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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 9, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PDT

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shall we dance? fame, fortune and some of the best moves you'll ever see. these "dancing with the stars" pros talk student-teacher hook-ups and tango passion. and 99 problems. jay-z and beyonce were looking for a romantic place to spend their anniversary. so why do some lawmaker want to see them find and even jailed for their choice of love bird time?
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thanks for staying with us. there was an interesting bench mark in the so-called war on drugs late last week. for the first time in four decades, pollsters found that a slight majority of americans favor the legalization of
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marijuana. while some states are loosening age old drug laws, others are cracking down with mandatory random drug tests for kids as young as 12. tonight we visit two middle schools where policies aimed at keeping adults in the know have opened a sharp debate. we're joined by special correspondent. >> i haven't played since high school. this is so exciting. >> reporter: it takes more than a quick serve or even olympic credentials to make this team. before becoming a lady spartan, each of these 12 and 13-year-olds must first pass a test they all say is a little embarrassing. >> it is disgusting. >> it is kind of weird. they tell you to go to the restroom and you come out with a cup. it is really awkward. there are other people standing there. >> at pleasant middle school, drug testing is mandatory. and not just for sports. for any school activity. principal lane warner said the random tests are keeping this
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school in marian, ohio, drug-free. >> what we're testing for are common street drugs. >> what is that feeling when he walk in and calls out your name for the random drug test? >> he doesn't tell you. you get so scared that you're in trouble. >> he doesn't tell you it is a drug test. you're freaking out. what have i done that i could get in trouble for? >> it is violating your rights. that's a big deal. >> reporter: when alexis was told she needed a drug test to join the scrap booking club, her parents said no way. they took the school in milford, pennsylvania, to court. >> that was hard. it was difficult not being able to play with some of the girls i had been playing with for years. >> reporter: alexis and her younger sister megan were forced to sit out all activities. >> even if it meant the girls not being able to play sports. >> even if it meant they had to sacrifice their sports and clubs that they loved so much. giving up your constitutional
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rights just because you can doesn't mean you should. >> reporter: it is a decision faced by parents across the country as random drug testing once reserved for olympic, college and high school athletes becomes a fact of life for kids in their early teens, even preteens. today school districts in at least nine states require it from their middle schoolers. >> i would argue as a school administrator who sees these kids day after day, it is helpful for them to have a reason to say no. >> are you still behaving? okay. >> reporter: back at pleasant middle school, he isn't just worried about getting students to class on time. his bigger concern, the stories he's heard about what some kids this age are bringing to school. >> the little things they hide drugs in. they carry around with them that look like a normal highlighter. it was very eye opening. >> reporter: how easy is it for a 13, 14-year-old? >> i would love to say boy, that's something that the kids
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around here know they would have to work hard to do. heroin is making a big comeback. it is becoming more popular. it is pretty accessible. >> reporter: but warner says random testing is. he said in six years, there has been just one positive test. >> are you testing the right kids? the student athletes, shouldn't the kids be testing the ones that aren't necessarily in that structured type of environment? >> does that mean that every kid is identified or, our kids are getting away with it? i don't think it mean that. i think in large part it is effective. >> reporter: even hoe the u.s. supreme court ruled random testing is okay, they want to enforce the policy. it means the girls can play again while the issue is settled in pennsylvania's supreme court. >> one of the tallest of the freshmen. look at you. i love that. >> over the years, i had to pea
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in many couples. through olympics and world cups. we weren't the ones necessarily cheating. the argument of, maybe it's for the greater good. >> clubs, afterschool activities are normally a way for kids to not be involved in drugs. throwing up the barrier of having to be drug tested for it might prevent those kids from even trying out. >> reporter: back on the volleyball court, a different take from the lady spartans. >> overall you think it is a good thing. >> definitely. >> i think it is helping stop it. >> because they know they won't be eligible for sports. >> reporter: random drug tests, for olympians, professionals and now even america's youngest athletes. for "nightline" in ohio. >> thank you. coming up next, "dancing with the stars."
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abc's "dancing with the stars" first premiered in 2005, we all tuned in to see bold faced names dance their way into national humiliation. maybe that was just me. as a testament to the show's eight-year success run, the once
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obscure professional dancers have become famous their own rights. three of the hit's top toilers led through the steps of their dancing dream. ♪ >> winning the coveted trophy demands grueling practice and fierce dancing. and for the pros who are dancing with those stars, it requires abs of steel and the heart of a champion. you may recognize their faces behind the whirl of sequins as they fox trot their way into being stars themselves. we went behind the scenes and discovered a night-knit family of dancing pros like tony dovolani, and cheryl burke. >> you are like a circus family and i mean that in only the best way. >> we're a dysfunctional family. >> if you watch a sitcom, we're
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like the regulars. we come back year after year. >> reporter: derek has been a fan favorite since his little sister urged him to join the cast. dancing is in their blood. they have racked up world titles alongside their many mirror ball trophies. >> i love to inspire and motivate and talk to people. >> reporter: to motivate them to do what? >> in general, just to live, man. that sounds really cheesy. >> reporter: beyond dancer, choreographer and reality star, he now has sentenced to producing. >> they call me happy feet. i literally -- this is intimate sort of connection. it is not just sensual. it is emotional. i'm getting super deep. sometimes it can be spiritual if it is a really special moment. we're doing things like this. a little pull and a little push. keep it in the center.
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like these little things that you don't see. >> this is very seductive, by the way. ♪ >> reporter: there have been a few rumored romances. cheryl was once linked to partner chad ochocinco. but she said you want the audience to believe the sensuality they see on stage. >> what is it like when you have that chemistry with all these hunky guys? >> i am so used to it. you're literally grinding on each other all day long. for us dancers, i've been doing this since i was 11 years old. >> reporter: cheryl never imagined her childhood passion would lead to fame and fortune. she was happy as a young struggling dancer in new york. >> it costs so much money. you have to pay for your lessons, your own costume. i would be up in harlem until 5:00 in the morning putting rhinestones on my costumes all night long. >> reporter: she said her luck changed after drew and they went on to win. this season her partner is
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comedian d.l. huguely them got the lowest scores of the night from the judges. >> len. carrie. >> reporter: we met up with them the next day. cheryl was trying to help heal her partner's bruised ego. >> what the heck are you wearing? >> this is a posture bar. >> this is what cheryl makes me wear. >> let's get girly. >> reporter: off the dance floor, cheryl is a spokesman for impress nails, jazzercize. they grow up like one big family. cheryl has known derek and mark ballas since they were kids. derek who grew up in utah lived and trained with the family since 11. ♪ >> reporter: and the current raining champ, tony dovolani used to baby sit them all.
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>> i'm the uncle. i feel like they always come to me for advice, for wisdom. >> reporter: do the other dancers come to you for love life advice? >> all the time. >> tony is like the godfather. he's been around the longest. >> reporter: if it takes true grit, he is the prize. at 39, he is known for his mature zen like personality and is often matched with the pickly females. >> you're telling me how to teach dance? that's what i do for a living. >> i've had some tough to handle partners. it is not a secret with kate. i am considered the gentleman of the ballroom. i am maybe nurturing and respectful. >> reporter: he moved to the states as a refugee during the war in kosovo. since then he's mastered just with anything he's tried his hand at. >> the fact that i got to live life, i was not going to make god regret that so i live it to
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the fullest. >> reporter: right now he is kicking my butt at pool. >> i have been hustled. >> reporter: ever the teacher he showed me a few of his tricks. >> hit it right here. remember, line up your chin. >> that's fantastic! that was great! >> reporter: in the off season, he runs dance studios and is devoted to his wife and three kids. his son was recently diagnosed with autism. >> he looks at the world in such a beautiful way. i think every child should introduce their kids to an autistic kid. it changes their life. it makes them so much more aware of the beauty of a person and the uniqueness. >> reporter: but after 14 seasons of dancing, the mirror ball still evade him until this perfect score with melissa store the show. >> winning as a dad was the best thing for my kids. i left it at the kitchen table
12:53 am
for three days. it was their trophy. >> reporter: this season he was paired with country singer winona judd. >> i love his teaching. count the five things you did right. not the two you didn't do right. gosh, i've never heard that before. >> reporter: the pair was eliminated last week. but even in defeat, the clamp was true to form. for "nightline," los angeles. >> thank you. when we come back, how will the creative world remember margaret thatcher? it depends on which actor you see, which singer you hear.
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elvis costello once sang about laughing while tramping on the grave of margaret thatcher. a stark political statement that took on new poignancy today when britain's former prime minister passed at age 87. depending on who is remembering her today, she was either the beloved iron lady who saved england from socialism, saved the world from communism, or she was a lady with a heart of iron. unmoved by the plight of the working poor. no wonder there is such a broad thatcher legacy in song and onscreen. and abc's david wright takes a look. >> reporter: she was a towering figure in 20th century politics and pop culture. >> the iron lady of the western world. >> reporter: the grocer's daughter who refashioned herself as the cold war's winston churchill. >> i like mr. gorbachev. we can do business together.
1:00 am
>> reporter: in america she was revered as though she was ronald reagan's better half. >> my political soul mate, a great visionary, and a dear, dear friend. >> reporter: in britain, she was a divisive figure. she left office every bit as unpopular as george w. bush did here. >> each charted course -- >> reporter: that uncompromising image and the us versus them policies behind it translated into some distinctly unflattering important trails as on spitting image, britain's political muppet show. >> i did it my way. >> reporter: for a generation of pop culture consumers -- >> hello? >> mr. bond on the line, prime minister. >> reporter: for being a punch line for james bond in "for your eyes only --" >> give us a kiss, give us a kiss. >> well, really, mr. bond.
1:01 am
>> reporter: to having a silent cameo in "love actually." >> of course you did. >> reporter: to becoming the tragic heroine. >> this is a day to put differences inside. to hold one's head high and take pride in being british. >> reporter: a role that won streep her third oscar. to recording artists of the '80s, she was amused. today, billy remembered her bitter strike. >> the damage that she did is unfortunately still playing itself out in my country. >> reporter: his anthem in support of the minors mark his first appearance on britain's top of the chart. in the same way that the dust bowl created woody guthrie, in the same way the civil rights
1:02 am
movement spawned bob dylan, thatcherism and the back lash against it launched billy brown. >> she was a genuine radical. i have to admire that she was a radical. not my kind of radicalism, maybe, but she had that set of principles and she ran them through you whether you wanted it or not like a sword. >> if it is one against 48, i am very sorry for the 48. >> reporter: she was still prime minister when elvis costello offered this bit of trivia on the bbc. ♪ ♪ i'll tell you what i want >> some of the children of thatcher's britain take a different view. today the spice girls weighed in. scary spice, a.k.a. melanie brown, now a judge on america's got talent, said she was heart broken. >> devastating. she was a woman who moved mountains. >> reporter: and ginger spice
1:03 am
today tweeted that thatcher is the orange example of girl power. then later today, she deleted the tweet, reportedly facing a back lash. so much for girl power. people either loved thatcher or loathed her. when it comes to the iron lady, there is no wobbly middle ground. david wright, "nightline" in hollywood. >> margaret thatcher was 87 years old. our thanks to david. it's time for tonight's closing arguments. after beyonce and jesay-z spent their anniversary last week, they want to know if they broke the lawful while it is unlikely they'll receive the maximum ten-year sentence for such a crime, should they be penalized at all for supporting the castro regime by celebrating in old havana? you can weigh in on the "nightline" page or tweet us @"nightline."
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we'll see you back here tomorrow night.


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