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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 1, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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suffered last night by kevin ware the equivalent to a car crash. it was a horrific and gruesome thing to see. >> kevin ware just took a shot, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: with 6:30 left in the first half in an elite 8 game, between duke and louisville, kevin ware landed awkwardly, after contesting a shot in the front of his own bench. >> that is a gruesome-looking injury to kevin ware. >> reporter: as ware touched down, his right leg detonated beneath him, breaking in two places, his bone protruding through his skin. >> when he landed, i heard it. and i didn't ever think in a million years i would see something like that. >> reporter: cbs stopped showing the replay during the game. and the tears in the eyes of fans, players, and coaches on both teams said it all. >> i got everybody over after we covered up the injury. i said, listen to him. he said it over ten times. just win the game, i'll be okay. >> when kevin landed and his
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foot planted, the significant forces on the bones led to it coming through the soft tissue. >> reporter: overnight, in a two-hour surgery, doctors successfully reset his tibia and inserted a rod into his leg. ware's friends and family tweeted this picture. >> he'll likely need a significant amount of rehabilitation. to regain his mobility. >> reporter: in an essential way, he never left the team's side. a teammate donned his jersey. with the win, it was on to the final four in atlanta, the hometown of kevin ware. it's not often that the best team in the tournament is seen as the sympathetic favorite. his teammates really rallied behind him last night. people were talking about the injury to joe theismann in football. he should be back in about a
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year's time if everything goes well. >> he rallied around the team. it was incredible. >> win the game. and they did. >> josh, thanks very much. the latest on the manhunt in texas for the killers of a district attorney and his wife gunned down in their home this weekend. the killing came just two months after another prosecutor in the same county was murdered. pierre thomas is there. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's unheard of for top law enforcement officials to be executed in a small town like this. today, the fbi, atf, and local marshals are here to help solve these shocking murders. an army of police are trying to find out who broke into the home of mike mclelland, the county's top prosecutor, and murdered him and his wife in cold blood. >> it's unnerving to the law enforcement community. it's unnerving to the community at large.
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>> reporter: it was weeks ago that he had vowed to find the killer of one of his top deputies, assistant district attorney mark hasse. in late january, he was executed in broad daylight by two suspects dressed in black s.w.a.t. gear. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching, because we're very confident that we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that an assault-style rifle was used to fire multiple shots at mclelland and his wife. prosecutors are reviewing cases looking for a motive and any similarities, including any possible link to the colorado chief of corrections, gunned down at his front door just two weeks ago. the suspect in that case, who police believe was a member of a colorado prison white supremacist gang, was fatally wounded in a high-speed chase
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only 100 miles from kaufman. mclelland said his office put some real dents into a white supremacist group in texas. but while they're possible suspects, there's a long list of people who might have a vendetta against these men and possibly others in law enforcement here. amy? >> pierre thomas, thank you so much. and abc's john schriffen is live at the kaufman county courthouse. where security has already been increased. john, good morning. >> reporter: well, amy, good morning to you. when this courthouse reopens today, the public will notice a different look. security will be beefed up to protect the remaining prosecutors here. because of what is going on here, it's creating a ripple effect throughout texas.
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in harris county, which is houston, the district attorney has been offered and accepted 24-hour security protection for he and his family. sure this is a small town. but other cities around texas are on notice and taking this very seriously. george? >> let's get more from dan abrams. you have a -- a web of prosecutors, dozens of prosecutors in the area. how can they protect all of them? >> that's why information becomes so important. they need leads. they need to figure out who the targets may be. as you point out, you can give 24-hour surveillance and protection to particular people. if you're protecting the wrong people, it doesn't do any good. this is a case that will be a-1 priority not just in this community and in texas. as you can tell, all the federal authorities are there. why? not because they know the prosecutor and they know the
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person who was the victim, because this is an attack on the fabric of our legal system. if people start to feel like this is something that will happen regularly, our legal system is in real trouble. and i think that is why they'll move forward to solve the case as quickly as possible and follow up on it. >> police believe the killings are connected and how and how many people are involved is the question. >> the question becomes is it possible that one was a copycat? that one -- that someone saw what happened in one case and decided, okay, i'm going to go do that again. more likely authorities, if they're thinking they are connected by the same person or people. they have to be careful about not jumping to conclusions. >> some clues that the first killing was more sophisticated than the second? >> absolutely. they'll take it into consideration. it's possible it's been ordered by the same person, et cetera. you have to be careful. >> thanks, dan. george, now to that
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startling story at walmart, where an out-of-control driver pulled through the front of the store. then he emerged with a blunt instrument striking everyone in his path. abc's john muller is here with more. >> police are trying to figure out why this man sent people scrambling for their lives. four people couldn't get out of the way. a terrifying easter sunday for customers and workers at this walmart in san jose, california. when this oldsmobile cutlass crushed right through the front of the store. careening 20 feet, coming to a stop on a beer display. >> i heard this big crash, like something big fell off the shelf, broke. my heart was beating the whole time. >> reporter: but the crash didn't stop the driver from completing his bizarre mission. he emerged from the car with a blunt object and began clubbing everyone in his path.
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>> we found a total of nine people injured, three of them were transported to local hospitals. two were in critical condition. >> reporter: the only thing that couldn't stop him, the bravery of some everyday citizens inside the store. >> the police didn't have to use force. it sounded like some of the onlookers might have used force to take him into custody. >> reporter: the driver, who has been arrested but not identified, began his wild ride by hitting two cars in the parking lot. >> he hit one car before me. he hit me. >> reporter: some witnesses said that he may have been going as fast as 40 miles an hour when he burst through the store. >> broken glass. flying debris. it was absolutely chaotic with the number of people in the store. >> reporter: the most seriously injured person, a cashier. hit in the head with debris. the rest of the injured not in life-threatening condition. police believe drugs or alcohol could have been involved. again, the motivation, still a mystery. let's turn to josh with the
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other top stories. amy, we're going to begin with yet another new show of force on the korean peninsula. the u.s. has flown fighter jets like this to south korea for military exercises, one day after the north announced it's entered a state of war. abc's martha raddatz is in south korea. >> reporter: president park has issued a strong warning to north korea this morning. saying if north korea attacks, south korea will respond militarily. she said this morning that's what the military is for, to protect its people. three years ago this ship was struck by a north korean torpedo. it sunk, killing 46 sailors. south korea did not respond that time. this time around, north korea is
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only issuining verbal threats. the u.s. and south korea are doing everything possible to make sure that north korea is only issuing threats. new information overnight about that jaw-dropping pileup on a virginia highway. a total of 95 vehicles collided in confusion sunday. the drivers blinded by heavy fog on interstate 77. these pictures are surreal. three people were killed in the massive chain reaction. the highway has now reopened. and two state troopers in alaska and a snowmobiler they rescued are presumed dead after their helicopter, seen here, crashed in bad weather. authorities found the crash site but thus far no sign of survivors. while in maryland, a helicopter team rescued a kayaker stranded in the rushing waters of the potomac river. his kayak flipped over. one rescuer lowered down, attached the kayaker to the hoist, and lifted the man to
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safety. and we have exclusive new details about millions in federal aid misspent in the wake of hurricane katrina. jeff zeleny's learned some $700 million in disaster funds meant to shore-up houses against future flooding was actually pocketed by homeowners. the government is now pushing to get the money back. and the major league baseball season under way. the astros, new to the american league, didn't look it last night. they topped the texas rangers, 8-2. and let's be honest, it's not every day you see a pro golfer take his pants off on the course. it happened when andreas harto's ball came close to the water. he went and marked his ball before -- actually, then rushed back. feel free, at any point, to put your pants back on. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> you may feel free, this is really rough for those of us, i think -- >> i like how he's walking like -- look at that. >> it wouldn't be so bad but for the duck walk. >> and to everybody again outside the state of texas, happy opening day, people. >> hear, hear. it's great to be here. we turn to the latest on the health crisis out of oklahoma, where officials have started testing thousands of patients for hiv and hepatitis after discovering years of shockingly unsanitary conditions in the dental office of scott harrington. abc's rob nelson has the story. >> i feel very nervous. i feel upset. i feel a lot of anger for the situation. i am just hoping for the best. that's all i can do. >> reporter: it's that mix of fear and helplessness that continues to grip the tulsa area today with the health of 7,000 residents still hanging in the
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balance. >> i just remember screaming, what? and -- um -- just saying, that can't be possible. >> reporter: disturbingly unsanitary conditions unveiled last week at the office of scott harrington has touched off a public health crisis. as officials today continue screening patients for hepatitis and hiv. >> if a person gets stuck with a needle that has come out of the vein of a person with hiv disease, the likelihood of them contracting hiv is about 0.3%. not extremely high. >> reporter: more than 400 patients were screened since saturday. the entire process could last weeks. harrington faces a laundry list of complaints. rusty instruments, reused needles and unsterilized equipment. six years' worth of patients are caught in the crosshairs. >> it gives me a strange feeling. it's -- what if? you know, i really don't -- i don't like to think about it. >> reporter: there's been no
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public comment from the doctor or his lawyer. >> hi, there. dr. harrington? >> reporter: a few days ago, he slammed the door in the faces of reporters who showed up at his second home in phoenix. for former patients, a frightening waiting game continues. now, harrington temporarily surrendered his license last month. a hearing is set for april 19th. where it could be revoked altogether. there's a possibility he'll face criminal charges. no one expects something like this from a simple trip to the dentist. >> scary stuff. now to the young woman stranded on oregon's mt. hood in harrowing conditions, she's now speaking out for the first time about her ordeal. abc's neal karlinsky reports. >> reporter: a week ago this morning, 23-year-old mary owen could only dream of a hospital bed. she was lying in the snow, stranded 4600 feet up oregon's mt. hood. she had slipped during a whiteout and hurt her leg badly. >> you want protection from the wind and the elements.
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>> reporter: owen's an experienced climber and was certain she would be found soon. time passed. no one came. she melted snow for water and started fires for warmth. for six excruciating days, on the mountain alone and injured. occasionally moving when avalanches happened. >> i had a dream about people telling me how to get off the mountain. i would pack my stuff up and get ready to go and there was nobody there. >> reporter: she thought she might die. something that never really scared her before. >> i treated death carelessly. as i was out there, i was thinking about the loose ends i left behind. >> reporter: saturday, after nearly a full week on the mountain, a helicopter spotted her. >> i was very, very much overwhelmed. i was screaming for them to come back for me. they did. they turned around and came back. that was -- that was a good moment.
7:16 am
>> we're just praising god and just so happy. >> reporter: she has frostbite on her toes and is otherwise just fine. she got the two things she wanted most besides being rescued, french toast and a bath. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> what an amazing young woman. >> absolutely. let's get the weather now from sam. >> we're going to start with the fog situation that is all over the east and the southeast. in josh's news, the difficulty in driving through that and how it can cause accidents. it can also be a gorgeous morning shot. if you're very, very careful on the roads, we'll get through the morning. if you look to the left, the sun. to the right, that's the washington monument sticking through the fog. that is how heavy the fog is. it's from annapolis, around the chesapeake, all the way down to atlanta. jackson, about five miles of visibility. all the warm air in the deep south. colder temperatures dropping down one more time. we'll go through that in the next half hour.
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>> sam? >> there's a look at the -- >> at the weather? >> oh, hi. >> coming out to the tease. i thought we were coming back -- we'll have more weather in the next half hour. >> i thought you were making a grand entrance. coming up, the shocking jailhouse interview after a violent fight between neighbors. an award-winning filmmaker now dead. his neighbor's saying that she shot in self-defense. this shows the final harrowing moments before a couple was kidnapped? did masked men abduct them in broad daylight? and it's april fools' day. stay tuned. l's day. stay tuned. especially my niece. the moment she pointed out my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis... well, it was really embarrassing. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin
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hey, hey! ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] to learn more about a guaranteed lifetime income from pacific life, visit good morning, i'm eastbound eric. oakland police are investigating three separate fatal shootings in a span of seven hours. one happened last night. it follows two other shootings one on international boulevard just after four p.m. and another on 68th avenue around 10:00 in the morning. necessity examined this car and are looking for clues. no one has been arrested. let's get a check on the morning commute in the traffic center. >> good morning. the rain is definitely causing problems along our morning ride to work.
7:23 am
eastbound 780 just before military west street, sig alert is in effect and blocking all lanes due to a fatality. no word on when lanes will be reopened or take columbus parkway to herman road. here is your drive on marin county. looking pretty good. >> mike nicco has
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were off on to rough start this morning. live radar, some of the heavier rain heading tiop richmond, pinole and rodeo. this is the heaviest between richmond and san francisco heading tour the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll have scattered showers with the
7:27 am
dominiqu[ snorting ] how many? how many wives do i have? >> understand, he has many. so that's not a difficult question to ask.
7:28 am
good. >> i told him i have one wife. he looks really unimpressed. he has many wives. >> what a groundbreaking story for april 1st. could there be an astonishing breakthrough in human gorilla communication? has a scientist finally cracked the code. nick watt on the screen for us. as you know, robin is co-hosting "live" with michael strahan next hour. great to have amy robach here. look at this video. it looks as if it shows the final moments before a couple was targeted for a kidnapping. did masked men abduct them in broad daylight? much more to come there. also, lara. take a listen. >> thank you, josh. we'll talk about the princeton mom setting off a huge debate. she's encouraging college women to find a husband on campus before they graduate.
7:29 am
needless to say, lots to say about this. her letter going so viral, the princeton newspaper website as crashed. >> lots more to get to on that. meanwhile, look who just got here. country superstar brad paisley. why is he showing up in a cab? >> in a bathrobe. >> is he running late? >> has he showered? >> so many -- so many questions to answer. brad paisley arriving to be our special guest co-host. >> he had to borrow money. >> the man is in a robe, afterall. more on that ahead. >> i like that. common man brad paisley. an argument between neighbors that turned deadly this weekend. it began with a dispute about overgrown trees. the neighbor arrested in the killing says he fired in
7:30 am
self-defense. abbie boudreau that has the story. >> reporter: a neighborly dispute over tree-trimming gone tragically wrong. overnight, the man who shot him is calling it self-defense. listen to this jailhouse interview with a chilling confession. >> he took two or three steps toward me and then i -- i -- shot him in the head. >> reporter: 61-year-old michael vilkin admits to killing his neighbor, humanitarian and film maker john upton. after a year-long argument about these bushes dividing their property. >> he came to me, threatening, and pulled a gun at me. >> reporter: upton, a documentary filmmaker profiled by abc news in 1993, had dedicated much of his life to helping romanian orphans to finding homes. >> the romanian government put these kids on the back burner. >> however they want me to do it, i'll do it. for god's sake, let me help these kids. >> reporter: vilkin's wife seen
7:31 am
frantically here at the crime scene admits that police were called to resolve a dispute between the two men a week before the murder. vilkin who was arrested and will be arained tomorrow says his neighbor had an angry side. when upton confronted him with a gun, he said he shot him. police will not comment on whether he was or was not brandishing a gun. his family left to wonder why a seemly senseless spat between neighbors ended in bloodshed. >> we're just dumbfounded like, what in the world happened? i mean it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> that is a head-scratcher. >> so many questions in that one. check out this story. a bizarre case. a couple apparently was taken off a new york city street in the middle of the day. police released this surveillance video. a couple looking nervous just moments before their apparent abduction.
7:32 am
gio benitez is here with more. this is a confusing one. >> reporter: police have no idea who the people are and nobody has been reported missing in the area. police say this might have been a hoax among friends to celebrate a birthday. >> get down. go. >> reporter: it's a terrifying scene you might see in a suspense film. masked men abducting someone in broad daylight. in this shocking surveillance video, is it happening in real life? >> they were walking down the street this way, the car pulled up on the opposite side and, um -- he screamed, he picked her up. >> reporter: look closely. an unidentified man in dark clothes and a woman in a white coat walk down a quiet manhattan street. seconds later, two men, one with a ski mask and another with a plastic bag over their head run after the couple. a dark-colored minivan turns the wrong way down a one-way street.
7:33 am
it's doors were hanging open. >> it turned down the one way, pulled over and stopped. a couple of guys came out and picked up a girl, put her in the car. >> reporter: investigators said two young girls called 911 friday after seeing the woman screaming after she was forced into the minivan at gunpoint. no trace of the van or the passengers since. >> there's probably some relationship between the abductors and the victims. was this over drugs? was it over some sort of debt? or was it to make a statement? >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the couple seemed nervous, looking over their shoulders just before the alleged abduction. and the woman was reportedly carrying two heavy bags. >> when she screamed, we were nervous. the way they walked in, seemed suspicious, like they knew whose car they were going into. >> reporter: so far, no one is reported missing.
7:34 am
investigators are poring over the video and looking for clues on who this couple is. even looking into whether this whole thing is a hoax. and police won't take any chances. if this turns out to be a very real abduction. lots of columbia university dental students live in the area. no word on whether any of the people involved in the incident are students. amy? george? >> thank you very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> pictures out of the sacramento area. talk about there west to the bay area. a lot of heavy rain yesterday. a half to a full inch of rain. that's a lot. a lot of traffic backups. difficult times. now the low moves inland. salt lake into denver, high-elevation snow. l.a. doesn't get the showers. this system moves east and moves inland. southern california, that needs the rain so desperately, doesn't get it.
7:35 am
here's where the real pocket of cold air drops in. 8 in minneapolis, des moines, 15. st. louis, 36. as mild as it is in the south and the east, this pocket of cold air moves there for the rest of the week. then we'll talk about spring retu >> all that weather was brought to you by crest pro health. a long line of storms from northern texas into oklahoma today. coming up, an astonishing breakthrough in human-gorilla communication. scientists may have finally cracked the code into what they're saying.
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it's just about 7:42 on april 1st. an astonishing breakthrough in communications between humans and gorillas. a california scientist knocking down the wall between the species, making it possible for our correspondent talked directly with a gorilla. nick watt with this unbelievable story. >> reporter: what you are
7:40 am
hearing -- those grunts, we now know they are words. a language now deciphered by this man, dr. paolo fril. you have essentially learned to speak gorilla? >> i think the gorillas themselves would acknowledge that. >> reporter: you're witnessing the first-ever televised interspecies conversation. he just said hi? i'm kelly. is that right? >> yes, that's right. he said, hi, i'm kelly. >> reporter: he's the dominant male here at the los angeles zoo. dr. fril's work started six years ago this very day. when i first met him, i was skeptical. this is very, very hard to believe. >> i was a little disturbed ,as well. >> reporter: the more i learned, the more amazed i became. the doctor was able to develop a remarkable computer program. the envy of all in the community. here's what he discovered. when a gorilla says -- [ grunting ] -- that means i'm hungry. listen to the roll into the sharp grunt.
7:41 am
not to be confused with this -- [ grunting ] -- which means i would like to mate. he can isolate consonants and vows. after a long intense day of study, i was ready. or so i hoped. here he is. he's still just staring at me. [ reporter grunting ] >> less nasal. perfect. >> reporter: that's me asking what his favorite color is. [ grunting ] black. that one-word translation, seismic. >> gorillas are incredible. this is an incredible discovery. >> reporter: fril is already developing a reality tv show. >> my sisters and i went to the los angeles zoo last week and it was -- it's fascinating. you just have to go for yourself and see.
7:42 am
>> reporter: i felt we were really connecting. until kelly, the alpha male, asked me a question. [ grunting ] how many -- how many wives do i have? >> understand he has many. that's not a difficult question to ask. >> reporter: i told him i have one wife. he looks unimpressed. [ grunting ] obviously, he has many wives. i have one, he thinks i'm a weak man. >> indeed. he's questioning your masculinity. >> reporter: with that, our interview was over. what is next? they're not going to join our society now that we can communicate with them? >> no, they're still wild animals. i think they would be uncomfortable living within the bounds of a city square or even in a small town. >> reporter: for "good morning america" [ reporter grunting ] los angeles. he's going to keep going to the zoo and studying. he taught me how to say lara
7:43 am
spencer. it was -- [ grunting ] >> how long did it take you to learn that? >> it was a couple of lessons. it's not easy. i'm working on it. i'm not fluent in it like i am in french. for more on this, go to on yahoo! right now. >> when we come back nick watt is here, the krubl two words that launched the story. also kellie pickler and derrick hough i used to have bad dreams, but not anymore. [ barks ] i used to be scared of the basement. but when badger's with me, it's not so bad. [ barking ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family.
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only from ghirardelli. derek ho right then, here's "the play of the day." >> all right. this is a very special live "play of the day." because it's monday. we want to bring back nick watt. you brought us the story, nick, a remarkable one about speech and breakthroughs made in the speech of gorillas. you want to bring your expertise
7:48 am
teach us a couple of words. go ahead. >> these are the two most important words we can say on a morning like this. the first is -- [ growling ] that means april. and the second -- [ growling ] which, i'm afraid, means fool. this is april 1. i am the fool around here. i had to bring you this story. we did give you a couple of clues. if you listened to one of the first grunts and play it backwards, it says april fool. >> what you're hearing, those grunts, we know those are words. [ growling ] april fools. april fools. >> unbelievable.
7:49 am
>> fancy graphics we have. >> there was another clue buried in the piece. >> well -- dr. fril's work started six years ago this very day. >> april 1, 2007. >> there's an anagrammatic clue, i'm told? >> yes, well, the main one is dr. paolo fril. that is an an agram for april fools. he is my tennis partner. >> thank you so much, nick. terrific. brad paisley coming up. and that's no fool. ing up. and that's no fool. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
i'm sorry honey, i gotta go. help! i'm sorry. milk. ladies, i gotta go to work.
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7:54 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. authorities statewide will object lookout for drivers using handheld cellphones lynde the wheel. it's part of a month long effort focused on distracted drivers. they will cite drivers texting or using handheld cellphones phones. the cost is $159 plus court fees. >> good morning everybody. intensity of the showers starting to fall apart. we still have more showers around the san mateo bridge. these will head north and keep the wet weather gear handy. >> wet roadways and eastbound 780 blocked military west street. heavy back-up as you approach that drive. in hail daly city we have a report of a crash of a
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning, america. this is brad paisley. i have had an unfortunate incident and my phone was hacked. like a lot of celebrities. they got some really
7:58 am
embarrassing things out of it, including one racy photograph. before i will let people blackmail me and put me on television the wrong way, i have chosen "good morning america" to be the place where i break this on my terms for the first time, myself. so you can go ahead and show this unfortunate photograph. as you can see, i was much younger. i didn't know any better. and i must have needed the money. kids, the lesson is, be careful which photographs you take. they could wind up in the wrong hands. by the way, happy april fools' day. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> and a big april fools' crowd out there in times square this morning. right by our side, brad paisley. that was big of you, man. >> come and get ahead of it. >> it's one of those things. when you're a celebrity, these things happen. >> well, george w. bush said it, when he was young and
7:59 am
irresponsible, he was young and irresponsible, just like you. >> just like me. exactly like me. >> you were wild at 4 months. >> i was. >> let's just look that. you were enjoying every minute of it. >> you should have seen the girl off-camera. [ laughter ] >> there's more pictures. >> there are. there's more pictures. the bathtub. there are bathtub photos. >> bath time. >> yeah, crazy. >> robin, sorry you're missing this. but she's getting ready to host "live" with michael strahan this morning. >> brad took over the set and he took over the control room, too. brad said that he made some changes in the control room. >> we're going to do things different from now on. go to the orange camera over there. what's wrong with that? all right, fine go to the green one.
8:00 am
>> poor lily. lily, you're incredibly patient. >> hey, robin? robin, are you out there? >> we're doing a show. >> there she is. >> hi, robin. >> there's just so much going on. there's just so much going on this morning, guys, can you -- i'm speechless. i'm speechless in what i'm seeing. but i wish i was there with brad. he's one of my dear, dear friends. and you guys are in great hands. leave it at that. it's a privilege to be here filling in for kelly. michael strahan will join me in a little bit. we'll let you know what is coming up on "live." talk amongst yourselves. talk amongst yourselves. >> you struck robin speechless. >> i did? really? that's hard to do. >> we're going to talk to robin and michael coming up. excited to see her on with kelly and michael this morning. and we also have a very special guest here this morning, marie osmond. the one, the only. i know you have met her before. >> many times. we're friends.
8:01 am
it will be great to have her. >> did you do something for the cmas? >> yeah. a promo that we did to host the awards again. >> i remember that. >> if you watch this. it was great. [ laughter ] >> they nailed it. is >> that's a great -- >> that was funny. very, very funny. also ahead, sony, a big, big, big thing for them. a big advance for them in pet technology. this morning. you might not believe it. frankly, given the day, i don't know what to believe any more. but headphones for cats? seriously. >> what? >> yeah. >> i'm not, i'm not sure if it should buy it or not? >> i don't know anymore. >> those will fit you. another headline that we haven't covered yet. let's get the news the way we always do at "gma" in times square. oh, newsie? >> extra, extra. "newsies" celebrates one year on
8:02 am
broadway. >> we get our news like this every morning. they celebrate their one-year anniversary on that incredible show. >> by the way, you owe that guy two bits. >> i gotta get change. >> like robin, i'm just about speechless, too. josh, let's get real news. >> all right. we're going to reset things here. and we're going to begin with a murder mystery now that spans two states. in texas, a district attorney and his wife were gunned down in their home this weekend. sources say the attacker fired multiple rounds from an assault rifle. just weeks earlier, the assistant district attorney from the same county was shot and killed outside the courthouse there. last month, the head of the colorado prison system was murdered. authorities are trying to determine if all of these cases are in some way connected. white supremacist groups, drug cartels and a range of people of violent offenders are all among possible suspects.
8:03 am
the u.s. military has flown fighter jets to south korea. for military exercises. this is coming on the heels of north korea's announcement that it is in a state of war. this morning, south korea's president warned that if the north attacks, the south will respond with force. and interstate 77 in southern virginia has reopened after the 95-vehicle pileup on sunday blamed on heavy fog. these graphic and surreal images, all a part of the chain reaction. three people were, in fact, killed in the chain reaction crashes. and in san jose, california, police say that a driver on a rampage came plowing through the walmart with his vintage oldsmobile. he then jumped out of the car and starting striking people. four people were injured. it's being called one of the worst basketball injuries we have ever seen. we, though, are not going to show it to you this morning. louisville guard kevin ware landed awkwardly last night, breaking his leg in two places.
8:04 am
horrifying the crowd and the players, in front of whom it happened. this morning, however, doctors say his overnight surgery was a success. now, the most remarkable things here, squirming in pain, he thought only of his teammates, telling them, just go win the game. and they did. louisville advances to the final four in atlanta next weekend, kevin ware's hometown. and adding to the spirit, the louisville women pulled a massive upset last night, beating brittney griner and the baylor bears, 82-81. and here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. great to talk to you. and tonight on "world news," you have to see this. talk about little babies, 10 days old, playing with an ipad? more and more tiny infants are swiping away. what happens if you give an infant technology? what does it mean for the future? a big question out there. we'll see you tonight with
8:05 am
some answers. >> i know sarina just wants the ipad. sony targeting a new audience today. pets. they're launching animalia, a line of high-tech gear that includes the canine tv. animalia. >> i think it's animalia. >> i think it's animalia. >> it's a bad cirque du soleil. >> for chipmunks? >> no, that's a hamster. >> are you going to stay committed to this one, josh? >> i'm on the fence. there's one thing to tell you, because it's the day before april 2nd, if you know what i'm saying. >> so animalia, not so mucha. >> but stick around for animalia. >> almost feels superfluous today, but it's not. never. >> thank you, george. let's get to some real news, shall we, people?
8:06 am
and we begin with ralph, the robust rabbit. the world's most buxom bunny. weighing in at 50 pounds. and this is not a joke. the apple does not fall far from the tree. ralph's mother, amy, and his father, roberto, were both world recordholders as the biggest rabbits. his daily diet consists of -- cabbage, broccoli, corn. carrots. bacon. watercress. >> is this real? >> it is. it costs about $100 to feed him. he is now the world's most buxom bunny. we congratulate you, ralph. that is real. so is this story. a bad bunny, busted in san diego on his way to a charity event on saturday. this is real, i am not lying. chips you see on the scene. the charge? driving without a helmet. the officer let him off the hook
8:07 am
with just a warning. and again, i'm not kidding you. that is real. that picture released by the highway patrol in california. i know you don't believe me. >> no, no, i'm with you. i'm with you so far. i'm with you. >> it's never good when a news program has to swear it's real. >> i think we have gone too far. brad, in case you're looking for a new drummer. we would like you to meet avery. he's become a youtube sensation. >> i have seen him. >> he's got a lot of years to give you. >> i know. >> avery's 6 years old. >> this is "hot for teacher." he's nailing it. i'm back on here in a week and a half. i want to bring him out. >> do you want to invite him? >> i'll play the guitar part. let's do it. i'll play the van halen part. >> done, done. >> consider it an invitation, avery. being offered. he's been playing since he was 4 years old. he already tours around his home state of pennsylvania. shredding his way through songs by kiss and other rock and roll bands. >> lets play that. >> his national television debut with brad paisley.
8:08 am
>> make my drummer watch him do it right. >> oh! that is "pop news," everybody. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everybody. we are live in sometimes square. wait a minute, i have so many folks to say hi to. first of all, i have never seen a hat with so many colors. tell me your name. >> alyssa. >> that is gorgeous. what is your name? >> emily. >> and? >> elsa. >> and? >> serena. >> and your name? >> ayla. >> everybody is here in times square. why shouldn't you be? one or two things to share with you this morning. we're going to start with a picture of spring. here you go. yes, it's warm today. it's comfortable. here's one more shot of cold air working its way in for a good part of this week from washington to new york and baltimore. you get involved in that as well. today, there's a live-action storm event anywhere from north texas into most of oklahoma today. that's where the strong storms will be focused. a little bit of showery weather
8:09 am
also into the southeast today, too. >> we're just taking a few pictures. go ahead. you got it here? smile. let's go back inside to lara. >> hi. >> all right, let's do it. i have a little help here on the "gma" morning menu. would you do the honors, sir? go ahead. right into that camera seven. right there. >> sorry. good morning. new troubles for justin bieber. right now. his monkey confiscated by security.
8:10 am
>> that's true. >> get out of town. and it's sizzling in the ballroom with kellie pickler and derek hough. as they get ready for tonight's blockbuster performance. >> that's true. and robin is co-hosting "live" with michael strahan this morning. we'll talk to them both just ahead. and coming up live on "gma" here in times square. you stay classy, new york. >> and america. >> and america. yeah, sorry, it's america. [ cheers and applause ] at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
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8:15 am
there's everyone out there this times square. time here for our "gma" heat index. more strange news from justin bieber. a possible breakup for one direction. and a big win for "g.i. joe" at the box office. larry hackett is here. you broke news about cory monteith from "glee." >> he's checked into rehab. he has the support of his girlfriend on the show and in real life, lea michele. he's been very candid about his past. he saw a problem arising and took action. >> we wish him the best. >> i would much rather see it go that way than the other way, where we just keep reading stories about them this other way. >> justin bieber can't get his
8:16 am
monkey into east germany. >> april fools, right? he's a business. the people running the business are not doing a good job. he apparently had a run-in at a nightclub in vienna. nothing is good in that sentence. what is he doing in a nightclub in vienna. >> what is he doing with a monkey? >> apparently, grandiosity includes having a monkey. >> hundreds of millions of dollars he produces. >> he wants to be the other justin, timberlake, who made the transition. >> speaking of the other. harry stiles may be going in that direction. does it mean the end of one direction? >> it could. i don't know if the fans are going to go. they're like may flies. then they move on. >> you have just instulted
8:17 am
several million 13-year-old girls. >> we refer to our daughters. i said the star waning. >> finger on the pulse. >> do you feel, though, that -- does harry have the heat to carry a so lorks career? >> if anybody emerged, it was him. he was the cutest, the one that the girls seemed to like more than anybody else. it might be. we'll see what happens. robby williams. this is an english band. he left, he was successful. >> this is the talk of your easter dirn table. susan patton. writes an editorial in the princeton newspaper. she gives the advice, find your husband while you're there. >> get the mrs. degree. >> i thought it was a modest proposal. i guess it's not. it seems a bit retrograde at
8:18 am
best. >> the son at princeton, he's not happy about it. >> he's got to be dying and agonizing. >> having your mother say, find a husband before you graduate. >> she just fies it saying it is feminist to do this. you're make the choice. >> in a world where we're debating gay marriage, leaning in, this is an interesting contribution to the debate. a lot going on about women and men and relationships. >> thank you, larry. also in the "heat index." country singer kellie pickler and derek hough. they're firing up the dance floor. we decided to spend time with help. rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" spent time with them before tonight. take a look. ♪ dancing to the moonlight
8:19 am
>> reporter: this blew away the first dance of the season. and last week, their jazz routine blew everyone's sox off. it wasn't sox that concerned kellie. >> i was more concerned about wardrobe malfunction than anything. >> reporter: mo problem. kelly's jive tonight is a dance where the devil is many the details. i've seen your tweets. you compared the gijive to the devil. >> it has ten times more choreography because it's faster. ♪ >> singles? >> okay, me. >> it's tough keeping up. oh, my god! what's up? >> i heard commotion. >> i'm ready for my prom. >> wow, wow, seriously. >> that's sexy. >> i'm going with tony.
8:20 am
i'm loving it. it's hot. >> aren't they great? >> isn't that great? that's great. >> reporter: that's got to be wynonna. ♪ from my head down to my feet ♪ >> reporter: i have a treat for you. you like these? >> i love them. >> reporter: what is another favorite snack? >> doritos. >> oh, derek, you killed my dancing partner. >> reporter: okay, okay, okay. these are -- >> these are amazing. >> reporter: what is your favorite drink? >> moonshine. >> reporter: i can't give you that. i can give you this? >> this is made in carolina. i gotta go eat and dance and work all this off. >> reporter: on tonight's "dancing with the stars," the jive. next week, they get ready to rumba. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> they're having way too much fun. don't miss "dancing with the stars" tonight, 8:00, 7:00
8:21 am
central right here on abc. josh, you'll be watching, right? >> i will. but don't miss in just moments, our own robin roberts guest hosting "live with kelly and michael." and look who it is. the afore mentions miss roberts and mr. strahan. robin and michael, there they are. are there nerves? >> i'm too-timing you guys. i'm two-timing you with michael strahan. that's what i'm doing. >> she loves the hours so much because she gets to sleep past $ 3:45. i'm dressed 35 minutes early. >> i should wear blue. i thought you were coming in in jeans. >> for the show, we have to coordinate. we're going to be coordinated today. >> i love it. we've seen on the show, michael,
8:22 am
you have picked up kristin chenoweth and kelly. will you do that with our girl, robin? >> why not? >> don't get any ideas. >> i think i will. >> no, no, no, no. didn't we have, like, if that would happen, what that would look like if he were to do that? >> i believe we do. >> is there a graphic? >> while we track that down, hey, michael, it's new territory for her. any tips for robin? >> oh. >> any tips for robin? >> i saw her at the oscars, she came and gave me tips. there is nothing i can tell you that you don't know. >> you looked good on the red carpet. like gelman. he's crouched down. giving us -- he's like the third base coach.
8:23 am
>> crouching tiger, hidden gelman. >> i love it. now, robin, this is a -- this is a big money set there. i mean, i want you to enjoy it, take notes, and we'll redecorate when you come back. those people spend some cash up there. >> they do. the crowd is already going crazy. just the energy and the enthusiasm. >> because of you. >> i like those chairs too. >> they're so happy you're here. they're going to tear the roof off the place. we're going to have to redecorate ourselves. >> this is when he says, april fools. >> cannot wait to watch it. coming up in a half hour. see robin and michael on "live" later this morning. kelly ripa is back soon. coming up, brad paisley. marie osmond is here live. you don't think that something you're watching on tv is going the affect your life. my husband, it was his birthday.
8:24 am
he and my son went and played golf. he was having a massive heart attack. hi son, eric, remembered seeing on "world news" with diane sawyer, a new technique for cpr. it does seem crazy. watching "world news" with diane sawyer saved my husband's life. this is my family. gnat is our abc "world news" story. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. san francisco police are looking for a man that shot two people aboard a muni bus.
8:25 am
it happened last night. a woman was shot in the stock a.m. and man hit in the leg. it's not clear what prompted the shooting. police are looking for any information on the suspect described as a man with shoulder length curly hair wearing a black beanie that was last seen away from the number 14 mission bus. >> eric, we take you back to benicia where there is a sig alert. along 780 eastbound. all lanes are blocked. it was fatality. you can use the shoulder to get by. also at the toll plaza, eastbound 80 just before you reach it an accident blocking one lane
8:26 am
8:27 am
live doppler 7-hd heading downtown, best radar returns, richmond also over towards tiburon on top of guilty bridge and scattered throughout no ja to and mill valley where we'll find our best radar returns, all this is moving to the north. we have scattered showers in the forecast throughout dated. they'll become less numerous by the afternoon hours. low 50s on our way to the [ cheers and applause ] we have everyone out there in times square. you know that music, brad paisley.
8:28 am
"southern comfort zone." there's the video right there. showing up at the eiffel tower. he ends up right here in times square this morning, brad paisley, welcome to "good morning america." >> great to be here. >> thanks for coming in. robin is getting set to host "live." amy robach is here. brad, you've been filming all morning. take it away. also ahead, the great marie osmond is here live to tell us about her book and her family. we'll hear about her lifetime performing with her talented family. and you have been busy when you're not doing george's lines. i have to inform you, we have security cameras everywhere. we caught you breaking into josh's dressing room. >> why do you have to do this? >> oh, man. >> oh, wow. >> that's eddie, who works for you. >> eddie, you're on the list now.
8:29 am
>> josh, get ready. >> a whoopee cushion there. those are hard to blow up, really. you have to be smarter than the average bear to blow it up. >> you toilet papered josh's room? >> yeah. >> all caught on tape. >> i'll see you after the show, my friend. >> no, you won't. >> no, i won't. >> yes, newman. take a look at this as well. we have the cast, you saw them earlier today. the cast of "newsies." >> whoo! >> so where is the cast of "newsies"? just wondering. >> is it something we said? >> yeah, they're all cart-wheeling their way through everywhere around here. a very special performance coming right up. george? >> thank you, josh. i'm over here with our friend marie osmond. in her private life, more than her share of pain. she's written about the
8:30 am
touchstone that's guided her through the ups and downs. "the key is love: my mother's wisdom, a daughter's gratitude" is out today. great to see you. >> great to see you. so fun. fun to be here. it's really quiet in here. >> you and brad arrived at the same time. >> yes, i tweeted this morning, i said i was here with kenny chesney, april fools'. >> he took it well. >> he's so darling. >> i leafed through the book over the weekend. it's lovely, very honest. it came to life looking through your mother's journal. >> originally, i was asked to do a book, kind of like an erma bombeck. i had to rewrite it and rewrite it. i went through a bunch of things. it was my mom's wisdom that got me through a lot of it. i wrote it as her only daughter, growing up in the entertainment world. >> all those boys. >> all those boys.
8:31 am
eight brothers. and then i have eight children. so i just wanted to do something to honor her. i think she was one of the greatest women that i knew. >> what is the one piece of wisdom that you're most grateful for? >> one piece of wisdom? to love yourself. you know, think that that comes off as, selfish or whatever, but to really honor who you are as a person. the core values, the book is about various values that she taught me and our lives today are very different as mothers. my mother was a stay-at-home mother. she was always there for us. >> you were always working. >> i have always been a working mother. i have always had to support the family. so it's a different set of rules. but i don't think -- but it's like my mother always said, people may change, but truth done. there's a lot of wisdom in the things she taught me.
8:32 am
whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, it's the wisdom from her. i went through journals. just a remarkable woman. >> you're open about the pain. you have had the hardest blow any mother can have. your son michael committed suicide about two years ago now. you write about how that day you knew something was wrong? >> you know, it's that intuition that all women have. i think in this busy world that we live in, we forget to be still. and it's -- it's the hardest thing. i have lost my parents. i feel like, you know, i knew what it felt like to be an orphan. to be the only girl, lose my mother, then my father. but to lose a child is something that's not supposed to happen. what pulled me through, her wisdom and the information i put in there is -- i know from postpartum depression. i wrote a book about that. you think everybody's life is better off without you in it.
8:33 am
that is a lie. there is nothing better without the people you love in it. >> and you also talk about the lessons you learn from your daughter, jessica. the lesson about listening. she came out to you as a lesbian when she was 17. >> 17. >> you write honestly about that process and how other families have come to you and thanking you for teaching them to communicate about them. >> it's like the title of the book. love is the key. i can't imagine i would want anything different for any of my children. i love her. she's a remarkable woman. she has the heart, bigger than the world and -- she's my kid. what can i say. and so i do believe in love. i believe in the principles of that and to honor each other. >> would you like to see her married? >> you know what, i would love to see her do what ever she wants. i know that she has been in some relationships. i don't think we should let
8:34 am
anybody get married until they're at least 23. that should be the law. but, no, you know what, i desire everything for her that she wants in life. how could we not? it's being civil. >> it's the right thing to do. we all remember your final tour on "dancing with the stars." you made it right to the end. >> i got to the finals. >> are you watching this year at all? do you have a favorite? >> i have talk show on hallmark. i love it. we talk about all kinds of things opinion but, andy dick did the show. we did this cold opening. i said, you want to win that show, i have to teach you how to faint. i taught him how to pass out and keep his legs together. >> he's been surprising people. he's been doing well. >> i have known him forever. i love him. we were talk about judgments. he has always owned it. no excuses. he's -- i told him, i said, you know, just hang in there.
8:35 am
we all deserve chances. and we all make mistakes. >> thank you for coming back. >> it's a pleasure. >> the book is called, "the key is love." it's in some stores tomorrow. you can see personal photos from the new book at on yahoo!. let's go to sam for a final check of the weather. >> george, that's lovely. brad is going to do something we have never done before. interactive, it's our first interactive weather report. >> 3d. >> let's get to the boards. we thought we would have brad paisley cities up for you. like paisley, florida, where there's a little bit of snow. >> no, i square. >> it can't be snowing in florida. >> no, i'm serious, it was snow. back to the board, because -- >> it's raining. >> it's dry now. it's dry. it's completely dry. there is the opportunity for sunshine, would you say the sun is --
8:36 am
>> i would say the sun is -- >> is beating down. >> it's beating down on florida. >> that's what it's like in florida right there. just like that. >> get a look at the big board. it's not sunny anymore. i don't know. i don't want to say thunderstorms. let's just say a little bit of light mountain snow. >> we're going to hook you up to it. >> finally, the light mountain snow. >> it's not light. it's not. it's not light at all. >> that's the weather around the nation. >> i figure i'm safe if i stand behind him.
8:37 am
if i'm in his blind spot. josh? >> that's the best, best weathercast ever. i mean that. we have a special guest here from our own abc family. in honor of "castle's" 100th episode tonight, stana katic. we'll talk to her in just a moment. but first, a sneak peek. >> i caught him red handed. >> so it's got to be blood? >> what else could it be? >> red paint, tomato juice. beets. red velvet cupcakes. >> he brought a tarp and a robe. get a warrant. search that place before there's no evidence left. >> esposito spoke to the girl. we know she's alive. >> how do you know that it's the same girl? it's possible he paid someone to be his alibi. >> and there they go again. joined by stana katic. welcome to the program.
8:38 am
>> thank you. >> 100 episodes. >> yes. >> that's the big number. yes. >> does it feel like it? >> it doesn't feel like it's been 100. it feels like something that we can celebrate and enjoy. and it's a really special episode tonight because our executive producer and the creator of the show and his wife, who is kind of his muse, both wrote it. and they wrote it in mind for the fans who are so sweet and supported us all of these years. so, i think it will be a nice glass of champagne for everyone. before we go, so excited. she's the most excited "castle" fan. so excited. the 100th episode tonight. thank you, see how easy that was. coming up here, more with brad paisley. go nowhere. days of walking
8:39 am
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you're hearing "southern comfort zone" the 21st number one country radio hit by our april fool's special guest host, brad paisley. there is business to talk about.
8:42 am
it's a new album, it's wacalled "wheelhouse." brad is coming back to play for us on april 12th, the album comes out april 9th. so game. you're back. >> it's fun to mess with you guys. >> you feel like family. you just -- it fits in. >> no, you're much nicer than family. >> than family. i, um -- the album is great because you're pushing a little bit out of your comfort zone on it. >> yeah, definitely. we decided not to respect boundaries. anything that helps us tell the story. and i guess be entertaining. we thought it was time to incorporate it, whatever it is. it was fun. my band and i took over an old farmhouse on my farm and turnd it into a studio in about two weeks and spent the rest of the year recording. >> and a duet with ll cool jay.
8:43 am
>> he's one of mir good friends. we got to know each other so well. i have so much respect for him. we tackle a delicate subject. we do it well, think. >> it's a beautiful, beautiful song. you'll allow listeners to get a free -- >> free listen at midnight tonight, i believe, on itunes. they start streaming it. you can listen to it. i hope everybody loves it. >> that's a cool concept. for a whole week you can -- >> you can get tired of it. >> there's a cool, high-tech packaging concept that i have never seen before. >> an ibook. maybe the only -- the first country one they have done. they did one with coldplay in it. you go in, it's interactive. you get story, footage, me being an idiot.
8:44 am
>> i get to see a side of you i have not seen before. >> really? >> the name of the tour is going to be beat this summer. >> yes. >> it's one of the hot songs on the album? >> we have been rehearsing. we have a lot of stuff going into it. we're trying to be -- >> you have been rehearsing what? >> oh, um -- um -- ♪ i'm a little bit country what are you? >> he's a little bit country, too. ♪ i'm a little bit country, too ♪ it doesn't work. >> you have to say rock and roll. >> how about this one here? ♪ won't you meet me in montana ♪ i want to see the mountains in your eyes ♪ >> man, is he handsome. man is he handsome!
8:45 am
>> she's reading the prompter now. ♪ i had all the good life i can handle ♪ ♪ meet me underneath that big montana sky ♪ >> brad paisley, everybody. special duet from marie osmond. >> he's going to keep going. seriously, is he like the most handsome man, ever? look in my eyes. >> i can't. you're scaring me. >> brad is back april 12th. the album is out april 9th. thank you so much for being with us. >> you're really welcome. >> he's turning red. >> we'll be right back.
8:46 am
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♪ what a fine life ♪ i'll make up a headline and i'll say anything i want ♪ note got a feeling about the headline i can see a headline ♪ ♪ we were giving them away ♪ how to make a doozy stay ♪ we're going to pull the next edition about a crooked politician ♪ ♪ and that ain't news no more ♪ welcome to grand central station down the city hole we improve the circulation ♪ ♪ ♪ carrying the banner ♪ we're out there looking at the sellers ♪
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8:53 am
well, only brad paisley could get me to do this. what do you think? >> yes! >> it looks great. look at it. >> i think you should do it. >> there are the newsies.
8:54 am
stay tuned. robin co-hosting "live" with michael strahan just ahead. >> have great day, everybody. happy april fool's.
8:55 am
8:56 am
i'm eric thomas. the san francisco giants opened a new season against the dodgers 'los angeles. at&t park will host a free viewing party on the giant tv. oakland a's are at home after
8:57 am
taking two out of three from the giants. they open a series against the mariners. >> it's raining right now. you can see it with live doppler 7-hd. as you see here the radar returns are starting to wane and we will dry out by 7:00 tonight. we have scattered showers in the forecast. most of them are falling right now. as we head towards tomorrow we will be dry. >> a brand-new crash in san leandro. right at hegenberger, we have a car that flipped over. and we have quick live look peek at maze, nice wet maze out there. drive safe announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, film, television and
8:58 am
broadway actor laurence fishburne. and from the hit series "castle," stana katic. and a performance from "american idol" finalist. plus, robin roberts joins michael for the hour as his co-host. all next on the emmy award winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are michael strahan and robin roberts! cheers and applause] michael: oh, i got this for you. robin: how are you? how are you? cheers and applause]
8:59 am
robin: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. sit down, sit! sit, sit, sit! thank you very much. michael: oh, boy. today is a very big monday, april 1, 2013. and filling in for kelly who's on vacation, she's back tomorrow is the one and only robin roberts everybody! [cheers and applause] robin: i'm just going to stay.ln michael: you can robin: can they come with me when i go? thank you. michael: when i wake up, i make sure they're near me so they can cheer me up. i can't stop smiling because you're here. robin: you know, when i was on my medical leave, i would watch you and kelly, and you all would make me laugh, i mean, laughter is the best medicine and when i think all those months and i'm sitting here right now! it's amazing! [cheers an]


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