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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 27, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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ice nice and clear outside. is it cold in the north and east bay valleys. temperatures just in the upper 30s. we were down to freezing earlier. we will continue to climb today but only to the mid-50s. numbers will be cooler than yesterday. northwesterly winds keeping a chill in the air today. in fact, it's going to be a little wild before we warm up. tonight is going to be another night with some freezing temperatures around the bay. but we do have a significant warmup on the way for the week ahead. i'll show that to you with my seven-day outlook in a few minutes. kira. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news updating a devastating fire at a nightclub in brazil. it's now one of the deadliest nightclub fires in more than a decade. at least 245 people have died at the kiss nightclub in the southern city of santa maria. another 200 are injured in the club. it is said to hold as many at 2,000 people. >> officials say there was only one exit available when band
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members ignited fire in the ceiling and resulted in a stampede. >> santa clara county firefighters were called to the cement plant on stevens boulevard just before 6:00 this morning. they were able to put the flames out without any injuries just before 8:00. two hours it took them to put out the flames. there's no word on what caused that industrial fire. one man is dead and a toddler wounded in two separate shootings? a violent night on the peninsula. police are piecing together information in two separate locations, just blocks from one another in menlo park and east palo alto. they also occurred within an hour of each other. in the latest incident a victim died after being shot in the head at capital avenue and bell street. east palo alto police identify the victim as 21-year-old lamont coleman of east palo alto. and just blocks away at a mcdonald's parking lot police also gathered clues in a shooting that left a 24-year-old woman and her toddler wounded.
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two people pulled up alongside the sedan and started firing directly into the car. the victim sped away from the mcdonald's where she was able to meet first responders. >> the vehicle was occupied by five adults and one child. there are two people that were hit. one adult, who is a 24-year-old female, and a child. a two-year-old male. >> police say the child was sitting in his mother's lap in the car when they were both shot in the legs. the two-year-old suffered a grazing wound to his head. investigators are working to determine whether the two shootings are related and if gangs are involved. >> a gun buy back yesterday brought in 685 firearms and assault weapons. some people waited in line for two hours at the san mateo county events center. the crowd was so big organizers
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opened an hour earlier. people were paid $100 forehand guns or shotguns and $200 for assault weapons, no questions asked. more than $63,000 was paid out in yesterday's buy-back. she wrote the first u.s. assault weapons band that was allowed to expire. this morning california senator dianne feinstein says her redoubled effort faces an uphill battle again. but this one time things are different. >> i think i can get it passed because the american people are very much for it. there's a new poll out. 80% supportive of a ban on assault weapons. >> feinstein said her new gun control proposals have broad-based support. but she does acknowledge the national rifle association has the power to derail the movement because it represents gun manufacturers more than gun owners. in fairfield officials tomorrow will resume their investigation of a fire that gut
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add comedy club. they say it started as an electrical fire friday night. flames destroyed the roof of the theater. fire investigators haven't been able to go inside because of structural issues. crews were able to remove debris yesterday and at least open the surrounding streets. >> we have metal siding up top that's blowing in the wind. those were damaged in the fire. the support studs were damaged in the fire. so we are trying to get those shored up so they don't leave the building and hurt somebody. >> as you can see, sky 7hd was over the five-alarm fire as it burned. more than 100 firefighters responded. >> the u.s. coast guard is investigating a collision between a sale boat and a tugboat escorting a barge.
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two people were rescued after their sailboat collided with a tugboat escorting a barge. >> most of the 49 faithful will be here in the bay area cheering on their team, but a lucky few will be right there at the superdome. news reporter lilian kim has more from the niner's practice facility in santa clara. >> i opened up my e-mail and it said jed york. >> terry white of walnut creek was having a tough time getting tickets to the super bowl. then came the e-mail from jed york telling him he won two free tickets. the 49er's ceo conducted the contest on twitter and on e-mail. he explains why he picked white who has been a season ticketholder for 45 years and has attended all five 49er super bowls. >> i wanted to give someone a chance to go to the game who knows what it means to be a 49er faithful. tickets are on the niners as a huge thank you for your years of
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support. bring us good luck. best, jed. >> cool, huh? >> for mark goodwin it will be his first super bowl. he was among a handful of season ticket holders tharpe given the opportunity to buy tickets through a lottery. he bought two for $950 each, one for him and one for his brother. >> it's a great opportunity to see my little brother, and i'm just totally stoked about this team. >> go niners! >> but not everyone who bought tickets through the lottery is going to go to the super bowl. this family is planning to sell their tickets to pay for their season tickets next year. >> who are you going to sell them to? >> anyone who wants them for a good price. >> terry white would never consider selling his tickets. he wants those bragging rights to say he's gone to all six 49er super bowls. >> i brag about i've been to all five and everyone looks at me and say you what? now i won't have to say i've just gone five of six. so i'll be -- have been to six.
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>> the 49ers will be heading out to new orleans later today. they will be leaving their practice facility at noon where they will be taken by bus to san jose. their flight is scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. in santa clara, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> so exciting. and abc news has an entire team of our heading to the super bowl. the sport anchors will be there and reporters wayne friedman and katie will be there to bring you the very best coverage during super bowl week. we will be tweeting their behind the scenes updates at abc7 news bay area. coming up next, 49er fans aren't the only ones celebrating their teams today. thousands of oakland as fans will be spending their day with the al west division champs.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> a movie about oscar grant has won two awards at the sundance film festival, including the top prize. fruitvale took over the prizes yesterday. it also won the audience award
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for u.s. drama. it looks at the last day in the life of oscar grant. he was killed by a police officer on new year's day in 2009. wine seed company's purchased the rights for more than $200 million last week. a release date has not been announced. new this morning, construction on the california high-speed rail line is supposed to begin in july. but the los angeles times this morning is reporting the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks but that would only be the first step. the l.a. times said a convoluted legal problem could allow land owners to delay the project by weeks or months and drive up the cost of the massive project. it's a $68 billion project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy, but they can still acquire needed property and begin the project on time.
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>> the a's are holding their fan fest. fans can get free photos with the four world series trophies and former legends. even tour the clubhouse. people who buy the memorabilia will support the a's community fund. all 1,000 tickets to the event sold out quickly. if you don't have tickets to that, it will be a beautiful day to go outside. killie but the sun will be with us. >> just out of the 40s right now in the north and east bay valleys. but we see spring frills the peninsula down around monterey. we will talk about that. looking at berkeley now. a beautiful shot. and a big warmup. i'll tell you when next. >> the sharks win again and patrick marleau makes history doing something that has not been done, get this, in 95 years. mike shumann has
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>> looking behind us at the bay bridge. it's sun my and crisp today. >> we picked up some rain along the san mateo coast. mt. tam nothing, but the monterey coast, .08. this weak system provided a few sprinkles, the chilly air and some snow. chain controls throughout the morning hours. we are looking live receipt now
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from mt. tam. boy, numbers drop around napa and the delta. 32 degrees this morning. mid-30s out towards our east bay valleys. right now really clear conditions. we will still keep the threat of showers mainly south from south of san jose, san mateo and cupertino. further south than that we have picked up some clouds and some sprinkles. right now in the sierra nevada we are looking at the snow winding down, but still around colfax definitely some travel troubles if you are headed up to the mountains. 43 right now in concord. on the other side of 40, but just 42 in napa. good morning, san francisco, 47 for you. it's just mid-40s for watsonville. we are definitely cooler, as much as 11 are december colder this morning in concord. and looking at four degrees colder in san francisco. so it's the chilly numbers. we are below average. it will be windy.
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in fact wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour right any along the coast. but dry weather continues. in fact a big warmup by thursday. you can see the flow. it's out of the north. we are looking another this cold air settling on in and that snow will be winding down. but we are really paying the price with the overnight lows once again at freezing. just the moisture to the south of us. also we are getting some big swells around santa monica. this low quickly slides to the east and then it's high pressure. the fair weather maker continues to have a firm grip on the golden state right on through the week. 62 in los angeles. it's been very rainy in san diego. that continues. we will look for 57 today in oakland. northwesterly winds could be over 20 miles an hour at times today along the coast. 55 palo alto and down by the monterey bay, best chance here for a lingering shower or sprinkle right on through the afternoon. 56 in hollister. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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we are still cool tomorrow but we will continue to warm up a few degrees right through wednesday. then it's a more significant warmup with upper 60s." we could see some 70s by then of the work week. cooling off by the weekend. super bowl sunday could feature more changes. >> just as the weekend gets going, the weather gets cooler. >> in sports, just seven more days remain until super bowl xlvii. fans will be gathering this morning in santa clara to send the 49ers off to new orleans. here's mike shumann with more on the niners in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the niners take off today for new orleans and super bowl xlvii. it is your last chance of normalcy before the media onslaught begins on monday. the niners have five layers who have played in a former super^bowl. even their coach, jim harbaugh, never played in the big game. but this entire roster wants to keep the bay area championship
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win streak going. san francisco is just settling down from the giants world series victory and parade. could we be getting ready for yet another parade? >> i was actually thinking about it. there's a nice stretch here with teams, the giants winning and doing well. the sharks always do well and the warriors are competitive. >> all right. raiders head coach dennis allen coaching the north team at yesterday's senior bowl in mobile, alabama. a good chance to check out the talent for the draft. ej manual, a 20-yard strike and michael wilson ran for a td. 14-0 south. stanford running back stephon taylor led all rushers with 53 yards on nine carries. including this 20-yarder, helping the south win 21-16. the warriors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights. brutal. spending last night in milwaukee. facing former warrior andre
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-- monta ellis and bogut. the bench goes wild on that one. why isn't he an all-star? hits the corner three. led all scorers with 26 points. warriors up 4 at the half. in the third, monta ellis gets. the feed. he vanishes with the right-hand slam. he had 20. brandon jensen also 20. nothing but net here. put the bucks up nine. then monta finishes things up a with a three over former teammate steph curry. warriors lose their second game in two nights. 109-102 that final. i don't know what patrick marleau of the sharks is doing during the lockout but it's working. he become the first player in 95 years to score four straight multi-goal games to open the season. sharks hosting colorado and kept their win streak intact, now 4-0. avalanche controlled the game early until this huge below. -- blow. that changed the momentum. sharks get a power play out of the deal. marleau, first goal of the game. 1-0 sharks. marleau scored two goals in every game this season. why stop now?
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a minute a minute later. his eighth goal of the season, 2-0. second period, the goalie has the day off. thomas greiss, 24 saves. now another first, the rookie's first game. , matt irwin. lays it in from the point. sharks open the season 4-0 with a 4-0 victory. they are back on the ice tonight against vancouver. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you at five. >> thank you, schu. coming up next, as we said, just a week to go, but already super bowl predictions are being made. we will tell you
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $16 million super lotto plus draw. 4, 10, 23, 24, 44 and the meganumber 23. nobody correctly picked all six numbers. good news is wednesday night the jackpot is estimated at $17 million. a female orangutan to the 49ers faithful. each year she is given a choice of boxes with a super bowl team blankets inside.
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this year there was one for the 49ers and one for the ravens. the 25-year-old new mom picked the 49ers' blanket out of the box. no hesitation. she doesn't even bother opening the box with the ravens blanket inside. but the bad news is her picks have only been correct 50% of the time. you can share your photos of who you expect to win, your 49ers pride with us. take a look. this picture, 7-week-old can't wait for her niners to bring home a sixth super bowl championship. you can e-mail your photos to us at ureport. and on a sunny sunday, lisa argen leaves us with one last look at the weather. >> the cooling trend continues. cooler than yesterday. you see the clouds to the north of us. a few sprinkles visiting the friends to it the south of us.
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there is some sierra snow, but otherwise numbers continue to be 2 to 5 degrees below rank. 57 in oakland, 56 san jose. here's where we see a few more clouds from san jose on south. maybe a sprinkle through the day or shower. otherwise sunny and warmer by midweek. >> i had little raindrops on my car when i got in it. >> good, it verifies. >> should be good otherwise. thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 news. we are off early because of the basketball game between the heat and the celtics. we continue at 5:00 tonight. have a great day!
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you heard the term, there's no place like home. there's no place like home. well, stop clicking your heels, ray allen. this is not kansas. >> that's right. it's boston. >> boo! >> every single day. that's got to be our focus. >> the heat and celtics look to add another chapter to their budding rival. >> he pulls down ray allen. >> ray allen, once a champion returns to the enemy. >> welcome to the dark side and went to them. they're the champs. we want to beat them. >> a matchup of scoring machines. kevin durant has his thunder ready for another title run. >> oh, my. oh, my. but kobe and bryant and the lakers are looking for answers


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