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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 27, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> five adults and one child. a 24-year-old female and a child, a two-year-old mail. >> police say the child was sitting in his mother's lap in the car when they were both shot in the legs. the two-year-old suffered a
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grazing wound to his head. investigators are working to see if the two shoot eggs are related and if gangs are involved. the nationwide tug of war against gun control is going across the country. a buy back yesterday brought in 684 firearms. some waited in line for two hours at the event center. the crowd was so big organizers opened an hour early. people were paid $100 for handguns and shotguns and $200 cash for assault weapons, no questions asked. jackie co-sponsored the event and she wondered about some of the weapons turned in. >> high capacity magazines. this one is 100 rounds. there's no purpose for this kind of a magazine in a civilized society. >> more than $63,000 was paid out in yesterday's buy back. meanwhile, gun control activists marched in washington d.c. while
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gun buyers lined up to buy weapons they worry may soon be banned. here is abc news reporter chuck severson. >> thousands of gun control activists marched in the nation's capital, despite freezing temperatures. >> it's about connecting guns to what guns do. >> several residents from new town, connecticut joined the rally. a gunman killed his mother, then the children and teachers in his town and then himself. >> you are bearing witness to change. any parent who has a gun in the house, they really, whatever it is, have to think about why they have that gun there. you know, it's time for people to maybe have to give up -- give up those guns. >> or try to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> this is about gun responsibility. this is about gun safety. this is about fewer dead americans, fewer dead children, fewer children living in fear.
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>> pro gun activists also took to the streets opposing president obama's new push for gun control and safety in rallies across the u.s. last weekend. fears that gun ownership may soon be restricted is fueling a run on gun shows, like this one in florida. >> people are look for things that are going to be banned. >> a lost our freedoms are under the gun. >> while newly purchase guns are going into homes, older guns are being turned in. like at this gun buy back in bridgeport, connecticut. seattle's drive-through gun program was a victim of its own success. organizers ran out of gift certificates that were handed out in return for weapons. another one is in the near future. abc news, new york. >> president obama promised to use his second term to protect middle class americans. we will look at a big week in washington and a political gunfight in congress and which can dates are already in position for 2016. don't miss "this week" with
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george stephanopoulos, coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. >> tense of house of people on both sides of the abortion issue turned out yesterday in downtown san francisco in a pair of dueling rallies centered around the 30th anniversary of roe v. wade division. organization for the walk for life say 40,000 supporters were at the rally. that followed an earlier gathering at justin herman plaza. four decades after the legalization of abortion the debate continues. >> abortion hurts people and societies and children and it needs to be become unthinkable. >> they seem to think they should have control of what women do with their bodies and it isn't right. >> they say it was the largest turnout the march for life has ever had in its nine years in san francisco. two people were rescued after their sailboat colighted
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with a tugboat towing a barge. it happened in the san francisco bay. the coast guard and sf fire responded. one person was suffering from hypothermia. we asked the coast guard if they knew how the accident happened. >> not right now. it's under investigation. the barge was told to go back into port and there's an investigating officer that will do interviews and an investigation on what happened. >> both people who were rescued were treated by paramedics and released. the coast guard said no pollution was released into the bay as a result of the collision. a california highway patrol officer is recovering from minor injuries after an accident in downtown oakland yesterday. he was responding to an emergency call when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into a pole on 11th and broadway. the officer was thrown to the sidewalk. the chp said he will be okay. officials will resume their investigation tomorrow of a fire that gutted the comedy club. it appeared to have started as an electrical fire.
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flames destroyed the interior and roof of the original theater. it is also keeping neighborhood businesses closed. as police did remove debris yesterday to open surrounding streets. >> the metal siding up top is blowing in the wind. those were damaged in the fire. the support studs were damaged in the fire. so we are trying get those shored up so they don't leave the building and hurt somebody. >> you can see here sky 7hd was over the fire as it burned. more than 100 firefighters responded to the five alarm five. an advertising banner created quite a mess in san francisco yesterday. take a look. banner fell off a plane and landed on some power lines, knocking out power for some 2,000 residents. it happened on fifth and brandon streets which were shut down while crews removed the banner. no word on what caused it to
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fall from the plane, but there were strong wind gusts in the area. parking control officers in san francisco will begin issuing tickets to meters on expired cars on monday. until now drivers have only been issued warnings. meter readers handed out 11,000 warnings in the last few weeks. it will cost you $72 downtown and $62 everywhere else in the city. the city stands to make an extra $1.7 million a year. full enforcement begins at noon and goes until 6:00 p.m.. say good-bye to the 45-cent stamps. today stamps for a first class letter weighing one ounce go up one penny. if you have forever stamps, those can be used indefinitely, even after the rates increase. breaking news where a nighttime fire killed nearly 100 people. violence in egypt after 21 people are sentenced to death. and a super surprise for our
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>> breaking news this morning about a devastating fire at a nightclub in brazil. at least 90 people have died and some 200 more are injured in the kiss club in the southern city of santa maria. the numbers could go up as firefighters are still searching for victims. the cause of the fire is not yet known but a band was performing at the club at the time that the fire broke out. in egypt officials say at least 31 people are dead. 400 wounded after rioting broke out over death sentences handed down for a soccer melee last year. yesterday morning protesters rampaged where a judge sentenced 21 local fans to death for their part in the soccer riot that
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killed 74 people last february. this morning army troops backed by tanks and armored vehicles have stake out positions at key government facilities to try to restore order. a movie about oscar grant has won two awards at the sundance fest sal, including the top prize. fruitvale took over the prize yesterday. it also won the audience award for a new york drama. it looks at the last day in the life of oscar grant. grant was killed by former bart police officer on new year's day 2009. the wine seed company purchased movie's rights for more than $2 million this week a release date has not yet been announced. new this morning the a's are holding their sold out fan fest. it is this afternoon at oracle arena. it includes question-and-answer sessions with members of the alw division champions. there will also be free photos with the team's four world
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series trophies and former team legends. you can also buy memorabilia to benefit the community fund and tour the a's clubhouse. all 10,000 tickets to the event sold out quickly. the 49ers head to new orleans this afternoon to prepare for their super bowl match-up with the baltimore ravens. most of the 49 faithful will be here in the bay area cheering on the team but a lucky few will be there at the superdome. abc7 news reporter william kim has more from the niners practice facility in santa clara. >> i opened up my e-mail and it said jed york, and i went what? >> terry white of walnut creek was having a tough time getting tickets to the super bowl. then came the e-mail from jed york telling him he won two free tickets. the 49ers cea conducted the contest on twitter and in the e-mail he explains why he picked white who has been a season ticketholder for 45 years and has attended all five 49er super bowls. >> i wanted to give someone a
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chance to go to the game who knows what it means to be a 49er faithful. tickets are on the niners as a huge thank you for your years of support. bring us good luck. best, jed. >> cool, huh? >> for mark goodwin it will be his first super bowl. defense among a handful that was given the opportunity to buy tickets through a lottery. he bought two for $950 each, one for him and one for his brother. >> it's a great opportunity to see my little brother, and i'm just totally stoked about this team. >> go niners! >> but not everyone who bought tickets through the lottery is going to go to the super bowl. this family is planning to sell their tickets to pay for their season tickets next year. >> who are you going to sell them to? >> anyone who wants them for a good price. >> terry white would never consider sell his tickets. he wants those bragging rights to say he's gone to all six 49er super bowls. >> i brag about i've been to all
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five and everyone looks at me and say you what? now i won't have to say i've just gone five of six. so i'll be -- have been to six. >> the 49ers will be heading out to new orleans later today. they will be leaving their practice facility at noon where they will be taken by bus to san jose. their flight is scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m.. in santa clara, lilian kim, abc7 news. abc7 has an entire team heading to the super bowl. sports director larry beil and sports rain anchor and former 49er mike shumann will be there with his own super bowl ring. indicately will join them to bring you the best coverage during super bowl week. we will tweet their behind the scenes updates at abc7 news bay area. very exciting. >> yeah. >> they are leaving today and as i left my house today i had some sprinkles on my car. >> we do have a weak weather
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system out there bringing the cooler air but also the slight chance of showers. in fact we are down to 32 degrees this morning up in napa. big changes out there. fairfield is 36. here's a look outside from our emeryville camera. we are also seeing some snow in the sierra nevada. i'll tell you what our cold spell, when it is going to snap and if we will see moisture around here when we return. >> can't wait. also next the sharks win again. patrick marlo makes history doing something that hasn't been done in 95 years. mike shumann has the highlights
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>> welcome back. you are taking a look from our roof cam at the ferry building, illuminated in red for the 49ers heading to new orleans this morning. heading out of this chilly temperatures. a little cold yesterday. sunny and beautiful. more of the same expected today? >> yes. a little deceiving out there. the winds are going to pick up and we will see temperatures again below average. we have snow in the sierra nevada. that's kind of a plus. as we head outside from the vollmer peak camera. temperatures similar. the northwesterly winds are going to offset the warming once again. as we check in with live doppler 7hd right now, nothing to pick up. although there are a few sprinkles out there. this weak little system is
5:19 am
bringing a few snow showers to the sierra nevada and that willinger and allow for some tricky travel over the passes, 80 and 50 this morning. keep that in mind if you are headed into the sierra nevada. check out these temperatures. 32 degrees in napa. certainly cold over by the delta, 36. 47 in redwood city and san francisco. warmer around the water with upper 40s half moon bay. we are getting into the cooler air mass throughout the rest of the bay area this afternoon and everyone will begin to feel the chill, if not this afternoon into the evening hours. 38 santa cruz and 39 gilroy. anywhere from 11 do 14 degrees colder this more morning than yesterday morning. we are colder in the city, as well. 8 degrees of cooling in livermore and san jose. the highlights, it's chilly. we are looking at a few sprinkles around san jose, the peninsula as the trough sweeps on through the bay. by the afternoon with those breezes pick up, it will be another windy day along the
5:20 am
coast. but everyone should feel the effects of the northwesterly winds. it will keep us below average until about wednesday. and we are going to stay dry then through the upcoming work week. the system pushing to the east and then this trough. you can see the speckling of clouds off the coast and that does indicate a cooler air mass. so very little moisture with this system, but accompanying it will be the colder than normal air and we will look for this to settle on in, bringing us those chilly nights. here's a look at our computer animation. you notice a few of these green blobs along the coast here. we could see a light sprinkle throughout the morning hours, but despite that, still plenty of sunshine and notice up in ukiah, even maybe a little bit of rain mixed with snow in some of the higher elevations. yesterday we were in the mid-40s in the mountains. just 32 with some morning snow there. 38 in the southern sierra. mid-50s on the coast. so certainly chilly and still a few lingering showers into
5:21 am
southern california. back home numbers today ranging from about 54 downtown, and pretty breezy, cool. 53 half moon bay. fremont in the mid-50s, as well as livermore. upper 50s for vallejo. pretty much everyone in a narrow range today with those winds keeping it definitely on the cool side. 54 monterey, 56 in watsonville. so as we look ahead, you will notice that we are looking at a string of dry days. in fact, as we begin the upcoming work week the numbers are going to try to nudge up just a little bit to 60 degrees. staying sunny. but really it will take until wednesday when we go the warming. it will take us through the week with temperatures in the mid-60s. it will get mild but by the end of the week we could see a pattern change. we keep saying that, i know, but we are starting february on a dry note. >> i'm one those people where if it's cool but dry, i'm okay with that. >> then you are liking it. >> i love it. thank you, lisa.
5:22 am
in sports just seven more days remain until super bowl. here's mike shumann with more on the niners in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the niners take off today for new orleans and super bowl xlvii. it's the last time for the media event before monday. center jonathan goodwin, acres, months and mario manningham and clark hage of n. even their coach never played in the big game. but this entire roster wants to keep the bay area championship win streak going. san francisco is just settling down from the giants world series victory and parade. could we be getting ready for yet another parade? >> i was actually thinking about it. there's a nice stretch here with teams, the giants winning and doing well.
5:23 am
the sharks always do well and the warriors are competitive. >> all right. raiders head coach dennis allen coaching the north team at yesterday's senior bowl in mobile, california. a good chance to check out the talent for the draft. ej manual, a 20-yard strike and michael wilson ran for a td. 14-0 south. stephon taylor led all rushers with 53 yards on nine carries including this carry helping the south win, 21-16. the warriors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights. brutal. sending last night in milwaukee. facing former warrior andre ellis and bogut. the bench goes wild on that one. why isn't he an all-star? hits the corner three. led all scorers with 26 points. warriors up 4 at the half. in the third, monta ellis gets the three. evanishes with the right-hand slam. he had 25.
5:24 am
nothing but net here. put the bucks up nine. then monta finishes things up a with a three over former teammate perry. warriors lose their second game in two nights. i don't know what patrick marleau of the sharks is doing during the lockout but it's working. the first in 95 years to score four straight multi-road games in then a. they keep their record intact 4-0. a huge blow to gabriel. that changed the momentum. sharks get a power play out of the deal. marleau first goal of the game. 1-0 sharks. marleau scored two goals in every game this season. his eighth goal of the season, 2-0. second period, the goalie has the day off. now another first, rookie matter win, first game. lays it in from the point. sharks open the season 4-0 with a 4-0 victory. they are back on the ice tonight
5:25 am
against vancouver. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you at five. you have been sharing your photos of your 49ers with us. that a look. this is a family affair. and this picture here has to be one of the youngest and cutest 49er fans. seven week old alea is all smiles. how cute is she. she can't wait for her niners to bring home a sixth super bowl championship and the first of her life time. you can e-mail your photos to us. coming up next, growing concern over a new strain of flu as it spreads across the country, sickening tens of millions of people. and is apple getting stale? the changes some say the company
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>> welcome back to you at 5:29 on this sunday morning. as if this year's flu season isn't bad enough we shall are actually fighting three viruses out there. the one that causes the flu, the one that causes the common cold and now a new virus is spreading like wildfire across the u.s. and it can sicken tens of millions of people. as abc news reporter reports. >> i have never felt like this before. >> the super bug came from australia and is ripping across the country. it's a new strain of noro virus.
5:29 am
unlike the seasonal flu you can get this from food and people who prepare your food. >> this is one of the most contagious viruses we deal with. you have to be meticulous to avoid getting it. >> you can get it from any hard surface you touch. most sanitizers can't catch it. it lingers for weeks on doors, door handles and coffee makers. and then there's this. flu is spread mostly in the air. by coughs and breeze. you need to breathe in as many as one thousand particles to get sick. noro virus, just 18 particles. it's extremely contagious. many catch the bug and 800 die and there's novak seen. >> no vaccine except fluids.
5:30 am
>> the virus is also preventing people from donating blood. >> if you have the flu you need to be symptom free 24 do 48 hours before you come in. >> you need to be free of anti-booteddics for 24 hours to safely donate blood and it's causing a sharp drop in the nation's blood supply. >> the hospital is always needing the blood. so we are asking anybody that is healthy right now to donate. >> abc news, new york. the days of legally unlock your cell phone all over, cell phones that are bought from carriers like verizon only work on that carrier's network unless you unlock it. putting in a new sim card usually does the trick. it's due to a digital copyright act which as of yesterday they no longer honor that. experts recommend you buy an unlocked cell phone such as those made by apple and google.
5:31 am
speaking of apple, apple stock started slipping last week. we have the details. >> you want it. it's in your gut, your instinct. >> in the new biopick jobs, ashton kutcher, playing the roll of jobs talking about instinct. knowing what the average american consumer needs and wants before they even know it. it's what helped jobs long after ascending to the top of his industry stay far ahead of the pack. but this week a huge bite out of once mighty apple. after soaring to a record stock price four monthsing a the tech giant has plunged nearly 40% and they have lost their venerable title as the world's most valuable company to exxon. why the slump? one, some companies have upped their game, like samsung, not out building them but matching them device for device. but the biggest threat is the loss of steve jobs himself it's
5:32 am
been nearly a year and a half since his death. many worried the company has lost its creative genius. >> apple was very much steve jobs. we saw apple lost its way once before in the 80s. they left apple for deed and they brought steve jobs back and the company once again was focused on products and innovation and consumer needs and consumer tastes in ways that it hadn't been before. the real question is whether apple can helply indicate the mind of steve jobs. >> how does someone know what they want if they have never even seen it? >> with that movie, the real life story still unwritten, whether apple can continue iten vent the next big thing before anyone else and before consumers realize they even want it. >> that was abc news reporter bianna reporting. apple could be coming out something knew. the insider reports that the company has filed for a puttent
5:33 am
on an unusual new shoe that can tell you when it's time to replace your shoes. the fbi is investigating the possible hacking of a government website. anonymous said it hijacked the u.s. sentencing commission website to avenge the death of aaron schwartz, an internet activist who committed saw side. it was taken over yesterday and replaced with a message, warning, that said, aligned with kroft. they say they copied secret justice department information and they are threatening to make it public. new this morning, construction on california's high-speed rail line is supposed to begin in the san joaquin valley in july. but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks but that would only be the first step. the l.a. times said a convoluted legal problem could allow land owners to delay the project by
5:34 am
weeks or months and drive up the cost of the massive project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy but they can still acquire needed property and begin the project on time. also new this morning, this week volunteers will count how many homeless people are living in santa clara county. this year's homeless census is being held tuesday and wednesday. our media partner, the san jose news, without reach workers will visit homeless encampments that appear to have grown since last year. last year the cleaning up of the camps were halted while legal issues were sorted out. other survey showed 18,000 homeless during the year and 2500 considered chronically homeless. also new this morning the san rafael scoreboard is asking voters to renew their parcel tax. if they go forward with the proposal tomorrow, voters will vote in a special mail-in election come this spring.
5:35 am
it would extend a $194 parcel tax that has helped fund schools since 1989. coming up next, pipeline safety, how a new piece of high-tech equipment is keeping gas pipelines save for you and your family. and we have a live look from our roof cam looking over a mostly clear embarcadero. meteorologist lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast in just a few
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>> welcome back at 5:39 on this sunday morning. you are taking a live look in san jose. taking a look at the shark tank where the sharks play tonight at 5:00 p.m. against the vancouver canucks. will it be a good day to beat them? lisa argen said it will be partly cloudy, breezy, a cool 56 degrees. a new pipeline scanner could take the guesswork out of determining which natural gas lines are safe. pg&e is testing it right now. it's part of the utility's ongoing effort to improve their safety programs ever since the 2010 deadly san bruno explosion. here is abc reporter heather ishimaru. >> this is a testing facility worthy of a science fiction movie set but here it's science
5:39 am
reality. >> using a laser and these three here are cameras. >> this 3d laser scanner maps the surface of a natural gas pipeline in high def, down to the virtually invisible measurement of 40 microns. that's about the width of the smallest human air. it shows engineers and can calculate for them whether corrosion is bad enough to make the pipe unsafe. >> because of the fact we are scanning 100% of the external corroded area you have a lot more data that you are collecting. especially if you go with the high-resolution mode. >> the conventional method involves taking chicken wire, painting a grid of one inch square and using a manual tool to measure the depth. >> using the scanner compared to the conventional means to save literally hours and hours and hours. >> the laser beam bounces off these round reflecter dots to measure the scanner's
5:40 am
relationship to the pipe's surface. it's being tested and used in the field as part of pg&e's wreck pipe maintenance program. the 2010 san bruno pipe explosion was caused by the failure of old faulty welds tharpe never properly tested. 8 people were killed and 38 homes destroyed. it's unlikely the laser scanner would have caught those internal shallow welds. it looks at ex-teario only. pg&e has added new internal inspection tools since then as well. the device costs many thousands of dollars. costs could be a factor in determining whether pg&e gets any more. in san ramon, abc7 news. all right. meteorologist lisa argen joins us now with a preview of what is to come. >> yeah. certainly colder this morning. 2 to 14 degrees colder up in napa. we are freezing. the golden gate bridge quiet but
5:41 am
numbers cooler everywhere. does it mean a cooler afternoon? we are talking snow right now in the sierra nevada. i'll have the detailed look at the next seven days coming up. and also ahead, a san francisco waterfront property that's about to get an extreme makeover. moving forward, though, without forgetting its past. and we will take you for a tough ride on this. oprah loves her
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> there's a make over ever pier 70. 18,000 people worked here near world war two n this morning's assignment 7 report abc7 news anchor dan ashley looks into the plan to move forward without forgetting the past. >> the cold rush was still in full swing when pier 70 became a
5:44 am
major ship building and repair port for the west coast t played a major role in the building of the country during the spanish american and world wars. it helped build the west, supplying everything from the mining operations to the transcontinental railroad. >> steal from bethlehem helped support the construction of the golden gate bridge, the last major in project was the pier52. >> big ships still come here but other industries that flourished here's have moved on leaving a lifeless water front. port is hoping to change that with a $222 million revitalization plan to bring thousands of people back to pier70. >> it will be a change. it will be a new destination of san francisco and people to come
5:45 am
and under the history of this site. >> it calls for new shops, restaurants and small manufacturing facilities. where ships once launched, there will be a new bay front park. developer forest city will handle a third of the pier. it hopes to build a thousand departments and 2 million square feet of office space. so far there's been little opposition from neighbors. developers say it wants the project to fit into the surrounding neighborhood. >> we really see a great opportunity at pier 70, based on the history of the site and the remaining historic buildings to create a locally-inspired waterfront. >> it may take as long as three years for forest city to hammer out the details with the port. in the meantime the city has signed off on a $100 million project to fix up half a dozen buildings. >> our job is to come in and basically make them safe and lease them out and bring them back to life. >> morton development will also work on the development. it imagining an old power plant could become a restaurant.
5:46 am
offices that once housed steal executives could be where new industries are created. each of these old buildings presents its own challenges. union iron works machine shop was built in 1885 and is the size of two football fields. >> we've been advised by the port that it's in risk of collapse. so the first thing we will do is come in and shore the building up so if there is an earthquake it won't be lost. >> they hope to begin work later this year. the port wants to break ground on the new park in 2014, and for the city, it's aiming to start work in 2016. the city says together these projects will help remake pier 70. >> the idea is to bring pier 70 back to create a new jobs center and getting residents here so you have vitality down here 24 hours a day. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> the project is expected to take 10 to 20 years to complete.
5:47 am
lisa argen joins us now. freezing temperatures this morning, not just in the studio? >> you are right. it does feel really cold. 32 in napa right now. we are looking at numbers in the upper 60s by the end of the work week. we will warm up. it is going to take while to get there. here's a look in santa clara with the new 49ers stadium where they are 8 degrees colder this morning. so everyone experiencing the chill. in fact, it's going to take several days until we really warm up. but you know what? we should be a little bit warmer than this. and we certainly shouldn't see those upper 60s. but it's all coming into play in the next seven days. we will sort it out for you. right now live doppler 7hd not picking up anything in terms of precipitation. there are a few sprinkles out there on the peninsula, the south bay and even up in the north bay. we have a pretty vigorous trough that's make its way through the sierra nevada, jumping up to six inches of snow in parts of the mountains right now. hazardous travel there. we are definitely colder with 32
5:48 am
right now in napa. 41 santa rosa. the dewpoints are much, much lower this morning we we aren't talking about fog like we had yesterday morning. it is certainly a colder morning. but with the full moon, very pretty morning as well. 45 in fremont. 43 san jose, 42 los gatos and more 30s from santa cruz to watsonville this morning and 39 gilroy. here's a look where we were 24 hours ago with the cooling around the bay. 11 degrees colder in antioch and napa this morning. so as you head on out, grab the jacket. maybe a few sprinkles around but overall we will see more sunshine today. the breezy northwesterly winds, anywhere from 10 to 24 miles an hour keeping it cool and windy throughout the bay. we are looking at dry weather continuing for the upcoming work week. although it is going to begin to warm up significantly. not until the middle of the week, though. we are talking some upper 60s. a weak system heading through
5:49 am
the mountains. with it just a little bit of moisture. and with enough of that being running out in the higher elevations we are looking at the tricky travel and the snow level down to about 2500 feet. still this trough that is going to move on through, and with that that is going to bring the plunge of cooler air, the breezy winds and the clear conditions throughout the latter half of the afternoon. here's a look at the computer animation. you will notice that we do have some moisture offshore and some of this could ring out around the bay. but overall we are looking at a cooler than normal pattern as we get set for the next couple of days in the end of january. 54 fresno for today. mid-50s in sacramento with some snow showers in the northern sierra. 32 for a high. right now we are just in the 20s in tahoe. 62 in los angeles. taking you back home numbers in the narrow range from the low 50s in ukiah, and possibility of rain-snow mix in lake county.
5:50 am
56 in san jose today with just 54 in fremont. so certainly cooler than yesterday. 57 in oakland. mid-50s san francisco and down by the monterey bay we are looking at about 56 in hollister and santa cruz 57. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice that the numbers stay in the 50s today and tomorrow. although we will try to nudge them up a couple degrees. more sunshine for tuesday and it is really by actually tuesday you will feel a little bit of warming by wednesday we are in the low 60s. mid-and upper 60s for thursday and friday. it's not going to last, though. computer models indicating perhaps a change by super bowl sunday. >> a perfect day to stay inside then and watch football. >> right. >> thank you, lisa. if you want to burn a lot of calories you are typically faced with a choice, go running or biking outside. it might be nice weather for that today. or go spend an hour at the gym. jonathan bloom has a look at high-tech alternative invented in the bay area that some say
5:51 am
combines the best of both. >> in the shadow of the golden gate bridge you find another piece of engineering, it may be the most unusual bike you have ever see. elliptico is just like those elliptacal machines at the gym but it actually goes places. >> i thought it was so obvious. i was on an elliptical trainer and it hit me it will be so easy to make this thing so you could ride it on the street. >> ryan pate was dead wrong about that. it took him five years to finish designing the contraption that has a cult following among pro athletes, especially distance runners. >> running is hard on the body. if you do it in a moderate amount it's wonderful for the body but what professional athlete does anything in a moderate amount. >> two time track and field champ laura said she had her best season ever when she started alternating running with the elliptico workout. >> it eliminates the impact.
5:52 am
which is the limiting factor of miles you can run in a week. >> it has become a sport. here's a video of the elliptico world champion in san diego. ,, you have to walk before you run. >> you push off and stand up. now you walk. >> despite how smooth it is, it is an intense workout. in fact elliptico sponsored a study at the university of california san diego that it burns 33% more calories than riding a bike. >> you will get used to it. there you go. >> he said most of the customers are like him, fitness junkies. oprah winfrey is rumored to have one. for the rest you can rent one in the sports basement. >> people are surprised. they think it will be an easy cruz and when they come back, they are tired. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> look at him go, jonathan bloom. coming up next with just a week to go, super bowl predictions are already being made.
5:53 am
we will tell you which team this californ
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> you can add a female orangutan to the 49ers faithful. each year she's given a choices of book was super bowl team blankets inside. this year there was one for the 49ers and one for the ravens. the 25-year-old new mom picked the 49ers blanket out of the box within just a few seconds. no hesitation. and she doesn't even bother opening the box with the ravens blanket inside. good woman. but her track record is a little less decisive. her super bowl picks have been correct 50% of the time. let's hope we are on the right side of 50 this time around. next at six, a violent night on the peninsula. two separate shootings. one leaves a toddler injured. and a dream come true for a 49er
5:56 am
faithful as the team gets ready to head to the super bowl.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> good morning. i'm kira klapper in for carolyn tyler. it's 6:00 right now. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. let's start with a quick first look at weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. here's a look from the east bay camera. we are certainly colder this morning. freezing in the north bay. numbers in the 40s here. we are looking at weak disturbances over the area right now. mid-30s to the upper 40s. we are looking at a mostly sunny day, maybe a few clouds around and perhaps a sprinkles. numbers will be cooler than yesterday. if you thought it was cool yesterday, the northwesterly winds allowing for a chill in the air. we managed a few 60s yesterday. nothing doing today. tonight another chilly evening with temperatures once again dropping through the 40s. we have a significant warming trend on the way. i will tell you when and how much it will warm up the next team we see you and that will include


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