infreedent in vicodin and other pain killeres. it would be listed as a drug with high abuse potential. the fda has not said whether it will act on the recommendation. and in san francisco, nature and health were the focus of a
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tree-planting program. the department of the environment and local community groups planted some trees in the richmond strict. the idea is to reduce the city's carbon footprint while providing something healthy to eat. the special has a special way to help buy those trees. >> the way these trees are funded is through san francisco's carbon fund. so everytime a city employee flies on business, 13% of their total ticket value goes into a carbon fund, and the department uses that to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions here in san francisco. >> pretty neat. this group has planted a totallal of 200 trees at 23 locations in richmond strict. it's a good time to be planting, i guess. our meteorologist is here with the forecast. >> leigh: make sure, especially this weekend, they're tied down securely. those winds really started to pick up this afternoon, and that has put a chill in the air for
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us. live doppler 7hd picking up a few cumulus clouds just off the coast, otherwise, clear conditions and here's a look at the highs today. down as minute as 11 degrees in some neighborhoods. antioch today, 60. cloverdale, 58. 58 in san jose. santa cruz, 63. they got the wind shift and the temperatures started to bottom out. 50 in san jose. san francisco, oakland, 53. already in the 40s in the north bay with 47 accept rosa and napa right now, 49 degrees, and check out these wind gusts, gusting to 22 in fairfield, 25 in concord. we have nice westerly component. gusts to 3h, sfo at 18, and oakland, as winds stay up and the breezy conditions and colder night overnight, kole and iowa for sunday, and then next
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wednesday, we'll continue dry and temperatures will start to warm back up. by the end of the week, talking highs in the mid-to-upper 60s. here's tonight, cold front moves through, to the south. we still have this one little impulse right here. a few little showers, up along the north coast, and as this slides south the higher terrain around the bay area could possibly -- a slight chance -- could possibly see a few light sprinkles. it's going to be a chilly night, temperatures mid-to upper 40s. san francisco, 46. and 36 for livermore. this is the front that moved through today. that jet stream pushed to the south. this is the next little impulse that will move in overnight tonight. what you'll notice tomorrow is a colder air mass settling in and pretty windy conditions developing tomorrow as well. 6:00 this evening, this is our forecast animation. we're clear, here comes some of
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those showers. we want to keep them mainly off the coast, but there is a chance that some could filter over, some of the higher terrain near the coast. tomorrow morning, all of that will shift south. and'll continue with sunshine, but the wind is going to keep things very, very chilly tomorrow afternoon. so, here's a look at the highs. 56 in santa rosa, 55, san rafael. san francisco, windy and cool, 54. interior east bay, antioch, 58. only 56 tomorrow in san san jos. a couple of days ago you were close 2070. santa cruz, 57. here's a look at the aku is whether stannday forecast. sunny and breezy on monday -- then trend warmer by wednesday. thursday, and friday, inland temperatures in the 60s, and even around the bay, highs in the mid-to-upper 60s. but locks like the next seven days well be dry. >> this is what is keeping me
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warm. a hunk a burning lot. this is what i got from mike shumann hike hike -- >> mike: 49ers had their final practice before heading to new orleans on sunday. won't practice feign until wednesday. niners have only fire players on the team that played in the super bowl so thil we be uncharted territory for most of the roster. one tee player has been michael crabtree. he and colin kaepernick have clicked. all michael does is move the chains. >> just keeps catching and catching and catching the ball. his ability to get open, his route running ability, great receivers have these qualities. they're like a carpenter that has a lot of tools. the hammer, the saw. very much a complete player. >> mike: going to need all those tools. dennis allen coaching the north team in the senior bowl in
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alabama. good chance for the coach to check out the talent in the draft, 20-yard strike to wilson. ever j. ran for a touch. stanford running back, send fan taylor led all rushers but the south wins. >> i don't know what patrick marleau and the sharks were doing during the lockout but it's working. he is the first playing in 95 years to score four games with a goal. >> avalanche controlled the game area. the huge blow. changed the momentum. sharks get a power play out of it. patrick marleau, first goal of the game. -0. marleau scored two goals in eave game this season. why stop now. a minute later, his nhl leading eight goal. second period, neimi the day off. and rookie matt irwin, first
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game, first national hockey league goal. back at it tomorrow night at the tank against vancouver. tennis' first major of the year winding down, the women's at the all january open, the champ, azarenka, facing na. na won the first set but victoria roars back in the second. takes the set. after a ten-minute fire of fireworks delay in the third set for australia day, na, who was leading, falls and hits her head right here on the court. she was checked out by the medical team after getting cleared. she was never the same. azarenka pounces. championship point. azarenka wins back-to-back opens with the victory. >> college men's hoops, santa clara are and san diego. this game was all broncos.
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santa clara now 4-3 with a 64-55 final. saint mary's hosting pepperdine. the crowd was pumped. so does beck. he had 19. fred waldo added 13 points, saint mary shoots % from the field. gaels are now 6-1 in their conference with the win. >> the third round of the farmers insurance open. lucas with the two-ball trick shot, and jerry kell wherey with a single up the gut. tiger leads the event. hopefully resume play tomorrow. >> warriors in milwaukee. more of that at 11:00. >> my warriors. as we know the bay area is buzzing with playoff fever. check out steven and ca leah, and even dogs are showing off their 49er pride. roger is geared up for next
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weekend's big game. you can e-mail your fan photos to web web can be can be can --n be can be and we'll be showing as men as we can on the air. >> the drastic measure some people will go to
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>> join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. a look at the drastic measures taken after a pesky intruder interrupts a college basketball game. then at 11:00 here, a raw deal for one mcdonald's customer. the bite that wasn't expected. yeah. all that coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. there's the club and a chicago man has come up with an idea, giving his car the boot. it's usually something we dread seeing but eave night this guy slaps a car boot on his vehicle, and it has nothing to do with parking tickets. he boots his car to make sure that it doesn't get stolen. turns out those boots are pretty easy to get. they go for about $100 on ebay. >> where did he get the boot? unless he had a ticket before and got it off. >> there you go.
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