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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 13, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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with the very latest developments. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. well, the u.s. confirmed to abc news no deaths have been reported. all the passengers and crew on board survived this plane crash. officials say at least 20 passengers were taken to a local hospital with head wounds and broken bones, minor injuries. here's what happened. a lion airplane, indonesia's largest privately run airplane carry at least 100 people on board flying the 1 1/2-hour flight heading to bali, as it was coming in to land it overran the runway ditching straight into the sea. the plane has a large crack in its body probably from the impact but what caused the plane to skid off the runway is still unclear. the one saving grace it happened so close to the airport that emergency services were able to get to the passengers quickly. but, you know, it's not uncommon to survive plane crashes.
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one statistic to bear in mind according to the u.s. government is that 95% of passengers in plane accidents actually make it out alive. >> that's a fascinating statistic. lama hasan, thank you. bad news this morning involving that new strain of bird flu that killed 11 people in eastern china but overnight the virus made a big and dangerous leap infecting a 7-year-old girl hundreds of miles away from the initial hot zone. the former director of the cdc, dr. richard besser live in hong kong this morning. dr. besser, tell us about this fresh case and why it worries you so much. >> right, dan, so this is a 7-year-old girl. she was hospitalized in beijing with severe pneumonia. her parents both worked in the live chicken business. but what concerns moo he is what you showed on that map, the distance between shanghai and
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beijing. it was able to travel that distance without leaving a trail of dead birds. most kill birds as well. china will need to do a lot of screening of healthy birds if they learn the extent of which this virus is spreading around the country. >> you know, when you were at the cdc, you tracked other outbreaks in particular the swine flu. how worried are you about this one? >> oh, you know, whenever there's an outbreak of a new infectious agent like this you often -- you don't know whether it's going to peter out or grow into something big but you often only get one chance to try to knock it down. there's some very worrisome things about this virus causes disease and we don't have immunity to it. it can easily spread person to person. what i hear in talking to viralologists, there are changes in it which makes them think it's on its way to do it. you want to be aggressive and seeing a lot of aggressive
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action in the united states to making a vaccine and diagnostic kit. i want to see what they're doing in china to be equally aggre aggressi aggressive. >> that's not what you want to hear, transferring from person to person. dr. besser live in hong kong on the front lines of this outbreak. thank you, doctor. be back with you tomorrow morning for sure. a lot of other news breaking overnight. for that we go back to mr. ron claiborne back with us on the news desk. >> i feel like i've come home. back with my family. >> you are home. >> and ginger over there, too. hey, ginger. >> hey. >> hi. good morning, the everyone. fbi says it is leaving no stone unturned in the murder of two texas prosecutors. investigators searched the home of eric williams on friday. he had previously been questioned in the murders of district attorneys mike mclelland and prosecutor mark h hasse. taxpayers will foot the bill
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for the costly rescue of a carnival cruise line back in february. the company indicated it would not reimburse the government the nearly $800,000 it cost to rescue the "triumph." in response to a letter, senator jay rockefeller, carnival said it is maritime tradition to assist those in trouble at sea. the president and first lady released their tax returns for 2012. three days before the filing deadline and paid $112,000 in taxes. the number of that would rise for taxpayers in their income bracket under the president's own budget proposal. the first family gave $150,000 to three charities. major league baseball handed out suspensions for that drawl thursday. carlos quentin will now miss eight games, eight games for charging the mound after hit by a pitch by zack greinke. greinke was not suspended and
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will eight weeks with a broken collarbone. another dodger player was suspended one game for his role in the fight. finally, if you are sick of wintry weather halfway through april, i know you guys are, you're not alone. one family in wisconsin turned their christmas lights back on because of the snow. they say the lights will go back off, they'll turn them off once the weather is behind them if it ever occurs. ginger may have insight into that. i don't know. >> and one week from today they'll actually have a new year's party. >> fourth of july with the christmas lights. >> almost got my christmas tree up a year. >> you did. >> i did. it was not a protest. >> just lazy. >> it got pretty dry too. >> i can imagine. we're calling the fire marshal on ron claiborne this morning. >> all right, ron, thank you. well, we're going to turn to the latest on the rising tensions in north korea. the president's top diplomat,
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secretary of state john kerry on a critical mission to the region this morning warning the rogue nation's leader kim jong-un not to test-fire a midrange missile. abc's bob woodruff is in seoul, south korea with the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you know, secretary of state john kerry arrived in china today. this is his second stop in this asian tour to try to deal with this unrelenting concern about north korea's nuclear arsonal. while china is quietly pressuring kim jong-un to resist launching any missiles, in south korea the u.s. made it very clear. >> the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: in japan an official today warned a missile was launched but he meant to say was an earthquake. he accidentally sent out the wrong draft. the third time this happened this week alone. this week's u.s. intelligence report which was accidentally leaked to the public suggested for the first time that with moderate confidence the north is capable of delivering a nuclear
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weapon on a ballistic missile. while there is no evidence that the missiles currently in position to launch involve a nuclear weapon, the report is raising questions. could the u.s. stop a nuclear missile before it strikes? the answer, analysts say, is yes. with a system satellite and radars dozens of intercepters would be fired striking the missile as it traveled in space breaking up the nuclear material before it ever enters the atmosphere. despite the possibility of war, no real fear on the streets in either country. in the north, a flower exhibit honoring monday's 101st birthday of the nation's founder kim il-sung. in south korea psy got the stadium packed. a welcome release of had you album. even our cameraman's 2-year-old daughter is a huge psy fan. you can see the stadium here.
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every once in a while in this story we like to get out for a little entertainment. >> cameraman's daughter moves. >> back at home he is safe to say one of the most colorful figures. joe arpaio, sometimes called america's toughest sheriff. former reality star and once forced inmates to wear pink underwear and investigators are trying to figure out who may have tried to kill the sheriff. abc's john schriffen on the story. >> he is one of the most controversial law enforcement figures in the country known for his firm stance on illegal immigration and became the latest victim in a scary trend of public officials being targeted. >> i am not going to be intimidated by anyone. >> reporter: he's tough. he's brash and he doesn't back down from a fight. >> i'm going to continue being the sheriff for many more years and i will continue to do what i've been doing. >> reporter: that's arizona's controversial sheriff, joe arpaio, this morning, still
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standing tall after his chief deputy says the sheriff could have been killed by a mail bomb. >> it would have caused a major explosion and caused serious physical injury, burns and maybe death. >> reporter: a postal worker intercepted a package addressed to arpaio alerted by the ex-ive amount of postage. it started leaking powder and x-rays showed inside a container of gun powder attached to wires and batteries. >> i've had many, many threats from the cartels of mexico and so on, but the timing seemed very suspicious. >> reporter: suspicious, he says because a fear that law enforcement officials across the country may be being targeted. arpaio says he's not sure if there's a connection. while recovering from a broken she'll be more careful with care packages. >> usually cookies and flowers that come to my desk. i think i'd bet be be a little
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more careful. i don't want a bomb to set off a cookie. >> the fbi is on the case and has a few leads as to who could be responsible. his family, he admits his wife of 57 years, his kids and grandchildren are pretty concerned but he says they support him and know he will not back down. instead, dan and bianna, he'll fight even harder. >> remains defiant, thank you, john. now to the latest on the battle over gun control in washington. this morning a mother who lost her child in the newtown school shooting stepping in for president obama delivering his weekly radio and internet address to the nation. this as republicans and democrats brace for one of the most heated gun control debates in decades. abc's jeff zeleny is in washington with more. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the debate over gun control is a deeply personal one and the white house is hoping that the power of one family's story will help keep the momentum alive until next week when the senate begins its debate. this morning, americans expecting to hear president obama's weekly address instead heard this voice --
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>> as u.s. probably noticed i'm not the president. >> reporter: that's francine wheeler. >> we have to convince the senate to come together and pass commonsense gun responsibility reforms. >> reporter: taking her very personal case of gun control from the halls of congress to the hearts and minds of americans. >> your younger son ben, age 6, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14th. exactly four months ago this weekend. >> reporter: to keep momentum alive for its gun bill, the white house asked wheeler and her husband to share ben's story. >> ben's love of fun and his excitement at the wonders of life were unmatched. >> reporter: when we caught up with the piano teacher and her husband earlier this week going door to door on capitol hill they feared the senate would not act. but this morning both sides are bracing for the biggest congressional gun control debate in two decades. >> please help us do something. >> reporter: even critics who are still pushing hard against
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the legislation say the efforts of the wheelers and other families are making a difference. >> i think there's been some impact. it's a very emotional issue. there are also parents of some of those victims who don't agree with a call for more gun control. >> reporter: francine wheeler knows the road ahead is long. next week in the senate and beyond. >> i haven't yet passed any bills that will help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. and a lot of people are fighting to make sure they never do. >> reporter: but, she says, the memory of her son will not let her give up. >> i feel ben's presence filling me with courage for what i have to do. >> reporter: when i spent time on capitol hill earlier this week with francene and david wheeler it was clear how difficult it was for them to tell their story but they said this is something that they had to do. they know that this bill is just the beginning but this morning senate aides tell me the bill next week also could include a mental health component.
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that's something the wheelers and other families think is critical. dan and bianna. >> thrust into the spotlight in such a difficult way. jeff zeleny, thanks for your reporting this morning. the national forecast. ginger zee is here with that. >> good morning. you know you're in michigan when a spring carnival looks like this, frozen in time. i want to start with it. they couldn't get it going. it's close to green bay, width, that's why i said that down there. but they couldn't really get the spring carnival going and they're not going to have a whole lot of better weather headed their way. this weekend, mountain snows and rains in the pacific northwest will then move this low pressure system over the northern plains and eventually northern minnesota and wisconsin. that's right. the people with their lights up, ron, they're going to want to go ahead and keep those up. the joke is still on. spring not coming to the northern plains or northern great lakes and neither is it in parts of new england this weekend. here's what's going to happen snowwise. locally a fruit or more in some places. bismarck is in that 6 to 12-inch range.
4:14 am
minneapolis even getting a touch. i know a lot of folks are sick of it so take a trip maybe to the southwest because that's where you'll get 89 in phoenix today. 86, las vegas. midland, texas, at 76 and houston will make it to 77 along with dallas. i'll leave you with a look across the nation. . >> you can find me on twitter at begin, underscore, zee. new smyrna beach.
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really pretty colors. i love the pastel colors. in new hampshire, that's what they were dealing with on the roads yesterday. dan and bianna. >> you promise? >> i promise. i don't promise spring and summer until june. >> all right, ginger, thanks. now we want to celebrate the life of a comic legend. jonathan winters passed away at the age of 87, the groundbreaking actor inspired a generation of some of the greatest comics of our time. his "morning and mindy" co-star tweeting he'll miss his, quote, comedy buddha." chris connelly has a look back. >> reporter: in his prime, no one could be funnier faster than jonathan winters. >> did you ever undress in front of a dog? >> reporter: his quick silver mind conjuring up laugh lines like that. >> still come out of the shower and here was my dog just -- >> reporter: in live shows on
4:16 am
his comedy albums and on television. >> what's your pleasure? >> well, if i told you that we'd be off the air. >> reporter: from the elderly maude fricker to garbage man on tv ads. >> i'm in garbage or as garbage as they say. >> reporter: revered by his fellow performers who honored them in his tweets. rosie o'donnell and albert brooks both using the word genius and steve carell calling him wildly funny. born in ohio he was a machine gunner in world war ii and his comedy could be like that too, rapid-fire. he could tear it up on the big screen laying waste to this gas station in the 1963 ensemble comedy "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world." >> he's going down. >> reporter: he had a few tv shows of his own during th the '60s. he was a seminal influence on robin williams' work appearing on "morning and mindy" but many
4:17 am
baby boomers knew him best as one of the funniest talk show guests of his era able to make any host helpless with laughter. later years, he brought his skills to the occasional guest spot into animated projects. in 1999 he was awarded the mark twain prize for american humor, a fitting tribute for a comedy legend. he died in montecito, california, friday, he was 87 years old. >> such a funny man. >> really funny guy just to even look at him. young phenom taking the masters to storm and forcing a lot of us to think about what we were doing when we were 14. i was skipping math class. >> i was having my braces removed but this guy, eighth grader is playing the course at augusta like an old pro even stealing some of tiger's thunder on the sports most storied stage. abc's rob nelson has the story with this guy making history. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, guys.
4:18 am
of course, when the masters got started this year all of the hype, all of the buzz was about tiger woods as you said his big comeback, resurgence but as this moves forward the real buzz has nothing to do with the tiger but rather a cub. >> amazing. >> reporter: it was a moment that almost didn't happen. up until friday afternoon the only number that seemed to matter about tianlang guan was his age. 14, which has made him the youngest ever to tee off at the masters. >> it's rainy and the winds blow hard but unfortunately it's my second best time. >> reporter: it was a different number, one, that almost stole his spotlight. that's the stroke penalty the teenager from china unexpectedly faced yesterday for playing too slowly between shots. >> i'm sick. i'm sick for him. he's 14 years old. when you get the wind blowing out here, believe me, you're going to change your mind a lot.
4:19 am
>> reporter: the penalty had threatened his chances of advancing in the tournament and could have created quite a controversy for the storied masters. >> it's the masters competition. >> i respect their decision. >> reporter: the penalty might be up for debate but the discipline focus and raw talent of golf's latest phenom most certainly are not. at 5'8", 140 pounds guan has played in more than 200 tournaments, starting hitting balls at age 4 and by 5 he was watching the masters. he's the youngest player in any major tournament in 148 years. it's all just a tad reminiscent of another golf legend at the masters there weekend who was seemingly born with a club in his hand, as well. >> that's still a voice of experience for me and i enjoyed this week so far and i think i did a pretty good job. >> reporter: not a bad life for a 14-year-old who should be in an eighth grade classroom right now but is instead at the
4:20 am
masters keeping par with legends and quickly becoming one himself. yeah, interesting thing here is that guan may be an emerging legend but also still a 14-year-old kid. take this, for example, his mom actually packed him a lunch bag for the first day of the tournament and in that bag a few juice boxes. >> of course, for a teenager. give you an idea how merchandise the story was ron was in awe. >> the guy's form is unbelievable for 14 or for 44 for that matter. better than me. >> all right, thanks, ron. coming up here on the broadcast check out this astonishing scene caught on camera in a 7-eleven parking lot. the car on fire, the man inside and the story about the person inside who did it. inside the horrifying moments inside a college in virginia. what the 18-year-old gunman is believed to have said on the internet minutes before opening fire. plus, barbie getting a little bit of a makeover. the world's most famous doll
4:21 am
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hey cool laid. >> bringing you fun. >> memories, we all remember that iconic kool-aid man in those classic tv commercials. well, now that pitch man, that so many of us grew up with is getting a bit of a makeover. this morning an exclusive sneak peek at his new look almost 60 years after he knocked down that first wall. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. i can't wait to see the new look. >> more polite now. he knocks instead of just going
4:28 am
through the wall. good morning, everybody, i'm dan harris. it's saturday, april 13th. take a look at what went down in a 7-eleven parking lot in california. there is a man inside and the fire was deliberately set. we'll tell you who allegedly did this and why coming up. >> incredible video. and this morning we're celebrating jackie robinson. 66 years since he broke the color barrier and we hear from mariano rivera about what it's like to wear that iconic number as a blockbuster movie about robinson's life hits the big screen. shooting at a virginia college. an 18-year-old is held without bail after opening fire. why did he do it and how was he caught? abc's ty hernandez is here with the storm. good morning, ty. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. this one ten minutes from the infamous virginia tech shooting, a tragedy actually referenced in an online rant claimed to be written by the shooter.
4:29 am
>> all units christianburg pd is en route to the mall. shots fired. >> reporter: moments of chaos as police are alerted to a school shooting. this morning 18 yeerld neil macinnis is held without bail for shooting two women at this virginia community college. >> new river community college entrance for a female subject gunshot wound to the hip. >> reporter: they later discovered this online message that claims to be from macinnis. the writer details weapons and ammunition he is going to use, stevens, 320 shotgun, buck shots and slugs and his state of mind. i'm a bit nervous because i've never really handled a shotgun but a few times with the christiansburg police. >> macinnis completed the christiansburg police academy citizen program in 2012. >> reporter: investigators could not confirm if the information in the post matches friday's
4:30 am
attack. but just minutes after it was published gunshots rang out. >> reports of a person down and beside of new river valley community college. >> reporter: a security guard subdued him less than five minutes after the shooting began. >> all units suspect is in custody. all units suspect is in custody. >> reporter: the victim a student and a school employee were rushed to the hospital. according to police macinnis is enrolled there but so far they have not revealed a motive. both women are in stable condition. macinnis faces four counts in connection with the shooting including malicious wounding. dan, bianna, back to you. >> thanks, ty. a lot of other news overnight and back to mr. ron claiborne for the latest. >> hi again, dan and bianna. we have breaking news. a plane crashed in bali, indonesia overshooting the runway and ending up in the water. nearly 200 on board but only minor injuries. no one killed. the cause of that crash is still unclear.
4:31 am
now to that vicious attack outside of a 7-eleven store in southern california. a man was set on fire inside his parked car after he refused to give money to a homeless man. this was the scene near los angeles at rush hour. cars ablaze. in a convenience store parking lot. >> officers were dispatched to a car on fire right here at the 7-eleven. that's what they originally thought that they were coming to but when they arrived they found that there was a man who had actually been on fire. >> reporter: eyewitness ed bolack described it. >> when the door opened you could see the entire insides were ablaze and he came out and it was horrifying that he was -- his entire shirt was on fire. his head was on fire. >> reporter: the badly burned victim pulled to safety. firefighters fought to contain the flames. police at the scene say it was a random attack. witnesses told affiliate kabc at about 5:00 on friday this man approached the car and asked the driver for change. the driver refused and went
4:32 am
inside the store. when he came out and got back into his car, witnesses say the suspect torched the car with the man inside. >> that's a horrific crime to think that somebody is sitting there minding their own business and then all of a sudden be lit on fire. >> reporter: and bolack, eyewitness managed to corner the suspect and hold him until police arrived. the vic was hospitalized in critical condition. charges are expected to be filed against that suspect later today. finally, well, when you're flying, don't forget to check your pockets. travelers left more than $500,000, half a million bucks at airport checkpoints last year most of it in loose change. the tsa uses that money for security. time for the weather and ginger. >> i dropped 60 bucks somewhere around central park so hopefully someone had fun with that. real easy to lose money. atlanta this morning where maybe you're flying out of. should be an easy flight, beautiful sunrise. temperatures in the low 40s and upper 50s and end up in the
4:33 am
lower 70s after a ruckus end to their week, jackson, 79, new orleans, 78 but this is the only dry day and rain starts to move into the gulf coast, of course, you have scattered storms in southern florida with miami going to 87 today. as far as the rest of the nation goes, remember that new storm comes in to the pacific northwest, moves through the northern plains and you'll have even a little peek of severe weather possible tomorrow in northern oklahoma and southern kansas, keep an eye on that as the cold front slips across the nation. orlando is 83 and will be a little more pleasant. yesterday rainy and school, today, some sunshine and a lot more springlike. let's get a check closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by nutella.
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if you want money, just stand behind me. >> vapor full of cash. >> big money ginger. >> making it rain. coming up here on the broadcast, big new movie about jackie robinson and interview with future hall of famer mariano rivera who wears his iconic number at every game. the kool-aid man gets a makeover. an exclusive first look here this morning. keep it right here. we'll be right back. eat breakf, i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. yeah, bye. have you seen my -- yes. and...thank you. [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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♪ see jackie robinson hit that ball ♪ >> man is a legend. big, new movie coming out this weekend honoring a man who helped change american sports and america itself. jackie robinson. >> yeah, the movie is called "42." that's the number robinson wore. it's been 66 years he broke the color barrier. even today there are players who thank robinson when they take the field and muhammad lila spoke with a couple and is here right now. >> good morning, guys. this is someone that the entire country really owes a debt of gratitude not only to jackie robinson breaking baseball's color barrier, he shattered it, his life and career now the
4:39 am
subject of a movie named after his jersey, 42. he was a legend not just on the diamond but across america and around the world. "42," the movie about jackie robinson's journey to breaking baseball's color barrier opened friday night to rave reviews. >> i thought it was fantastic. it was a home run. >> rell figure of american history. >> symbolizes overcoming obstacles. >> harrison ford plays in the movie who signed him as the first african-american to play in the big leagues. >> fight back. >> no, i want a player who has the guts not to fight back. >> reporter: this week ford spoke to "good morning america" about the role and his admiration for robinson. >> he endured excruciating personal pain. >> reporter: in real life, the crowd cheered when robinson played.
4:40 am
longtime new york yankee mariano rivera is the only player still left to wear robinson's number 42 before it's retired indefinitely following this season. >> being the last one to wear 42, i think it's a lot of pressure. >> reporter: while he feels that pressure on the mound for robinson's wife rachel, his jersey number has a greater meaning. >> it's a symbol and it can be a bigger symbol with the film coming out and the film being so rich and wonderful had all of its expressions. >> we win if the world is convinced of two things, that you are a fine gentleman and a great baseball player. >> now, monday is jackie robinson day and marks 66 years since robinson stepped on to the field for the first time with the brooklyn dodgers. clearly a very historic day, not just for baseball but for this country. >> want to see that movie. his wife looks fantastic, by the way. >> and harrison ford looked
4:41 am
great in that film. >> han solo. tomorrow much or on jackie robinson's legacy with mariano rivera. coming up on "gma," veep meets veep. julia julia louis-dreyfus, what happens when she comes face to face with the real vp. and there are some people who haven't tasted it yet. delicious, nonfat, authentic greek strained yogurt. extraordinary fruit flavors. the fage total split cup. plain extraordinary." [ merv ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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♪ all right, time for "pop news." we got two big reveals with rachel smith. we need to know what barbie looks like and kool-aid. >> we'll get to it. hang tight. first up, justin timberlake is bringing a scavenger hunt back a couple of weeks after his finder's keepers hunt. he held another one yesterday online.
4:46 am
now, this time around j.t. asked fans questions via facebook about his new album such as the fight before writing "that girl." what did he watch that inspired the song? so the first person with the right answer gets a signed cop of the "20/20 experience." >> having a lot of fun with this. >> all over the social media sites. >> not bad for marketing. moving on to the veep. yesterday that's what happened when julia louis-dreyfus who plays the fictional vp in hb o's "veep" caught up with the real-life vice president, joe biden. they posed for this candid shot in his west wing office and she described the meeting posted on the official website. >> he just asked my advice and i'd be happy to give my advice which he paid no attention to. he is such a wise vice
4:47 am
president. >> well, she is such a wise actress. i love her. the season premieres sunday on hbo. now to barbie. she's shedding the makeup and going au naturel. well, sort of. it began with take a look at this digitally altered image of the blovendz bombshell made. this is another series of shots by an artist named nickolay lamm. he took -- he made this design of barbie without makeup. look, she looks wonderful, right, so lamm raised the question and will mattel take on the new look because she's beautiful the way she is. >> natural would complu a few pimples. >> bags under the eyes, yeah. so many of us -- >> a tattoo of a tear. >> a rose. >> keep it real. >> real talk. did you guys growing up
4:48 am
drinking kool-aid? >> yes. >> my parents would not let me have it. >> you remember the iconic with the exception, you remember the iconic kool-aid man that busts into the wall. now the popular pitcher man is getting a makeover himself returning to his roots with a little high-tech help, i believe cgi for the first time in his 60 years for more than a trademark. we have an exclusive sneak peek so watch and listen. >> what's that? >> it's a kool-aid liquid. a little kool-aid. >> hey, you are kool-aid. >> well, people get freaked out. >> really freaked out. >> maybe cgi. i thought that was real. >> believe it or not it's cgi. the new commercial airs next week and coincides with kool-aid liquid drink mix. >> maybe your parents will let you drink it now. >> i need a special note for that. we'll be right back. keep it here. ♪
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hey, guys, can we have a therapy session how my parents wouldn't let me have sugar when i was a kid. >> and you missed out on kool-aid. >> now i eat a lot of sugar. >> making up for it. >> any other kool-aid man, new and improved. thanks for watching abc news while you're drinking kool-aid right now. always on on yahoo! we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day.
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>> good morning, 5:00. i'm kira klapper. katie is off today. good morning, frances. >> good morning, everyone. we're starting off with live doppler 7hd showing clear skies all around the bay area. this morning temperatures on the cool side, in the 40s to low
4:58 am
50s. then this afternoon we will see plenty of sunshine for saturday. temperatures ranging quite a bit from upper 50s along the coast to upper 70s inland. it will also be pretty breezy into the evening hours with temperatures dropping down into the 50s and mid-60s. we have a wide range of temperatures also coming up in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that shortly. kira. >> thank you, frances. developing news in the area of south san jose where a wanted parolee has so far eluded an all-out manhunt. police consider the man armed and dangerous. abc reporter alan wang reports he was last seen during a standoff along monterey road in south san jose. >> reporter: sky 7hd was overhead and s.w.a.t. went from trailer to trailer looking for a parolee wanted by us marshals. they came to this lot in south san jose to serve a warrant to 45-year-old richard paul for parole violations, including
4:59 am
weapons charges. >> they saw him going toward one of the rvs, one of the trailers. called him out. he refused to come out. subsequently went into the one of the rvs. >> the u.s. marshals called in backup. but somehow he managed to slip a way. >> he was a parolee. he was released from prison but he had not been in compliance with his parole terms and not checking in with his parole officers so they within today take him back into custody. , #*. >> a resident said she doesn't realize the resident was living on the property but she did overhear him talking to somebody saying he was about to get in trouble and he was going to have to leave. the search continues for the man. abc7 news. for the first time we are hearing from the attorneys for three teen boys accused of sexually assaulting a south bay girl who late


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