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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 2, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PST

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lauren cohen. ben hoffman. and we'll have music from luke bryan, rival sons, and dave grohl's sound city players. join us then. we'll make a week of it. thanks for watching. "nightline" is next. tonight on "nightline," porn star next door. the unlikely heartthrob your teenage girl may be secretly watching. he's no justin bieber, he's one of the porn industry's biggest stars. meet the sex symbol for the facebook generation. rent a palace. 17 bedrooms, 29 bathrooms and its very own nightclub. for a staggering price. inside the world of extreme luxury for rent. love, hate, and hollywood. they're both beautiful oscar winners, so what is it about
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >> good evening, i'm juju chang. for any adult out there wondering what their teens are doing online, the huge popularity of the young man you're about to meet may be deeply disturbing. his name is james dean and he's won the hearts of teenage girls across the country, many of whom link to him through twitter, facebook, or blogs. james dean, of course, is not his real name. it's his porn name, and it could soon be a household name. here's abc's cecilia vega with an update for our series "modern sex in america." >> sorry, i have an obsession with his nose. i think his nose is fantastic. >> just a ridiculous amount of love for him. >> james dean is like a guy you can meet in your neighborhood
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and just get to know. >> these young women could be gushing about any number of heartthrobs hanging from their bedroom walls. ryan gosling, justin bieber, justin timberlake. but they're not talking about a mainstream hollywood crush. they're talking about james dean, a porn star. >> he's the ryan gosling of porn. >> the porn industry, by some estimates, a $13 billion business, has now targeted and reached a new demographic -- teenage girls. evidence of that, dean has become something of an internet sensation. fans much younger than 18. a fact that many parents might find disturbing. >> reporter: you have this massive following of young women, many of them teenagers. what do you say to that? >> there's an underage fan that is viewing a scene that i am in,
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they're doing it because they're curious, horny, whatever it is, they're sexual enough that it is something that they desire, that they crave, that they want. it's not necessarily a bad thing. >> reporter: their parents might not think so. >> why? everyone has sex. if your daughter is 15 or 18, and at some point, she's going to have sex with somebody. >> reporter: james dean is porn's guy next door. so normal he kind of looks like he doesn't belong in a world where macho is king and bigger is best. and these days, dean's world is expanding. this porn star who has made more than 3,000 adult films is going mainstream. he's starring in "the canyons," the low budget film hasn't even been released and it's already making headlines for its cast and their onset drama. >> if you ever see him again, i will kill him. >> reporter: dean in his breakout role alongside lindsay lohan. and it's not just his film credits. this week, the megaporn star took on a new role, college
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professor. >> sex is awkward, sex is uncomfortable and it's uncomfortsable because we as a society have made it uncomfortable. >> reporter: guest lecturing. whether dean's boy next door appeal translates to the big screen -- >> what are you doing? >> reporter: that remains to be seen. for now, it's the ladies who love him most, especially the young ladies. >> he looks like somebody that i could see at, you know, a coffee shop or something and actually approach. >> reporter: christina olsen is one of dean's biggest fans. >> if it's a new picture i like, i'll reblog it. >> reporter: she says she's been a fan since high school and watching porn since she was around 10. >> my first legitimate encounter with porn was when i was in fourth grade and i searched "playboy." it was early adolescence. a very curious stage. >> reporter: she is not alone. there are literally thousands of women out there who share christina's enthusiasm for all things james dean.
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>> i'm the wicked witch of the west. >> reporter: many of them are barely legal. some of them so young we couldn't even interview them on camera. their parents had no idea that secretly they have a crush on a porn star. it is a phenomenon that not even the man at the center of it fully understands. but it's one that he fully defends. are you encouraging them in any way to watch your films or read your blog or keep the interaction going? >> i'm not intentionally encouraging anybody in any way. if it's happening, awesome. i have no -- i have no issues with a 15, 16, 17-year-old girl reading my twitter. i have no issues with anybody that is old enough to understand. i understood what porn was when i was like 6 years old. i don't think that having knowledge of what it was led me to my decision to be in porn. >> reporter: and dean like countless other young people his age maintains a blog and twitter account. we can't show you much of what he posts. but what fans old or young see
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ranges from the graphic scenes from his movies and photos of his well-endowed co-stars to the coast he ate for breakfast or the burrito he wants for lunch. and if the visitors to his site are under aged, dean says that's not something he can control. >> i understand that they're minors, and like i said, i'm not saying that they should be viewing porn. i'm not saying that and i'm not encouraging underage kids to go to my blog. in fact, i don't think they should. if the law says if you're under 18, you can't view porn. >> reporter: but on the other hand you're also saying maybe they'll get something out of this. >> i would like to think that i'm opening up their sexual experience and being able to take their boyfriends and say hey, i saw this in a porno, i want to try this. i don't think porn should be used as an actual learning guide. >> reporter: and believe it or not, james said he knew he wanted to be a porn star ever since the day he found an old porn magazine. he was just in kindergarten. >> so here i am in kindergarten.
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i just learned what sex was. it all kind of just made sense. >> reporter: wait, at kindergarten? you didn't want to get in porn since kindergarten, or are you telling me -- >> yeah, i did. maybe first grade. it's this weird moment i will always remember where i was like this is what i want to be when i grow up. >> reporter: dean was even suspended once where he told a teacher he dreamed of a life in porn. the young fans tell us they're drawn to dean because he's different. a porn star who holds hands with his leading ladies. who gazes into their eyes. even shows a little romance. and for the kids watching all of that, dean doesn't want to hear directly from them. >> i've had a couple times where somebody will say something to me, i'll respond via direct message and then i'll get some sort of thing where they're like, great, when i turn 16, i really want to -- i'm like oh, wow. i got to be careful with that. >> reporter: he has some surprising advice for those teen fans. >> turn 18.
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even by the standards of the rich and famous, more than a half a million dollars a month for a rental home is nothing short of extreme. from cellular stock -- one of
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the priciest rentals in america. abc's nick watt brings us a private tour of what a cool 600 gs can buy you. at least temporarily. >> reporter: people like us are rarely allowed to hang out in places like this. pads with private nightclub sni. pool tables that don't take quarters. gigantic swimming pools. a terrace big enough to seat 400 for dinner. and here's why. people call you up and say jeff, i want to look around the house. how do you know if they're just a tourist or if they're serious? >> 30 years in the business, it's very easy to tell. if i don't know the name, i can't google them, i ask for bank reference. >> reporter: before they can even see it. >> before they can see it. yes, exactly. >> reporter: and the money you would need, $600,000 a month, the most expensive rental we can find in all of america. what sort of person are you
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looking for that can afford $600,000 a month? >> it's going to be somebody who most likely is used to doing this. they will rent a yacht for the same amount of money. you know, for the summer, the winter. >> reporter: so not someone like me. >> do you have to pay utilities? >> utilities are included. >> reporter: okay, just checking. william randolph hurst lived here with marian davis. in the movies, steve martin bought the place when the jerk hit riches. >> we'll keep the eggplants up. >> good, we don't want any vegetables. >> reporter: whitney lived here in "the bodyguard." you might argue the house is a better actor than costner. we all know this view. >> this legendary view from the hollywood movies. the staircase you see there. that's the famous staircase for "the godfather." >> reporter: it was here they found the horse's head.
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>> ahh! >> reporter: jeff ireland, whose agency handles a billion dollars a year, does get to hang out behind walls designed the keep the likes of us out. are there many places like this? >> sadly, there aren't. many of them have been subdivided. many have been torn down by people who want modern, conte t contemporary houses. it is one of the last remaining grand estates of beverly hills. >> reporter: julia roberts' 20 million home, and adam sandler's house nearby. he's a tinted glass guy. and then there's downey jr. this glorious fragment of american history is also for sale for $115 million. jeff thinks any buyer would likely be foreign. >> for $115 million, and most
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likely it's going to be a buyer who will live here maybe six weeks, eight weeks out of the year, has multiple homes. >> reporter: sorry, sorry, sorry. someone's going to pay $115 million to live here for six weeks a year? >> exactly. exactly. and that's the case with all high end estates. >> reporter: like the old spelling mansion, brought by the british formula one heiress. >> reporter: this will not be a second home for anybody. it will be a fourth, a fifth, a sixth home. >> reporter: i don't know what to say to that. if you just want to rent and 17 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms aren't quite enough, there's also a seven-bedroom guest house across the pool, available for $85,000 a month. the guest house has its own tennis court. >> yes, one of the two guest houses. >> reporter: you could have your mother-in-law to stay and never see her. >> wouldn't that be a treasure?
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>> reporter: the wine cellar would also be a pleasure, along with the constant tinkling of the fountains. i feel calm and relaxed being here. i could get used to it. >> you could next week if you want. >> reporter: $600,000 a month? are you kidding me? they're not kidding. people actually pay it to rent this place. this isn't how the other half lives. this is how a minute fraction of the 1% live. i hate to admit it, but i do envy them. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in beverly hills. >> thanks to nick watt. up next, why is it that anne hathaway and jennifer lawrence inspire such passionate feelings in fans and critics alike? we bring you love and loathing in hollywood. assistance is ther. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah?
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if you think about it, on paper, they seem practically the same. the best of young hollywood, they both snagged oscars, they're both glam -- glamorous a-listers. so why do women across america have such strong love-hate feelings for jennifer lawrence and anne hathaway? >> reporter: hey, what did anne hathaway ever do to you, all you hathaway haters. and i quote you explicitly in using that word "hate." look at the tweets that spewed forth from you on oscar night. the only thing i hate more than anne hathaway is anne hathaway
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crying. one time i googled "i hate anne hathaway" to see if anyone else related to my problems in life. i love that everyone else has their own personal reasons for hating anne hathaway, but in the end we can all come together and agree she's awful. >> miss anne hathaway. >> reporter: and what had she done so wrong? watch. this is really going to be offensive. it came true. >> reporter: here's the rap on anne. she's not real. somehow everybody believed this was prescripted, precooked, preplanned, just like a little bit later that night, this was supposedly all an act. >> i had a dream. and it came true. >> reporter: but maybe it's not an act. maybe the triumph of an oscar win for a spectacularly good and difficult performance in "les miserables" actually is an emotion-evoking moment.
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but that just doesn't seem very credible to these anne haters. >> what's up? >> you can tell there's sort of feigned humility where she's pretending that she's surprised and shocked and doesn't deserve it. you can tell there's this little burning feeling she's like i deserve this so much. >> reporter: so would we prefer to see triumph marked like this, and this? so she smiles. wouldn't you? but it's more than that. it's beginning to be that she's not -- >> jennifer! >> reporter: jennifer lawrence, who for some reason everybody thinks is their celebrity bff, the girl they wished lived next door. >> jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: j-law took an oscar-winning tumble. >> you guys are just standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's really embarrassing. >> reporter: and she jokingly gave everyone the finger and then appeared shocked about it. the actress was spotted in
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hawaii earlier this week lighting up a funny-looking smoke and the press had a field day. >> every gaffe she makes makes her more endearing. she's the girl next door. she's the girl that you feel like you can get a beer with. >> i'm sorry. i did a shot. >> i think that genuine humility is something that people really respond to. and with jennifer lawrence, it's real. >> reporter: well, eyes of the beholder, folks. eyes of the beholder. if you grant, which most will. >> anne hathaway. >> anne hathaway. >> anne hathaway. >> reporter: that hathaway is a superbly good actor in serious drama, who is more than beautiful and acknowledged that it's rare indeed that it's rare to see a woman like that, and on "saturday night live" being ridiculously funny, too, like lucille ball funny.
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frankly, that's called not taking yourself too seriously. the thing is hathaway is now so scrutinized for insincerity, every smile, every twirl, that none of it looked at that way can ever seem real. >> something that takes her down a peg. >> reporter: but what is down a peg from being publicly pilloried for doing nothing especially wrong? well, she's an actor, after all, and whoever said that real had to be part of deal? remember why she's winning awards in the first place, for performing and singing, like this. ♪ when hope was high and life worth living ♪ >> reporter: it's not real exactly. besides, none of us could do it. and maybe that's where all of this is coming from in the first place. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> well said. thanks for that. it's time now for our closing arguments. today president obama and congressional leaders failed the
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reach the much-dreaded deadline for a budget plan, triggering what's known as a sequester, which will cause deep across-the-board spending cuts. policemen, teachers, firemen and the military will be among those feeling the pain in a move that the president says will hurt our economy and cost us jobs. so do you think congress or the white house should be held accountable for the failure to reach budget compromise? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america." they are working while you're sleeping and we're always online at have a great weekend.


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