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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we see this every day, but it's not it's not what you expect to see happen to us. >> the company has grief counselors available for employees that may have been having a hard time. >> forecast now, weather about to change. it's warm, sunny and beautiful out right now. it's not going to last. >> spencer christian is here now with a look at live doppler 7. >> that system moving into our direction. you won't know it but looking at clear skies you can see here on live doppler 7, clouds at the coast. clear over the bay and inland. here is a huge ridge of moisture we'll see increasing clouds, then, shortly after midnight, by 2:00 a.m. we expect rain to begin pushing in and once starting
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to move in it will move in forcefully by 5:00 a.m. we'll have areas of heavy rainfall up in the north bay, through the golden gate perhaps into the city of san francisco, then, the front sweeps through. by 9:00 in the morning we'll see trailing showers behind the front. some showers could be locally heavy. the rain will be breaking up by the remainder of the day. first forecast, wet morning commute following the thickening clouds overnight. but rain tapers off to showers into afternoon. it will be a cool day. highs from mid-50s to mid-60s. >> spencer, thank you. >> napa county sheriff office is investigating a shooting of a man by police, three members stopped a car last night. turns out one of the men in the car was wanted for
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violating probation. >> and a struggle ensued between one officer that suspect. a shot was fired. >> there was probably eight to 10 police cars and sheriff around here. and they were all over him. >> the sheriff says ramirez was convicted in a domestic violence case last year. the officer who pulled the trigger has been placed on routine leave. >> part of chevron's richmond refinery has taken a step towards reopening since that major fire in august. >> chevron says it's repaired all of the damage you can see right here, the oil giant expects to restart the part of the refinery damaged by the end of june and implementing new measures to ensure save operations. two lawmakers will be holding a public inquiry into last year's fire at richmond city hall on friday. >> the president just wrapped
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up a speech on gun control in denver, colorado. the president says there doesn't have to be a conflict between keeping people safe and the second amendment. colorado just expanlded background checks and restricted ammunition. the state has seen two mass shootings last summer's attack in aurora and the massacre at columbine high school. >> if these reforms keep one person from murdering dozens of children or movie goers in a spachb minute minutes isn't it worth fighting for? >> the president is on the way to the bay area from colorado. >> you can expect lots of delays and closures for the visit, he'll be staying at the intercontinental hotel. police began segt up barricades inside of the hotel. the president will be attending two fund-raisers tonight. the first is a cocktail reception, then attending a
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$32,000 a plate dinner hosted by ann and gordon getty. mark matthews is live outside one of the fund raising stops. mark? >> we're well outside one of those stops. the police have well closed off this neighborhood where the president will be having dinner. that event has been moved out to sea cliff. $5,000 a head hosted by a millionaire and asset manager and a big obama supporter. then, about 7:00 the president will be going down to broadway, and baker to the getty mansion. for a $32,000 dinner. >> he was in colorado talking about gun control. the president took his gun control message to the denver police department. just four miles from the scene of the aurora movie theater massacre. >> every day we wait to do
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something about it, even more fellow citizens are stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> the president wants universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. today, in san francisco, senator feinstein told me it's national rifle association holding up a vote in congress and plucking the will of the american people. >> i think it's the nra. i think the argument be kb made why america would be a better country without these weapon autos you're saying nra has that much clout? >> yes. i believe it does. there hasn't been a poll that hasn't shown a dominant majority of americans favor the rej slaigs. >> a gun rights advocate says controls being pushed by the president will not stop another newtown tragedy. >> might make a politician sound good, look good in front
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of their constituents but it would do nothing. >> the president says the time has not passed, that there is still time to get gun control legislation through congress, he's raising money for the committee that will help his party get elected in 2014. mark math use abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you. >> a pedestrian injured this morning in the daily city dmv parking lot by a person getting ready to take a driving test. police say the driver was practicing when she backed into the victim, causing minor leg injuries. she left on the passenger's seat of the student training car. >> right now in oakland officials urging fans head together a's and warriors games at the coliseum to please use public transportation. hop on bart. a's playing at 7:05 p.m.
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the parking lot are going to be jammed. people driving should expect delays this, is a live picture of interstate 880. you can see traffic moving nicely right now. again we're still three hours away from these games so there is time, but it will be busy. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 disney gets 100 employees pink slip autos happy birthday to the cell phone. the story behind the call that changed history. >> 7 or r.on your side tax hot line is open for business. let me give you the telephone number. give that a call now. we'll answer any of your personal questions offhand. >> new at 4:30 qaulout after a
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video surfaces showing rutgers men's basketball coach abusing his players. what the coach says about the behavior, today. >> another check of traffic this is a live picture of the skyway in downtown san francisco. jammed up in both directions. heavy for traffic going into the lower deck of the bay bridge. maybe some people heading towards oakland and the games tonight. still peninsula side as well heading towards 101 south is backed up as well. back wit
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zynga announced today it's introducing two real money games. it will be available to players in the uk at least 18 years old. shares rose more than 15% over the news. closing at $3.53. shift as the company grapples with slow growth in social gaming on the web. >> and today is the 40th birthday of the cell phone. >> yes that. is right. 40 years on this day in 1973, that martin cooper invited reporters to watch him take the first call in new york city on the de -- device he invented. >> remember those phones? >> we've got a recent photo of
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cooper. he is now 84 and works in silicon valley. >> it took decades before it became a part of every day live. now there are six million world wide. and people probably couldn't wlif out it. >> no. i barely can get through a newscast without a tweet possibility. pan dora bringing in more listeners despite a crowded market and disney pulling the film on lucas films video game development. >> yes. barely four months after acquiring lucas films for $4 billion disney announced it's ceasing development of the video game development lucas arts and they'll work on two star wars games. and disney will focus on licening content rather than developing new games, more people are listening to music
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on pandora. listeners up 36% last month. the kch is now 8% of aulg u.s. radio listeners. earlier i had an interview with the co-founder who says radio is where the company is focused. take a look. >> we think about competition all the time. and our competition is clear. it's broadcast radio. we're chasing the listener radio hours. and right now it's spent on am-fm. this is to go capture a substantial part of the market. >> stocks lower on disappointing economic data. and as for shares of intel and year cell they're reasons why the silicon valley index was lower on the day. yahoo adding drop box integration to mail service starting today.
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yahoo says it will have a partnership with the cloud storage provider to make it easier for users to send, receive, and store attachments. in san francisco, with bloomberg west, back to you. >> thank you. >> so have you done your taxes yet? >> are you asking me? yes. i have. >> two weeks until they're due now. >> right. unless you're an accountant you may have questions. that is where michael finney comes in. and good afternoon, larry. have you done your taxes yet? >> working on it. getting there. >> okay well pick up that telephone. that hot line is open now. we have people here fl california soft enrolled agents, irs, california society of cpas.
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thanks for joining us here. >> thank you for invite meeg. >> people make mistake autos they can if not paying attention. >> what are the usual mistakes? >> ones we see are missing or incorrect social security number. if you have a dependent, make sure the last name matches that social security card. >> so sometimes people get confused by filing statuses filing married or jointly. if you're doing direct deposit make sure you put the correct bank account you want it to go to. that is what you put down is where it's going to go. math errors happen, best way
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to cure that, it's file electrically. it does math for you, helping you identify credits and deductions you may in the know you're eligible for. >> i've heard people telling me e filing saved them math mistake autos for electronic filing less than 1% were as paper rurnz are 20%. so that is where we recommend e file. >> all of these people are helping with you taxes. again, we're going to be here until 8:00 so get paper work together and give us a call. again, we'll be here until. >> can you imagine putting your wrong account number? >> that would being aony. >> awful. 50 yes. >> and i've been tracking the
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storm all day. >> you've been busy. >> it's been a taxing experience. rain hasn't arrived yet. sunny skies throughout the day. low clouds along the coastline that are going to increase getting into evening hours. you can see moisture moving into our direction. for now, we're looking at blue skies, out over san francisco, from mount sutro. current readings 60 degrees in san francisco. look at how mild it is. san jose, 78 degrees now. more readings looking west, clouds in the sky there. temperatures 76 degrees in santa rosa. 83 in los gatos. it's been a mild day. rain arriving. there may be areas of heavy
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rain for morning commute. tapering off into showers by afternoon. clouds linger well into the weekend. movement coming into our direction at 4:00 p.m. right now. a forecast animation here at 11:00 tonight rain will not yet have arrived but clouds will have. by 2:00 we'll see first wave of rainfall by 5:00 in the morning beginning of rush hour, wide spread rain, areas of heavy rain. from golden gate northward. the front sweeps through quickly. by 9:00 in the morning we'll see the front moving out of here. there are areas of rain. tomorrow, into friday morning we may have a spot or two of showers rm. by 8:00 in the morning we'll look at rainfall total that's
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may exceed one inch in the north bay. and up to three tenths, perhaps in the south bay. rain developing lows into low 50s, then, tomorrow, rainy, showery day. highs into mid-60s to 65 in san jose. low to mid-60s on the peninsula. north bay highs into low 60s, east bay, mid-60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. showers mainly into friday. a slight chance, mainly dry, friday. saturday as well, but showers could develop on sunday just a slight chance of showers. >> thank you spencer. >> all right. up next rolling stones giving their fans satisfaction. when and where they'll be here celebrating a major milestone here. >> new after 4:30 we're live
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in berkly. the cal womens' team gets ready
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>> rolling stones ready to start it up, announcing
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they're ready to hit the road for their 50th anniversary tour. the stones have nine dates set in the u.s. including two here in the bay area. including may 8th at hp pavilion. stones say they're ready to go. >> it figures if i can get the thing moving you know? it's been anything for them. you know? all doi know about the stone sthaz if you can get at wheel to go around, it's unstoppable. >> keith richards. monday morning with prices ranging from 17 $5 to $600. average age is... 68 and and a half years old, older than average age of the u.s. supreme court. but mick sings better than john roberts. >> yes. >> some of the world's biggest artists on the same stage and
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yet another late night change. >> each host finds a way to comment on jay leno's announcement that he's leaving the "tonight show". on twitter jimmy kimmy reached out to jimmy fallon and wrote, congratulations to my deer, sweet jimmy fallon a formidable rival and an incredable lover. find out what kimmel does tonight here on abc. in the world of music, tailor swift and justin beiber are the big acts you can expect to see at the bill board music awards. catch the live show from vegas, may 19th here on abc. for updates throughout the day like the on the red carpet facebook book page.
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>> still head at 4:00 unusual diplomatic indiaccident involving jon stewart and egypt's government. >> a driver did this at a store just months ago y wasn't he kept in jail? >> and rutgers fires its basketball coach after video shows him abusing player autos also, tax hot line open right mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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questions being raised by why the man accused of ramming his car into a walmart was out on bail after a similar incident in december. >> he is facing several charges including hit and run and being under the influence of drugs. that crash left four people injured. abc 7 news is live in san jose along with some new video of that crash scene. david? >> you can see that video. the 33-year-old was appearing for arraignment tomorrow where a judge swril to decide whether he's eligible for bai. however, he will he was out on bail. police say he crash nootd walmart store.
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this is the security camera that shows a man identified as zaied into the car crash, the silver lexus crashed into merchandise shelves. >> it seems to me he's on a mission to inflict harm on individuals and prepared to kill people, i suppose. >> chuck brassfield owns the car wash and was surprised he was accused of doing the same thing on sunday. >> i assumed this fellow was still in jail after this incident. and it's apparent he wasn't. and... i'm not so sure that he'll be in jail longer, either. >> why was he released on $20,000 bail? it was a quote, pretty standard case according to the supervising deputy district
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attorney with no hint he might do it again. >> he did fail to appear in court and an attorney appeared on his behalf. but he was just pending misdemeanor cases. it's nothing looking at that case that would have for shadowed what we can see here today. >> the da concluded he lost control after hitting another vehicle but chuck doesn't buy that. >> he was on a mission of some sort this was not an accidental running into the door of a building. >> his attorney indicated he will talk to us on camera after the court appearance tomorrow in the walmart case. >> twitter feed of the u.s. embassy in cairo is back up and running after controversy
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over an offensive tweet involving jon stewart. us you officials say the twitter account was taken off line after egyptian authorities objected to a tweet containing a link to a stewart monologue. stewart mocks egypt's president, the arrest of a high profile satirist. >> president obama plans to take a 5% salary cut in spup support of federal workers that are going to be furloughed. a 5% cut comes to less than $1700 per month. the president will write a check to the treasury every month. $85 billion in cuts kicked in on march 1 after lawmakers failed to agree on a plan to undo them. the cut will be retroactive to march 1. this decision comes a day after a similar move by defense secretary chuck haggle. >> oscar pistorious has been
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charged with murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day in south africa. last week, bail aloud him to travel abroad. he told his coast he wants to start working out to compete overseas, however, some race organizers have said he is not going to be invited to their events. the trial is expected to start later this year or early next year. >> the man fired as basketball coach at rutgers says there is no excuse for his behavior. in video aired by espn he was shown abusing players. >> i want to tell everybody who believed in me that i'm sorry. >> a mild mannered apology for this brutish abuse on the court. rutgers university men's basketball coach mike rice fired after this video sur fatsed -- surfaced showing the
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coach hitting, kicking and hurling basketballs at player heads. behind the bleeps, screaming obscenities including homophobic slurs. a former staff member tells espn it's the same abusive language he used towards young boy who's participated in his summer camp. >> the athletic director saw the videos rice was suspended for three games, forced to pay a $50,000 fine and take anger management classes. today, he admitted he was not wrong for not firing him then. >> is is surprised it's only a suspension at the time. i do think now that i think firing him was a right decision. >> rice says he realize was the shove and slur he let his cool school, team and his family down.
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>> there is no excuse for it. i was wrong. >> rutgers last made headlines when a student committed suicide after being bullied by a room pait. now, lawmakers are begin pushing for legislation that will require schools to address bullying from students and school fak kult we have the story of the louisville basketball player who suffered a gruesome injury over the weekend. he says he can't believe the support received. he suffered a compound fracture of the right leg. he says he's not used to attention but it's appreciated. >> i guess i just landed wrong. i didn't see where i was land sog that what caused this injury. but i felt like stuff like this just doesn't happen for no reason there. is behind behind everything. i'll find out what it's going to be. it's just a process i'm ready for.
4:35 pm
>> he says first he thought he just tweaked an ankle but then, realizing it's more serious. he does plan to travel with his team to atlanta and will be there for the louisville playing wichita state. >> good. good thing he's healing and will be able to be there. >> yes. if he's got support just being there. >> with less than two weeks until tax day, michael finney wants to help you get your money back. >> michael finney joins with us the tax hot line. i will be sending up a coffee and pace tries for the irs guy later on. >> we do have snacks up here, but what we have is a way to save a lot of money. dial this number. we're helping you with your
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tax problems so give us a call. we're packed and have got cpas here, earn it, keep it, safe it. internal revenue service and we have glenn carlton. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. >> so a lot of people know that they owe taxes they just don't have the money. then what? >> important thing for people to know if you owe tax you should file your return. often people say i just won't file, maybe this will go away. problem is that the failure to file penalties exceeds failure to pay. if you do owe money and you're short on cash you have options. file your tax return, even if you can't include any of the money f you think you can pay by credit card, you can go online to irs web site there are ways to help you pay. if you can pay within 30 days wait to send a bill, or get yourself on an installment
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agreement and pay monthly payment autos important thing raise your skmand say i oe -- owe you, here is the return. let's work out something. >> okay. very good. thank you for joining me. so california society of enrolled algts right there is going to be here until 8:00 tonight so give us a call. i'm michael finney. >> thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 a dangerous journey. great lengths some children have to go to just to get to school. >> and why this pig went hog wild. >> a beautiful view you can see low clouds coming through golden gate. it's not new, but high clouds and rain are on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> we're taking a look at the maze of 440 on wednesday,
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traffic slow in both directions. that is 80, those folks heading to berkeley area. you're approaching the bay
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moms with will do anything to protect their babies. the tv camera man learned this the hard way at a south carolina zoo. a. >> look out.
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that is a mama dear pig taking a bite out of a camera in columbia, south carolina. zoo keepers say the new mommy did not take kindly to the camera getting so close to baby. >> well, our weather has been spectacular. but just enjoy it's over. >> so sunny skies for now over land areas. low clouds at the coast have been there for a whi. we're focusing on now is these bigger, thicker, darker higher clouds and this moisture will be bringing us significant amount of rainfall. in fact state wide looks like wet weather picture in the northern two thirds of the state. partly sunny skies there is a chance of showers. some high temperatures into mid 60s in chico tomorrow. upper 70s in fresno.
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72 down in los angeles. 92 palm springs and 60s into the sierra. there is a clouds thickening overnight. we'll see heavy down pours by afternoon, we'll see rain tapering off to showers, highs into low to mid-60s. and tomorrow afternoon, baseball in oakland game four of the a's opening season opening series against mariners. there is a showers and there may be areas during the game, temperatures into low 60s and mild but they may be dodging rain drops tomorrow. i don't think game is going to be rained out. >> that is what i was going to ask you. >> the term is wet, soggy from mosh morning rainfall oo. right. >> still, the ground is going to be is the traited. >> thank you. >> up next, after its
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disastrous disaster at sea, the carnival cruise
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more trouble for carnival cruise lines the triumph cruise ship broke loose from it's moorings. the triumph drifted and was resting against the cargo before a tug boat secured it. those same winds being blamed for blowing two workers into the water. >> fivem critic roger ebert announced his cancer returned. the 70-year-old says he plans to scale back movie reviews this, is 10 years after he first battled cancer and lost ability to speak. he says latest cancer discovered after fracturing his hip. he says he plans to spend time
4:47 pm
writing about health challenges. >> checking healthy living news a study suggests that cholesterol lowering eye drops might help fight the leading cause of blindness in people over 50. researchers say high levels of fat in the blood can lead to macular degeneration of the eye. patients are often prescribed medication. now, researchers hopeful that some of the same drugs could be used to breakdown fatty deposits leading to macular degeneration. >> first lady michelle obama challenging kids to enter their favorite recipes in a healthy lunch contest. the winners will travel to washington, d.c. this summer, presenting their dishes at a white house lunchen. the first lady asking children ages 8-12 to create new trishus recipes if your kids want to submit recipes we have a link
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on our web site, dead line line is may 12th. >> a san rafael girl struck by an arrow received a care package from her favorite pop star. she is recovering quickly. yesterday a get well package arrived from tailor swift. packed with goodies like a tee shirt, poster and back back. she used swift's songs to keep her cool while being rushed to the hospital. apparently she saw tweets about nadine. >> my mom sthez is from tailor swift. i was like -- it was amazing. very no idea. >> her sister gave her a bow and arrow. it's compliments of a toy
4:49 pm
store in berkeley. police searching for the person that shot that arrow. >> tough little girl. >> traveling to and from school is proving to be a challenge for a group of children in china these students have to climb up and down two ladders standing against a cliff in. it serves as a way to reach the outside world. the school is about 20 miles from the village. one student says he plans to build a road once he starts earning money. >> nice call. >> still ahead basketball buzz in the east bay. the winning team about to do something never done before. we're live next. >> in the abc 7 newsroom search for a serial car burglar. he managed to elude police but not surveillance cameras and a goodwill bill pitting charities against each other. could result in more of
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here, is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's the middle, motdern family at 9:00 followed by how to live with your parents forest of your life at 9:30 then national and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> march madness we're not talking about men's hoops right now. >> it's all about womens basketball. wayne? >> behind me the team going through a workout today before going to the final four, they'll be leaving tomorrow, these young ladies are the darlings of west coast basketball now taking on three times from the big east. let's take a look. >> in berkeley where academia
4:54 pm
and real world blend together there is a buzz in the air. the girls have done well. >> i know they're doing really good. and hopefully, they'll win. >> california women hoop sisters have exceeded expectations. they upset power house georgia to advance from elite 8 to the final four in the ncaa basketball championships. >> this is a group that believe ootz team began a practice on friendly wood this afternoon they did with hope and confidence. they have won 32 games, lost just three and grown from a group of strangers to a family. now with this stride to new orleans the nation is learning about them too,. >> it's tankable to have in each other. i have never been around a group that believes we're going to get it done and person next to them.
4:55 pm
>> we just wanted something to believe in. and i think that is what awesome about lindsay. she came in and said look. follow me. i'll lead the way just bring energy. be yourselves. i'll worry about the rest. >> the rest would be university of louisville. they're two wins from immore talt. two wins from a national championship. >> there is a difference in thinking you can and knowing that you can. >> it's a feel good story. if you watch that team you'll feed good, too. the team leaves for new orleans from this spot here, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and it's going to be a big, loud sendoff. >> thank you, wayne. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> thank you very much.
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this search for motive in the seemingly senseless shooting of a paramedic. tonight colleagues are devastated over the tragedy within their rank autos live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. beautiful back drop. it's going to change. i'll show you timing of the rain coming in, coming up. >> and our tax hot line open right now. >> all right. this is a live picture from sfo. president obama is expected to touch down during this newscast. and this marks his first visit tolt bay area since his reelection campaign this, time on a fund raising mission mission and expected to raise a lot of money. good evening. our other top story the search for the gunman who wounded an
4:57 pm
off duty paramedic in oakland. quinn boyer shot in the oakland hills. >> the car then plunged down a ravine. he devoted his life to saving others we have live team coverage. fame and friends have been gathering all day. >> a lot of the family was here at the hospital throughout the day. unfortunately a lot of friends and co-workers who work at the ambulance down in san jose they weren't able to come for much time because they're job doesn't stop. morning roll out was a tough one today, team members learned one of their own was shot in the head yesterday. >> this is not something we'd expect to see happening to us.
4:58 pm
>> boyer was in a stop sign, shot sitting in his blue honda. he drove into a ravine the paramedic used to seeing tragic situations, but it's more difficult when the victim is a co-worker. >> our employees go through hundreds of hours of learning how to help people and how to work in the fields and deal with tragedy. now we're dealing with one of our own. >> it's difficult because crew members experienced similar pain two years ago when brian show stow was tacked in a dodgers game in los angeles. >> it's just another tragedy to hit. you know? many co-workers so we need to be there to offer support. >> there are grief counselors dispatched if employees need assistance. being a paramedic is a high adren why lynn job. employers encouraging
4:59 pm
paramedics to take a break if they feel they're affected by this tragedy. >> and police are trying to find who did this. abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live with the latest on the investigation. nick? >> dan, as investigators continue that work to uncover what happened in the crime they believe that the man who may be aable to shed light on this whole thing remains in critical condition. >> the fatal shooting of quinn boyer has been tough for friends and family.. >> the sargeant says witnesses have been few. >> it was in the middle of the day. it's where there is not a lot of traffic. >> this shows how remote this area can be. after the shooting his honda went into a steep ravine and couldn't be seen from t


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