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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 27, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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that's where at least one person died after a crash on eastbound 92 near foster city boulevard a little more than an hour ago. the highway patrol has closed two lanes on eastbound 92 along with the off-ramp to foster city boulevard. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will have a live report as soon as they arrive in foster city. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. now to the super bowl. 49ers' coach jim harbaugh and the rest of the team are now in new orleans. the countdown to the super bowl has officially begun. let's kick off our coverage with mike shumann. >> super bowl xlvii as you mentioned has officially begun for the 49ers and our abc7 news team. they both arrived and that's where larry beil is as we begin our coverage of the 49er 6th trip to the super bowl, and larry the media on slot has begun. >> absolutely, shu. you know what it is like because you played in this
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game. let me bid you good morning from new orleans because it is actually 1:00 a.m. local time. i am here with my buddies, colin kaepernick, the star quarterback for the 49ers and vernon davis off to the left. these are the gigantic murals in the entryway because we come to you from the 49ers' team hotel. the rest of the squad is inside we presume. as for the travel today, the 49ers flew into town tonight and arrived at 7:00 in new orleans. they filled six buss with players, fans -- rather family and friends. it is the 10th time the city of new orleans has hosted the super bowl. it is the first time the niners have been here for a super bowl game since 1990 when they beat the denver broncos. the first order of business for head coach jim harbaugh was meet the press. harbaugh says he is not really worried about distractions because this team is laser focused. >> the team has within -- has been really focused, focused on winning, focused on being a
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team. i think it is genuine. i think it is the best focus on unity and winning that i have ever seen or been a part of. >> it will draw us closer together. we are on the same floors for a whole week and be going out to eat with the guys a bunch, so dudes trip. that's what it boils down to and be ready to play. >> a dudes trip as justin smith would say. it is really a fun atmosphere at the marriott hotel. a bunch of fans were hanging out and trying to get pictures with favorites like vernon davis who stuck around. 1k3 we have video from bourbon street and our reporter abc news on wayne freedman said that it was hoping tonight on bourbon street. the 49ers do not have a curfew
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for the first couple nights and neither do we. you don't even want to ask how i happened to get these. you don't want to know. we will be coming back later on in sports, shu. we will have more so on the 49ers ray lewis versus his old buddy, patrick willis. that's in sports. >> those are the two scarest words for the next few days, no curfew. hopefully nobody gets in trouble. larry has gone wild. we will have more in sports. abc7 news has an entire team at the super bowl. i am headed to new orleans tomorrow and will join larry beil. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman and katie marzulo will be there to bring you the best coverage during super bowl week. we will be tweeting our updates at abc7 news bay area. >> and you know what, there is also a slide show of the activity in new orleans. that's on so you
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can check that out as well. thank you, shu. it has been a nice weekend and leigh glaser is eke check -- is checking your forecast. >> we are seeing clear skies and live doppler 7hd is picking up some of the clouds toward stockton as well as the sacramento valley area. you can see them near the coast. there were reports of light rain. eureka toward red way and this is what could possibly sneak in the higher terrain around the bay area overnight tonight and early toúorrow morning. we will definitely put a chance of sprinkles in our forecast. it is getting cold and napa at 37 and 48 in san francisco and 46 in san jose. a cold weekend. we will warm up this upcoming workweek. my accu-weather seven-day forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you so much. now to the tragic nightclub fire in brazil. it hpped in the southern
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brazil town of santa maria. here are the details. >> reporter: you are looking at the desperate effort to save lives as a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at this club in brazil. young men swung axes and sledgehammers trying to hack out escape routes for those hiding behind the walls. the club was packed with college party goers when members of the band on stage reportedly lit flares to set the ceiling on fire. >> flames and smoke out raced the terrified crowd which jammed the exit in a mad dash to escape. the club was a death trap. there was so much smoke and fire said one survivor that it was complete panic. hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance workers did what they could treating the 200 injured at the scene. others were taken to the hospital.
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by daylight grief stricken crowds gathered outside the building and a local gymnasium was used for identifying the dead. brazil's president tried to console the stricken nation. in these times of sadness we are together, and out of necessity we will heal, but we will do so remembering our sadness. this is the deadliest nightclub fire in a decade. it bears a resemblance to this one in rhode island. here also stage affects involving fire were to blame and a performance by the band great white started a blaze in a panic at a nightclub. when it was over, 100 people were dead. 234* brazil, the national mourning has just begun. abc news, new york. . new at 11:00, one westbound lane of i-80 is now open after a fatal accident closed down all westbound lanes on i-80. it happened just before 9:00.
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a woman driving a black suv had trouble on some uneven roadway. >> she lost control of her vehicle and struck the center median and subsequently overturning. it looks like one of the passengers of the vehicle was ejected and the vehicle landed on top of him. that passenger sustained fatal collisions and did not make it. >> the four other people in the car including the driver were taken to hospital with minor injuries. >> a woman died after a freight train plowed into a car in northern monterey county. they provided these pictures of the crash scene. the highway patrol says the woman was riding in the front seat of a honda that was driven across the railroad tracks. witnesses say the driver tried to turn around after realizing she was in the train's path. the driver and her three children went to the hospital. the grace period for the meters is now over. they issued tickets for the first time today.
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lilian kim is live in the city. >> enforcement for parking is noon to 6:00 p.m. on sundays, and here is one car who got a ticket for parking without paying, and it will cost the owner $62. this parking control officer wasn't sure what to expect after three consecutive sundays of giving verbal and written warnings, lynn,000 in -- 11,000 in all. >> is anyone getting any greef? >> that's what i was afraid of. the people have been really nice. >> what have they been saying? >> they said the city needs money. >> we don't like the sunday deal. >> no one took it out on the officers, they complained how expensive it is to park. >> i think they are only giving you four minutes for a quarter. i think that is ridiculous. it is expensive.
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>> metered parking on sunday was free for 65 years, ever since the city installed the first, paing meter in 1947. the municipal transportation agency decided to get rid of it to increase parking turnover in the commercial corridors. >> now i am toking to walk. i won't drive and park. i will walk. >> i think that is the goal. >> if you are shopping you have hundred pound bags. >> in addition to the grace period, the municipal transportation agency put out warnings through newspaper ads and social media and notices in storefronts. it seemed to have worked. she expected to issue a lot more tickets on this first day of enforcement. >> is that good? >> yes, i think so. it is expensive, $62 a ticket. >> that's $62 in most parts of the city and $72 downtown. sunday enforcement is expected to generate $2 million a year. live in san francisco, lilian
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kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. we now take you back to the scene of our braking news on the paw lins gnaw. peninsula. sergio joins us with the latest. sergio? >> ama, this is a crash that happened just before 10:00 this evening. investigators are piecing together the details. when we first learned about this we found it might be a hit and run situation. but they confirmed this is a single vehicle accident. there were five people in that vehicle and three people have died. they are still putting together details, and they are at the initial stages of this investigation. also we are just gathering details. so we will have more later in this newscast. live in foster city, abc7 news. >> thank you so much for that update. just ahead, new questions are being raised over the firing of a bay area high
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school coach. jay seems like he did -- >> seems like he did everything they wanted paw paterno to do. >> the coach claims he was a whistle-blower and now out of a job. and concerns about kids, alcohol and advertising. the connection that is causing big problems. and later we are ramping up to the oscars. tonight, a bit of
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the head varsity coach at
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a catholic high school was fired after a hazing incident involving the football team. tonight the coach of an opposing team is coming to his defense. sergio has the details. >> he is the varsity coach of the pinole valley high school team. he was surprised this weekend to learn that the head coach of an opposing team had been fired after reporting a hazing incident. >> woke up in the morning and looked on the computer and saw the headlines. i was shocked. >> the two coaches have only met a few times on the football field. but he is earn cked that this incident might make other coaches think twice about reporting anything inappropriate in the locker room. >> there has been emphasis on coaches being accountable and responsible. it seems he did exactly what everyone wanted paterno to do, yet he ended up in the same situation. >> in 2011 coach joe paterno was fired after the university determined he failed to report a series of sex aisle assaults on minors by then coach jerry
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sandusky. the situation at the catholic high school is less dramatic. he says he heard younger players hearing upper class men were hazing them so he reported that to the principal. and now he says he is being made a scapegoat. >> i found out about it and did the right thing and reported it. i am the one without a job. >> i talked with the school spokesman and says he was not fired for president aring the hazing. he was fired for failing to properly supervise the kids. >> at the inevitable conclusion, the person responsible for supervising him needed to go. in that case it was the coach. >> he says it is impossible to keep an eye on students every minute they are on campus, and he believes hazing has been happening on happening on the team since before he became head coach last summer. >> if i am sacrifices -- sacrificed to save any kid from going through this again, so be it. i did the right thing and hang
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my hat on doing the right thing. >>abc7 news. research suggests exposing teenagers to alcohol can lead to underaged drinking. they looked at 3900 students in the los angeles area. a survey asked students in 7th and 10th grade about their commercials for alcohol and how much they enjoyed the ads. they said the influence of liking them lead to an increase. now leigh glaser has been checking our weather to find out what is in store for the week ahead. >> hi, every. hi, everyone. clouds are moving in, and they have a really nice handle on this. cloverdale, more clouds are developing off the coast. eureka and all the way down and near the sonoma coast now and picking up a little light moisture. we have an impulse here and you can see it moving down the coast.
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this can bring parts of the bay area. man it is getting cold. 36, 40 in san francisco. redwood city, 47 mountain view and 41 in lot gat toes, livermore is at 43 degrees. it will be cold overnight. we will put in a chance of a few isolated sprinkles. mainly near the coast in the higher terrain. cool and breezy and then after that the workweek will be dry and get ready for a nice warm up as we head into thursday and friday. this is our satellite-radar composite and there it is. it is slowly dropping and snow in the higher elevations. this will meander down the coast. might be able to squeeze out a drop or two. the bulk will track toward the south and east of us. the high pressure will build into tuesday. the low will bring us another cool down for your monday, and as it skirts toward the east
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on tuesday we still start to warm things up. here is a look at the forecast. early tomorrow morning you can see the massive moisture moving south. this is 5:00 monday morning. a slight chance of moisture. higher terrain and most of it will stay well off the coast. most of our monday you can expect sunshine and the northwesterly winds and will keep it brisk and cool out there. it will be tuesday, wednesday and thursday when we start to warm things back up. here is a look at your lows, napa, and santa rosa. 45 for san francisco and 41 for oakland overnight. and the highs for your monday, still brisk, but going with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. oakland will warm to 60 degrees tomorrow. 56 for san francisco.
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still running below normal. 58 degrees expected there and livermore 55 and even santa cruz is well below where you should be. 58 tomorrow and on the breezy side near the water's edge. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. a sunny day on tuesday. warmer, but the focus will be wednesday, thursday and friday. the warming trend begins on friday. temperatures across the bay area are upper 60s to low 70s. groundhog day is saturday, question mark, question mark. and the really big game on sunday is super bowl. mike nico will be here with another look at the forecast. shu is here with sports. we are talking super bowl, and i will be honest i president can't picture wayne freedman on bourbon street. >> that's a visual you don't want to look at. the 49ers have landed in new orleans and held their first press connence from. press connence from. larry beil is there and will at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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the -- sports director larry beil is up with the bure ton street -- bourbon street regulars. a good move getting there a day early and setting up shop. >> yes, i'm out there with the regulars here on bourbon street. you know, when this football season started nobody -- or should i say as jim harbaugh should say nobody, even colin kaepernick himself would have imagined colin kaepernick would be the starting quarterback in the super bowl. there are giant murals up around new orleans. the 49ers held their first media session. i asked colin directly what was he expected back in september? >> at the start of the season i was hoping to get on the field someway, somehow. i was just trying to do well and make sure we were winning games. things have gone right while we have been playing so we're
11:24 pm
here. >> the man staring down kaepernick on the other side of the ball will be the ravens ' line backer ray lewis who is planning to retire after this game. a lot of people think this ravens team is a team of destiny and perhaps lewis' turn to end with his second super bowl ring. his good buddy is patrick willis, and patrick understandably has other ideas. >> and always have respect for what he has done for this game and the way he has played it and the passion he played it at, but at the same time i feel like the time is now. i want it bad. we want it bad. that's just what it is. we are going out to play. >> now, the ravens as shu mentioned will arrive tomorrow. the 49ers will hold their first super bowl practice tomorrow. they will be working out at the new orleans saints
11:25 pm
facility. and mike shumann arrives in town with his 1981 championship ring. we have a box waiting for you. they will be warm and toasty for you. >> i can't wait. you left san francisco at 5:00 a.m. you are up at 1:30 a.m. in new orleans. who has it better than you? >> yes. everybody. >> we are doing great. it is fun to be out here. there is a lot of excitement and energy. we will get some sleep and we will be back and recharge tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. get some sleep. for those players who did not make the big game, they are suffering in hawaii at the pro bowl. feel bad for them? don't. i could use me some hawaii right now. nfc down 14-10 after an eli manning pick 6. he connected #w* victor cruz
11:26 pm
who scores and breaks into his signature salsa dance. manning had two td passes. five catches and 122 yards. named the game's mvp. despite the afc getting blown out andrew luck, good pro bowl debut, 205 yards and two td's including that one to aj green. the nfc wins it 62-35. we will take our last timeout before we go to the men in teal. they set a franchise record in
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they are off to their best start in franchise history and before the puck even dropped these teams went at it. the teams started 4 on 4 and joe thorton capitalized his third of the year. a few minutes later and alexzander edler passes it to
11:30 pm
the wrong team. shoots and scores his first of the year and just like that 2-0. the second period and patrick marlow and got just one and it deflects off his skate and pushed into net. 3-1 san jose. the sharks power play cannot be stopped. at least two power play goals in the game. he slaps home his second goal of the game. and the sharks are 5-0. todd mccleland's victory. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. more on the niners arrival in new orleans and more in this newscast. >> thank you, shu. still to come on the abc7 news at 11:00, a first of its kind interview for president obama and why next week is an important week for immigrants. >> and dramatic video from in a plane after it was hit by lightning. >> and the new changes coming to credit cards
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breaking news in foster city. that's where three people died in a crash along eastbound highway 92. sergio just spoke to the highway patrol. sergio, what did the investigators have to say? >> well, right now, ama, they are still putting together some of the details as to exactly how this happened. the county coroner is also here on scene. there were five people inside that car. as you mentioned three people inside tonight. unfortunately they are dead. this is a crash that happened just before 10:00 p.m. this evening. it is a single vehicle crash and it happened on the eastbound lane of highway 92 just before the san mateo bridge. there were reports that this was a crash that may have involved a hit and run situation. but the california highway patrol tells me it is a single vehicle accident. a spokesperson describes how it happened as they understand it so far.
11:35 pm
>> for unknown reasons the vehicle lost control. it went off the roadway and struck the guardrail on the side of the freeway. it overturned and struck a metal light utility pole and it came to rest on its roof. >> the california highway patrol tells us they were able to have a quick conversation with one of the people inside that vehicle to just get some basic information as to what all happened. as we come out live, you can see that box that the chp officer was talking about, that's an electric box and they had to have cal trans come out and make sure that it was no longer energized and they could start taking the car off scene. reporting live in foster city, sergio, abc news. >> now to tonight's other headlines. a crash on eastbound highway 92 -- actually we just talked about that. let's move on to our other stories. san ravesan rafael police need your help finding a man who robbed the bank.
11:36 pm
the man who may not have been armed actually went to two separate tellers to empty their cash drawers. 65 years of free sunday parking in san francisco is over. following three weeks of verbal and written warnings the city started enforcing the restriction. the idea is to have a faster turnover on busy streets. a ticket costs $62 and it is $72 downtown. a big week ahead for home as he makes a push for immigration reform. this alls the president has his first joint interview with someone other than his wife. here is larry jacobs. >> i consider hillary a friend. >> we have similar views and experiences. >> it was an extraordinary event. the president praised his former nemesis on the cbs news magazine "60 minutes." it ebbet is political -- it sent political speculation that this is an endorsement for a hillary clinton run in 2016? >> i don't think he or i can
11:37 pm
make predictions about what will happen tomorrow or the next year. >> the secretary of state or the president refused to speculate on the next presidential campaign. they said they became closer over the last four years. >> part of our bond is we've been through a lot of the same stuff. part of being through the same stuff is being whacked around in political campaigns. >> the president prepares to take some knocks again. mr. obama will press immigration reform starting with a trip to las vegas on tuesday and trying to make promises on what he failed to deliver on the first term. >> we are going without a clear statement of poll sigh which is unacceptable. >> it includes a pathway of citizenship for illegal immigrants. some conservative lawmakers are not on board with that idea. it may be pushing more toward an agreement. >> i am confident and guardedly optimistic that this
11:38 pm
time we can get it done. >> abc news, new york. >> new at 11:00, a couple was rescued from the icy hudson river after their plane crashed and sank. police say the couple was on a sight seeing trip. the plane crashed late this afternoon. the couple was wearing life vests and they were able to get out of the plane before it sank. they were rescued in 30 minutes and are hospitalized in stable condition. some extraordinary video from turkey tonight. what you are looking at is the trail left in the sky of a plane with an engine on fire. somebody took these pictures after being hit by lightning. there is panic in the cabin. the plane made an emergency landing and none of the passengers was hurt. new information about the grounding of the boeing 787. they say the jetliner that caught fire on january 7th was delivered to japan
11:39 pm
airlines three weeks earlier. the fire broke out in one of the two lithium ion batteries. the u.s. and japan grounded the wide body plane earlier this month. >> choosing debit over credit could save money. that's because of new fees on credit card users. now how some stores are passing the buck to customers and how much it could cost you. >> swiping a card may be the easiest way to stop, but right now it can be more expensive. stores can charge you more money for using a credit card, as much as 4% more. stores always needed to pay a fee to get you to swipe, but following a settlement, retailers can now pass the fee to you? >> i would be really upset. i wouldn't want to pay more of who wants to pay more? >> there are back end charges
11:40 pm
everywhere you go. >> you feel like you sympathize. >> they are losing business all over the place. >> they have charged some customers the fee. >> this would be of greater impact and impart to local merchants. >> they say they will knot be passing it on to customers fnlt wal-mart said "we are not interested in sur barging customers to allow credit card companies to continue you from charging the unfair fee. but there is a way to know if your neighborhood store will make you pay more. >> there has to be a sign conspicuously saying they charge a surcharge. and then by the cash register and they have to give a repeat. >> so far the rules do not apply in california. when shopping on-line retailers must sell us that they are still charging the
11:41 pm
fee, but not to debit cards. it has been called a landmark for years. now it is official. >> and we are ramping up to the oscars, a preview of the winners at the screen actors build -- guild reward. >> and checking in with live doppler 7hd one more time and a little sprinkle activity expected overnight.
11:42 pm
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11:44 pm
sphwhrie. a landmark in the bay view district has made it official. the bar celebrated their 54th anniversary, and earlier this week it has become a san francisco historic landmark. they won the golden glove championship in the late 1940s, and they later was the first black man to run for mayor. jordan passed away in 2003. the screen actors guild handed out awards and they are usually the guide to the academy awards. if so, good news for jennifer lawrence. >> and now i have this naked statue. that means that some of you have voted for me and that is an undescribable feeling. thank you. >> tommy lee jones won supporting actor and daniel day-lewis took the top honor both for "lincoln." >> it never occurred to me
11:45 pm
that it was an accident murdering lincoln and now every now and then an actor tries to bring him back. >> "mod learn family" won for best on seem bell. ensemble. you can see who will win on february 24th when the oscars are announced live on abc7. a spectacular weekend and let's check in with leigh glaser to find out if there is any rain. hi, leigh? >> we could see some sprinkles overnight and early tomorrow morning. as we look at live doppler 7hd, in the last few hours we notice notice -- noticed a little moisture. it is slowly spreading south. i think once we dpet through
11:46 pm
this band of moisture it looks like that will be it for us. we might squeeze out a few rain drops. we have a ways to go. early tomorrow morning for the monday morning commutes. the higher terrain and once this passes get ready for plenty of sunshine. that's where it is going on this weekend. tomorrow -- this week rather. look for some muggy conditions tomorrow. a band of thunderstorms may move in there as you hit into the tuesday afternoon time frame. 37 degrees and los angeles 62 and a mix of sun and clouds. we will look are to the impulse to come down the coast. sacramento 57 and 31. a few snow showers for lake tahoe. sunny, breezy and cool for your monday. a nice, sunny day for
11:47 pm
tuesday. the temperatures warm slightly, but really wednesday, thursday and friday is when the warming will take place. we will look for higher pressure and a wind shift. upper 60s to low 70s in some spots. of course saturday we will look for the groundhog day, punxsutawney phil to see if he sees his shadow. and then sunday is the 49ers. >> wonder if punxsutawney phil could predict the super bowl too. >> the 49er fans are showing their team pride. look at this out on the field. and this family proudly supports their team jersey. even the dog is getting in on the 49er fever. e-mail them to you report at mike shumann, tomorrow you will be with the 49ers. >> where i went to high
11:48 pm
school. it will be fun. 49ers have arrived in new orleans and we will hear from the men in red. the men in teal are playing like they want to go to their super bowl.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
super bowl xlvii is seven day usa way and they wanted -- days away and they wanted to get a head start. they arrived 5:00 p.m. pacific
11:51 pm
time with a 49er plan waiving from the plane. the players met briefly with the media. they have not been there in 18 years and only five players have been to the big dance. this week is a learning experience for most of the team. >> uncharted waters for a rookie coach. we have a great thrill and a great excitement being in uncharted waters. our coaches and our players are always driving in that kind of environment. >> it is head down and keep working. this isn't a time to relax. you can get out of your routine. this one you should be working your hardest. >> for those players who did not make it to the big game, they are suffering at the pro bowl. nfc was down 14-10. he connects with victor cruz and breaks into his salsa
11:52 pm
dance. he was the mvp with five catches and 122 yards. despite the afc getting blown out, the former stanford quarterback andrew luck and a pretty good debut. two td's including this 49 yarder. the nfc wins it 62-35 the final. how about them sharks with tonight's win over vancouver. it is the best start at 5-0. to the tank and these two teams went at it. they started four on four and they capitalize the third goal of the year. they pass it to the wrong team and he quickly shoots and scores. the first of the year and it is 2-0. deflects off the skate and is pushed off by cory schneider. the sharks power play cannot be stopped. two power play goals in every game. it is his second of the game. and the sharks are 5-0.
11:53 pm
all right. college hoops and sanford men are taking on the uts. the two handed jam there. the career day and 19 off the bench. four for four from three-point land. they are 3 and 4 and 87-56 your final. for the with em and stanford hosting colorado. she is out muscling her opponent down low. she makes a living down low. 69-56 is the final. the australian open came to a close today down under. the former stanford stars won their 13th grand slam doubles title. djokovic won an unprecedented third straight in the men's final. these two faced off in last year's u.s. open with murray winning his first major. djokovic slips and gets the
11:54 pm
ball back. murray thinks it is an easy winner, but djokovic never gives up. know vac wins a second in the tiebreaker. it came in a third set and novak takes advantage and rolled on from there. a short rally and murray finds it. djokovic wins it becoming the first to win three straight in the modern era. >> what a joy. it is an incredible feeling winning this trophy once more. it is my most successful grand slam i love the sport. >> after a fog delay yesterday the farmers insurance open in san diego, tiger woods came out blazing in round three to take a four-stroke lead. the broadcaster has his own airline now.
11:55 pm
whek it out. check it out. that's too weird. check out this second shot on the par 4 second. great distance and it is within a foot of the hole. taps in for birdie. had a four-streak -- four-stroke lead. nothing but net and he is at 11 under. they didn't finish, but thanks to the chip shot on four he is on top of the leader board at 17 under. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. i am on my way to new orleans and it looks like a good thing for the 9ers to get there a little early and set up shop and get a feel for the press conference. they can practice before the ravens gets there. it is a good move because a a lot of these players have not played in the game. and we will have the best coverage. >> have fun. that is it for this edition of abc7 news.
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