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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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at norman ma -- at the airport in san jose the team beard their 747. here, too, few die-hard fans waited by the fence to see them off. this is a big niners familiar. >> i want them to win, and -- um -- i hope kaepernick wins the game. >> the 49ers are expected to have a news conference sometime tonight. we'll have more on that at 11:00. in santa clara, abc7 news. >> we have an entire team heading to the super bowl. larry beil and mike shuman, form em49ers, will be there with his own super bowl ring. we'll bring you the best coverage during super bowl week. new at 6:00, san rafael police hope someone recognizes a
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bank robber caught in the act by surveillance cameras. this video shows what happened inside the west america bank on mitchell boulevard friday afternoon. the man demands cash from one teller. she complies. he then goes to another window and robs another teller. he is 5'9" in his late 20s or earl 30s. another violent day in oakland landed four people in the hospital with gunshot wounds. last night, just after 10:30, three people were shot. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. the suspects are still at large. saturday afternoon, a bystander drove through a gunfight on international boulevard and was shot. that victim is in sable condition. >> a house fire in san francisco has sent a bedridden individual to the hospital. just before 5:00 when the fire was reported. flames were knocked down in a
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half hour. one person confined to a bed was taken to the hospital. otherwise no serious injuries have been reported. the red cross has been called out to help those displaced by the fire. >> a stubborn fire at a cupertino cement plant took two hours to get under control. firefighters responded to the fire this morning at 5:45. truck equipment and tires appear to be the only damage. the cause is still under investigation. crews in fairfield have cleared enough debris from the comedy club fire to open neighboring streets. investigators will continue looking for a cuss tomorrow. we we are over the scene friday night. there were no injuries but the business appears be a loss. the warning periodes over for drivers in san francisco. parking enforcement officers were out in force today checking meters. lillian kim joins us live with the details. reporter: the grace period is over for metered parking. today parking control officers
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were out and about, issuing tickets. they have been giving verbal and written warnings over the past three sundays. 11,000 in all. but not today. today starting at noon, officers gave tickets to anyone with an spirit immediater,, -- expired meter, putten an end to the 65 year tradition of free parking on sundays in san francisco. the municipal transportation agency approved the plan in april and in mean the months had been warning people through newspaper adds, broadcast need ya, and notices on storefront. appears to have worked. one parking control officer says she has been writing fewer tickets than expected on this first day of enforcement. >> it anyone giving you any grief? >> no. no grief. people been really nice. >> what have they said. >> been saying, wow, the city needs sunday. >> i drove on sundays and now i'm going to definitely think twice about that. >> it's unfortunate we have to pay on sundays, considering we
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have to pay for everything else. but i don't know. i guess it is what it is. the city wants money for everything. >> you come down in different places to spend money, and then kind of get another tax on that. unfortunately it's kind of what's going on. i can't say i'm happy about it. reporter: a ticket is $62, and downtown is 72 tuesday. sunday enforcement is expected to generate $2 million a year. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: starting tomorrow, the golden gate bridge will begin changing to electronic tolling. toll collectors wilt still man the booths but once the system is validated, cash will no longer be accepted the bridge, just fast track and etoll. the etoll system should be up and running by february. etoll is projected to save $19 million over eight years. a change is also coming to
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the broadway none san francisco. the tunnel's 60-year-old ventilation system will be replaced in octopi a digital company -- carbon monoxide monitor. the monitor will cost a million dollars. the fans in the opportunity are so old the spare parts to fix them no longer exist. >> still to come, tragedy in brazil. hundreds killed after a fire tears through a nightclub. tonight what survivors are saying was behind the blaze. >> the new effort to predict when the next big quake will hit. what lawmakers want to change. >> less than a month from the oscars and two nominees are still big at the box office. we'll tell you who came out on top. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a terrific day today, lots of sunshine, but very cool temperatures. we'll look at the highs for today and let you
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>> investigators in brazil are still trying to figure out what caused a nightclub to burst into flames, killing 232 people. the tragedy sent people streaming into the streetstreets. it happened this morning people used actions to make escape routes.
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[inaudible] >> survivors claim a band member lit a flare that ignited the ceiling insulation, police say men people died when the doors were blocked by bodies of other victims. more than 100 survivors are being treated at hospitals. >> dozens of hikers were rescued after getting stranded in a canyon near tucson, arizona. the hikers say they got stuck after a river swelled to a raginger to represent in a matter of minutes, rescuers used a technique roping together hikers and flow addition devices to get them through the high water. others were flown out by helicopter. californians live with the threat of major earthquake every day, and now a state lawmaker wants to develop a warning system. he plans to unveil a bill tomorrow that would take the first step in developing a
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statewide earthquake warning system. experts from uc berkeley, cal tech, will be on hand for the introduction of the bill. a few second office washing might give some people extra time to take cover before a quake hits. >> just ahead, the prices of some basics going up. we'll explain. >> plus, downward facing dog with a real pet. a very old tradition. >> and there is more rain on the way? meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: it's official. the 49ers landed in the big easy for super bowl xlvii, and jim harbaugh has his hand fall. not with the ravens but his skid
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>> ama: going to cost you more to mail a letter. the price of postage went up one cent to 46 cents for a first class letter. the forever stamps still work. >> gas prices are going up. the average price of gasoline is
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now 3.34 a gallon. up four cents in the last week inch california the average is 3.67. in the bay area, it's 3.71. >> the golden gate kennel club concluded a weekend dog show at the cow palace. the all-breed dog show and competitions. 350 breeds were represented through more than 2,000 dogs. the show is one of the most press siegous in the make. look at that weeper -- weiner dog, and yoga is now going to the dogs, sort of. classes are breaking up around the country, some yoga students say posing with their dogs is better for them. >> actually -- i couldn't find exactly what i wanted but being able to do it with my dog is more relaxing. >> i love it. many students add they can attend to their dog's aches and
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pains through yoga techniques. it was a nice day to take a drive or a walk, but maybe need just a little sweater or jacket. >> leigh: the temperatures that yesterday as well as today running 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. we have clear sky out there and that will give way to cold overnight temperatures. live doppler 7hd ex-clear sky, no returns, clouds sitting just off the coast. we could possibly see a few light sprinkles, much like last night and this morning, overnight tonight. i'll show you why in just a moment. here's a look at the highs for today. we're all in the 50s, the exception, antioch, 60 today. 55 in san francisco. santa rosa, 57. 58, napa, and we managed 54 degrees in san jose. half moon bay, 54 there as well. right now we're slipping into the 40s.
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49 in antioch. fairfield, 49. 51 in san francisco. clear sky, half moon bay, 48. 50 right now in san jose. we'll go with controlled temperatures overnight. a little bit of coastal cloudiness. cool and breezy monday afternoon. after that get ready for a terrific super bowl week, with dry conditions, and temperatures will begin to warm, especially as we head into thursday and friday. we have to get through a cold night tonight, temperatures in the north bay in the mid-to-low 30s. some of those protected valley areas, we have very little wind, could possibly reach the up 20ers, so check some of those tender vegetation, plants, cover some of those. 39 for antioch. 45, san francisco, 37, mid-to-upper 30s, south bay. 37 for san jose. this little impulse here continuing to rotate down, very cool air. it will be with us tomorrow and then after that, kicks off
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towards the east. high pressure will build in and that is the system that is going to warm us up especially as we get into the latter part of the work week. a chance of sprinkles and you can see why. this is our our make, -- animation, this is 5:00 tomorrow morning, a little moisture but much will stay off the coast. we can expect nor sunshine tomorrow, still going to be a bit of a cool side with the gusting northwest winds. by tuesday night and wednesday, those winds will shift and we'll start to warm up. here is your numbers. much like today, santa rosa, 58. vallejo, 58. 56 in san francisco. plenty of sunshine. kind of a crisp day tomorrow. with oakland, 59. 55, livermore. 57, san jose. santa cruz tomorrow, somewhat below where you should be. sunny, breezy, 58, and 57 for hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast, bring on the sunshine.
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it will be a dry period the next seven days. wednesday, thursday, and friday, gradual warming. by friday, some folks near 70 degrees. ground hog day on saturday. we'll have to check out just what they -- see the shadow or not. we'll be ready for the big game on sunday. >> ama: shu, what was it like for you when you leaned for the super bowl. >> in detroit it was ten degrees and couldn't wait to get to the room. the first time i ever played in the north. lucky me. the 49ers have landed in new orleans and it now becomes real that they're playing in super bowl xlvii. the excitement begins as frank gore and his 49er posse arrive in the big easy, along with quarterback colin cap per -- kaepernick and the rest of the roster. now, coach harbaugh has a plan to keep his team loose. i'm going to take you back to
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1982 when our head coach, bill walsh, greeted us in our hotel to as a bell hop. that is right. check out the first guy off the bus, young long-haired wide receiver mike shumann. i put him away. didn't even recognize him. bill montana did and gave him a tip. his recommendation, stay loose, have fun, and we won our first superbell title. i talked with bill later and he told me, can you believe i did that? can you imagine don shula or vince almost -- lombardi pulling that stunt. i at any time recognize him and i teammate told me, i pushed him away and i'll never get in the game. >> the a's held their annual fanfest in in arena.
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last year no one knew who the players were but the layoff run opened a lot of eyes. today the stands weringpacked. fans giving the team a hero's welcome. oakland hat 14 walkoff wins in the regular season. there are some new faces. nakajima, and chris young, who the a's acquired from arizona. and of course, the old faces that kind of look knew, like josh reddick. what's up with the caveman beard? >> actually a deal cocoa and i made at the enof the year, to grow the best facial hair, longest hair, and right now he hays the hair and i have the facial hair and it's cold so keep mist face warm. it's just a little challenge. >> mike: the australian open came to a close today down under with the machine res final. andy murray tried to end djokovic's unprecedented run for his third aussie title. first set, djokovic slips. still manages to get a react on it. murray things he has an easy win it but djokovic never gives up
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but loses the set in a tiebreaker. novak wins the second set in a tiebreaker. third set, novak take advantage of the missed forehand. match point. after a short rally, murray finds the neck and djokovic wins his six major in four sets, the first man to win three straight aussie open titles in the modern ear ramp he is now ai top the rankings at number one. >> what a joy. it's incredible feeling, winning this trophy once more, and it's definitely my favorite grand slam. i love this court. [cheers and applause] >> mike: after a fog delay yesterday at the farmers insurance open another torrey pines in san diego. tiger woods came out blazing to take a four stroke lead. he was won this event six times. nick faldo has his own airline. check it out. seats are at a premium. tiger on his game, a 3-under 69.
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second shot on the 2 inside. great distance and spin control. within a foot of the hole, he is 14-under after the third round, has a four stroke lead. brandt snedeker, won last year in the hunt. putting from the fringe. he is at 11-under. currently playing the fourth round. won't finish today but thanks to the chip shot by tiger on 4, sitting pretty pretty top the leader board. >> college hoops. men are in boulder facing the buff lows. this would ugly from the start. booker lays it in. colorado 34-18 at the half. allen crabbe, drains the first bear three, but the bears never got close. booker had career high 20 points. cal falls to 3-4 in pac-12 play with a 10-point loss. tonight larry beil will join us from new orleans with player reaction, and it becomes real now. they know they're playing in the super bowl. >> ama: check out this group of
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49ers faithfuls in their team scarfs and these two women are authentic fans. you can e-mail your photos to >> a big weekend for the supernatural and for the oscars at the box office. we'll show you the box
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>> join me tonight at 9:00. we'll show you how a san francisco company is showing a unique approach to weed through job candidates. >> the new changes coming to credit cards and it could cost you big bucks. all at 9:00 and 11:00. a fairy tale weekend at the box office. >> my sister. >> we were left in the forest, we almost died at the hands of in the witch. now we travel the world. >> hansel and gretel, an r-rated action film. the supernatural horror film mama is second place. and silver lining playbook was third. zero dark thirty was fourth and parker was in sixth. it's it for us at 6:00.
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>> right now, hansel and gretel, all grown up! >> whatever you do, don't eat this candy. the new movie starring halle berry, hugh jackman, richard
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gere, emma stone and kate winslet. >> they were gungho, they wanted to do it. >> the final season begins for spartacus. >> plus the biggest post-oscar party! >> it is gonna smell fantastic in the room and i know everybody is gonna want to eat. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> welcome toll on the red carpet from the ballroom inside of hollywood and highland where the governor's ball will be held after the oscars are handed out. >> i'm rachel smith. this year we're getting a preview of the big night. this is where hollywood's elite will come to celebrate. >> this is oscar's official after party. the governor's ball is where stars come to wine, dine, and celebrate right after the final oscar is handed out! >> this is the greatest party, and i think, it has to have gm our, and it has to


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