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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> tonight. chp is trying to catch the driver who put on this illegal show stopping traffic on east bay freeway. good evening everyone. >> it was reckless and outrageous and for the moment they all got away. tonight one of the women who saw it happen tells 7 news that she was afraid the cars would go flying over the divider. john is live at chp headquarters in oakland with the details and the video. john even the cops say they haven't seen anything like this. >>reporter: this was something else. chp would love to get their hands on the drivers and they have a lot of video evidence of what happened right in the middle of the freeway. tonight we spoke to woman who had a front row seat. doesn't get more bold than this. saturday afternoon about half dozen drivers took over 8 80 north near the oakland coliseum doing do nut and burning rub interwhat is called a side show. a lot of drivers caught up in the traffic jam not impressed. >> my friend and i were saying look at the idiots. they are
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stupid. they are going to get hurt. toward the end of the video i really got scared. i was contain of screaming. my god i this the it was going to hit the wall this. >>reporter: woman a passenger in a car heading south bound on 8 80 didn't want to be identified. it lasted few short minutes before somebody yelled at the police were on their way. people on both side of the freeway whipped out the cell phone camera. few got out of the cars in the middle of stopped traffic. >> it did blow my mind and i was really worried concerned that somebody was going to get hurt. with an accident or bystander might get hit by the car. because i don't think they are professional car drivers. >>reporter: as far as the chp is concerned, they are law breakers. >> they were driving recklessl recklessly. it was at high speeds. it was dangerous. it put people lives in danger. that's not okay. >>reporter: tonight the chp working with other police departments trying to track down some of the very distinctionable side show car and asking for the pup help to
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catch the driver. >> they have no respect for the law for one thing and i think they are setting a bad example for young people like doing something like that. >>reporter: chp will need names and license plate numbers to make a kaichlts also trying to figure out if some of the people who recorded video also involved. now this could be traffic citation or possible felony charges if police can show there was a conspiracy. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> unbelieve afternoon. thank you john. >> now to the superbowl all eyes on new orleans tonight. >> larry 30's live along with large contingent of abc 7 news tee. you caught up with the harbaugh family today. pretty cool. >> yes. we had a lot of fun with them. jim harbaugh busy week he prep the frainers for superbowl xlvii. against the ravens. coach has meetings. he has practice time. he has film study. daily session was the me why. so almost every
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minute of every day is accounted for but coach harbaugh did manage to get away and spend some quality family time the and we caught up with the harbaughs at local restaurant called cafe dew monday famous local pastry called the ben 8. topped with should go a arrest and spectacular. now the coach was there with his wife and 3 kid. i got an exclusive interview with sarah harbaugh and talking about football. and dessert. >> third time out of the hotel. a little bit stressful. but i'll try and enjoy the. you don't get here very often. >>reporter: how was the dessert. >> i have been trying to get here f.and they are worth it. it was definitely worth the trip. it is good. we were the only ones though. jim wants a hot dog. >>reporter: it turns out coach
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harbaugh never got his hot dog. he told me later he scarfed down some lasagna and then went right back to work. now, speaking of work. the relen relentless wayne friedman has been all over it. and when i say it, i'm talking about bourbon street. never thought i would utter the phrase before but wayne might be the lone voice of sanity in the midst of the madness. >> new orleans is a city that at times leak these seem ready to put the concept of innocence on hold. take a look at bower bound street music pouring from doorway fast and freely as libation slipping between eager parting lips. all business as usual in land of eternal weekend where people toss care and woe to the street as easily as those thieves or the-s toer
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nefarious. they say like fishing. you have to have a good lure. show them our lure. you have to have a good lure. then you throw them. >> you throw bead and they give you what. >> something to think about later on tonight. something to think about later on tonight. >>reporter: something to think about in mardi gras split apart by superbowl this year. doing it in two parts. next sunday game will be like that tasty surprise in the middle of a mardi gras cookie. what you see here tonight just a hadn't of the crowd we expect later in the week when they say we won't be able to see our feet on the strichlt won't be able to walk. >> a lot of the people captain walk right now. >> that's because they are drunk. >> or to put it another way. some of the people in new orleans are feeling just as foggy as the sign. this is a town where there has to be a morning after. every morning? in new orleans, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> and my sources tell me that
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bead exchange is once again in full force tonight. now coming up later on. more serious subject. coach harbaugh talks about president obama comment suggesting football may too dangerous for little kids. we'll get to that as well as a prediction from former niners coach and later on in sports. we are live in new orleans. back to you. >> excellent thanks larry. >> we are retweeting all the update from lar which, wane and rest of the team on this site. a former forty-niner is also in new orleans and yes he is wearing the superbowl ring he has. mike is joining larry wayne and katie. larry joins us later tonight in sports. katie will continue our live coverage with reports tomorrow morning on abc 7 news. >> very good stuff coming out of new orleans. >> missing great weather here. let's get a first look at the forecast. spencer is in live doppler 7hd. >> weather conditions you can see we have thin high clouds around the bay area but sky appear lowesly clear outside
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because of the clouds are quite thin. right now temperature readings already down to 40 degrees at napa. 41 fairfield. 43 livermore. a bit chilly in some of our interior valley. as a matter of fact quick look at projected overnight low reveal this. look for mid 30's at napa. santa rosa. fairfield. life more and concord. pretty chilly night coming our way. but mild days lie ahead. accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right spencer thank you. >> we have new information tonight about a house fire in hayward. 9-year-old boy being credited with saving the life of his 57-year-old uncle who was trapped inside. fire was first reported around 3:30 this afternoon on westin i son road. we were overhead as firefighters attacked the flames from the roof. 9-year-old ran to neighbor thousands get help when the fear started. firefighters rescued his uncle from a bedroom. they believe the fire was caused bay cigarette. >> 8-year-old girl is recovering tonight after becoming the victim of a drive
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by somewhating in oakland. completely innocent victim. girl suffered, was shot in the leg when 2 men opened fire on another group of people on 65th avenue near avenue street 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. gunfire riltsed the house behind her with bullet holes. gunman has not yet been caught. >> mean time new details tonight about the moments leading up to somewhating of oakland police officer last monday. chronicle reports that violent struggle broke out between upped cover officer eric and 3 drug suspects before he was shot in the arm. they tried wrestling away 2 of the officer's guns. 17 year veteran pistol whipped several times. officer identified himself as police officer but the men replied that they did not care if he was a cop and kept on attacking him. >> boy scouts of america could soon allow openly gay scouts and troop leaders. officials will meet next week and expected to approve new policy
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which would allow local governing council and sponsors to make the decision for them says. father of guys teenager denied the rank of eagle scout because of his sexual orientation says this it's about time. >> it's about time. one of the points of the scout lace you have to be honest and trustworthy and these kid have not been allowed to do that. >>reporter: anderson family started on line petition now has nearly 4 69,000 signatures on the web site >> well after a bit of a break the cost to gawps the cars on the rise again. national a for gallon of gas is up 2 cents in the past two weeks. could it hit just shy of 4 dollars by valentine's day while refinery make the switch to summer blend n.san francisco drivers paying 3.72 gallon of regular highest in the bay area. 3.62 in oakland. san jose drivers are paying a penny more at 3.63. but again seems to be going up. just ahead. preparation
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for local superbowl parties. >> extra wing. extra sauce. extra everything. >> take the a look at some bay area businesses cashing in on all the 49er excitement. >> also word of warning. bay area woman attempt to get ticket to the superbowl wednesday her losing nearly 6000 dollars. and the crooks add insult to injury. >> common pain kill that's could be dangerous for childre children. new research and advice for parents. >> then later on jimmy kimmel. >> thanks. tonight we have music from mcgraw, smooth is here and sir jude law. >> i'm not a nooichlt well if you keep being so negative you are never going to be a knight are never going to be a knight either. >> jimmy kilometer el live starts right after us at 11:35. >> we'll be right back after
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it's on. let's roll.
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you can't get more italian. >>reporter: some health news. new study indicates pain killers like advil and aleve could be dangerous for childre children. researchers from butler and indiana university
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that children given the drugs could develop acute kidney injuries such as kidney disease. drugs are especially dangerous for dehydrated children which is a symptom of the flu of course and it is flu season. researchers say instead of those drugs parents may can't to consider tail knoll or no drug at all. >> superbowl sunday is now just 6 days away and that means party throwers need to start thinking about planning for the big game. many will rely on certain businesses to make the parties a success. but got to plan for it. lillian is live in san francisco for us. lil i don't know? >>reporter: carolyn we are in front of extreme pizza this place no doubt slammed on superbowl sunday but if you want that pizza, or the chicken wing to arrive at the home at a certain time, it's a good idea to place that order now. at wing wing in the lower haight workers prepared to makes a many as 12,000 chicken wing on superbowl sunday. phone orders already coming in. a dozen in
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just the first half hour of business today. customers are encourageed to place the order ahead of time since many were turned away on the day of the game last year. >> we had to take the phone off the hook last year because we couldn't keep up with the amount of business people already called if earlier. >>reporter: at extreme pizza some of the delivery cars may sitting idle now but expect them running non-stop on superbowl sunday. at this location the number of employee working will be more than double. they expect to make at least 500 pizza on the big day. >> traditionally our busiest day of the year. giants win the series might be a busier day see how it turns out. >>reporter: at this party jan is usually a slow month. but thanks to forty-niner making the superbowl, business has been brisk. this party supply store has it all. balloons to table wear. >> we have 49er mohawk hats people are wearing. anything red and gold 49ers that's what
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everybody wants. >>reporter: steve cooper filled his basket with forty-niner decoration for the party he is throwing. he normally doesn't bother with decorations on superbowl sunday but this year is different. >> most superbowl we throw a party but this one is special because the 9 remembers in it and my son is human huge niner fan. >>reporter: kicking it up a notch. >> absolutely. >>reporter: and as the party anticipates the brisk sales to continue few days after the superbowl if the niners win, they say that was the case when the giants won superbowl series. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> scam artist have taken advantage of east bay woman love for the 49ers in a very cruel and expensive way. the woman bought 4 tickets she thought to the superbowl for 5 5900 dollars off craigslist last week from a person posing as a ravens fan. well, she got this instead. in the package mailed to the address today they found a message that read enjoy the game. go ravens. l o l. phrase go ravens written
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on envelopes and mailing labels too. the woman has not reported the incident to police. yet. >> viewers are sending us photo of the 49ers pride. how about this one. check out this feline fan already for the big game. >> and mardi gras. >> take a lack at how excited little everett is 4 month old from pinole expecting a big win this sunday. >> e-mail the niner fan photo to you report at kg o dash everett looked excited. >> perfect weather to get outside during the half time to throw the football around. >> spencer is in for zapped sandhya tonight with the forecast. >> look going right now as a matter of fact. here's thin high cloud but the sky appears mainly clear and will remain so overnight. clear chilly in some spots. warming trend tomorrow and mild dry pattern will carry us into the weekend and actually into early next week. overnight tonight expect low pressure to drop into the mid 30's in interior valley up in the north bay 34 at napa and
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35 at santa rosa. 34 over at fairfield. 35 at livermore. 36 at concord. chilly inland but the bay and near coast upper 30's to low 40's. atmosphere happening look at the satellite radar composite image. ridge dominating our picture. cool dry air flowing bringing in few of the thin high cloudy mention but the high pressure ridge dominate next 5 day ors so holding the dry pattern in place and conditions will get milder and milder as the day goes on. tomorrow lovely day in the south bay sunny sky jaws few thin hazy cloud up high. high pressure in the upper 50's on the peninsula. mid upper 50's up to about 58 palo alto, 59 at mountain view. mid 50's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 56 tomorrow. 54 in the sun set district. north bay high ranging from upper 50's low 60's. will being for 61 at santa rosa calistoga. 60 at nap a.on the east bay 60 grease at oakland castro vaechlt upper 50's other
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location there. inland east bay similar range upper 50's most part to 60 at fairfield and antioch and near monterey bay we see upper 50's near the bay upper 50's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's going to be nice and mild especially starting on wednesday. see high in the mid 60's in our than land location and around the bay wednesday through sunday. low 60's on the coast. thursday friday almost beach weather coming our way at the end of january beginning of february so it's a lovely week ahead. first threat of rain is probably next monday but we have the superbowl coming up to worry about first. deal with rain later. >> thank you expense center speaking of that. let's head back live to new orleans. >> larry is there with our coverage. hi larry. >> hi dan. it's all harbaugh all the time. from here on ou out. we have john talking about growing up with jim as well as prediction from a for
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>> superbowl week with interesting comments from president obama. he was quoted in new republic magazine as saying if he had a son he might not let him play football because of the long-term health risk and the danger involved. well, 49ers head coach jim har but was asked about it today. and the coach he has a brand new baby boy named jack and the coach says jack is going to play. >> i have a 4 month old almost soon to be 5 month old son jack harbaugh and president obama feels that way then a little less competition for jack when he gets older. that's the first thing that jumps into my mine. other parents are thinking that way. but still early. jack is only 5 months old but he's a really big kid. he has an enormous head. wing
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span is plus 1. as soon as he grows into the head he's something. >> unbelievable. the ravens arrived in town today with jim brother john getting plenty of hard ball questions. he remembers playing ice hockey with jim and losing a lot. >> jim is a great competitor. you play hockey with jim you got bounced around. true for most every sport though. >> former 45 inhead coach steve arrived in town tonight. and mike was right at the airport with him and wasting no time getting a prediction from mooc mooch. >> what do you like. >> i go with the 49ers. >> ask me to pick the game before -- >> i know i know. i'm looking around here. 49ers plane from san francisco. you think i'm going to say the ravens here. i want to get my bag and get to the hotel. >> it's a task. >> don't tell anybody. i'll
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pick the frainers. game day morning we have 8 and a half hour pre-game show. 8 and a half hours of pre-game what are you talking about. >> that's right. >>reporter: 8 and a half hour hours? smooch earning his money. warriors tonight in canada. surprise andrew is back. surprise start. missed 38 games. 12 poychbilitys 8 rebound. block shot but curry injuries the ankle again. and so unknown how long he will be out. played 24 minutes and the warriors went on to win this game by a score of 114 to 102. 7 sports from new orleans brought to you by river rock casino. back to you. >> good stuff larry thanks so much. >> well new way to share moments on twitter has become an unexpected x rated experience for some. >> yes. stay with us. we have >> yes. stay with us. we have that story up next
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>> look at the wake up weather for you early risers. tomorrow morning the sun will rise at 7:17 but earlier in the morning at 5:00 a.m. temperatures in the mid 30's coolest inland location up to 44 here in city of san francisco. partly cloudy early in the morning. cool but milder as the day goes on. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning as we hit the peek of rush hour. temperatures from mid 30's to 40's. relatively mild pleasant afternoon. dan and carolyn. >> picture perfect. thanks spencer. >> twitter new vine app that enables the users to up load 6 second of video facing the first hiccup. pornography. >> short x rated video up loaded to the app and unsuspecting twitter users are clicking on the clip only to encounter this explicit material. >> twitter says the users can flag material appropriate and the video will then display a warning. >> all right jimmy kimmel come up in a few minute. >> tonight his guests are actor jude law comedian jb smooth and
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music by gavin. >> here's a sneak peek. >> postal service raised the price of first class stamp yesterday. stamps in case you don't know are something the pilgrims used before we had the internet but i'll tell you something i wish the post office would start charge us for e-mail too. maybe aunt nancy would think twice before sending you the gang am in style video eight months after it came out. >> that's cute. all right that's all for now. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson thanks for joining us. 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> of course always available at 7 and facebook and twitter and 7 news bay area we appreciate your time. >> leave you now with a live shot of the superdome in new orleans. >>
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