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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 3, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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president, but there are plenty of signs she's getting into position. earlier this month she joined the campaign for gay marriage. >> i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. >> reporter: top democrats say if clinton runs, she'll be the party's favorite. >> she has a sort of personal connection to people in a way that most politicians just don't. >> reporter: a clinton campaign would already have a head start on fund-raising. yesterday her supporters formed a third super pac to raise money. it's called ready for hillary. diana and john. >> all right. devin, thank you. everybody will be watching. >> sure will. let's talk about the worsening tensions on the korean peninsula. in the latest provocation, the north blocked south korean workers from entering an industrial complex that is jointly owned by both countries. >> the move comes one day after pyongyang announced it would restart its long closed nuclear complex and increase production of nuclear weapons material. and from the middle east overnight, israel launching air strikes against what it described as two extensive terror sites in gaza.
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the first strikes launched by the israelis since a cease-fire with palestinian militants last november. they were in response to a pair of rockets from gaza that landed near the israeli border town. no one was injured. a bold story in texas. a massive man hunt for two prisoners who escaped, a second day on the run. somehow they managed to slip past the fence around the recreation area yesterday. they dumped their uniforms not far from the hopkins county jail. both have long criminal records. one awaiting a trial for murder. authorities are using helicopters and dogs right now in the search. schools and businesses are on high alert. and elsewhere in texas, a person of interest has emerged in the killing of a district attorney. mike mclelland and his wife were murdered over the weekend. one of mclelland's deputies was killed two months ago. today's "l.a. times" reports that investigators are now focusing on a local official who was fired after a corruption investigation and who threatened both of those prosecutors. a white supremacist prison gang is also being investigated. well, with gun reform apparently stalled on capitol
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hill, president obama travels to colorado today to make his case for new, more restrictive gun laws. the state of connecticut is taking the lead on the issue with a historic vote later today. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the gun control debate intensifies as the senate prepares to take on the issue. word that president obama will travel to connecticut on monday to put pressure on lawmakers. >> we are going to continue to press forward. >> reporter: this as speculation grows that more gun control proposals could be in jeopardy in congress because of the lobbying efforts of firearms advocates. among those proponents, the nra which outlined its proposal on school safety that includes training and arming at least one staff member at each public school nationwide, an idea supported by mark matiolli, whose son james was among the victims of the newtown massacre. >> this is recommendations for solutions, real solutions that will make our kids safer, and that's what we need. >> reporter: a different kind of push from others who lost loved ones at sandy hook elementary
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school, as connecticut lawmakers announce their plan to approve some of the nation's strictest gun laws. families of 11 of the 26 victims spoke out that the proposal doesn't go far enough. and today president obama will continue his push for gun control, traveling to colorado to give a speech just miles from the site of the movie theater massacre in aurora. john and diana, back to you. >> thank you, marci. dozens of atlanta school teachers and administrators have surrendered to the county jail. former superintendent beverly hall was among them. she and 34 others are under indictment accused of falsifying student achievement tests. they face racketeering and other charges. bail was set at a million dollars or more, but most of them were able to negotiate them lower. prosecutors say the scheme robs children of the education that they need and deserve. and there are new details about the last days of evan ebel, the white supremacist suspected of killing colorado's prison chief. court documents reveal the parolee managed to slip out of
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his ankle monitor. he also stopped reporting to his parole officer, but it took six days before officials issued a warrant for his arrest. it was during that time that the prison chief and a pizza deliveryman were both gunned down. to politics now and the political comeback of south carolina's former governor, mark sanford. he has won the republican primary for his old congressional seat. his career was derailed after he revealed an extramarital affair with an argentinean woman. that couple engaged. sanford will now face elizabeth colbert busch, the sister of stephen colbert. miserable across parts of central texas last night as heavy thunderstorms dumped several inches of rain right at rush hour. scattered power outages were reported in austin and nearly a dozen motorists had to be rescued from their cars, but the rain was welcome in the area that's been hit hard -- hard hit by the drought. some severe weather is a threat again today for parts of texas, louisiana and oklahoma. florida could see some showers. it'll be blustery in the northeast. what else is new, right? >> uh-huh. and it's finally warming up in
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the upper midwest, but temperatures are still colder than usual. minneapolis will be close to 50. warmer than usual in the pacific northwest and portland near 70. phoenix is a hot spot at 86 degrees. all right, coming up, the big changes coming to new planes. how about less room in the rest room? >> plus, no joke. one airline's new plan to charge travelers by the pound. and later in "the pulse," room with a view. a quarter mile above new york's ground zero.
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fannie mae and freddie mac back in the black. the two mortgage lenders turned a record profit last year, their first in six years. the government took them over in
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2008 with a $187 billion bailout, so some of that profit will be returned to taxpayers as dividends, but congress is still moving to dismantle them. the agency is back about 90% of all new mortgages. the stock market soaring to new heights. the dow opens at 14,662 today. it's a record high after gaining 89 points yesterday. the s&p 500 begins trading at 1570. also a record high after an eight-point gain. strong reports on auto sales and factory orders driving those numbers up. well, a small airline in the south pacific has become the first to charge passengers according to what they weigh. samoa airlines requires passengers to step on a scale and will be charged accordingly. the more you weigh the more you have to pay to fly. more than 80% of samoans are overweight. the airline's ceo says this makes sense airlines don't run on seats, they run on weight. i have a funny feeling that's not going to fly. and delta air lines is the first carrier to order smaller,
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new bathrooms for its airlines. the shrunken lavatories will make room for at least four more seats on delta's 737s. but the company insists that passengers aren't going to notice the difference. i'm sure. >> how could it get any smaller? that's crazy. our parent company disney has announced a sequel to "finding nemo." it's going to be called "finding dory." it will once again feature the voice of ellen degeneres as the voice of that character. "finding nemo" won top awards along the way. "finding dory" will hit the theaters in 2015. that should be funny. anything ellen does is funny. >> high expectations for that. "finding nemo" one of my favorite animated movies. >> it was great. coming up next on this wednesday morning, we're getting the first, up-close look at that deadly florida sinkhole. and a coach's abusive behavior a secret no more. how the verbal and physical abuse was exposed. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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the empire state building here in new york dressed in blue last night. one of the countless buildings bathed in blue light across the country to honor world autism awareness day. >> beautiful. all right. let's take a look at the morning road conditions. could be slippery on interstate 10 from new orleans to little rock. gusty winds could pose a hazard. perfect driving weather from portland to los angeles. >> if you're flying airport delays are possible in dallas, houston and new orleans. all right, now to rutgers university and questions swirling this morning about the future of the school's basketball coach. video aired on espn shows mike rice being abusive towards players during practice, even yelling gay slurs at them. >> a former top assistant to rice says he went to rutgers officials as early as last summer to blow the whistle on the coach's tactics. >> to see your coach physically putting his hands on players, physically kicking players, you know, firing balls at players
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from point blank range, the verbal abuse, the belittling, yeah, i was like in total shock this guy wasn't fired and immediately on the spot. >> rice was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 last december because of this behavior. but several new jersey lawmakers are now calling for the school to fire him immediately. a heartbroken north carolina family is demanding answers after a trooper's mistake. carolyn watkins' car ran off the road last week. the troopers who responded noticed the woman was missing but the 62-year-old grandmother's body was there all along apparently hidden by the air bags only to be discovered three days later at the tow yard. take a look at this. for the first time we are seeing video of that sinkhole
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in florida that swallowed the man sleeping in his bed. the video shot before the home was demolished last month. it shows jeff bush's personal belongings, his hat and a picture of his mother on the wall. investigators believe the hole is about 60 feet deep. one of the humans behind the muppets has died. jane henson met jim henson at a puppetry class and joined him on his first show and later married and had five. she helped him launch "the muppet show." they separated, but jane stayed involved with his company and his legacy. she was 78 years old. louisville basketball star kevin ware tells reporters he is feeling good after being released from the hospital using crutches. he visited the team's practice facility. he suffered a compound fracture during that cardinals' win over duke. ware could find out today whether doctors will allow him to travel to atlanta to watch the final four. let's get the other sports highlights from espn news. randy scott with your "sportscenter" update. we had two top stories in sports yesterday. one of them baseball. one of them basketball. we got to start with one that was almost history. the baseball battle for texas. rangers and astros from houston. yu darvish on the mound for texas, and, yeah, his fans made the trip.
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he wouldn't disappoint. perfect through eight innings. bottom of the ninth, first up, jason castro, that's not going to do it. darvish, out number 25. two away from perfection. carlos corporan rolling over to second. darvish, pitch count getting up there, doesn't matter. one out away from perfect. marwin gonzalez. marwin gonzalez who? marwin gonzalez, the guy who broke up the perfecto. darvish still gets the win, 7-0. rangers, let's go to the nba. erik spoelstra and the heat. no lebron james, no d-wade. hosting the knicks who have won eight straight. that meant plenty of carmelo anthony. anthony didn't have a single attempt in the paint. all of his shots were jumpers. average shot more than 20 feet. he still shot darn near 70%. he was 7 of 10 from three. anthony into the fourth. daring a three with shane battier in his face, didn't matter. knicks up 7.
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all d-wade and lbj can do is watch in street clothes. then they would watch anthony match a career high, 50, first time he's done it in a knicks uniform. i'm randy scott. this has been your "sportscenter" update. have a great day. >> all right, thanks, randy. and it turns out we're not the only species that likes to get down. >> get down, no, check this out. ronan the dancing sea lion shaking her groove thing as part of some research at the university of california at santa cruz. take a listen. ♪ all right. other animals in addition to people actually keep time to a musical beat. >> uh-huh, and they found that no matter the speed of the music ronan could bop to it. we're going to call this wednesday morning fever. >> "dancing with the stars," i can see it. >> she's the next big star. >> roll her out. roll her out. i hear she can moonwalk as well. >> she is the perfect sea lion. >> pretty cool. coming up next, it's "the
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>> you work hard, play hard and drink a little sweet tea. that's about it. i'm donny mccomb and that's my abc "world news" story. ♪ ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ the piano man to get us in the mood for our first story. >> time to check "the pulse," stories that caught our attention beginning with the breathtaking view of the big apple. >> developers offered a preview of the visit to the observation deck at the new world trade center. there will be videos and a one-minute elevator ride all the way to the top. >> all right. there will also be curtains that rise on this panoramic view, the observation deck will be on floors 100 through 102 that will include dining and shopping venues but it isn't slated to open till 2015. does look gorgeous on the outside as well. we're asking you kindly please do not do this. do not do what this guy in china did.
4:21 am
he climbed up on power lines. >> about 30 feet above the ground for 15 minutes and he even fell from one level of wires to another. the power company had cut the electricity and eventually he fell on to a net that they had set up. the guy told police the whole thing happened after he got drunk while being in a bad mood. once again, boys and girls, you don't want to try that at home. >> no, that is some crazy stuff. well, a golfer bubba watson is a week away from defending his masters championship and has been a busy man. >> check this out. he helped design a golf course friendly hovercraft. a joint venture. it's about to take the golf world by storm. >> have fun. let's go through the water hazard, come off the other side by the green, putt your ball in the hole and drive back across the water hazard. who doesn't want to do that? >> there is only one prototype but they say you can drive it across the green without any imagine. a bunch of yahoos will have three beers at the turn, get in that hovercraft and cause all
4:22 am
kinds of mayhem. >> hovercrafts are too much fun to put them on a golf course. you will upset way too many hoity-toity golfers in their plaid shirts. >> a little rodney dangerfield in the hovercraft, "caddyshack" action. sign me up. that's something i think i can get into. i don't golf, though. >> you can drive the hovercraft. >> i'll drive the hovercraft. how about that? you golf, i'll drive the hovercraft. done. for some of you your local news is coming up. >> for everyone else, another star sent packing. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a very good wednesday morning. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. let's check the forecast. mr. mike nicco here with more on
4:26 am
that. >> live doppler 7 hd, everyone, shows unlike this time tomorrow it is showing dry weather. we have fog out there. patchy fog. it is dense. napa is quarter-mile visibility. three quarters in novato and saratoga. 101 through north bay will be foggy and fog at the coast. low clouds give way to mid-and-upper level clouds but it will be warmer today with mid-60's to mid-70's in the bay and upper 70's inland and mid-50's at the coast. good morning, leyla gulen. >> as we look at the drive headed into downtown san jose, the 87 northbound is empty with just a few headlights, the off-ramp is looking clear. at walnut creek, also looking great moving in the southbound direction and headed 224 we have a little bit of construction at livermore moving into the eastbound direction so it is
4:27 am
going against traffic but causing a little bit of slowing eastbound 580 to livermore avenue. katie and eric? >> new this morning, caltran will reinspect hundreds of parts of the span of the bay bridge. the company has made or supplied a variety of bolts and other parts that have gone into construction of the $6.4 billion bridge scheduled to open day after labor day. concern over quality column merged when caltran disposed more than a third of the rods from dyson snapped when workers tightened the nut. estimates to fix the problem are around $1 million but the bridge is still scheduled to open on time 152 days from now on labor day weekend. >> new developments of the man shot in the head while driving in oakland. we know his name and he pick add career in which he could save
4:28 am
other people's lives. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live in san jose where he works. >> katie, i am standing in front of the ambulance where for the past two years, quinn boyer has worked as a paramedic. yesterday, before noon, he was in a quiet part of the oakland hills area and he was shot in the head wait, at an intersection. we have video when a man in a brown car opened fire on his car. the paramedic sped off and slammed into a median and went into a ravine. the operations manager at the ambulance company says his colleagues understandably are deeply affected by this tragedy. >> we are trained to handle emergency situations. but when it is one of our brothers that has been impacted during a horrible situation, we find ourselves not only pulled on our emotional strings but
4:29 am
physically in every possible way. >> he is in the hospital in critical condition. police do not know what started shooting and are focused on finding the shooter but not released a description of who they are looking for. reporting live if san jose for abc7 news reporter, i am kira klapper. >> developing news in the north bay where an officer-involved shooting left a man seriously shooting in a napa parking lot after 8:00 last night. agents with the napa special investigation bureau conducted surveillance video on a car there and inside the car there were three people, including a man wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. police say when officers tried to arrest the man he pulled a gun and held the others at gunpoint and a struggle broke out and an officer shot the suspect in the chest. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is headed to napa with a live update in the next half hour. >> this morning, three are recovering after an accident


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