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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 27, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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in that incident police say two suspects pulled up alongside this sedan at an intersection and fired into the car. they sped we were and came to this mcton nadals at east palo alto. >> the victim vehicle was occupied by fire -- five adults and one child. there were tw people that were hit. one adult, who is a 24-year-old female, and a child, two-year-old male. reporter: police say the child was sitting on the mother's lap in the car when they were hit. they both suffered gunshot wounds to their legs, and the two-year-old suffered a grazing wound to his head. they were rushed to stanford university hospital. investigators are trying to determine if the shooting was gang-related. right now police say, again, there's trying to determine exactly how these two situations happened within such a close proximity of each other and also a time frame, a close time
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frame. but they do not believe they are connected. police here in east palo alto, detectivetives have just arrived at the scene so they're trying to piece together the basic information in this incident. reporting live in east palo alto. abc7 news. >> a long night for everybody involved. thank you, sergio. the nationwide tug of war over gun control played across the country today. a gun buybacks in san mateo brought in 680 firearms, including 24 assault weapons. some people waited in line for two hours at the san mat te'o event center. the crowd so big, organizers opened up an hour hour early. a congresswoman wondered over the weapons turned in. >> our high-capacity magazines, this one is 100 rounds. there's in purpose for this kind
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of a magazine in a civilized society. >> more than $63,000 was paid out into n today's buyback. meantime, there are gun control activists marching in washington, dc while gun buyers lined up to buy weapons they worry may soon be banned. reporter: thousands of gun control activist marched in the nation's capitol despite freezing temperatures. >> it's about saying what guns do. >> several residents from newtown, connecticut, joined the rally. a gunman killed his mother and then 20 first graders, teachers and himself in the tune last month. >> every day, you're bearing witness to pain. >> any parent has a gun in the house, whatever it is, have to think about why they have that gun in there. time for people to maybe have to give up those guns.
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>> or try to keep guns out 0 of the hands of people who should not have them. >> this is about gun responsibility. this is about gun safety. this is about fewer ted americans. fewer dead children, fewer children living in fear. >> progun activist took to the streets opposing president obama's push for gun control and safety in rally across the u.s. last weekend. fears of restrictionses have caused a run on gun shows. >> people are looking for things that will be banded. >> while newly purchased guns are going into homes, older guns are being turned in. like at this gun buyback in connecticut. seattle's drive-through gun buy aback program was a victim of its ensuccess. organizers ran of out gift certificates. >> tens of thousands of people on both sides of the abortion
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issue turned out in downtown san francisco in a pear of dueling rallies center around the 40th 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision. organizers of the ninth west coast annual walk for life, say 40,000 supporters were at their rally at the civic next peninsulas a today, following at earlier gathering of prochoice advocatesful four difficult candidate after the supreme court decision legalizing abortion, the debate continues. >> hurts women and families and society and needs to become unthinkable. >> they should have control with what women do with their bodies. >> organizationers say it what's largest turnout the march for life has ever had in its nine years here in san francisco. two people were rescued offf sausolito today of their sailboat collided with a tug boat escorting a barge near the golden gate bridge in san francisco bay.
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the coast guard and sf fire responded. one person was suffering from hypothermia. we asked the coast guard if they knew how that accident happened. >> it's under investigation. the barge was told to go back into port and there's an investigating officer that will do interviews and an investigation on what happened. >> both people were treated be paramedics and released. the coast guard says no pollution was released into the bay as a result of the collision. >> a chp officer is recovering from mine you're injuries after an accident in downtown oakland. investigators say the officer was responding to an emergency call when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into a pole on broadway. the officer was thrown to the sidewalk but the chp says he is going to be just fine. tonight, fire officials in fairfield tell us a blaze that gutted a comedy club may be electrical in origin.
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last night's fire destroyed the interior and the roof of the original pepper valley's cold and variety theater. fire inspectors can't go inside yet because of structural issues. those issues are also keeping neighboring businesses closed tonight. >> a metal siding up top is blowing in the wind and those were damaged in the fire. the supports were damaged in the fire. so we're trying to get those shored up so they don't leave the building and hurt somebody. >> sky 7hd was over the fire as it burned. more than 100 fire personnel were called in to fight the five alarm fire. let's head to leigh glaser for the check on weather and what is happening outside right now. >> leigh: we have clear patches and cloudiness as well. let's check in with live doppler 7hd. fewer echos being seen, mainly off the coast, a little south of
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fort bragg, and they'll start to disintegrate, evaporate, and you can see a few to the west of the golden gate bridge. there is a weather system to the north and west that will swing by overnight tonight. so, a chance of a few sprinkles in the accuweather forecast. currently we're at 44 napa, 46 in livermore. temperatures will be warming next week. we'll take a look at the stannday forecast coming up. >> police in san francisco have re-opened a busy tourist section of north beach after a bomb scare today. a suspicious brief case was found on the corner of stockton and voolt streets near chynna town. the met tallic case with wires hanging out was on the corner next to a pole. a stay in place order lasted two hours. a police bomb squad robot contained the brief case. the investigation is ongoing.
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the grace period is over. parking control officers in san francisco will begin issuing tickets to cars at expired meters on sunday. the enforcement began three weeks ago, but until now drivers have only been issued warnings. full enforcement begins tomorrow from noon to 6:00 p.m. >> say goodbye to the 45-cent stamp. tomorrow stamps for first class letter weighing up to one ounces will go up a penny. of you have those forever stamps they can be used indefinitely even after the rates increase. stamps are not the only service going up. fedex and ups are raising costs for shipments and deliveries by a 5%. >> just ahead, big weekend the the 49ers. lillian kim is live in santa clara. >> one 49ers fan gets the ultimate prize as the team gets ready to leave for new orleans. >> plus, the big honor tonight
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for the movie based on the 2009 shooting of oscar grant at a barret bart station. >> new worries as another strain of the flu sweeps across the nation. why ?x1@@ú?
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a movie about oscar grant has won two awards at the sundance film philosophy, including the top prize. it took home the u.s. grand jury prize today and also won the audience award for a u.s. drama. this movie looks at the last day in the life of oscar grant. he was killed by bart police officer, johannes mehserle in 2009. the wine steen company purchased the movie rights for two million dollars this week. no release date has been announced yet. there are 49ers head out tomorrow for new orleans to prepare for their super bowl
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matchup with the atlanta -- no, not the atlanta falcons -- the baltimore ravens. most of the 49er faithful will be here in the bay area, cheering the team on, but a lucky few will be there at the super dome. lillian kim is live from the niners' practice facility in santa clara. reporter: hi, carolyn. the team is scheduled to leave here at noon tomorrow. many fans are still trying to figure out their travel plans, especially one man from the east bay who just found out today he's going to the super bowl. >> i opened up my e-mail and it said, jed york, and i went, what? >> terry white of walnut creek was having a tough time getting tickets to the super bowl. then came the e-mail from jed york telling him he won two free tickets. the 49ers crowe ceo conducted
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the sea on the computer. >> i wanted to give someone a chance to go to the game who embodied what it means to be a 49er faithful. ticketers are on the niners as a huge thank you for your years of support. bring us good luck, best, jed. >> for mark, it will be his first super bowl. he was among a handful of season ticketholders given the opportunity to buy ticks through a lottery. he bought two for $950 each, one for him and one for his brother. >> a great opportunity to see my little brother, and just totally stoked about this team. >> go niners. >> not everyone who bought tickets through the lottery is going to the super bowl. this family is going to sell their tickets to pay their season tickets next year. >> who are you going to sell them to. >> anybody who wants them. >> as for terry white, he would never consider selling his tickets. he wants the brag requesting rights to say he's gone to all
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six 49ers super bowls. >> bragging i have been to all five, and everybody says, what?y i've just gone to five of six. i'll have been to six. reporter: the team leaves here tomorrow at noon. they'll be taken by bus to san jose where their flight is scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. >> abc7 news has an entire team heading to the super bowl. sports director larry beil, sports anchor and former 49er, mike shumann will be there with his own super bowl ring. and wayne freedman and katy are going to join larry and shu, to bring you the best coverage during super bowl week, and we'll be tweeting there behind the scenes, up dates at abc7 news bay area.
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>> let's check in now with leigh glaser, our meteorologist to find out what is going on in the weather. >> leigh: a cool blast moved in by this afternoon. thanks to a cold front. we are actually on the backside of that system. live doppler 7hd picking up just a few returns. it's very light, mainly over the ocean. some starting to move in towards san francisco, but i think most of this is going to be higher terrain. we may see a sprinkle or two overnight. that's about it. otherwise get ready for clear sky tonight and also cold temperatures. we're getting down there. 42 in santa rosa, 49, san francisco, 50, half moon bay. fairfield, 45. here's a look at the forecast. we'll go with a cold night overnight, and then a chance of maybe a few sprinkles, mainly the highest rain near the coastw cool and windy for sunday and then we'll start to warm things up-especially as we head into
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the mid and latter part of next week. once the sfo reporting woken gusts up to 26 miles-per-hour inch the north bay winds have started to calm down, and then we'll look at temperatures in the 30s. you'll notice the forecast is picking up a few light sprinkles, mainly the higher terrain, and it's all coming from an upper level low. you can see it right here. some of the speckley clouds, the cold air, and you can see the light activity, all of this will spread south overnight tonight. going to move quickly. by tomorrow mid-day we should be back out into plenty of sunshine. cold front moves through today. now we're on the back side of it. that's why the winds came in, cooling us off by some 12 degrees from this time yesterday. but now it's this upper level low that will slide south.
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what you'll notice tomorrow, sunny, windy, and much colder around here, with temperatures only in the mid-to-upper 50s. here's the animation. picking up just a little bit of that moisture. mainly higher terrain, as we work through the night. most of the activity is off the coast. this is 3:00 a.m. tomorrow, and then as we head to 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 we should see bright sky and sunshine but it's going to be kole out there with the northwesterly winds, keeping the chill with us with gusts up to 25 miles-per-hour. here's a look at our highs for sunday. 50s. 54 for san francisco. on the windy side there. 53, half moon bay. 57 for oakland. interior east bay, concord, antioch, livermore, mid-to-low 50s, and santa cruz, you are close to 70 degrees the past couple of days. only in the upper 50s tomorrow. and 57 for gilroy.
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my accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and breezy. wednesday, thursday, friday we'll warm up and more sunshine. by next friday, temperatures upper 60s to near 70. >> sounds great. according to shu, one of the few people who know what the 49ers are really going through as they prepare to meet and beat the ravens. >> mike: it gets real tonight. they hit the road for new orleans. there's a core of players setting the tone for the team and hope to grab the biggest
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>> mike: 49ers heading to their sixth super bowl and hoping to become the first team to win all six in nfl history. ravens have something to say about that. now, the 49 offense has a core of players that have set the
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tone for the team. frank gore is the lead dog on the sled. they're all-time leading rusher. vernon davis is in his seventh year with the team and is one of the team's leaders and one of the best tight ends in the nfl. and finally, patrick willis, his sixth year with the people and heart and soul of the defense. all three have seen it all and one guy wants to make sure they get their just reward next sunday. >> talked about going to the atlanta game, don't let it slip away. we have guys put so much into this game, into this team, and we want to make it happen. that's a big motivator for a lot of the younger guys. >> mike: raiders head coach dennis allen coasting the north team in mobile, alabama. a good chance to check out the draft picks. stanford running back seth help
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the south win. >> warriors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights. brutal. spending tonight in milwaukee. monte ellis, former warrior. harrison barnes, monster jam. the bench goes wild. that rookie is a player! seth curry, why is he not an all-star. third quarter, monte ellis gets the feed. he finishes. he had 20,ed a disbrandon jennings, nothing but nut. warriors lose their second game in two nights, 109-102. >> sharks can do no wrong, winning their fourth game and patrick marleau did something that hasn't been done
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>> mike: how about a little hockey. sharks and avalanche. patrick marleau, the first
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player to record four goals in four games opening the season. stuart, a huge blow. changed the momentum. sharks get a power play. patrick marleau's first goal of the game. 1-0 sharks. a minute later, his nhl leading eighth goal of the year. second period. greiss giving neimi the night off. first career shutout, and rookie matt irwin, a laser, sharks open the season with the victory, they're back at it tomorrow night at the tank against vancouver. >> tennis' first major of the year wining down the them them l this morning, azarenka facing li na.
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after a ten-midnight fireworks delay in the third straight -- australia day -- na was leading the set but falls, and hits her head and injured her left ankle. she was checked out by the medical team. got cleared. there was really never the same, and azarenka wins it. wins back-to-back australian opens with a three-set victory. >> fog in san diego cancelled the third round of the farmers insurance open attar torrey pins and did not stop lucas from have something fun with jerry kelly. tiger leads the event. won it seven times. they'll hopefully resume play tomorrow. >> this abc7 news sports report brought toow by river rock casino, later in this newscast i'll prove to you i played in superboth xvi. stick around. >> you don't have to prove it. you have the ring. >> mike: okay. >> i look forward to that.
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still to come once abc7 news at 11:00, new violence in egypt after 21 people are sentenced to death. >> growing concern over a new strain of flu as it spreads all over the country. is apple stale? getting sta?
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>> good evening. i'm in for ama daetz inch tonight's headlines, a man was shot and killed in menlo park and a mother and child were hit by gunfire in east palo alto. the two incidents are not to be related. in east palo alto, police say an argument fan between occupants
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of two cars. >> a gun buyback program in san mateo was hugely successful. nearly 700 weapons were turn in for cash, no questions asked. the collection included 24 assault rifles. more than $63,000 was paid out for all the weapons. >> the pentagon confirms the u.s. is providing additional support to french troops identifying in mali. defense secretary leon panetta gave refueling support to missions over the north african hot spot. the u.s. military is helping with the transport of troops and supplies. in egypt, at least 27 were killed and 400 wound when rioting broke out over death sentences handed down for a soccer melee. a judge sentenced 21 local fans
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to death for their part in the soccer riots that killed 74 people last february. most of today's victims were killed when police fired tear gas and other live ammunition into crowds of angry protesters. as if this year's flu season isn't bad enough we're actually fighting three viruses out there. the one that causes the flu, the one that causes the common cold, and now a new virus is spreading like wildfire all over the u.s. and can sicken tens of millions. here's the story. >> never felt lick this -- felt like this before. >> the superbug is ripping across the country from australia. norovirus, causing stomach pain, vomiting, die rae where, and fever, but you can get this from food and people who prepare your food. >> this is one of the most contagious viruses we deal with, and so you have to be meticulous
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to avoid getting it. >> you can get it from any hard surface you touch. most sanitizers can't catch the norovirus. i lingers for weeks on revolving doors, door handles and coffee makers. then there's this. flu is spread mostly in the air by coughs and sneezes. you need to breathe in as many as o thousand virus particles to get suck. noro revice, just 18 particles. 20 million every year catch the bug and there's no vaccine. >> no real treatment except fluid. >> the severe flu and norovirus outbreak this winter across the u.s. isn't just making million of people very sick. it's also preventing them from donating blood. >> if you have the flu you need to be system-free 24-48 hours before you come in. >> you need to be free of antibiotics for 24 hours to safely donate blood. those requirements are keeping sick people away from donor
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sites, causing a sharp drop in the nation's blood supply. >> we're asking anybody that is healthy right now to donate. >> abc news, new york. >> federal health advisories want new restrictions on hydrocoe don't. a highly addictive agreement found in vicodin and other pain killers. it would be listed as a drug with high bows -- high abuse potential. >> the days of unlocking your cell phone legally are over. cell phones that are bought from careers such as verizon only work on the carrier's network unless you unlock it. putting in a new sim car usually does it. unlocking was legal under an exemption to the digital copyright act, however, starting today, the u.s. copyright office will no longer honor that exception. experts recommended you buy an
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unlocked cell phone such as those offeredded by apple and google. >> apple is having problems of its own, its stock is slipping. here's the details on why. >> you're right. >> in the new biopick, jobs, ashton curer talking about instench. knowing -- instinct, knowing what consumers want before they know it. it helped jobs stay far ahead of the pack. but this week a huge bite out of the once mighty apple. the tech giant has plunged nearly 40%, and tonight apple has lost its venable title as the world's most valuable company to exxon. why the recent slump? some say samsung is matching
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them device for device. but the pigger threat is the loss of steve jobs himself. it's been nearly a year and a half since the death of apple's founder and many worried the company has lost its creative genius. >> apple was very much steve jobs. apple lost its way in the 1980s after he left and a lot of people left apple for good, and they brought steve jobs back and the company once again was focused on products and innovation and consumer needs and consumer tastes in ways that it had never been before. so the real question is whether apple can replicate the mind of steve jobs. >> how does somebody know what they want if they've never seen it. >> the part of the real live store still up britain is whether applening continue to invent the next big thing before nip else and before consumers realize they even want it.
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>> apple could be coming out with something new. the web site insider report says the company has filed for a pat tent on an unusual new shoe that can tell when it's time to replace your shoes. >> the fbi is investigating the possible hacking of a government web site. anonymous says it high jakd the u.s. sentencing commission web site to avenge the death of aaron swartz, an internet activist who committed suicide. the web site was taken over today and replaced with a message warning that when swartz killed himself a line was crossed. the hackers say they have copied secret information and-under now threatening to make it public. still to come on abc7 abc7 -- abc7 news at 11, an accidental discovery is helping people that are color blind. >> leigh: you'll need the sunglasses tomorrow. it's going be a perfect day if
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you like it cool. we'll look at the accuweather seven-day foreñcús
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>> sometimes the best inventions are discovered by accident and that's how a local scientist came across what is proving to be a remedy for color blindness. here's the story.
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>> a pair of classic aviator sun glasses will run you ten bucks at a drug store. so why may 600 four this? for a starter, if you're color blind, andy is taking a test to determine how quickly he can tell colors apart. it's the test used in a clinical trials for a new kind of glasses that helps you see color better. don mcpherson discovered it by accident when a friend for corrode his laser safety glasses to use when playing fridays by. >> he said this great, can see the cones. he is color blind and he could into there were orange cones on the green grass for the firs time. >> crl color blindness is a defect in the sensing pigments. >> one that is sensitive to green and one sensitive to red light you can notice the green and red overlap each other.
2:45 am
>> for someone with a color deficiency the red and grown overlap so much they look basically brown, unless you can block a narrow part of the spectrum between brown and green. this orange flour will -- flower will finely stan out but for someone who is color deficient this goes way beyond plant life. the world is made out of colors and being able to tell them apart can be a matter of safety. if you can't see color, you're more likely to hesitate when you have to make a split second decision. the clean cal trials he says color blind patients made the snap judgment 30% faster. >> pointing out a lavender flower, never seen that color before in their life. that's the goo bump moment -- goose bump moment for me. >> you want to be able to see all the beautiful weather out there let's check in with meteorologist leigh glaser.
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>> leigh: going to be a terrific day tomorrow. although temperatures will be held down into the 50s. i want to show you the live doppler 7ht. we have a system that will move along the coast and is managing to squeeze out a few drops right there, and you can see some of the returns kind of look promising and then just kind of fall apart. so that's what this system is going to do. we may see a struggle or two -- a sprinkle or two overnight. maybe the highest terrain. tomorrow, chicago, cold, rain, sleet, snow, 33 doagz. dallas, 74, afternoon thunderstorms. new york city, 32. denver, 56 tomorrow. phoenix, rain, 68. and a new batch of rain will move into the pacific northwest. 62 for l.a. tomorrow. that same system that may bring us a few sprinkles overnight tonight will move into southern california, so chance for light showers there. lake tea hoe, 32 tomorrow, maybe
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a few snow showers. here's a look at the seven day travesty. windy and cool for sunday and monday. mid-week we start to heat back up into the 60s. and get ready for warmer temperatures and dry conditions. >> all right. thank you, leigh. you have been sharing your photos of 49er pride with us. this is a family affair. so cute. and this has to be one of the youngest and most ai deer ol' 49er fans. seven week old aliyah is all smiles and can't wait for her niners to bring home a sixth super bowl championship. you know you can e-mail your niner fan photos to ureport@kgo- >> how can you top that, shu? >> mike: let's talk super bowl. sweet 16. that was the first of five super bowl titles for the 49ers, and
2:48 am
there's nothing like the first time you do anything, right? one of the greatest goal line stances in nfl history to prevehicle the victory, and for those of you who don't remember i will prove that i
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>> mike: a lot of people don't remember that i played eight years in the nfl and was a member of the 49ers first super bowl team in 1982. i know, 31 years ago. i pairly remember but at this time of year every year it comes back to me loud and clear. so, here's a little reminder of a t.d. pass i almost caught. >> the first play that ended this 92-yard drive began with early cooper faking the dive into the line. freddie solomon and mike shumann, the wide receivers on the left side. lured three defenders into the end zone. then cooper slipped unguarded into their vacated area to receive montana's short pass. ♪
2:52 am
>> mike: and there you go. we had run that play three times during the year. i caught all three of them. so when they called the play, i'm going to catch a touchdown in he super bowl but joe took the easy way out. i've never forgiven him but i got a ring out of the deal. the almost touchdown i caught in the super bowl. so there you have it. >> so proud of you. >> mike: enough of me. >> you still have a ring. >> mike: i do. the warriors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights, spending tonight in milwaukee, facing former warrior monte ellis. barnes, watch this layup. going to make the highlight reel. and look at the warrior bench. going nuts. a rookie, this young man. seth curry should be in the all-star game. a little three-pointer. he had 26. monte ellis takes over in the third. has a little right-hand slam of
2:53 am
his own. he had 20. brandon jennings also 20. nothing but net. monte finishes it off. loves it beating his former team. >> college men's hoops, santa clara taking on san diego. game all broncos, the easy slam. he had 18. marcus led the broncos with 23. almost takes the high school down with this. >> saint mary's hosting pepperdine and the crowd was jacked up. so was bo lebeck. where is waldo? brad waldo. saint mary's shot 54% from the field 84-7 2 the final. >> what a start for pat trick marleau the first player to score in fourto the tank, avalal
2:54 am
the game early. brad stuart just clocked anders. a change of momentum. sharks bet a power play and patrick marleau withhis first goal of the game. game. scored two goals in every game this season. later, his hundred hmm leading eighth goal of the year. second per. greiss giving neimi the day off. he has 24 saves in his first career shutout. how about another first. matt irwin, first nhl goal. a little laser. sharks with the 4-0 victory. back at it tomorrow night at the tank against vancouver. >> tennis' first major of the year winding down, the aussie open. azarenka facing na, azarenka looking for a second straight title. na won the first set but victoria came roaring back. of a ten minute fireworks delay the third set -- central
2:55 am
day -- na falls, hits her head and hurts her left ankle. the medical team let her play, but azarenka just -- back-to-back aussie open titles. >> fog in san diego cancelled the third round of the farmers insurance open at torrey pines. didn't stop the players from having fun. look at this. jerry kelly, a single 'the gut could have hurt himself. tiger leads this event. hopefully resume play tomorrow. this abc7 sports report brought to you by refer rock casino. niners leaving tomorrow and that's when it will hit them, they're going to the super bowl. >> you were a good sport to show us your almost t.d. >> you want to see the ring? >> yes. >> mike: there it is. zoom in. super bowl xvi, folks. super bowl xvi, folks. not bragging, i have i
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