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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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searched the house where they lived in the area. they're looking for evidence or possibly kevin's remains. the house is across the street from kevin's old school. and had been searched before. this time, investigators brought in two dogs who sniffed around the basement. inspector joe toom i. one dog hid in a particular spot. the dog was taken out a time period went by. a second dog was in and hit at the same particular spot. >> now, a crew used a jack hammer to break off concrete and found bones in the ground. the staff of the medical examiner says they think it may be animal but again, as mentioned they're waiting for analysis from the state lab.
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the inspector told plea mee tloor other leads they're follow chg make kelly a prime suspect. >> and kevin's family has been waiting for answers since he first disappeared his mother learned about the search yesterday afternoon z while that search has not yet produced clues, she says it still has been very emotional. >> there is that little thing, just to find him. it's going to, i know it's going to devastate me. and when jaycee dugard was found i could not believe that. i all of these years i deserted kevin. was alive. maybe he's alive out there, i went through hell over that. >> ann doesn't know what sparked new information this the case, but she's encouraged by any development that may provide answers.
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>> parents of another missing child are remembering her. eileen mismt shelof was last seen in dublin when she was 13 years old. tonight her parents say new information in the kevins collins case gives them hope. >> people start thinking about missing children. and that brings back the fact thaits not just individual problem but a a more wide spread problem. >> someone saw something. either directly or indirectly involved someone knows something. and we just want them to give up that information to we can get our baby back. >> tonight's walk and prayer service begins at 7:00 at wells middle school on penn drive. the family says the public is welcome to join them. >> cal osha finished its investigation into a massive fire last august.
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the report slamming the company with the largest history. cal osha says chevron had repeatedm-6c8á.jnéz over the period of a decade that it needed to replace the pipe but ignored warnings, then, it did rupture arks louing workers to be inside of the danger zone without proper gear. cal osha says chevron had every opportunity but ignored warnings from it's inspectors putting worker asks a community at risk of injury and death. >> we hope citations and seriousness of them and classification of them is a call. >> there are 25 citations, including 11 that(xx are will l serious, including not following policies, not
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implementing it's procedures and pervasive violations in leak repair proceeds.l;s only pocket change to the oil giant. still attorney john burress who represents 10,000 people are pleased with the citation. >> it's terrific. thk@n÷z conduct was outragis z preventable he set up an office the day of the fire. sheri lived in point richmond. her asma is worse thins the -- since the fire, she's been in the hospital seven times since. >> what do you think chevron should do for you?. >> should do just not for me, pu bib lick that. makes it to accommodate them.
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>> chevron issued a statement saying we acknowledge we failed to live up to our expectation wez do not agree with several findings and some characterizations of the alleged violations as willful, the company will appeal. >> thank you. >> the four days to go until super bowl sunday. today, we heard from the harbaughs, jack and jackie, the parents. >> it's a family affair there. what great folks they seem to be. >> they're wonderful parents. we wereoç cap ti vaited just listening to them. super bowl sunday, jim and john will square off on opposing side lines and jack and jackie probably going to be nervous wrecks.
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we add a chance to spend time with the parents and they're tremendous. >> they're going to ask us how we feel. jackie? who has it wetter than us? nobody! >> and with family saying, jack and jackie harbaugh conducted a hilarious news conference. >> we're not creative. to secret of family success. >> jackie harbaugh is the rofk our family. she's one that moved us 17 times in a 43 year coaching career. >> this is the family business. it didn't thrill mom when john decided to pass on a law career for foonl football. >> i'm embellishing this story.
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>> what? y the most talked about football this week in fact getting any information out of jim can be challenging, even for dad. two yearsing ao, jim was reluctant to tell his naerj 49ers were drafting comin3çby kaepernick. >> which is is it going to be. in fact, hear his voice. he said, we're drafting collin kaepernick. i said do i not only think he's the best quarterback in the draft, i think he's the best football player in the draft. and i thought jim, wise zigs they lived through this experience on thanksgiving in 2011 so they know consoling the lose jer more important than congratulating the winner. >> both of them have shared
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this with us. mom, and dad, promise us you'll enjoy this. that is all we're asking. please, please enjoy this experience, we're trying. >> they are terrific. there is another family tie here, jim's oldest son, jay is on the ravens staff. so not only do we have brother various brother, but father now, more football families. >> just thinking about the brothers got me thinking about are other player was brothers. have you brothers and very brothers. i think your competitive spirit starts with that. >> talk about that older and younger brother. when i was younger he used to beat up on me. i got older
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starktsed beating up on him, in sports and everything. he started the story. >> vernon dave's brother plays for the colts. >> it's great having a brother. because you keep that competitive edge. and never lose it. i know what they're going through. because you know very a brother. >> brant plays foreseeing eagles so they play the same position. >> as kids, we went at it constantly. we meshed well together. trying to help each other out. >> patrick willis's youngor brother wanted to take him down. >> just going crazy and talking smack. i'm like i can't play you. like, i can cannot play you hard. he's taking this seriously. all of a sudden like okay, i'm
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going play and all of a sudden i had to tell myself we're going to play. i said when playoffs are over, we're going to play. >> this talk about the harbaugh brothers. how competitive were you and your brothers growing up? >> we're still competitive to any time you have a chance to go up against a family member it's more personal but at thejws end you can laugh bit. before it happen wez want to win. i know how harbaugh is feeling now. >> that is where this spirit starts. i'm the oldest of five brothers. it's interesting to hear other guys talking about that. >> all right. i want to get your thoughts on another story. 49ers made headlines today. chris culliver said he did not
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wachbt any gay players on the team. he said no. we don't got no gay people on the team. they've got to get up out of here if they do. 49ers issued an apology saying there is no room for any discrimination in their organization. also, culliver issued an apology doing maybe the fastest back pedal. give me your thoughts. >> well, a little immature, football being the most masculine of sports because of the brutality of the game creates a bunker or fox hole mentality. i think a lot of players can't see them thefls is with a gay man in there. there is a casual homophobia in all professional sports. that has got to be corrected i think someone is going come out in every sport but football will be the last. >> you0b4kju what it's like
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because you've been in the locker room. on twit yes, all of the time here. we continue with our coverage. and shu got this photo of randy moss. making it a personal information to take down twitter this week. and we'll have more coming up in sports. >> thank you so much. we'll so see new just a moment oob sure to turn to abc 7 news on sunday. our team will be live withqúft coverage of how fans are reacting here and in new orleans. that is all on super bowl sunday. >> what is going to happen after the win on sunday? officials coming to abc 7 to make a public aprilor to keel celebrations in check. >> a california marshal plan keeping your children safe at school. by arming the staff.
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a woman has been rushed to the homt after falling 50 feet over atlz+u cliff at in san francisco. from sky 7 you can see just how steep the cliff is. authorities tell us the woman's dog went over first she tried to rescue that dog but then, fell to the beach. she was flown to the hospital by rescue chopper. her condition is not yet known.
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dog appeared to suffer a leg injury. >> tonight san francisco top public officials are reassuring business owners the city will be ready to deal with super bowl celebration that's turn ugly. they came to tape a public service announcement asking fans to use common sense. no one wants a repeat of what happened. >> there are nearly three dozen arrests last night this, was hard hit. the mayor used two platforms to get across his message of zero tolerance for violence. >> who has got it better than us? nobody. go, niners. >> it's a unique approach. appealing directly to 49er fans. a repeat of the violence after
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the giants world series win. they recorded the public service announcement this afternoon. at abc 7. >> so the trio touredx0v missin district today promising merchants that the city is better prepared. anna garcia showed them a picture of a trash dumpster set on fire outside of her eye clinic. the blazes were unexpected challenge so this time, stit is ready to get them off the streets. before the super bowl. >> keep it fun, but staff. >> that was the message to stop owners. >> we've got graffiti and broken windows. them coming by let's us know they're going to prepare themselves much better. >> we don't talk exact number of officers but there will be
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twice as many working. >> yes. we should have covered windows. >> te were surprised to meet the chief and mayor but april hencive about sunday. and there is concern on nearby valencia street. employees will hunker down to ensure no damage. next door, westin ware suffered a smashed window. >> if thing goes crazy we'll close early. >> with lessons learned, the mayor is assuring merchants this time will be different. >> making sure we keep communications open so things that happen we can react to them positively. >> as far as on the controversy, mayor reiterated there are no bans on booze. the chief says there will be a arrests for public drunkenness.
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>> thank you. >> let's just hope people celebrate peacefully. >> weather is something to celebrate. nice and mild, clear skies. looking at the post sunset blow in -- glow in western sky, this one occurred about 48 minutes ago. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. no clouds in the picture at the moment. it's still mild. temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco. and oakland and antioch. beautiful around the bay. 61 in fremont. on we go, we can expect cleerks cool conditions overnight. we'll see cooler unsettled weather by mid week next week, perhaps showers but we're looking at dry ridge of
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high pressure that controls our weather, high, dry are the words through next weekend. speaking of dry it's been one of the driest januaries on record. for the bay area, here in san francisco. we've had just under half an inch of' january making this the third driest on record in san francisco. low temperatures tonight under dry conditions, will be chilly and lows dropping into mid to upper 30s. upper 30s to low 40s around the remainder of the bay area, cool to chilly night. another chilly, mild day, high temperatures mid to upper 60s, 67 santa rosa oakland, fremont, 65 here in san francisco. in concord down near monterey bay, milder tomorrow. highs up to 70 degrees in santa cruz. 71 in hollister, here is the accu-weather forecast. this mild pattern stays throughout the weekend, through saturday.
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it's groundhog day. likely to see his shaddo, sunday, super bowl sunday nice weather for celebrating respectfully and peacefully. more clouds in the sky monday and tuesday. and a slight chance of showers next wednesday but that is in the distant forecast future. >> lovely weather. >> yes. thank you very much. >> coming up a ride sharing service breaks new ground for ykykiñ÷ emerging industry. >> and there is confusion at golden gate bridge.
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san francisco ride sharing company struck a landmark deal. company called lyft was fined in order to shut down for operating a losing service without auj saigs two. other companies were cited. today's deal allows them to continue operating for ride sharing sources throughout the state. after announce the agreement lyft said it would expand to los angeles tomorrow morning. >> testing of the new electronic toll taking system. you notice if you cross that
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span. starting today motorists can expect to receive an invoice for just that amount instead of the current policy leveling an additional fine. motorists didn't notice anything different today, toll takers were still there. >> so this may be confusing at first, i'm all for something that cuts down on traffic jams. i think it's a good idea. >> toll takers not thrilled. they'll lose jobs some may find other work. also starting today3ozb that differents from fast track keeping a minimum pal in prepaid accounts. we have a link on abc 7 >> still to come here tonight
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a hearing to drum up support for new gun control laws. the nra says it doesn't work. >> facebook beats the street with a new formula for turning a profit from people making friends with mobile devices. >> it's a 7 on your side super bowl party. i'm michael finny. ahead, we'll find out if it's possible to throw a great party for 8 for around
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too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> former congress woman and gun violence victim gabrielle giffords making an appeal to curb gun violence. >> members met with officials in san francisco to talk about the same gun measures and abc
6:30 pm
7 news political reporter listened in on that meeting. >> just back. house democratic leader nancy pelosi was at this meeting today so was shooting victim, jackie speier and mike thompson shares the house task force. the topic was, can and what needs to be done. and members of congress to protect the american people. >> this is it. we have to measure up. and we cannot accept anything less. >> the head of the house task force on gun violence says there are measures that even gun advocates support. >> like universal background checks and an tend to these assault magazines. >> wendy was the first to ask a question, one of five people shot 13 years ago nay jewish center in los angeles. >> a man on parole who is a
6:31 pm
self contained neo nazi, able to get the gun from a loophole. >> people who buy guns in gun shows are not subject to background checks. >> that has to -- what happens if the law doesn't change? it has to change. >> he called it ridiculous. >> it's the same thing saying we're going to screen airline passengers only 30 saits. 'j0 argument at this meeting but in washington, d.c. the head of the nra called the universal background check a waste of time and money. >> you're never going get criminals to go through universal background checks. they're all law abiding people, you'll create a federal bureaucracy. >> congress woman jackie speier says it doesn't represent the nra membership. >> polls show the vast majority of the nra members support universal background checks.
6:32 pm
>> he says they'll turn recommendations in to nancy pelosi, then, we'll see how far they get. >> republican state lawmakers think schools would be safer with armed school marshals on campus. janitor to principal could be secretly armed. it's sponsor7w brought parents to speak out in front of it. >> if my children were put in a lock down situation i want teachers armed to defend them. i don't want my children to be helpless victims. >> we've laid off thousands of teachers. why would we use school personnel to be armed guards? armed guards don't always prevent shooting autos school districts would decide whether to participate and on to
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business news, facebook turned in a healthy earnings report today, better than wall street expected but investors turned up nose atz the stock down 3.5% in after hours trading. >> face book has been scrambling to catch up but screens are smaller, on desk top monitors there is room for ads. facebook ceo is declaring success. >> today tlrk is no argument. facebook is6$hpp local company. >> most mobile adds are contributing 23% of the ad revenue. that is up 9% in three months and social network is pushing thoord make mobile use fast and appealing. >> facebook has been making huge strides. one app is faster, again z has
6:34 pm
more of the features so you can tell they're just working at taking over the mobile business. >> advertisers are making the shift, too. they have less space to catch the hi of users. >> it's the fastest growing segment. >> the prize is expected to hit $11.4 billion this year. randy is executive vice president at san jose's liquid agency. >> this year will be the first where the internet will be accessed by both mobile devices more than any other devices. >>mxñ early skeptics may change their tune as revenue continues to grow, there are eye balls with about two thirds of the users connecting via mobile devices.
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>> there is still time. not much, but time to plan a party. michael finney is here tonight to help.
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with big game just four day as way if you haven't started planning your super bowl party you better get on it there is not much time. >> some last minute tips. >> we can't all be larry ask shu having the party place. so some of us have to stay j; wanted to know if it's possible to throw a party for 8 people for around $100 so we took that challenge to the president and found you can have fun without breaking the bank. >> it's not going cost that much. >> march zbret president of the taste catering and put a chunk of the budget into creating the right atmosphere. >> keep it festive. you know? get into the spirit of san francisco. bring in colors and gold, red. as much as possible into the space.
6:39 pm
>> the costs including flowers from the mart, $41.50. sticking with the theme margaret served up local meats and cheese at just $25. >> it's a local tray of cheeses that you can get at the farmer's parkt. >> you can put your meats in a dixie cup. you can purchase premade guacamole and salsa or try guacamole and beer salsa for $16. >> it's got tomato and chives and1= cilantro. just great avocado autos prepare dishes in time for the second half. 20 bite sized hamburgers just $7 are a sure hit. for $5 more you can pair burger was a potato dish.
6:40 pm
>> my favorite items are these blt. but it's a blt champion sandwich. >> costs just $8 if you want to splurge add crab for $12 more. >> little arugula. then, top it off with crab. it's just delicious this time of the year. >> she suggests cookies, cupcakes and brownies. >> gold dust. you can't go too far wrong. >> cost 132s wind advisories all of the thrills. we have a link on abc 7
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or just buy chips and saichl pack. >> yes. bring it with you. >> so, who is going to win the super bowl? on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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we know niners are a sure thing, that is a given but good mojo couldn't hurt. we're live with a little french quarter for sight into sunday's game. hi, win wayne. >> not just any voodoo shop. reverend zombie's voo do do shop. the reason is because point spread is three and a half. but how are you going know whether to go three? or snour see that sign? says reading in progress? we've got the answer. >> as the super bowl
6:45 pm
approaches streets of new orleans have begun to fill with sayer autos someone has got to win, someone got to lose. >> a serious fan needs a professional. so thank goodness for the house of voodoo. a charming establishment that came recommended and for a swipe of the card... and a fan can catch a glimpse into the future. >> can you relax? tie into the game? and what is going to happen? >> yes. >> okay. >> we enter with a tarot card reader. >> this is about walking from old feelings. >> that could be good. ravens will not go easily. >> they're scoring major points gitsing to be close, he says, it's difficult to make
6:46 pm
an accurate read. with every play involves 22 people, then, i pull cards. >> so this is a hard time. >> how could a reader see that? >> it seems to me you're dominating first quarter, however seem that's they are building momentum. >> so do we have a clear winner? >> sorrow is sideways. if you're going to add thark kint say. i can say it looks good. i would shore up offense, though. >> it was a visit worth every penny. and then some. and then some. àc sorrow more than sideways. we did have a ticket right
6:47 pm
here on the car. a nice little note. do you know what is interesting? they didn't just tag us, they tagged a police car. >> only way to ask in the reading we might have been warned. >> we're going to take you back to new orleans with larry beil. >> i want to see if wayne is able to get that reading through his report. we'll see. coming up preparations continuing for super bowl 47 and randy moss insisted on his
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all right. in freezing new orleans with our coverage say what you will about randy moss but he remains
6:51 pm
defiant in his opinion. i think it's hard to compare receivers from different eras. randy moss may be the best receiver of all time. >> what i said is what i felt i don't want to get into a shouting match that is my -yky#< personal opinion. there are people thinking he's grai. i don't believe in numbers. i don't. so if there is a personal opinion, that is what you think. so what i think is what i think. and i'm going to do it jerry having joe montana and joe young didn't hurt his stats. >> speak ever of defiant, ray
6:52 pm
any performance-enhacing drugs. and called into question the credibility of the "sports illustrated" writers who broke that story. >> the guy has no credibility. he's been sued over this same bs. just to taent inment, i can't, i won't. he doesn't have the privilege of me to speak about it ever again. >> flashing back to ray lewis in 1992346 a game against jim harbaugh. yesterday, he said he does not remember the play but ray lewis does. >> i do remember i did get up and do a little dance after i was just excited about getting a check. i did do a dance over shoulders. >> i want to leave with you a
6:53 pm
last story today and had is fantastic stuff from jack, talking about his days as a clevelandeçw0ñ indians fan. he remembers 1954 world series and willie mays making a great catch on vick werts. >> back goes me. holding larry dolby. i said willy i had that figured out from the time the ball hit the bat. you knew you're going to catch that ball. willy said exactly. exactly. i had it from the time the ball hit the bat. >> he's so animated. the 49ers out there dealing
6:54 pm
with the media and responsibilities. >> very good to get back to practice. we haven't been on a field about three days. and i'm ready to play the game. >> do you feel out of rhythm? >> no. football is playing. if you can play, you can play f you can't, you can't. we've been playing it all year. we want to leave witness a bang. >> this seems like it's been a little whit while so i'm excited to get back to work. just nice to do what we're comfortable doing. so you know, it wasn't bread to be answering questions. >> do you feel you're out of rhythm? >> no. no. the game, where you walk you can see super bowl and 49er
6:55 pm
helmets you're going to be in rhythm like that. >> it's like disneyland. n÷ snold. >> you want to play. you know? so that is why i'm not talking to you guys i want to play. >> we love disneyland. this is putting in work last week because of the responsibilities this week. >> this just flashed in my head if randy moss is number one, that means jerry rice, two, that pushes you down rankings to where? >> 348. >> that is a good number. >> he's slipping. >> good stuff. join he tonight at 9:00 coming up then, you're going to want to be careful driving this sunday. why it's the super bowl of car accidents, too. >> and at 11:00 helping kick
6:56 pm
off the convention. >> jimmy kimmel live airs at 11:35. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusts of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! let's meet today's contestants -- an 8th grader from houston, texas... ...a junior from macon, georgia... ...and a junior from minnetonka, minnesota... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. good times for the next two weeks, featuring some very bright contestants ranging in age from 13 to 17, and as you just heard in the introduction, one student who is in grade 8, irene. welcome, young players, and good luck to you. let's go to work now in the first round of play, which is the jeopardy! round. one daily double coming up in one of these categories.
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you identify the state for us, please. of these days. alex: lila, you get to go first. i'll take i am your leader for $200, please, alex. irene. what is leader of the free world? you're right. i'll have i am your leader for $400, please. i'm ayatollah ali khamenei, and i like being called supreme leader of this country. lila. what is iran? correct. i'll take i am your leader for $600, please. lila. what is principal? correct. i'll take i am your leader for $800. irene. what is chancellor? yeah. i am your leader for $1,000, please.


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