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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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head. the off duty paramedic jumped the gas and took out a tree and drove off into the ravine. santa clara county ambulance says quinn has, woulded with >> we are able to handle an emergency situation, but when it is one of our brothers in this horrible situation, we find ourselves not only pulling on our emotional strings, but it pulls us in every possible way. >> quinn's paramedic equipment was found in his car. so far police have not i provided a witness description and not sure if he was with other people. this happened in a part of oakland that does not usually see these types of crimes. a santa clara county off duty paramedic, a man who usually treats these wounds is suffering and trying to fight for his life after being shot twice 6789 -- twice. police are looking for the
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suspect or suspects tonight. live at highland hospital in oakland,al ben wong, abc -- alan wang, abc news. more breaking news out of napa where an officer involved shooting left one man seriously wounded. it happened in a parking lot just after 8:00 tonight. police say officers tried to arrest three people in the parking lot of a diner when a struggle broke out. one man was fired and a male suspect hit in the upper chest. he went into surgery around 9:30 tonight. also breaking news in san francisco. three people were hurt when a truck ran into the backside of a muni bus. it happened to a 44 line bus at lisbon street and silver avenue. a muni spokesperson says three people were taken to hospital with shoulder, back and neck injuries including the bus driver. other buses were rerouted around the intersection. happening now, police are trying to determine how a man died after he was found in a church parking lot in concord
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today. the 39-year-old man's body was found in the church of the that's rein -- nazarene parking lot. he was reported missing yesterday afternoon. police did not find evidence that suggests he was murdered. it is a mystery. they are waiting for the results of an autopsy. new information about the man accused of smashing his car into a san jose wal-mart and then attacking people. we are also hearing exclusively from one of the men who stopped the attack, taking action to protect others. john alston is live with both sides of the story. >> it would appear that he has a history drug-fueled crime. one of the bystanders who helped subdue him here says the suspect was acting strangely. after the oldsmobile cutlass crashed into this wal-mart the driver was surrounded by customers trying to stop him. the guy in the khaki pants and
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hat lying on top of him in the cell phone video is art enriquez of san jose. all 350 pounds of him. >> i said stay down, stay down. i am looking -- he is looking up at me and i was looking at him and he is like, what did i do? i didn't do nothing wrong? i said look at the carnage. >> he -- witnesses say he was hitting people with a metal object. a 61-year-old employee was hurt. >> to see that man hurt on the floor and he was there working on his day off of all things on easter. it felt good to take him down because it was right. >> authorities say it was not not the first time he rammed his car into a business. according to court documents he plowed through the front doors of this car wash in december while high on methamphetamine. >> the girls were telling me, the cashiers that were here, were telling me they just heard a crash.
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they jumped over the counter. >> and then there was the incident on santana row a few months earlier. they say he was high on cocaine when he hurled the chair through the window after closing time. it was among several drug-fueled outbursts that authorities accuse him of committing. his neighbors say he has a history of erratic behavior. >> many police show up. several different occasions. >> he is glad he showed up when he did. >> i hope the judge throws the book at him. hoe needs to be locked up for a longtime. >> he is only accused. he has not been convicted. he will face a judge and he is at the santa clara county jail on $200,000 bail. abc7 news. >> john, thank you. a man has been arrested for drunk driving after he crashed into a palo alto home. it happened about 4:20.
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sky 7hd can see his head. the driver also hit a furniture mover inside the home. he is expected to be okay. the house is scheduled to be demolished next week. this developing news in. los angeles police have located a 92-year-old olympic gold medal list who went missing. diver sammy leigh is from -- sammy lee is from huntington beach. they were concerned because he has dementia. he was tracked through his credit card use. sammy left for his regular swimming practice and surveillance video shows him buying gas in mojave which is halfway between los angeles and las vegas. again he has been located. lee won gold medals in the 1948 and 1952 olympics. he also coached other greats. let's talk about the weather and enjoy this sunshine while it lasts. changes are coming. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd.
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>> and those changes will involve you needing umbrellas. i'll show you what it looks like right now. we do have fog around on the coast and in over the bay. check out the visibility and it is just over a mile right now. and they are reporting misty conditions. here is the fog and the temperatures are 49 in san francisco and 50s for most of the rest of the bay area and there is a look at your storm. i will have a time line of when you will need the rain gear in a few minutes. dan? >> thanks very much. chuck reid wants major league baseball to step up to the plate and step up the pace on the a's possible move to the south bay. mayor reid sent a letter to commissioner bud selig asking for a personal meeting to help kick start the process that has been dragging on for four years now. the mayor wants more lit gay gages and to get over the impasse of the proposed new ballpark near hp pavilion. you will see where the mayor's
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effort goes. a san rafael girl struck by an arrow received a surprise care package from her favorite pop star. hairston was hit by an arrow last tuesday. the arrow came out of no where. she is recovering quite well. today a get well package arrived from taylor swift, no less, packed with t-shirts like a t-shirt, backpack and a poster. it is significant to nadine because she used swift's songs to keep her cool. swift saw tweets about nadine and sent over this surprise. >> my mom comes over with a package and i'm like, what is that? she said it is from taylor swift. i was like -- i was -- it was amazing. i had no idea. >> could she be any cuter? she is doing fine. nadine's sister gave her a
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gift, a bow and arrow. police are still searching for the person who fired the arrow. coming up, a doctor fired foretelling the truth got a little justice. dan noyes is here with his investigation. >> the doctor helped expose a patient gift fund. he got a settlement in this case, but what happened tonight was the icing on the cake. we will see and hear what some people were ordered to do to right a wrong. >> thank you, dan. and the teeny, tiny door that disappeared as mysteriously as it popped up. now we know who took it and why, and we'll find out what happened next and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> music from cold war kids from the show "revolution" and bill maher is here. >> i love him. >> well why not? he is lovable. >> i read that.
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tonight san francisco has
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finally settled a whistle-blower lawsuit brought by a doctor at laguna honda, the long-term care hospital. they settled for $750,000, but even more interesting are the nonmonetary terms of that deal. public officials are forced to publicly clear the whistle-blower name and reputation. this is a story that the i team first exposed in a major investigation. dan noyes is here now. you covered the health commission and it was remarkable. >> it was something. the cost of the city is far greater than the $750,000. person after person described what a great loss he is to the patients of laguna. >> a highly unusual move at tonight's san francisco health commission meeting to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit to be implanted at the hospital honoring a whistle-blower. >> the plaque will say in recognition of derrick kerr-md
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for his contributions 1989-2010. >> it was forced out of her. it doesn't come from her heart. but the fact that she had to do it is the vindication that they didn't get away with smearing and trying to bury me. >> in an i team investigation three years ago he blew the whistle on the abuse of the gift fund meant for patients. many of whom have no family or money. the fund is supposed to pay for creature comforts. a cold soda from the machine, a favorite food, a small tv set or bus trips off hospital grounds. but we confirmed administrators raided the patient gift under -- gift fund for air travel and fancy meals for themselves and even pedometers for the staff. >> it was totally shocking to us. we don't understand how they could do it and what took it so long to fix it. >> after the report they
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ordered law -- honda to return money to the gift fund. the city agreed to pay dr. kerr $750,000 to provide one hour of training to the executive committee on whistle blowing and first amendment rights of city employees. to install that plaque at the hospital honoring the doctor for his work. >> it is an apology without the word apology. >> you don't often get that satisfaction in litigation. the fact they are willing to stand up here this public and say they were at fault is an extraordinary thing. >> the former supervisor for the district blasted the health commission for lack of oversight. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. this should never happen again. i can tell you this, if any of you were ever involved in any type of cover up again, i will lead a charge in this city to have you held responsible. >> several members of the public including kerr's
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partner called on the commission to remove the hospital administrator. >> what is the message that you send when a ceo who retaliated against a whistle-blower is still in office? what is the message. >> i caught up with the hospital administrator outside the hearing room. >> you heard the call for you to be removed. how do youence -- how do you answer that sph. >> sorry, mr. noise, but i am not the spokesperson. >> he says he does not plan to return to medicine. he has a new calling helping other whistle-blowers speak out about government waste and corruption. >> interesting. thank you very much. from the health commission to the entertainment commission which is giving its full approval to a scaled back concert schedule at the america's cup pavilion. the commission voted unanimously to issue the permit for up to 30 concerts at the temporary waterfront venue. the neighborhood groups are continuing to lobby for only 20 concerts and a 10:30 finish
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for nighttime events. also in the city, a door to imagination is being put back in place in golden gate park. the tree door magically appeared last month and captured the imagination of children in the park. the home of elves, a door to wonderland perhaps, and it enchanted visitors of all size. kids loved it. it turns out the rec and parks department took the door down because it damaged the tree. after a lot of public outcry, the magic door is going back where it belongs. and it will no doubt delight and fascinate the children. let's talk about the weather forecast. a nice break in the rain, but more is apparently coming. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> and much needed rain will be come together bay area in just about a day or so. i want to show uh time lapse. show you a time lapse. the top of the tower has completely disappeared in the fog. the fog is going to be a problem for the morning
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commute. let's check out live doppler 7hd and i will show you where it is at this hour. it is along the coastline, and we do have some fog in over parts of the bay. here is a view from our emeryville camera looking toward downtown oakland, and you can see the fog around. we have low clouds around as well. santa rosa reporting 49 degrees and cloud cover. temperatures right now in most other areas are in the 50s. union city 53 degrees. here are your highlights. phos coast and bay overnight. warm inland tomorrow and rainy and keep as -- rainy and cool as we head into your thursday. the system is still developing over the pacific here. before it gets here high pressure will squeeze out a beautiful day. clouds thicken late tomorrow. the temperatures will be mild at the coast and warm inland. and then rain arrives early thursday as the system gets closer to the bay area. i want to show you the timing of the system. 11:00 p.m. just some cloud cover. but watch what happens around 3:00 a.m., rain begins to move in thursday at 3:00 a.m. and
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across the bay area. 5:00 a.m., the start of the morning rush hour, light to moderate rain ahead of the cold front. and really the wet weather continues for the latter part of the commute as you are ready to take the kids to school perhaps at 8:00 a.m. still wet across the region. scattered showers for the afternoon and the evening commute on thursday. and then the showers will wind down into late thursday night. here is what we are look at as far as rainfall totals, a quarter to a half in central bay and in the south bay, a 10th to a quarter of an inch. the rainfall drops off as you head south. first thing tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time. temperatures in the low 40s to the low 50s. the fog might slow you down as the visibility will be fluctuating from time to time. look at these highs. it will be beautiful. 74 in san jose and 73 palo alto. 75 concord and 72 napa. 65 in san francisco and 61 in half moon bay. the clouds will be increasing.
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no rain for game three. game three of the a's game. upper tifts at 7:05 and dropping to the 50s. thursday will be the rainy day and drying out on friday and saturday and a slight chance of showers on sunday. then it warms up. 80s inland by tuesday. that's what i'm talking about. >> thank you, sandhya. larry beil is here. this close tonight. a heartbreaker in baseball. >> near perfection. it was near perfection on day two of the baseball season. bum -- baumgardner not quite
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after being shut out in the season opener yesterday the giants went looking for runs tonight in l.a. found a few. pandemonium and it rains
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everywhere even at dodger stadium. it took 13 innings and they finally get their first of the season. singling home posey. the giants with 10 hits and all singles. in the seventh, giants catch a little break. madison bum gardener and justin sellers and the throw is high and wide. arias and torres score and giants up 3-0 and bumgardner was throwing smoke. eight score less and allowed two hits. sergio romo with it is save as the giants win it 3-0 and timmy will go tomorrow. a's and mariners and melvinsanit why and i love it. he is not my ennis, but he is yoennis. it was their only run of the night, and the yoennis joke is slowly sinking in. a bomb to the opposite field. josh reddic to the opposite
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end of the field. morales adding to the seattle run total. they go on to win it 7-1 in front of 15,000 at the coliseum. on day two of the season, we almost had a perfect game. the texas starter was perfect into the night and it was 14. one out away from a perfect game. right through his legs. gonzalez singles up the middle to end the perfect bid and the no hitter. rangers won it 7-0. the raiders traded carson palmer to arizona. they get back just a conditional seventh round pick in return. palmer didn't want to take a pay cut and the raiders didn't want to pay the $13 million and opening the door for matt flynn. he was a back up in green bay and with the seahawks seahawks seahawks and he is anxious to prove he can play. >> you are going to get a smart, disciplined player that
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is -- that doesn't like to lose and doesn't accept losing. i have always been competitive no matter what it is and no matter what i am playing. i am looking forward to getting this thing going and start winning games. >> and they are coming back to the bay. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> let's hope he jump starts the raiders. thanks, larry. up next, a man dangles from a power line as if it was part of a high wire act, but this is no circus performance. the story in a
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>> here is a look at your wake up weather. patchy drizzle along the coast. temperatures low 40s to low 50s and midfasts and mid50s by 8:00 a.m. mike niko will be here
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tracking the upcoming rain. dan? >> thank you, sandhya. finally from china a drunken man managed to escape unhurt after falling 30 feet from power lines. check this guy out. he crawled to the high tension cables and they shut the power off so he was not electrocuted. at one point he fell from the upper lines to the lower lines and managed to hang on and then fell to an inflated cushion below. the man was unhurt except for a hangover caused by a lot of drinking. she lucky. that is not the smartest thing to do "jimmy kimmle live" is next. his guest is bill maher. for all of us here, thank you for watching. we u
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>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live.
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to niets, jill bmaher, cleto and the cletones. when all else fails, here's jimmy kimmel! >> thank you for watching. thank you for coming to visit us in person. i see you made it through april fool's day in one piece. did you see lindsay lohan's april fool's day joke? last night she tweeted this -- it's official, pregnant. this morning she tweeted, april's fool.
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where's everybody's sense of humor? if barbara walters wrote it, it's funny. but with her, it's a reason to call child protective services. i got suspicious when she had her baby registered at bevmo. lindsay tweeted at 1:30 a.m. april 2. she can't even show up for her pranks on time. meanwhi meanwhile, tonight here on -- thank you. it was the elimination with "dancing with the stars." it was theme episode. the theme was a high school prom. everyone was in prom dresses and bad tuxedos. i, too, recreated prom night by staying home and watching on tv. kelly pickler had the highest score. wynona judd was eliminated last flight because she dances like this.


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