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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 3, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good morning, i got east phone with the napa county sheriff and the suspect remains hospitalized this morning after being shot by a napa police officer. it happened last night when officers with a napa county special investigative unit were doing surveillance in a shopping center near a diner and home depot watching a car with three suspects one wanted if assault with a deadly weapon. officers tried to arrest the men at gunpoint one got out of the car and started to fight with an agent who shot the suspect in the chest. that officer was not hurt. he now is on paid leave as the investigation begins. the suspect remains hospitalized at queen of the valley hospital here in napa. we are live in napa for abc7 news. >> it is 5:03. develop news in oakland where police are searching for a man would shot from a car and hit an off-duty paramedic in the head.
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family and co-workers identified victim as quinn boyer and is in critical condition. the shooting happened before noon yesterday on keller avenue in oakland. witnesses say a man in a brown car opened fire on quinn boyer's car. he drove away and slammed into a median and went over a ravine. video shows where the car landed. they do not know what prompted the shooting. abc7 news reporter kira klapper will have more from quinn boyer's colleagues in 30 minutes. >> police are trying to determine how a man died after the body was found in a clutch -- church parking lot at 5:30 last evening. he was recorded missing monday afternoon. police are waiting for the results of an autopsy but there is no reason at this point to suspect foul play. a public prayer service is held tonight following the easter weekend shooting of a young college athlete home on spring
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break. the 19-year-old was shot from front of his home in the mission district on saturday morning. the family says he was a star athlete and honor student at the high school before going to play football at lewis and clark college in portland. the san francisco archdiocese is holding a prayer service tonight at bryant and 24th and this may have been a case of mistaken identity. so far, no arrests in the case. >> a driver faces drunk driving charges after crashing into a peninsula home. the man crashed into a house in palo alto yesterday. sky 7 shows his banged up white s.u.v. on the property and the driver hit a furniture mover inside the home but is expected to be okay. the house is scheduled to be demonthish next week. >> president obama is coming to the bay area for an overnight visit and will attend two private fundraisers one in
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pacific heights the first vest since october when he raised money for his re-election campaign, but now he is running money to help congressional democrats in the mid-term elections. >> as the president prepares to come to the bay area dozens of asian elected officials and community leaders are calling on the government to pass comprehensive immigration reform. san francisco board of supervisors president david chu wanted president to put a stop to deporting and families are kept together. a new washington post/abc news poll shows 57 percent of americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. at the same time, 80 percent are in favor of stricter boarder control. 72 percent support more visas for highly-skilled workers. >> san francisco's entertainment commission is backing a scaled-back concert schedule at the america's cup pavilion issuing a permit for up to 30 concerts at the temporary
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waterfront venue. organizers proposed up to 40 events at the 9,000 seat venue but neighborhood groups are lobbying for 20 concerts. they also want a 10:30 finish for nighttime events and the concerts will begin may 31. >> there is new information about how were it will cost to get california's high-speed rail project up and running and our media partner, the mercury news reports that construction aside, planning costs are soaring. california rail leaders say it will cost an extra $97 million in office and steelwork to design the rail line. the project has seen construction costs double to $69 billion since voters aeverybody radioed it five years ago. officials say the latest increase is because of project delay. >> some annoyances out there especially in the in the bay the. >> yes, talking about the fog. mike? >> you can see the picture off the bay bridge and how it is getting harder to see because
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the fog is starting to get thicker. the marine layer clouds are dropping a little. expect that to continue through the morning commute. temperatures are coolest in the north bay at novato at 42 and 46 at half moon bay, and you can see around lafayette, san ramon and milpitas at 48. fairfield and richmond district at 49. san mateo and alameda and newark and cupertino all around 50 to 52. we will hang out in the 40 to mid-50's with fog through 7:00 and by noon we have pockets of sun staying in the 50's to near 60's and hang out in the low-to-mid 60's inland neighborhoods and we will be in the mid-60's to 70's by 4:00 and dry this evening but clouds and mild and you will not need a heavy coat. tomorrow we get heaviest rain rolling in and friday and saturday most of the rain, if we get any, is to the north. leyla gulen?
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>> thank you, mike, headed along the san mateo bridge, clear conditions both directions between hayward and foster city. we still have lots of construction but no crashes. that is what we like to report. the map shows all this orange, and fog could be affecting the roadways and could affect your drive so just to let you know we have construction northbound 101 between san antonio it is blocked slightly out of san rafael and southbound 101 we have one lane blocked at mount tamalpais drive and sir francis drake. >> hillary clinton appears for the first time since stepping down as secretary of state and an effort underway to get her to run for president. >> michael jackson's doctor speaks out from prison and a claim he is making of his role in the pop singer's
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>> los altos, petaluma, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, thanks for joining us. just turned 5:12 on wednesday morning. this is a live picture from the roof camera with the embarcardero in the foreground and bay bridge in the
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background. it is 54 in san francisco. mike nicco will have the full forecast and leyla gulen with the traffic to let you know where the fog is the worst. >> hillary clinton is back in the spotlight stepping out of the shadows with a major speech last night. this morning, new questions. did the road to 2016 begin on the stage? we go to washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, she spent 22 years in national politics and took a two month break and now is going on tour to talk about her career. >> i introduce hillary clinton. >> she is back in the spot light and stirring up talk of a run for president in 2016. hillary clinton last night delivered her first major public speech since stepping down as secretary of state. >> we knew we had to make the case to the whole world that create opportunities for women and girls directly supports
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everyone's prosperity and security. >> she steered clear of politics, praising advocates for women. >> we did put women on the agenda and made it a centerpiece of all that we did. >> but all eyes were on a man, vice president biden, a potential democratic rival. outside the speech, supporters were already cheering clinton to run. >> i think she will run. she has to save the country, right? >> she says she has no plans to run for president but there are plenty of signs she is getting this position joining the campaign if gay marriage. >> i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. >> top democrats say if she runs she will be the party's favorite. >> she has personal connection to people in a way that most politicians don't. >> clinton campaign would have a head start on fundraising. yesterday hillary clinton supporters formerred a third super pac to raise money and
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they are calling it ready for hillary. >> what are other democrats saying about a possible hillary clinton bid? >> hillary clinton remains the most popular figures in depth politics but some democrats are privately voicing concern about her age and her health. she will be 69 years old february 2016 and would be an older candidate and she had the brain injury this year but as a campaign aide said the other day, anyone with a 70 70 percenf approval rating is a grant runner and that person is hillary clinton. >> michael jackson's former doctor is speaking out for the first time since the involuntary manslaughter conviction. this interview with cnn comes at the jackson versus a.e.g. trial begins with the family suing them saying they are liable for the pop star's death. the suit accuses the company of
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negligence for hiring dr. murray who used anesthesia to put jackson to sleep each night. speaking from jail the doctor said he did nothing wong. >> no one knows but i was doing my endeavor to get michael jackson away from this drug. i did order the drug to his home but i was not the one that brought propofol to the home. >> in a twist, during the interview, murray started singing and sang a song by nat king coal and said they both had hard-lines. >> jail does funny things to people and fog does funny things to driver. >> leyla gulen is watching that so far and she has construction and i have visibility to show you. 5:16, everyone, and live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry right now but this time tomorrow we will traffic wet weather.
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in santa rosa the visibility is up to two miles but still dangerous around novato at three quarters and half a mile so less at half moon bay and livermore is hanging at four and most of the reporting stations around the bay are okay. here is what will happen. spotty sunshine as the clouds dominate and mild to even warm in many areas with temperatures a few degrees above average and morning rain for tomorrow and any shower chance this weekend or chance of showers this weekend will be best up in the north bay. check out the temperatures, gilroy is 78 and that is the warm spot in santa clara valley and sunnyvale is 72, as cool as it gets. up the peninsula, the mid-70's and drop to 70 in san mateo and 66 in millbrae and half moon bay is a warm spot, and mid-60's downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, and low 70's through the north bay valley and temperatures only around 60 at the beaches, headed over to the east bay shore line, upper 60's to low 70's and in fremont at 73
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and the warmest weather possibly our inland valley to the east bays mid-70's here in san ramon, 73, the cool spot, and 76 in antioch and fairfield. tonight we will be mainly in the low-to-mid 50's with a few 40's in the mid-valley. we will have mid-and high level clouds during the afternoon hours and models is been consistent with this storm bringing thick clouds this afternoon. we will have rain tomorrow for the morning commute when the streets will be thick. here is what will go on at 5:00 tomorrow morning, the rain will be light and even moderate. by 5:00, light-to-moderate rain is over and steady rain is showery in nature continuing through friday morning. now, a quarter to half an inch of rain and maybe double in
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higher elevation. tomorrow is the coolest day in the forecast along with friday where a stray hour is possible in the morning and the storm system is moved to the north on saturday and sunday and high pressure and 70's and 80's possibly by tuesday next week. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> commuters from the central valley are coming out if droves but first we are looking at the drive through san jose as you make it north along 280 away from 17, we are looking at a couple of headlights and not too bad. taking you back to livermore, we still have some construction and this is along eastbound 580 between greenville and flynn we have one or two lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. and look at all the traffic new coming arm over the altamont pass, some of the traffic is due to construction that stuck around beyond 4:30. we still have at least one lane open and that is right around airway to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time.
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>> relief on the horizon for apartment hunters. >> surprising money-raising tip, how crisp new bills can help you actually spend less. >> today on "katie" marie osmond speaks out on family and career at 3:00 p.m.
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>> welcome back at 5:22, rutgers is considering taking stronger disciplinary action against the men's basketball coach for abusing players and he was seen
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abusing this player at a practice. he was suspend for three games with 30 minutes of abusive behavior by the coach taunting them with gay slurs. officials say they will reconsider their decision to retain the coach rice. >> brace yourself for a new iphone, apple is set for a possible summer launch of a new version of their smartphone, the "wall street journal" reports that the new phone is described as being similar in size and shape to apple's current iphone, and the paper says apple is, working on a cheaper iphone model. apple does not comment on future projects before the launch. >> another way to save money, fill your money with crisp new bills. people are more likely to hang on to clean money and try to get rid of the old cash. the study found that consumers are disgusted by dirty bills
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especially the ones that are written on. they try to spend them even if they don't need anything just to get rid of them and consumers tuck away the new bills so getting freshly minted money can be an incentive to save. if you have old money you need to get rid of, i will take care of it for you. >> i have never gone that far to spend it on nothing but it is noise when they are crisp. >> a survey tells us what we know, shopping can make you feel better when you are in a bad mood. >> good morning, if you renting an apartment the pace of rent hikes is slowing down. real estate company says that rents increased at the slowest pace since late 2011 and thanks to a new wave of construction it is harder for landlords to jack up the rent. sluggish job growing is making it difficult for landlords to raise rents. if you have trouble finding the job you are looking for this could help, after college and
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career building and burning glass are now using computers to match people's skills with job openings, more than twelve million americans are looking for work but four million job openings are unfilled. when you feel down, do you hit the stores and buy extra somethings some? more than half of americans shop to improve their mood. the number one item women buy is clothes. the number one toy choice for men is food. that is the new york stock exchange for the bloomburg business report. >> it is time for a look at the weather forecast. >> mike? >> in the north bay and along the coast right now, and by noon that is lifting and we will have mostly cloudy conditions for the better part of the afternoon and the evening. where? the mariners and the a's will begin game three, it has been a rough start for the a's and 62 degrees at 7 a.m. dropping down to 50's by the game.
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temperatures running 62 inmont dry and -- 62 in monterey and yosemite is 72 and los angeles at 77 but palm spring, 94 degrees! safe travels. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> as we look at your macarthur maze traffic is building, but it is flowing and the 880/880 junction it is clear. coming from the toll, it is slowing down a little bit for the cash-paying folks in the far left, but the driver right to the upper deck is clear. we have some buildup of traffic. this is along ford coming out of antioch down to 34 miles per hour. pittsburg is 60 miles per hour and then smooth sailing into concord. katie and eric? >> this is one less celebrity on "dancing with the stars", judd
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is 9 second start to get out of dodge, she and her partner were eliminated last night. she faced the cha-cha and then the quickstep and then the samba and next week they will do routines based on the best years. she speaks about this on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> just ahead, a truck crashes into the backside of a muni bus if san francisco and ahead the impact on people inside and outside the bus. >> developing news, a south bay paramedic is fighting for his life after someone opened fire on him while he was driving. ahead we have his
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at
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5:29 on wednesday morning. i am katie marzullo leader for kristen z. >> i am eric thomas. we have watched the fog encroach on the bay bridge. mike has more. >> encroachment. >> five-yard penalty. >> we are not off to a false start but we could tomorrow morning with rain. right now you can see how dry it is for the morning commute. you can see how far the fog has encroached with novato at three quarters mile visibility and quarter myself at half moon bay and is thickest along the coast. be careful. we will watch sfo and oakland and san jose. as far as the forecast, we call it cloudy with mid-60's to 70's at the coast, and upper 60's to low 70's. more on the rain in a few minutes but first over to leyla gulen and the traffic.
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>> now as you look outside here is a picture of san mateo bridge and traffic is still running well as you make it out of hayward and into foster city. to the north, here is a look at the golden gate bridge and to san francisco a few extra headlights and not a problem. as we take you up to 101 we seeing some construction still in the lanes and, also, all this orange on the map, that is fog that is moving in the area and it could affect your commute, so, northbound 101 between san antonio to lake view highway we have one lane blocked until 6:00. >> thank you, leyla gulen, developing news this morning, a south bay paramedic is fighting for his life after being shot in the head while driving through the east bay. police are now sending for the shooter and a mettive. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live at the plan service in san jose where the victim worked . >> good morning. quinn boyer has been a paramedic
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at santa clara county ambulance for the last two years. he was off duty yesterday when he was shot in the head in the quiet area of the oakland hills. we have sky 7 h.d. overhead where the car crashed. just before noon, witnesses say there were cars stopped at an intersection and a man in a brown car opened fire on quinn boyer's car, and the paramedic sped off and slam in a median and went over a ravine. police do not know what caused the shooting. >> the initial call was multiple gunshot wounds. it could be various things, a robbery, road rage, drug deal, we just don't know. too early to tell. >> he is in critical condition in the hospital. police still are hunting for that shooting and they still have not provided a description of who they are looking for.
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reporting live in san jose. >> thank you, kira klapper. developing news in the north by where an officer-involved shooting landed a man in the hospital seriously wounded this morning. it happened in a napa parking lot after 8:00 last night. agents with the napa special investigation bureau conducted surveillance on a car there. inside the car were three people. one of the men was wanted for assault. when officers tried to a him he held the others at gunpoint. a struggle broke out and an officer shot the suspect in the chest. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is in napa with a live update next half hour. >> three people are recovering after an accident involving a san francisco muni because, a truck rear ended the bus last night at lisbon street. the bus driver and two passengers suffered shoulder, neck, and become injuries. other buses were rerouteed.
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>> caltran will reinspect hundreds of parts on the eastern span of the bay bridge after a steel rod broke. dyson corporation of ohio made or supplied many bolts and other parts that want into construction of the new $6.4 billion span. concern of the company's quality criminal el merged -- emerged last week after a third of the rods snapped when workers tightened the nuts. the bridge is scheduled, still, to open on time in 152 days on labor day weekend. apresident obama is coming here to raise money for democrats with private fundraisers in photographic -- san francisco tonight and tomorrow.
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democrats are focused on retaining control of the not and regaining control of the house of representatives. president obama was last here fundraising in october for the re-election campaign. >> demonstrators opposing the keystone pipeline are planning to protest outside one of the president's bay area fundraisers saying if he is serious about fighting climate change he must reject permits for the pipeline which calls for moving oil from canada to the gulf of mexico through several states. >> guests at a hotel will wake up to a pick the line this morning. workers at the hyatt at fisherman's wharf will picket. this is the demonstration yesterday from sky 7 over the grand hyatt in san francisco's financial district. union local two organizers want the chain to create a possession on the board of directors for a worker's representative and the campaign is hoping to get all workers represented.
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tomorrow they will rally outside the santa clara hyatt. >> tasers are out for san francisco police intervention officers. the san francisco police commission will consider the chief's recommendation at the meeting to allow the officers to carry tasers. a group representing african-american officers is against the ropal. officers for justice are concerned the tasers would be used on senator classes of people such as drug users and minorities. the police officers association believes tasers are an appropriate tool for law enforcement. >> this morning, san jose mayor is putting new pressure on major league baseball to make a decision on a plan to move the a's to his city and wants a face-to-face meeting with the baseball commissioner to kick start the situation. the giants are opposed to the move saying they have rights to san jose but san jose officials are threatening to go to court
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for a challenge. it could help avoid litigation. >> we are watching our weather closely this morning because there is fog out there. mike? >> we will start with looking at the bay bridge from the roof camera and the clouds are thicker and we cannot see the top of the bridge right now but it is not going to keep us from getting warm again today and warmer than yesterday by five degrees at concord when we hit 75 and oakland when we hit 70 and santa rosa when we hit 72 and fremont 73, and san jose, the high of 74, six degrees warmer than yesterday and san francisco will top out at 65, and seven degrees warmer than yesterday. right new the temperature is 48 in done concord and 49 in napa and los gatos, the cool spot is 44 degrees and oakland is 55 and mountain view and san jose are at 52 degrees. temperatures hanging in the 40's and 50's with cloud and fog through the morning and sunny pockets by noon and temperatures are warmest arm from the ocean
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with the low do mid-60's and mid-60's to mid-70's around the bay and inland by 4:00 and very mild evening at low-to-mid 60's around the bay and inland but the coast is stuck in the 50's. tomorrow morning, we will traffic rain for the morning commute with live doppler 7 hd and cooler temperatures in the afternoon. we will have isolateed showers possible on friday. now the forecast. leyla gulen? >> the bay bridge is looking busy right now as you move to the upper deck to the toll plaza with cash-paying planes stacking up a bit. also, i want do draw your attention to north part of your screen here, the top part of your screen to marin county where we are seeing orange out there, and that is all indicating fog so it could be rolling in over 101 and possibly hampering your drive so watch out for that. i want to tell you about troubles, 580 is looking slow from the central valley to dublin at 27 minutes, betweenant rock and concord and 21 minutes and coming down from highway 4
5:36 am
to the maze may still looking at top speeds. >> coming up, san francisco wants to make thousands of home safer in an earthquake and the impact on renters. >> but first, a hero comes forward on abc7 news. hear from the man who rush merchandise to stop a driver on a
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, the kidnapping and rape of a six-year old girl has authorities across the state looking for the attacker, a transient who could be anywhere by now. the sheriff released this sketch of the suspect going by the make
5:39 am
of eric or eddie. he is hispanic, around 5' 10" and weighing 250 pounds the he snatched her from her yard in broad daylight which could indicate he has done this of with. she is recovering in the hospital. >> the man accused of plowing a car through the front of a san jose walmart and attacking people is expected to face a judge tomorrow to hear the charges. hamid zaid is in the santa clara county jail on $200,000 bail. several people stepped in to stop his attack on sunday including the man you will see in the video with the hat. he laid on top of zaid. he is from san jose. >> i told him to stay down and he looked at me and said, what did i do? what did i do? i didn't do nothing wrong. i am like...look at this carnage. >> zaid has a history of drug-related problems. court documents show he drove through the front of a car wash
5:40 am
in san jose in december while high on methamphetamine and tossed a chair at a window at a pub two months before that. >> in san francisco, buildings are especially vulnerable to earthquakes and they must go under retrofitting and the owners can make the renters pay, with property owners allowed to pass on the coast to renters except those with financial hardship. 3,000 builtings that contain garages or storefronts on the ground floor are required for the retrofit which can cost up to $130,000. >> oakland city workers step up demand for pay raise as the city council begins budget cuts monies of workers rallied saying they have not had a raise if six years and threedowns negotiating new contracts with the city and the union leaders say the money
5:41 am
has been there to make the q. >> five caltrain crossings on the peninsula could get safety upgrades. the san francisco examiner reports the project includes crossing in redwood city and palo alto at churchill and west meadow and in mountain view at castro including longer traffic signal and the drivers will have to wait longer for trains to pass. the caltrain board is scheduled to vote on the $2 million project tomorrow. >> another disappointing report from the tahoe snow pack survey with the latest reading showing on average sierra snow pack is between 50 percent and 70 percent normal. the snow melt provides a third of the water used in california as well as in nevada and is especially thin on the northwest show at tahoe city california
5:42 am
where the last three months were among the driest in a century. >> we do have rain on the way, right? will they get more snow? >> high elevation snow like the last system but it will not be a great amount but it will be something and when we can get it after the official season ends that is a bonus. we will take it. >> now as eric mentioned rain is on the way tomorrow. this morning, live doppler 7 hd is showing how dry it is outside and we are concerned and trafficking the fog, half moon bay has half mile visibility, 2 2.5 mile visibility in napa. i believe the fog will lift starting at noon. it will become mostly cloudy. the mid-and-upper level clouds will take over. it will bump warm air to us so with the limited sunshine will be mild. steady rain tomorrow morning. the chance moves north on
5:43 am
saturday and sunday. with this fog, 5:00 this morning, it is almost everywhere, by 9:00 it lifts inland valleys and it is very thick along the bay water. it takes longer for the ground to warm up or the water to start overturning the atmosphere. from noon to 2:00 that will dissipate. it will be stubborn along the coast. that is why you will be in the upper 50's to low 60's and the rest of us are in the 50's and 60's. 65 in san francisco, a cool spot. 68 in richmond and low-to-mid 70's for the bay shoreline. fairfield and antioch and live more at 76 along with morgan hill and 61 at half moon bay. tonight the temperatures are under the cloud cover and with the rain we will still be mild with the system coming at us from the west, not the north. it is a mild system. 47 in santa rosa and 48 in napa and the rest of us in the
5:44 am
low-to-mid 50's so the storm is barreling at us from the west with the increase in the clouds as the moisture is closer and mid-to-upper level moisture but not until tomorrow we get the rain and the slick sleets for the commute. at midnight, thicker clouds and by 3:00, the rain is moving ashore and 5:00, we should be wet with the moderate rain moving in to our neighbors and by 9:00, it tapers to light rain and by noon just scattered showers. rainfall amount .25" to .5" and make double in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. the seven-day outlook shows it will be cooler tomorrow and friday and a rebound on saturday and sunday and real spring warmth on monday and tuesday. now the commute, leyla gulen? >> in san jose headlights northbound 101 at 880 with traffic building but moving along and that is what we like to see. we do also have fog so that is the main story through marin.
5:45 am
beside some construction. southbound 101 to mount tamalpais drive one lane is blocked so cones will be picked up shortly. fog is rolling over 101 and could affect your drive. along the coast, on highway one between half moon bay to pacifica we have fog so reduce your speed and use low peoples. eric and katie? >> coming up at 6:00, a bay area city says no to cash for gold businesses. >> but, first, months after the newtown shooting congress is still debating new gun control measures. >> he is the north bay 8-year-old hit by appear air roar while on a school field trip and the h
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>> welcome back at 5:50. this morning the connecticut legislature will approve a bill creating the nation's toughest gun laws. the move is four months after the sandy hook elementary school shootings including background checks for all gun sales, a ban on all new gun magazines that hold ten bullets or more and people who already own high-capacity magazines mist now register them. parent would lost children in the shooting say the law does not go far enough. >> new moves from north korea and pyongyang is barring south korean workers from entering a jointly run factory near the fortified border between the two countries. 53,000 north koreans work at an industrial park on the north side of the border but today south korean officials say the north is not allowing south korean workers to go to work and will only let them leave.
5:49 am
the industrial park has been an unusual point of cooperation in the hostile relationship between the two koreas. north korea is upset by sanctions over the nuclear test. >> 9-1-1 recordings from a deadly northern california race way crash reveals confusion over where the ambulance should respond after a sprint car want out of control hit a petaluma teen and a 68-year-old grass valley man. there were numerous desperate calls made to 911 but the dispatchers had a hard time marrowing down the location to one of three rayways in the area. >> ma'am, i immediate to find out where you, there are three locations where they race, okay, you are in the park, correct? >> we are one mile east of town.
5:50 am
>> the sprint car driven bit high school senior chase johnson lost control in the first turn and the crash claimed the life of a 14-year-old marcus johnson of petaluma. >> a san rafael girl struck by an arrow received a surprise care package from her favorite pop star. the eight-year-old nadine hairston was hit by an arrow on a field trip. she is recovering. a get well package arrived from taylor swift yesterday packed with goodie like a t-shirt and poster and backpack which is significant to nadine because she used swift songs to keep her cool while rushed to the hospital. >> my mom comes over with the package and i am like, what is that and slow said it is in taylor swift, and i am was amazing. i had no idea.
5:51 am
>> her sister gave her an ironic gulf, a bow and arrow from the toy store in berkeley and police are still searching for the person who shot the arrow and wounded her. good to see he is recovering. >> amazing what a specialty care package from your favorite pop star will do. i might have the same reaction, i do like some of those songs. >> now the weather forecast, with the ultimate taylor swift civilian, mike nicco. >> how did you know? >> baseball. swinging the bats tonight. 62 at 7:05 under clouds. we will be down to 5 and not so cool at the last couple of nights at the ball park. across the state today, look how quiet it is. it will remain quiet with the increase in clouds, upper 70's to mid-80's through the central valley and 20 degree cooler in
5:52 am
tahoe with the clouds you will hit 64 and 94 is the warm spot in palm springs and 66 in san diego with afternoon sun and 77 with afternoon sunshine if los angeles and the commute at home. leyla? >> here is a look at walnut creek with the drive headed along 680 is looking clear, and 224, but a few extra tail lights in that area and if you are headed further to the south along 680 we have a band new crash on right shoulder a car may have skidded across all lanes and resting on the shoulder. so watch out if that, it could be an a active scene but you are at top speeds northbound and southbound direction. eric and katie? >> the white house says president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend the opening of former president george bush's presidential library in dallas. the dedication ceremony is at southern methodist university april 25.
5:53 am
the facility is 23 acres and houses more than 43,000 artifacts from his presidency. of note, representatives from the university of chicago and the university of hawaii have met with officials at the bush facility as they prepare a bid to host obama's presidential library. >> hundreds of cancer patients in canada are facing disturbing news, their chemotherapy treatments may have been watered down. according to the government agency, cancer care ontario,,200 patients got lower than intended doses of drugs, uncovered by a pharmacist who tested the product. it was up to 20 percent less powerful than they should have been. patients and their families are notified this week. >> proposal to set up a planned parenthood clinic is drawing fire from neighborhoods in san francisco although they are not providing abortion. the city approve a parking plan
5:54 am
saying there is plenty of space but business owners say they are concerned about a parking cringe or about abortion protesters blocking their doors. >> my customers need to park in front of the store, i don't want them to walk miles to get to me. >> some say they are considering appealing the city's approval of the plan, and the deadline if appeal is on friday. >> fans of the california cycling race can watch from the inside this spring, race organizers are looking for 5,000 volunteers to help out with the may 17 stage in san jose with the race on may 18 and the may 19 stage from san francisco. they need traffic monitors and check in clerks and media assistants and hospitality workers. for a link to the tour application page, go to our website at >> straight ahead we are following developing news from wine country, an officer of involved shooting in the quiet
5:55 am
community. >> pope tran sis visits the tomb john paul ii and the special connection they share. >> new this morning, a $49 million pay cut for poor performance leading to a salary slash if a
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news now at 6:00, crime tape surrounds a napa parking lot after an officer opened fire on a man, hitting him, this morning the investigators are revealing what led to the officer using his weapon. that is our top story this wednesday. good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo leader for kristen sze. >> and now getting you out the door with a check on the forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone, unlike tomorrow, no need to worry about wet weather. live doppler 7 hd show how dry it is with the extra cloud cover
5:58 am
this morning. we may have a little drizzle at the coast but that is it. visibility at half moon bay has now improved, but napa has the biggest drop at three-quarters of a mile, and livermore down to a mile. be careful in those areas. today, an the bay, it will be cloudy, a lot cloud cover and some sunshine with a mild slow in the mid-50's through 7:00, and low 60's for lunch time, and mid-to-upper 60's until 4:00 and nice in the evenings cloudy, dry and low 60's. inland, the thickest fog is in the north bay, and as we head throughout the day we will see mostly cloudy conditions so the clouds will open up for sunshine and 66 at noon and 74 at 4:00, and milder here during the orange hours and low-to-mid 60's and at the coast the clouds are stubborn at 45 and you will hang out in the mid-to-upper 50's for the afternoon and cloudy but dry
5:59 am
and 52 at 7:00. enjoy the day and the commute. we will find out if there are hot spots, leyla gulen? >> danville, southbound, 680, there is a crash, a car went in the divider and slid across the lanes to the shoulder where it is resting. we have top speeds flowing but we have good condition, too, with mass transit, everything running on time so we are looking good out there. through better chicago the westbound 80 drive is really building at this hour so give yourself extra time before you head out the door. katie and eric? >> coming up on 6:02 we are following developing news from napa, police opened fire on a man during a stake out, a story we brought you last night on the abc7 news at 11. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with the latest. >> good morning, the napa county sheriff here is tellin


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