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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 4, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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causing instability in the region. >> reporter: north korea yesterday shut down this border crossing to a joint industrial complex cutting peaceful economic ties with the south. meanwhile, korea analysts said new satellite images show the north has resumed construction on a plutonium reactor that had been shut down. still, the top u.s. commander in the region says he's confident the threat will subside. >> we need to turn it down a few notches. >> reporter: now more than 28,000 u.s. troops are stationed in south korea. this morning officials say they remain on high alert. diana and john. >> all right, devin, thank you. lots of people on edge because of that in washington for us. our other major story. a possible break in the murder of colorado's prison chief. police are on the lookout for two white supremacists in connection with that murder. they're 47-year-old james lohr and 31-year-old thomas guolee. this is a picture of him. >> considered armed and dangerous with violent tendency associated with the 211 crew, the same prison crew that evan
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ebel belonged to. they were infrequently in contact with him via the phone. another lawman has been gunned down. eugene crum was fatally shot in the spot where he usually parked his car for lunch. the suspect is in the hospital. a deputy chased him. his motive unknown but sheriff crum was known for his tough stance on drug dealers. connecticut's governor looks forward to signing the new law. some parts will take effect immediately after the governor's signature including background checks for all firearms sales and during an appearance in denver, president obama said new gun laws in that state show there doesn't have to be a constitutional conflict. all right, the last 24 hours for the carnival cruise ship "triumph" have plenty of people asking if it's cursed. hurricane-force winds yesterday blew the "triumph" away from its dock where it was being repaired following that disastrous cruise back in february. abc's matt gutman has details.
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>> reporter: for the second time in as many months, all aboard the carnival "triumph" were left adrift. this time a storm walloped the ship with 70-mile-per-hour winds. 800 crew and contractors were on the colossus as it was bouncing off of the ships and boats in mobile bay, undergoing months of repair. >> due to the high winds, the carnival "triumph" broke its moorings, drifted over across the mobile ship channel, had a collision with the army corps of engineer boat and deck barge. during the collision it took a few scrapes and scratches. >> two of them broke real fast. the rest of them it was snap, snap, one after another. kind of slow. it was ki-- once the last one broke, it looked like somebody was driving the boat. >> reporter: an eyewitness described the slow-motion chaos as the ship drifted helplessly in the bay.
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>> the wind just came out of nowhere, i seen a couple of portalettes go flying by. and someone said, "oh, my god, look at the carnival." we turned and look, and you can see the carnival come in side ways and a tugboat trying to keep it in the center of the river it just backed it come fleetly into the bank pinned the tugboat against the bank. >> reporter: the result, this giant gash in the back of the ship, some other dents. at least four tugboats had to lasso the 900-foot "triumph" and slowly ease it back into the deck. >> i keep hearing voodoo, it's cursed. so i don't know. i hope not but that's what i've been hearing. >> reporter: one thing that did go right in the end for carnival was bringing the colossus of a ship into the channel in the darkness. and tied to the dock in mobile. after seven weeks it went adrift yet again. matt guttman, abc news, miami. >> a somber anniversary to note. 45 years ago today that martin luther king jr. was assassinated. killed on the balcony of a motel
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in memphis, tennessee. king was there to support a strike by the city's black sanitation workers. six of them are still on the job and they will participate in a remembrance ceremony today. one more note from washington. a sign of solidarity from the president to furloughed federal workers. president obama says he will give back 5% of his salary. mr. obama makes $400,000 a year so he'll be returning about $20,000 to the treasury department. the white house says obama will personally write a check to the treasury. all right, time to check the weather across the nation. savannah, jacksonville and tallahassee can expect a wet day. pleasant in the southwest. a new storm system brings heavy rain to seattle and san francisco. >> temperatures in the northeast in the 50s. average for this time of year but still colder than usual in the upper midwest with fargo in the mid-30s. chilly in dallas as well as the high near 55. coming up, exciting news for techies as apple ready to revolutionize your living room. a big announcement for facebook ready to unveil its latest project. but this one you won't see on
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your own facebook page. the injured college basketball star with an uplifting message and the incredible thing he said while being rushed into surgery. we'll be right back.
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the growth we've been seeing in the job market appears to be slowing down this morning. in march, only 158,000 jobs were added. compare that to february where there were 237,000 new jobs added. that's according to adp, a payroll processing firm. economists blame a decrease in construction jobs for those shrinking numbers. but the boom in the housing market rages on. home prices jumped in february by the largest amount in seven years of more than 10% compared
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to the same time last year. 47 out of 50 states saw a jump in prices. all right, some new trouble for walmart. the company is apparently having a tough time keeping the aisle stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. this comes just as walmart partners with first lady michelle obama in a campaign to make healthy food more affordable. the concerns are being addressed with new inventory systems and employee training. the lululemon executive responsible for those revealing workout pants is out of a job. sheree waterson, the chief product officer, will leave following the overly sheer stretchy pants incident last month. lululemon warns that pulling these pants off the shelves would cost the company about $40 million. big announcement expected today from facebook and facebook phone. ceo mark zuckerberg says it will be a moderately priced phone made by htc and powered by google's android operating system, however, sales of the phone will be focused outside of
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the u.s. and apple may be close to selling its own tv. no official release date yet from ceo tim cook, but already it's being dubbed the itv. it is expected to feature a 60-inch screen. it will come with a ring that you wear. you put it on your finger. it turns into a remote. its starting price, a cool 1500 bucks. >> i'd give it a try. >> would you feel like wearing a ring? what do you think? it's kind of interesting. >> i don't know. i feel like one of these days our brains will be our remote control. >> yeah, you're right. you're right. that is going to happen. i can't wait. coming up next on this thursday, two young hikers lost in the woods for days. a major development overnight. and a reason to smile for a former top college recruit sentenced to prison for a crime he didn't commit.
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being filled. and now for a look at the morning road conditions. heavy rain on i-10 around new orleans. wet on i-5 from seattle to san francisco. pleasant driving along the roadways in the southwest. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in san francisco, miami and charlotte. and now to a developing story overnight in southern california. one of two teenagers missing for three days in the cleveland national forest has been found alive. >> another hiker not involved in the search found 19-year-old nicholas cendoya last night. he was said to be severely dehydrated and struggling to answer questions about his hiking companion kyndall jack, who remains missing. now, the pair had not been heard from since their cell phone died on sunday night. in medical news now, as if losing your hair isn't bad enough, a new study now finds that bald men are more likely to have heart troubles. men who lost their hair earlier in life have an especially high risk, and the likelihood of developing heart disease was greater in those who lost more hair. but one doctor downplayed all
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these findings and say that men should pay more attention to their waistlines than their hair lines. and now that rutgers university has fired its basketball coach, some faculty members want the school's president to resign, as well. they say he didn't do enough to stop mike rice's abusive practices and rice's use of gay slurs around his players all of it captured on video which was then obtained by espn. for his part, rice is apologizing saying there's no excuse for his behavior. >> i've let so many people down, my players, my administration, rutgers university, the fans, my family who's sitting in their house just huddled around because of the fact that their father is an -- was an embarrassment to them. >> new jersey governor chris christie says he supports rice's firing, and the school's athletic director now admits rice should have been let go late last year when the video of him at practice first came to light. >> all right.
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now to an uplifting side of college basketball, louisville's kevin ware is now with his teammates in atlanta ahead of saturday's final four. now, of course, he is on crutches following that compound fracture of his leg sunday, but he tells "gma" anchor josh elliott he is determined to play next season, and in their interview, josh also asked about that moment that changed his life. >> reporter: i understand you haven't seen it, and you never will? >> i never will. i kind of feel like if i see the video, it will just hold me back mentally from where i need to be trying to recover from this, and the last thing i want is that if i'm trying to be on the basketball court again. >> reporter: what are you thinking as they're wheeling you to the ambulance and taking you to the hospital? >> i am in the ambulance car, asking like does anyone know the score? >> wow, more of that interview coming up on "gma." on the flight from louisville to miami, doctors told ware he had to keep his leg elevated so he can prop it up and keep it on a second seat. time for a check on last night's sports highlights. we get those from espn. and a good thursday morning
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to everyone. i am matt barrie with your "sportscenter" update. who doesn't love a good streak in sports? it seems like we've had a ton of them over march and now april. the knicks, the latest, trying to go for ten in a row. carmelo anthony just playing some good basketball. 13 points in the first quarter against the hawks. knicks up early, second quarter now, and if you like efficient basketball, well, carmelo has got you covered, 15 of 22 from the field. closing seconds of the third, this is when this thing got out of hand. first j.r. smith, 19 points off the bench. ties it at 68. that's as close as it got. fourth quarter, jason kidd, the high handoff to carmelo. seven assists for kidd. that's the nicest one. knicks go on to win ten straight. 40 points for carmelo. 95-82 the final. new york basketball. how about new york baseball. hiroki kuroda on the mound for the yankees trying to avoid losing their first two games at home since 1982. shane victorino puts one off kuroda's hands. take another look. kuroda would tough it out.
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he would stay in the game. but really a sign that things got worse for kuroda was here when he hits daniel nava. that would be it for kuroda. he leaves the game with the red sox up 2-0. now, jacoby ellsbury had three hits in the opener. had a two-run single up the middle here. boston takes a 6-0 lead at that point. the red sox go on to win, 7-4. so the yankees start 0-2. hopefully you have a better day than the yankees have to the start of their season. i'm matt barrie with your "sportscenter" update. well, here's a simply great story we want to tell you about. a former youth football star who spent five years in prison for a rape he did not commit has been signed by an nfl team. brian banks is now 27 years old. >> yeah, he was a high school standout. he was all set to go to usc then he was wrongly convicted of rape. banks was cleared last may. yesterday he signed with the atlanta falcons. he will take part in off-season workouts. did you see that jump? and he'll have a shot at making
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that team during training camp. good luck to him. >> yes. wonderful story. >> wow. up next, we have a shake-up in late night tv, jimmy fallon getting a major promotion, which he and jay leno had plenty to say about last night. >> and the pound pup with an interesting skill. you're going to hear all about it coming up next. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring.
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>> she would definitely make a very good nurse. i'm rosita ortiz, and that's my abc "world news" story. ♪ well, it's the shake-up that's been in the works for weeks, and it's the top of "the pulse" this morning. >> yeah, we are talking about the next chapter for the famed "tonight show." jimmy fallon getting the reins of the show early next year. it's a move supported by current host jay leno. at least that's what they're saying. all the late night guys weighed in on the changes overnight. >> you guys probably heard the news i'm going to be taking over for "the tonight show" next february. [ cheers and applause ] but don't worry. until february our focus is right here on whatever this show is called. >> i got a call from my mom today. she says, well, david, i see you didn't get "the tonight show" again. >> yeah. >> jimmy hasn't even taken over yet, and the rumors are already starting like nbc says in five years they plan to replace jimmy with justin bieber. they're moving too quickly. >> leno clearly taking his
4:21 am
retirement in stride. the change means the show moves east for the new york-based fallon. it also gets a new executive producer, "snl's" lorne michaels. all right, this story hitting home with me a little bit since i spent some of my teenage years flipping burgers. apparently mcdonald's in massachusetts says only college graduates need apply to work there as cashiers. >> not only that, they need to have one to two years' experience as a cashier. >> man. >> experts say this is just an extreme example of the competitive job market for young people where the unemployment rate hovers around 11%. that's awful. >> apparently you have to have a masters degree if you want to work the fry station. i'm making that part up. >> i'm out. >> all right. texas now where a small dog was named domino, and he was recently adopted. >> that's right. he's being called domino the talking dog for obvious reasons. go ahead and take a listen. and see what you think. [ dog making noises ] >> so there you go. somewhere in there he's saying "i love you."
4:22 am
>> is that what he was saying? >> that's what he's saying. i guess you can hear it if you listen closely enough. [ dog making noises ] >> oh, my gosh. well, he was at the shelter for three weeks, and now he has a new home. it's kind of hard to walk away from a dog that's saying "i love you." >> he's a superstar now. everyone wants a piece of domino. >> he's so cute. >> he is. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, sex definitely sells, but even for things like salad dressing? we're going to take you behind the scenes of some of these commercials and tell you all about them coming right up. smoke?
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>> wog wog >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good thursday morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo on this rainy thursday morning. >> the rain is just as mike promised. tell us more, sir. >> first, we will look what is
4:26 am
going on. we are having some wet weather out there. you request see the wet weather started two or three hours ago. it put ponding on the roadways at the embarcardero. here is a broader look. you can see everyone dealing with lights and a few spots of moderate rain and one spot is just to say, south of novato, between novato and san rafael where 101 and 37 come together. we have a hot spot near the airport south san francisco and san bruno and near piedmont so we have light-to-moderate rain and the heaviest rain moved through but the band on the left side of the screen, that is moving toward the north bay. expect it to be wet for the next three to four hours. we will have a chance of scattered showers this afternoon. the heaviest rain is falling right now. the traffic is from leyla gulen. >> a rainy thursday or friday
4:27 am
eve. this is the drive along the san mateo bridge. we have a report of an accident westbound hitting the decline, a solo vehicle spinout. we have a lane blocked but no delays right now. reduce the speed on a day like this. day in the center lane because the outer lanes pool. we have areas of flooding. the golden gate bridge is very wet. it could be slippery. we have green and blue. the blue areas are the heaviest rain but we have flooding along southbound 101. watch out for a foot of standing water in those lanes. katie marzullo and eric? >> thank you. at 4:30 we have abc7 news reporter kira klapper live in san rafael. what do you see out there? >> katie, as you stated, it is
4:28 am
raining. it is wet. it is a steady flow. it is not heavy right now. it is coming down off of 101. it is dark outside. we are seeing very slick conditions. our crews have seen a good amount of rain from the castro valley to the city and the peninsula from the city and now in marin, there is a lost standing water on 101. there is the possibility for cars to hydroplane. give yourself extra time before heading out. you will need to slow down with the slick conditions. >> mike nicco put it, this should be lasting another three or four hours. be careful out there on the morning commute. we want our viewers to be safe. with the latest from san rafael for abc7 news. >> happening right now president obama had a fundraising trip and
4:29 am
will now go to atherton for fundraisers. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the international continental hotel in san francisco. >> it will be a a busy wet day of fundraising in atherton. right now we will show you 4th and howard in san francisco. a couple of blocks away from the intercontinental hotel. the area is blocked off completely around the hotel. lots of police, lots of barricades and lots of secret service. the president arrived on air force one at san francisco international 6:00 last night. minutes later he was taken away to several political fundraisers . 75 guests paid $35,000 for a chance to get the president's here. blocks away there are


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