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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 5, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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but let's get right to those ominous moves in north korea. martha raddatz is in seoul, south korea, where she is tracking the latest for us. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it is not just threatening words from north korea this morning, but u.s. officials believe they are about to test not one, but two missiles. apparently kim jong-un feels it will help his bargaining position over nuclear weapons. satellites have been tracking the mobile launchers' fuel and missile components on their way to north korea's eastern shore. the missile components for the musudan midrange missiles placed on a train traversing the countryside but the search continues for the actual site where the launcher and missiles have ended up. the north koreans have never tested this missile before. it is not capable of reaching the u.s. mainland, but with a target range of around 2,000 miles, it poses a clear threat to our allies in the region and u.s. bases in okinawa and
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possibly guam. given the placement on the eastern shore the trajectory of these missiles would likely pass over japan where missile defenses are in place. >> they want everyone to become so rattled and scared that the world appeases and accepts north korea with a new status quo, with north korea as a nuclear weapons state, sanctions are lifted and we begin a kind of normal relationship with a new beginning. but that's not happening. >> reporter: in fact, a launch would only make things worse and the risk of mistakes causing serious damage either on purpose or because of the technical failure could mean a robust response from the u.s. and its allies. u.s. officials believe the launch could take place any time and with little warning because it is very difficult to track mobile missiles. josh and robin. >> all right there, martha, thank you.
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>> volatile saber-rattling continues. and we're going to turn now to the death of roger ebert yesterday at the age of 70. he was among the country's most influential film critics and gave us that trademark thumbs up of his until the very end. among his last words written just days ago, very fitting, "i'll see you at the movies." abc's chris connelly remembers the singular roger ebert. >> reporter: tributes to film critic roger ebert keep coming. on social media and at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. his widow chaz called their time together "more epic and beautiful than a movie." "roger loved movies. they were his life," said steven spielberg. "i miss my dear friend" tweeted spike lee. >> "full metal jacket" is too little and too late. >> reporter: he wielded his trademark thumb up and down in judgment while reviewing new releases from 1975 to 1999 alongside gene siskel. >> what about the movies, what
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about the dialogue, what about the characters? >> reporter: after siskel's death with richard roeper. >> felt like you were beginning a conversation with him about the movies. he knew film inside out but never condescended to the audience. >> reporter: ebert deepened viewers' appreciation of the movies and telling them having an opinion was okay. >> i would have loved to be present at the story where they convinced themselves getting away with murders was a filmable concept. how did anyone decide this movie should be made? >> reporter: in 1975 ebert became the first film critic to win the pulitzer prize. he even wrote the screenplay to the 1970 movie "beyond the valley of the dolls." >> this is my happening and it freaks me out. >> reporter: a battle with cancer that began in 2002 would transform his appearance. it took away his voice. >> that's just like i was in life, you could never shut me up. >> reporter: which was replaced by a computerized one. >> but at least it sounds like me when i type in anything, it will read in my voice. >> it's incredible.
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>> reporter: his life's influential work made the movies and the audience better and for that, millions of thumbs way, way up. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> ah, and the most fitting tribute from our audience joining us today outside in times square, and as chris said, he loved the movies and that was a hallmark of his. >> we're thinking of his wife, chaz, and his family. okay, josh. we'll turn now to the white house and president obama raising eyebrows on two fronts with some surprising comments about california's attorney general. but we are also learning about some dramatic moves he is about to make with his annual budget. abc's jonathan karl is at the white house, and jon, this is about cuts to social security and medicare, considered a risky move. >> reporter: that's right, robin. this is something we've never seen from a democratic president in the budget that will come out
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next week, i am told the president will include cuts to medicare for wealthy retirees and reducing the annual cost of living increases for social security. these are the two most cherished programs for democrats, of course, the budget also says that he would only do this if republicans agree to some $500 billion in tax increases and as you know, robin, they're not ready to do that. >> yes, that's true. also, raising eyebrows overnight the president out in california at a fund-raiser speaking about the attorney general for california. can you enlighten us on what the president said, jon? >> reporter: this is about kamala harris, one of the fastest rising democratic stars in the country. she's even mentioned, robin, as a possible future presidential candidate, but at a fund-raiser last night, a closed fund-raiser, the president said of harris "she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough. she also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country." now, some of the president's own allies have taken offense to that. i talked to a senior white house official this morning who would
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say only that harris and the president have been friends for a long time and that he went out of his way last night and on many other occasions to talk about her many qualifications not just the way she looks. >> okay there, jon, have a great weekend. we appreciate it. george will have all the latest on the budget sunday on "this week." >> josh. we're going to turn to the tense situation in texas with new alleged threats against law enforcement officials even as slain district attorney mike mclelland and his wife are being laid to rest this morning. much concern at this hour that there could be more attacks coming. abc's john schriffen has the latest in kaufman, texas. john? >> reporter: good morning. right now, authorities are laying down a texas-size crackdown after numerous threats to local public figures. this morning, two men are behind bars, each held on bail of $1 million after allegedly making threats to kaufman county justice officials. authorities say robert allan miller intimidated a prosecutor
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who is due to try him on a criminal charge. while nick morale is accused of leaving a threatening message towards a public official on a local tip line. this coming just days after county district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia were found shot to death inside their home. thursday afternoon, authorities evacuated the church of the mclelland family memorial after receiving a bomb threat from an unidentified male on a disposable cell phone. already on hand for extra security, snipers lining the church roof with bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the parking lot. >> i will stand up any day shoulder to shoulder with my parents and say that they're not going to win. >> reporter: more than 1,000 mourners, including governor rick perry gathered at the first baptist church to pay their respects to the mclellands. perry pledging an additional $100,000 reward for any information regarding the mclellands' death as well as the gruesome january slaying of assistant district attorney mark hasse. >> it is our hope and our
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expectation that these rewards will help convince those who may be holding important information to come forward. >> reporter: meanwhile, the interim district attorney speaking for the first time on thursday refusing to back down. >> we're unnerved a little bit but we're going to stick to our oath and we're showing up to work every single day to fulfill that oath, serve this community. >> reporter: and authorities say at this point they don't have any evidence to connect the two men in custody with the mclelland and hasse murders. but they are setting their bail unusually high to send a message, they are not taking these threats lightly. josh? >> thank you, john. our thoughts are certainly with the mclelland family this morning. we're going to turn now to "gma weekend" co-anchor bianna golodryga with other top developing stories this morning. good morning everyone at home. we begin with breaking news about the economy. new evidence this morning that it's becoming a lot harder to
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find a job. abc's linzie janis is here. >> reporter: the jobs number is in and it's not good. companies added 190,000 new jobs in march. the unem mroichlt rate edge to 7.6%. why the slowdown. those $85 billion in government spending cuts took effect back on march 1st, lot of companies were told, waiting to see how much of an impact that's going to have on the economy in the weeks ahead. we know that uncertainty is never good for the economy. meantime, two more big banks have fallen victim to an apparent cyberattack. this time wells fargo and bb&t. according to one tally american bank websites have been offline for 249 hours in the last 6 weeks. they blame hackers from iran.
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james holmes' psychiatrist around with the university that one week before the shooting that he was a danger of the community. the cdc is rushing to create a vaccine against a deadly new strain of bird flu. one agency scientist admits being fairy worried. the flu killed six in china and jumped from wild birds to poumt poultry markets. we'll move on to the latest on the dramatic rescue and the 3 $1/2 million the driver is being held on million-dollar bail. a violent scene at the airport in honolulu. a woman refusing to cooperate started assaulting a tsa agent then watch as an off-duty police officer runs in, tackling the woman slamming her to the ground and handcuffing her.
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now, it's unclear why she became so violent but after all those heroics the off-duty officer from california still made his flight home. good for him. >> wow. wow. >> hero, indeed. i don't know what upset her. why? >> very good point. >> exactly. we'll move on to the latest on the dramatic rescue and the end of a frantic search for two teenage hikers who went missing in a california forest last weekend. the second hiker, kyndall jack was found barely alive thursday and helicoptered out of a steep ravine. both hikers are now safe and abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: 18-year-old kyndall jack seen here clinging for life on this rock moments before rescue workers rappelled from a helicopter carrying her to safety. >> she's alive and she's conscious and she's being transported to the hospital. >> reporter: for five days the search for two missing costa mesa teenage hikers intensifying from land to air.
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but there were few clues. >> they don't have any water. i'm sure they don't have heavy jackets or anything. >> reporter: police say 19-year-old nicholas cendoya and his friend, kyndall jack, went for a hike on sunday in this southern california canyon. but got lost, ran out of water and their cell phone died. a desperate race against the clock until wednesday night. a huge break. a hiker discovering cendoya in this dense brush dehydrated and confused but alive. >> the way we found nick was not because we saw him, not because he saw us, because where we were and one in a million chance echoed the right way. >> reporter: disoriented, cendoya unable to give police a precise location for his hiking partner. time running out, then thursday morning, the break officials had been hoping for. a cry for help from the distance. >> screaming, yelling across the canyon, can you see me, she
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said, yes, i see you and i could not see her yet because she was on top of a rock behind a bush. >> reporter: jack was only a half mile from where they left the car, barefoot and clinging to a cliffside ledge no bigger than a yoga mat. >> was going in and out of consciousness. >> reporter: this morning, kyndall is recovering in the hospital finally reunited with her parents and not a moment too soon, robin. police are telling us these two teens are truly lucky to be alive. robin. >> i bet they are. abbie, thank you so much. i can't help but remember the dad saying not going to give up. thanks. now, we turn to prince william and duchess kate out with prince charles this morning and kate has been spilling new details about how the couple is getting ready for the royal baby. abc's lama hasan joins us with the latest from buckingham palace this morning. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. well, we've got the inside scoop for you this morning. we spoke with the royal reporter who was right there and she heard kate reveal all of those baby secrets, when the baby is
7:14 am
due, and you'll never guess what kate's been up to trying to stay busy before the baby arrives. this morning, for the first time since the pregnancy was announced, the royal trio stepping out together, prince charles showing william and kate a project dear to his heart, a new outdoor sports facility for children in scotland. the royal couple have been working the crowd on their two-day trip visiting a homeless shelter and a sports venue. in between shooting hoops, this momma-to-be is one sporty royal, fiercely competitive. and while kate was a hit with the well-wishers -- >> oh, no. >> reporter: william, not so much. the brush-off leaving the second in line to the throne a little more cautious. >> i got turned away after kissing one child so that was it. >> reporter: kate keeping that growing baby bump under wraps beneath that tartan coat. she wasn't able to stay mum about the baby.
7:15 am
>> we found out loads about the royal baby, absolutely loads. kate is having her baby in mid-july, previously we just knew it was sometime in july. >> reporter: and if the duchess of cambridge who is now six months pregnant needs baby advice she can always turn to the queen. watch this just-released home video of the young monarch playing around with a nappy-wearing prince charles. as he's buttoned up in his coat she surprises him by playing peekaboo. times have changed especially when it comes to baby names. >> we also found out that they have a short list of baby names for a boy and a girl and that their friends keep texting them suggestions of names. >> reporter: kate will be putting her feet up a month before the due date. >> what is she going to be doing it seems is knitting. >> reporter: but kate also admitted that she's not really very good at knitting. but you know what, don't worry, kate, you have plenty of time to practice.
7:16 am
as for that little girl who rejected prince william's kiss. she promises to make it up to him when i get big. gang, back to you. >> i love it. thank you so much, lama. >> i like that. >> hi, sam. >> happy friday. >> happy friday to everybody. we're going to start with a little bit of stormy action that happened in florida yesterday. all over the state of florida. these were rough storms. taking down trees from west palm beach to okeechobee. and, by the way, with 70-mile-an-hour winds, a lot of hail and several tornado warnings, these storms get out of the way by afternoon. the state of florida is in good shape, so is the southeast. this little area of high pressure will do more than clear it out it brings warm air to the entire east coast. next couple of days, washington, d.c., 67 by sunday, 73 on monday. the west coast, though, gets the cooldown. we'll talk more about this cool pocket of air for the west when we come back in the next half hour.
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>> as we celebrate warmth moving east we do have to remember in the dakotas, minnesota, there's a little bit of snow still in the forecast. >> keep that in mind. sam, thank you. coming up, a stunning reversal by the star witness in a high-profile trial. why she's saying now she's recanting some of her testimony. fascinating. and caught on camera, the so-called lipstick bounty hunter. why his lawyer is suing them now. turning the whole world on their smiles. very special interview to share with you, the cast of "the mary tyler moore show" back together for an exclusive interview coming up. p. for an exclusive interview coming up. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain.
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>> abc7 news, police are looking if a hand who stole a yellow cab and led police on a chase overnight happening at 1:00 o'clock this remain on, when the driver took the cab to the peninsula and looped back to san francisco and jumped out of the moving scab near the san francisco state campus. he ran away from officers. cab hit a pole before stopping and a witness last saw the driver running through the school campus. now a check on the commute. leyla gulen is in the traffic center. >> good morning, everyone, at 7:25. along 4, headed out of antioch you are looking at 24 minutes and if you are moving from central valley, you are going to
7:23 am
be seeing almost smooth sai
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>> good friday morning. you can see the clouds lifting in the city. we have sunshine in the south bay, still fog at the coast and 57 in oakland right now and we are looking at lie temperatures to climb through the 60's with sunny breaks. spotty showers throughout the morning and 66 in oakland, upper
7:26 am
60's in san jose, and the risk of showers is slight but we have it both days over the weekend
7:27 am
a friend of mine once said mary is who you wish you are. rhoda is probably who you are and phyllis is who you're afraid you'll become. >> my goodness. such a great reunion, the "mary
7:28 am
tyler moore" cast sitting down with katie couric for that funny, emotional interview, really looking forward -- that iconic moment throwing the hat up. good morning, america. >> so great. >> love that. >> sam, yours is the cowboy hat. >> i was a construction worker today, lara. >> shoot. >> always get ymca there. >> always room for that, robin. >> always room for jell-o. hey, happy friday to everyone. great to have josh by my side and bianna golodryga, all the fun too. >> we have a remarkable story to bring you. a story of survival. this man trapped for 20 hours under his snowmobile. his head caught. how he clung to life for so long in freezing conditions and, frankly, lived to tell about it all. >> a remarkable story. then also a female bounty
7:29 am
hunting group being accused now of rough behavior and it's all caught on tape. did they go too far trying to catch their man? >> i learned something new every day on the show but this scares me. does your hair look 0e8der to you? well, believe it or not we've got some seeks on how to turn back the clock on your hair, the experts have anti-aging products for your hair. >> what will they think of next? okay, sam. the dramatic twist in a murder trial that sent a georgia man to prison for life. waseem baker was convicted in the 1995 murder of a woman and brutally stabbing her 5-year-old son. now, a key prosecution witness is recanting much of her testimony. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta with the latest on her stunning reversal. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. convicted murderer and stalker waseem taker has always maintained his innocence. he has always said his main accuser was lying and this
7:30 am
morning it appears he may have been right. >> i wanted it to stop. i wanted my life back. >> reporter: the star witness who helped send waseem taker to prison for life. >> if i would have known it would have led to this i would have clearly done things differently but i can't. i can't take it back. >> reporter: she was telling the court how she feared for her life. how he kept stalking her in the early '90s before stabbing her roommate as an act of revenge when she finally called police. flight attendant carmen smith was killed and her 5-year-old son was severely wounded. >> we find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: this morning she has stumped everyone filing court papers defending taker saying much of what she said wasn't true and that he never threatened to kill or physically harm me. >> some people have a conscience and perhaps that's what happened. >> reporter: she was powerful on the witness stand facing down taker acting ace his own attorney. >> you stalked me and harassed
7:31 am
me and i have to answer your questions. that's hard for me. >> reporter: when she sat down last fall with "20/20" she cried as she explained how daker stalked her for years. >> he would show up at the store, everywhere. >> reporter: now she's admitting she willingly spent time with him and was under the influence of painkillers, muscle relaxants and other substances when she made those allegations. she's also tearing apart the dna evidence that connected him to the murders saying that the blanket police found at the crime scene with his hairs on it was one she had given her roommate before the murder, one daker slept on when he spent nights over. daker said he's innocent all along saying he wasn't the masked man who attacked smith and her son. >> do you remember telling them back in 1995 that the killer's eyes were blue. >> no, i was in the hospital and had gotten stabbed repeatedly by you. >> reporter: this morning daker is in a prison and is saying i
7:32 am
told you. he's already demanded a new trial. lawyers tell us that blatz wrote daker in jail telling him she was going to come clean. in a statement overnight they say blatz has become unstable since trial. >> for more we bring in dan abrams. this is quite bizarre. >> i almost have never seen anything quite like this. she was a crucial witness in the case. she was the linchpin of the prosecution's case and yet i don't think this is going to make a difference. >> you don't think there will be another trial. >> no, here's why. because first of all legally, courts look skeptically on recanted testimony. number two, even when they're looking at it, the most important question is do they believe that it's genuine and i think it's very hard to believe this is genuine. when you actually read through what she is saying, it does appear at least to me to be more ranting than recanting. she accuses the judge of misconduct. she accuses the jurors of
7:33 am
misconduct. she accuses the prosecutor of misconduct and accuses herself of misconduct in essence saying that all of them made mistakes and if you actually look at what she's saying it does appear to be a bit unhinged. at one point these a saying, well, my daughter came to court with a friend of hers and her friend's fiance now ex-ex-fianc mother was friends with the juror and the juror said -- this is not the sort of stuff or recan. tation in a classic case where we say, aha, they got it wrong. >> in essence admitting to perjury. could she face charges. >> thee rhett likely but i think the prosecutors will view her as becoming unstable and as a result i think that they're going to just hope this goes away. >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you, dan. we'll turn to an incredible story of survival out of maine. a 64-year-old man however miraculously holding on for some
7:34 am
20 hours trapped beneath his own overturned snowmobile. the temperatures there plunged into the single digits as he was stranded overnight in a very remote area near the canadian border. abc's rob nelson has his story. >> reporter: paul is resting comfortably this morning, a far cry though from just days ago when he spent 20 hours in what could have been a snowy grave. >> this is my time that i feel god will take me but if it ain't my time don't take me. >> reporter: the enthuse yaft was riding alone in northern maine tuesday when he hit a patch of melted snow and ice around a spring. the machine flipped leaving lessard trapped under its weight with hypothermia setting in. >> he was partially in the water, partially in the snow. he was very lucky to be alive. >> reporter: when lessard didn't show up at a friend's home that night authorities and volunteers fanned out canvassing a thousand square miles to no avail.
7:35 am
>> when we heard paul was missing we naturally thought the worst. >> reporter: tyler corriveau owns a snowmobile shop where lessard is a regular. they immediately headed for a stretch of unused logging roads they knew lessard was planning to venture to. >> we came across a track and saw what looked like another track on top of the old track. >> i heard the plane flying over because i couldn't look up at the sky, and then an hour later i heard a snowmobile coming and it was my friend. >> reporter: where those tracks ended tyler found his friend all but hidden by his sled. >> we saw his arm move underneath. we realized he was trapped underneath. >> reporter: using a small smofl the father and son were able to free his head from under the snowmobile. miraculously suffering only from a shoulder injury and
7:36 am
hypothermia. rob nelson, abc, new york. >> just remarkable when you hear it but alive and well. thankfully for all of us. now, sam, apparently it's looking grim for the west coast. >> there is a little bit -- more for the northwest. yesterday's rain was focused san francisco north. at some points an inch an hour. the bay area got a half inch. these next few storms off the shoreline and a couple of them will be more targeted from crescent city northward, 2 to 3 inches. eugene on the edge, seattle, right in the middle of it. as it moves over the mountains it becomes less rain. midland, 79 degrees. hello, dallas, 72 for your high temperature on a friday. houston, 71. the warm air has been pooled here but now starts to slide east and that's perfect. okay, maybe it's two weeks late but everybody starts to get into some nice temperatures by the time we get into next week. here's where it's not happening, north dakota, minneapolis, also into michigan, we still have
7:37 am
>> all that weather brought to you by pacific life. even the little sprinkles out in times square will get out very soon. >> we got a standing room only here. >> you got a big crowd here. >> yeah. >> wave, wave. please, wave. >> we're talking about you. >> they love coming in but that means they don't get much camera time. coming up, caught on tape they're the female bounty hunter group under fire for rough behavior. we can't wait to bring -- we see a little bit of it, the hilarious and emotional reunion of the cast of the "the mary tyler moore show." ♪ who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it -- well, planning, of course.
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back now at 7:43 with the women would call themselves the lipstick bounty hunters slapped now with a multimillion dollar lawsuit by a man who says they went too far trying to bring him in. he says he has the video to prove it. >> stand up. >> what? >> broad daylight. just watch this. >> okay. pause for a second. that guy is up on firearounds and drug charges and these two ladies are bounty hunters.
7:42 am
>> ow. >> reporter: he's tasered but still running. daniel's bail was revogued. that's why the lipstick bounty hunters are on his tail and right there he claims he was hit in the eye with a rubber bullet. he says he's partially blinded and plans to sue for millions. >> my client has been attacked and blinded by these women. >> when somebody doesn't let me grab the wrist and put the cuff on and put it behind his back, that's resisting. >> i think this is a witch hunt because we were women and that really, really bugs him. >> reporter: their shotgun, b l bullhorn and handcuffs all pink. they're ex-cops and identical twins lisa and teresa and sidekick, one-time corrections officer ronnie faccioni. they post all their arrests on y youtube. unconventional for sure. now duval's lawyer claims they just want a reality show. if you were offered a reality show you would take it.
7:43 am
>> no. >> reporter: they say they film everything to combat false accusations. >> these women are far from legitimate. far from competent. they were just simply women wearing pink with video cameras in hand trying to promote themselves. >> reporter: they posted this video on youtube and now daniel duvall's lawyer says it's the best evidence against them. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. another classic nick watt. thank you so much. >> no words. >> yep. all right, coming up, everybody, the reunion we've been talking about all mother, the cast of "the mary tyler moore show." we cannot wait to share this with you. we have a couple of final fours this weekend to settle but first we'll be settling ours. >> there can only be one winner and look at the most coveted trophy in the animal kingdom. >> come on back.
7:44 am
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♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪ ♪ and our la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la. right then, here's the "play of the day." >> of all the fake trophies,
7:48 am
this one is the very best and most coveted. our final four here "play of the day," the best animal videos to bring you and, of course, the bracket to end them all, the overall one seed our buddy the walrus doing those sit-ups. can we see them? give me one! >> oh. >> give me two! or could it be the panda. >> ah. >> just being a panda. let's be honest. would it be the dunking sea otter? >> oh! >> points scored. >> or ronan the sea lion. >> hey. oh. >> at least we think. all right. the time has arrived. robin, the envelope please and the winner of the "play of the day" final four is -- >> panda cub playing with a ball. >> wow. panda cub. >> accepting on behalf of the panda, sam champion.
7:49 am
words to say? >> as pandas all over the world say, i'm a panda, just love me. >> they do say that, don't they? >> they do. that's what they say. >> a panda being a panda. unbeatable as it turns out. so much fun. >> will the real final four be this exciting? >> one can only hope. "mary tyler moore show." go nowhere. i don't like to golf. i love to golf. ♪ [ grunts ] yowza! that's why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts... we are golfing now, buddy! [ grunts ] ...all morning long. i got it! for the win! uno mas! getting closer! belvita breakfast biscuits --
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7:54 am
home opener at at&t park. the defending world series champions will face the st. louis cardinals with barry zito on the mound. they won two out of three against the dodgers in los angeles. >> we will see 60 and clouds thinning out for the giants game. right now we are in the mid-50's with fog in the north bay. maybe we have mist and drizzle but later on mid-60's in oakland. leyla gulen? >> the traffic is nasty in hayward with a motorcycle accident involving traffic up southbound will 880. two lanes are blacked up. and southbound side, 60 minutes down to the san
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning, america. it is super reunion friday. the cast of two of america's favorite shows ever back together this morning. ♪ who can take a nothing day >> we loved them as mary, rhoda and sue ann, and now the cast of "the mary tyler moore show" reunited in an exclusive interview.
7:58 am
[ playing the theme song to "general hospital" ] >> and are you ready for the biggest stars of "general hospital" all together again. luke, laura, frisco, sam, noah, many more, what they reveal about each other and what really goes on behind the scenes. >> all: good morning, america. ♪ come on. good morning, america. we are thrilled. two incredible reunions. deejay steve porter is here. spinning with us. >> he's the mash-up king. >> we have a mash-up. >> we do, a special one coming for all of you. look at everybody. what a crowd outside. wonderful crowd out there. of course, we'll be joining the legendary ladies from "the mary tyler moore show" reunited. first time we've seen them all together, of course, since valerie harper's shocking
7:59 am
diagnosis. katie couric sat down with them on the set of betty white's show "hot in cleveland." they all reunited to do an episode. wonderful moments here. >> you never get tired of hearing the theme song from "the mary tyler moore show." i got to tell you, yes, are we feeling good? we were out during the commercial break. such a wonderful audience that comes out here to spend time with us here in times square. and we enjoy it. we enjoy it thoroughly, and thank you for making time for us. back here -- what are you doing? >> i just -- she -- spirited. >> ah. sometimes we just don't want to know. george is taking a little time off today. great to have josh here. bianna golodryga, as well. >> hey, good morning, everyone. >> very fun morning. also coming up on the show, how you can turn the clock back on your hair. helping it look younger and better and thicker and shinier. the experts weighing in on the latest products that can help
8:00 am
you battle and fight aging locks. i think you want to battle the aging of your locks. these are anti-aging products. >> sam, we'll be carding your hair. >> my hair looks younger already. by the way, hey, since the "gh" thing is here today, "general hospital," we'll get to find out if the weather machine was ever really real. >> of course, it was. how can you even ask? >> also, by the way, it's friday freebie, freebie friday. fridays are free. >> freaky friday. >> freaky freebie friday. here on "gma." you can get this stuff today and wait, wait, wait. logon right now because this on the screen is actually going to be free. >> can't afford not to. and speaking of sweet little things, ponies wearing sweaters. >> yeah. take them off right now. ♪ >> it's all going to make sense in "pop news." >> well, does it really ever make sense? >> whatever. >> but it will be entertaining
8:01 am
hopefully. >> first, we turn to our weekend anchor bianna golodryga with top stories. bianna. good morning, josh. good morning, everyone at home. we begin with discouraging news about the economy. we've just learned only 88,000 jobs were created last month, the fewest in nine months and because so many people stopped looking for work, the unemployment rate actually dropped slightly to 7.6%. one reason for the slowdown in hiring, those government spending cuts that took effect last month. turning overseas u.s. officials now believe north korea has positioned a second missile on its eastern coast and say a launch could come at any time, the missiles have a 2,000-mile range which could threaten u.s. allies as far away as guam and okinawa and they're urging diplomats to leave the country. and here at home an arrest in connection with the killing of colorado's top prison official. accused white supremacist james lohr has been captured in colorado springs. authorities say he and thomas guolee who remains on the list
8:02 am
were in frequent contact with the many suspect in the murder of tom clements. officials are investigating whether a white supremacist gang planned that killing as well as the murders of two prosecutors in texas. and more fallout from the scandal at rutgers, university. an assistant basketball coach has now resigned after that video showed head coach mike rice assaulting players at practice. and there's new outrage after word that rice will still get his $100,000 bonus. but at least two players are speaking out in support of rice, saying that he's not a violent man. cuts to social security and medicare are expected to be included in president obama's budget plan due out next week, white house officials say that it's an effort to reach a deficit deal with republicans. well, angelina jolie is stepping up to help a young woman who's been an inspiration to the world. malala yousafzai was shot by the taliban because she fought for the right to go to school. now, following her remarkable recovery, she's starting a charity to help pay for girls' education in developing countries.
8:03 am
and last night, while announcing her first big grant, she got a very big endorsement. >> and here is what the gunmen and the taliban accomplished on that day. they shot her at point-blank range in the head and made her stronger. >> and jolie committed $200,000 to malala's charity. what a strong, resilient little girl. >> and she said it right, it just made her stronger. thanks, bianna. a little "pop news," lara? >> i would be honored. thank you so much. happy friday, everybody, and, you know, i know we told you about the changes coming to late night, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel getting head to head when fallon takes over for jay leno next spring. i'm sure it will get tough for the ratings but right now it's about late night love. kimmel sent fallon and his staff a huge congratulatory lunch from the second avenue deli. fallon so taken by the gesture that he posted a picture of the platters on instagram and wrote thank you, jimmy kimmel and
8:04 am
staff for the second avenue deli lunch, and also said what we already know, kimmel is a class act. >> that he is. >> i love the way this has started. i'm loving the love. everybody wins. nothing says romance like denny's breakfast. >> what? >> yeah. true. okay. >> okay. >> steven and nancy keller became the first couple to tie the knot at the new denny's in las vegas on wednesday. this is no ordinary denny's. the space features a wedding chapel, of course. it's got a full bar and breakfast burritos to boot. after saying "i do" the couple shares a pancake puppy wedding cake and now they're enjoying their moon over miami -- moon over my hammy. >> you had me until the puppy cake. >> i just have a question. >> yes. >> all right, so they're out late night in vegas. they go all night, all night, they end up in a denny's. they get married and then they have breakfast. >> and have moon over my hammy. >> i just wanted to be clear. >> and the pancakes.
8:05 am
>> what gets them all night and then wanted to go to breakfast, but, anyway, we wish them all the best, and it's a new big thing happening in vegas. and finally, everybody, tomorrow is national tartan day. it's also a part of scotland week, it's a time to celebrate all things plaid and all things scottish, and in honor of such, we brought two of our favorite "pop news" friends for their first-ever live appearance on tv. i'm going to go outside right now. let's go, sam. here we go, everybody. no. i'm still in "pop news." >> oh. why are there ponies in sweaters? >> why aren't there ponies in sweaters. everybody, let's talk to the shetland ponies in the sweaters, shall we, or perhaps we'll talk to doreen who made the sweaters for the ponies and, doreen, we talked about this last time, everybody wants to know how do you get a pony into a sweater? >> well, you've got to lie on the ground -- >> you lie on the ground, there's buttons underneath and we are very, very excited to have you and everybody with you,
8:06 am
and we want to say, happy national tartan day, happy scotland week. sam, where are you? it's now your time for the weather. >> wait. you really confused me there. i wasn't ready for the live like edition of pony "pop news." but thank you so much, lara spencer. good morning, everybody. say hi to america. where are you from? >> bedford, virginia. >> and what's your first name? >> rhonda. >> rhonda, welcome in. wait a minute. are we making a movie, taking a picture? what are we doing? just come here. just come here for just a second. tell everybody who you are and where you're from. >> my name is jenny from nyu transplant. >> all right. awesome. okay. thank you very much. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to share with you. we want to start with a picture out of new york city, wabc-tv showing us this picture this morning. the reason we thought we'd show it to you, we had some light sprinkles and clouds in the air. all that is going away, we're replacing it with a good amount of drier air which means sunshine. 60 degrees in new york today.
8:07 am
boston, you're 55. that warmer air will stay with us for the weekend. by the time you get to sunday into monday, midweek before you hit 70 but atlanta, you get to 70 on saturday. >> i can't even believe this. i can't get everybody in on tv. you've got to pan this crowd. it's huge out here. and there's more over there. we'll get to you at 8:30. let's go inside to lara. >> that's a great crowd. thank you so much, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu."
8:08 am
it's our super reunion friday. the amazing ladies from "the mary tyler moore show." emotional, funny, you'll see the interview coming up. plus, how to keep your hair looking young. and friday freebies this morning. so many goodies, every single one of them totally free. logon. stay tuned. it's all coming up live here on "good morning america." ♪ i'm free falling >> "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the most recommended, the most preferred, the most studied multivitamin brand, centrum. d, the most studied multivitamin brand, centrum. secrets. when i was a baby i screamed for six months straight, and that's why i sound like this to me ... funny is beautiful. in fact ... you are looking at one of my secrets right now. new revlon nearly naked™ makeup is refreshingly light so it melts into skin. covering flaws and evening your complexion. so the only one who knows you have makeup on ... is you. dare to be revlon.
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8:13 am
you were out there, sam. people everywhere? incredible. >> so exciting. >> so great. >> yeah, yeah. >> they're hot outside. we're hot in here. super reunion friday. the stars of "the mary tyler moore show," mary, betty white, valerie harper, cloris leechman and georgia -- all acting together on the small screen supporting their beloved friend valerie harper as she battles cancer yet again. abc's katie couric sat down with these legendary ladies on the set of betty's show "hot in cleveland." >> they could turn the world on with their smiles. >> you got spunk. >> reporter: their apartment battles. >> this is my apartment. >> reporter: their vibrating bed. >> reporter: long before carrie and the gang, there were those other girls. mary, rhoda, phyllis, sue ann and georgette. the female leads of "the mary tyler moore show."
8:14 am
yesterday the fierce five played by actresses mary tyler moore, valerie harper, cloris leechman, betty white and georgia engel were together again to film an episode of "hot in cleveland" and to reminisce. can i just say truly sincerely i am so thrilled and honored to be with all of you ladies. ♪ love aall around no need to waste it ♪ >> when i saw mary richards drive in that mustang to that tv station in minneapolis, i thought, wow, i can have a career too. and what is it like for you all working together after 40 years? >> yeah, it really is heaven and none of us has changed. >> well, we've done the best we can. >> gravity has taken over a little bit. >> when you think back on the show that really started all of this, why do you all think it
8:15 am
resonated so much? >> so reflected life, katie. it reflected women. >> and then, mary, that ever popular question, how come a girl like you isn't married? >> how come you're still single? >> in the '70s women, young women were living differently. >> out! out! >> you know, i think one of the things, the writing was fantastic. >> but if you don't put on your hats you can't have any dinner. >> but your characters were also just so fun and funny and interesting and imperfect. tell me why you think people were so attractive first of all to rhoda. >> because they recognized themselves. >> eat something. >> i can't. i got to lose ten pounds by 8:30. >> a friend of mine once said, mary is who you wish you were. rhoda is who you probably are and phyllis is who you're afraid you'll become. >> we try to be very truthful in our family.
8:16 am
you're not her aunt. >> what about sue ann nivens, what was it about her, betty. >> well, she was the neighborhood nymphomaniac. >> they don't make men like this anymore. >> they don't make dip like this anymore. >> georgia, what about georgette? >> she was the slowest one of the group but they had fun -- sometimes having the wisest thing coming out of georgette's mouth. >> surprise! >> it's not a surprise party, georgette. she expected it. >> oh. expected! >> you were kind of an idiot savant. weighing on the minds of these old friends, the recent disclosure that valerie harper has an inoperable brain tumor. >> we're progressing, i certainly see what's ahead. what could possibly be tomorrow. in fact, i'm hoping i get through friday. >> but i've got to tell you, my dear, my money is on you. her positiveness and her -- everything is on the up side and
8:17 am
that's 90% of it. >> where did you find valerie -- a lot of people honestly would get into bed and put the covers over their heads. >> don't go to the funeral until the day of the funeral. don't miss your life while you're feeling good and you can do things. you can have your time to cry. you can really, you know, in grief or say why me and rage. let it be there. go through it and then move on from it. >> reporter: the lasting leg sieve the ladies isn't lost on those who have followed in their footsteps including the cast members of "hot in cleveland." >> when i was young i kept thinking, god, it would be so much fun to grow up and be in a show where you got to play with your girlfriends which is what they did. so it's sort of like a dream come true. >> reporter: this may be the last time the five will be together but the mood of the reunion wasn't sad, it was a celebration of old friends and a shared path that made tv history. >> as we sit around on the set, running lines and it's just, you
8:18 am
know, makes me think what a lucky woman you are. how fabulous to be working with the people who are your very good friends. >> it's so true. >> that you become even more than family. you become -- because it's something that you can't explain to anybody. it's just there. >> and i look around at these girls and i just -- >> me too. >> my heart fills with love. >> look at you, sweetheart. >> happiness and love and celebration and what life really is. ♪ you might just make it after all ♪ >> an unforgettable reunion for sure. so much love and laughter among these ladies. we'll have much more on "nightline" and, of course, on "katie." now back to you in new york. >> thank you, katie, so much for that. we cannot wait. what do you say after seeing that? what do you say? >> chemistry.
8:19 am
>> the love, the love. >> i agree. >> a group hug. i love that. >> ended that way again. and they fall right back into it which is really the best. >> imagine how we -- you know, how we feel about them all being together. how they must have felt being all together like that. yeah. episodes of "hot in cleveland" can be seen daily on comfortableland and their hit sitcom returns with a live episode in june. "the mary tyler moore show" of "hot in cleveland" airs in september. again, it's on tvland. we'll be watching. >> yeah, absolutely. that was really, really fun. this is kind of interesting. we were talking about it this morning. next in "the heat index" what you need to know to keep your hair looking fresh, young and shiny. bianna, an article in "the wall street journal" getting to the root of the new breakthrough in hair products. get it. well, i checked them out. ♪ when it comes to cosmetic concerns, these days women from
8:20 am
18 to 80 have a lot more to worry about than just those mean wrinkles. >> pores are huge. >> my nails suck. >> reporter: but for some it's the look of their aging locks can make them want to curl up and die. >> women usually noticing of their hair in their late 30s and then it gets progressively less dense in each decade. >> reporter: fortunately there are some things women can do to help stop or reverse the appearance of aging so to get to the root of this issue we caught up with beauty expert greta monaghan at new york's angelo david salon. >> during your 30s and 40s i would recommend a thickening agent. something you would put on wet hair. this is going to give you a much thicker lusher feeling. >> reporter: for women of all ages monaghan recommends restorative oils like this one from l'oreal. a beauty bargain only costing about 7 bucks. they range in price. tell us what they do. >> drying or part of the drying process, i would spray it on and get that high shine back to my
8:21 am
hair but also ats a protective element. >> reporter: that covers the hair dos. but what about the hair don't ask, don't tells. one of the mostage daing things they do is what ivan is doing right now, putting it up in a turban. when it's wet it's at its weakest point. loosening up. >> putting the hair in a ponytail, clips, headbands, any time we are moving the air in the opposite direction we're risking stretching or snapping the hair. >> reporter: another tip, keep our cool. trying to avoid using straighteners and curling irons every day and don't be afraid to part ways. just switching up the way you part your hair can decrease stress on the follicles. >> that's a good tip. >> great tips and you know something i was actually talking to greta about was hormone changes women go through after i had jake my hair starting falling out and growing back in a different texture. another point she made not taboo
8:22 am
to wear hairpieces or extensions. i wore them for my wedding. a lot on the red carpet. so many people do. >> absolutely. any tips for grays? just curious. >> nice try. >> we'll talk. we'll talk. >> outside, the boys are outside. >> yes, we are, robin and the "heat index." friday freebie time and tory johnson has outdone her. it's just free. >> free and sam is ready for our very first one. >> log on while supplies last. go to our website. >> okay, so pinkberry is known for its frozen yogurt. this is brand-new introduction. this is pinkberry greek which is unfrozen premium greek yogurt, five ounces, 15 grams of protein in there, 80 calories. >> delicious. >> so incredibly delicious. everybody here has it and made a special "gma" concoction which is the small plus blueberries, toasted almonds, granola. honey cinnamon, so, so
8:23 am
delicious, isn't it? >> really delicious. but they're not going to give it away for free. >> today and tomorrow it is -- >> how much is it? >> all: free! >> yes. >> literally can't do this. >> go to "gma" committee on yahoo! to get the coupon to show on your phone or printed out. >> okay. up next. >> tony robbins, tony is literally like the world's best known business coach and life strategist and really wants all of the "gma" viewers to live with passion so tony is offering two, your choice of either one of two of his most popular programs, the edge, the power to change your life right now, the other is financial freedom, three steps to creating and enjoying the wealth you deserve. >> he worked with big celebrities, politicians and everybody. how much? >> all: free! >> today only. aeropostale. we want you to smile. you can walk into the store if you get the coupon on yahoo! and
8:24 am
get a free lip gloss. yes. so we've got all these freebies plus details on how you can suggest other ones to us. >> log on, find everything for you on the website. on yahoo! coming up next. "general hospital" reunites. go nowhere. >> we have breaking news from san jose where police are investigating a shooting that occurred in south white road with report as man is being treated for two gunshot wounds. no word on the circumstances surrounding the shooting or the victim's condition but we will bring you more information about
8:25 am
the breaking story when it becomes available. right now we will see if it is friday lite. leyla gulen? >> unfortunately not. we do have plenty of busy conditions in the east bay but we have a report of a brand new car fire eastbound 880 at powell street tying up traffic. where it is really tying up traffic is southbound 880, this accident involving a motorcycle is in the clearing stages but it is still leaving residual backup to the san mateo bridge. >> when we come
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, live doppler 7 hd show a couple of showers picks up in the east bay but we have sunshine back home. a roof camera looking at the bay bridge with numbers in the upper 50's with the sun but zero visibility at the coast. the fog will lift and well see sun so intervals of sun line and upper 60's in san jose and 64 in san mateo. upper 60's in livermore and 69 in morgan hill. we are not done with the rain yet. look if 60 degrees at game time. chance of showers tomorrow and sunday and sunny and warmer into ♪ the "general hospital" reunion. >> only on "good morning america." >> all: good morning, america. >> yeah. >> is there a doctor in the house? >> a doctor? >> oh. >> it is wonderful to see so many of the stars of "general
8:28 am
hospital" together. "general hospital" celebrating -- cannot be 50 years on the air and this morning a very special reunion that lara had with them. all the moments we all loved. >> ah. >> luke. >> bringing a tear to my eye. >> oh. >> what about the cast? >> i don't know. cast iron weather machine. was it real. >> if you would have been there, you could have asked. i found out other great seeks that you'll find out. >> did they dish? we'll find out in just a little bit. josh is here. bianna golodryga here and george taking a little time off. >> our friend diane von furstenberg. she told us about her special people's voice awards. now, people around the world voted and we have a winner. and she is tammy tibbett, empowering young women and taken home the prize and congratulations to her. that is wonderful. >> all the nominees -- i know
8:29 am
you'll spend some time with them. >> today. >> i'm looking forward at the being at the dinner tonight at the u.n. >> the thing we love about fridays, we have a deejay in the house, by the way and you got a little -- steve is here with us. does a matchup and this morning we got kind of's very special monthly matchup. it's been, what, a month. >> we've been -- >> what you got? >> i got something for you. >> all right. >> let's hear it. >> how much better how much better it gets. how much better can it get and for starters how much better can it get. mag-mag-magma ♪ ♪ fame le and friends get up bounce work it all out ♪
8:30 am
ice ice baby ice ice baby ♪ >> exactly ♪ ♪ i'm a tiger i'm a bear lincoln lots of hair you got a fan here ♪ ♪ good morning america good morning america ♪ ♪ how much better oh oh how much better it gets ♪ ♪ oh oh oh yeah yeah ♪ dancing with the stars dance-dancing with the stars nutrition bars it just really warmed my heart ♪ ♪ move move move that mirror george looking good one of those geeks thank you ♪ ♪ rock it your bangs pop it ♪ golfers one hole oh ♪ get up wake up wake up ♪ magma work it all out good morning good morning good morning good morning america ♪ ♪ how much better oh, oh how
8:31 am
much better it gets how much better it gets ♪ ♪ good morning america help me start my day only place at "gma" ♪ ♪ you say classy new york and america ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, steve. thank you again. >> thank you guys. >> i of course aed how do you do it? i get lost in the middle but it all works out in the end. >> you guys have the best stuff. >> thank you so much. all right. more fun to be had right now. more of our superreunion friday and we are celebrating as you know 50 beautiful years of one of the most iconic soap operas ever with some of its most beloved stars. generator generat "general hospital" is the longest running soap on tv and bringing some of the hottest cast members of the past and present right here. [ sirens ]
8:32 am
>> reporter: for 50 years it has been the hospital the nation has checked into for daily doses of star-crossed lovers, hunky mobsters and lots of nail-biting adventure. >> luke, the falls. >> oh. >> hi. >> reporter: this morning "gma" played host to eight of "general hospital"'s biggest star, anthony geary also known as luke spencer, kim who plays scotty and genie francis, the woman whom the two actors have been fighting for 30 plus years. fans will always debate laura with scotty or laura with luke. >> the grip on my arm. >> laura's desperately in love with two men. she could put them both into one person she'd be deliriously happy. >> like picking up where you left off. >> i just want to punch him. i want to kiss her. you know, the same stuff. >> as long as they don't rip his toupee off we are okay.
8:33 am
>> we have the same wigmakers. >> reporter: when laura chose luke over scotty their 1981 wedding was watched by more than 30 million fans scoring higher ratings than the final episodes of "melrose place" "sex and the city" and "the west wing" combined. i think i had a luke and laura lunch box. i wish i still had it what a worldwide phenomenon. >> the lunch box. >> princess diana was a fan of yours. share that story, if you will. >> we both received champagne from the right honorable lady diana spencer. >> she watched the wedding and when she got married she sent genie and i both bottles of champagne from her wedding and a little note. >> reporter: in five decades under ten presidents and 13,000 episodes, "general hospital" has led the way in tackling social topics ranging from aids. >> i have aids, sonny. >> reporter: to mastectommastec
8:34 am
>> there's a mass in my left breast. >> reporter: to organ donation. >> we got a heart. ♪ just when i think i'm happy >> reporter: all the while making room for rock 'n' roll. jack wagner skyrocketed to superstardom during his stint on the show when he played frisco jones. singing or acting. what brings you more joy. >> i was kind of trained, the triple threat, sing, dance, act, put me on a stage. >> you're all i need, jack. ♪ all i need >> reporter: another hallmark of the show, sexy. fiona hughes who plays anna devein. >> the fact that i'm a spy but also a mother and, you know, that i sort of play in a man's world. >> reporter: but "gh" is probably best known for its romances that resulted in lots -- >> i am. >> reporter: and lots of unforgettable weddings.
8:35 am
whose character has been married four or more times. >> as part of my con artist past. >> i've been married four times. >> let us know if you -- >> i come up with another one. >> a show of paddles who played an evil twin. >> i died in my own arms once. >> not everybody can say that. >> no. >> who here has been in an insane asylum? who here has been in a coma? >> it's all of us, isn't it? no, sorry. most people. >> i'm in a coma now. >> well, thank you. >> finally who has been held hostage by james franco? >> oh, lucky you. >> and the winner. >> james franco was on the show playing a serial killer obsessed with leading lady sam played by kelly monaco and wasn't the only movie star to stop by "general hospital." >> thank you for interrupting your honeymoon to come and see me. >> elizabeth taylor, an admitted "gh" fan was the first to play helena casa dine and they
8:36 am
launched several careers notably demi moore. john stamos and richard simmons. >> let's work on the spine. >> reporter: jessie's girl. >> reporter: and rick springfield. it exploded when he played dr. this. oah drake, though fun fact he never sang during his 1980 tints on the show. when did you know that this character that you had created was a bona fide rock star. >> about two weeks into the show. just walking down the street people started turns around and looking and i said, they weren't doing that two weeks ago. >> reporter: so what do the next 50 years hold in store? jason thompson who plays dr. patrick drake is proud to be part of the rich and enduring history of "gh." where do we go from here. >> it starts with story and i think that's what we have to continue doing. "general hospital" has done such a great job from the '60s, '70s and '80s and characters they feel they can connect to and when you look at these people you feel like you're at home.
8:37 am
>> a little sparkling cider to toast 50 years of "general hospital" and hopefully 50 more. cheers. >> hear, hear. >> thank you for so many great memories. >> cheers. >> cheer, everybody. >> what a treat. it honestly felt like hanging out with family. i feel like i've grown up with these people and you can see more with the "general hospital" cast, "the real soap dish." a special edition of "20/20" with katie couric, tomorrow at 9:00,:00 central on abc. >> final look at the weather and before we get out there, you know, sam, he's got the nice, wonderful show "sea rescue" on saturday mornings. it is now a winner of a parents' choice award. congratulations, samuel j. >> fantastic. >> i think you threw it to me but there's so many people in times square, i can't be sure. good morning, everybody. i want -- by the way, if you're a mom, if you're a mom, raise your hands. moms, span the crowd a little bit. this is your last chance this morning. you know an amazing mom that
8:38 am
would like to win a breakfast served up by emeril lagasse, today is the very last day to nominate one. how do you do it? you're asking? that's what you're asking right now well, we're looking for a mom with an incredible story, go to on yahoo! and find out how to enter. you never know. emeril might just show up at your door and you won't know until that morning. so make sure -- who wrote that sign? i have been standing beside you. give me a hug. i love you for that. thank you. your name. >> debbie. >> we lost the sign but that's all right. debbie. we got each other. the boards, one or two things happening. twitter and facebook picture, morgantown and knoxville with a little rain in the skies. in comes that warm air we've been waiting for sweeping across the nation. will it stay? it looks like it's going to try. atlanta, 62 today but your 76 by the time you get to monday. unfortunately, the northwest is getting that pocket of cold air. do watch for the drying going on
8:39 am
in florida. i don't know, just in case you're headed that way for the weekend, the weekend looks much better than yesterday did. >> so we're going inside. oh, hi. ocean spray. i didn't have time to set it up. >> that's all right, sam. coming up, which dress will with bride pick for her big day? will she choose style or
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ moving and grooving with our deejay. so many brides-to-be searching for the perfect dress so do you pick the dress that's been in your family for generations or do you shop for the latest designer gown? abc's rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" set out to help one bride choose the dress of her dreams with the help of tlc's "something borrowed, something new ♪ >> reporter: an age-old problems faced by brides everywhere. finding the special dress but
8:43 am
tlc's hit show "something borrowed something new" presents this dilemma with a different twist. top stylist sam saboura's mission to search high and low for the dress. >> this has pockets. >> reporter: meanwhile, kelly nishimoto is giving a family dress her modern-day makeover. >> getti ting rid of the neckli >> reporter: and the bride chooses between the borrowed and the new dress. we decided to tag along with sam and kelly taking on bride-to-be heather mclaughlin. first up heather met up with kelly to see what magic the designer to work on her mom's wedding dress. >> not as bad as i thought it would be. i want to get rid of this entire panel completely. >> i love it. >> reporter: next we met up with heather and her mom cindy at panache to see what sam had in store. >> no cameras allowed. this is a jenny packham friend tulle gown with a plunge
8:44 am
neckline. this next dress is by r achravi. this is by yumi. >> reporter: which one would it be? time to check out what kelly did to her mother's wedding dress. how does it feel to be in your mother's dress? >> this feels really special. i don't know. >> reporter: either way we know it will be something gorgeous. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, my goodness. we are joined now by bride-to-be heather, her beautiful mother cindy. you're going to have to make that decision coming up soon. first of all, let's take a look again. let's take a look again at the two dresses. they are absolutely beautiful. absolutely beautiful. and we see you actually wearing them and our audience wants to weigh in. let us know. do you like the new something new, something old, audience,
8:45 am
let us know. put up your paddles. wow. >> i don't know if that's going to help you or not. it's really -- what do you think, mom? >> i'm divided. i really am. it's going to be hard. they -- kelly did a fabulous job on the old dress making it look new, not like the '70s. >> it was a beautiful dress to begin with. okay, i told you this ultimately it's your decision. what you're going to feel happiest in so what is your decision? >> something borrowed. >> oh, i was hoping you were going to say that. oh. >> for that reason. you know how much it means to your mom. oh. >> beautiful. >> and kelly did a great job. >> you can't go wrong with either one. all things being equal why
8:46 am
wouldn't you want to wear your mom's dress? i love it. here we have it. hey, congratulations. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. "something borrowed something new" airs tonight on tlc. coming up, here to tell us about his new movie. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah.
8:47 am
it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
8:48 am
chris o'dowd made his mark as the cop who steals kristen wiig's heart in "bridesmaids" and perhaps a few other women and now he's winning over four australian women in "the sapphire." a musical comedy about an all girl soul group who performed for u.s. troops in vietnam in the '60s. happy to have chris with us this morning. >> good morning, america. >> chris, chris and his blue suede shoes. >> i've gone suede. you know what, it's just rock 'n' roll at this time in the morning. >> commitment. i love it.
8:49 am
congratulations on the new marriage. >> hey, thanks so much. yeah, it's way better than the old marriage. you know what, to hell with her. >> let's talk -- with we talk -- take a look. this is your character dave. >> yes. >> trying to explain soul music to four women who weren't quite clear on the concept. take a look. >> like breathing in and breathing out and breathing in and breathing out ♪ ♪ and breathing in and breathing out and breathing in and oh mercy ♪ ♪ oh can i have sommer si now any questions? >> for an irish man raised on the commitments, soul music a big part of your life. >> the commitments would have come out when i was 12 or 13 and for some reason everyone who was
8:50 am
around when the commitments came out all young men in ireland were like all right now. i think -- it was time for a change and everybody just went, i think we're just black now. that's great. soul music is huge in ireland for that reason. >> true story about four as we saw aborigine women who in the '60s had barely gained the right to vote. they've gone on to great things, a little bit of history. >> terrific, written by the son of one of the original singers from the group. so it all is very close to home. like that there was so much oppression and suppression at that time and until '67, indigenous communities were considered flora and fauna, not even real people so it's terrific that we can make a film that celebratory and joyous and doesn't lend itself too many to the depressive kind of areas. >> a phenomenal film. i do want to say eyelashes
8:51 am
batting, a most unconventional sex symbol. chris o'dowd. >> thank you very much. "the sapphires" is in theaters right now. go see it and we'll be right
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ our thanks again to deejay steve. >> fantastic mash-up. >> welcome back all over again. >> yeah.
8:54 am
>> "gma live" is next if have a great weekend. >> have a great weekend.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> we have an update to the breaking news from san jose where police are investigating a shooting. this is a look from sky 7 of the scene near south white road and mount vista drive. preliminary reports say plan was shot by someone in a passing vehicle at a convenience store. the victim was able to walk to a residence where police were call
8:57 am
the. more at at 11:00. >> now the forecast? >> we have partly cloudy skies. the east bay camera is 56 in union city and showers in the east bay but look for intervals of sunshine one per 60's in san jose today. leyla gulen? >> a new crash at pacifica, on northbound one at manor we have a high dense fog advisory so make sure you drive with caution. have a great weekend. eric? >> join us for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of "chelsea lately," chelsea handler, and from the comedy "suburgatory" and the thriller "evil dead," jane levy, plus your comments and questions when the hosts open up the "inbox." all next on the emmy ward-winning "live."
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now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [laughter] kelly: thank you. nice. michael: yo! kelly: hi. tgif, april, 5, you guys are so much prettier in person. you really are.
8:59 am
michael: you can tell it's friday. everybody's excited. kelly: this is a friday crowd. [applause] michael: they called into work like they were sick so they can come here. get them fired. kelly: i know. i hope you're not seen on tv. [laughter] usually sometimes like your trivia number in the audience, you'll see pick a number between 7,012, and we're like number four and number four never stands up, it's because number four called in sick and doesn't want to be seen. [laughter] mie you? how's your night? kelly: it was great. i did one of my favorite things yesterday. a lot of people don't like to do this. i happen to love to do this. i got my teeth cleaned. [applause] yes. cleaned my teeth. michael: i didn't know so many people love getting their teeth cleaned. kelly: he took me to that horse stall and he hosed me down. michael: do you get the gas when you do that? kelly:


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