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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> a berkeley assemblywoman is leading the effort to regulate and tax ammunition sales across california. her bill goes before the public safety committee today. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with that report. >> good morning, gun sales in california are strictly regulated but buying ammunition is easy online or in person. all you need is a valid identification to prove you are 21. gun control advocates in sacramento want to change that by regulating or taxing ammunition. this morning, state assembly woman will introduce a bill requiring all ammunition dealers to be licensed and all buyers to provide identification that goes to a state database registry to verify if they are prohibited from owning guns and ammunition because of crimes on mental health issues. gun rights advocates say it is a violation of second amendment rights and will not work.
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>> it is easier in california to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or cold medicine. >> the measures, if they were in place, would have done a system thing to prevent what happened. >> he is talking about the sandy hook elementary school, gunshots say ammunition is selling fast but many gun shop owners worry about proposed new laws saying the business is already related enough. the bill will be heard at state capital this morning at 9:00 a.m. >> 5:03. authorities in mendocino county have issued a silver alert for a missing 75-year-old woman. she has not been seen since leaving home yesterday at noon. she is driving her white minivan with california license plate 5hgn279. she could be headed for texas.
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please call police if you see her. >> new this morning we are learning of the steel rods that failed on the new bay bridge. defects were discovered in some of the bolts or rods designed to help hold the bridge together during an earthquake. it is reported in the chronicle preinstallation tests showed there were doubts whether they could stretch during an >>eric:. caltran says a fix costs $1 million but it will not delay the mapped labor day opening. >> a map is in jail after chase his estranged wife on interstate 80 until she crashed and kid thatting her. the 21-year-old was arrested on kid 23457ing and -- kidnapping and drug charges while chasing his wife down 80 where she crashed. witnesses say he then dragged her from the wreckage and forced her into his car. police caught up with him a mile from the your and arrested him. >> a 57-year-old pleasanton woman was killed and her son
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injured when they drove off i-80 at livermore and was on the roof at the bottom of the hill launching 150'. the son is in critical condition. his mother was declared dead at the seen. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> new this morning, south san francisco police are searching for a man who is going into businesses and stealing employees' iphones. the man has stole were phones from up to five businesses including a furniture store, a dental office and an auto clearship and poses at a customer and calls himself mike or michael when employee are distracted he steals smartphones and other legal traffic ins. he is between 25 and 30 at 6' 2" with shaggy brown hair. call south san francisco police. >> a man found hanging from a
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sacramento office building was a tagger who got tangled in the rope. he entered the building alone on sunday and a can of spray paint and a deal for etching glass were found where the hopes were attached. a team removed the body yesterday. he died of strangulation. >> singer michelle shocked is trying to rehabilitate her image after an antibay rant in san francisco. several venues canceled her shows including one in santa cruz where shocked staged a one woman protest last week. her remarks were march 17th at yoshi's and last night she appeared on cnn and answered where her comments were home phone i. she said she is in favor of gay marriage and regrets the incident.
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>> we want a check of the weather. mike nicco? >> good morning to you. nice to have you here. nice to see you, katie marzullo. always nice to have another italian around. we are looking down from mount tamalpais, you can see sausalito to san francisco with not much fog. the cameras headed to novato show the thickest fog at the reporting stations. down to a quarter-mile visibility in novato with fog along the east bay shore but it is not hitting the reporting stations. if you are on 13 this morning you are going to get foggy at some point in time. that is our big story for the morning. the patchy fog and the temperatures are cooler than yesterday and mid-40's to around 50. by noon, most of us are dealing with sunshine and a few left over clouds and temperatures are hang out in the low-to-mid 50's away from the coast. as you head to 4:00, watch out for the sunshine if you are outside today, sunscreen could be needed and brighter and
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warmer and mid-to-upper 60's and by 7:00, back in the low 60's. increasing clouds but warmer tomorrow and the rain comes in especially for thursday's commute a quick hitter and by friday we are dry and warming again headed into the weekend. how about some traffic? >> leyla gulen is known as chopped liver because i am not italian. good morning, everyone, right now, this is san jose, 280 freeway is looking clear so we have no problems to report there. we do have a bit of construction in oakland and this being along northbound 880, between 680 and mission boulevard north and south. there are three lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. you want to plan ahead as the commute wears on and you can find the latest on
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twitter. katie and eric in. >> liver? liver? okay, north korea issue as new nuclear threat, and what officials are moving to do now, or vowing to do now with a live report. >> why this man is paddling down a river. but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money a city in crisis. stockton, california, can become the largest american city city to enter bankruptcy with $900 million in pension payments that could set a press den. ford and general motors will release sales figures showing march the best month in six years. it will be the 5th consecutive month with a sales rate of more than 15 million vehicles. walmart is offering discounts on gasoline paying less than 15 cents a gallon with a walmart credit card good in 21 states. on april 2, sony has not put out
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a line of products for poets. virgin has not launched the first glass bottom plane and if you believe those, april's
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>> san rafael, south bay, and pleasant done and all the bay area. >> good morning, everyone, coming up on 5:13. the beautiful bay bridge is in the background here. san francisco is looking at 52 degrees right now. meteorologist, mike nicco, and the bay area forecast. will health us know what else is in store around the bay area this morning.
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>> north korea is vowing to restart the nuclear facility as a united states destroyer moves to the region. a reactor was shut down as part of an international nuclear disarmament talk that have stalled. our reporter is in washington, dc, and joins us with the latest >> good morning, eric. plutonium is the most common fuel used in nuclear weapons and today not korea plans to develop more of it. >> the nuclear stand off with north korea this morning has grown more dangerous. the leader kim jong-un vowed to restart a dormant reactor at the main nuclear facility which could produce enough material for one atomic bomb each year. the latest move by north korea follows weeks of rhetoric that has raised fears of war. the north has threatened to launch attacks against the united states and cut ties with the south and has declared
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nuclear weapons a top priority. yesterday, the pentagon moved a guided missile destroyer and high-tech radar device into the waters of the north korean coast. so far the white house says north korea threats have fought been backed up by actions. >> despite the harsh rhetoric we hear from pyongyang we are not seeing changes to the north korean military posture including large scale mobilization and positioning of forces. >> officials say the untested kim jong-un is trying to intimidate the neighbors and bowl december his image at home. the united states has responded with a show of force sending stealth b-2 bombers and f22 fighters to reassure the allies. >> we believe this reduced the chance of miscalculation and provocation. >> the pentagon says it takes the threats very seriously but a top military commander in the region told abc7 news that they are very concerned but trying to take things cautiously and do not want to overreact or risk
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sparking a war. >> is there something about the timing of the threats? why now? what is the likelihood that north korea will do what they say? >> experts are telling us this is really a bout of brinksmanship and bluster, a familiar pattern. this follows the new economic sanctions that were imposed on the country at the u.n. and the military drills taking place off the north korean coast. experts say not korea's leader kim jong-un is trying to score political points at home by looking tough, and test south korea's new government and at the end of the day north korea simply doesn't have the military capability to back up their threats and he really doesn't want to start a war. eric? >> thank you from washington, dc >> in texas officials are looking at a violent white supremacist prison gang in the investigation into the deaths of a district attorney and his wife
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kaufman district attorney and his wife were found shot to death in their home. the aryan brotherhood of texas has a long history of violence and retribution. >> in russia a man was detained in a polar bear outfit protesting arctic drilling. he was drawing attention to a plan that allows a search for untapped oil reserves in russia's sea. activity was released without being charged a. >> check out this view from space of new york city, the crew snapped this photo from the international space station of the big apple at night on march 23rd. the expedition crew is a mix of american, canadian, and russian astronauts who will spend six months doing experiments and ping maintenance at the space station. >> 5:17. mike nicco is back with a check of the weather the.
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>> it is dry. good morning, everyone, the weather window shows what live doppler 7 hd is cooking for you. it is dry air. that is what we have. the fog is thickest around 101 from novato. looking down from mount tamalpais we do not see anything around sausalito or toward san francisco right now. we will talk temperatures. we are 49 in san mateo and half moon bay and palo alto a 46 and 51 in redwood city and san francisco and san bruno is 52. as we look at the cloud cover that is developing along the east bay hills and into the shoreline, oakland at 52, we have 50 at richmond and union city, and right now, pleasanton is 46 and walnut creek is cool at 42 and antioch is warmest at 53. and san jose at 280 near 17 and it is 52, which is the same as
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mountain view. and 101 at san rafael, notice how quickly it changes from san rafael to novato where we have the thickest fog and we are not seeing any fog here with novato at 47. sausalito is 50. we have 46 in napa and santa rosa and petaluma is at 48. today i expect sun and warm this afternoon, you will need the sunglasses and probably not so heavy a coat as yesterday. rain runs for thursday and i will put the wet weather gear away yet, and the weekend is trending dry. i thought the rain would not bring much but now i think it will miss up completely this weekend. the high clouds are taking over holding the next system at bay today and through tomorrow. the temperatures will be in the upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the shore and upper 60's to near 70 inland neighborhoods.
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tonight, patchy fog again, cooler, also, only 50 in san francisco, and oakland and fremont and the seven-day outlook shows warmer today and today, even with the extra clouds tomorrow afternoon, and rain, the best chance in the morning commute on thursday, you can see how quickly it gets warmer for friday, saturday, sunday and into monday. >> the drive from berkeley to the macarthur maze we have more traffic out in. a few more tail lights making the push to the bay bridge. the tolls on the bay bridge look to be clear with a few more of the headlights. so far, no metering headlights. the san mateo bridge is looking nice and clear in both directions eastbound and westbound between hayward to foster city we do not have any accidents. a beautiful drive out there and
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now a quick, quick look at your travel times and we are looking at top speeds on 880 and 101. leyla gulen? >> thank you. good news for teams and college students and summer jobs. the business report is coming up. >> your chance to own a part of san francisco history: the story san francisco history: the story behind this gorgeous home and at a dry cleaner, san francisco history: the story behind this gorgeous home and we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. behaves like the surface of your skin.
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>> good tuesday morning with a live look at traffic on the golden gate bridge can now is toll-taker free. it is all electronic coming into san francisco. it is looking dry and across the bay area. we will check with mike and traffic with leyla gulen coming up. >> bay area technical companies hold their breath as congress plans to increase the number high-skilled immigration visas to tech satisfactory foreigners.
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they are highly desired by companies like microsoft, apple, and google. homeland security expects a rush on applications this week. not applications outpace availability the federal government will use a lottery system. >> if you want your kids to eat healthy stay away from the kid menus. >> it could be a hot job market for students this summer. >> the summer job market could be the strongest in six years, the number of managers claiming to increase hiring is up 19 percent this year from 9 percent last year and hourly rages will rage to $11.50 an hour. do not wait, the majority of hiring takes place this month and next month. it could be easier to think of cutting the cable cord. an appeals court ruled online tv service can stream live local tv to computers and mobile device in spite of protests from the
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cable companies and broadcasters at $8 a movement investors look at improving situation of fannie fay with the dow and s&p falling from the record highs. if you want your kids to eat meals do not buy the kid meals because 90 percent of the kid meals fail to meet nutrition standards and 19 chains including mcdonald's and louisiana kitchen have no options that meet the standards. subway is the big winner, all the kid meals meet the standard and ihop and denny's and longhorn steakhouse score "above average." >> now the chance to own part of san francisco history. the former home of an ex-san
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francisco is on sale for $8 million, 8,000 square foot home built by the same architects who the legion of honor, with five bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, a home theater, a wine seller and a home gym. >> okay, i'll take it. i am comfortable if my constituted eye, mind you. >> $8.9 million. in cash. >> i am working on it. >> time to check the forecast. >> we may have to chip in. mike? a couple million laying around. >> sure, easy change falling from my pocket. >> if you are sneezing, home opener? bummer, we lost, but today is game two of 162 to do not get bound. first pitch is at 7:05 with high clouds and a heavy coat brings the temperature down to 52.
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across the state, notice how quiet it is, all radars are dry right now with a chance of a scattered shower developing in the high country and 60 in tahoe and 58 in yosemite and mid-to-upper 70's through the central valley and near the coast you will have a few clouds but sunshine breaks out and the breeze will keep you in the mid-to-upper 50's and 64 in san diego. sunshine in los angeles and 90 in palm springs. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> it is dry. no crashes. with have clear conditions and it is construction and i will get to that. right now as we look at the drive times into walnut creek approaching 24 along 680, we are looking at extra traffic there as you make the approach to the junction but other than that, everything is traveling smoothly and now a we take a look at the san jose area along 280 away from 17, the drive, also, clear and accident free and you have a look at the east shore freeway the drive along 80 westbound, a pew extra headlights making the
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drive to the macarthur maze and other than that, it is quiet and not too interesting. now, as we look at the drive along 101 coming into central ralph, we do have construction southbound 101 define sir francis drake and the waldo tunnel we have a couple of lanes blocked until 6:00. katie marzullo and eric? >> jimmy kimmel talked about april's fool. >> from the nfl teen the montreal canadians play add good once on a defense man, letting him lead to the team to the ice. lead themes he -- lead them, he did. . >> a nice town. a nice touch.
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>> that is mean. that was april fool's joke but that is cold. jimmy kimmel airs weeknights at the new time following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline" after jimmy. >> makes you want to drop your gloves. >> a man suspected of crashing into a walmart and attacking people inside heads to court and what he is facing. >> the latest efforts to keep people in the bay area community safe from high waters near their
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> thanks for being here. and thank you for being here. i am eric thomas. mike nicco has the weather
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forecast. >> no need for an umbrella or anything to keep you dry. we have the dry air waiting for you. tuesday morning is looking quieter than yesterday. except for the fog that we said would develop. three-quarters of a mile visibility in santa rosa and novato. the whole 101 corridor through the north bay from novato north is going to be difficult for travel this morning. this afternoon, the low clouds will fade by noon or 2:00 at latest and then it will be high clouds and sunshine. 61 to 68 is the bay spread, and headed inland we could touch 70 and mid-60's to around 70 and coolest at the coast with a little bit of a breeze and temperature in the upper 50's to lower 60's. enjoy the day. leyla gulen, good morning. >> good morning to you. we are looking at clear conditions and that is the drive through walnut creek making the commute down to 24 along 680 so
5:30 am
not a bad day with no crabs can -- no crashes and clear conditions. and the top speeds along 101 and through san jose and 237 and we will seeing a little bit of congestion building along four indicated by the red on the map down to 22 miles per hour westbound from antioch but it starts to pick up when you head into pittsburg and toward concord. >> we following developing news in the south bay and the man accused this a wild rampage at san jose walmart makes the first court appearance today. abc7 news reporter is live at the scene of the crime. >> good morning, katie marzullo, the arraignment will happen today. the 33-year-old hamid zaid is facing a number of charges for driving into a busy walmart storefront. this happened on easter sunday when zaid drove the red cutlass
5:31 am
through the parking lot driving in circles be first, hitting cars and then crashing into the glass front door of a san jose walmart. customers say he jumped out, then, and started attacking people with a blunt object including hitting a cashier on the head. the 33-year-old zaid now faces charges of hit and run, being under the influence of drugs and suspicious of assault with a deadly weapon. police still have no motive as to why this happened or why zaid targeted this store in particular. zaid's mother did tell abc7 news he is an auto mechanic and never be in trouble. the true heroes were inside the car and stopped zaid and held him down. >> a few stepped forward in an effort and actually subdued the suspect. his legs were tied with belts they pulled off of their waist.
5:32 am
>> this is cell phone video of the brave customers inside walmart holding zaid down until police could arrive. officers say because of their brave efforts, no one else was injured. hamid zaid faces arraignment like we mentioned later today and police say at least up until now, it has been very difficult to try to get any information from him. >> 5:34 now. the highway patrol has cheered -- cleared the scene after a wild crash involving a taxi driver after hitting the divide and landing in a ditch. there is a possible d.w.i. and took the driver into custody. >> security at san francisco city hall is under review after someone snuck in on easter
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sunday and vandalized the second floor. the sheriff deputies arrested a suspect yesterday after discovering the damage to a marble wall inside city hall. investigators say the scrawlings appear to be a phone number, a social security, and messages about god. workers were able to clean moments of it off. the 32-year-old o'neal watkins faces felony burglary, and vandalism. the fact he got law security is a big concern for board of supervisors president. >> this is a building that has had a history of violence in the past and we want to make sure whoever did this is brought do justice quickly. >> he was referring to the 1978 tragedy when former supervisor broke into city hall and assassinateed mayor mascone and supervisor harvey milk. >> bay area lawmaker's bill to regulate and tax ammunition sales in california is up for review as the public safety committee hearing, bill 48 was announce merchandise january by state assembly woman skinner and
5:34 am
the lawmaker's proposals requires appear fission dealers to be licensed, require i.d. and report all sales through the department of justice and ban conversion kits that allow high capacity magazines. opponents argue that no -- none of these would have prevented what happened at sandy hook elementary school. >> today is the one-year anniversary of the shooting massacre in oakland at the university when seven died. the former nursing student juan go planned the shooting after being angry with school officials. a judge ruled he is not competent to stand trial. there will be two memorial concerts for the victims, one in oakland and the other at eldorado hills april 13. >> a former contra costa narcotics officer will be sentences in federal court today. in december, he pleaded guilty to five felony counts. he admitted to stealing drills
5:35 am
-- drugs and re-selling they will on street and took cash and cell phones from prostitutes and facing five year prison innocence. >> the san francisco entertainment commission meets to consider ways do cuts down on concerts associated with the cup racing. contest with big acts already booked including sting but people at telegraph hill are concerned they will be loud. the number of concerts planned for the mc's cup planned for the waterfront are scaled back ahead of the hearing. officials say there will be 30 concerts rather than the 40 concerts and will be held between may 31 and october 15th and will end at 10:30 on weeknights and 11 agriculture color on the -- 11:00 on the week end. >> silicon valley congressional battle is taking shape with a former member of the administration abouncing his bid
5:36 am
to make a challenge for the 17th district seat next year. >> i am running for congress because i believe silicon valley's innovation and energy can cut through old-style washington, dc, politics. >> he is already making a pitch on youtube and served as assistant secretary of commerce for two years from 2009 and is a santa clara university law professor and will use many of president obama's 2012 campaign operative but honda has received the president's endorsement. >> palo alto city council has approved an application seeking state funding for a flood warning system along a creek that frequently spills sending water into palo alto and east palo alto and menlo park. they will install rainfall gauges. authorities use a patchwork of creek gages to try and predict
5:37 am
flood. only one measures rainfall. the grant to buy three more rain gauges is funded by proposition 84. >> you say the name that creek so ease-- easily. >> can you say it, mike? >> i need to practice. >> "the arsonist had oddly shaped feet." >> never heard that one before. review your movies. >> a lot of quotes from the movies. but we need to keep it clean this morning. here is a look, everyone, from the tower and you can see how quiet it is in san francisco. just about 30 minutes ago we could barely see because of the
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fog. it is moving and it does have flow to it so watch out. it could be clear in your neighborhood but fog could move in rather quickly. right now the bulk is in the north bay, petaluma is at 48, we are radio in richmond and san leandro and union city and financial district is at 51, and 48 in belmont, and 47 in walnut creek and pittsburg is 52 and pleasanton is 45. today we stay in the 40's with patchy fog through the morning commute. it will be dry at lunch and notice the temperatures in the coast stay in the 60's, and this afternoon, we will be brighter and warmer than yesterday. tomorrow is the warm of the day in the forecast with increasing clouds in the afternoon ahead of a wet system especially for thursday morning, and friday we are dry, sunny, and even warmer, so watch out on thursday morning. this morning, everything is good. we will find out about the commute. >> "how now brown cow."
5:39 am
that was in the movie, i think? wasn't it? our favorite. good morning, everyone, we have a brand new stall at macarthur maze driving from berkeley along westbound 80 at 580 and it looks like it is east roadways but it is if a bad spot for c.h.p. so watch out for that, and the rest of the drive is looking clear as you make it toward the bay bridge. taking you to san rafael where we have clear conditions, and southbound along 101 into central san rafael and the drive is thicker tail lights pushing to 580 but we have construction approaching sir francis drake to the tunnel. >> knights of columbus, imagine being told you have to stay out of certain neighborhoods in your city? the bay area city where that now is happening and who is targeted. >> the real life version of "footloose," protesters are using fancy footwork to force change in the
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:45. the city of san rafael is trying something new to help homeless people a man identifying hot
5:43 am
zones in the city is distributed to the homeless after. complaints from residents and businesses highlighting areas at 4th and lincoln where police have answered hundreds of calls and asking the homeless people to avoid using sidewalks as bathrooms and to stop drinking alcohol in public and avoid dumpster diving. >> it works in terms of people not being at the locations, that is questionable if it works but the success is starting conversation about what is appropriate behavior in public. >> the maps are distributed as tray liners by st. vincent where hundreds get daily meals. >> the head of oklahoma state dental board want prosecutors to file criminal charges against the oklahoma dentist accused of cheating payments with dirty strums. thousands have been tested to get tested.
5:44 am
the doctor voluntarily gave up his license to practice last month after officials examining the dental office found rusty instruments and improperly sterilized tools. >> it is illegal for teens to use tanning beds in new jersey. the governor christie signed legislation banning anyone under 17 from using a tanning bed and anyone under 14 from getting a spray tan. the bill came to life after a northern new jersey woman was charged with child endangerment for taking her five-year-old to a tanning booth. they can triple the risk of developing skin cancer. 17-year-olds are allowed to get an indoor tan if accompanied by a parent. >> we are coming up on 5:47 and we have a check of the weather, the natural ability to tan for anyone who chooses. >> create your own vitamin d but not too much. if you don't like the sun, go have some rain coming back in the forecast on thursday and some people like the gray days with the wet weather so we will try to keep everyone happy over
5:45 am
the next seven days. good morning to you, live doppler 7 hd shows good news for the morning commute. you can see how dry it is. from our roof camera, you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge. it is easier to see than this time yesterday. in san francisco and san jose, the warm spot is 52 and oakland is not far behind at 51 and 47 at walnut creek and mill valley is the cool spot at 43 degrees. from the east bay hills back along 24, we are looking back it is hard to see, but napa is 46 and livermore is, too. 50 in fairfield and union city. los gatos, dress for 49 degrees. now the forecast cycle, morning fog, and afternoon high clouds and it will be brighter and more dry than yesterday. most of us are warmer, with morning rain for thursday so we have a couple of days of dry commutes and on thursday
5:46 am
morning, it will be very interesting and brighter and dry over the weekend. that has changed since yesterday. the system will nickel and dime us with light rain and it will head further to the north and miss us over the weekend. the south bay today, 70 in lows get a, and 71 in morgan hill and gilroy and deep in the santa clara valley you get the warmest weather and everyone else is in the upper 60's and mid-60's for moist of the peninsula, and redwood city and machine -- menlo park at 66. and 61 from half moon bay and low 60's downtown in south san francisco. through the north bay valley, mid-to-upper 60's and same for the east bay shore. the warmer weather is upper 60's to 70's around livermore and antioch. at the game tonight, they took it on the children, -- it on the chin, but remember we get 162 games. 57 to start the game and dropping down to 52.
5:47 am
temperatures tonight are cooler and the low 40's to around 50. the seven-day outlook shows a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow, and you can see the wet weather for thursday especially in the morning, and that is the cool of the day also, and check out sunday and monday, 70's back in the forecast. have a great day. time for traffic and leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. we are taking at look at 87 northbound, taking the commute into downtown shows, a few extra headlights and right by h.p. pavilion but in accidents to report so clear conditions out there, and i do have one thing to report, a stalled car at the macarthur maze, westbound 80 at 580, c.h.p. could have to create a traffic break to get the car out of the way but it is not slowing things down with volume coming through berkeley to the maze to get to the bay bridge and here is a look at the drive along 580, diminished speed at 31 miles per hour to the altamont pass, and speeds start to pick up at 59 miles per hour and 61 headed over to
5:48 am
pleasanton and dublin. >> a protester group was on the front steps of the washington state capital. there was a dance off to protest a tax on dance venues. washington state has had the tax since the 1960's targeting venues that provide an opportunity to dance, a measure to repeal it has cleared a committee and is awaiting a floor vote in the senate. >> i feel like dancing. >> coming up in our 6:00 hour, a city wants it show their support for same-sex marriage and the new display that will have people locking to the sky. but, first, michael jackson's family is returning to court four years after his death, and who they want to fork over billions of dollars. >> from super model to super hero, the quick thinking by a model w
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>> good news this morning for fish loveers experts say it can help you live longer, older adults with higher levels of omega fatty acids live two years longer than those with lower levels for people at least 74 and specific to fish in a person's diet and not fish oil supplements. the results are push
5:52 am
accomplished if internal medicine annals. >> at san jose city hall, a falcon has been hatching eggs on the rooftop and three of the four eggs have happened and the last is expected to hatch soon. this is video from the santa cruz predator bird research website, the live camera is rating now and you can see clara and her chicks by linking to it at it on tv. >> exciting. real life chicks hatching, spring, beautiful. >> no rain. a sign of no rain. mike? >> we go from easter eggs to falcon eggs all in one fell swoop. 5:556789 she is single-handedly trying to repopulate the species. now, from mount tamalpais this morning, we are looking down on a clear area over sausalito and san francisco, and the temperatures are the same in san jose and 68. we will hit 66 in oakland and
5:53 am
san francisco is a degree warmer than year. and union city is 67 and concord is 69 and if you are traveling around, look how dry it is, right now, the only fly in the ointment is a few scattered showers developing across the high country, 60 in tahoe and mid-to-upper 70's through the central valley and 71 with sunny conditions in los angeles and 20 degrees warmer in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> we are not sighing any problems on the san mateo bridge so the brief to foster city is locking clear with extra tail lights making the drive in the westbound direction and accident fry at dumbarton and not a single problem but we we have a problem on the carquinez bridge with a so low spinout slowing things doubt but otherwise it is in good shape.
5:54 am
>> katherine jackson's negligent suit is underway today in a los angeles courtroom. michael jackson's mother is seeking $40 billion for his death. a.e.g. sponsored the come back tour and she claim they hired and supervised dr. conrad maury who is serving time for giving michael jackson a deadly overdose. prince could be a witness because his concert promoter was once a.e.g. and the legal team has requested his testimony. >> super model heidi klum helped her son from drowning in hawaii over the weekend. henry was pulled into a riptide with two nannies. she and her boyfriend, a bodyguard, saw they were in distress and helped them. she said her son was able to swim back to land and get out of the water. >> dangerous stuff. >> next at 6:00, the new restrictions on gun ammunition
5:55 am
that could come to california. >> do you recognize this man? he is behind a rash of chart phone thefts, who he is targeting and what to look out for. >> what do you get the person who has it all? how about a $20,000 tv? consumer reports check out the expensive tv's to see if they are wo ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ]
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, lawmakers in sacramento are trying a new tactic in gun control. rather than going after weapons they are going after ammunition which could mean big changes for gun owners. >> i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. we will send you to mike for the forecast. >> our top weather story our weather headline, the fact that it is dry. check it out, live doppler 7 hd is reinforcing no radar returns,
5:58 am
the fog has developed and it is getting thick are bit minute especially in santa rosa and quarter-mile visibility and it comes down 101 and 12 and 116, and all of the small are highways through the mountains of the north bay down to novato at quarter-mile visibility and it tapers and san rafael camera shows no fog. foggy spots at bay and 53 at 7:00, and clearing at noon and not completely clear but clearing and clouds this afternoon with temperatures hanging out in the mid-60's. grab a coat this evening at 58. inland we have dry weather this morning and mostly cloudy and 48, and high clouds and sunshine for the better part of the noon to 4:00 hours, and temperatures hanging on in the mid-to-upper 60's and your evening will be 62 degrees. more clouds at the coast and 49, and is sunny through the afternoon hang out in the low-to-mid 50's the enpsychiatry -- enjoy the day.
5:59 am
>> we have busy conditions along the bridge, the toll plaza shows plenty of headlights so the metering lights could be on. to the benicia bridge we had a solo spinout southbound, with just a little bit of volume building is all northbound. we will keep you updated on the developments. >> new this morning, a ropal to -- proposal to toughen restrictions in california will be heard today. a berkeley lawmaker is at the center of the fight. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us with what it means for gun owners. cornell? >> katie, good morning, buying a gun in california is regulated strictly. but buying ammunition is easy online or in person at places like peninsula guns in san bruno. you need only a valid i.d. to problem you are 21. gun control advocates in


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