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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 8, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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blocking the front door and trapping folks living inside until crews could clear a path. >> three cars were smashed by the tree including marcus's after the tree toppled into it. >> that house on potrero, nobody hurt. the piece of sheet metal was taken down secured by brave firefighters. nobody was hurt below. >> eric: here is a breakdown of some of the areas hit by wind related power outages. the power is still out at this intersection in actually and king roads. cars are treating the intersection a four-way stop. right now more than 6200 customers in the south bay are
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without power. 5500 homes and businesses are in the dark on the peninsula. in san francisco about 200 customers are impacted. live team coverage continues with amy hollyfield in redwood city. >> we've met people in redwood city who still don't have power right now. take a look at the damage they have to clean up. look at this sign that was knocked right over by the winds. there were examples of problems all over the peninsula. unfortunately in some cases, the wind did some serious damage. >> falling trees overnight did all kinds of damage. the power lines, cars and homes but one thing they all seemed to have in common, the terrifying sound they made when they came crashing down. >> it's not a good sound. you know something major has happened. >> on lowell street the tree branch that landed on power lines caused a scare. >> you heard a crack and
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fireball at the pole over there. and then, i went outside and end. wire was sweeping down in our backyard and shorting out. it was like fireworks in our backyard. >> but it avoided homes. not the case on hillsdale road in san mateo. they were sleep ai sleep in their bed when part of the redwood landed in their home. everybody was okay, six rooms sustained damage. in redwood city the tree missed homes that knocked out power. >> it's weird, don't have internet. you go switching on lights. it was crazy. >> winds created a mess all over the peninsula. debris from trees are scattered all over city streets and the howling kept many people awake last night. >> it was really strong and gusts, really strong gusts. we have a roof on the back of the deck and it was hitting and making sounds. >> reporter: even if you did
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sleep through it all, you didn't have to look for that something happened last night. this is the common theme we've seen, twigs and leaves strewn about everywhere. it's a big mess. there will be quite a cleanup effort, that is if they got enough sleep last night to clean it all up. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> cheryl: the east bay is also experiencing some weather-related headaches. >> tree branches fell on to several cars parked on ridge view driver. at pacheco the wild weather ripped plants out. >> good morning. all the advisories out there, north bay valleys, you are not under this wind advisory but everybody else, gusts up to 45 miles an hour until 8:00. we also have at airport warning for gusts around 50 miles per hour especially at sfo to lesser
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extent san jose and oakland. the water is just as dangerous. gale warning for the bay water and gusted up to 55 miles an hour. for a look at traffic, let's turn it over. >> san mateo bridge is one of many bridges that has a high wind advisory. there is a high wind advisory on all the toll bridges and that should left a little later today. until then, you are still advised to drive a little slower under the speed limit out there. also i want to remind you great highway, that is still shut down probably until tomorrow. that is due to sand blowing on to the roadways and this area shaded in green, that is high winds affecting your commute. great highway is shut down at least until tomorrow. >> cheryl: high winds are creating dangerous conditions on the water. keira joins us live from fort
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pointed how fishermen are being affected. >> reporter: their business is taking a big hit. most fishermen can't go out on the water because of the waves and whitecaps. gusted up to 55 miles an hour. one hour ago we were at fishermen's wharf, there were dozens of boats tied up at the docks but what we couldn't see was anybody to interview as most didn't even bother coming out today. i was, however, able to track down one second generation fisherman. he told me it's just too dangerous to go out in these conditions. >> it was real windy, gusting up to 70 miles an hour, there was whitecaps in the bay here. it wasn't good enough conditions to go out. >> reporter: and he is good company. soul man charter didn't go out. he didn't leave his house. i spoke with him over the phone. he says he'll lose hundreds of
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dollars in business today. he says it's a matter of safety. he doesn't want to put his people through conditions like this. these conditions could make them sick and get this. he said this is the only the second time in 12 years he hasn't gone out. >> cheryl: nobody likes getting sea sick. you can track weather where you are any time with live doppler 7-hd on and follow us on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. >> eric: she was once considered the world's most powerful woman. margaret thatcher has died. >> and the major baby food lawsuit happening here light now.
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>> eric: a towering figure will get a ceremonial funeral with full honors. margaret thatcher died following a stroke. nick takes a look back at the woman they called the iron lady. >> loved at home a towering figure abroad. she transformed her country and helped end the cold war.
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britain's only female prime minister embraced ronald reagan. she brought american cruise missiles to british soil but she was undaunted then. when she launched a controversial war, hundreds died on the falkland islands that britain won and the nation celebrated with a new found pride. her domestic policy polarized the country. she battled what she called the enemy within. union and government owned companies. she violently cracked down on strikers and policy infuriated millions but she refused to change course. >> you turn if you want to. it's not for turning. >> she took on the ir have a and in 1984 she survived a bomb attack. >> all attempts to destroy
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democracy will fail. >> the mother of two succeeded in a man's world but she once thought the josh was unattainable. >> i don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime. >> the anger she generated pushed her out of office. she. thatcher was so divisive some are celebrating today, whether loathed or loved, the prime minister was one of the most important leaders of recent memory. >> eric: hollywood is mourning the loss of annette funicello. she died following a long battle with multiple sclerosis. he was in the mickey mouse club and doing beach party movies. she was most popular mouscatookre getting ten times
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the fan mail that others did. >> homicide detectives have said they detained a person with a suspicious death with a man in pacific heights. they were called in around 10:00 last night. they declared the death of elias michael as suspicious. they are talking to a person of interest to to find out more about what happened. >> also in san francisco, police are searching for a person who shot a donut shop worker during a robbery attempt early this morning. this happened around 3:00 a.m. at the happy donut on bayshore boulevard. they say the worker who was shot also managed to stab the suspect. that worker is now recovering in the hospital. >> eric: in east palo alto investigators are announcing an early morning fire is considered suspicious. i started after 3:00 a.m. at a van around stevens avenue. there were five people in the house, all got out safely but
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the house suffered some significant damage. so they'll have to find a new place to stay. >> cheryl: mike nicco is very busy with all the high winds around the bay. >> let's take a look outside. winds may be a little bit of a lull but they will pick up. we'll have an hour by hour look at select cities around the bay area. >> eric: california gets the first shot at big powerball jackpot. changes that lottery officials are making just for the golden state. >> if you see something happening when you are, a viewer sent us this view a large branch that fell onto a car. please
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>> cheryl: a trial in the east bay over lode in baby food. they are suing gerber and other baby food makers. both sides products have some lead but the food companies say
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the levels are so low they fall below warning standards set by the fda. suit claims the companies are violating california's proposition 65 which describes a clear listing of all cancer causing agents. >> eric: still busy at midday with all the winds out there. >> i hate to be a truck driver or somebody that works on the power lines. they are definitely busy. we did have rain overnight but the winds have chased it away from us. it's dry and probably for the next seven days. here the latest gusts and supposedly having a lull but we're gusting to 37 at half moon bay. 30 at santa rosa. rest of us outside of that 31 at san jose, around 20-30 miles per hour. you get into the central valley, fairfield gusting to 41 miles per hour. here a close look at embarcadero
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in downtown san francisco. you can see whitecaps on the bay. you can see the trees swaying. it is definitely a rough one out there this morning. temperatures running mild even though it doesn't feel like it. 57 in oakland and san jose. 60 in san francisco and palo alto. mill valley, 62. walnut creek, here is a look, 680 in the valley. you can see this camera shaking. this camera hardly ever shakes and how fast the winds are blowing. santa rosa, 54. fairfield and livermore in the upper 50s. napa at about 61 degrees. it will be the north bay, that a little warmer than everybody else when you get that northerly wind you get a downsloping off the mountains and that tends to compress and heat the air more than everybody else. sunny today, gusty winds. mainly dry all seven days of the forecast.
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here is what is going to happen at noon. you can see mid to upper 30s along the coast. the rest of us flirting with 30 if not a little warmer. it picks up as we head into the afternoon hours, up to 40-45 miles an hour along the coast. 30-35 in the inland neighbors. by noon you can see a hush meaning 25-30 miles an hour but still more areas in that slower range. midnight down to 30-35 at the coast. wake up tomorrow morning, we're in the teens at oakland and san jose but still mountain mid to upper 20s in all other neighborhoods. it will be breezy tomorrow, 25-35 mile-an-hour gusts but we won't see them up to 40-55. there is the deepening low taking away the wet weather and that distance, it creates these lines of constant pressure.
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more lines you have in a shorter space the tighter the gradient is and the faster the wind is flowing from the high pressure into low pressure. we'll have upper 60s to low 70s in the santa clara valley. 68 in san jose. throw upper 60s on the peninsula and upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. low to mid-60s in downtown san francisco. mid-70s in the north bay valleys. beaches will have blowing sand about 60. we'll have upper 60s, mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys with breezy conditions. it's kind of breezy at at&t park it will be exceptional so dress for 50-53 but it will be cooler than that and winds will be blowing. >> 70s and 80s for wednesday and back in the 70s on thursday, 50s 60s, 70s for friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures around the bay inland will be warmer than
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average just about every day. >> cheryl: thank you so much. big excitement today, power baltimore finally in california. >> tickets went on sale at 6:00 this morning making california the p/eth state to take part in the lottery game. giant red ball popped up on the embarcadero in san francisco. powerball boasts some of the biggest jackpots and wednesday night's drawing is to be a mere $60 million. since the game moved to the golden state. drawing will be here. >> i think we have to get more than one. >> cheryl: just ahead, big rush for rolling stones tickets. >> eric: we have to win that jackpot to get some of those tickets. they gear up to play in the bay area.
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coming up at 3:00, the cast of the mary tyler moore show. they want to monitor every person after an increase in crime but is it at the expense of people's privacy rights. at 5:00, you know not to use your cellphone while driving but what about gps, asking for directions may be the way to go from now on. >> eric: today is the day that many rolling stones' fans have been waiting for. >> tickets to see the stones were on sale for the general public about 90 minutes ago. they are probably already sold out. >> they will perform at oracle arena in may. the stones is part of the 50th anniversary tour. tickets are still available on
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several sites. prices range from $170 to more than $600. you better get the tickets fast because time is not on your
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[cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has one of the most unique jobs i've ever seen here at the show. she buys and sells storage units. from metairie, louisiana, please welcome rebecca fox. >> hi! >> nice to see you, rebecca.
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how did you get into that line of business? >> we started watching tv. it looked interesting. so we went to an auction, and it's amazing. you find out everybody's full life within five minutes of their storage locker. >> so what's, like, the strangest stuff you've come upon? >> we find a lot of perverted stuff, unfortunately. we find a lot of adult toys, condoms. one guy had a condom lemonade stand. >> a condom lemonade stand? >> he was homeless, and he was trying to make a buck. bless his heart. we all are trying to make some money. >> absolutely. >> and he would go to the free clinics and get condoms for free, and he would go sell them for 10¢ apiece on the street. >> ah, i think that shows real in that's wh >> that's what i said. very enterprising of him. >> i think i bought something off him. now what else have you... [laughter] >> we found a purple heart one time. >> wow. >> it's very interesting. but it's like christmas every single day to be able to open boxes and not know-- >> do you have a storage unit of your own? >> i don't, i might find in yo i might find in your storage unit, meredith. >> ah! [laughter] well, i'm not gonna even go there. [laughter]
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let's see the money in your round 1. okay, computer, please randomize the dollars. now here are the categories to your questions. please randomize the categories. and now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> audience, are you ready? >> audience: yeah! [cheers and applause] >> then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ here you go, rebecca. when eaten, which of these plants is poisonous to the animal that is mentioned in its name? >> well, i know catnip is not poisonous, because the animals-- i have cats, and they love it. horseradish you would figure would not be poisonous because, you know, people eat that all the time. so i'd be between lamb's ear and cattails. i have an idea, and i hate to jump my first question, but i am not positive, so i am gonna jump the first question. >> okay, you're gonna jump it. it is out of play. you don't haveo


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