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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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our younger son, ben, age six, was murdered in this first grade classroom. >> mother who lost her child in the newtown school shooting, steps in for president obama delivering his weekly address and making a push for tighter gun control. good evening, i'm ama daetz. her message came as both sides inthe gun control debate took part in events here in the bay area, including a gun buyback in south san francisco, and a gun show at the cow palace. reporter: good evening. there's a clear disconnect.
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there were thousands at today's gun show. day one of a two-day event. now everyone agrees that illegally obtained weptz need to be off the streets, but those who purchased their guns legally don't feel they should be further regulated or monitors. >> five children a day are killed in this country due to gun violence. >> california congresswoman jackie spear, along with several local city leaders, held a gun buyback in south sba san -- souh san francisco. >> gets a lot of the guns off the street, and out of the houses without being used, that can eventually fall in the wrong hands. >> the congresswoman's efforts don't start there. she wants a federal ban on assault weapons and complete background checks. >> we're arguing right now about one of the most sensible laws that we should have on the books. universal background checks. >> as a member of the house
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committee on oversight and government reform she introduced the transparency and accountability act this year. the bill would remove the requirement that background checks be destroyed within 24 course make them available to other government agencies. >> the constitution is to keep the government from trying to i think, control as much as they want to. reporter: a record number of gun enthusiasts flocked to the gun show out of fear that gun control regulation could soon make guns and ammo more difficult to obtain. >> we're under the microscope and the bad guys get their guns outside, from sources on the streets. >> those who put on the gun shows point out that california gun laws requireaackground chy ho weapbought the event. to make sureat w prect our second amendm rights about i want to be part of the process of problems of gun violence in america. threatened torepublan
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filibuster legislationt would force newws theb oains tor bipartisan support. the gun show continues tomorrow as will the debate over gun control. >> ama: here's the latest on the progress of new federal gun control legislation. the senate voted thursday to clear the way for a debate on gun measures with 16 republicans giving their support. the measure includes a bipartisan agreement on expanded background checks some lawmakers expect the debate will last weeks. >> san jose police announced an arrest in the case of a woman wanted for stealing a vehicle with an 11-month-old girl inside. cluding kidnapping and child endanger empty. police believe she stole a jeep in east san jose on march 25th with the baby inside. the say they mother briefly walked ahe run
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cle to close the garage door. the jeep and baby were found close nearby five hours later. the child was not hurt. >> a man faces charging in a shooting death in the noive hill -- nobody -- knob hill neighborhood. two men were arguing before the 55-year-old suspect shot the victim. police aren't releasing any named yet in the case. we know the victim was man in his early 20s. a highway accident involving a car and a tractor left one person dead in vacaville. happened just before 9:00 this more than on highway 505. the crash and investigation shut down all southbound lanes of the highway for several hours. they re-opened this afternoon. investigators say the person who died was ejected from the car. a man who police say was set on fire for refusing to give money to a transient is in critical condition.
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officers say it was a random attack outside a long beach 7-eleven. a homeless man approached the suv and ask the driver for change. but he refused and went in the store. when he came out, the suspect threw a flammable liquid on him and set him on fire. >> the door opened and you can see the entire insides were ablaze, and he came out and it was horrifying that he was -- his entire shirt was on fire, his head was on fire. >> ama: the witness was able to corner the suspect and hold them until police arrive. hundreds of people called on the u.s. government to stop using unmanned drone aircraft in the war on terror. the coalition organized the rally today in san francisco and others like it across the country. protesters accuse the u.s. government of killing more than 4700 people in the middle east, africa, and asia with drones. >> the majority of drone
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strikes -- the cia don't know who the targets are. they just look like terrorists. so we think it's high-tech assassination and be want to -- we want to bring an end to the practice. >> d won urged local governments to using drone to keep tabs on american citizens. some local law enforcement agencies haveyed the idea of usingdrones surveillance purposes. neighbors in mountai vw gathered to salute a homegrown hero as the local post office was renamed in this honor ed. u.s. lnt kenneth ballard died in iraq in 2004. he was a fourth generation army officer. congresswoman anna eschew present ball hard reside mother with the bill president obama signed to rename the post office in her son's honor. >> ken would have loved this. he would be humbled. a little shy about it. but so >> he was a hero of mountain
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view. a great hero of our nation. and a son of mountain view. >> ama: lieutenant ballard was the only mountain view resident to die in the iraqi war. 36 families celebrated moving into new homes they helped build in daly city. congresswoman jacky spear and other local leaders joined the ribbon cuttg. habitat for humanity oversaw the building of the units. 11,000 people volunteered to help erect the new homes. the residents had to meet several requirements in order to be eligible to live in one of the homes. >> the application process is pretty grueling, and so many people need help with housing these days, just don't think you're going to be selected. it's kind of a random drawing and then even after that you have just a lot of people working. a. >> ama: the residents provided some sweat equity, working with volunteers and professional contractors to build their dream
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homes sometime upping the ante in the fight over the owner shown of the sacramento kings. a look how busy the chp has been in the evident to -- effort to crack down distracted driving. >> the impact of an air plan crash in into the sea in bali snapped the away air plane two two weisss. >> the bay area, 55 degrees right now. but with the west wind at 22, feels much, much cooler. we'll talk about
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>> ama: new details on the contact that ended the strike by san francisco symphony musicians. the musicians voted to ratify the agreement last night. it includes wage increase of 4.5% of the life of the 26-month contract. before the new deal their pay averaged more than $140,000. the musicians walked off the job march 13th following a dispute over wages. several performances were cancelled. >> a group of seattle investors agreed to pay more to buy the sacramento kings and move them to the pacific northwest. that's the ante for the kings by $25 million. one of the lead investors said the voluntary increase in the offer is, quote, a sign of our commitment to bring basketball back to our city. the nba's board of governors will vote on the sale next week. the chp today released numbers in its crackdown on distracts driving.
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in the bay area officers made more than 2,000 traffic enforcement stops for distracted driving since april 1st and issued more than 1700 citations. the highway patrol and local police are especially keeping an eye out for drivers who text or use their cell phones improperly on the road. up next, plane heading to bali skids into the sea. a passenger talked about what he did to survive. also... it's an onln san francisco treat but there's no disputing our iconicab cle cars can be a dangerous ride, and now we learning just how dangerous. >> taking a live look outside. m breezy day. ahead, the will have the latest aoots cooldownoming our w ahead onld news at >> tonight our doctor reporting
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from china with the american scientists. why are they so worried about the bird fluand the new cases popping up huredsf miles from where this began. >> at the famous athlete and model in the new fire storm of what she said bat wife's role. and then in another debate. should tiger be disqualified. coming
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>> ama: 108 people survived after a jet overshot a runway and crashed in the water in bali. bracing for the impact might have saved their lives. passengers stood on the wings, waiting for rescue boats to arrive. moments after the both 737
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plunged into the water. the plane floated even though a crack opened in the fuselage. 32 people were taken to hospitals to be checked o for mir lion air is a low-cost indonesian carrier. the company says the jetliner st flying next month. >> newly released figure sew thanent moving involving the sancio cable cars.and over the last tey officials reported 126 accidents involving cable cars and 151 people were inred. the city spent $8 million to settle four dozenlaims ofelast . while city officials acknowledge that cable cars produce a disproportionate amount of accident-relate costs they say the cars are a much loved and siness during a tremissions to china where he with shanghai's top government
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officials. the governor's office released photos of governor brown. they're trying to expand their business partnership in shanghai the for opened the state's first foreign trade office in a decade. brown will meet with government officials again tomorrow. his trade mission continues through tuesday. a nice day outside but plenty windy. >> lisa: the wind gusts to near 50 miles-per-hour along the coast so breezy winds. live doppler 7hd very quiet right now but we could see showers by the time we're -- 24 hours from now, this time tomorrow, into monday morning. you can see the breeze. 57 downtown, 64 in san jose, 54, half moon bay. and atop the east bay, 1600-foot elevation, a few high clouds.
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74. warm spot, santa rosa. 70 in fairfield. 66 in union city. so the winds right now, gusts of 49-miles-an-hour. sfo. half hoop bay, 41-miles-an-hour gusts. oakland, 21-miles-an-hour, and winds are lighter in the east bay and tonight when the winds back off we could see some frost in the north bay 0, so a cooler air mast is head -- air mass is heading our way, the winds back up a, maybe some frost tomorrow morning, but even cooler with another weather system headed our way, bringing windy conditions on monday. the coolest night should be tuesday morning. so overnight lows, 42 in cloverdale, and 44 in morgan hill. here's the setup. the cooler ear mass banked into the northwest, and with the high pressure in control it will slowly slide to southeastng cns tomorrow with the breezy wind. so here's a look at the forecast animation, and by about
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6:00 tomorrow, take a look, in the north bay, cloverdale, ukiah, a few light showers. by the late evening hours, toward midnight in the south bay, san jose, and by early monday morning we're drive but northwest winds up to 30-miles-an-hour. so kind of deja vu from last weekend. we cooled off, gusty winds to start the work week. tomorrow, pleasant from sacramento to fresno. mid-and-upper 70s, but mid-60s in los angeles. so back home, numbers will be cooler. namely 60s tomorrow in the south bay. 66 in santa peni numbers, upp theoast to mi, redwood city. san francio, just 60. repeat performance downtown tomorrow. and i a few 70s but you'll have the gusty northwest winds. klannha t 6,oa s inhe lowo mid-60
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and a look ahead starting off with ccoitions for the end of the weekend, and the coolest day should be monday. much, much warmer into the end of the work week, abc7 news as another great weather resource to follow, doppler on twitter. the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, and "spare th air" alerts, powerute information and tweets from your fav riff weather team. >> ama: mike shumann is back. i love it. i can sit on my couch and call up the masters and say tiger did something. >> tiger woods was playing angry today at the masters. got some surprising news this morning when he arrived at the course that alt
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>> mike: tiger woods was called into the principal's fi this morning regarding a rule o his shot yesterday. tiger's shot hit the pin. went into the water. he had three options. hit from the drop zone, the point of entry or the original spot. he dropped it two yards from the original spot which is a penalty. so essentiallyhe signed an incorrect score card which is usually a disqualification. but the ruling was not mading in this morning so he was given a penalty. he was asked if he considered with drawing. >> no. --der the rules of a two-shot penalty and time to play.
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>> mike: so tiger began 1-under instead of 3-under. how did that stay out? he wasn't mad then. now is. on 15, chang for -- chance for revenge. four shots back. now, mark leicshman two back. brandt snedeker, birdies, 3-under. tied for the lead. angel cabrera, up and down day. finished with a great birdie putt on 18. jason day, playing par golf all day, trying to keep the lead. saves par. went bogey bogey on the final two holes to finish the day 1-over. the leader board,ed? carry and cabrera tied, and then three us a siz -- aussies round out the top five.
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>> cespedes placed on the 15-day ld with a strain in this left hand he suffered yesterday sliding into second base. how would the a's do against the tigers? a's won nine straight coming into today. the defense has been stellar. perino, an example. great diving stop. hunter gets his revenge in the third. see ya. slow low bomb. first of the year. tigers up 1-0. prince fielder went deep early in the fourth. then three batters later, jhonny per peralta, three run-shot. a's nine-game win streak is broken by the tigers. 7-3 the final. >> cubs and end the giants win streak last night. today, bumgarner on the hill. scutaro, three hits. opposite f single. scores bumgarner, 3 or giants, bumgarner, only one mistake, this two-run shot by the
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pin-hitter dioner. had some help from his defense. check out sandoval. fantastic catch. into the stands. worth another look. panda was banged up but should be okay. >> kobe bryanter to tore his hindon last night and is out for the season. >> ama: ahead, these leprechauns aren't searchi o gold. find out what is at th
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, a teen turns into a hero on a vacation to yosemite. what he did to save a life. >> caught on camera. police now trying to track down this man. what he was doing that has him in trouble with the law. join us at 6:00. the notre dame has a new member of the football team but you'll never see him play. a leprechaun, new one was chosen today. the fighting irish take this seriously. the guy with the beard made the cut. he must have the luck of the irish. that does it for uset 00 t tonight crash slanding.o emergi
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passenger jet false shorts of the runway and crash into th water. how did everyone survive? authorities pointing to something about the seats. the bird flu spreads now in beijing, among the cases a 7-year-old girl hundreds of miles from where this started. dr. besser in china tonight with the american scientists. why are they worried about this strain already. a mother's plea, the newtown families who won't give up. the tonight the president giving this mother his microphone and his camera at the white house. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the b


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